Saturday, January 20, 2007

Breaking Culture News

This is a dispatch from Ottawa,ON,Canada as the indie rock band "Arcade Fire" played there first show in almost 14 months tonight in a almost unlikely venue Canterbury High School in Ottawa that where member Richard Reed Parry when to school there as a wram up for a series of sold out show in aptipapatcie for the new album "Neon Bible" which is out all over March 6th.

CBC Radio 3 Michael Barclay was embedded with the band and filed this report on the CBC radio 3 websight tonight at 8:07 PM

Link to the report and the report on CBC Radio 3 tonight with Radio 3 DJ Grant Lawrence

Nothing’s Hid from Us Kids
Posted by Michael Barclay at 8:07 PM

Smells like teen spirit, indeed. Specifically, the unmistakable stench of teenage boy. This is, after all, a high school cafeteria.

But it’s also the site of the first Arcade Fire show in 14 months, the first time anyone outside their immediate circle of friends has heard their new material, the first time they’ve played in front of an audience since they opened for U2 at the Bell Centre in their hometown of Montreal.

The opening act is one of the strangest I’ve ever seen: a school administrator, who reminds the audience how lucky they are to go to such a prestigious arts school. Frankly, his flow was a bit stilted, and had too many shout-outs. After a few words from the head of the alumni committee, the Arcade Fire take the stage, decked out in spiffy new stage threads and more than a tad nervous about the first public performance of Neon Bible.

Unfortunately, the set is plagued with sound troubles, feedback and uncooperative instruments. Not that anyone there cares, or has even seen enough shows to know the difference. The band is excited to be playing again, and the kids—well, the kids are excited by everything. There’s lots of pogo-ing, lots of hippie dancing, lots of friendly crowd surfing, and lots of screaming anytime there’s an obvious crescendo—or decrescendo, or anything worth screaming about. It’s so easy to forget the innocent joy of first love, first concerts—and of course, the first time a world famous band comes to play your high school cafeteria.

No wonder the Arcade Fire wanted this kind of audience. If they played anywhere else, there’d be far too many people stroking their chins and deciding whether or not the new material held up to Funeral.

And for the record, it is. Again, the sound trouble made it hard to make out any lyrics or any musical subtleties—like the sacrificial string section, for example. But the strength of new songs like the political “Windowsill,” the propulsive “The Well and the Lighthouse,” and the triumphant single “Intervention” were all obvious to even the tone deaf.

Making up for the bad sound is the fact that the venue is far from oversold. Though 400 tickets were sold—available only to students and alumni—the cafeteria is spacious, not at all stuffed. That gives the teachers plenty of room to roam and try in vain to stifle the legions of amateur photographers determined to preserve the event. One mild-mannered older teacher politely asks me if I’ll delete my photos later that evening.

I told him that of course I would. Except, of course, for the one you see above of Richard Reed Parry, the arcade fire member who attended Canterbury High School.

Friday, January 19, 2007

it came from the late night music club from culture city EXTRA with the Teddybears
with the one and only Iggy Pop.

This is the regular one of the night you may have hear it in a Cadillac ad on TV now we have the full three Minutes it The Teddybears with the one and only Iggy Pop with Punkrocker

It came from the late night music club from culture city with the Mamas and the Papas in tribute to Denny Doherty

Late Friday, we learn that Denny Doherty 1/4 of the classic 60's pop group The Mamas & the Papas pass away at 66.

His sister Frances Arnold said the singer-songwriter died at his home in Mississauga, a city just west of Toronto, after a short illness. He had suffered kidney problems following surgery last month and had been put on dialysis.

Denny Doherty was part of the band that from with Cass Elliot and John and Michelle
Phillips form the first co-ed band that feather both male and female member in the same band.

they hit it big time in 1966 when the album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears reach No.1 with time worthily song like "Monday, Monday" and "California Dreamin'" but inter turmoil with in the band lead to there deism but there impact still remain the debut album which was on rolling stone magazine top 500 album of all time and there are members of the rock and roll hall of fame.

Michelle Phillips is the only member of The Mamas and The Papas still alive today,Mama Cass Elliot die in 1974 of heart failure, and John Phillips die in 2001.

this blog remember Denny Doherty with the song that made The Mamas and The Papas Famous "California Dreamin'"

Indie Music Roundup
January 19, 2007

* And From the Boy this sucks department, our dear friends at the CBC have once agian proved there owed to the public servic as they rebarnd CBC Radio two schueled by Axing there late night and Saturday Night schuecle, that meaning the end of saturday night simulcast on CBC Radio 3 on radio Two(7:30 PM to Midnight) and after almost 23 years on Radio Two "Brave New Waves" with Patti Schmidt(Midnight to 4 AM ) is off the aired as March, In a rebranding of both CBC Radio One (AM 1550 in Windsor) and CBC radio Two (89.9 FM in Windsor).

but in a posting in the radio 3 websight(
Link) "The Saturday Night Show was a lot of work to produce, so with this off our shoulders, we can finally start working on projects that until now we just haven't had the resources to tackle", that mening other stuff on the cbc radio which it only on satulitte but they may add the audio feed on the radio 3 sight.

* other news out there,
Lily Allen will go on tour in Febuary as part of the MTV Discover and Download tour that will hit seven city but the tour will not hit the detroit area, the closet the tour will com from detroit will be in Chicago, IL at the Metro in Feb.8.

and she have alot on her plate after contoring the UK last year, Her debut,Still , Alright will finally be released here on January 30, and will be the musicail guest on SNL on Feb 3rd, after a birfe tour in euroup she will be back in the UK to do SXSW in march.

* also coming to the state side after almost a full year of Churshe all over the country, thanks for thouse music blog are the UK polka-dot cuties
The Pipettes who last year released the debut album "We are the Pipettes" in the UK, they are doing a hand full of show it will be held around the Week before the south by south west fest in austan, TX.

They will play Toronto ON Canada as part of Canadian Music Week on march 10th, NYC Bowery Ballroom with Amy Winehouse on March 13th and will do SXSW on march 14th to the 18th.

No Word on when "We are the Pipettes" be out in the states, but hey it going to be good.

* only 6 and a half weeks away untill the
Arcade Fire released the master work which is called "Neon Bible" as you know it will be released on March 6th on Merge and the album will be released on CD, deluxe CD, and vinyl, according to the lable, The deluxe version comes housed in a box with a lenticular cover designed to resemble the graphic on the front page of the album website. It also includes two booklets.

The LP is "double 180-gram audiophile quality with three sides of music and an etching on the fourth side

To warm up for there sold out world tour there playing a warm up gig in all placed Canterbury High School in Ottawa, Ontarn, Canada, why there?

it the the alma mater of Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry, there is a member of the CBC Radio 3 crew embed with the band and will post a report on the radio 3 site and will be repost tonight.
Film Guide Friday

Normally, i would put the Film that playing at Main art, Maple Art, Birmingham 8, or the D.I.A. near the end of the film guide post but since i hear so many good things about this film i am putting this film on the top of the list, but you better hurry it at the main art for one week only.

(Description from the Free Press.)

"Pan's Labyrinth," Guillermo del Toro's beautiful and spooky fable about a young girl who escapes into a fantasy world of dark wonder after her mother marries a fascist officer during the Spanish Civil War. Rated R.

the only released this week every where in Detroit is this film.

"The Hitcher"(May be Bad, not review for reviewer before the deadline.)

A young man driving across country becomes prey for a cunning serial killer, who blames all his murders on the young man.

New at the Cinemark Movies 16
(AKA, The discount theater)

(from judging from the movie it good)


Released every where next week

Blood and Chocolate

A teen werewolf much choose between her love for a human outsider and betraying the vows of her family's secret society.

Catch and Release

Jennifer Garner is a woman who must deal with the untimely death of her husband and the revelation of secrets he kept from her.

Epic Movie

A comedy in the spirit of 'Scary Movie' and 'Date Movie' spoofs a number of recent big-budget mega blockbuster films.

Smokin' Aces

A rogues' gallery of characters collide with the FBI when a Vegas mob boss takes a hefty contract out on a magician's head.
late night music club from culture city
P.L.U.G. Awards spotlight

with a update over the last few weeks you been wondering when the deadline for voting in the 3rd annuals P.L.U.G independaint music awards.

well we have a answers i been telling you that the deadline for voting for the plug awards was some where in January 2007.

Well i was wrong aging.

The Deadline for voting in the plug awards will be
no later than Friday, Febuary 2nd at 11:59 PM

Just a full week before the Plug awards in NYC Febaury 10th.

so make your voice hear go to the PLUG awards websight and make your voice heard

if you cant be in NYC, the PLUG awards will be webcast live on the internet music video channel Mania TV ( live on Feb 10 with performances by
Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks, Silversun Pickups, El-P, Deerhoof & Tokyo Police Club and the show will be hosted by actor and Comic David Cross, It should be fun.

But if you are plan on going to NYC you can
click Here For tickets.

And now For Your Consideration
The P.L.U.G. awards For:

Song Of The Year

12 songs that you been humming all year from start to finsh there no sexyback here, but there bringing indie back in a big way

Sso the nominees are:
with video from you tube

Arctic Monkeys - "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" (Domino)

Band Of Horses - "The Funeral" (Sub Pop)

Gossip - "Standing In The Way Of Control" (Kill Rock Stars)

Hot Chip - "And I Was A Boy From School" (Astralwerks)

Hot Chip - "Over And Over" (Astralwerks)

Jenny Lewis WIth The Watson Twins - "Rise Up With Fists" (Team Love)

Midlake - "Roscoe" (Bella Union)

Fan Video
Peter Bjorn And John - "Young Folks" (Wichita)

Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye" (Dangerbird)

The Coup - "Laugh/Love/F**k" (Epitaph)

Sorry to say there was no video for the abvoe track

The Knife - "We Share Our Mother's Health" (Mute)

Tokyo Police Club - "Nature Of The Experiment" (Paper Bag)


we have a follow up to a story that have been makings the round all over Detroit and the music blog about the lead singer of ? and the Mysterians who go by the mame ? who have a hit back in the 60's with "96 tears".

His house he seard with his manger and her wife of nearly 30 years burn to the ground last week in a electer fire in Clio, mi outside of Flint.

All Three was not hurt in the fire but ? entire work of music, his gold records, his awards, and a lot of memorabilia where all lost in the Fire in cluing four of his four Yorkies Terriors, a cockatoo was also lost in the blaze.

ever since the story broke there was a sadness round town from Clio to The Tri-city area (Flint, Sawnig, and Bay City) all a way to I-75 in Detroit rock city there have been in the days after the fire of staging a all-star benefit gig to help out ? with a loit of big names, but it still in the planing stages.

If we here any more well let you know as the soon it come out.

Also, This Fridays at the stick there will be the Sights with Siddartha and Porchsleeper show and they will be accepting donations at the door as well, and according to Metro times Johnny Loftus from one of the guys from Porchsleeper that Question mark may also make a apperacnt at the show .

so if you want to sent in a lost memos to replace the one or you want to sent in a donation please send it to this address:

? and the Mysterians
P.O. Box 96
Clio, MI 48420

you also send in a message at the band myspace page at:
and on the Question Mark Official Benefit Page on myspace as well

Thursday, January 18, 2007

it came from the late night music club from culture city with a Scion

Sorry for all those late post today i went to the auto show today at cobo
saw alot of cool cars and still if i ever buy new the perfect indie culture car

i think i may found on From the Culture city Festive 50 - Local 25 list

Those Fantastic kids from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan for the scion young film makers contest last year from Knockout it "Those Transatlantics"with "In Your Neighborhood"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The List
January 17, 2007

A peak of what is cool on on line or on air radio

Wednesday 2:30-4p.m. Eastern

PlayList for Jan.10


Playlist Jan. 17


Cowboys & Indies
Saturday From 9:30 PM - Midnight
Cjam-Fm Windsor (

Playlist for Jan. 13

towers of london - i'm a rat
the automatic - rats (request)
robots in disguise - the dj's got a gun
the good, the bad & the queen - kingdom of doom
massive attack - man next door (request)
the slits - earthbeat (request)
pj harvey - sheela-na-gig (peel session)
the klaxons - golden skans
noisettes - sister rosetta (capture the spirit)
just jack - starz in their eyes
uncut - kiss me
dandi wind - apotemnophilia
the parisians - why choose one side
the hellboys - burn it down
the view - same jeans
lp session gruff rhys "candylion"
gruff rhys - the court of king arthur
gruff rhys - lonesome words
gruff rhys - cycle of violence
gruff rhys - now that the feeling is gone
gomez - up on cripple creek
magic numbers - take me or leave me
badly drawn boy - the time of times
nikki sudden - nothing left
fury of the headteachers - fables
stopstarts - my watch is digital
orphan boy - billy's england
linear - twisted eyes
the home wreckers club - what went wrong
director - she's saying things
the ghosts - musical chairs
the hours - back when you were good
kaiser chiefs - ruby
ordinary boys - i luv u
jarvis cocker - don't let him waste your time
razorlight - in the morning

Aural Bliss
Every Sunday at 10 PM EST

Playlist for Jan. 14

spirtualized - sway
mum - green grass of tunnel
hammock - raising your voice...trying to stop an echo
delerium - daylight
i am x - your joy is my low
xymox - cry in the wind
daysleepers - stereo honey
daylight for the birds - for now
ivy - tess don't tell
loquat - there is a light that never goes out
blur - battery in your leg
saybia - the second you sleep
reindeer section - you are my joy
cary brothers - ride
emm gryner - boy races
trespassers william - and we lean in
tanya donelly - keeping you
stretch princess - twisted
invisible ballet - you are my megaphone
cocteau twins - a kissed out red floatboat
rabbit in the moon - waiting for the night
cure - the last day of summer
happy mondays - kinky afro
charlatans - the only one i know
suede - my dark star
u2 - mlk

Playlist for Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
Sunday from 11 PM to 1 AM

Playlist for January 14
Dead Air #141

Reissue of the Week!!
Sonic Youth “The Destroyed Room” (Goofin’)

1. Rock Plaza Central - Sexyback (CMG podcast)
2. Field Music - Tones Of Town (Memphis Industries CD)
3. The Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken The Memory (Fat Cat CDEP)
4. The Apples In Stereo - Same Old Drag (Simian/Yep Roc CD)
5. The Silent Years - No Secrets (No Alternative CD)
6. Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! (Wichita CDEP)
7. Warm In The Wake - Tame Thoughts (Livewire CDEP)
8. Human Hearts in-studio performance
Tired Of The West; Inarticulate Boyfriend; Last Dance
9. !!! - Myth Takes (Warp CD)
10. The Girls - The Girl From Yesterday (Loaf CD)
11. The Zutons - It’s The Little Things We Do (Deltasonic CD)
12. Six Parts Seven - Stolen Moments (Suicide Squeeze CD)
13. Rafter - Encouragement (Asthmatic Kitty CD)
14. Jed & Lucia - Wasn’t Right (Unfound CD)
15. Bat For Lashes - The Wizard (Echo CD)
16. Sally Shapiro - I’ll Be By Your Side (Diskokaine CD)
17. The Changes - On A String (Drama Club CD)
18. Josh Haden - Devoted (Diamond Soul CD)
19. Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (Island CD)
20. Jenny Hoyston/William Whitmore - Marrow (Southern CD)
21. Nikki Sudden - The Ballad Of Johnny & Marianne (Secretly Canadian CD)
22. Deerhoof - The Galaxist (Kill Rock Stars CD)
23. Sonic Youth - Blink (Goofin LP)
24. Menomena - Muscle’n Flow (Barsuk CD)
25. Hot Club de Paris - Shipwreck (Moshi Moshi CD)
26. Dragonette - I Get Around (Mercury CD)
27. Justice - Phantom (Ed Banger CDS

Rodney on ROQ
3-6 AM EST (Midnight 'til 3AM PST)

Playlist for Early Morning Jan.15

The Briggs – Back To Higher Ground
NOFX – Stitches
Kovak – I Love the Dancefloor
The Concretes – On the Radio
Blondie – You Look Good In Blue
Bangles – Glitter Years
Veruca Salt – With David Bowie
Keeldar S. Hamilton – Rodney Bingenheimer
The View – Superstar Tradesman
Bloc Party – I Still Remember
Lemon Sun – Telephone
The View – Dance Into the Night
Two Seconds – Pirates
Jacqueline Taieb – 7 am
Midnight Movies – Souvenirs
The Sounds – Painted By Numbers
Two Seconds – Pass the Time
Siddhartha – Longfellow Reed
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking
Starsailor – Silence Is Easy
Siddhartha – Fashion Victim
Drifting Sand – Surfin’ With Britney
Modest Mouse – Dashboard
Wolfmen – While London Sleeps
Arctic Monkeys – Leave Before the Lights Come On
The View – Wasted Little DJs
Kovak – Never Find Love In A Nightclub
Los Abandoned – Stalk You
Go Betty Go – I’m From L.A.
The Dollyrots – Out of L.A.
Kovak – RockStar
Youth Group – Sorry
Black Tie Dynasty – I Like U
Snow Patrol – You’re All I Have
The Kooks – Do You Love Me Still?
Jan and Dean – Mighty G.T.O.
Stars of Track and Field – Movies of Antarctica
Badly Drawn Boy – Born in the U.K.
Stars of Track and Field – Say Hello
Veruca Salt – Make Me Prove It
Monsters Are Waiting – Last Goodbye
Keeldar S. Hamilton – Rodney Bingenheimer Top 20 Album
as of 1/17/07 - 11:17 PM

1 - Modest Mouse - Dashboard
2 - Thom Yorke - Analyse (Various remix)
3 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Love Song No. 7
4 - Viva Voce - Believer
5 - Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone
6 - Daylight's For The Birds - For Now
7 - The Isles - Eve Of The Battle
8 - Catfish Haven - Tell Me
9 - Of Montreal - She's A Rejector
10 - Under Byen - Palads
11 - Tokyo Police Club - Be Good
12 - The Changes - Such A Scene
13 - The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
14 - Field Music - In Context
15 - Scissors For Lefty - Nickles And Dimes
16 - The Manhattan Love Suicides - Things You've Never Done
17 - Jarvis Cocker - Fat Children
18 - Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment
19 - The Ponys - Double Vision
20 - Bon Savants - Why This Could Never Work... Top 20 Albums
Jan 5 - Jan 11, 2007

1. The Blakes - The Blakes (self-released)
2. Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block (Wichita)
3. Low Frequency in Stereo - The Last Temptation of (Gigantic)
4. Bole2Harlem - Volume 1 (Sounds of the Mushroom)
5. Various - The World Is Gone (XL)
6. Tom Waits - Orphans (Anti-)
7. (Various) - What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves 1967-1977 (Rhino)
8. Skream - Skream! (Tempa)
9. Shake Some Action! - Shake Some Action! (Satellite 451)
10. The Fratellis - Costello Music (Drop the Gun)
11. Sol Seppy - The Bells of 1 2 (Gronland)
12. Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (Re-Up Gang)
13. Rock Plaza Central - Are We Not Horses (self-released)
14. The Magic Numbers - Those the Brokes (Heavenly)
15. Malajube - Trompe-L'oeil (Dare to Care)
16. The Whore Moans - Watch Out For This Thing (Wizard House)
17. Tom Brosseau - Grand Forks (Loveless)
18. The Earaches - Time On Fire (Steel Cage)
19. Trentemoller - The Last Resort (Poker Flat)
20. The Hopscotch Boys - Sad and Lonely Eyes (self-released)

The DMRC Top 10

1. Steven Jay — We Are ...
2. Ludacris — Release Therapy
3. Bob Seger — Face The Promise
4. John Legend — Once Again
5. Gov’t Mule — Mule On Easy Street
6. Barenaked Ladies — Barenaked Ladies Are Me
7. My Chemical Romance — The Black Parade
8. Beck — The Information
9. Sting — Songs From The Labyrinth
10. Josh Groban — Awake
Late Night Music Club From Culture City
P.L.U.G. Awards spotlight

There is still some time to vote for the Plug awards
the Deadline is coming up at the end of January

you can go to
in any of all 33 Category

So vote Now.

And now For Your Consideration
The P.L.U.G. awards For:

Live Act Of The Year

now i know you read about them and watch there video on you tube, but you want to see them at there best Live and these nominees bring it

so the nominees are:
with live video from the gig from you tube

Animal Collective

Art Brut

The Big Sleep

Broken Social Scene



Jamie Lidell

Man Man
(No Live set, But here a video)

Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings

Silversun Pickups

Spank Rock

The Hold Steady
Late local Music news Round up

i was not going to post this last night when i first saw it.

But as this story have speared by e-Mail, it been on almost every news site every, every music web site, and every music blog.

but it was the story that hit on FOX 2 (WJBK-TV) tonight at 10 PM, i decide to put the story on the blog sight because in local music story and not only that a real Culture City Tragedy.

the lead singer of ? & the Mysterians who goes by the name ? who have the one hit wonder back in 19loss every thing in a fire last Tuesday in Clio, MI (which is near Flint, about 80 miles from Detroit).

According to various sourced He was in the basement doing laundry when he smelled smoke. He ran upstairs in time to rescue three of his seven Yorkies, Fire Official believed it may have stated because of a electrical fire which destroy the house and every thing he owned 4 of his 7 Yorkies, his parrot and everything they have ever owned including his gold records, laptop containing all his downloaded material, photos, posters, all his stage clothes, Every thing.

as of this post for the fox 2 report tonight (link below) he is sifting thur the ruins to see what is salvageable, he is now living in the tour bus with no insuredanc with his manager and manager's wife, where he have live since 1967.

Right now, there is plans for some benefit gig for him to get him back up on his feet, if you would like to help out you can send your donation to this address:

? & The Mysterians
PO Box 96
Clio, MI 48420

altought the the line-up for the 2007 version of Motown winter blast have not been announced various paper in Detroit and in Flint are reporting there going to play Motown winter blast on February 9th.

The Other Local music note of note is this weekend, yes this week end Riff 2 will get some major air time, riff two with takeover the airwaves on regular rif (that WRIF-FM 101.1) From 6 am on Saturday (1-20) to 8 pm on Sunday(1-21), that mean 38 hours of riff 2 on the riff, Baby.

on not only that because of this riff 2 takeover on riff there will be local music three a hours ever hour and it will be uninterrupted (meaning no comerica, period)

and not only that Suzy and Melody have cancelled any plans for Saturday night (that including show three of rock and roll safari on Detroit public TV (WTVS, PBS-56) with the hottness, and will do a special Saturday night edition of Detroit Local 101 but there not doing this alone they have a special in-studio guest and not only that he going to play a acoustic set

that person will be of all people

Electric Six front man
Dick Valentine

it will be on WRIF-FM(101.1), on the net, RIFF 2 on WRIF-2 on HD radio, also on the net, and as like on the Tuesday night show a listen party at Small bar on the Southwest corner of Caniff and Conant in Hamtramck, MI

It should Fun .

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

JANUARY 15TH, 2007

Tuesday the third week of January and on this day 28 years ago that Cher and Greg Allman part company after four year together during that time they made a duet record "Two the Hard Way" which was forgotting quickly in 1977.

also on this day in in 1996 Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton performs his 25,000th Vegas show, more than any other performer in vagas history and is still on going to this day, if you want to know he first vegas gig was in 1959 at the Fremont Hotel at the fame Vegas strip.

was it was a lot longer than a T.V. music-variety show that got it start on this dasy in 1976 as American Broadcasting Company at 8 PM aired the first in what TV infamy as the Jack and Meg of there time "Donny and Marie Osmond" start airing Donny & Marie Show.

I know TV was never the same way aging.

but you dont be stuck with a bad record go out to your nearest record store and get the new music that matters because it

New Releases:

America - Here & Now (with greatest-hits album History; Burgundy)
(1st album in almost 20 years, guest inclued Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, along with members from the groups Nada Surf and My Morning Jacket)

Locksley - Don't Make Me Wait (Feature)

Diana Ross - I Love You (deluxe edition with DVD due same day; Manhattan/EMI)

(she was part of motown history so i have no chocihe)
The Smithereens - Meet the Smithereens! (Koch)
(The band cover album of the 1964 "meet the Beatles" album)
Stars of Track and Field - Centuries Before Love and War (Wind-Up)
The Stranglers - Suite XVI (Capitol/EMI)

(the US released, Frist on with out Paul Roberts)
and the Soundtrack to the movie "Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Crowded House - Farewell to the World (two CDs; Capitol/EMI)
Al Green - The Definitive Greatest Hits (deluxe edition with bonus DVD due same day; Capitol/EMI)
Roxette - A Collection of Roxette Hits: Their Greatest 20 Songs! (deluxe edition with bonus DVD due same day; Capitol/EMI)
Frank Sinatra - Romance: Songs From the Heart (Capitol/EMI)
Sarah Vaughan - Music for Lovers (Blue Note)
Nancy Wilson - Music for Lovers (Blue Note)
Various artists - Petrol Presents: The Departure Lounge - Chill, Love, Grooves, Lounge and Rhythms (five separately sold CDs; Petrol/EMI)

Music DVDs:

Abba - "In Performance" (with book; Hurricane International)
Crowded House - "Farewell to the World" (two DVDs; Capitol/EMI)
B.B. King - "Standing Room Only" (S'more)
The Kinks - "In Performance" (with book; Hurricane International)
Various artists - "The Best of 'Hootenanny' " (three DVDs; Shout! Factory)
Various artists - "Jazz Giants of the 20th Century" (Passport)
Various artists - "Smokey Joe's Cafe: The Songs of Leiber and Stoller" (with book; Image Entertainment)

TV on DVD:

24 - Season 6 Premiere
(yes, the first four you say on 1-14 and 1-15 on TV are out on DVD)
Allo 'Allo! - Complete Series 6
Doctor Who - Season 2

(the new doctor(the 10th) and rose are off on there new aventher)
Father Brown - Series 1
The King of Queens - The 7th Season
My Hero - Season 1
Prince Valiant - Volume 2
Proof - Season 1
Rising Damp - Series 3
The Royle Family - The Complete 1st Season
Space Academy - The Complete Series
The Street - The Complete First Season

Monday, January 15, 2007

it came from the late night music club from culture city with My Bloody Valentine

Yesterday it was report that Kevin Shield Front man for the legoair Shoe gazing band "My Bloody Valentine" told the "magnet Mag' That he intend to make and released there first record in almost 16 years since there 1991 classic "Loveless"

We have hear his intention before only to be let down aging untill it forgotion aging, so as we wait for a new MBV album.

How about Old My Bloody Valentine

From the classic 1991 album "loveless", this is "Only Shallow"

The Indie Music Round Up
January 15, 2007

* Ah yes, the last time were hear the awesome UK Shoe gazing band "My Bloody Valentine" was way, way back in 1991 when they released the best album of all time "loveless" which have the classic songs like "Only Shallow","Soon", and "To Here Knows When" and after that nothing.

Now there maybe hopes for a new album after all these years, in a interview with Magnet Magazine front man Kevin Shield told the mag:

“I do feel that I will make another great record. We are 100 percent going to make another My Bloody Valentine record unless we die or something.”, “A lot of people say the reason My Bloody Valentine didn’t make another record is because we couldn’t.

“That’s mostly true, but not because I couldn’t make another record, but because I could never be bothered to make another record unless I was excited by it. And just by fate or whatever, that never happened.

“I’d feel really bad if I didn’t make another record. Like ‘Shit, people only got the first two chapters, but the last is the best bit.”

Sheild have set no time table for the album will be a first in almost 16 years, anythings to hear the loud sonic sound of Bilinda Butcher voice aging.

* The Wait for My Bloody Valentine album may be longer than a UK victory in the Euro vision song contest which they not won since of all people Katrina & the Waves in 1997 for the classic song "Love Shine a Light"(dont worried i never hear of it) and in the last ten years the Country entry have not live up to the country entry with the dearful like of Precious,Nicki French,Lindsay D,James Fox,Javine Hylton, and last but not least the only band to score a amazing nil points Jemini.

After Daz Sampson Fail to take back the Eurovision Crown last year with "Teenage Life" Morrissey was upset with how the UK have fare by telling the crowd at a show in london last may: "I was horrified but not surprised to see the U.K. fail again", he also added "There's a question I keep asking myself -- why didn't they ask me? It keeps going round in my head."

Well it look like the BBC have ask the Former Smith Fornt man to pen a tune for the america idol meet the Olmpicy but with really chessy songs contest, The BBC said it was in talks with the singer, but that nothing had been confirmed as of yet, even if he do pen a song for Eurovision it mean he dont repersen the U.K. he have to win the vote of the public in March, The final takes place May 12 in Helsinki, Finland, home of last year gollish winners the heavy meadlrock band Lordi.

* And if you think a singer battling all of Europe for a song title was bad, try batting a guy in a donuts costume, it did happen last Monday night, it all stem from a weird gonzo date with a San Francisco fan of the U.K. Grime rapper Lady Sovereign he raise $10,000 to take her out on a date when she was in San Fran for a gig, they went on the date and he have a great time, but Lady Sovereign did not have a great time telling the press month laters: "It could have been better. No one's ever spent-- well, apart from record labels-- ten grand on me. So I don't know, it seems a bit odd because we had this massive yacht that he had hired out, and I didn't understand why I couldn't bring on, say, people from the show, my band...because he had photographers on the fucking yacht. And one of his friends.

"It could have been so much better if it was more of a party."

well that made the guy who made the Date was upset so he set in his Friend who go by the rap name Jelly Dount(Yes Friends her a rapper).

Late Monday (1-8) at a made up gig in San Francisco, the Donuts was egging her on and it almost turn into Jack vs Jason 2, He show up and challenged her to a rap battle, al. la. 8 Mile, but she was not happy that some guy in a Jelly Donuts bug her during her gig so the crowd began "BATTLE JELLY DONUT!" but she have none of that so she did the next best thing she spit on, poured Red Bull on him after a few jabs Jelly donut was kick out the club, ouch.

If you want to hear the story from Jelly donuts side of the story and photo of that night
cilck here and here click below to see video from the jelly donuts and a fan video of the night.

* The Decemberists who licking it wound from the Countdown to Guitarmageddon on the The Colbert Report just before Christmas have decide to raised funds for p:ear, a Portland-based organization that, according to its website, "builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives."

The band is action off autographed Stuff including instruments, clothing, artwork, CDs, posters, on eBay.

The band is off to Europe to do a bunch of gig they will do a spring gig in the US and if you cant wait, Go to the
AT&T Blue Room and Check out a three song set which include "O Valencia!" and a bunch of interviews.

* Patty Smith who last week was induction in to the rock n roll hall of fame, will released a album full of covers in the spring, the album will include cover by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane and Nirvana, it will also have guest like Television's Tom Verlaine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, the Black Crowes' Richard Robinson, and actor Sam Shepard.

* A Released date have been set for Albert Hammond Jr. solo debut the album "Yours to Keep" will hit the indie store on March 6,the dis will fether two bounds tracks for the US released, he will go on tour as the opener for Incubus it will hir Detroit on Feb. 2nd.

Let take a look at other gig are coming to detroit or close to detroit in the six closted city.

In Detroit

Do Make Say Think
02-23 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick

Blonde Redhead
04-13 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick

Dr. Dog
03-25 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick

Clost to Detroit

The Broken West (Formerly the Brokedown)
03-10 Columbus, OH - Little Brother's
03-11 Chicago, IL - Schubas

Cold War Kids With Tokyo Police Club
03-09 Chicago, IL - Subterranean
04-04 Toronto, Ontario - Mod Club

Bright Eyes
02-25 Chicago, IL - Metro
02-27 Toronto, Ontario - Opera House

Animal Collective
05-14 Columbus, OH - Wexner Center
05-17 Chicago, IL - Metro

Kaiser Chiefs
04-18 Toronto, Ontario - Kool Haus
04-20 Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre

The Rapture
02-02 Cincinnati, OH - 20th Century Theatre
02-06 Indianapolis, IN - Birdy's
02-07 Columbus, OH - The Basement

Shins with Viva Voce
02-10 Chicago, IL - Congress Theater

El Perro Del Mar
03-05 Toronto, Ontario - Mod Club
03-06 Chicago, IL - Lakeshore Theater

the Thermals with the Hold Steday
03-16 Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
03-17 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall

02-21 Cleveland, OH - Case Western University
02-22 Chicago, IL - Schubas
This Weekend Big News Story is a monster of a news story

as it came as a shock but not a surprize that V2 Records in a major restructure plan deciede to shut down puting out new released and turning into a catilog lable instade of a New released label expect for Gospel.

About 35 people, including President Andy Gershon have been let go as part of the restructure and there entier U.S. roster which inclued used to be base detroit band(now live in Nashville)White Stripes, Brendan Benson, The Raconteurs, and Blance have been let go makeing thouse act and other Free Anget.

The lable also include the Crystal Method, Moby, the Blood Brothers, Gang of Four, Ray Davies, Paul Weller, Grandaddy, Isobel Campbell, Mercury Rev, Madness, Stina Nordenstam, the Mooney Suzuki,Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Underworld, Blood Meridian, Ane Brun, and Alkaline Trio

This only involde band on the U.S lable, not the UK roster and there import like Wichita( Bloc Party,The Cribs),Luaka Bop,City Slang and Modular.

So this mean the entire roster are a free aneget and First the White stripes who i report last week on this blog sight there in the prosecc of making a brand new album they are free anget, but a band spokepreson told Pitchfork Media, the Stripes' contract with V2 had already expired(the Last beging 2005 "Get Behind Me Satan")and there looking for a new labe to include the band and a distributor for their own imprint, Third Man Records for any new albums, which include Brendan Benson and the band both Brendan and front man do together The Raconteurs.

The Worst part about this that V2 records own the right to the entire back catitlog not only the White stripes,Brendan Benson,The Raconteurs and ever other band that was on the V2 Lable.

now the other detroit base band on the lable the Blance it is sing to V2 records which released If We Can't Trust The Doctors back in 2004 and just released a EP "What This Town Needs" last year, well i talk to a member of the band and he told me that the band have a contract with V2 and will released there new record "Little Amber Bottles" first in the UK where they have a Diffence lable in the UK Loose Music and see when the album released here in the US maybe V2, maybe some other lable.

V2 Records was started in 1996 by Richard Branson, four years after he sold Virgin Records to EMI, he sold the North America lable last year to Sheridan Square Entertainment(base out of new york) for $15 million.
The Local News Round-up out of the Weekend

Well, Well, Well

It was a very active weekend in Detroit Rock City i did go to a show on Friday it was night one of two of the can you hear me now taping of rock n roll safari which began airing on Detroit Public TV (WTVS, PBS-56) they only have four shows in the can air, Have aired only two show(The Hard Lessons aired on Saturday night) so they made more show over these two days at the stick.

i went to the one on Friday night came in at the tale end of the The Muldoons (Miss the show because i was watching the auto show Charity preview on Local 4, so got out late) there was good as always.

I pretty saw the entry line up on Friday including rap on the rock n roll safari with the Dubphoics which was very good and during this time i was thinking about soccer(I dont know what because the world most famous soccer player David Beckham is going to play in the USA with the LA Galaxy or what) and then i saw Lortta Lucas Playing new stuff with here new band the Didders which feather her twins sister Julie and Audra Kubat they played a lot of inserment during the entery set and the loud Grand Nationals and i also meet the lead singer of the band who is also names is Steve he a very hard lead singer.

But the long night did almost squeezed out on band who was a last minutes addition the decks were going to played but the four other bands took so long the Band from The Gross points did'nt get on until 1:40 A.M. (Just 20 mintues untill last call, and almost less than a hour until Closing time at 2:30 AM) so they played a very short set only about 20 minutes, Ouch that hurt so they did not played the full set(A reminder to you further book people when you doing a big gig, alway have three or four bands for the night.

I did not go to the show on Saturday night with Man Inc.,Grayling and Born again Floozies and a late addition for Saturday night as well it was the Nice Device with the always pretty Alicia Gbur

so all those show will be aired on PBS in the further show three will aired on Saturday with the Hotness.

I did portion of the Hard lesson show on Saturday show at the same time as the the shins playing Saturday Night Live playing a few song from the new album "Wincing the Night Away" (Which will be out on January 23), and i know all of you are asking about the female who sang on stage with the boys from well that was Anita Robinson, she played in the Portland, Organ Band Viva Voce with her husband Kevin they play very good indie rock there Current released is Get Yr Blood Sucked Out and it there Fourth album and if you wasd more info on the bands go to the there website at or there My Space page at

So let see what going on the local music Scene this week

And there is a lot of New music released coming up in the upcoming months let see what coming:

The Detroit Cobras Will released there Fourth album in April, it will be called "Tied and True" and you know that Rachel and the boys will tour and now only if they tour Canada Now, the album will be out on the Chicago base Bloodshot records.

* Speaking about Bloodshot Records they have just sing the Gore Gore Girls to a record deal and there new record which are in the proccos of making

* also out soon is the Go and there fourth official full-length album and it will be called "Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride" there will be a CD released party book for April 21st at the stick, can wait for that there going be a single party at the Lager house on Feb. 23 for there single "You Go Bangin On"on Italy Records, cant wait for that go hear the new tunes on there my space site at

* also out in a limited-issue album called "Headed for the Ditch: A Michigan Tribute to Neil Young, it Detroit bands plaing track from the Pop Project, New Grenada, the Word Play, Syscrusher, the Hard Lessons, Saturday Looks Good to Me and more.

* The Line-Up for The 4th Annual Just Let Me Breathe CF Benefit have been set, The Benefit which rasie funds for Cystic Fibrosis, Which is a genetic disease affecting approximately 30,000 children and adults in the United States. A defective gene causes the body to produce an abnormally thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections.

The Drummer for the all-girl rock band Hellen Emily Schaller has CF put on this event to raise raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis and put on this event ever year since 2003 will take place on , February 24 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre and it will feather Stolen Liberty,Alex Winston,Grande Nationals,Hellen, and the Headliner South Normal.

now tickets cost $20 bucks, but it going to a good caused, the music begin at 8 PM, you can get tickets The Royal Oak Music Theatre Box office, Record Time in Ferndale and Roseville,Pure Detroit in the Fisher Building in the New Center area also you can get them at and type in "Just Let Me Breathe" in the Search engine.

You can also get them at upcoming gig by Hellen and South Normal, Here are there dates:

This Friday at The Belmont(Hamtramck)

South Normal

Feb 9 - Motown Winter Blast (Downtown Detroit)
Feb 9 - smokin token lounge (Westland)
Feb 16 - Outriggers (Whitmore Lake)

and for More info, Just go to or there my space site at

* also there is a bunch of called out for further events in Detroit

The Metro Times is almost 7 and a half week away until the Ten Annual Hamtramck Blowout and the Line up is only weeks away and whield were waiting for the Official line up for the blow out, the paper is making a called out for interns for the blowout.

There accepting applications for the blowout so if you want to help out at the blowout you can called 313-202-8050 or you can E-mail Anne at
abaker@metrotimes.comor or Dawn at for more info on begin part of the blowout.

The Blowout will take place from March 7th to 10th.

* If you have a local produce music video, it maybe good for something.

The Planet Ant Theater in Hamtramck is now accpect submissions for the 5th annual Planet Ant Film & Video Festival, you can go to the
Planet Ant Web sight to find out more info, The The 2007 Planet Ant Film & Video Festival will take place June 13 through June 16, 2007.

* and One more thing i have forgot to mention on this blog sight, but i will mention this now, If you are in a bands anywhere in the Detroit Tri-Country area and are between the ages of 13 and 18 and want to be hear this compation is for you, The Detroit News is putting on the 3rd annual Battle of the bands and is asking for entry for the contest, you can got to the link on the right of the page but the deadline is Feb 19, This year event will at the State Theater in Downtown March 31.
Gig Guide Monday

January 15th - January 21st



(Hate to say it weak week in TV)

Five For Fighting - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
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This Week is the Last week of Zane Lowe vacation and will be back next week while he away there more guest DJ Keeping his seat warm.

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Friday Night Web show
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Mark Radcliffe and his buddy Wammo set off on a funny yet poignant radio road movie in search of the band which made the record that changed their lives 30 years earlier: the classic Dr Feelgood album ‘Down by the Jetty’.

In this new series focusing on the brilliant satirical wit of Gilbert and Sullivan, Alan Titchmarsh explores their operatic careers, and discovers how they not only founded the modern musical, but poked fun at the Victorian establishment.

Paul Gambaccini presents a series chronicling the life of singer Jackie Wilson.The story of the Detroit entertainer who started singing blues and gospel on street corners. Jackie Wilson talks about his early boxing career from an archive interview shortly before his heart attack in 1975, before moving full time into music.

Barry Norman after a long career as a TV broadcaster, journalist and film expert turns his hand with great effect to steam radio to introduce and co-write two programmes about film music from the composer’s viewpoint. Programme two tackles Hollywood and programme one deals with film music for largely British films. We examine how music finally arrives on the film, the trials and tribulations of the composer

and what ever you do dont forget Suqi Q
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Monday - The Alarm - Hammersmith Odeon 1984
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1/15 eric Metronome 3:00pm
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This week's theme : Music Instruments.


[1.19] THE SIGHTS!
[1.20] CUCKOLD
Maigic Bag

January 19 BandB with The Robin Horlock Band & Local Villians

Lager House

Tues. Jan. 16th: The Brother Kite wsg
Thur. Jan 18th: HIP HOP at the Lager… featuring Trump Tight / A.O.D. / Murder 1 / Uno plus guest DJs
Fri. Jan. 19th: Earl Greyhound (super hot rawk n' roll) w/ Ghost City and Scarlet Oaks
Sat. Jan. 20th: Childbite / Human Reunion (plus new Lee Marvin Computer Arm side band!)

Saint Andrews Hall

Sat - Sloan


Jan 18 2007 9:30P
Mason Proper w/ Satin Peaches, Pop Project
Jan 19 2007 9:30P
The Ann Arbor Soul Club
Jan 20 2007 9:30P
The Hard Lessons w/ Stylex, and The Party Band

The Belmont

Thurs. Jan. 18 - Ich Bin Ein Berliner, Superdot and more. $6.

Fri. Jan. 19 - "Rock The Runway" fundraiser presented by The Wayne State University Fashion Design and Merchandising Organization. Battle of the bands includes live performances by Bird Plus Magic, Attack Of The, Hellen, the Hadituptoheres and more.

Sat. Jan. 20 - See Dick Run and more.


Jan 18 2007 8:00P
Carjack, The Oscillating Fan Club, and Wildcating
Jan 19 2007 8:00P
Today I Wait cd release party
Jan 20 2007 8:00P
P-A=U-L wsg Sun Yung Fire

Fox Theatre

Friday and Saturday(Two Shows)
Larry The Cable Guy 'Gettin' R Done'

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Tuesday - High School Musical The Concert

and before i wrap up there one more note to explain, and i was asking this when it was announced the BBC, because there started airing Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour on the BBC on Radio 2 and on 6 Music and one of the question was ask of me and i know will it aired on-line in both live streaming and and week archiving.

Well sadly no because of XM owning the rights to the airing of the show in the US with XM radio and it can not be broadcast over the web so No such Luck, Sorry

But if i for got a gig of something pleased drop me a line at and pleased on the subject line put down gig guide.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Film Gudie Top 10

We have a winner this weekend

And after three weeks Holiday and Post holiday bliss we have a new no.1.

the step dancing competition flick "Stomp the Yard" stomp it was to no. 1 with a total gross of 22 million.

The story is about raw but talented dancer(Columbus Short)at the center of a step competition between rival college fraternities.

It Knock off the X-mas no. 1 for three weeks "Night at the Museum" it drop to no.2 taking in 17 Million with the overall take almost at $200 Million mark($185.8 million).

this week other film did fall below the other half of the top 10 with "Alpha Dog" finish (a tale of drugs, kidnapping and murder) at no. 7 ($6.1 million), "Primeval" (a serial killer thriller which got drub by reviews) at no.8, and the live-action and animated family film "Arthur and the Invisibles," at no.9 with barely over $4 Million.

i gave out five films here how the rest of the top 10 came out

1. "Stomp the Yard," $22 million.
2. "Night at the Museum," $17.1 million.
3. "The Pursuit of Happyness," $9.1 million.
4. "Dreamgirls," $8.1 million.
5. "Freedom Writers," $7.1 million.
6. "Children of Men," $6.4 million.
7. "Alpha Dog," $6.1 million.
8. "Primeval," $6 million.
9. "Arthur and the Invisibles," $4.3 million.
10. "The Good Shepherd," $3.9 million.