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DETOUR Rock City Festival Review

Saturday, June 14
The Afternoon Day Party/B.B.Q. Show
at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit

Officer Barbrady, I hoped the smoke from the bratwurst did not bug anyone

Well, it was a weird turnaround for myself and to show the length to do this blog.

I came home on late Friday night/Early Saturday Morning at about 2:30 AM and i try to post the Friday night in the wee morning hours but i was checking the up to date news and i was watching MSNBC coverage of the passing of Tim Russ ancorh by Ketih Oberman until 4 AM by that time i have to go to sleep.

Only got three and a Half hours of sleep when to pick up the paper [The News and Free Press] clean up the room upstairs and when to the library to post the Friday report and i have to do it very very quick it took me the whole two hours to type, correct the spelling with spellcheck and post.

after a little TV, Shower, and check of E-mail on my home PC still working [but still no sound] i left the house at about 2 PM to go to the day party at the CAID, the same place where two weeks ago the place got raid by Detroit Police and became the biggest culture related story in almost three years, but unlike what happened that time the whole thing took place during the day on great blue sky in the the midtown area

i got there at about 3:30 PM, so i miss the first four acts of the day party so i came in when Deck where playing when i came in by that time lack of sleep was kicking in, it was a good set up with a stage Further away from the door and it was next to the BBQ Table [Oh did i say the food was not free, you have to pay to get some]there was also a good art peiced version of the festival mult-color Apm which was very nice to see.

there was also next to the BBQ there was a really good art table put on by Handmade Detroit[Friend of the blog sight] and LOOP Detroit and it was real great to see a lot of the attendee who want to take a break to do art they have two project, One was called "SHREDDER ROCK BIN" and that were they take old Clothing and make art out of them which i thought was really fun to see.

but i did made art "INSTANT INSTALLATION" where you make art on the spot and i did just that to see if anything have change since i last drew which was in Middle school so i drew something that was inspired from Radio and was thinking of the movie "Airheads"[you know the one with Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler], as they take over a radio station in the city with the TV News covering it.

and after i draw it it was hang up and i was thinking "My drawing have not change much since middle school.

as for the music "The Decks" return after a long winter break and they look very good for a out doors setting as the sun beat down in the backyard in the CAID and they sounded good in there 1st gig back.

after that was a band i have not seen much was "Pop Project" they have a really good sound with a mix of 70"s indie pop mix with Ted Leo and during that set it show that i was tried for the little sleep from the night before as i was trying to stand up also i did talk to Aaron Timlin about the CAID Case a little bit so i can post it on the site.

i did when back to see a culture of bands playing in a row with a notable expection of the "Silent Years" who have to switch there headlining gig at 7 P.M. to 1:40 PM because they have a show in Chicago the same night so after there CAID gig they
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Chicago.

first up was "Serenity Court" who also came back a almost a year hiatus as well, Emily, Carey,Annette sound great after a long, long lay off.

also is a band that i have not seen in a yet, but i did know about because "Friendly Foes" Liz Wittman is in this band, the band is called "Kiddo" and i got to tell you there a great band to listen to and Liz Wittman singing voice is great when she sing with her husband[yes guys she taking]also playing with the band for this gig outside was Thunderbirds are Now!'s and Friendly foes front man Ryan Allen.

And at about 6:20 PM [the time will come in handy later when i mention what happened later] one of the best band in the mitten state "Great Lakes Myth Society" one reguarl in the outdoors fest circut they put a real great set which even feat. a guest appenced by Auge from the Hard Lesson playing a tune.

there set wake up the the middle of nowear location on Detroit East side but some one was even complaining about the noise so guest what the cops was sent in, and i was thinking holy crap this place is going to get raided aging, it going to be raid in the C.A.I.D. 2, i was going to be in trouble because i was just there enjoying a show.

but there was two cops telling the band to turn it down, this band is a mellow band and not as loud as the other bands how can be a noise complaint there a lot of grass around C.I.A.D. i find it silly, to file a noise complaint at 6:40 PM and it still daylight outthere.

Because of the Noise Complaint the last band of the day show "The Frustrations" have to move there gig indoors but i know i was going to be really loud indoor i decide to move along to the Stick Complex for tonight last night of the rock city festival.

Editor Note: Part two of the last night of the DETOUR Rock City is above this post, but i decide to put a google map of the area around the C.A.I.D. and think if the area around the C.A.I.D.a peaceful indie art spot or a noise complaint waiting to happened.

Also to my fellow local blogger you may used this maps as well

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