Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Live and Local Review

Gigs in Detroit
in-Between July 3rd - July 9th

in the last two weeks as i get off the Comerica Cityfest Beat including the last post which i posted last Sunday and in between i went to three shows away from the New Center Area, i was going to do three separt post but i have to little time to because i am doing a gig tomorrow night so i decied to lump together all in one big which each one getting three or four paragraph each, so here we go

The Dials
The Belmont
July 3rd

This was the only post cityfest gig i went to [if you count the last minuet relocation of the Wednesday[7/2] gig at the Garden bowl] all cityfest because they are my closest friends in Chicago as "The Dials" played there Detroit CD release gig for there New Album "Amoeba Amore" which is released on Ann Arbor No Fun Records

It was real good to see the all girls plus one guy group back playing aging new Music aging after a real tough couple of years after there drummer and the husband of the lead singer where killed in a awful car wreck, so the New record is really a fresh new star.

The show was a wonderful as they played mostly for there new fun recording which include "Antonio", "Bloodsuckers", "Aim and Shoot" and a Cover of Foreigner "Urgent" which is way better the the original which was cool.

The girls Rebecca Crawford (vocals/bass), Emily Dennison (Keyborad), Patti Gran (vocals/guitar), and Chad Romanski (drums) sound really great with there cool fun loving sound and not only that Rebecca Crawford look pretty good wheid Converse Chuck Tarloy [that shoes for those not in the know].

The Opened up with "The Coronados" as they play there way modern day version of glam rock with Rick Lappin haveing fun rocking out there, and Melody Licious giving some good vocals, also playing was "The Dialtones but i just came in from cityfest so i catch the tail end.

Outrageous Cherry with
Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters
Bohemian National Home
July 8th

Now i was so wipe out for almost five days of covering Cityfest, i was so beat but i had to go to a last minutes show in the middle of nowhere because one of my closet friend Stepsisters Teri Lynn Walker was moving away along with her husband [married last year]was moving to surband Portland, Oergan to stars a new life with a new Job[so mean a loss of a Michigan job.]

So the last gig for a wield [until the debut of Troy Gregory epic movie World war Love]was at a place that i have been there twice but it was at the middle of nowhere location on Detroit East side near the Michigan ave Mixing bowl near I-75 at the Bo House.

The gig was a very laid back affair as Outrageous Cherry step out of it shell to play for the 1st time to test out the new songs for there upcoming CD which will be released at the end of the year and there new song sound really great as well they played the classic songs we all know and love including from there awesome last album Our Love Will Change The World (2005) and Stay Happy (2006).

But Me and about the 20 friends of the scene came to see troy, Mary Alice and Teri Lynn played for almost the last time and it was a really good gig a perfit send off for one of my best friend in the scene who i know well for the last four year my 1st gig was i think 2004 at small in hamtramck.

Now despite report that was spearing around before the gig this would be the last stepsister show, there was a post that the will get together to do a west coast tour and perform for troy Georgy film "World War Love"

Les Breastfeeders
Lager House
July 9th

And the third and last gig on triple gig Parlay was also my 1st gig at the lager House since the change of ownership at the end of last year, i did made a brife stop after the St. Patrick day parade back in March and i was thinking that they over green it so i was thinking i would never go the the Lager until there was a act that i like, well i when to one.

it was the who i was a fan back in 2006 and was a fan when i saw there gig live webcast on CBC radio 3 "See Vous Play" live from the Kool Haus in Toronto back in 2006, it was the Montreal French-speaking band Les Breastfeeders and they put on a really awesome show.

now even the whole band sing in french you don't have to know what there singing there music is so fun to listen to they was fun to watch including tambourine man Johnny Maldoror now he was all over the place playing the tambourine and it was a little nut, also i like one of the best looking guitar out there Suzie McLelove she have a great voice.

if you wan to learn more you can pick there 2006 released 'Les matins de grands soirs' which was released on viney or the 2004 debut "Déjeuner sur l'herbe"

Now that i am all catch up with all the that happened since the end of cityfest, i be reporting on all the gig the best i could and don't for get stay tune for detail on my live DJ Night which is called "Culture City Live 3"

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