Monday, September 01, 2008

The Full Set times for Dally in the Alley

FOREST STAGE (12pm-12am)

12pm Jstokes
1pm Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk
2pm Malik Alston and the Linwood Ensemble
3pm Inohs Sivad
4pm EchoVerse
5pm Asylum 7, Magestik Legend, Octane and Illite
6pm Blair and the Boyfriends
7pm Pathe Jassi World Music Experience
8pm The Regiment
9pm Enemy Squad
10pm Slum Village, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Fat Ray, Marvwon , Danny Brown, Nick Speed

GARDEN STAGE (12pm-11pm)

12pm Bricktown Station
1pm Sunlight Ascending
2pm Alan Scheurman
3pm Lightning Love
4pm Tone and Niche
5pm Four Hour Friends
6pm The Summer Pledge
7pm Satori Circus
8pm Vox Maui
9pm The Hadituptoheres
10pm Wildcatting

ALLEY STAGE (12pm-12am)

12pm Manna and Quail
1pm The Word Play
2pm Our Brother the Megazord
3pm Phredley
4pm Jaime Register and the Glendales
5pm Almost Free
7pm El Gato Legato
8pm 800Beloved
9pm The Nice Device
10pm K-9
11pm Champions of Breakfast


12pm Tour Detroit: Joe Vargas, Steven Robert, Erno the Inferno
2pm People Mover Productions: Anco Tozy *live*
3:15pm Women on Wax: Dj Minx, Jennifer Xerri, Diviniti
4:15pm Suburban Trash: The Flashbulb *live*
5:15pm Records: Dj Omega, Dj Godfather
6:15pm Beatdownsounds: Mike Clark, Delano Smith, Norm Talley
7:45pm D-Records: Reference *live*
8:45pm Hijacked Records: Twonz *live*
10pm Spectral Sound: James T. Cotton, Osborne, Ryan Elliot

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