Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DETOUR Rock City Festival review

Saturday, June 14
The Night Show
Majestic Theater Center

How do i get out of this Sloan gridlock

After i got out the CAID area and to refuel with a couple Powerade at the near-by gas station i got to the stick complex for the third and final night of the ROCK CITY festival and man that lemon-lime powerade did refuel me and not only that it wake me up big time.

the big act of the entire night or the big act of the entire festival is the brother of Canadian power pop and flying the flag of Canada for a long time SSSLLLLLOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thought out the night i bump into a lot of friends who can wait to see the band original from Halifax and now live in Toronto the band gig at the stick theater was just time right with the released of there ninth studio "Parallel Play" which was released on "New Music Tuesday" [June 10th]

thought out the night the build i have meet with a lot of my friends who can't wait to see the band who have been around for almost 15 years and built up a big fan following, i saw friends who have seen the bands 10, 20 or 25 times, for me i have not seen this band since they play a gig at the state theater[Now - The Fillmore] so this is the second time i seen them.

i know most of my friends that i know don't like Sloan, but Sloan do get there fans from across the border from Windsor, and all the hard core fans like myself, and thought out the night i when back and forth between the stick and the garden bowl so i would not miss out.

then about 12:15 or 12:20 AM in front of a crowd the like i have not seen since "Sleater-Kinney" pack the place a long time ago, the boys from Halifax came on the stage and played a really good hour set mostly making of the new songs off of "Parallel Play" and not only that play some of there classic hit like "Have yourself a day" and my fave Sloan track of all time “Money City Maniacs” which is a great song on "Navy Blues"[Which i brought to played in a further "Culture City Live" DJ Night]

Other gig i like and i know i talk about this band a lot, but "The Nice Device" at the garden bowl was one of gig i have seen in a long time as there are most ease in that setting as they feed the engrey off that alley crown and played off there best , they played a few news songs along with there older set, they used there 40 minutes on stage very well.

also it was three band that was almost playing at the same time, i first saw "Four Hours Friends" for the 1st time over at the Garden Bowl[miss them at there debut preference at the "Metrotimes Blowout"] and they consit of Dale Wilson, his girl Jenna and the one and only Steve Palmer["Back in Spade" and "Ghost City"], they are really great mellow band who sound great, but have a tough time seeing them because it was crowd.

then after there set i when over to the second half of the "Friendly Foes", that is Ryan Allen other band with "Kiddo" Liz Wittman, and ex-Satin Peaches drumming Brad Elliott they sound great for the half of act i saw them, and after that i rush back over the stick to see Ex-Von Bondies Marcie bolden other new back "F'ke Blood", the band that feather Deleano, Dion Fisher, and Steven F. Darson, they sound OK for the four song i list to, But i have to get back the Majestic Theatre.

i did see a few other bands also on the last night of the fest was two band at the stick back to back one is local band called "Sex Ghost" who i thought they did OK with there mix 80's pop in the modern day sence, also i saw the Ann Arbor New Wave rock band Charlie Slick, the duo have a good sound with a light set-up that remind me one of those old 70's game show.

so after almost three night of loud rock n roll, a few hours of sleep on my part, yyyaaaaarrrnnnnn, a lot of time typing posts on this site i was done after doing the best i could these three days so it now on to Cityfest.

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