Friday, April 04, 2008

A Note From the Editor of this blog sight

Hello, This is the Editor of the It Came From Culture City blog sight, Here

Now Before i begin about what is going on with this blog sight,

I want to say i am sorry for not posting any thing in the last three months and unlike the most famous I Sorry ever broadcast on Live Detroit TV, i really, really fell bad about not doing about doing the sight that i have been working on the last two years posting about indie culture other than "American Idols" [God i can't stand that show.]

So i decide to take the time to go to the Liberay near my house and post this message to let you what have happened to the site since my last past on Dec. 31, 2007 and prove that i am not dead.

But i am still alive.

Here What happened, back between the X-mas and New year of last year [2007] i was in the middle of posting the Culture City Festive 50 for 2007. i was typing and posting all the video for the countdown and all of a sudden my 2004 Norton Anti-Virest[yes, you hear me 2004 version ] keep popping up warning that it was detect something it keep pooping up over and over aging it was becoming a nuisance of the worst kind but the worst part i noted the on the system clock was all wrong.

For instant instead of today date April 4, 2008, would act like April 4, 2005, i try resetting it over and over time after time after time aging with nothing steam to work, so i got some online help and some told me it was a small nickle-side batter that control the clock on the motherboard is caseing the problem so i wait for about month, so a friend of mind did stop over my house and change the batter now i thought it was over.

the computer was working well, But the clock was still showing the incorrect date so i was lost yet aging, so i was lost aging, over the last two months my Sony Viao began to slow down and i thought my computer was sick and worst it go a lot of sypware, and this is where i am today not doing the blogsite because of spyware on a used Computer with not a good keyboard on a Cable Internet connection.

Now i would like to take it in to a computer shop for repair but they charge a arm and a leg to repair it and i was worried they would charge me of one thing and charge me for something else that i don't need repair.

i was thinking about calling the Geek Squad for at home service, but that charge a arm and a leg.
my older and nicer sister look at it, ask here IT [tech support]at work but it would charge a arm and a leg as well.

so i am total stuck, i am thinking of either wiping the hard drive and reinstalling XP or buying a new computer all together. but Before i do anything i am going to ask you who reader the site if you know anyone who is really good with computers, and willing to repair it for free [i hope] you can reach me at my blogsite address at


if you are willing to help fix a computer, i am willing to listen
now the help is for the window XP home edition

and i hope i do the site aging hopefully really soon etiher before may [which is the two years since the site] or before Summer. and i work aging on the site slowly.

thank you aging for you understanding
and once aging Sorry for this long laud on the sight.

Steve Paljusevic
It Came From Culture City Blogsite