Friday, June 02, 2006

(28 Days Untill Taste Fest)

What do the winning word Mean Please

Last night while puting the finshing touches (or lack of) on my blog i for got to check out the 79th Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest From Washington DC on ABC but i was to busy by Countdown with Ketih Olbermann and game two of the CBS Summer Filler Programing Gameshow Marthon(Last Night they did Let Make a Deal, The Night Before they did The Price is right) so i miss the whold thing untill it was mention on the news what else.

the winning word spellout by 13-year-old Katharine Close, an eighth-grader from H.W. Mountz School in Spring Lake, N.J. was ‘‘ursprache’’ if you have no Idea what the word Mean you may start your own Blog with spell Check, Like i have been doing for almost a month as you read this blog you think of what the winning words "ursprache" mean

Well it the weekend and Today is sort of very light around Here In Detroit with show for the weekend like the Nice device show at the Magic bag this friday releasing there New CD, Ghost City playing a show at the Lager House a few show coming up including Wrilwind Heat opend up for the out of contorl Band "Be your own pet" with that wild out of contorl lead singer at the stick .

now i hopeing for a game seven in Detroit between the pistons and the heat this post before game time, the tigers are playing the red sox after avioding a sweep for the yankes last night with a 7-6 win at the Copa, but they still have the best record in the Major at 36-18 that 2 and a half games better than White Sox (33-20) but a game and a half better than St. Louis(34-19)with Four Months to go.

And the NASCAR boys are at the concert Mile better know as Dover.

The Nice device is not the only Band to do a show to release a CD at the Bag i check out Today Detroit Free Press that a copled of other band are also CD release Show, The Prime Ministers will release there EP "Budget Cuts." for $3 bucks on June 9th.

Paper Street Saints (who was in the 1st Detroit News Battle of the Bands)will celebrate "Pride & Punishment" June 23, The 1st Single "A Fool to Lie," can be found on there web sight at

Also Jawbone will be releasing his latest, "Hauling," June 17 at the Lager House as well

To see who is playing this week check back on Sunday Night of Monday Morning for the Gig Guide to see who playing on TV, Internet and Satlitte Radio, and who coming to town next week.

and one more thing this week will be the debut of Dirtbombs Leaders Mick Collins New show the nite Trian from 7-9 on WDET-FM there a preview in yesterday Detroit News which you can click

Now spanding the internet for non-idol, non-pop crap news out side the 313 of the best indie News this side of the gold Dollar.

Write this date down if you a fan of Bulid to spill, They will go on a four month tour this summer and late fall they will have Mulped Night in Seattle,WA(3), Portland,OR(2),San Francisco, CA(4), Los Angeles, CA (4) Boulder, CO (2), Minneapolis, MN (2), Chicago, IL (2), New York, NY(3), Philadelphia, PA (2), Washington, DC(2), Carrboro, NC(2) all in surport of the new CD You in Reverse and yes they have a Detroit date it will Be on September 28 at St. Andrew's Hall, No ticket info as of yet.


While the future of England's Tindersticks remains uncertain, lead vocalist Stuart A. Staples has recorded his second solo album, Leaving Songs. Set for a June 6 release through Beggars Banquet, Leaving Songs was written over the last year and recorded at the Nashville studio of Lambchop's Mark Nevers, with Dave Boulter, Neil Fraser, Thomas Belhom, and Tindersticks collaborators Terry Edwards and Gina Foster all contributing to the album.

Among the record's 10 tracks are two duets, one with Maria McKee ("This Road Is Long") and one with Lhasa de Sela ("That Leaving Feeling"). Staples' 2005 solo debut, Lucky Dog Recordings '03-'04, which was never released in the U.S., will be included as a bonus disc with Leaving Songs.

(Also from

Onward flows the Riverrun Project, Underworld's series of innovative mp3 packages containing original half-hour-ish compositions and extensive art, each appearing in download-only format on the band's website. Underworld's Karl Hyde and Rick Smith unveiled the project last November, when they released the first bundle "Lovely Broken Thing", followed by "Pizza for Eggs" in December. Now, on Monday, June 5, the pioneering techno duo will release the third and final aural/visual package, titled "I'm a Big Sister, and I'm a Girl, I'm a Princess, and This is
My Horse", available for ?5 from

The project emerged from a desire to take music from the studio and make it readily available for the masses. Said Hyde of the process, "Creatively we get to write and publish new work in ways that suit us, offering a much needed alternative to our traditional album scheduling."

Before the band gets all 'traditional' again (like that'll happen), on June 10 Underworld will issue a Riverrun retrospective called "The Misterons Mix", containing music from the sonically varied first three releases, along with tons of photographs and album art. But you can only secure this special release if you've purchased the rest of the mp3 bundles. Alas, dry your eyes, you penny-pinching techno lovers in this post-Napster world: you can still hear new Underworld material on their live web broadcasts. They've posted a recent virtual concert, courtesy of Dutch radio station VPRO, on

And it doesn't end there. Underworld will continue to spoil fans with various 12" releases throughout the summer, with remixes by Paul Woolford, Pete Heller, Pig and Dan, and Robag Wruhme scheduled. In October, V2 will release the soundtrack to Anthony Minghella's new film Breaking & Entering, on which Hyde and Smith collaborated with composer Gabriel Yared. They're also working on new material, as well as music for the forthcoming Danny Boyle film Sunshine.

(From Cmj.Com)

The Go! Team Want Kevin Shields

The British cheerleader dance group the Go! Team are looking to hire My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields to produce their second album. Shields has already completed a remix of the group's songs "Huddle Formation" and "Ladyflash," both of which are off of Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Go! Team leader Tim Parton told, "We're looking to get him onboard in some capacity. I'll probably just send him the album and say, 'What do you think? What are you gonna do on that?' and he'll come in and make some noise, get his tremolo arm out and rip it up like that. He always said he wanted to do a garage version of the Jackson 5, and he saw that in us." The band hopes to begin recording the new album in Brighton next month for a spring/summer 2007 release.

Parton added, "In it's current form I'm a bit worried that it's a bit too poppy. It's the catchiest thing I've ever written and as soon as I wrote it, I thought, 'Fuck! Did I write that?' We'll see if we can give it the Go! Team treatment and make it noisy enough to put out there." The Go! Team have just completed a series of tour dates in the UK with the Flaming Lips and have signed on to join Wayne Coyne for further dates during an American tour beginning in July. They have also locked in a few festival spots including ones at Ireland's Oxygen, Chicago's Lollapalooza, Scotland's T in the Park and Richard Branson's V Festival in the UK.

And from the New truseed sourced product shop nyc(who have a great debut on Blog Radio on sirius Left of Center 26, Tuesday at 10-midnight and repeat on thursday i dont know it 9,9:30, or 10 PM) That BECK have finsh recording his New Studio Alblum with producer Nigel Godrich, it right now in Mixing and it will be ready in the fall in 2006.

Also Last night in the great City of Phildelphia, PA Radiohead Kick Off there North America Tour for the North America Fans if you want to read a review of the show last night you can read a review of the show at my good trushed sourced here.

And While there you can also find a review of
TV on the Radio,Wrens with Tapes 'n Tapes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Art Brut,and Gorillaz.

Single and CD reviews by
The Decemberists,Yo La Tengo,Kaito,Amy Millan,Nomo,Sweet/Hoffs,Boards of Canada,and Johnny Cash

And Also remember Last March at the stick there was that Music video films competion sponser by Scion (it was called the Scion video express) there went to ten cites home of the ten bands and filmakers to view ten music video made by ten film Makerand it voted on by the people who when to the screening, The Detroit screening was hosted by Those Transatlantics ( or it was a good showing.

But it was not engougt for them to make it to the final three in the final vote by the people at but the video is good i will be up soon.

But the three Final video do repersent the big media City and those finalilist are Monsters Are Waiting...... - "Nobody" (ECHO PARK, California, Part of SoCal, or

Summerbirds in the Cellar - "Trains" (Orlando, FL, or


Palomar "Albacore" (BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, or

You Can vote to the winner untill 11:59PM on Monday June 12th
My bet on is on the NYC Band althouht the LA Band is good as well

And over the weekend do log on to the, Where they have a preview of the new Sonic Youth CD entitle Rather Ripped out June 13th, they also be playing with the Flaming Lips at the State Theather on aug. 4 (Ticket info is coming soon with in the next two weeks) also at the sight is Jim Noir and a video from his New CD out in Sept. call "Eanie Meany"

Also on this week edtion of of MTV Subterranean at 1AM on MTV2 the hottest DJ on the planet Gnarls Brakley.

and that it for today post today it you have any info on some thing that is coming up you can e-Mail the sight at

I going to Warp it up with a cilp on Last Night edition of Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC as he took Bill o'liey tried to rewrite history by falsely accused US troops during WWII of a massacre at Malmedy to downplay the killing in Haditha, and what wrost Fox News altered the transcript, It made Olberman so mad (you can look at it on his face he want to slap him)Meaning O'Riley fail at history.

If you dont see this Link the Video is on Crook and Liard Web sight

Have a safe weekend


Oh By the Way if you want to know what the word that that 13 years old eighth grader Katherine Close of Spring Lake, NJ mean

URSPRACHE - Derived from German, Ursprache means a parent language.

It Came From Culture City
New Movies Friday

Today there Five Movie out today let go see what out today

The Break Up - Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston Tried to do a break up movie and the revier was not impress
Detroit News - On the rocks
Shaky 'Break-Up' pits two superstars in a film that struggles to go anywhere (C-)
Detroit Free Press - UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER: 'The Break-Up' is bad business, filled with spite and pigheaded childishness (one stars out of four)
Yahoo Reviewers avg (C-)
The Good:
Chicago Tribune - "...audiences expecting a raucous Vince Vaughn comedy (in the mold of, say, Old School) will find themselves laughing less than they'd hoped." (B+)
Rolling Stone - "Until a cop-out ending, this is War of the Roses territory, where laughs take no prisoners."(B-)
The Bad :
USA Today - "To watch two unsympathetic people squabble and snarl for almost two hours is about as grating it gets." (C-)
Roger Ebert - "...watching the movie is like being on a double-date from hell." (C)
And The Just Plan Bad Preoid.:
Hollywood Reporter - "...a major disappointment..." (D+)
New York Times - "...the whole movie feels dull and trivial." (D+)

Also oppen up today, The Sci-fi martar arts spectacer District B13
News - Violent 'District B13' may connect with your primal side
Practically nonstop Kung Fu action and outrageous gymnastics help make film worthy.(B)
Free Press - How to say 'action flick' in French (three Stars out of four)
Yahoo review Avg. (B)
E! Online - "...a die-hard, kinetically charged action film with the kind of shocks and starts that feel truly earned..(A-)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Two talented guys -- and almost enough eyepopping martial arts and street acrobatics." (B-)
ever like this film excepct for this one
Hollywood Reporter - "...a fairly routine summer action movie, albeit one in French." (C+)

Opening Up today at the Main Art Theather in Royal Oak is The Proposition with the screenplay writen by Australian singer Nick Cave
The Scores
Free Press - (3 stars out of 4)
News - 'Proposition' -- violent, bloody, bleak and riveting
Story of revenge on the Aussie frontier has good ol' sophomoric appeal. (B-)
Yahoo reviews avg. (B+)
Chicago Tribune - "...a smoldering adventure drama about the ways violence and prejudice can pervert justice and plunge a community into madness..(A-)
Entertainment Weekly - "A pitiless yet elegiac Australian Western as caked with beauty as it is with blood..." (A-)

And Also at the main 12 and Holding In the suburbs of America, three close knit 12-year-olds -- introverted Jacob (Conor Donovan), precocious Malee (Zoe Weizenbaum) and vulnerable Leonard (Jesse Camacho) -- start down the path of self-discovery and begin to distinguish their own voices from those of their parents.
The Detroit News - It's tough to be a kid in '12 and Holding'
Without resorting to exploitation, film delivers a painful look at adolescent misery.(B+)
The Free Press - Once again, traumatized children
Kids in 'Twelve and Holding' suffer loss, guilt (2 stars out of 4)
Yahoo Reviews Avg. (B)
New York Post - "Three 12-year-old friends pursue their goals with a determination that might be cute if it weren't so scary..." (B)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "Low-production values, including glaring inconsistencies in the makeup department, add to the bargain-basement atmosphere of this kidsploitation quickie." (C)

And opening at Birmingham theather 8 in Downtown Birmingham, Down in the Valley the Free Press gave it (3 out of 4)
The yahoo reviews Avg. (C+)
Roger Ebert - "...a movie the actors and director take as far as they can until the story bogs down in questions too big to forgive." (B-)
Rolling Stone - "Down in the Valley dares you to explore the violence of the mind. Take the dare. It's something rare these days: untamed." (A-)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "The film is thrown off balance by the weight of Norton's compassion for this troubled soul..." (C+)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Strange? Yes. Does it work? Uh, no way." (D+)

I am going to do some thing a little bit diffence for the New Movie at the Village Movies theather of the Dame it new films at Cinemark Movies 16 at Universial Mall In Warren, Mi

I put a links to the new films from and you can get films preview and reviews

This weeks New Movies At the 16


Dont Forget to come Back for Culture City Extra for the reviews of the remake of the Sci-fi Horrid Classis "The Omen" Which is begin relese on 6-6-06 on a tuesday

but if you want to skip that one next week it going to be cars, cars and more cars or in this film it talking cars, it Disney/Pixar movie cars with Owen Wilson,Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Richard Petty,Cheech Marin, Larry the Cable Guy,Tony Shalhoub, Michael Keaton, George Carlin, Katherine Helmond,John Ratzenberger,Michael Wallis, Mario Andretti, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Joe Ranft, Guido Quaroni, Michael Wallis, Bob Costas Voice, Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi, Paul Dooley Voice of Sarge, Jenifer Lewis all doing voice of Cars, Talking Cars

Have fun at the movies

Thursday, June 01, 2006

(For today post scrool Down)

The Full and Lock Comerica Tastefest Line-Up

For More Info on TasteFest you can go to the tastefest web sight at or there Myspace sight at

Motor City Casino Main Stage
Location: The fisher Buliding Parking lot

Friday, June 30
7:00PM - House Shoes
8:30PM - Common

Saturday, July 1
5:30PM - Cat Power and the Memphis Rhythm Band
8:30PM - Ray Davies

Sunday July 2
2:30PM - J Moss
5:30PM - Spyro Gyra
8:30PM - The New Pornographers

Monday, July 3
5:30PM - Mavis Staples
7:30PM - The Red Rocks
8:30PM - Kings of Leon

Tuesday, July 4
3:00PM - Eric Burdon and the Animals
6:00PM - Damone
6:30PM - The All American Rejects

Pure Detroit Stage
Location:Second and Lothrop

Friday, June 30
6:30 PM: Paxahau Presents...
8:30 PM: Paxahau Presents...

Saturday, July 1

4:00 PM: Loretta and the Larkspurs
5:15 PM: Hairshirt
6:30 PM: Nomo
7:30 PM: John Arnold
9:00 PM: Amadou and Mariam

Sunday, July 2
4:00 PM: The Breakers
5:15 PM: Free Element
6:30 PM: Brave Rifles
7:45 PM: Grande Nationals
9:00 PM: The Flask featuring Kenny Olson

Monday, July 3
2:00 PM: Paxahau Presents...
4:30 PM: Paxahau Presents...
6:00 PM: Paxahau Presents...
8:30 PM: Paxahau Presents...

Tuesday, July 4
3:00 PM: Lola Morales
4:15 PM: J*DaVey featuring Aloe Blacc
5:00 PM: Waajeed
6:30 PM: Amp Fiddler

Metro PCS Jazz & Blues Stage
Location: Grand Blvd. at Cass

Friday, June 30
Noon: GroovEssential
6:30 PM: The Harmonica Shah Blues Band
9:00 PM: Howling Diablos

Saturday, July 1
Noon: Detroit Poetry Slam Team
2:30 PM: The Gypsy Strings of Detroit featuring Wendell Harrison
5:00 PM: Calvin Cooke
7:30 PM & 9:00 PM: Robert Lowe with special guest Cody Black

Sunday, July 2
Noon: Suai
2:30 PM: Shahida Nurullah and Good Company
5:00 PM: Seeley & Baldori
7:30 & 9:00 PM: Kevin Mahogany & Red Holloway's Jazz & Blues Summer Party Tour

Monday, July 3
Noon: Tom Allport's Big Band
2:30 PM: Havana
5:00 PM: Blackman/Arnold World Jazz Quintet
7:30 PM & 9:00 PM: Dwight Adams Group

Tuesday, July 4
12:45 PM: Foody's Putting the "Mo" Back in the "Town"
1:00 PM: Orquesta Sensacional
3:30 PM: Urban Jazz Coalition
6:00 PM: Dave McMurray

New Center Council Park Stage
Location: New Center Park, Grand Blvd. at Third

Friday, June 30
6:00 PM: Elise McCoy
7:00 PM: Audra Kubat
8:00 PM: Salt Miners
9:00 PM: Blanche

Saturday, July 1
6:00 PM: Tone & Niche
7:00 PM: Quixotic
8:00 PM: The Demolition Doll Rods
9:00 PM: The Hard Lessons

Sunday, July 2
6:00 PM: Busy Lights
7:00 PM: Speaker Phone
8:00 PM: SSM
9:00 PM: The Sights

Monday, July 3
5:00 PM: Charlie Don't Surf
6:00 PM: Doop and the Inside Outlaws
7:00 PM: Blair
8:00 PM: The Decks
9:00 PM: The Paybacks

Tuesday, July 4
4:00 PM: Cowboy Messiah
5:00 PM: Shoe
6:00 PM: Freer
7:00 PM: Great Lakes Myth Society
(For the full Tastfest line up scrool up)

Now that katie no longer on NBC, let turn our fouce on the New Center in 29 Days

Now the me a about 19 millions other people Watch Katie last show yesterday (becoming the 4th watch today show(from 7 to 9 am with 8.4 millions) in history aftermath of 2000, 2004 and 1989 SF earthquake) It now time to move on to bigger and better things as today is the 1st days of a very, very long summer and the mid peak of the summer is almost upond up which i will get to in a moment but thouse ever pestey paper could not let go befroe there own take on katie last day on today

(all takeing from

New York Times Alessandra Stanley: "The farewell could have turned unbearably cloying but didn't, mainly because Ms. Couric reined in her emotions and did not exit in a puddle of tears. NBC seemed determined to make her fall apart, but her goal was to stay in control, the first step toward turning herself into a serious news anchor."

LATimes Paul Brownfield: It was "basically one of those office-cake ceremonies. You know, everyone standing around in awkward repose as the guest of honor promises to come visit so much 'you guys'll be sick of me' and eventually everyone trudges back to their desks to resume surfing the Net and wonder what exactly it is they're doing with their own lives."

Richmond Times Dispatch: "Let's put it this way; if you weren't a huge Katie Couric fan, yesterday's edition of Today must have been next to unbearable."

Rocky Mountain News: "The punch line of the latest TV industry joke is that the farewell to Katie Couric on Today has lasted longer than her 15-year tenure." Dusty Saunders says the three-hour tribute was one hour too long...

Palm Beach Post blogger: "I know it was only three hours. But after hour two, it felt more like 30. I'm talking days, not hours."

Washington Post Lisa de Moraes has a great play-by-play of All About Katie day. A sample: "Then Bennett sings 'The Best Is Yet to Come.' As in CBS News..."

Baltimore Sun: "American presidents have left the Oval Office with less fanfare and ritualistic pomp than Katie Couric's monthlong departure after 15 years from NBC's Today show..."

Boston Globe: "Note to the CBS publicity department: It's OK to pare down that budget a bit. Katie Couric's farewell on the 'Today' show yesterday was, in effect, a giant advertisement for the 'CBS Evening News...'"

NY Daily News: "Katie Couric's gala farewell to 'The Today Show' yesterday could have produced a very nice soundtrack album. It was less interesting as TV..."

USA Today: "Wednesday's farewell, capping off weeks of testimonials from diverse public figures, 'shows how deeply the roles of reporter and celebrity have blended together in today's high-profile media world,' says Fordham University communications professor Paul Levinson..."

Orlando Sentinel: "Was the Couric send-off excessive? Undoubtedly. But NBC wanted to thank her for making the network a lot of money..."

Detroit Free Press headline: "Tomorrow, Katie gets to sleep in..."

But it will begin all over agian back in september when the Katie do 6:30, Meredith Vieira(who will leave the view next week 6/9)take over next to matt in a new set for HDTV, but in the mean wheld we look ahead to the long long summer and to see if there any thing going on in the summer because where inside 30 days untill the high lights of the whole summer Comerica Tastefest held at the one and only New Center Area which take place over five days over the 4th of July Holiday(june 30th to July 4th) with over 70 bands over four stages across the new center area you get a full line up at
Tastefest web sight which is highlited or in the sing of the time these days There own Myspace sight at of i put the full line on the separt post at the top of the page(if you want to read the full post shrool down).

Not out of the woods yet

i will admit i was filping back and fort between countdown with Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, Gameshow Marthon on CBS and fox "So you think you can dance" so i did not see much of game five the piston/heat series so i thought it will be over but to my surrpried they won game five 91-79 the defence some what show up a bit and now they have to win game six in Miami tommor night to hoped to win the game for a prime time show down on sunday on ABC, i may or may not watch who know, and if you wondering Tayshaun Prince scored a career playoff-high 29 points

Now you talk about the punge

I check out the new Billboard CD or alblum chart this week and The Raconteurs CD Broken Boy Soldiers took a mighty big slip in this week chart, Last week it debut in no. 7 between Rascal Flatts' "Me and My Gang" and "NOW! That's What I Call Music" 21 (better know as now i call crap) This week it not only fell out of the top 10 and the top 20, it fell 21 places to become the 28th selling CD of the week in between Bruce Springsteen "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions"(27th) and Panic! At The Disco "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out"(29th), by compairinson a white stripes CD do not fall fast only droping out of the top 20 a few weeks at a time so this drop is so suprizeing, This week No.1 album by the way it Dixie Chicks "Taking The Long Way" No.1 despie corproatie radio and right wing talkers demont them to D-lister for there comment about the the pres begin the texas. Nice Try but it did not work.

One thing i forgot to mention in the tuesday post the wrap up on the Mopvment festival whick wrap up on Monday i will admit i did not go to movement but what i hear there was more people came to the 1st day of movement then last year fuse:in Festival 16,000 people in day one and almost 28,000 to 30,000 people came to the festiavl voer the two days but the final numbers are not in so if you want a recap of Movement 2006 check out the recap below

Detroit News Recap
Detroit Free Press Recap with video from movment(2:12)
MetroTimes Recap by writer and DJ Walter Wasacz
The Movment Web sight
Paxahau Promotions Group

Now Let goes outside the 313 to see what up in indie Culture
()- our trused Souced

Well it look like the leaders of the Rap act the street Mike Skinner in November will run the New York City Marathon in November, On His blog he told his readers "I know it seems a bit long," he wrote, "but if people do it dressed as milk cartons, it can't be that hard, right?" He will be sponsors by Reebok, I know running a block from point a from point b in a video but this is 26.2 miles thoughs out the big city, but more power to you mike.

Two-tone ska legends the Specials are closer to reforming their original lineup than they have been in 25 years, according to their frontman Terry Hall. In a recent interview with BBC 6 Music, he said, "People keep offering us money all the time, and you try and be polite, but you have to say no matter how much money you've got that won't make us do it. We'll only do something if we feel it's right. I mean this is the closest we've been in 25 years to maybe doing something, but maybe not what's expected, I don't know."Another version of the band previously reunited in 1993 to back up Desmond Dekker on his album of ska covers, King Of Kings.

As previously reported, Dekker died last week at his home in England at age 64. The Specials formed in Coventry, England in 1977. They enjoyed success with their first album, The Specials, which was produced by Elvis Costello, and had a number one hit with “Ghost Town” in 1981. After the single was released, Terry Hall, Neville Staple, Roddy Radiation and Lynval Golding officially left the Specials, and Jerry Dammers was left to contemplate the future of the band.

Through the decline of the second wave of ska in the '80s the band went through many configurations, like the Special AKA, and, at one point, even joined with The Beat to form the Special Beat in the early '90s. These various incarnations released Today's Specials (1996,) Guilty Til Proved Innocent! (1998) and Skinhead Girl (2000). If the original 1977 members reunite, it would be the first time they recorded together in 25 years.

and here some late beaking new from the underground if you been listining to bbc on line The Hot UK Band
Forward Russia! Have just sing to MUTE Records, home of Goldfrapp, Jose Gonzalez, and recent signee The Knife(1st interdouce to me By Walter Wasacz) there debut CD which have push by Steve Lamacq qill be out in you local indie store in september with a tour to follow.(from my new sourced BrooklynVegan at, Which have a review of SASQUATCH Festival this weekend and the play list form there blog radio on sirius Radio debut.)

so Before i get this three songs in the My N.M.E. Single of the week let look at the Top 10 selling CD of the week and the play list form this week Detroit Local 101 on Riff 2 and

DMRC Top 10

1. The Raconteurs — Broken Boy Soldiers
2. Gnarls Barkley — St. Elsewhere
3. The Black Keys — Chulahoma
4. Tool — 10,000 Days
5. Drive-by Truckers — A Blessing & A Curse
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers — Stadium Arcadium
7. Pearl Jam — Pearl Jam
8. Built To Spill — You In Reverse
9. Twilight Singers — Powder Burns
10. Alejandro Escovedo — The Boxing Mirror

Riff 2 Detroit Local 101 Play list from 05/30/06
with the loveable furball Suzy Cole and Tre filling for Melody Licious who in serbria with one or her 169 bands "The Siriens"

1) Seduce - Chopping Block
2) The Muggs - Gonna Need My Help
3) Adult - Strange Mistake
4) The Come Ons - Dollar In My Pocket
5) The Hard Lessons - Wicked Man
6) The Fluoride Program - Sacred Ground
7) Bedford Drive - Even If I Go
8) Dutch Pink - John Guilt
9) Ghost City - Gone Still Gone
10) Freddy & the Four Gone Conclusions - Little Purple Bird
11) Koffin Kats - V8 Nightmare
12) Dirty Americans - Jet Black Holy Water
13) The Expatriates - Sought After
14) Imposters Of The Deep Society - Party People
15) Capitol Cities - Detroit City Girls
16) I, Crime - It Aint Right
17) Fifth Period Fever - All This Sorrow
18) Electric Six - Vibrator
19) The Beggars - Right On Time
20) Sons Of The Gun - Hard To Be Heard
21) The Dead Bodies - The Orphan Song
22) 500 Ft Of Pipe - Not Your Mule
23) The Highlife - Sign, Baby
24) Detroit Cobras - Shout Bama Lama
25) Audra Kubat - Garden
26) Bang Bang - Steps
27) The Hotwalls - Old Slip
28) The Orbitsuns - Devil At The Wheel
29) Johnny Headband - Fine By Me
30) The White Stripes - Hello Operator
31) Loretta Lucas & The Larkspurs - To Another
32) The Paybacks - Just You Wait
33) The Von Bondies - Cmon Cmon
34) Wolfbait - Dropped By The Devil (acoustic)

And Now it time for the one and only segment of the week that have you asking for my musicial taste just because it sound good or problae it have girls in the band it now time for the My NME sigle of the week.

Where i take the winner and two runner up in the Birish magizine New Music Express, put them ture a sherherd and tell you if i like it or Not and i pick one winner if i dont like all three i pick one oust side the box.

Last week i had a easy winner "Tilly and the wall"(, or This week not so easy three well names band, two of them well know from the UK(that where the magizine is base) one of them is from Canada so let here all three

Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole" (The Magizine winner, or The single from there new alblum "Absoultion start out good but the vocal some vere off 70's form beck it a desent but OK track

You say party! We say Die! -"The Gap"(The 1st runner-up or This is from there debut "Hit the Floor" it start with a very good start with the Keyboard and it have roit lyrics who say will take them down in Nubers one by one and it a very good track by this vancouver punk band

Mystery Jets -"Inside Four Walls"( or it from the CD "Making Dens" it kind ok but i thimk this was a reject worlfd cup anthem for the indoor world cup which dont exist.

so i did not like Inside four wall from the Jets, I want to like the Muse Single but was not good engogut but the winner was one of the last bands to be Feather on the Recenly cancelld
CBC Zed TV there a relly good band (and yes if you want to do this thorey on if they like this band because there chick in the bands) who is good live as on record it always a roit

The Winner of the My NME Single of the week

You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap

It a good song to with Roit words and be careful if you sa y they suck they may take you down one by one, they join our past winners of my awards and the mag awards here the list of Past winners

Past My N.M.E. single of the week

May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - Jim Noir - My Patch
May 6 - The Dastuns - Stuck Here For Days

The Real N.M.E. Single of the week

May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - The Aliens - Allenoid Starmonica EP
May 6 - Primal Scream - Country Gril

Let Wrap it up with some short Notes

Ten Words for Snow will play a gig on Saturday at Motor City Brewing Works (470 West Canfield, Detroit MI) it there 1st show in a long while, SHow start at 9PM

If you miss the Flaming Lips Film Fearless Freaks at the DFT a year ago or have not pick up the DVD copy of it you can see it on the Sundance Channel it will air next Wednesday at 10PM

That it for this post as alwalys two post on Friday
Early post:New Movie Friday
Late post: Reguarl post

dont for get 29 days untill tastefest
3 months untill foot ball season
and wiat a mintues Katie dont work at NBC anymore
77* Tomorrow with isolated thunderstorms developing later in the day
and Game 6 is at 8PM on ESPN

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Culture City Extra
Katie Last Act on Today

This Is a special Edtion post of this Blog sight Because this is going to be fun and yes going to be a Kleenex Moment for the Next three Hours.

Today after 15 wonderful years on Today, Katie Couirc will be moving on for bigger and better thing with her new full time job at CBS becoming the first female solo promo time news anchoring of the CBS Evening News to do some hard news and this is going to be special on today, so since this is a big event I decide to hourne Katie by doing a experiment by watching the show and do running commentary during her last show.

if you are reading this later in the day, I know you get the ful Blow by blow but if you up and check out my blog you get a update every 30 minutes from now until the end of the show somewhere around 10:00AM and it wii be official at 10:30 AM to clean up anything bad on my part.

So if the commet will go some thing like this

6:23AM - it 74 when you wake up
I will say that Hot

something like that so I will keep up with the show as best I can you have to understand I typed 22 word a minutes now that slow. but it my first time so let see how this work.

So back story after Dan Rather left the job back in March 2005 it been empty at CBS with Bob Sehecher fill in the anchor chair since then and TV geeks was asking who will fill the chair, Katie Couirc was mention offen more everyone was hoping she would stay at Today inculing this person But it all came around on April 6 at 7:32 AM when she make this announcement:

"After listening to my heart and my gut, two things that have served me pretty well in the past, I have decided I'll be leaving Today at the end of May,"

and with that the Long Countdown began that lead up to this day so if you watching this check back with this site ever 30 minutes but if you miss it you get the full run down and my update today because this is my off day because I have some erron to do on Wednesday and on garbage watch because since Monday was a holiday if about a day late

So enjoy the Blow by Blow of what I been calling it Katie Final act.
(typed at 6:42AM)

(6:48 AM) The local NBC Sation WDIV (Ch.4) do a little plug on Katie last day with a live look at plaza outside 30 Rock as Tony Bennent warm-up for his part in the three hour show

(7:00 AM)the Show begin with what else News and farewell friend started the show

(701AM)with a kenexx box at the desk on the desk as she tell Matt "she feel happy and Sad and out of control"

(702AM) News

(705AM) there getting the hard stuff out of the way

(706AM) They show a video hilight of Katie long career at today with hightlight like a surprise walk in interview with Bush one and show that Katie can do the thought interview and show you why she ready for the Job at CBS and the silly light stuff that make any would be newsebe silly, and back to her true calling her hard news stuff

(719AM) The 1st of what to be many vid tribute ended and they go to break
(Sorry I have one eye on the TV and anoder eyes on the computer)

(722 AM) They thorh to 1st local Break the top story on the local NBC station in Detroit (Home Base)next to the Traffic and weather on the what ever #: Police Investigate Two Smash-And-Grabs in Clinton Township and also some fans tried to win game five ticket in case in ice.(can you say a little crazy

(730) Fans are outside to say there farewell the show

Current Temp 73*

(733AM) a special segment on interview ornaind people Katie did over the tears on today incluing the Central Park Jogger,a suriver from the world trade center and Craig Scott a victim of the Colubine Shooting who Katie comfer after after the shooting

(742AM) piece ends and Katie begin to well up a little bit

() back from break Katie decated song to the people in the last segment song by Country singer Trish Yearwood for the musical "Wicked" (which will begin it rund at the madsic Temple on Wednesday anrunning to mid-June, you can forget about tickets because every show is sold-out)

(753AM) During preview for the next half-hour Katie ask matt are you having fun because she having fun

(755AM)2nd local break and the top story on WNBC-TV in NYC (Today home base/, Freight Train Derails In Paterson, NJ and video of NBC 4 of Katie last day.

(800AM) Back from break with a sing at Wrigley Field saying we miss you Katie

(801AM)Katie say she graitued for working for today and say she never have a parter like Matt ever aging and also miss al and Ann and miss , Matt take a moment tosay she miss having a good laughed and call her a good parter with graet love and respect with a good kiss on the check

(809AM) in a odd moment as they go to break Katie say sorry to the camera guy proable that long words took to long it ate up time.

(811AM) a piece show a numbers of Light interview with a lot of celebrated over the year inclund her extra walk in as prison graud in the Goldmember and ton and ton of light fun stuff

(822AM) Katie jokes about her hiting the ball a few years ago at fenway park

(825AM)3rd local Break and the top story on WTVJ-TV in Miami(Katie 1st local job/ the top story other than the Heat about to put the piston away is Thief Enters Unlocked Homes, Steals Wallets in POMPANO BEACH(well that local news these days)

(830AM)back from break as they go outside for the 2nd Half of Katie Long Good-bye

(832AM)AL do the weather and almost every NBC old timers say goodbye and don't kill us in the rating while at CBS

(833AM) Katie introduce to her parnet at her family

(836AM) Katie get a great sulet from here biggest people in the world her fans of corsed

(838AM) as Katie watch it and she like it with a smile, and she met her biggest fan who a four year old girl which is nice

(843AM)they come back from break and country singer Martina McBride sing This one for the girls because she will become the 1st female solo to head a evening news cast and it will be for the girls, I check the garbage and used the bathroom.

(850AM) Tony Bennett(who was born on Auguest 3(which happened to be my birthday as well) sing Just the way you look tonight as Katie look on with gled and a smile and go into The best is yet to come which Bob Schaefer must be like the newbie at CBS(did I say she start in September on CBS) good Luck dogging Letter man

(855AM)Local break #4 and the top story on WRC-TV (the job Katie have before joining NBC News/ Dies After MedSTAR Helicopter Crash, Helicopter Crew Remains Hospitalized and yes more goodbye Katie with Video.

(900AM) Green Day came in with the last hour of today of Katie with Al and Anne saying some very nice words but I was distract from a video from WRC-TV web sight it ended when correspondent Natalie Merlsos(gee I misspell it badly) say some nice as Katie say is it 10am yet.

(908AM) Katie hourner people who told people about awareness of colon Cancer which took her Husband life back in 1998, and how some are living today because of early detection of colon Cancer.

(916AM)there a very nice segment of how good Katie look good including the hair oh that hair from tomboy hair to current hair, let see what hair do will Katie hair be is September, But did you have invite Jone River to the Show.

(925AM) the 5th and final local break and the Top story on WXIA-TV in Alanda(she did not work there but her 1st job was a reporter at CNN, the big heads was not impress and told the producer not to put her on the aired ever again, Duh!) The top story was A 37-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of her 15-year-old husband will go back to court on Wednesday, and the garbage Turck did pick the trash and ads for the new Ikea store began airing.

(930AM) and yes this is it Katie last half hours on today and uncle Willard have came to the show to say good-bye and sing here a tune out of bob hope

is it 10AM yet

Current temp 76* today hi 84* and thunder

and yes I want to know how I did on my 1st real time event so let me know in the comment section below the post or fried off a E-mail at, and do please check back for what going on in the indie music world and my loved for ever sounden cool band with nice chick in the band like "Tilly and the wall" Playing at the Blind Pig June 10th

(936AM) The cast of Jersey Boys sing a rework tune of Bye bye Baby for Katie whice is call bye bye Katie

(940AM)The Broadway Half hour contened with the jersey boys singing ander song with Hairspray Harvey Friestein.

(947AM) And the Today staff say there good bye a well

(949AM)they come back from tribute in the end with a champine toast to Katie from NYC Crew, and office from LA, Washington,Chicago, and London and Katie get a send-off to CBS as they well her well and Katie wish them back as she say good buy all day

(951AM)As the Creitd roll with more light stuff from Katie time on today

(953AM)as Katie say thank you the show fade to back and Ladies and gelemtion, Boys and Girls, Katie is Done after 15 years and almost 2 Months at NBC, NEXT STOP: CBS at 6:30 in the Fall

Post-Show View From Culture City: I think it was a good send off they mix the good stuff she done with the Hard news she done on today, I think there look back at her doing hard newson today shiw that she can do the hard news stuff, and the show also show she also care about the import stuff inculing awareness of colon cancer it almost ran out of gas near the end but overall it was a good send off, and let hoped Katie do well at CBS but hey Bob Seherfer got her off to a good start(Few weeks ago CBS beat ABC for 2nd place), But you have to do more to take me away from Brian Williams on NBC.

Well that it for this special edtion of It Came Form Culture City
It going bet hot again with thunder Pistons lose this one there done
and you should not put your closer for more than one inning just ask the tigers last night
Back tomorrow for a regaur post

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Long four day weekend is over

well everyone is getting back to really after a long four day weekend it was very good weekend for myself nothings much in detroit Rock city i went to two gig during the long weekend and stay home for the last two days devoteing time to my blog (Movment updates,gig gudie, My sourced,and yes a AP wire report on the birth of the Bradaling Baby Born over the weekend)

The weekend was O.K. i check out
Those Transatlantics at the painted Lady in Hamtramck they sound so good, very nice band with a very good debut CD call "Knockout" which is out now i got there too early hoping they play at 10 PM as the second band of the night but one band drop off the bill and there was a third band to play on the night but they sound good they will beback at the Painted Lady on June 21th so you can pick up the CD "knockout" or you can listen on there web sight or you can find Suburban Sprawl Music Wed sight.

on Saturday i listen to willy wilson back on the Radio on
WEMU-FM on their websight, and he still sound good after five month off the air. and later that night after seeing a friend who visiting from grad school at the University of Pittsburgh (and also do a very good show on WPTS-FM 92.1 (listen to on from 7-9PM on wednesday during the summer) at the stick i when up the road to the Norther Light Lounge at the New Center Area to see the CD release gig for SSM Self title debut LP, it was so crowded at the small place i could not see from the back they was very good live as well as the Muldoons there growning up very good so that good,

BRIAN MULDOON told me he like the bolg sight, Thank you very much and Johnny Loftus New Music editor of the metrotimes was there as well, he Correct me the it was Brian Smith who wrote the story the stuggle of the mom and pop indie store Thanks you very much for reading this sight, Ben Blackwell was happy about the night and the one and only Mracie bolen of the von bondies was there too that was nice to see here there after almost six months away from the area that was good and miss Myoko of the Marry other band the Crloy lords and also the drummer of the Gore Groe Girls(Who Next to Meg White is one of the best female drummer in the area) and Dave Buick from Radio Frever and more at the event that was good.

And the rest of my weekend was OK like i my on-line Fansty Baseball team was going to win the 1st game of the season and they did and listen to show on the inter net like last week show of
Little Steven Underground Garage (show #216) And interduce me to Band #234 in the Big List bands and music that should matter in culture City (List Coming Soon) There the All girls powerpop, punk trio the holograms who song the very fun track "Are You Ready For It?" was just name that week Coolest song in the World that week

Also i listen to songs by the Ohama, NB band and this week winner of the myN.M.E. Single of the week
"Tilly and the wall" and a very good story on them on the NPR web sight which also link to a NPR webcast gig at the 9:30 Club In Washington D.C. opening up for bright eyes. but some people i talk to dont like the band may be because of there Serect weapon there percussionist is also tapdancer in the band.

Like i menton on the top of this report I saw the lovely Marice Bolen of The Von Bondies and she got back after six Months out of the area begin in LA to the New England Area and to Chicago to record a brand New C.D well i got this E-mail on myspace on saturday afternoon that say the following:

New record = New news!!!
For the last 6 months we have been working away at the new record. We have been to the West coast (California) then to the East coast (Connecticut) and finally back to the Midwest (chicago).

And in those 6 months we have all lost our minds, gained some thicker skin, lost a good portion of our hearing (at least Jason), seen some good shows, met some really cool/nice people, and made a record that describes those 6 months.

We will be seeing all of you very soon. In some club, bar, skate park, festival, basement, areana, pool party, or bar mitzvah.

The album is tentatively titled
"Love, Hate, and then there's you"


The VBs

So the follow up CD is done but the big question is when will be out there was hoping for the summer but now i been told nay be fall or Next year.

Also this weekend i also saw Ryan Allen Front Man of the Indie Scearmo band Thunderbirds Are Now! told me that the new Thuunderbirds are now CD is done it have have a title it is called "MAKE HISTORY" and will be out on Frenchkiss Records in September with a tour to follow, They will play the Magic stick on June 28th and if you want to behind the scene of the making of this CD you can go to there my space sight at

Since Today is May the 30th and where now about at the one month countdown to Comerica TasteFest At the New Center area and the line up is rocking and the bliud up is about to begin over the a few week ago i post a part line up and just last week i posted a full line up for the park stage but the line up is lock and reading to go you can see the full list at the
tastefest web sight or there own myspace page at
And now new to the gig guide one of my fave bands from denver Dressy Bessy will be playing the Belmont in Hamtramck on July the 10 during Mademoiselle Monday
Muse will play the State on July 28th - Ticket go on sale this Friday at 10PM
Now the Indie world other news
Metallic Falcons are Sierra Casady of CocoRosie and Matteah Baim of the Voodoo-EROS label, which will release the Falcons' debut, Desert Doughnuts, on June 6. Antony, Devendra Banhart, Jana Hunter, and Greg Rogrove (Tarantula A.D.) all guest on the record. According to a press release, the album "is an emotional journey of Dungeons & Dragonsesque proportions," and it's "filled with hand-rolled peyote cigarettes, sticky sage resin, and old carburetors," which we are told is the freak-folk equivalent of bonus features.(
The ubiquitous Perry Farrell, of Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros fame, in addition to his busy DJ schedule and organizational duties for the Lollapalooza Festival, will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming CMJ Rock Hall Music Fest in Cleveland. Farrell will be addressing badgeholders and other attendees at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14 in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's 4th floor theatre. Farrell will also be DJing under his Peretz alias along with Mike Boogie and Prince Paul at the fest's opening night party. The party will kick off at 9 p.m. with free admission for badge holders and a $10 cover for all other music fanatics. The festival itself runs June 14-18 and will also feature performances from Matisyahu, Mindless Self Indulgence and Ben Kweller, among many others.(
And Let wrap this up with this week Top 10 Movies of the week
() Friday to sunday
1. X-Men: The Last Stand, ($103.1 million)
$120.1 million 2. The Da Vinci Code, ($34 million) $43 million
3. Over The Hedge, ($26.8 million) $35.3 million
4. Mission: Impossible III, ($6.6 million) $8.5 million
5. Poseidon, ($5.5 million) $7 million
6. RV, ($4.1 million) $5.3 million
7. See No Evil, ($2.6 million) $3.2 million
8. Just My Luck, ($1.8 million) $2.3 million
9. United 93, ($808,000) $1.1 million
10. An American Haunting, ($725,560) $936,680
That it for the post
Good Night and good luck!

Tuesday the next to last day in may and on this day in 1973 almost 33 years ago that Paul McCartney & Wings flew in the top spot with his first no.1 song with "My Love" and paul became my fave solo beattle.

Also in on this day in 1992 50-years old Paul Simon got marry to the lead singer of the New bohemin Edie Brickell and there still marry to this day. Miss Brickell will be puting out a new CD for the 1st time in 13 years.

Let hoped they did not invite Little Jimmy Dickens because it was on this day in 1998 Hall of Fasme pitcher Nolan Ryan was visited the Grand Old Opey and ask "Where's Little Jimmy Dickens? I want to meet Little Jimmy Dickens. I listened to the Opry as a kid growing up in Texas, so I always wanted to come to Nashville and go to the Opry."

probled he went to the local records store and got a party vinly alblum with Lesley Gore "It's My Party," witch reach no.1 on this day in 1963 but if you dont want to be stck in the past he some of the best new music today from the only band that matters.

May 30


Boards of Canada - Trans Canada Highway (EP; Warp)
Les Claypool - Of Whales and Woe (digipak; Prawn Song)
The Legendary Pink Dots - Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves (ROIR)
George Thorogood and the Destroyers - The Hard Stuff (Eagle)
Various artists - "Rescue Me" soundtrack (Nettwerk)
(Which Feather The Von Bondies,The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Our Lady Peace, The Subways, The stereophonics, and More, Dont forget season four of Rescue me aired tonight on at 10 PM on FX.)

CD Reissues and Archival Material:
Kris Kristofferson - Austin City Limits: Live From Austin, TX (New West)
Charley Pride - The Essential Charley Pride (two CDs; RCA/ Legacy)

Music DVD:
The Beatles - "Liverpool" (Arts Magic)
The Charlatans UK - "Live at Last" (Standing Room Only)
Alice Cooper - "Live at Montreux 2005" (Eagle Vision)
Deep Purple - "Live at Montreux 1996" (Eagle Vision)

TV on DVD:
Numb3ers, The Complete First Season
Rollergirls, The Complete Season One
Joey, The Complete First Season
My Hero, Season One
Venture Brothers, Season One
A Different World, Season Two
The Doris Day Show, Season Three
ALF, Season Three
Kids in the Hall, The Complete Season 4
The Dukes of Hazzard, The Complete Sixth Season
Night Stalker, The Complete Series
ALF: The Animated Series, 20,000 Years in Driving School
ALF Tales, ALF & The Beanstalk
Dark Shadows, Collection 24
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
And if you miss the SSM CD release party Saturday Night at Norther Light Lounge you can get the CD at you find CD store and good indie record store.
Next week brave engnoght to relese a CD on 6-6-06 or 666
AFI - Decemberunderground (Interscope)
Head Automatica - Popaganda (Warner Bros.)
Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later (Lench Mob)
Paul Oakenfold - A Lively Mind (Maverick)
releaseing CD away from 6-6-06 on June 13

The Futureheads - News and Tributes (Vagrant)
Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang (Aftermath)
Shadows Fall - Fallout From the War (Century Media)
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (Geffen)
Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope (two-CD limited-edition version also available; Sire/ London/ Rhino)
and on June 20
Nelly Furtado - Loose (Geffen)
Keane - Under the Iron Sea (Interscope)
Pearl Jam - Live at Easy Street (J)
So go out and buy a CD today
it going to be nice today
Good Night and Good Luck

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Everybody

Today is kind of a light day in Culture City expect if you going to the beach or to Downtown or just tired depending on the time you read this blog today.

Since this is a day to honored our fallen, and there is it a holiday that is no Culture city news in the underground today.

So I will used this time to reveal My trushed sourced I used in this blog time after time for this blog which is almost reaching it one month mark.(it techlly started on Sunday night may 7, but the 1st full report was on May 8)

Now the 1st rule in this blog was to filter out the underreported from the overreported so I go to the basic sights like:

Yahoo News Entertainment section: I very good to a point but they have all the news away from the big screen or the TV Tube I very O.K, you find good story here and there

since most of the stuff on the top of the Blog is local and up to date I do check the news sight of the local newspapers in town.

The Detroit News, and the Detroit Free Press it have today paper on-line but also have a breaking News Section in the the front of both web sight, But I like the Free Press a little more better because it put the update info in a box so you see what going on before you see it on the 5 PM News and from time to time it will have a breaking culture News Story.

Not to knock on the News it do put the breaking news on top of the sight but it look like the rest of to day paper.

Also if there some thing that in miss from other web sight there always the very good it always on top of things in Detroit rock city always on top of the scence next to me like who playing where and have very good links to other good music sight

also I will rave about a good story in the
Metrotimes Detroit Long Time alt. Weekly they report on what is going down the Detroit Media Might have miss and a look at the Detroit arts scene and also have good listing with great ads to see who coming soon to the Detroit area.

and some time I will glaze at the real Detroit weekly (The Metrotimes Elive Nemise) I OK weekly but they have too much Club ads with girls you don't want to date and some of the artice are some time too short, But they do list the DMRC Top 10.

Now Outsider of the 313 there always good music web sight:
MTV News have a decest web sight, but they always report on the the overhype and who clicking on MTV when there not airing crap programming.

There are some better websight then MTV News

And here are some I like so much

1st there is it take a look at at the Indie scene from top to bottom with a very good and detail news section, every reviews of singles, Alublum, Live Review and freather it the 1st sight I go to see who on tour and who coming to Detroit in the Near future and also see who about to put out a new C.D., That the massed want to mark on their calderen when it come out.(Best time to view after 5PM)

also good is, you can say it a almost live what happened in the from photo of live gig to song from new stuff on MP3 to a little blast in between, The sight is very good.

And don't forget the Magitzine webb sight like
CMJ, Rolling Stone, Spin, and alternative Press.

There also a very good sourced for info as well.

And don't forget the one and only UK magitzine the
New Music Express (A.K.A. the N.M.E.)there web sight have been up and running for the last ten years and the have the latest video and preview of upcoming C.D. and have cover the Summer time UK festivals scence like now other and it also have there own awards show.

And also a good souced as well is Canada
Chart magazine it a good site but also see what going on with Canada Bands with there Dailt alternative Music News which always a good read.

Also a good sight is
CBC Radio 3, The sight have have a in-line stream of the latest Canadian Indie artist, and very well put together podcast hosted by Grant Lawrence (Who also a ex- Member of the Smugglers), A running blog on the latest on what going on in Canada indie scene, and see who going to be on there Sirius radio Station(Ch.94) and radio show (Saturday 7:30PM-4AM) and a good collection of past concert and section and a lot of profiled of Canada Bands, and also let you create you own playlist it you like the Band or song you like, it a very well put together sight.

also don't for get other good station that also on the web like which have one of the best show the net or On-Air in the country. Morning Becomes Eclectic hosted by the one and only Nic Harcourt, it also have a very good live music from time to time they are all archive in real audio and Windows Media and is always have video to the live set.

also have good live music if you don't have 45 minutes to spear, Seattle have always a live set from band that fit the mode of the station Motto "Where the Music Matters" and as with it archive as well.

Also good is Riff 2, WRIF-FM HD radio station which you only can get if you have a HD Radio but if you don't have a HD Radio you can hear it on-line at, The station Have a good mix of music like Indie rock, Rap and heavy Melta rock also it have show like Detroit Local 101 looking at Local Music, a video game show, a goth show, and more.

and as always there always bbc on-line ( all there station is on-line like Radio one which have good shows at night like Lamacq Live, Zane Lowe, and the One Music Program(Tuesday to Thursday 6-8PM) and dance music like house and techno from the like of Judge Jules, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Annie Nightingale(Who by the way was the 1st female UK Radio UK), Radio two also play good music from today to luck song from a long time ago, Good DJ include Terry Wogan and the one and only Suzi Quatro and her show Rocking with Suqi Q, and the alway fun is 6 music where they always play new music and old classic and live set and don't for get all three station all have very good Documentary on music and other things.

and there always to see if the gig is a go ther I will always to tell you if a gig a go or not and it will tell you how much to get in.

ANd on more thing I you like the bands and there nice tunes and sounds you can always go to Music site and join the fan club for free and they also have good tunes on there page.

So that are some of the sourced I used for my blog sight every day so the avg. music fan can be better in from before MTV sit on it for a week and a half.

That it for this down day post

before I go there two passing in music that happened last week

Ska and reggae pioneer Desmond Dekker died Wednesday, May 24 of a heart attack at his home in Surrey, England. Dekker, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, had a string of hits both in his home country and in the UK. His most well known singles included "Israelites," "Rudie Got Soul" and "007 (Shanty Town)." Many of his songs were about rudeboy culture, glamorizing the lifestyle for the growing mod subculture in 1960s England. Dekker is credited for bringing world attention to Jamaica's ska and reggae movements, as well as paving the way for artists like Bob Marley. Dekker continued to record into the '70s, though the singer declared bankruptsy in the '80s when Two Tone ska fans dwindled. A re-release of "Israelites" and a full touring schedule up until his death kept Dekker busy. (


Ian Copeland, a rock music agent and entrepreneur who represented The Police, R.E.M., Adam Ant, The Go-GoÂ’s and other seminal rock groups that emerged in the 1970s and 1980Â’s New Wave and punk scenes, has died. He was 57.

Copeland died Tuesday of melanoma, said Amy Grey, a family spokeswoman.

Copeland was one of three brothers in the family who became prominent figures in the music industry. Younger brother Stewart was the drummer for The Police. Older sibling Miles founded record label International Records Syndicate.

In the mid-1970s, Copeland moved to Macon, Ga., where he worked for an agency booking tours for several Southern rock groups, including Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band.

Word of LondonÂ’s emerging punk rock scene excited Copeland, who sought to get the agency he was working for to bring the raw new British bands to U.S. venues.
It didnÂ’t work. But when his brother Miles signed the British band Squeeze, the two siblings arranged for the band to tour small clubs in the U.S. They used the same strategy to promote other bands, including The Police and the B-52s.

They will both be miss by all

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The Gig Gudie

May 29th - June 4



It re-run so nothing new but good gig any way = ()DAte 1st aired
(remember if you can't stay up you can program your VCR or TiVo)
12:45 AM - Franz Ferdinand - ABC - Jimmy Kimmle Live(5/2)
12:20 AM - Pearl Jam - CBS - The Late Show With David Letterman (5/4)
12:20 AM - KT Tunstall - CBS - The Late Show With David Letterman (5/5)
1:20 AM - Alanis Morissette - NBC - Late Night with Conan O'Brien(11/18/05)
1:20AM - Magic Numbers - NBC - Late Night with Conan O'Brien(11/30/05)
2:50AM - Nada Surf - NBC - Last Call with Carson Daly(3/30)
11:30PM - Pearl Jam - NBC - Saturday Night Live (4/15)
1 AM - Gnarls Barkley - MTV2 - Subterranean


BBc Radio1 (
Lamacq Live (4-8 PM EDT)
Steve's Build Your Own Festival Bank Holiday Special & a Protokoll showcase

OneMusic with Huw Stephens (6-8 PM EDT)
Huw has a bonafide country band Juanita Family & Friends in Session - fresh from busking on the streets of Portland, Oregan. Plus more highlights from All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Camber Sands

BBC 6 Music(
Gideon Coe (5-8 PM EDT)
Tuesday - Hope Of The States

Two Gallants (3 PM EDT)
The Charlatans (6PM EDT)

Satilitte Radio


Disorder (Ch.24)
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint Interview Today 3:00 pm ET

World Café on SIRIUS Disorder
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
1 pm - 3pm ET Friday
5/29: RE-Air of 5/12 - The Raconteurs
6/1: Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs

Left of Center (Ch.26)
Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Thursdays 1 am ET & Fridays 1 pm ET
5/31 – Margo And The Nuclear So And So’s

And Hey this tuesday is the first of the mouth
and Matt Pinfield Plays Whatever He Wants (7 - 10PM EDT)



Theme Time Radio With Your Host Bob Dylan: The First Four
The Village - XM 15
6AM - 6PM ET
Bob Dylan weaves his own brand of radio with themes, dreams and schemes. This Memorial Day Weekend relive The First Four shows about the Weather, Mother's, Drinking, and Baseball.

The Loft Sessions #7 & #28
The Loft - XM 50
Noon -1:30PM ET
It?pecial double-encore session with Ben Folds at the piano followed by guitar strummer Peter Mulvey.


Artist's Choice : KT Tunstall
Hear Music™ - XM 75
KT Tunstall talks about her favorite tracks and then we play them!


Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Deep Tracks - XM 40
10AM - 11AM ET
This weeks theme is Coffee


Sonic Sound Salutes: Keener 13 Detroit, MI
The 60s - XM 6
4PM - 9PM ET
Terry "The Motormouth" Young transforms the 60's on 6 into the Keener 13 Detroit, MI with their original jingles, air personalities, and local happenings.

In Spite Of All The Danger: #51
The Loft - XM 50
5PM - 6PM ET
It's The Loft's new-music magazine, this week, featuring the latest from Goldspot, Zero 7, Twilight Singers, Dead Heart Bloom and more.

On - Air

Aldought i dis own WDET-FM as a bad Imation of WWJ-AM During the Day, This week on Saturday Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs will host a New Show call Nick Collins Nite Train this and ever Saturday Night at 7 - 9 PM.



[5.31] RAP CITY SHOWCASE part 2

Magic Bag
friday - CD Release PartyNICE DEVICEwith The Silent Years& The Mood Elevator

St. andrew Hall
Wednesday - The Walkmen

Lager House
Monday - Mary Timony W/Fred Thomas / Kalkaska
Wednesday: Deadboy & The Elephantman (fat possum) w/ The Painted Saints (Slim Cessna’s Autoclub member!) and The Expatriots
Friday: Residual Echoes w/ Mammatus and Plastic Crimewave
Saturday: Ghost City / The Black Lincolns / Dutch Pink

Blind Pig

Tuesday:Brett and Circus, Second Best, Owno, Steamer Lane
Wednesday I'minya, Habanero, Half Dog Jury, NOVAK
Thursday The Sound and the Fury w/ Violent Tradition, The Void
Friday Smokestack w/ The Macpodz
Saturday The Dirty Americans w/ Free Element, Jesse Passage
Sunday Punk Prom w/ Versificators, Mazinga, Gnome, Disparity Clause, Boxcars, Aneurysm

The Belmont
Thursday: Kissed By Daylight, Farwell, East County Toads and The Jrugs.
No Cover.
Friday: Jarrod Champion Sleeps Til Dusk, The Spitunes, The Fifty.
Saturday:Punks & Greasers Unite. Featuring Cash ORiley &The DownRight Daddies, The Koffin Kats, Malpractice, The Amino Acids, The Red Shift, and The Slack Jawed Yokels.

Small Bar
Thursday 06/01
> Coffin Lids/ The Hearsemen / Casket Gasket
> Peter Torque's W/ Big Slick / Highlife / Bob's Country BunkerDoors
> Early All Ages Show W/ Still Never FadingSparrow / Love Lies bleeding / Stars Due FallDream by Day
LATE SHOW W/Detroit Crunkstar / Cobalt Party Revolution / PhiloSponsored by!

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