Friday, October 27, 2006

Today is October 27

And today is the day
It Here.

The "It Came From Detroit" Local Permeire

The Line up
6:30 PM - The Dirtbombs
8:00 PM - "It Came From Detroit" Film
After the Film
gigs by the Witches and Outrageous Cherry

This will be a sell out
the only was to get you ticket is at
or you call (313) 833-3237 and reservie tickets but they will hold them up untill 10 mintures untill show time

The Blow by blow of last night will be up on the weekend.
Breaking Culture News

That It, That it, it all spoking For
Ever ticket been spoking for

Tonight "It came From Detroit" Local Permire
Is a totaly

Sold Out

Just got the E-mail Form James (R. Petix, Director) and Sara(Babila, Producer) and told that tonight film is a total sold out, all 1,100 ticket have been sold

So if you did not get a ticket to the show you cau still see the dirtbombs at the Rivar Court at 6:30 PM Tonight, the cover will be $6 Bucks for auldt and $3 Bucks for kids it you dont have 6 bucks for the show you can pay what yoiu can.

I be there taking audio note and noted to report back over the weekend so say tune to the sight for all of what went down tonight at the DIA.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Culture City Interview

James R. Petix
Director/" it Came from Detroit"

Well on Friday all of Detroit will see the major Documentary that was shot here at gig all over Detroit that took almost six years to make, and it all about the a little scene that was born out of Garded all over detroit in the hoped the one day that will make it big, and in the First Half of this Decade almost ever bands From the white stripes, The Go, The Gories, Rocket 455, The Sights, the Von Bondies and other would play at Zoots, the Gold Dollar, the Stick, the Magic Bag and St.Andrews and all the shows was shot by Local Documentary Film Maker James R. Petix during the Six years period from the rise the underground Gardar Rock Scene to it sudden fall back down to earth.

The Doc is called "It Came From Detroit" it feather over 24 bands and a lot of interviews From Mick Collins to Jason Stollsteimer to Greg Base to Ben Blackwell to Marty Morris and more Detroit Rock n rollers and Detroit music Fans (Ed Note: the editor of this sight was also interview for the film and show up in the movie).

so the other day in a quick E-mail interview, i fired Question to the James about the Films, how it was told and plans for the film and life after the film, but first i must asked how is avaced ticket sale going before Friday showing.

Steve Paljusevic: I Know on Sunday in a update you say that almost 400 tickets was sold on-line and it could be a total sold-out as we come to Friday. what is the update on tickets for the public as we come up to Friday.?

James R. Petix: I talked with the DFT today(Tuesday) and we've sold 600 tickets out of 1,100. They still expect the show to sell out, so if you really want to go, buy the tickets online, don't wait to get them at the door!

SP: How is story of this Film is Plan out, what do it start and do they told in order of the Building of the scene?.

JRH: We tell the story of how the scene has been building up since The Gories were around in the late 80's. We show how they influenced bands like Rocket 455 and the Doll Rods and how those bands inspired bands like the Go and the Detroit Cobras. Eventually the Go and the White Stripes get popular outside of the city and the media spotlight starts to expose all these bands in the early 2000's. We show what effect this had on the musicians and what, if anything changed in the scene.

SP: Some are already compare this doc as the garage rock version of Hyped(Which told the story of the Seattle Gurged rock scene) how do the two Films Compare other then the Music?

JRH: I haven't seen that film in a while, but from what I remember they have a very similar beginning. Both scenes grew up in isolation and one or two bands broke big. The big difference between Detroit and Seattle was that there wasn't a ton of money being thrown at these bands all at the same time. In the end, only the White Stripes got to the level of true rock stars.

SP: What have been the reaction to this film from inside Detroit or even Outside Detroit?.

JRH: So far, we've gotten a great reaction from everyone who's seen the film locally- mostly musicians and people in the movie. I know there's alot of people that are really eager to see this film all over the world. We already have an invitation to show the film in France and Spain!

SP: When you look back at the scene back when making this film and and just to look at this scene Now. do you ask where did the good music go.

JRH: Well, if you mean that you can't just see the Go or the Wildbunch every other week at the bar now, then yes. But bands get bigger and they tour more, or they get older and don't want to go to the bar as much. It happens. So now, when a band like the Hentchmen gets together to play a show in town, it's a big event! At least most of the bands are still playing, however infrequent. Plus there's a whole bunch of really great new bands coming up to fill up that space

SP: After this local premiere and showing it at Film Festivals, What are you going to do now after spending almost a half a decade on this doc.

JRH: Wow.. I never thought of it as half a decade, but I guess it really has been. This has taken longer than college!! I have the idea for my next film. All I can say is that it will also involve music, but this time it will be in Japan. No scenes involved.

(This post was posted ay 1:50 A.M. For all day showing today)
Breaking Culture News

The World Series
Tiger and Cards
Game Four
St. Louis Leads 2-1

It a Go At game time
The List

see what is Playing this week



1) Grande Nationals – Don’t Go In Alone
2) The Hard Lessons – Milk And Sugar
3) The Sights – Waiting On A Friend
4) Universal Temple Of Devine Power – The Man
5) Skeemin’ NoGoods – I Don’t Like You
6) Grande Nationals – Lay Me Down (live acoustic in studio!)
7) Frijid Pink – Drivin’ Blues
8) Imposters OF The Deep Society – Party People
9) The Dirtbombs – Here Comes That Sound Again
10) The Witches – Devil Made ‘em Run
11) Troy Gregory (w/ The Wildbunch) – Dealin’ in Death and Stealin’ In the Name…
12) Alice Cooper – Public Animal #9
13) Sonics Rendezvous Band – So Sincerely Yours
14) Grande Nationals – Never Comin’ Back (live acoustic in studio)
15) MC5 – Lookin At You
16) Absinthe Ava – Dig
17) Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers – The Head On The Sidewalk
18) Grande Nationals – Kill The Lights
19) The Salt Miners – When That Old Lid Closes In On Me
20) Negative Approach – Nothing
21) Hey Sailor – Bitter Honey
22) The Prime Ministers – Ron Wood
23) Grande Nationals – Meet Me At The Hotel (live acoustic in studio)
24) Today I Wait – Tune Them Out

Aural Bliss Playlist Oct. 22
Sunday from 10-Midnight PM EST

radiohead - bullet proof...i wish i was
ether aura - i'm all you need
meeting places - until it's gone
chimera - let me be around
daysleepers - stereo honey
the year zero - moon viewing parties
longwave - wake me when it's over
vera violets - you're wrong
aqualung - tongue tied
tom mcrae - sao paulo rain
scheer - goodbye
jenny lewis & the watson twins - melt your heart
death cab for cutie - someday you will be loved
azure ray - displaced
snow patrol - make this go on forever
tilly & the wall - rainbows in the dark
tegan and sara - i won't be left
mojave 3 - puzzles like you
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
stills - lola stars and stripes
rooney - that girl has love
josh rouse - it looks like love
sundays - goodbye
elbow - powder blue
morrissey - hold on to your friends
goldenboy - ice breaker blues
doves - pounding
mamas and the papas - dream a little dream on me

The DMRC Top 10

1. New Found Glory — Coming Home
2. Beck — The Information
3. Alucard — After Dark
4. Trivium — The Crusade
5. Spitalfield — Better Than Knowing ...
6. Melvins — Senile Animal
7. Yo La Tengo- I Am Not Afraid …
8. The Killers — Sam’s Town
9. The Decemberists — The Crane Wife
10. Hinder — Extreme Behavior
Breaking Gig News

And it will be importent the Detroit Free Press have leard that at Five PM on Friday that when Bob Seger will give all the details about his first hometown concert since 1996.

but here what the paper have learn it will be a mid-december date that the freep know for sure,
But where and how much ticket will cost that the freep dont know, or if it will be one show or two show or two shows at two diffence venued as the paper say a few months ago.

But if it do happend you know it will be a sold out indeed

The Only other Michigan Dates are
Nov. 8 and 12 - Grand Rapids
and Nov. 10 - Saginaw
and all three shows ar sold out already

Since i on assingment tomarrow you best bet to find info on the Detroit Free Press web sight or if any one hwo have any info on the bob seger show in Detroit you can leave a E-mail at

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Breaking Culture News

It Offical

Game Four Between
The Tigers and the Cards


It been postponed untill tomorrow
But it look like from all forcast from
From the St. Louis TV Station and From the
US Weather network, Not going to get any better.

KTVI-TV(Fox-2) - 50 - Rain and Some storms
KMOV-TV (CBS-4) - 47 - Rain and Storms
KSDK-TV(NBC-5) - 45 - Occassional rain
KPLR-TV(CW-11) - 52 - Rain
Weather Channel - Rain - 52
Accu - Cloudy - 45 at game time, and it get worse as the night go on

And they rewrite the Schuelue for the rest of the series

Game 4 - at STL - Thursday
Game 5 - at STL - Friday
the new twist No Travel Day
*Game 6 - at DET - Saturday
*Game 7 - at DET - Sunday
* If Nessacery

It is the first World Series rainout since the 1996 opener between the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees.

And New York won that one 4 game to two

And If will still have
DET – Jeremy Bonderman (0-0)
STL – Jeff Suppan (0-0)

And if you want to know
St. Lousi still lead 2-1
Dancing with the Stars
The Result

And This week someone did get kick off

After Last week unexpected departure of country singer Sara Evans (because of her divorced of her husband) which send no-one home, this week someone did Go home/

The Bottom two did change Joey Lawrence after last night two dance step out of the bottom two and Monique Coleman wound up in the bottom two along with Jerry Springer, But at the end of the night the person that is going home to there day Job is

Jerry Springer

and he was happy to go home even his fans show to sat JERRY!,JERRY!,JERRY!

And Now there only four guest dancer left

Will Super Mario(Lopez) keep up his front runner staus
Is Emmitt is rushing From Behind
is Joey picking up steam
or will Monique try to get out funky to get out the bottom two

Tune in next week to find out
Meanwhile Jerry will go back to his day Job Dogging Chairs on his talk Show
it came from the late night music club from culture city with John Mellencamp and the Sights

Well last night i went to the Stormy records/Green Brian Comics in dearborn to see a very cool gig last night as i see Lisa Germano who put on a very good show and she sing my CD from 1996 Excerpts From a Love Circus which on 4AD back then, The opener was Warrer Defever and His Names is alive which was very good.

Now a little know fact that back in the day she was in John Mellencamp backing band on The Lonesome Jubilee back in 1987 and i told her i remember the video for a song "Check It Out" it was a very good video which was film live at the now defuc Market sqaure arena in Indy and yes she play violinist and fiddle in his backing band she spen a few years before she flied on her own whit her solo carred.

so i am going to show the Video for "Check it out"

And Dont forget the big time premeire of the major local doc on the garage rock Scene called "in came from Detroit" were only two days away but time is running out because it will be a total sold out.

you can get your ticket at of you can call 313-833-3237 or you can get them at Main Entry On Woodward.

here the full line up for Friday Night
6:30 - The Dirtbombs
8:00 - The Film itself
and after the gig
the Witches and Outrageous Cherry

Now if you don get your ticket for the film and the Witches and Outrageous Cherry
you can still enjoy the Dirtbombs on Friday Night all the DIA as for return is assmisstion it $6 for the Big kids and $3 buck for the little ones, dont have give 2 or 3 bucks but you have to pay some things.

Tonight Local entry is still going at despiet a every changing line-up every album and Fronted by the wildest front man in Detroit rock and roll who is also a good Friend, It Eddie Baranek and the sights

John Mellencamp
Check It Out
with Lisa Germano on violin

The Sights

World Series
Game Three

And kids this was not pretty in the Emeny ballpark

Web Headlines Red Alert Buschwhacked Sharp Carp Sharp Carp True Craftsman The Specialist Cards, Carpenter keep it clean in Game 3 Sharp Carp tops Tigers in Game 3

No More to be said

St. Louis Cardinals 5
Detroit Tigers 0
and the Cardinals take back the lead in this series 2 game to 1

Star of the night

Chris Carpenter For St.Louis
8 IP, 3 H and Fans 6 K
five of thouse innings was 1-2-3

the big damage

the second innings

2-0 - J Edmonds doubled to right, A Pujols and S Rolen scored

but the damage was done in the 7th

4-0 - Joel Zumaya. With the Cardinals leading 2-0 in the bottom of the seventh with runners on first and second, Albert Pujols hit a comebacker to Zumaya. The right-hander fielded the grounder and, in an attempt to get the force at third base, threw wildly, allowing two runs to score

theu added one more in the eight and it now 2-1 cards in the series
and they dont get any easy

Game 4 tommorrow Night
For Detriot - Jeremy Bonderman(1-0, 3.00 ERA)
and for St. Louis: Jeff Suppan(1-1, 1.86 ERA)

i think there playing Game four tommorrow night, If the weaher hold up

Game Four Forecast
From the St. Louis T.V.

KTVI-TV(FOX-2)Rain 52
KMOV-TV(CBS-4)Rain 50
KDSK-TV(NBC-5)rain moving in 50
KPLR-TV(CW-11)Rain 52
Weather Channel: PM Showers 50
and AccuWeather:Raid 48

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Danceing with the Stars
Week Seven review

Now i miss the Frist dance of the night because i was watch the world series on Fox
so it miss Jerry fox Trot.

Tonight there doing two danced one from the ball room and one from the latin side.

Jerry Springer - last Week - 18
Dance one - Fox Trot -
Dance Two - Samba -

Well from the Judge Comment the 1st dance was very good but the 2nd dance was OK it think he was haveing more with his pranther than with the guest on his show.

Monique Coleman - Last Week - 23
Dance one - Quick step
Dance two - paso doba

the First Dance was very smooth she keep on going after her shoe got chught on her dress but keep on going, her second Dance was very good, not special but good.

Emmitt Smith - Last Week - 25
Dance no.1 - Walst - 28
Dance no.2 - Mambo - 29

Emmitt Rea;;y put his groove on in two great dances, smooth in the Fox Trot amd awsome in the mambo, Great show tonight.

Mario Lopez - 28
Dance one - Fox Trot
Dance two - Mambo

He did both danced very not only that he did show us why is the clear faveorite

Joey Lawrence - 23
Dance one - Fox Trot
Dance two

The First was very good but it was OK, but the second was very great that have a little hip action

Leader Borad after all three Dances
over two weeks
Mario Lopez - 84
Emmitt Smith - 82
Joey Lawrence - 81
Monique Coleman - 77
Jerry Springer - 64

it look like it not good for jerry is this his last dance
we see tpmmorrow night on ABC-TV
Breaking Gig News

The Freep have post a repost about the date and the main headliners for the ninth aunnaul The Night 89X Stole Christmas at the Cobo arena live and local in Downtown Detroit.

It will be Held on December 14 (That a Thursday night) Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday through Ticketmaster and and it will cost you $29.89, but that line up well it not that good, but since this is a live and local blog, i must tell you who playing the show and from the look of this i may be a instant sold-out

that act are playing The Night 89X Stole Christmas are the Foolowing act

Angels and Airwaves
Taking Back Sunday
and the main headliners who are Fronting the war on Emo
oh no dont tell me there playing dpwntown or midtown
My Chemical Romance

But if you want to get your ticket early there is a Limited number of seats are available via a 89X presale at .

Also it was Just reported that Justin Timberlake is bringing "SexyBack" to the Palace of Auburn Hills but you have to wait untill March 11 and his gig will be in the round meaning the stage will be in the center of the arena, surrounded by fans on all sides, Ticket will also go on sale this Saturday as well and the tickets will cost $56-$87.50. and tickets will be on
Danceing with Stars
Week Seven Preview

Were this week someone is going Home Greeteed

This Week on Dancing with the Stars (which is on at the same time as the Game 3 of the World Series) there will be the second round of the dance off after no one was sent home last week after Country Singer Sara Evans drop out of the show after she filed for Divorce two weeks ago.

this Judge score and viewers vote will be combined with last week Scored and viewer Vote and tomorrow night somebody is going home.

After last week scored that saw Jerry Springer and Joey Lawrence in the bottom two before host Tom Bergeron told both of them no one was going home, the big questions was are they going to improved.

Was last week less than spectacular Dance was the begin of the end for springer saw or will he burst out to save him self or will his viewers pulled him out in Droves, or had Joey Lawrence remember to ditch the singing at the Begin and dance.

or will Emmitt Smith who almost was in the bottom two pick up his step a little bit.

or Mario Lopez (who some say is a clear front runner) and Monique Coleman keep up there front runner staiued.

Find out tonight at 8PM EDT
and find out on ABC
it came from the late night music club from culture city with New Lilly Allen the Detroit Corbas
(a Mid-afternoon edtion)

a Little Travel worn big time after yesterday, so i did not have time to do a late night post, so i am doing it the Afternoon tonight we have two for the price of one.

And kids dont for get the premeire of "It Came from Detroit" this Friday at the DFT at the DIA, Ticket is only 10 bucks for the movie and the show

6:30 The Dirtbombs
8:00 Movie
ANd after the show the Whitches and the Dirtbombs

But hey if the Film is sold out, you will able to see the Dirtbombs on Friday at the Rivar Courts Autls adult $6, Kids $3

get tickets at the DIA Main Entry 9AM to 5 PM
or (313) 833-3237

tonight (or should i say this afternoon) seletion

New Lilly Allen

Lily Allen
"Littlest Things"

and here a band still motor along, even thought Canada won't let them in to play gigs in Canada, but there in the Film doing the "Cha Cha Twist", It the Detroit Corbas

detroit cobras
cha cha twist

new music tuesday

Today is Tuesday October 24 and keep with the themte of the world series in Detroitm it was on this day in 1995 Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders sang the national anthem before game three of the world series which was held in Cleveland (Her Hometown)

I dont know if she was making a album back then, but on this day in 1962 record the landmark Solo Album "Live at the Apollo" it was released in 1963 it became a classic album that made the rolling stone 500 greatest albums of all time and it even in the Library of Congress National Registry.

and speaking about released it was on this day in 1995 that Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band released his first album since 1991 The Fire Inside bit it reach as hi as No. 27 and Some say he was finsh untill 2006 Face the Promise which was released just Six week ago.(and it reach No. 6)

But if you like that you will like this week New Music Released from the Only Bands that matters.

October 24

CD in Blue mean the Whole CD is up on from now untill sunday

+/- Let's Build Fire (Absolutely Kosher)
Jello Biafra - In the Grip of Official Treason (Alternative Tentacles)
Cowboy Junkies - Long Journey Home: Live in Liverpool (with DVD; Zöe)

De La Soul - AOI Presents - Impossible: Mission (Red Lion)
Drones - Gala Mill (ATP)

Electric Six - Switzerland (Metropolis)
(Which lead me to a big time coorection it was released six week ago)

Horrors - Horrors (EP; Stolen Transmission)
Aimee Mann - One More Drifter in the Snow (Superego)
Brian Setzer - 13 (Surfdog)
Paul Stanley - Live to Win (New Door)
The Walkmen - Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen (Record Collection)
Various artists - "The Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack (special two-CD edition; Disney)
and Soundtracks from the movies "Hannah Montana", "Masters of Horror II" and Saw III.

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Atari Teenage Riot - Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000 (Digital Hardcore)

Bright Eyes - Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998-2005) (Saddle Creek)

The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics (limited-edition version with DVD; Warner Bros.)
Ben Folds - Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP (Epic)
Moby - Go: The Very Best of Moby (V2)
MxPx - Let's Rock: Rarities (Side One Dummy)
Duncan Sheik - Brighter/Later: A Duncan Sheik Anthology (two CDs; Rhino)
Cat Stevens - On the Road to Find Out (four-CD box set; A&M)
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (two-CD deluxe edition; Mercury)
Frank Zappa - Trance-Fusion (Zappa)

Music DVDs:

Waylon Jennings - "Nashville Rebel" (RCA)
Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation - "Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation" (Rounder/Zöe)
Rick Springfield - "Live in Rockford" (Gomer)
Jeff Tweedy - "Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest" (Nonesuch)

DVD on TV:

Addams Family, The Volume 1 buy
Batman Beyond Season 2 buy
Beavis and Butt-head Beavis and Butt-Head Gift Set
Bewitched The Complete 4th Season: Original Color Edition
Creature Comforts Merry Christmas Everybody!
The Complete 2nd Season
Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 4
Facts of Life, The The Complete 3rd Season
Greg the Bunny Best Of The Film Parodies
Hamish Macbeth Season 2
Jonathan Creek Season 1
Justice League Unlimited: Season 1
L Word, The The Complete 3rd Season
Little House on the Prairie The Movies
MacGyver Season 7
Monarch of the Glen Series 5
Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (mini-series) Complete Series
The O.C. The Complete 3rd Season
Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies The Saturday Mourning Collection
Saturday Night Live Best of Saturday TV Funhouse
SCTV Best of The Early Years
Sesame Street Old School Volume 1: 1969 - 1974
Slings and Arrows Season 2 b
Swan, The The Complete Series
That's My Bush That's My Bush!
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 2, Vol 1
Wings The Complete 3rd Season

and Pleased do me a favor on the 2nd year after wee loss the Great DJ John Peel pleased pick up a copy of a Peel Session released CD.
Culture City Alert

And this is a big time alert
If you are a fan of the the tvseriers 24 you be happy to know this

Today at 3 PM EDT

you are going to see the trialer of Day 6 of 24

you can see it on the special websight

Monday, October 23, 2006

Breaking Culture News

we have a visiting band gear stolent

yes if you think having a band gear stolen in the East Coast and in the West Coast was bad
getting your gear stoling in detroit is bad engouht

i got a E-mail from riff 2 Detroit Local 101 co-hosted Melody Licious that the New York City Electro / Rock / Pop band Men Women & Children who on the latest MTV2 $2 Dollars bill with 30 SECONDS TO MARS. HEAD AUTOMATICA had it gear stolen at the Days Inns in Down town Detroit. Ouch

here there band mangers who name is Anna No last names givens, it was posted by melody and sinced it live and local here the post and yes you have my premisstion to re-posted it

Hello to anyone that lives in or around Detroit:

We just had our van and trailer, and nearly all of our gear, stolen outside of the Day's Inn we were staying in in Detroit. This theft occured at around 12:30 pm today (Monday, Oct 23). Pretty much our whole entire lives were in there. If you have any information at all, please contact either the police or our manager Anna at if you know anything about the following:

- a WHITE 2005 WHITE FORD ECONOLINE van, with plate number #5HY2994
- a RED 2006 Danzer Trailer D712TA35
- a Red rickenbacker bass
- a 70s off-white fender jazz bass
- a Moog Voyager
- a Sunburst Fender Telecaster
- a Gibson Sunburst Les Paul
- a Roland 300 keyboard amp
- a Bogner Shiva combo amp
- a Orange ad 30 amp
- an Ampeg svt vr
- an Ampeg svt 8x10 av
- a sequential circuits 6 trak
- a Ludwig drum kit from the 70s, with a sparkley silver finish (4-piece kit). Includes Zildjian- hi hat, 2 crash cymbals, ride, older looking cymbals.
- Ultimate ears in ears marked "David Sullivan-Kaplan"
- Rack with in ears wireless pack

ALL OF OUR ROAD CASES ARE MAROON and marked with MWC on the outside

There is more// lights//merch// suitcases ect, but we just need to get the word out.

Thanks in advance...we're incredibly bummed but will try to continue the MTV $2 Bill Tour we're on.

And for thoused of you that have any Info on the where a bout of the the Van or the Trailer or there lost gear please Called the Detroit Police or there tour manager Anna at

if you help out this band i will thank you for it.
Gig Gudie Monday

October 23rd - October 29th



Billy Bragg - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC (From March 15th)
The Killers - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Editors - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC (From March 30th)
Corinne Bailey Rae - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - NBC
Ben Kweller - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC (From October 4th)
Tilly and the Wall - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Beck - Saturday Night Live - NBC

Imogen Heap - "Subterranean" - MTV2


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Hew Stepends Unsinged
Wed. 7 PM EDT

Wednesday - The Wombats

did not get what happend on Steve Lamacq In New Music we thurs but it would not be a gig gudie with out Annie Mac

Friday at 7 to 9 EDT
and Sunday 4 PM EDT

Radio 2


The first part of the Smokey Robinson story

6 Music

Keeping It Peel

All this Week on 6 Music on 6 music played it aging the station pay tribure to the leagon DJ John Peel on the annaverser of his Death (October 25th) all this week at 4:30 PM EDT they will play segment of the the last ever "The Perfumed Garden" on "Radio London" Which was a pirart Station off the UK coast, here hosted the show from May to August 1967 before coming to Radio 1, which he work they for the rest of his life

and on Thursday on 6 Music they will play record From his Emergency Box, it was a box of his favor 7' Inch records he keep just in case if his house was on fire. and John Family have pick 20 songs that his fans will chose you find the link just by clicking the
bbc 6 music Keeping it peel section

other stuff on 6 Music

Joe Mace Dream Ticket
Mon. - Thurs.
5 PM to 8 PM EDT

Tuesday - The Dears
Wednesday - Paul Weller at the Electric Proms
Thursday - The Good The Bad & The Queen from Electric Proms

Gideon Coe
5 AM to 8 PM EDT

Monday - Kurt Wagner
Friday - Billy Bragg

Mon. - Fri.
8 to 11 AM EDT

Tuesday - Adam Ant
Thrusday - The Long Blondes

Tom Robinson
Monday and Tuesday
2 to 4:30 PM EDT

This Week in Session: The Rifles
This Week's Guests: The Morning After Girls and Lloyd Cole

Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
All live set begin at 2:15 PM EDT

Monday - The Fiery Furnaces
Tuesday - Corrine Bailey
Thursday - The Bird and The BeeFull
All time aer in the PDT -3 from EDT

The Black Angels Monday October 23, 3:00pm
Dobet Gnahore Monday October 23, 7:00pm
Beirut Tuesday October 24, 9:30am
Yo La Tengo Tuesday October 24, 3:00pm
Silversun Pickups Friday October 27, 3:00pm
Choklate Saturday October 28, 6:00pm
Iceage Cobra Saturday October 28, 8:00pm Lounge Act

This Week
Monday - Cold War Kids - 1:30pm
Tuesday - Pela - 4:00pm
Wednesday - The Teenage Prayers - 1:00pm
Wednesday - Hotel Cafe Tour - 3:00pm
Friday - Oh No! Oh My! - 4:30pm

KCMP-FM The Current (Min/St.P, MN)

Monday - The Hold Steady
Tuesday - Michael Franti
Saturday - The Black Angels (tent.)

Satulitte Radio


SIRIUS Disorder (ch.24)

World Café
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
1 pm - 3pm ET Friday

Monday - Zero 7
Tuesday - Will Kimbrough
Wednesday - Old Crow Medicine Show
Thursday - Lindsey Buckingham
Friday - Aaron Neville

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This week's theme is Halloween.





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this thursday

World Premiere of Negative Approach reunion footage (Touch n Go 25th, Sept 9, 2006) Death In Custody performance!!
Footage of upcoming Fair Warning Vol. 2 DVD Fair Warning Vol. 1 for sal

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But the big Event in Detroit Culture City is happend at Detorit Film Theaer at the D.I.A it the local debut of a feature-length Local documentary of the low key and rise and hear fall of the Detroit garage rock Scene.

The Movie is called "it came From Detroit" and it have it all man every thing from the white stripes, the von Bondies, The Goreds, Ko, the dirtbombs and more but if you want to see it, you better get your ticket Fast it could be a sellout (already 400 sold onli-line alone)

The Gig goes like this
6:30 - The Dirtbombs
8:00 - The Film itself
and after the gig
the Witches and Outrageous Cherry

now you get ticket at the DIA main entey on Woodward from 9 AM to 5 PM
or 313-833-3237 they keep your ticket up untill 10 mintues untill showtime
or you can get you tickets at
and tell the The DFT i sent you here.

Now if i miss any thing
E-Mail the sight at or click the link to your right
The Day After Game Two

Oh it fell good blogging about the tigers after the they tie it up at 1 all after a big time win in game two winning it 3-1 and now on to St. Louis to sweep on the road and not only that win the world series back home after 22 long years.

But they was some conservery last night, winning picther Kenny Rodgers had a little dirt or a little something on his hand in the first innings and then after the first he wash his hands after the first and the brown stuff was not there any more but it was a very good game, A two hitter as he mo down five to win 3-1,3-1... 3-1,3-1

and the web headlines have been jumping after the game

Web site Ace trumps cards
Freep: Tigers get even
but the poor St Louis Post Dispatch had to break the news Rodgers Hands cards game two loss

the Thing (the newspaper it self) is all over
Detroit News:
Front page:
Back in it!: Rogers helps Tigers get even
Sports page: Still Dealin': Roders Brilliant aging; Tigers even series
Detroit Free Press
Front Page:
Mr. Freeze
Sports page: The Big Chill: Roders Gem Leaves Cards bats on Ice

And yes there there is lost of video from last Night

WJBK-TV (Fox-2)
Game Two Low down with Kenny Rodger after the game
And if there is a game Six or 7 beware of the fakes

Tigers section with a blog from Bernie and a road trip to st. Louis

Tigers Down Cardinals to Tie Up Series
Tigers Fans Taking Flight
and Don't forget the blog as well

mean while over in st. Lou

KTVI-TV (Fox-2)

Cards Lose to Detroit 3-to-1 in Game Two
Tony Talks About Game Two
Cardinal Players Talk About Game Two
Crews Work to Get Busch Stadium Ready for World Series


Tigers beat Cards to tie World Series, Detroit pitcher's hand raises question
they to are talking about the hand
Weaver struggles in Game 2
SkyZoom 4 Video: Stadium World Series preps

Tigers Beat Cards 3-1; World Series Tied 1-1
Weaver Doesn't Have Best Game, But Does Have Confidence In Teammates
Cards Got Split They Wanted
Cards Come Close Against Todd Jones, But Jones Isn't Worried
but he almost blow it last night
Cardinals Keep Mixing It Up In Left

and if you want to know what the weather be like in St.Louis

KTVI-TV(Fox-2):Partly Cloudy, Warmer and 55
KMOV-TV(CBS-4): Clear, 55
KDSK-TV(NBC-5): Clear and Cool, 55
KPLR-TV(CW-11):Hi 55,
Weather Channel: Sunny and 55 Clear and 49
it came from the late night music club from culture city with Lisa Germano and the Soledad Brothers

Well it Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning and it the begin of a most important week, not only the Tigers are in the world series but it is also the local debut of “It Came From Detroit” the documentary chronicling the Local beging of garage rock to the Detroit big buzz with the white stirpes to hard down turn.

but if you want to see this film you better get them fast, it Got a myspace E-Mailer from James Petix(Producer) and Sarah Babila (Director) tonight and they told me that they already sold over 400 tickets online alone and it could be a big sell out(theater can hold 1,150) the action begin at 6:30 with the Dirtbombs then after that the Film at 8 PM and post Film the Witches and Outrageous Cherry and after that who know.

you can get ticket from now untill friday at the DIA from 9AM to 5 PM or you call them for ticket at 313-833-3237 but they hold ticket untill 10 mintues untill showtime or you can get ticket at

i be there and i will have a full report next weekend on this blog sight

and to get hyped up for the film here the Main trailer aging

Now on to tonight video now that the tigers are away there going to be a lot of show at club with TV with them, but tonight is not one of thouse Night tonight at stormy records in dearborn Lisa Germano will be playing a In-story gig, you may remember her way back in 1996 when she released the prefect "Excerpts From a Love Circus" now she on tour for her new CD on the Young God Records and it called In the Maybe World

From Wikipedia

She made her professional debut as John Mellencamp's violinist and fiddle player on his 1987 hit album The Lonesome Jubilee, spending the next seven years working with him. During this time, additional tours and recording sessions with Simple Minds and the Indigo Girls motivated Germano to do something on her own

and to coutined on the History of garage rock for the upcoming "it Came From Detroit" Doc, is a video from the Soledad Brothers when they was still a local band with a video called the "Handle Song" and this is the second of the local video produce by the producer of ICFD Doc James Petix

From Wikipedia

The self-titled album was engineered by Jack White of The White Stripes, who also produced their second single. Meg White performs some percussion on this album. While both the Soledad Brothers and the White Stripes were Detroit bands heavily influenced by blues, the relationship between the two was also personal, since Ben was Jack's roommate for some period of time.

World Series
Game Two

Detroit Tigers 3
St.Louis Cardinals 1

Series ties at 1

Star of the Night

Kenny Rodgers
8 IP, 2 H,0 R, 3BB. 5 K
i will say it Kennt Rogers
Play off MVP

Tigers runs

all in the 1st and 5 th Innings

in the 1st
Criag Monroe homered to left
Carlos Guillen doubled to deep left that brought home Magglio Ordonez

in the 5th
Carlos Guillen was brought home by a Sean Casey singled to right

but it almost turn into distear

St.louis 9th

S Rolen singled to right.
S Rolen to second on fielder's indifference.
J Encarnacion safe at first on error by pitcher T Jones, S Rolen to third.
J Edmonds doubled to left, S Rolen scored, J Encarnacion to third.
Which is Now 3-1
P Wilson hit by pitch.
Y Molina grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, P Wilson out at second.

that is ball game over

and it all tieds up
and were going to st. Louis and taking three
and a 5th world title

Game Three
Tuesday night
Staring Pitchers
For Detroit Nate Robertson(1-1, 5.91 ERA)
and for the cards Chris Carpenter(2-1, 3.70 ERA)

eight down, three more to go
Go Get em, Tigers

Sunday, October 22, 2006

it came from the late night music club from culture city
A New Video From Broken Socal Scene and with a assits From the Director of "It Came From Detroit" The Only Video from the Come On.

Just to let you know I came from detroit will have it detroit Permeir on Friday at the Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Arts beging at 6:30 with the dirtbombs and then the Film at 8 PM and after that short set from The Whitches and Outrageous Cherry you Can get tickets for friday night at the DIA Main Entry on Woodward from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. This week excepct for Monday, Buy phone at (313) 833-3237 up untill 10 mintues show time on Friday, or Just by click here 24/7 to get you tickets for Friday Night.

now to tonight Videos

in the Reg video is the new video from the Toronto mega band Broken Social Scene who will be in town in Ann Arbor on November 11 doing a gig before thaking a long break from touring to foucs there other projects, they have a new video called "Major Label Debut".

Broken Social Scene
"Major Label Debut"

From Wikipedia

On tour

2005: Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff, Andrew Whiteman, Charles Spearin, Lisa Lobsinger, John Crossingham, Julie Penner, Ohad Benchetrit, Leslie Feist
dont know about 2006

And the Second video under the it come from detroit lable is the long time Detroit Band "The Come On" with have one of the nicest Frontwoman you ever met "Double D" it was there First and only video that i know of and it was direct by James R. Petix the same director who made the it came from Detroit Doctermany, he did this video and the Soledad Brothers "Handle Song" which will played tommorrow night

The Come Ons