Monday, July 14, 2008

Site News

Well it is a great day after a beatitful nice and sometime windy Weekend
where the detroit tv station weather dept. that include the unoffical Offical weather
station of all of Culture City, The Local 4casters from WDIV got saturday Afternoon forcast 100% total WRONG when they say it was going to rain heavy with big thunderstorms and the street was going to flood and the basement will flood agian

But, it was a nice day
it was windy but nice

i just wrap up my Cityfest coverage and complete the list of New Music for this week New Music Tuesday, but there was three gig over the last two weeks i want shear on the blog site but i out of the house tonight so i will do most of it late and tomorrow and it will be after the New Music Tuesday Post

but i will post something at 9 PM tonight as it will be a new video from on of the best CD i brought this year and it very sweet, i leave you with on Clue

Sister of Bones

and if you want
that will give away
"A Video Clue"

And one more thing
Look at this space For the bands
and the Day of "Culture city Live 3"
at the Belmont

and hopfuly the last ten bands in the 2007 Culture City Festive 50
this weekend.

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