Friday, December 29, 2006

The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006

(Part Four Of Five)

Well this is it, The Home Stretch of the First ever Festive 50 as i almost at the Top 10 now this was very, Very tough in putting all 50 even in the Top 20 where you want to put every band in the top spot, but if you made the final 50 be happy that you made the list.

So let begin the Home stretch to the top 10 with No.20

Serena Maneesh
If you think shoegazie is not making a big comeback in the big way oh boy you have not heard the Norway Indie band Serena Maneesh which released there haunting sounding masterpiece debut this and is bring the Ghost of "Lush" past, Long Live shoegazing.

Album released this Year: Serena Maneesh

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
As Paris Hilton is boring us to death thinking she hot, Jenny Lewis is telling the Indie Scene she still the Underground Hottie, she released a solo Album with the help of the Lovely Watson put out "Rabbit Fur Coat" to great review and still hold the The Title of Hottest indie Rock Girl, and Now she go back to her main band Rilo Kiley and as we wait for the New album i Watch "The Wizard" on DVD.

Album released this Year: Rabbit Fur Coat

Forward Russia
I knew this band before they released there debut "Give Me a Wall" in September, there album was out in the UK and was play on Steve Lamacq Old Lamacq Live show on BBC Radio One, the Album is so good except they have to make up for the Cancelled show here in Detroit a few weeks ago, They are a awesome live band.

Album released this Year: Give Me a Wall

The Raconteurs
Well nobody say the the Lead singer of a Popular band and a great Solo Singer would make up a good band but they made it work as they put out a great album out called "Broken Boy Soldiers" as Jack White of The White Stripes and Brendan Benson along with Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence of the Greenhorns made a great debut with great song like Steady, As She Goes","Hands" and the lead tracks but what ever you do don't called a side Project.

Album released this Year: Broken Boy Soldiers

Camera Obscura

This art Pop band from Scotland released a very beautiful album this as they break the states with third album Let's Get Out of This Country which feather the song "Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken," which put out one of the best video of the year, Think of it a 60' Dance Film meet Japanese Pop

Album released this Year: Let's Get Out of This Country

Joanna Newsom
2004 everybody looking a Cute quirky little Singer with a harp as she released The Milk-Eyed Mender and most music people think she be forgetting, but this year the pretty little painting came to life with her breakout album called Ys with the Growling word added with here beautifully harp sound she won over criect, blogger and fans alike to prove she not a work of art to pass by.

Album released this Year: Ys

(Ed Note: Could Not find a Video From Ys, But How about live Joanna Newsome)


Wow Sexy indie rock came back via São Paulo, Brazil, the almost all female Alternative Eletro rock band(there is one guy ib the group) who brought sexy rock back with there Debut "Cansei de Ser Sexy" and one pretty Wild and really sexy lead singer who name say it all Lovefoxxx.

Album released this Year: Cansei de Ser Sexy


who i hear the first song from the album Empire(which is the title track) i did not like it at first, but after continued playing of the title track the band from the UK have the Track of the year and not only that the Title is best play with a Live Orestary.

Album released this Year: Empire

They opening up for Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre, this year they stand on there own with "Standing in the Way of Control" and why big indie girl have pipe as lead girl Beth Ditto know how to belt it out and having the horner of of begin name NME coolest person in rock.

Album released this Year: Standing in the Way of Control

Tom Waits
Hey Kids, The Old Songwriter came back this year with a triple Disc Collection of his best work but he have a lot of new song and yes he went on tour selling show all over including Detroit were tickct went just like that, and he is still love all over.

Album released this Year: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

We reach the End of the Line
Bands 10-1
and see who is the top band who matter this year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006

(Part Three of Five)

This is Part Three of Five of the Fifty bands that matters to me and should matters to you this year or in the Further, were at Half way thought the Countdown and at halfway a recap of what i list so far and no Kieth Obermann will not be counting down.

So let pick up the Best of the Best with No. 30

J. Dilla
Feb. 10 was a tough year for Hip-Hop, Proof was gun down on 8 Mial back in April just two month after the Founder of the Detroit rap group Slim Village J Dilla (Birth name James Dewitt Yancey) pass away after a Life threatening Blood diessed but he live to see the released of his master work "donuts" (Feb. 7)to wide spread acclaimed among music fans who follow the rap scene, His work live on thought the J Dilla Foundation Fro med in May.

Album Released this Year: donuts

(ED Note Once aging in the Youtube World, Did not find anything under Dount, but this video will do.)

Bob Dylan
The Name Say it all, Away from the spotlight for almost five years he came back to released his 44th album called "modern times" now wonder his still loved among music fans worldwide, not only that he tour Ball park in the summer and arena in the fall and he found time to rant on his own radio show on XM Satellite Radio and who know he could be tour on this album forever.

Album Released this Year: modern times

Brazilian Girls
Everybody fave Chill out band with a cool name was back releasing "Talk To La Bomb" back in September to very good reviews and a very good live show, Con sering the fact there is only one girl in the Brazilian Girls and that the lead singer

Album Released this Year: Talk To La Bomb

Regina Spector
Fun, Pretty, and Cool and that way to describe Regina Spektor who released her follow up to "Soviet Kitsch" with the very Fun "Begin to Hope", her stely of Anti-folk briting everyone day and not only that she a good live performers as well.

Album Released this Year: Begin to Hope

Regina Specktor - Us

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(Ed Note: Surprize, Surprize could not the Video From "Begin to Hope" but here her video for "Soviet Kitsch" called "Us"

Well i can't Ignore the Web Votim guy(Japer) favorite band they have a great 2006 after releasing "Black Holes and Revelations" In July not only put on fantastic Live gig and some very strong song you can not denied as the kings of British rock.

Album Released this Year: Black Holes and Revelations

Well i have reach Half way of the Festive 50 so if you miss any thing in this long list you can scroll down to look the Other 20 Bands and there videos pluck out of you tube or you can click out there video on the right of the Menu under the Heading The Culture City Festive 50 - 2006, so here is the count down so far.

50 - Matt & Kim
49 - Viva Voce
48 - Rainer Maria
47 - Jim Noir
46 - Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
45 - The Fiery Furnaces
44 - Asobi Seksu
43 - New York Dolls
42 - Belle & Sebastian
41 - Dears
40 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
39 - be your own PET
38 - Beck
37 - The Strokes
36 - Sonic Youth
35 - Lady Sovereign
34 - Neko Case
33 - Mew
32 - Art Brut
31 - Arctic Monkeys
30 - J. Dilla
29 - Dylan, Bob
28 - Brazilian Girls
27 - Regina Spector
26 - Muse

And No.25 on the list is a band i first love when i saw there picture and song on my space way way back in February or March, Because there Lead singer is fashionable stylish

Monsters Are Waiting
This Just In, LA is no Longer a heave Metal hair bands mecca, It look like the Indie Kids have taking over al you need two to four member, nice looks and good songs as well, and this band from Ehco Park near LA one one of my fave under ground band of the first half of 2006, lead by the sweet vocal of the magical Annalee Ferry made this band the ones to watch in year to come.

Album Released this Year: Fancination

ha ha - monsters are waiting

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TV on the Radio
Hey You, You, You, the band released the Follow up to the 2004 Shortlist Music Prize winning Album "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" with "Return to Cookie Mountain" with lead single "Wolf Like Me" it was so good Spin made it Album of the Year.

Album Released this Year: Return to Cookie Mountain

The Flaming Lips

Long Live Wayne Coyne king of DIY music, this year saw Wayne and Company follow up the story of "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" with andore story "At War with the Mystics" and prove Wayne how to put on a great live show where it New year eve every night i should know because i say there early August show at the State Theater and that was a fun show and not only that the have a Alley name after them in there Home town of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Album Released this Year: At War with the Mystics

The Grates

Who knew that those Australia Indie Kids can dance,have fun and rock out at the same time, this year the three piece Aussie band lead by the always singing and always dancing Patience Hodgson, This is so much fun to listen to and make you want to indie dance, he maybe Patience should try out for the Aussie version of Dancing with the Stars.

Album Released this Year: Gravity Won't Get You High

The Subways
This year the US finally got a taste of London Rock with a band i been following Since mid 2004 where they were introduced to the World at Glastonbury in the U.K., they released "Young For Eternity" back in February to very good reviews and a very good live show to booth (there was here in April, Thank to 89X, Cover was only 0.89 cents)all this despite Billy Losing his voice mid-year, but still singing and still loving Charlotte Cooper (His Further Wife)

Album Released this Year:Young For Eternity

Almost there
The Countdown Continued
with Bands 20 - 11
New Music Tuesday
December 26, 2006

I Interrup the Countdown a Little bit to bring you New music tuesday a Few days late because i dont know if the libary was open or not, but i am geting ads banners today durring this Log-on so i could do a New Music tuesday rundown.

belive it or not at since there is not a sinlge album good out today expect for these album:

Matisyahu - No Place to Be (with DVD of live material; Epic/Or/J-Dub)
Various artists - The Family Values Tour 2006 (Firm)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Earth, Wind & Fire - Beautiful Ballads (Columbia/Legacy)
Enigma - Love Sensuality Devotion: The Remix Collection (Virgin/ EMI Music Catalog Marketing)
Julio Iglesias - Romantic Classics (Burgundy)
Gladys Knight - Beautiful Ballads (Columbia/Legacy)
Isley Brothers - Beautiful Ballads, Vol. 2 (T-Neck/Legacy)
Patti LaBelle - Beautiful Ballads (Epic/Legacy)
Angela Lansbury - Legends of Broadway (Sony Classics)
N.W.A - The Best of N.W.A: The Strength of Street Knowledge (deluxe version with DVD also available; Capitol/Priority) [Buy Now]
O'Jays - Beautiful Ballads (Epic/Legacy)
Bernadette Peters - Legends of Broadway (Sony Classics)
Chita Rivera - Legends of Broadway (Sony Classics)
Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble - The Real Deal Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Epic/ Sony Legacy)
Various artists - Rocky Balboa: The Best of Rocky (Capitol)
Up on music untill sunday
(mostly stuff for past Rocky movies)

Music DVD's:

Nothing much to mention this week
but there is DVD TV

TV on DVD:

Airwolf - Season 2
Davey and Goliath - The Lost Episodes
Girls Behaving Badly - Volume 1
The New Adventures of He-Man - Volume 1
Simple Life 4: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Two-A-Days: Hoover High - Season 1

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006

(Part Two of Five)

It part Two of the The Culture City Festive 50 - 2006
as i pick up at No. 40

Pretty Girls Make Graves
And they still make graves after the New Romance and The departed of Guitarist Nathan Thelen they still make awsome Indie Punk music, and hey you got to love the great rock vocals Andrea Zollo she have a wonderful voice.

Album released this year: Élan Vital

be your own PET

Oh! my god who are these kids who unleashed it rock and roll furyer from way down from Nashville who terrorised rock stages all over the country with there wildcat of a lead singer who mush and bump gig goers on the last song, maybe they travel on two wheel baby!

Album released this year: be your own PET

10 years after Odelay Beck put out a good album with a DIY album cover, but that move got the The Information kick out of the UK Chart because it was a freebie, thanks allot bad boy bands of the 80's and 90's, but is still a rocking Genius.

Album released this year: The Information

The Strokes

There were the first rock band to put out a album on the first week of the year and they still have what to take a they put out a great album with good track "You Only Live Once","Heart in a Cage", and the wonderful "Juicebox" but what the further hold because the band is on Hiatus and Albert Hammond, Jr. has released his solo album

Album released this year: First Impressions of Earth

Sonic Youth

Still rocking and rolling after almost 25 years and they still bring on the noise and still have good gig no matter where you are at the venue(I was in the Balcony at the State Theater wend they play with the Go team and the Flaming Lips) they released there 17 album this year and the last on there contract with Geffen, will they go indie in the Further. and they could be the Indie Rolling Stones.

Album released this year: Rather Ripped

Lady Sovereign
You boys there is a female MC in the house and she is urbe rapping cool, She a female MC who bring down the noise, she have put out a Public Waring that she a better MC then K-Fed.

Album released this year: Public Warning

Neko Case

I have listen to her since her days when she released The Virginian (with Her backing band the Boyfriends), and she have always been that great country singers, even with the New Pornographers she have that down home Country voice, she released "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" to wide spread acclaimed that landed on some best of List (No.1 on the music editors' picks and No. 2 on NPR's All Songs Considered Show)

Album released this year: "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"


Great rock that sound so good you want to join there my space page, the band released the Indie New Prog rock masterpiece "And the Glass Handed Kites" with the verey good song "The Zookeeper's Boy" a wonderful track with a good sound and was many of the Blogger fave this year.

Album released this year: And the Glass Handed Kites

Art Brut
Now every body who want to from a band anywhere in the country, Pleased listen to Bang Bang Rock and Roll from the UK Indie Art Punk Band Art Burt, where professor Eddie Argos with tell you tell you the Joy of forming a band and how to get your brother in to rock and roll, Let hoped the Follow up will include how to date male and female member of the band.

Album released this year: Bang Bang Rock and Roll

Arctic Monkeys
That band became a UK Indie sensation releasing Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and became the fastest selling UK Album of all time and Nationwide Mercury Prize to boot and carry over to the US with a gig On SNL, Now What will happened with Follow up album, The Best New Band ever or Biggest Second album Flop Ever.

Album released this year: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Bands 30-21
and a Mid Countdown recap
The Gig Gudie #2
The New Years Eve Edtion

Yes this is the night almost every metro detroit have been waiting for every December 31 as Father time of the old year goes off the Retiredment home and the baby new year is born at midnight.

Most people will do nothing, most people will watch Dick Clark ring in with three millions of his closest friends in Times Square in NYC,but 2/3 of metro detroit will go out giging for what ever left of 2006 and welcome 2007 with opend arms.

So as a pulice service the Following List are show going all around the Detroit Tri-country and if i miss any thing pleased let me know at and the Gig got to be indie.

Magic Stick

$15 Avc. Tickets
$18 Day of

Majestic Theater

Cover $15

Magic Bag(Frendale)

The Ultimate Retro
New Year's Party
Cover $35, 21 and Over

Hyatt Regency (Dearborn, 600 Town Center Drive)

New Year Show with Unwritten Law, the Muggs, Gore Gore Girls and Bedford Drive, plus DJs Gabe Real, Mike Rhythm and Marissa Guzman.
$47 general admission. Call for room packages.
1-(800)- 233-1234.

The Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

The Go
Alex White and the Red Orchestra
Josh Daniels and the Addictions
Cover $ 10 / 21+

The Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

4th Annual New Year's Eve Bash
Over 21 $15
Under 21 $18. 18+

The Belmont (Hamtramck)

New Year's Eve Bash
with the Beggars, Siddhartha, Cortez, Carjack and DJ Matt the Millionaire.
Cover: $5

Small (Hamtramck)

nye bash
w/ the bumpin uglies, chapstick and more
Cover: $10

Detroit Opera House (Downtown Detroit)

The Ohio Players, Dramatics and Enchantment.

The Max M. Fisher Music Center(Mid-town Detroit)

Early show (8 PM)
comedian Hal Sparks.

Late Show (10 PM)
Detroit Legends of Electronic Music featuring Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Carl Craig.
$58.50 or $103.50 for V.I.P.

Clutch Cargo's(Pontiac, 65 E. Huron St.)
New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball 10-year anniversary with DJ Shortstop, Nick Craig, videos, balloon drop, cash giveaways and party favors.
$15 in advance

Royal Oak Music Theatre (Royal Oak, 318 W. Fourth St.)
Blue New Year with Howling Diablos, Catfish Mafia, the Reefermen and DJ Linda Lexy. $15 advance.

Fox Theatre
Mike Epps
$53.50, $68.50 & $78.50
$58.50, $73.50, $83.50 - the day of the show

Emerald Theatre (Mount Clemens, 31 N. Walnut St)
New Year's Eve Odyssey

But if you are staying indoor
Here the gudie for you

The Indoors New Years Eve Gig Gudie

11 PM - 12:30 AM
Toni Braxton and Daughtry perform in Times Square
reports from cities hosting the Bowl Championship Series
memorable pop-culture moments of the year
the New Year's Eve ball drops in New York
Cat Deeley hosts.

NBC New Year Eve with Carson Daly
(Also on CNBC, MSNBC, and Bravo, there a per-show on MSNBC and Bravo at 11 PM)
Panic! At the Disco perform laive at time sqaure
guest appearances by Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes")
rockers Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro as well as the band OK Go.

Primetime - 10-11PM
Part 1 - 11:30 PM - 1 AM
Part 2 - 1 AM - 2 AM
Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2007
Hosts Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest
scheduled performers include Christina Aguilera, Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Meat Loaf, RBD, Ludacris, Rihanna and KT Tunstall
the traditional Times Square countdown
Marysol Castro reports on happenings in New York.

PBS (WTVS-56 or WFUM - 28)
10 PM - 1 AM
Garrison Keillor's New Year's Eve Special
Garrison Keillor of "A Prairie Home Companion" will host a live New Year's Eve broadcast from Nashville's legendary Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry.

11 PM- 1 AM
New Year Eve with Anderson Cooper
Live at NYC

11 PM - 1 AM
106 & Party: BET New Year's Eve Special

11 PM - 12:30 AM
MTV Goes Gold: New Year's Eve 2007

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006
(Part One of Five)

So Here we go the 50 Bands that matters in the Indie world and that matter at the same time, so here we go begin as always at No.50.

Matt & Kim
The is one of the last band the blogger that i read loved so much, and a very fun Video to boot for the song Yeah, Yeah the Boyfriend(Matt, Keyborad) and Girlfirend(Kim, Drums) Nerdy rock combo that will keep people dancing for the Upcoming year, and there are a fun band to jump up and down.

Album released this year: S/T

Viva Voce
The best part of not knowing about the band is seeing them or listen to there music, if the Portland, Oregon band did not win new fans with there last released The Heat Can Melt Your Brain, they did win new Fans with there "Get Yr Blood Sucked Out" which inclued the song From the Devil Himself and a great video to Honrus John and yokom bed in for peace the 60's, not bad for married bands Member Kevin and Anita Robinson

Album released this year:Get Yr Blood Sucked Out

Rainer Maria
One of the best Underrated Live band throw in towle in 2006, but untill they gave one last record "Catastrophe Keeps Us Together" this after they left it all with the 2003 released Long Knives Drawn, where you like them or not or have not hear of them, they make the list because there was good on record of at a live gig.

Album released this year: "Catastrophe Keeps Us Together"

Jim Noir
before you ever hear of the World cup ad with "Eanie Meany", i became a fan of the Manchester, England singer/Songwriter after the NME pick his single "My Patch" as the second runner-up in there single of the week, and his is very good and it very great album, and dont be surprize you be hearing more from him in the futher.

Album released this year: "Tower of Love"

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
As the front woman as Metic she was full blast from start to finsh saving the world from rock n' roll but after touring for "Live it out"(2005)she go back to the phone booth and became a quite paino playing reguarl Emily. she relased her solo debut which took four years to make and playing her own shows in between playing with the Broken Socail Scene and going back to the Phone booth to play Metric in the UK.

Album released this year: Knives Don't Have Your Back

The Fiery Furnaces
Hey did this band know how to played a live show or what, the band which make up bother and sister Duo of Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger relased there latest album of a running beat and COnfesanl Lyrics and no wonder there are fans Fave in the Live Music Scene.

Album released this year:Bitter Tea

(Ed Note: Could not find a video from Bitter Tea, so here is a video for Tropical Iceland From Gallowsbird's Bark)

Asobi Seksu
One i hear this blogger favort was going on tour, i knew i have to see for myself and after see there and after seeing them i know if there is a show gazer break-out they will be in the fore-front and they sound sweet live and there lead singer is pretty cool, not bad for a band whose english Translating mean "Playful Sex" (There Words, Not Mine)

Album released this year: Citrus

New York Dolls
hey kids, David Johansen is back for his new adventure as he and the New York Dolls released the first set in almost 30 years and mr. Johansen is still good, Still rocking, and still Fabouls, and still good., Indie Kids can learn a few lesson or too.

Album released this year: "One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This"

Belle & Sebastian
Stuart Murdoch still telling some very nice and pretty cool Scottish rock that would be the perfect soundtrack to the date last week, and they still released good music despite the Departher of Isobel Campbell(Solo Carred) and is still loved by the real music fans that matter.

Album released this year: The Life Pursuit

Softmore slump i dont think so, after relesed the wonderfull No Cities Left, Front man Murray Lightburn and his gang of Loser came back the released there third LP Called Gang of Loser as they persent there Lush indie pop and have a good beat to it not only the the Video for "Ticket To Immortality" have a Ode to The King of Rock n Roll at the End.

Album released this year: Gang of Losers

Tommorrow :Part Two
Bands 40-31
A introduction To The Culture City Festive 50

Well everyone, my regular readers to this blog sight we have made it to the end of the year, I hoped you have a wonderful x-mas on Monday, my was so quite you would even Not Notice.

Well since this is the last week of 2006, and the news cycle do get light in the last few weeks of the old year and the first few weeks in the new year i thought when planing my blog sight almost two years ago in Early 2005 i thought since i grow up on TV and the radio and TV and Radio both on the same time and computers and CD and Tapes and tapes and then the wide new world that is Internet radio and since i listen to a lot of new bands on the web these days and wanting to go to there show and buy the CD and have a small love of the cute bass player or the Cute and awsome Lead singer who i wish was a local so i can thak her out to a movie. (Oh.I am off track)

So i am going to horns my 50 best bands that released awsome music this year, so with a little inspirations and loved for the bands at the same time i decide to have my owned Festive 50, better yet it called:

"The Culture City Festive 50"

The 50 best bands that get look down up pond and get laugh at because there hip not looking good or don't have the bling, Bling, and get told there music is not right for there market, Well to that i say "To the Hell with the mainstream.

So the Following list that will spaed out over the next week(if you miss any thing during the week the Full List is on the right of the menu) i give all of my loved to the band the rock the indie world and still show that Indie music do matter these days.

The Festive 50 was first introduce in 1976 by the late great BBC Radio One DJ John Peel just to horon the Fifty best song of the year as choosed by his listener of BBC Radio One, the list that i am basing from is a list of bands who released music (So the Bands will be listed not the Album, but you will know the released a album this year)as done on the CJAM-FM Show Cowboys and Indie (Saturday from 9:30 PM -Midnidght on CJAM-FM, 91.5 on-air and on-line at

Un like the Peel version of the festive 50, i don't have the listeners back so i have to follow some Rules For this version to be on the Festive 50.

1. they must released a album in the Caldera year (that Mean JAN.1 to Dec. 31)
2. they must be LP(More than 8 Song), no EP (expect for the Local 25)
3. there is no boarders in the Festive 50 (they could come from any where)

And The Placing of the Full list is somewhat of a exact science, is just how i am felling about the bands in the Full list (Almost 188 Album on the list) or as the Co-hosted of WRIF-HD2 Riff 2 "Detroit Local 101" Suzy Cole and Melody Licious like to say, i Like the band because it have a cute female in the band(For the Record, many of the bands or singers on this list do have boyfriends in there home city or there married with other member of the Band.

since i stared over two week ago i have paired down to the 50 bands on this and some bands that are left off the list that will be Honors in the Honorable Mention when i get out of break.

So have a safe rest of this last week of 2006 and enjoy the Countdown of the Culture city Festive 50.

Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown is Dead
Long Live James Brown

I hoped you are having merry Christmas today and i hoped you got all what you wanted, This Year.

Well last night at i was catching up with the festive 50 this year i read the sad news out of Atlanta, GA about the passing of Mr. Please Please Please, Mr. Dynamite, Soul Brother Number One, Minister of The New New Super Heavy Funk, the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business, the Godfather of Soul James Brown.

He died this morning (11/25) at 1:45 AM of heart failure after begin admit to a Atlanta area hospital on Saturday after his Dentist noted he was Suffing from pneumonia, This just 24 Hours after he did what he always did every Christmas give toys aways to underprevige kids in his hometown of Augusta, GA.

At his bedside was his long time Friend Charles Bobbit who told at the press conference he know the would be it told him "I'm going away tonight".

Brown was born in the small town of Barnwell, South Carolina during the Great Depression, He First hit the pop chart was in 1955 with "Please, Please, Please"
with his backing and and thought out the the 60's and the 70's he have hit after hit with song like: "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag", "I Got You (I Feel Good)","Say it Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud",and his last hit Living in America in 1986.

The man was preform a unstoppable dancer and became a major influenced for rock, soul, R&B, and rap.

To remember James Brown we have a series of Video to remember by

God Bless you
James Brown
May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday
From Me At it Came from Culture City

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Late Breaking Culture News

It Sunday the day before "X-Mas" and it will have my x-mas break as schuechel (excepct for the Festive 50 next week), but there is some news to talk about and it involed the well know downtown electronic music venue call Oslo which is located down stairs below a Sushi bar on Woodward and John R.

Accroing to the Metro Times music Blog ( that Oslo have seen there last dance, The Paper Techno writer Walter Wasacz report in the post that on the weekend of Dec.15 and 16 the doors of the Club was pad lock, this after a record message told visitor that food service was suspended at the sushi bar, but the all the shows would continues downstairs.

But a coulpe of show was pull and a coulpe of shows was moved to The Works (Michigan. Ave.) there will be more on this in Next week Metro times in Print and on Line at or if you can find there myspace Page to see what going down at
Gig Gudie Monday

December 26th - December 30th



Silversun Pickups - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS (From Dec. 1)
Lady Sovereign - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC (From Nov. 9)
Isaac Hayes - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC(From Dec. 20,2005)
Peter Frampton - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC (From Nov. 13)
Cheap Trick - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC(From May 9)
Fiona Apple - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC(From Sept. 21)
The Decemberists - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS (From Nov. 28)
Meg & Dia - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC (From Sept. 20)
Robert Randolph & The Family Band - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS (From Dec. 1)
Beck - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC (From Dec. 14)
Tenacious D - Saturday Night Live - NBC (From Dec. 2)


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4-5 EST

This Week - The Best of 2006
Specail Time 4-6 PM

Jo Whiley In Live Music We Trust
Wednesday 4-5 EST

This Week - we take a look back at the Live Music highlights from 2006

Colin Murray
Monday-Tuesday 5-7 PM EST

X-mas day - Colin's top 25 records of 2006
Tuesday - The best of the Black Hole 2006
Wednesday - Your Free Associations!
Thrusday - The best of In the Company of...

Huw Stephens Unsigned
Wednesday 7-9 PM EST

This Week - Best Of Sessions

and as always pleased dont Forget
Annie Mac
here Friday Night Mash-up
Friday From 5-7 PM EST
This Week - Best of 2006
And Her Sunday Night Web Show
Sunday 4 PM

Radio 2


This new three part series celebrates the voice and career of Johnny Mathis celebrating 50 years in show business. Mathis is one of the last in a long line of traditional male vocalists who emerged before the rock era of 1960s. 'Heavenly Johnny Mathis' features an exclusive in-depth interview with the singer exploring his illustrious career and his recollections are the core of each revealing programme.

Sunday 31 December 1300-1400
Released in November 2006, the latest Beatles album - Love, features adventurous new versions of the Fab Four's songs, reworked by their original producer, George Martin and his son Giles.
The project, which gave the Martins the opportunity to create these new versions of The Beatles' songs (and mix them in surround-sound), was the new Cirque du Soleil show, which received its gala première on 30 June 2006 in Las Vegas.
In this documentary, George and Giles discuss their innovative project and, at the mixing desk, demonstrate how three songs were reworked.

and Dont Forget Suzi on Radio two
Thursday at 4 PM

BBC 6 Music

6Music Plays It Again
Monday-Tuesday from 4:30 PM EST

This Week

As a tribute to veteran presenter Alan "Fluff" Freeman, 6Music presents 2 of Alans' classic Pick Of The Pops.. Not Arff

6Music Plays It Again Overnight
every Night at 10 PM EST

This Week
The Paul Simon Song Book
Annie Nightingale talkes to Paul Simon about his life and music

Saturday 10 PM EST
The Keith Moon Radio Show

Live at 4 (AM UK)
every Night at 11 PM

Monday - The Coral - Glastonbury Festival 2002
Tuesday - Bush - London Forum 1997
Wednesday - Counting Crows - Shepherd's Bush Empire 1997
Thursday - Eighties Matchbox B- Line Disaster 2003
Friday - Super Furry Animals - Summer Sundae Weekender 2006
Saturday - R.E.M. - BBC Radio Theatre

Sunday - The Rapture - Glastonbury Festvial

Joe Mace Dream Ticket
Monday to Thursday 5-8 PM

Wednesday - Royksopp
Thursday - Queen

Queens of Nosie
Saturday 7-8 PM EST

This Week - New Years Eve

Tom Robinson
Monday to Tuesday 2-4;30 PM

This Week in Session: Puressence
This Week's Guests: Field Music and Rodrigo Y Gabriella
(all times are PST, Three Hours Behind EST)

Amiina Tuesday December 26, 3:00pm
Wild Sweet Orange Friday December 29, 5:00pm
Pablo Saturday December 30, 3:00pm
Jeremy Enigk Interview w/ John Richards (LIVE from Chop Suey) Saturday December 30, 6:30pm
The Village Green (LIVE from Chop Suey) Saturday December 30, 7:00pm
Catfish Haven (LIVE from Chop Suey) Saturday December 30, 8:00pm
Walter Meego Sunday December 31, 12:00pm
The Ettes Sunday December 31, 3:00pm

Satulitte Radio


It the End of the year round up

Alt. Nation (Ch.21)

Countdown From 21's Year-End Blast Off
Mon 12/25 9:00 am ET

Rebroadcast: Tues., Dec. 26th @ 12 pm ET
Weds., Dec. 27th @ 3 pm ET
Thurs., Dec. 28th @ 6 pm ET
Fri., Dec. 29th @ 9 pm ET
Sat., Dec. 30th @ 12 am ET
Sun., Dec. 31st @ 9 am & 6 pm ET
Mon., Jan. 1st @ 12 pm ET & 9 pm ET.

SIRIUS Disorder (Ch. 24)

Meg & Lenny Christmas Show
with SIRIUS Disorder’s Meg Griffin and Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith's band
Mon., Dec. 25th @ 4 pm ET

World Café on SIRIUS Disorder
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
noon - 2pm ET Friday

X-Mas Day - Aimee Mann Xmas Special
Tuesday - Best of week: Paul Simon
Wednesday - Best of week: Josh Ritter, Alejandro Escovedo
Thrusday - Best of week: JJ Cale and Eric Clapton, Lindsey Buckingham
Friday - Best of week: Elton John, Neko Case

THE SUMMIT: Listeners' Choice: The Coolest Song of The Year
Hotesd by Little Steven with Underground Garage DJs Joan Jett, Bill Kelly, Kid Leo, Ko Melina and Handsome Dick Manitoba from New York, Martin Lewis and The Mighty Manfred from Los Angeles, Kim Fowley from the deserts of California and Andrew Loog Oldham from Bogota in South America.
Mon 1/1 3:00 pm ET

Left of Center (Ch. 26)

The Lists' Top 26 of 06
Mon 12/25 8:00 pm ET

Rebroadcast: Tues., Dec. 26th @ 4 pm ET
Weds., Dec. 27th @ 12 pm ET
Thurs., Dec. 28th @ 9 am ET
Fri., Dec. 29th @ 12 pm ET
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Sun., Dec. 31st @ 12 pm & 8 pm ET
Mon., Jan. 1st @ 9 am & 4 pm ET

Best Of Sessions
Tues 12/26 12:01 am ET

Rebroadcast: Tues., Dec. 26th @ 8 pm ET
Weds., Dec. 27th @ 4 pm ET
Thurs., Dec. 28th @ 1 pm ET
Fri., Dec. 29th @ 4 pm ET
Sat., Dec. 30th @ 8 pm ET
Sun., Dec. 31st @ 12 pm & 4 pm ET
Mon., Jan. 1st @ 1 pm & 8 pm ET.

Regular Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET

This Week - The Shins

XM Radio

X-Mas Day

Mannheim Steamroller's entire Christmas Collection
6AM - 9AM ET - Fine Tuning - XM 76

Holiday Music
7:00 AM ET - On Broadway - XM 28

Moya Brennan Irish Christmas
11:30 AM ET - Fine Tuning - XM 76


The Penthouse: Isaac Hayes
10PM ET - Soul Street - XM 60


Chartistry Johnny Cash Tribute
6AM ET - America - XM 10

Bill Anderson Episode 100 Patsy Cline Tribute
Noon ET - America - XM 10


Bill Anderson Episode 85 Loretta Lynn
8AM ET - America - XM 10


Bill Anderson Episode 101 Roy Clark
6PM ET - America - XM 10

New Year Eve are on the New Year Eve Gig Gudie


Saturday - SHARON JONES and the DAP-KINGS!

Maigic Bag

Tuesdat tuoght Saturdat at 7 and 10

Lager House

Friday - Zoos of Berlin w/ WE R DJ and other surprise guests!
Saturday - SSM w/ guests

Saint Andrews Hall

Saturday - Breathing Underwater



Tuesday - Renovaudio w/ The Debt, Indy United, Jason Burbo
Wednesday - Whelm w/ Negative Drop, Phoenix rising
Thursday - Parachute
Friday - Chrome Mali w/ The Cetan Clawson Revolution, Taste This, Lazy Genius
Saturday - Chris Bathgate w/ Frontier Ruckus, Misty Lyn, Matt Jones

The Belmont

Tuesday - Duffy, Happy Hour and more.
Saturday - Best Idea Ever, Calvinball and more.


Wednesday - Smalls Christmas party w/ The Orbitsons and the Highlife FREE SHOW!!
Thursady - See Dick Run, CallBacks, Bazooka Jones
Friday - Grande Nationals, Sherri
Saturday - SEDUCE

Joe Louis Arena

Tuesday - The Scream 5 Tour: Featuring Omarion and Ne-Yo

Fox Theaher

Just to let you know that this week is the last week of Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Tue, Dec 26, 2006 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Wed, Dec 27, 2006 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Thu, Dec 28, 2006 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sat, Dec 30, 2006 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m

The Palace of Auburn Hills

And If You Miss Him This Week
He is Doing Shows Three and Four

Thursday and Saturday
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

If i miss a gig any where in Detroit and if is indie rock related
Fling me a E-ail at