Monday, February 09, 2009



here is a update to a story broke last night
on the Detroit news web site and posted on this site last night

it was the story about some sort of music coming back to WDET with
the hire of former WDET-FM DJ Ann Delisi our hope in culture it would be a daily
thing i hate to disappointed you fans

from the Press Released i read she will be on the Weekend only, the show will be called "Ann Delisi's Essential Music." and it will be aired for noon to 4 PM begin February 28th.

the show is what is begin called be GM J. Mikel Ellcessor Ann's new show will be a fun, contemporary and thoroughly hand-picked approach to music that moves Detroit," said Ellcessor. "Ann will guide us through the essential music, both new and familiar, that's shaping our culture and will feature music Made in Detroit every hour

that is the only music show added to the line-up the rest of the change on the weekday line are two new news talk show on that mirror "BBC World have your say" which lasted only a year in 2006 called "On Point" that will aired from 10 AM and a two hours news show called "The Takeaway" which aired for two hour from 8-10 AM meaning "Morning Edition" will aired three hours in stead of four hours.

"Detroit Today" the all local news show will move to a time slot TBA

MY TAKE: after reading the press released you can say i am a little bit disappointed it not a Monday Thu Friday gig, but don't be surprise if this becoming a slow process, hey Ann Delisi is a start for once but how are you going to ask listener to listen to a show on the slowest day of the week which is the weekend.

i think people at DET not getting the message that where all news format with the same news on 20 sourced you hear all day, but have any one seen the rating for the whole all-NPR line-up in the last rating book it a 0.9, and not to get down on the head-up at DET don't forget the weak ecomiced is still a factory.

and one more thing not to knock Ann Delisi, she is a good host who been in the scene for a long time and was really good what she did at WDET.CIDR,and as of late WRCJ and most of us remember her as host of backstage pass one of the best show to air in the 90's, but like i said having her back to do a show on a station so off the beaten path it a start.

Let me know what you think, drop me a line or at my e-mail address on the left side.

And here is the press released from PR Newswire
Click Here.


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