Friday, April 11, 2008

Live from Culture CIty [The Down Time Editon]

Well Since i have not done reguarl post on the sight in now over
Three Months now one of my fave things to do on the blog sight is
mention my fave music

well during this down time
LA Radio Station KCRW unviledan> a brand new Flash player
to play KCRW Music and Radio show
including all the sesstion From the Morning Show
Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic> Harcourt

So i thought durning this down For Every week until i wait to repair my Home PC
i play a session from the live set which is embed-able so i deiced the 1st band is a band who was going to play the Stick a few weeks back, But it was cancelled at the last minutes

the one and only "The Raveonettes" who released album No.4
"Lust, Lust, Lust" back on Feb.19

this session was play on March 3 in LA on KCRW

[Major Plug] Culture City Live - Volume 2

Hi Everyone, this is the Editor of the It Came From culture City Blog Site with a major Plug.

No My Home PC is still out, that sucks

but, in January during my long down time on the blog site, I Did some that i never did before
i D.J. a night at the Belmont in Hamtramck as i play the tunes that should matter to you
i have so much fun doing that night playing indie tunes in a home crowd.

Well a few weeks ago one of my good friend at the bar and lead singer of the "Dead Letters"[Myspace]ask me i want do a DJ set during there show.

i took some time but i went the Venue last week and just last Wednesday i said yes to do a DJ Set, so let me plug this now on my site

"Culture City Live"
Volume 2
Culture City Goes up North-ern [Lights, That is]

Live, Local, Now
Saturday, May 10, 2008
at the Northern Lights Lounge
Begin at 9 PM
with the 1st bands playing around between 10:00 of 10:30 PM

I will be playing a lot of the tunes that matter to me, and should matter to you and guaranteed No Crap music so that mean "Idol be Dame", "Sit Down la Spears, Your ban" , and "My Chemical Romance date to the Panic at the Disco is off".

these tune should be love by people who are sick and tried of Crap music
and yes sir they should be play and yes they will be play

and in-between the indie tunes
there will be three bands playing that night

From Nashville, TN
the Garage-Punk Rock Band

Giant Tigers

Out on tour promoting there self-released album

From Detroit
the For-mention

Dead Letters

Kyle Keeping the Iggy and the Stooges Alive
and Thank you Kyle for let me DJ this night

and kicking off the night also from Detroit
the always wonderful indie pop of


The Cover is not that much it 5 bucks
a great bargain
for great music that cover the indie music spirit
for the only music that matter.

and i still looking for low-cost or Free help in repairing my Home P.C.
pleased contact me at

and when i return i promise you,
it wont be called
"It Came From Culture City, According to Steve-O"