Friday, September 12, 2008

Breaking Culture News

People's Arts Festival
at the Russell Industrial Center
Postponed until September 21st

Just breaking in Detroit Culture City
People's Arts Festival at the Russell Industrial Center
have been postponed until September 21st

they could not do it on this Saturday
because of rainy weather and wrost T-storm
in the area forecast for tomorrow

According to the official unofficial weather station of Culture City
Local4Caster From WDIV-TV it going to rain all day on Saturday with a chance of
chance of thunderstorms.

and the management of the Russell Industrial Center air on the side of safety
and postponed the event from this Saturday to next Sunday in hope for better weather

so if you are going out tomorrow just a reminder the People's Arts Festival at the Russell Industrial Center will not take place tomorrow and till be rescheduled to Next Sunday, September 21st.

UPDATE: Here is the press released from Russell Industrial Center, takin from the Melody Baetens Detroit After Dark blog from

The Russell Center for Creative Arts regretfully announces that forecasts of severe thunderstorms throughout the day Saturday have forced postponement of the People's Art Festival until Sunday, September 21st. The possibility of harm to artists' works and discomfort to festival attendees was too great to take a risk, considering the forecasts.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 21st as the new date for the second annual People's Art Festival at the Russell Industrial Center. 1600 Clay Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. I-75 Exit 54 - Clay Avenue/Grand Boulevard. East on Clay to the entrance of the Russell Industrial Center/Russell Bazaar. Hours 11:00 am to Midnight.

Break Culture news Up-date

The Bohemian National Home Update

Here is a update on a story
that broke out all over the culture Scene this week

Now as you all know this week the Owner of the "The Bohemian National Home" [Which is on 3009 Tillman, about a block north off of Michigan Ave.] announced that they will not be hosting any more show and it would be closing after this month.

now at the time the owner did bot say any thing of why there are closing

but i received a post on my space from windy from the noise band Windy and Carl
and we received more to the story it basic say that the original owner of the building repossessed from owner Joel Peterson and going to change into a get ready to this "a nightclub/event center" and the original owner have rename the building The BO House.

in the post Windy blame The owner of riping off Peterson and trying to profit off the new tax break for movie coming into Michigan bringing there stars in to town.

meanwhile the Original owner have set up a new myspace page under the page The BO HOUSE and clam on there Front page "THE BO-HOUSE rebirth is going to bring something new and needed to the Detroit Music and Culture snece"

so the big question is Joel Peterson begin kick out because of somebody else or or is the culture sence begin the change for the better

in the mean time show that were going to held at The Bohemian National Home will take
place at the CAID A.K.A. Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on 5141 Rosa Parks, just North of Warren just west off Wayne state.

Those show will be:

9/13 - Odu Afrobeat Orchestra and Mega Faun
9/16 - Henry Grimes with Faruq Z. Bey and Steve Rush
9/26 - Cooper Moore
10/11 - Eric Vloeiman's Fugimundi
10/12 - Shelly Short/Alexis Gideon
10/16 - Eastern Seaboard, KBD
10/17 - Chris Moore and Sons

there is more to this story
so keep in touch with this story
it warming up.

The Post From Wendy from Myspace:

okay -
so i hear the gloves are off......
i'll be polite, but informative.

joel peterson has been running the Bohemian National Home out of a building on tillman for a number of years now. he has brought amazing musicians to town, and hosted shows no one else would dare touch. he's had experimental music fests, folk fests, psychedelic music nights, movie nights, and most importantly, the improvised jazz fests.

joel is doing all this in a community with very little money. we all know detroit is tired and worn out. we know the suburbs are tired, too, and it gets harder each month to get people into the city as times get's easier to stay home and watch tv. we ALL know, we ALL do it. make the choice to stay home.

but i would bet each one of us still gets a starbucks coffee or taco bell at least once a week......and that $5 could be used to see a show that joel is putting on!!

yeah, why am i ranting like this? why am i raking you over the coals? because the bohemian national home as we know it is no more. the building is being repossessed by it's original owner, and being turned into a "nightclub / event center". we've all heard about the tax breaks michigan is giving to hollywood movie companies as a way to drawn them into the state to film. well, THE BO HOUSE, as the "new"owners are calling it, is not The Bohemian National Home. and the bo house has set up a new myspace page where they are trying to claim a "rebirth" of the facility with new managment, and trying to get all kinds of detroit bands and peeps to sign up as their friends and book events there.

in short, someone else is trying to PROFIT from the years of hard work and extreme love joel put into that building. the thousands of hours of plaster work and paint and wood repair. the patience and dilligence of setting up shows and seeing each one of them through to the end, even if only 5 people came to be in the audience.

so, joel is keeping the name THE BOHEMIAN NATIONAL HOME. and we are asking you to support him in any way you can. please visit his myspace page and send him words of encouragement, and find out when and where all of the upcoming, rescheduled shows are happening.

and tell every band you know that there IS a difference btwn joel's bohemian national home and the imposters who are trying to pull in the movie star crowd joel and his endevours. there are not so many people in detroit who care as much as he does, who work as hard as he does.

thanks. and here is a current list of the shows that have been rescheduled at the CAID. thanks caid for stepping up when we all need you!! some other shows may be at the mocad, the ufo factory, and maybe even a small one or two here at stormy. we are a community who can pull through this - be strong with us!! make a difference.


Film Gudie Friday For the Weekend of September 12th

All the Description is from the Detroit Free Press.

"Burn After Reading"[R]

A disc containing the memoirs of a CIA agent ends up in the hands of two unscrupulous gym employees who attempt to sell it. The latest from the Coen brothers stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

"Righteous Kill"[R]

Two veteran New York City detectives (Robert De Niro and Al Pacino) work to identify the possible connection between a recent murder and a case they believe they solved years ago.

"The Women"[PG-13]

A wealthy New Yorker leaves her cheating husband and bonds with other society women at a resort. The remake of George Cukor's 1939 film "The Women" stars Meg Ryan and Annette Bening.

"Tyler Perry's the Family That Preys"[PG-13]

The lives of two old friends become mired in their children's extramarital affairs and unethical business practices, while a paternity secret threatens to derail family fortunes.

What Playing at the Discount Theaher
with Rating from

93% - IRON MAN (PG-13)
73% - WANTED (R)
52% - GET SMART (PG-13)
38% - HANCOCK (PG-13)
35% - THE ROCKER (PG-13)
20% - MEET DAVE (PG)

Next Week Everywhere

Ghost Town (NR - Yes)

After being dead for seven minutes, a man is miraculously revived to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts.

Igor (PG)

A hunchbacked lab assistant has big dreams of becoming a mad scientist and winning first place at the annual Evil Science Fair.

Lakeview Terrace (PG-13)

Samuel L. Jackson is a tightly-wound LAPD officer who terrorizes the young interracial couple that moves into the house next door.

My Best Friend's Girl (R)

Kate Hudson stars as a dream girl who poses a dilemma for a lovestruck ex and his buddy, the master "rebound specialist."

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Breaking Culture News

We Have two Breaking Culture City News Story


Tonight i receive a E-mail From The Bohemian National Home on Detroit West side

and it tell the following:

Some of you already know, but for reasons we can't disclose, The Bohemian National Home is closed at 3009 Tillman. Although this is an unfortunate situation, we are undeterred in presenting the finest and most unusual musical offerings in town. For now, Andy Krieger's art show this Friday will be the last event at 3009 Tillman.

[I.E. The Bo house will be close after this Friday gig.]

Until things get settled, shows will continue at Detroit's finer venues that have offered their assistance. We're starting with Odu Afrobeat Orchestra and Mega Faun (of N. Carolina) at the CAID (5141 Rosa Parks, just North of Warren) this Saturday, Sept 13th. Doors are at 9 pm and the cover is $5. One of the most original groups in Afrobeat, Odu has a special affinity for CAID, the site of one of the most memorable dance parties in the band's recent history. As ever, Ade Boye remains one of the few voices in Afrobeat that can escape the shadow of Fela Kuti- especially because he played with the undisputed progenitor of the sound.

Mega Faun play music that is experimental enough to catch the eye of iconic label Table of the Elements/Radium, but song-oriented enough that they appeal to people interested in psyche-folk and acoustic music. They also have a member who was insightful enough to release Nick Schillace's recent solo CD on the Burly Time label.

Tomorrow we will be announcing the location of next week's Henry Grimes/Faruq Z Bey show as well as the Cooper Moore show the following week. We'd love to see you all come and support The Bohemian in these trying times- make as many shows as you can!

The Big Question is why the bohouse is begin close
there was no explanation in the E-Mail got

Remember the Bo House is located in a residential area just about two block off Michigan Ave. in SW Detroit, was they begin force out because of Noise Compliant

one reason according from the Detroit Yes Message Board
that the Building where the Bo House is house was Sold

but antoher post of the same board report that the owner of the building have joined up with a partner and will make some improvement to the Bo House like renovated The Building and not only that secured the parking lot.

Nobody know what going on so if you have some insider info on the Futher of the Bo House please fire off a E-Mail on my blog sight, the E-mail is on the Right of the Menu.


Also there is some good News in one of the venues in the Detroit area
Hamtramck Police have arrest a 41-year old in the hold up in a series of hold up outside the Belmont Bar

According to the Hamtramck Citizen Newspaper, Police arrest John McMiddleton Late Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning after a police Stake out he was arrest with out incdent on the Corner of Carpenter and Jos. Campau. just on the Detroit/Hamtramck Border.

He is suspect in about Four Armed robbery outside the Belmont Bar in the Downtown Bossiness Distcet that have been happening for the last Months, they have mostly taget woman who been alone going to the belmont, they have all been rob with a Shot-Off shot gun.

When HPD Search the Van he was rideing in they found the Gun wrapped under a towel.

also it was reported in the Citizen on-line edition that the suspect have a warp sheet, he just been released in January after a 10 years jail term for committing a criminal sexual act

He Been charged with four counts of armed robbery and being a habitual criminal in the fourth degree. If convicted, McMiddleton faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

His preliminary examination is Sept. 18 at Hamtramck 31st District Court.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Last Mintues Gig News

There is a gig tonight at the Belmont
that was added at the last minutes

playing tonight is Marco Polio & the New Vaccines
playing a headlining set also playing on the bill is
Princess Rotative who is coming all away from France

The Show will begin at 9 P.M.


The Weekly Outdoor Gig Guide For September 8th to 14th



The Crofoot[1 South Saginaw, Pontiac, MI]

Monday - MILES HUNT and WAYNE HUSSEY [the Pike Room]
Wednesday - INDIAN JEWELRY [the Pike Room]
Thursday - THE WALKMEN [the Crofoot]
Saturday - DIRTY AMERICANS EP RELEASE SHOW [The Crofoot Ballroom]

Magic Bag


Lager House

Wednesday - Lymbyc System w/ Metavari and This Will Destroy You
Friday - Michael Bermudez CD release party w/ Emily Rose and Mick Bassett and The Marthas
Saturday - The Hentchaman w/ The Muldoons and The Dial Tones $8 cover

Saint Andrews Hall

Monday - 5 Gum Presents The Fratellis with Electric Touch & The Airborne Toxic Event

Thursday - Matt Pryor
Saturday - Zero To Ruin


Monday - Plastic People of the Universe w/ Little Cow
Tuesday - Murder Mystery, Halolos, JDSY, Contagious Zombie
Wednesday - Mike Boyd w/ The Sugarcoats, The Vulture Circle, Holy Hounds
Thursday - Farewell Republic w/ Lightning Love
Friday - Pop Project w/ Childbite, Javelins
Saturday - Dante w/ Chief, Othello, The Sponge
Sunday - 540 Entertainment Presents Hydro & Sino

M.O.C.A.D. - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Music From Blanche and Gardens

Saturday - WILL POWER

Michigan Theater(Ann Arbor)

Wednesday - Great Big Sea

The Ark [Ann Arbor]

Monday - The Global Jazz Trio
Tuesday - Sam Phillips & Jill Jack
Wednesday - Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys
Thursday - Millish
Friday - The Barra MacNeils
Saturday - David Lindley
Sunday - Garnet Rogers

The Belmont

Friday - Prussia, Fuckin’ Gnarly, Smashing Windows, and The Darts
Saturday - The High Strung, Scarlet Oaks, and Croff Family Band


Friday - Hellmouth, Today I Wait
Saturday - The Leonards (tribute to Tom Payne), Joe Wang & the Test Pilots, Tin Scribble
Sunday - Ideaman, Intergalactic Ghetto Blasterz, The Family Riot

Bohemian National Home - 3009 Tillman, Detroit (1 blk N. of Michigan Ave, between I-96 and Grand Blvd)

Saturday - Mega Faun

Fox Theater

Saturday - Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

DTE Energy Music Theatre

Tuesday - Journey wsg Heart and Cheap Trick
Friday - Lou Gramm wsg Patty Smyth & Scandal
Sunday - Toby Keith wsg Montgomery Gentry

The Weekly Indoor Gig Gudie for September 8th to 14th



BON IVER - Conan O'Brian - NBC


TOKIO HOTEL - Jimmy Kimmle Live - ABC
GRIZZLY BEAR - Last Call with CArson Daly - NBC


AL GREEN - The Tonight show with Jay Leno - NBC
ALICE COOPER - The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson - CBS


BUCKCHERRY - Jimmy Kimmle Live - ABC
CLOUD CULT - Last Call with CArson Daly - NBC
MEIKO - Conan O'Brian - NBC
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO - The Tonight show with Jay Leno - NBC


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Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
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Huw Stephens In New Music We Trust
The Best of BBC Introducing [Best New UK Bands}
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This Week:
The Chapman Family in session

Zane Lowe
Weekday From 2 to 4 PM EST

Wednesday - Fighting With Wire

BBC Introducing in the Nations
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

UK - The Chapman Family in session
Wales - Yucatan in session
Scotland - The Fire And I live in session

Annie Mac

Friday Night Web show
Friday Night Mash up from 5 to 7 PM
Sunday web Show from 4 PM

Radio 2


Higher and Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story

Monday - 6:30 PM

Paul Gambaccini celebrates the life and music of Jackie Wilson, the prodigiously talented soul singer who died tragically young.

Wilson was influential in black pop's transition from R&B into soul, with his hits like Reet Petite, I Get The Sweetest Feeling and (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher.

This series will showcase Wilson’s incredible career, through archived Jackie Wilson interviews and contributions from Chicago soul legend Carl Davis, songwriter Allen Toussaint and singers Sam Moore and Otis Williams.

Radcliffe and Maconie
Monday and Tuesday - 3 to 5 PM EDT

Monday - The Zutons
Tuesday - Live show from Nationwide Mercury Prize

BBC 6 Music

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This Week:

The Stevie Wonder Story
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Monday - Garbage - Reading Festival 1998
Tuesday - Arcade Fire - Sheffield Lead Mill 2005
Wednesday - Fabulous Poodles - Paris Theatre 1979
Thursday - Pavement - Glastonbury 1999
Friday - Any Trouble - Paris Theatre 1980


Voodoo Queens - 10/01/1993
Hot Snakes - 14./10/2004

Ukrainians - 24/09/1991
Sing Sings - 06/01/2006

Erasure - 15/11/1985
Grinderman - 03/05/2007

Lene Lovich -21/11/1978
Charlatans - 07/04/2006

Moonshake - 22/11/1992
Joe Ely - 10/01/1991

On-Line Right Now


Saturday [9-6]Thin Lizzy - Hammersmith Odeon 1981
Sunday [9-7]The Earlies- Cambridge Junction 2005


Saturday [9-6]
James King And The Lone Wolves - 20/05/1984
Grace And Danger - 10/01/1992

Sunday [9-7]
Mighty Mighty - 04/01/1987
Pretty Girls Make Graves - 09/02/2004

Groger Lamb
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KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
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Monday - Marching Band
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Friday - Inara George and Van Dyke Parks
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Common Market - 3:00pm
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Chicha Libre - 11:00am


The Doll Test - 3:00pm


Juliana Hatfield - 11:00am
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Little Pieces - 6:00pm
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Larry Mizell from The Stranger talks about and plays local music - 10:00pm
The Girls - 11:00pm

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Monday - Dr. Dog
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Thursday - Adele
Friday - Old 97's

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Airdate: September 2nd

1. Electric Six – Down At McDonnelzzz
2. Speedball – Heart Of Chrome
3. Love Meets Lust – Brooklyn Lights
4. The Dewtons Featuring Nikki Corvette – Have Your Way With Me
5. The Koffin Kats – Battery Acid Baby
6. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre – Lark The Modfather
7. Almost Free – Anyone But You
8. Grayling – Revenge
9. Mazinga – Rocks & Fire
10. The Phage – Sucka
11. The Dirtbombs – Here Comes That Sound Again
12. Noman – The Getback
13. Champions Of Breakfast – The Power Of Glove
14. Seduce – Chopping Block
15. Universal Temple Of Divine Power – Ride With The Devil
16. Obie Trice – Wanna Know
17. Darling Imperial – Simple Dreams
18. The Dead Bodies – Digging Ditches
19. Brave Rifles – Fasario
20. The Silent Years – No Secrets
21. Deastro – Light Powered
22. Manna And Quail – It’s Allright Now
23. Shoe – Hangover (Little Bird Outside My Window)
24. The Questions – All I Know
25. The Nice Device – Under Control
26. Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk – King Comfortable
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29. The Muggs – All Around You

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1. human league - seconds
2. abc - ride
3. spoons - arias & symphonies
4. franz ferdinand - lucid dreams
5. foals - dearth
6. tired irie - pages walk
7. manda rin - dna
8. the enemy - fear killed the youth of our nation
9. futureheads - walking backwards
10. the locarnos - unlucky strike
11. the metros - talk about it
12. thom yorke & my bloody valentine - edun (eloborate hoax or simple mash-up?)
13. spiritualized - sweet talk
14. lp session 1 - verve "forth"
- sit and wonder
- judas
- valium skies
15. attic lights - bring you down
16. travis - j. smith
17. glasvegas - daddy's gone (request)
18. besnard lakes - cedric's war
19. hemme fatale - peryglus lucifer
20. you say party! we say die! - teenage hit wonder (re-styled by camp america)
21. bon bon club - romantic rights
22. stars - rollerskate
23. lp session 2 - the automatic "this is a fix"
- accessories
- magazines
- sleepwalking
- secret police
24. dirty pretty things - plastic hearts
25. the zutons - what's your problem?
26. slow club - let's fall back in love
27. ¡forward, russia! - breaking standing (request)

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1. air - playground love
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6. natalie walker - with you
7. violet indiana - beyond the furr
8. lamb - what sound
9. rr coseboom - untitled
10. verve - valium skies
11. beck - chemtrails
12. twilight singers - domani
13. pixies - monkey gone to heaven
14. au revoir borealis - art of film
15. slowdive - alison
16. ether aura - i wasn't her
17. jim reid - song for a secret
18. iLiKETRAiNS - a rook house for bobby
19. lulabox - wild cerry bark
20. curve - coast is clear
21. depeche mode - happiest girl
22. worm is green - love will tear us apart
23. inspiral carpets - this is how it feels
24. lisa gerrard - sanvean
25. muza - gracias
26. peter gabriel - secret world

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1. Of Montreal – Id Engager (Polyvinyl)
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3. Dressy Bessy – Simple Girlz (Transdreamer)
4. The Ettes – Marathon (Take Root)
5. The Black & White Years – Hysterical Sickness (Brando)
6. The Mommyheads – Help Me (Bladen County)
7. The Walkmen – Four Provinces (Gigantic)
8. Pierre De Reeder – I’ll be Around (Little Record)
9. The Sea & Cake – Car Alarm (Thrill Jockey)
10. Giant Sand – Can Do (Yep Roc)
11. Calexico – House Of Valparaiso (1/4 Stick)
12. El Madmo – The Best Part (Team Love)
13. Liz Durrett – Always Signs (Warm)
14. Gemma Hayes – Out Of Our Hands (Second Motion)
15. El Perro Del Mar & Anna Ternheim in studio session...
- Little Lies
- Shake It Off
- You Mean Nothing To Me Anymore
- I'm Not Saying
16. The West African Instrumental Quartet – Adersu No. 2 (Honest Jons)
17. Brightblack Morning Light – Oppressions Each (Matador)
18. Laura Marling – Tap At My Window (Astralwerks)
19. Kimya Dawson – Happy Home (Keep On Writing) (K)
20. Your Heart Breaks – Duffren Hotel (Love Is All You Need)
21. Jean On Jean – Grown (Kanine)
22. Abe Vigoda – Bear Face (PPM)
23. Veil Veil Vanish – The Upstairs Room (Manimal Vinyl)
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No Rodney last week
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1 - Delta Spirit
2 - Okkervil River
3 - Calexico
4 - The Walkmen
5 - Ra Ra Riot
6 - The Features
7 - Conor Oberst
8 - Gentleman Auction House
9 - Dead Confederate
10 - The Verve
11 - Fujiya & Miyagi
12 - The Broken West
13 - Mason Proper
14 - Human Highway
15 - King Khan & The Shrines
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17 - The Airborne Toxic Event
18 - Death Cab For Cutie
19 - TV On The Radio
20 - Bound Stems

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Bloc Party - 'Trojan Horse' (Wichita)
Pull In Emergency - 'Follow' (Mute Irregulars)


Friendly Fires - 'White Diamonds' (XL)

Vampire Weekend Fave Five
Crystal Castles - 'Courship Dating' (PIAS)
Ra Ra Riot - 'Each Year' (Bella Union)
Coldplay - 'The Scientist' (Parlophone)
The Band - 'Tears of Rage' (Capitol)
The Arctic Monkeys - 'Brianstorm' (Domino)

Vampire Weekend - 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa'(XL)
Four Dead In Ohio - 'Jesus Won't Dance In My High Heels'

Jersey Myscene

Dodos - 'Fools'

So So Modern In Session
'Clean Up Step Up'
'New Internationale'

Franz Ferdinand - 'Lucid Dreams'

Final Five
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Kid Harpoon - 'Riverside'

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British Sea Power - 'Waving Flags' (Rough Trade)

Alternative Album of the Week
Guillotines - 'Stronger'

Website of the Week
Pope Joan - 'No TV'

And Finally...
Fight Like Apes - 'Tie Me Up With Jackets'

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Airdate: September 3rd

1. Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Never Miss A Beat’
Album – ‘Off With Their Heads’

2. Micah P Hinson – ‘We Won’t Have to be Lonesome’
Album – ‘Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire’

3. Slow Club – ‘Summer Shakedown’
EP - ‘Let’s Fall Back in Love’

4. The Dudes – ‘They’re A Comin’ ’
Album - ‘Brain Heart Guitar’

5. Listeners Choice:
Rebecca Jones – ‘Free Love’

6. Elbow – ‘The Bones of You’
Album – ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’

7. Okkervil River – ‘Singer Songwriter’
Album – ‘The Stand Ins’

8. Stickboy – ‘Pirouette’

9. Travis – ‘Something Anything’
New album – ‘Ode to J Smith’ out 29 September 2008

10. Nat Johnson – ‘Dirty Rotten Soul’

11 Brendan Campbell – ‘Pirates Song’

12. M.I.A. – ‘Paper Planes’
Album – ‘Kala’

13. Micky P. Kerr – ‘Puppy Eyes’

14. Blackflower – ‘Army & Navy’
Album – ‘You & Me’