Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HoW 2007 Teared You With

Melody Licious, Musicican, Local Music Writer for the Detroit News, and Radio Host for Detroit Local 101 on Riff 2 [WRIF-HD2] Tuesday for 10 PM from Midnight.

The fourth in the Series of Questionnaire to noted Detroit Rockers Looking back at 2007i send one to long time musician, Music Writer, Radio Host and Music Fan Melody Baetens, who also goes by the stage name of Melody Licious and she is the hardest working person on or off a Detroit rock stage.

She is one of the writers at the Detroit news and not only that edit the News paper Weekly entertainment guide "My Time", She Co-Hosted Detroit Local 101 on WRIF-FM HD Channel Riff 2 at WRIF-HD2 and have been in almost 143 band in the metro Detroit area [OK, she not in about 143 bands, but she in a handful]

I asked here the best and worst of 2007, and always asking her the important Question Number One.

How Did 2007 Treated you

Pretty good. The Detroit News launched My Time, and the Sirens released "More is More." I didn't go on tour, though, for the first year since 2002.

What Crisis that is affecting the indie music scene in side the Detroit area.

There is no "crisis," per se. It'd be nice if there were more new rock bands, and if the rock bands I love played out more.

Same Question but What major Crisis is reallying Affecting the Indie Music Out Side the 313.

I like Jasper's answer...gas prices are big deal. They're causing ticket prices to rise because promoters are having to shell out more to bands who have to pay more for gas while on tour.

Other then you own released if you where in a band, which local released you dig this year.

Ghost City, Electric Six, Dead Bodies, the Beggars...

Which album Outside the Michigan area that really sound cool in 2007.

Amy Winehouse "Back to Black." Other than that I mostly listened to classic rock.

Which album, band or event really let you down big time.

Most albums let me down.

who did you love live and in person this year. [aka, best gig you saw this year]

Van Halen! (this survey makes me sound like I'm 40...I swear I'm only 28!)

Which new band did you really love on the first listen or 1st live gig

Amy Winehouse.

If there was anything difference about the indie music scene in 2007 what would it be.

The one-man band thing.

What band that the rest of the music fans they have not hear of will be heard in 2008.

Nationally, the Hard Lessons, maybe.

And Finally What is your prediction for the indie music scene in 2008.

Tony Muggs becomes President of the United States.

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