Monday, February 09, 2009



yes you hear me correct, the above is true according to the Detroit News in there on line edition

the paper is reporting on there web site
[Link here]

that the New G.M. J. Mikel Ellcessor have what the paper is reporting changes in programming that will infuse the station with more Detroit music and attitude and not only that one of at DJ who have sing to be a DJ is Ann Delisi.

yes the same Ann Delisi who did DJ at the station from 1983 to 1995

the details will be mention in a Press release tomorrow,

according to the Detroit News Ellcessor said this -

When more of Detroit's radio is coming out of town, WDET is drilling deeper into the city", "At a time when so much of the world is talking about Detroit, and Detroit is absent from that conversation, the people in the city who are being talked about are like props in a play. It's vital to get their voices back up into that national dialogue."

"There will be music from somebody living and working and making music in Detroit every single hour that she is on the air," Ellcessor said. "That's a promise."

there have been no mention about this on the WDET web site it self as of 2:30 AM

the other changes at the station according to the Detroit News include a new program that will allow nonprofit arts organizations to get their news on the air, and a switch of some of the current NPR content to programs that will allow more live interaction with Detroit listeners.

but Ann Delisi will be the only DJ for now Ellcessor did said it is not turning the clock back on the all music format that was there almost five years ago, the station plans a mix of music and news that he feels is forward-looking and suited to Detroit

and why Ann Delisi well from the press released "Ann has changed and evolved over the years, as we all have," Ellcessor said. "She's coming back to WDET because we're going to create opportunities to both guide people through today's contemporary music and to get more people engaged in the WDET conversation."

To return to a partly music programs could be a help because it you have been reading the blog site in the last three years you know since most of the music program was dump by then GM Michael Coleman a lot of bands and you know a lot of bands have skip detroit Big time

the changes will go into effect Feburday 23 that two weeks away
stay to later in the day on this breaking news story in the culture city
and if you need a interview you can contact me at address on the left


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