Saturday, October 14, 2006

AAAWWW it fell so good to be on the top of the A.L.
and it will be even good to be on top of the World.

Tigers Are Going to the World Series

Tigers Win the AL

Game One: 5-1, 5-1, 5-1, 5-1
Game Two: 8-5, 8-5, 8-5, 8-5
Game Three: 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0

And the Game Winner
Bottom of the 9th
Tie 3-3
Two Out
Criag Monroe singled to center
Next Batter
Placido Polanco singled to right center that send Monroe to second.
Next Batter UP
Magglio Ordonez
1st pictch he Saw ball
the Very Next Pitch


or i like to say

it will be either the NY Mets (most lossed in one season, second placed the tigers)
or the St. Louis Cardnars (it like 1968 all over aging)

Game One
Next Saturday

the Full seires

GAME 1 - Sat. Oct. 21 in Detroit
GAME 2 - Sun. Oct 22 in Detroit
GAME 3 - Tues. Oct. 24 in St. Louis or New York
GAME 4 - Wed. Oct 25 in St. Louis or New York
GAME 5 - Thurs. Oct 26 in St. Louis or New York
GAME 6 - Sat. Oct. 28 in Detroit
GAME 7 - Sun. Oct. 29 in Detroit

See you Next week
Big Time Breaking Sport News

Maggs lays off the first pitch. CRUSHES THE SECOND Give it up for Polanco, the hitting machine. I don't know how he does it, I really don't. Monroe now 1-for-3 with that single off Street. Granderson hasn't done anything (0-for-3, 2K) against Street in his career but he's working hard, fouling off tough pitches here. That was a great at-bat but give Bradley his props. That was a fantastic catch, especially since he's been gimpy today. Mark Kiger in at second base, a day after his Major-League debut. Thames ready to bat. Now he's 0-for-2 against Huston Street. Is Nate chewing gum? I mean, a lot of gum?

The Full Wrap up to Follow

Friday, October 13, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City with Tilly And the Wall, We Are Scientists, and Art Burt.

Tonight i hit you up on a triple Play (Using a baseball term) on three band, One just played here, and two more coming tonight at the stick.

First up a New Video Tilly and the Wall, Who i just saw tonight at the stick to played a awsome show at the stick and very nice kids in the Band.

Next up is one of the Co-Headliners on tonight bill at the stick the NYC Art Rock Band We Are Scientists.

And tonight Headliners making there Detrior Rock CIty debut the UK five pecie art-punk band who fromed just to get on Tops of the pops Art Burt.
Breaking Culture News

There now Five Left on Dancing with the Stars Not Six
Sara Evans Quit the show, Filed For divorce

this Just Broke over the AP

AP reports Country singer Sara Evans on Thursday announced she was filing for divorce and quitting the "Dancing With the Stars".

Earied tonight it was reported on KABC-TV (ABC-7, LA) that Sara Evans have left the show was taking herself out of the dance-off for personal reasons, It was later reval by sucourd that filed for divorce from Craig Schelske in Williamson County, Tenn., where she lives, according to a statement issued by Allen Brown, her representative at Sony BMG Music Entertainment. "Recent events that shed light on the status of her marriage prompted Ms. Evans to make the filing.

Evans decided she needed to leave the TV show "to give her family her full attention at this difficult time," Brown said.

"Ms. Evans hopes that her fans and TV viewers who've supported her in recent weeks and throughout her music career will respect and understand her need for privacy in the face of these recent events."

The couple were married in 1993 and have three children.

She that second to within 24 hours, last night pop singer Willa Ford was Voted off the show by viewer vote after finish in a four way tie but it was the view vote that did her in.

So What happed now well the Dance-off will contenued as plan(It only the Fifth week) and Producer have told ABC News that will not be adding an additional contestant to take her place. also it was report by the AP that she will apperd on the show on tuesday to tell why she left the show.

judge Carrie Ann Inaba told Us Weekly she fell bad saying "If it is true, it is too bad because dance has a really healing quality to it as well, and I think the family of DWTS could be a great support system for her," "I watch them care for each other and sometimes it is good to be around people who care about you and I think that would be good for her. But she has to take care of herself and take care of her life, and Im sure she is making a good decision for herself. We will all support her."

so is the season been cut by a week, will this tuesday be a vote off show.

This is not the first time this happend on a talnet show, In 2003 on season two of american Idol(i know everbody have a dislike for the show, me include, but this is part of the story), contestant Corey Clark, was kicked off the show because of a police record he had not disclosed earlier.

it was revealed that Clark had been arrested in 2002 for resisting arrest. He ultimately pleaded "no contest" to "obstructing legal process" due to a plea agreement, and was sentenced to six months unsupervised probation and ordered to pay $116.00 in legal costs. All of this arose after the city court decided not to file charges against Clark due to police mis-conduct during the arrest when Clark was beaten by four Topeka Police officers using unreasonable force. Clark initially was refunded his money by the courthouse until the public became aware that he was a semi-finalist on the show, at which time the State D.A. decided they were going to press forward with the case and file charges against Clark, That lead Producer on April 2nd.

he did give his good-buy on video tape on the Following week show.

Producer got around the tricky situation by not voting off some-one that week and carried over the viewer vote the Following week with next week show.

As of 2 AM the Dancing with the stars Web Sight on still have sara Evans still show up for next week show (with Dance Parter Tony Dovolani)not beening Eliminated and the update the listed with this week preson that left the show William Ford having the the yellow Eliminated bar below.

Now that leave only five guest Dancers left on the show

Emmitt Smith
Monique Coleman
Joey Lawrence
Mario Lopez
And the lucky person still Dancing

I let the Overblow entertament show handle it from there.

Well see how that show expland what happed tonight (10/12), On tuesday for a Hour at 8PM on ABC (WXYZ-TV, ABC-7 as my home base in detroit, and your local ABC STation)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Breaking News about Game three of
Tigers and A's

Game time Have been Moved

Major Leagued BaseBall have announced that Friday game 3 between The Oakland A's vs the Detroit Tigers (Tigers leading 2-0) Have been moved From 8:19 PM to 4:30 PM and it will be showed on FOX.

MLB Offical was worred about the cold wheather on Friday Night expected to be cold and wet, prompted the switch from the original start time of 8:19 p.m.the local station is saying any where From 36* to 38*.

And also it to accoa the rain Delay start of the NLCS between the St.Louis and The NY Mets (game one was suppot to start last night)

“Major League Baseball took many factors into consideration in making its decision on Friday’s game times, primarily the weather in both League Championship Series cities. With the weather forecast in Detroit a major concern, MLB felt that moving the game at Comerica Park to 4:30 p.m. provided the best window for the game to be played in its entirety,” said Richard Levin, spokesperson for Major League Baseball.
Gmae two
American Leagued Champingship Serires

Game Over

The Tigers win, TTTTTTThhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tigers win

can you say it


the Final in Game Two

Detroit Tigers 8
Oakland A's 5
and Guess What The Next three are in Detroit
Up two game to zero


Placido Polanco
3-4 tonight

Alexis Gomez
2 for 4, 4 RBI and a 2-runs Homer

Craig Monroe
2 for 3, a Double and 2 RBI

Curtis Granderson
Solo Homer in the 9th

Winning Pitcher
Justin Verlander
5 1/3 Innings, Sturk out Six

For the Loser Down Two-Zero
Milton Bradley
4 for five and two homers (3rd and 7th)
and 4 RBI

Eric Chavez
Homers in the 6th

Frank Thomas
Based Loaded
Bottom of the 9th
Fewl out to Center
Game Over

Detroit 2, Oakland zero
won in 67 degrees Weather

Friday for Game three
Rich Harden (Oakland) vs Kenny Rogers(Detroit)
The Weather on Friday, Dont ask
Cold and 37*

Ouch, That mean Winter in Coming

And Go Tigers

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City With the Newly Reborn.... Aging

To Celebrate the Return of the Web Steam of were going to play video to welcome them back

The First and Last Song on WOXY-FM 97.1 FM (1983-2004)

"Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
by U2

First Song on (May 2004)

by Ash

Last Song on Version 2.0 (September 15, 2006)

"Kick Out the Jams"
By Detroit own MC5

First Song on Version 3.0 ( October 10, 2006 at 10:42 AM, when back on aired at 10:10 AM EDT)

Cahuenga Shuffle
by The Oohlas

(pleased note: there is No Official video for the above song, so how about a live set from you tube instand.)


Detroit Tigers - 5
Oakland A's - 1

Detroit - 1, Oakland A's 0
it take Four to Win


Brandon Inge
What can i Say
homered to deep left in the 3rd
doubled to deep center, scoring Marcus Thames in the 4th
also had a single and score 2 RBI

Nate Robertson
5.0 IP, 6 HA, 3 Walks, Stuckout 4, but gave up No Runs

Barry Zito (Oakland Starter)
Big Time
lasted Three Innings
gave up 7 hits, 5Runs, and two big homers

The Other Homers
Iván Rodríguez in the 4 th

Tigers Win theee tigers Win
4 Down, 7 to go

Game Two
Wednesday Night at 8:05 PM on Fox
it will be
Justin Verlander (Detroit)
Esteban Loaiza (Oakland)

Be There

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breaking Freaking "Good News" Culture News is Back

After only about a month Away (September 12th to be extact) the InterNet radio station is back on the aired after about the founder of (a on-line CD trading Site) have save the popualr Web-only Sattion, It came back on the Aired at 10:10 am and the First band to be played on 3.0 at about 10:42 am was the best New band ever heard the LA band The Oohlas with Cahuenga Shuffle.

the owner of entrepreneur Bill Nguyen invest 5 to 10 millions dollars this year to relaunch who come back for the Three time the First time was a radio station from 1983 to 2004 when the station was sold, it came back on the air two weeks later as a internet only station but thran out of money and shut downon september 15th.

And since there back, i am puting under the indie radio section under indie radio makeing the 12th station that have some sort of web stream.

Riff 2 (WRIF-FM 101.1 - HD Radio)
CJAM-FM (91.5, Windsor, ON)
WHFR-FM (89.3) Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI
Auralgasms Radio (Web Radio) Novi, MI
Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
KCRW music On-line steram
KEXP-FM (Seattle, WA)
KCMP-FM (89.3, The Current) Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN
Indie 103.1 (KDLD/KDLE - L.A.)
CBC Radio 3 (No Statulittle stream for the web, but a countend stream on there web sight)
BBC 6 Music

Statment From the Front page

We’re back!

And it feels fan-freakin-tastic. It was way too quiet around here for too long. To kick things off right, we have a ton of Lounge Act sessions lined up for the next few weeks and beyond.

So what's changing? Not a lot right away. All the good stuff you've come to expect is all right here... Mike and Shiv, the boards, live Lounge Acts and lots of great music. It's now completely free to listen, and we'll be jacking up the quality of our streams even higher within the next couple weeks.

What can you expect for the future? We're working on opening up additional WOXY Live Lounge studios around the country in order to bring you more live Lounge Act sessions. Next month, you're going to be able to program your own radio station over at La La using tracks pulled from the massive music library. And that's just the beginning.

While you're listening to the sweet, sweet WOXY, make sure to head over to see our buddies at La La, register for an account and check out what they have going on. La La members are pretty crazy about their music, so we're all going to get along quite well.

Tune in, kick back and enjoy the music.

- Mike, Shiv and Bryan Jay


The First hour of music on v 3.0

Cahuenga Shuffle - The Oohlas
Back From The Dead - Babyshambles
Hey - Pixies
The Race Is On Again - Yo La Tengo
Song For The Fields - Fields
Catch The Sun - Doves
Caring Is Creepy - The Shins
Lazy Eye (Lounge Act) - Silversun Pickups
The Second Line - Clinic
Rollin' And Tumblin' - Bob Dylan
Secret Of The Sea - Billy Bragg & Wilco
Goin' Against Your Mind - Built To Spill
The Equalizer - Junior Boys

The Last Ten Songs on ver 2.0

No Radio - Dirty On Purpose
The Noise Of Carpet - Stereolab
Burn Baby Burn - Ash
100% - Sonic Youth
Bandstand In The Sky - Pete Yorn
Cross Bones Style - Cat Power
Mourning Air - Portishead
Acquiesce - Oasis
Fight The Power - Public Enemy
Kick Out The Jams - MC5


And if you want to know they will be staring up there live Lounge act aging begining today at 4 pm with The Headlights and The Purrs tommorrow and the live act will be inclued in the Monday gig Gudie.
New Music Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, October 10,l Game one of the ALCS between the Tigers and the Oakland A's, Round Two of the Michigan gubernatorial debate Between Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos, and Round Five of danceing with the Stars.

And speaking of take it to the Next Lavel it was on this day 2001 U2 kick off the Thried lage of there Elevation world tour in South Bend, Ind and it was webcast.

Born on this day Jazz great Thelonious Monk(1917-1982), Country singer Tanya Tucker(1958) and Fromer Van Halen Front Man, Ex Radio host for Four Months, Liscent EMT techntion David Lee Roth (1953).

and it was on this day in 1995 the epic sequel of all epic Follow up becasue it was on this day in 1995 Peter Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive II," is released told the World, well it made a thud but he still hold the title of best-selling live album with "Frampton Comes Alive", and yes he still alive

make sure your new album dont make a thud at you local indie Store with today new released from the only music that matter.

October 10

New Album High lited in blue mean it begin preview for a full week on

The Be Good Tanyas - Hello Love (Nettwerk)

Jimmy Buffett - Take the Weather With You (RCA)
(to Margaritaville)

Chavez - Better Days Will Haunt You (Matador)

F---ed Up - Hidden World (Jade Tree)
Bette Midler - Cool Yule (Columbia)
(X-mas is Coming up, so there releaseing X-mas Music)
Robert Pollard - Normal Happiness (Merge)
Robert Randolph and The Family Band - Colorblind (Warner Bros)

James Taylor - James Taylor at Christmas (Columbia)
(X-nas Music)
Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson in Crime
And the SoundTrack to "American Hardcore - The History of American Punk Rock (1980-1986)"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Burt Bacharach & Friends - Gold (Hip-O)
Jeff Beck - Beck-Ola and Truth (Epic/Legacy)
Chavez - Better Days Will Haunt You (two CDs and one DVD; Matador)
The Cure - Head on the Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and The Top (Rhino)
Roger Daltrey - Gold (two CDs; Hip-O)
Kiss - 20th Century Masters: The Best of Kiss - Millennium Collection, Volume 3 (Island)
Eartha Kitt - She's So Good (ASV Living Era)
Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow I, One Voice and This One's for You (Arista/Legacy)
Dolly Parton - The Acoustic Collection 1999-2002 (box set with three CDs and one DVD; Sugar Hill)
Righteous Brothers - 20th Century Masters: The Best of the Righteous Brothers - Millennium Collection (Polydor)
Rob Zombie - 20th Century Masters: The Best of Rob Zombie - Millennium Collection (Geffen)
Rod Stewart - Still The Same: Great Rock Classics of all time (J-Records)

Music DVDs:

Barry White - "Live in Europe 1975" (Hudson Street)
Various artists - "Bloodied but Unbowed: Bloodshot Records - Life in the Trenches" (Bloodshot)
Various artists - "Wake Up Screaming: Vans Warped Tour Documentary" (Music Video Distributors)


The A-Team - Season 5
Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Season 1
Everybody Hates Chris - The 1st Season
Farscape - Starburst Edition - Volume 12 (4.3)
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Volume 2
I'm Alan Partridge - Season 1
Magnum, P.I. - The Complete 5th Season
Numb3rs (Numbers) - Season 2
Scrubs - The Complete 4th Season
Simon & Simon - Season 1
It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City with John Lennon

Where the world Now when we Need him Most

Happy B-DAy John Lennon
(he would be 66, if he have Live )

Lennon's songwriting was full of pain and hope. His melodies were at times beautiful and at times dark. Lennon's lyrics reflected his personal and career demands, philosophical outlook, his unease with his fame and current events. He and McCartney popularised the use of electronic effects in rock music, paving the way for the harder rock forms of the 1970s and 1980s.

And dont for get now playing untill Thursday at the Main Art in Royal Oak
U.S. vs John Lennon

From the Press Released From the Main Art Web Sight

A provocative and compelling look at John Lennon's transformation from beloved musical artist to anti-war activist to iconic inspiration for peace. Biographers David Leaf and John Scheinfeld reveal the true story of the U.S. Government’s attempt to silence Lennon, showing that this was not just an isolated episode in American history but that the issues and struggles of that era remain relevant today. Featuring appearances by Carl Bernstein, Noam Chomsky, Walter Cronkite, Mario Cuomo, Angela Davis, John Dean, Ron Kovic, G. Gordon Liddy, George McGovern, Bobby Seale, Tommy Smothers, Gore Vidal, Yoko Ono and others.

U.S. vs John Lennon Web Sight

Monday, October 09, 2006

Today News Round- Up From indie World Outside the 313

And if your a big time indie music Fan and do a blog site today was not a good day

*Early this Morning it was reported that Tower Records the domait Music store is going out of Bisness after falling to come out of Bankrupic for the 2nd time in Less than three years, there Assist went for $134.1 Million to "The Great American Group" after a 29-hour auction it outbid The company outbid Albany, N.Y.-based retailer Trans World Entertainment(hwo owned FYE records) by a mere $500,000.

An internal e-mail to employees from Tower CEO Joseph D'Amico said the company's Web operation,, its label 33rd Street Records and its real estate holdings were sold separately, D'Amico -- a bankruptcy specialist who succeeded outgoing CEO Allen Rodriguez in July -- said in his message, "My heart goes out to each of you who have poured your hearts and souls into this great company."

They will begin there going out of Bizness sale Saturday at all 89 tower Store, which will leave almost 3,000 worker at tower Jobless

* And you think that was bad this one is Worse for any of you who put video on you tube on your blog site like this one, That Google have Scoop up you tube for $1.65 billion, The Most popuar on-line Video site which most of the video on this site come from you tube was not up for sale but with this sale what will this mean to blogger like myself who used video for this site, Stay tune.

* The Closing of tower and the bying of you tube come on the Same week as the Legond NYC Club CBGB is closing down on the same site 315 Bowery for the last 33 years and the last week is total sold out with One-time Detroit Patty smith as the Headliners on the last week ever

The Last week at CBGB

Monday, October 9:
Bad Brains, Avail, McRAD, Dub Trio

Tuesday, October 10:
Bad Brains, Bouncing Souls, The Mob

Wednesday, October 11:
Bad Brains, Underdog, Stimulators

Wednesday, October 12:
The Losers Lounge Tribute to the Talking Heads

Friday, October 13:
The Dictators, Sic F*cks, Bullys

Saturday, October 14:
The Dictators, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein (acoustic set)

Sunday, October 15:
Patti Smith

* And if you was hopeing for the new
Modest Mouse album "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" you made want to hold off on it as in a press released they have push back the released date from December 19 to "early 2007,", but there afr doing show with a four Night stand LA at three diffence Venue and a five night stand at Four Venue in November.

* And By the if you follow the New anti-Grammy which is the
PLUG Independent Music Awards will take place in NYC on February 10, 2007 the awards are slipt between two types: "music" (album, artist, song, festival of the year, etc.) and "independent media" (music zine, blog, journalist, magazine, website of the year) .

Nominees are selected by the mysterious
PLUG Cartel and the winners will be select by the fans them self, to hype thing up this years PLUG is also reaching out to local scenes across the country with the help of JELLYNYC, the collective responsible for the recent McCarren Park pool gigs in Brooklyn. Together they'll host shows featuring local talent at a number of U.S. cities. PLUG and JELLYNYC have two events lined up, the first goes down in Miami on October 20, and the second will hit in Brooklyn, New York on November 17. Look for more PLUG event in Detroit the near future.

* And you be happy to know that the band
Sebadoh will be back with there Classic Line-up (Low Barlow, Eric Gaffney, and Jason Loewenstein)Barlow writes, "Sebadoh Classic will be touring this spring 2/25/07 → 4/07. Sebadoh Classic = Gaffney-era... III → Bubble and Scrape. Eric, Jason, and I will be heading out together..." That's about all Barlow lets on, but those dates are just specific enough for us to buy it. However, he immediately goes on to say, "then the new Dinosaur album will be out... and then... and then... we'll see..."

And we like to welcome two new links to the Culture City blog both indie radio Station

First is a local 24/7 Station base out of Novi call "Auralgasms Radio" the station play the best and what great about it under-appreciated artists in the Dreampop, Trip hop, Brit pop, Shoegaze, Electronica, Alternative Classics, they do play Request but there is some limets incluing three Request on all Request Monday.

But there is the special Show on the station like Aural Bliss a show with the Spirt of the old Radio show Big Sonic Heaven, it is hosteed by Kate (Or better hnow as DJ K8, Who is also from the Band Ether Aura) and Yourgasms that is one hour of a show that program by you, if you want to know more go to

and Radio no.2 is Radio station KCMP 89.3FM in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN, it play all kind of music that WDET-FM used to play during the day, it most recent play list inclued Ray Davies,The Knife, My Brightest Diamond, Paul Westerberg, Arab Strap, and Lily Allen

and fotr fans of the (If rumors are ture) On- Haits ex-midday host Barb Abney is a host doing Mid-Day on the station Nickname "the Current"

More info at:

You Find this and many more Links at you left of this page or E-mail any new links i may or may not like a:

you can also send News tips, amd nay live show you have seen lately.

* and to our Canadain Friend we like to say Happy Thankgiving Canada.

Good Night and Good Luck
The Local Music News weekend in Detroit

Well next to one bad night to begin the Week end and the rest fell right into placed, it was a ver good weekend in Detroit Rock City (Next to the Word that Radio Ferve have been can by 20th in the Rating WKRK-FM) and S.S.M. Put on a very good rock show Friday Night at the New Dodge. was some news i over heard or they told me For This Blog sight so here we go with new Note From Around Culture City.

* Last Night after Watching the Lions Stinking up a Anudor one Blowing a 17-3 lead to lose in Minnesota, i had to get out of the House once aging to go to the Blemont for to see a free show which is Begin shot for Discover Networks TLC Docament about Parenting, so you are asking what have this do about music, well it about Pranet that are not the normal of your average parents and one of the Family are the Muller Family, who are the Rock and roll Family, Dad played for the Orbitson (Who is lead singer is Vinne Dumbrowski of Spunge and Crud) , The Mom Running Punk Rock Fittness, and the Two boys rocking out the Display, so they did a lot of fliming last Night at the Belmont it was the Orbitison, The Display, and a Brand New Band with the Same two boys from the Display and Hunter Mulldon(Of the Mulldons) on Drums and there Called "The Smashing Windows"( and they played some good Stuff as well all three bands were Great, The Doc will aired on TLC in the Spring of 2007 and when it aired for the First time will let you know.

* Also Hunter Muldoon also told me the will be playing two shows on November 18th with The Hentchmen as part of the what there calling it The Hentchmen Double Header with a show at 5 PM and a show at 9 PM with The Capitol Cities added to the Bill, also he told me that the Muldoons will be putting out a a Christmas 45 single just in time for X-mas as we race to the last two months of 2006 begin day after the GOP go Down big Time November 7.

* And speaking about gigs, Also at the TLC band taping i was hand a flyer for a list of event at Corktown Tavern (Just 3 blocks West of the Lager House and next Old Tigers Stadium at 1716 Michigan Avenue) and the preson who gave me the Flyer told about NEGATIVE APPROACH APPRECIATION NIGHT on Thursday,October 26, Now for those who don't know about the band Negative Approach there was a local hardcore punk who was the First to showcase the Hardcore punk scene to a unsepction public that pave the way for outer bands Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Black Flag., the Night will also have video of a live set of there gig at the Recent Touch & Go's 25th Anniversary show on September 9th, also it will have video of NA's last ever show at the Now defunct Gravestone Ballroom on Broadway.

The Night will also feather Perview of Upcoming DVD Released of Fair Warning Vol. 2 DVD, Fair Warning Vol. 1 will also be on sale. and it will have a live band at the Event Death In Custody,
For More info you can call 313-964-5103

*and Finally one band New note from one of my moles From the DMV band name Changes division, My turut mole told me that the Band Fifth Period Fever ( will Change it Name in the Further What will there names will be it don't know, but the same mole told me that Noelle Christine will be a new member of this band she is on the indie sideline because her other band Na$hinal Debt is on Hiatus because Johnny Nash is touring with the Eletrict 6.

* And Don't For Get Friends were less than Three week away until the debut of the History of the Detroit Rock scene of the late 90's the First half of the of 2000 will be shown in the Documentary It Came from Detroit, a new feature length documentary exploring the raw energy of bands such as The Detroit Cobras, The Henchmen and Electric Six. The film chronicles the evolution of the Detroit garage scene from underground obscurity to rock and roll renaissance. The night will begin with a performance by The Dirtbombs at 6:30 in Rivera Court (free with museum admission), followed by the film screening at 8:00pm in the DFT. Immediately after the screening, The Witches and Outrageous Cherry will close the evening with more live Detroit rock on the DFT stage. Tickets for the theater portion of this special event are $10.

you Can get your ticket By
Clicking Here
Breaking Culture News

You Tube Sole it Soul to Google For $1.6 B

Google agrees to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion

October 9, 2006


SAN FRANCISCO — Google said it will buy YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock in a deal that unites one of the Internet’s marquee companies with one of its rising stars.

The deal would be by far Google’s most expensive in its eight-year history. The lofty price underscores how important Google expects online video to become as more viewers and advertisers migrate from television to the Internet.

While it has been able to extend its lead in the lucrative search market, Google hasn’t been able to become a major player in online video.

“This gives Google the video play they have been looking for and gives them a great opportunity to redefine how advertising is done,” said Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li.

Several other suitors, including Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc. and News Corp., reportedly have discussed a possible YouTube purchase in recent weeks.

“This deal looks pretty compelling for Google,” said Standard & Poor’s analyst Scott Kessler said. “Google has been doing a lot of things right, but they are not sitting on their laurels.”

Google’s YouTube coup may intensify the pressure on Yahoo to make its own splash by buying, the Internet’s second most popular social-networking site. Yahoo has reportedly offered as much as $1 billion for Palo Alto-based Facebook during months of sporadic talks.

“Yahoo really needs to step up and do something,” said Roger Aguinaldo, an investment banker who also publishes a dealmaking newsletter called the M&A Advisor. “They are becoming less relevant and looking less innovative with each passing day.”

Selling to Mountain View-based Google will give YouTube more technological muscle and advertising know-how, as well as generate a staggering windfall for a 67-employee company that was running on credit card debt just 20 months ago.

Since 20-something buddies Chad Hurley and Steve Chen founded the company in February 2005, YouTube has blossomed into a cultural touchstone that shows more than 100 million video clips per day. The video library is eclectic, featuring everything from teenagers goofing off in their rooms to William Shatner
singing “Rocket Man” during a 1970s TV show. The clips are submitted by users.

While most videos posted on YouTube are homemade, the site also features volumes of copyrighted material — a problem that has caused some critics to predict the startup eventually would be sued into oblivion, much like the once-
popular music-sharing site Napster.

But Hurley, 29, and Chen, 27, have spent months cozying up with major media executives in an effort to convince them that YouTube could help them make more money by helping them connect with the growing number of people who spend most of their free time on the Internet.

That trend propelled YouTube’s worldwide audience to 72.1 million through August, up from 2.8 million a year earlier, according to comScore Media Metrix.

YouTube’s conciliatory approach with major media has recently yielded several licensing and promotional agreements that have eased some of the copyright concerns while providing the company with some financial breathing room until it becomes profitable.

To conserve money as it subsisted on $11.5 million in venture capital, YouTube had been based in an austere office above a San Mateo pizzeria until recently moving to more spacious quarters in nearby San Bruno.

As its negotiations with Google appeared to near fruition, YouTube on Monday announced new partnerships with Universal Music Group, CBS Corp. and Sony
BMG Music Entertainment. Those alliances followed a similar arrangement announced last month with Warner Music Group Inc.

The truce with Universal represented a particularly significant breakthrough because the world’s largest record company had threatened to sue YouTube for copyright infringement less than a month ago.

Li and Kessler expect even more media companies will be lining up to do business
with YouTube if it’s bought by Google.

“It’s going to be like, ’You can either fight us or you can make money with us,’” Li predicted.
Breaking "Local TV" Culture News

Yes you heard me whight my Friends

Beaking TV News From Culture City, as the Detroit Free Press report on there web sight today that Frank Turner the anchor preson for the station Hour-Long 5 PM and 7 PM Half-hour newscast on WXYZ-TV(ABC-7)is leaving the Station.

In a Joint statment with he and the Station Turner said While it is a bittersweet moment to see my tenure at Channel 7 come to an end, I am excited and thrilled to answer my call to ministry which can no longer be resisted or denied. I am, therefore, assuming the leadership of God’s Amazing Grace Ministries as a full-time pastor, evangelist and Bible teacher.”

"We understand that Frank’s decision to leave Channel 7 to pursue his ministry on a full-time basis is the result of careful thought and consideration," said Grace Gilchrist, Vice President and General Manager at Channel 7. "All of his colleagues at Broadcast House wish him success."

He been in a high profile job dispute with the station as he want to do anchor the news at Ch.7 and host a daytime radio show on WEXL-AM (1340) but but he was not aloud be cause his station exclusivity clauses in his contract that prohibit such activity.

Turner filed a suit in April that contends the exclusivity clause is discriminatory.

He also sought a temporary court order to circumvent the clause, a request the court rejected on July 6.

this will like end his TV career his first TV Stint at CH.7 ended after the high-profile phone-sex scandal He Change his life around and found Christianity and was hired back in 2000.

They will named his replacedment in Mid-December.
It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City With The Muldoons

I Just thought about this tonight at the Belmont (Hamtramck) as i watch Smash Window The Two boys from the display and and Hunter Muldoon on Drum, that it was 53 weeks ago (One years and one week ago) that The Muldoons played there First ever gig Opened up for the White Stripes at Detroit Masonic Temple on the last night of the Stripes Three night Detroit Gig and won the Crowd over including me.

SInce then they play with the like of The Raconteurs, The Dirtbombs, Mooney Suzuki, Kelly Stoltz, The Greenhornes, SSM, The Hard Lessons, The Decks, Cyril Lords, PA. and the Come Ons.

So in Houner of What Happed 53 Weeks Ago

Here The Muldoons with Zombies Live at the lager house

Gig Gudie Monday

October 9th - October 15th



Jimmy Kimmel Live - The Killers - ABC - (From Last Wednesday)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Gomez - NBC
Last Call with Carson Daly - Amos Lee - NBC
(He also on Wedensday Night)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Robert Randolph & The Family Band - NBC
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Basement Jaxx - NBC
Last Call with Carson Daly - Duke Spirit - NBC
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Edie Brickell
Saturday Night Live - The Killers - NBC (From Two Weeks Ago)
Subterranean - Silversun Pickups - MTV2


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Sadly i have no Choch
Colin Murray
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October 9 - Live music rewind - Alkaline Trio, Primal Scream and The Cure
October 10 - Black Hole of Radio 1 - the best music and comedy downloads
October 11 - Documentary - 'Who cares about Global Warming?'
October 12 - In the company of Beck...

and dont for get
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Angie Stone follows three schoolgirls' rise to Motown queens, in a three part series about The Supremes.

on Line this week


Comedian and Star Trek fan Stewart Lee takes us on a journey to the final frontier, with a look at the phenomenal science fiction series, marking 40 years since it began


Actor Martin Freeman, star of 'The Office' and 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', celebrates the music of 6 artists with a substantial back catalogue of work, who he thinks are 'overlooked and underrated.'


(3 Parts) The Life of Etta James: Candi Staton presents the story of the singer who has conquered personal demons while recording some of the greatest R'n'B records ever.


In Bats Out Of Hell, Paul Sexton tells the story of how the bat first flew, how it came to produce a hugely successful sequel fully 15 years later, and how it's ultimately led to Bat Out Of Hell III, unleashed by Meat Loaf this month.

6 Music

6 Music Play it agian
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Punk Rock U.S.A.
(Prefict timeing because it the laste week of Operation at CBGB in NYC)
Airing all this Week

In the mid-60s bands arrived on the US scene whose sound could, in retrospect, be seen as the origins of punk rock. Groups such as The Standells, The Count Five, The Sonics, The Shadows of Night... all you needed was three chords and an attitude. Inspired by the sounds of the British Invasion, the music was often raw, unrehearsed and untutored. Taking the rhythm and blues raunch of The Yardbirds and the Stones, the melodic heart of the Beatles and the sonic ferocity of The Who and The Kinks as models, US garage rock flowered briefly in the period between 1965 and 1968.

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This Week in Session: Larrikin Love

This Week's Guests:
Bat For Lashes on Monday
and Kenny Young and The Eggplants on Tuesday have total redesing it entri website so there is no new info on who coming up on Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt so that have last week session arcived

Mojave 3
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The Mugs Thursday October 12, 9:30am
Joseph Arthur Thursday October 12, 4:30pm
Sera Cahoone - Live from Ballard Friday October 13, 7:00am
Math & Physics Club - Live from Ballard Friday October 13, 9:00am
Michael Franti - Live in Ballard Friday October 13, 4:30pm
Habib Koite (taping to be aired later) Saturday October 14, 3:00pm
The Hope Saturday October 21, 6:00pm
Weary Saturday October 21, 8:00pm
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And Beging with this week gig gudie Indoors listing upcoming Live in studio Guests from KCMP-FM, 89.3, The Current a radio Station run by and owned by Minnesota Public Radio(MPR), It have a free From mix of Music and have live guests in the studio set

You Can Find More Info at
or the histroy of the station at the Wikipedia section

Wedensday - Kaki King
Dont ask who it is it just a band

but you can listen to these past sesstion

Amy Millan
Asobi Seksu
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Zero 7
M. Ward
Jurassic 5
Amos Lee
Silversun Pickups
Jolie Holland
The Futureheads
Tapes 'N Tapes
The Rakes
World Party
Bruce Cockburn
The Bellrays
K.T. Tunstall
Two Gallants
Drive-by Truckers
The Concretes
Rainer Maria
Regina Spektor
T-Bone Burnett
Shiny Toy Guns
The Editors
The Stills
Ben Harper - live in studio
Mates of State - live in studio
Martha Wainwright - live in studio

and for all you fans of the if rumors are ture the "on-Haites", Former Late morning Host Barb Abney do a show on the Current From 10 AM to 1 PM EDT (9 to Noon CDT)

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Camper Van Beethoven Interview
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One of indie rock’s most influential bands, Camper Van Beethoven join Jake to discuss their long indie history, their influential song "Take the Skinheads Bowling", and current tour.

Built To Spill: You In Reverse
Wed 10/11 4:00 pm ET
Re-Air: Thurs., Oct.19th @ 2 pm ET.

Built To Spill crash through the SIRIUS Studios to hang out with Jake and chat about their latest release You In Reverse, how well it's doing on the charts, and their current tour.

The Decemberists: The Crane Wife
Thurs 10/12 4:00 pm ET
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The Decemberists visit the SIRIUS Studios to chat with Reno about their latest album, The Crane Wife, being on a major label, and their current tour.

Guest DJ: Sean Lennon
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The son of the great John Lennon, Sean Lennon takes over the SIRIUS Studios to play tracks from all his favorite Left of Center bands as well as tracks from his latest record.

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Ziggy Marley: Love Is My Religion
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This week, the DSO is conducted by Hugh Wolff, and features Samuel Barber?rture to The School for Scandal, the Symphony No. 5 by Shostakovich, and pianist Jon Kimura Parker performs with the orchestra in Tchaikovsky?terpiece.

The Wolfman Jack Show
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