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it came from the late night music club from culture city with Ash and The Von Bondies as a rally Cry For the Tigers.

Well this is a buzy week in Detroit not only the tigers are in the world series, but were inside a week untill the premier of the movie that will take you beyond the Gargda Rock scene and it called "It Came From Detroit" show Next Friday at Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Arts begin at 8 PM with pre gig entertainment from The Dirtbombs at the Rivera Court and after that post show gig from the Witches and Outrageous Cherry.

Ticket are going Fast there Just 10 bucks

you can get tickets at the DIA on Woodward during 9AM and 5 PM Tuesday to Sunday

You can save ticket up until 10 minutes from show time at (313) 833-3237

Or you can get tickets just by
clicking the link Here

i Continued My two video from now untill the opening, But with a tigers Theme the will go pretty far in to the world Series, Ash and The Von Bondies, Hey with the Tigers in the Series we can lose so Detroit Indie Culture Fans "C'mon, C'mon" and see the Tigers "Burn, Baby, Burn" all over the Cards.

GO TIGERS from the editor of the it came from culture city blog sight

Burn, Baby, Burn

From Wikipedia

Ash nearly become bankrupt as they prepare to release possibly their last album. Luckily, this was not to be the case. The band retreat to Wheeler's parent's house, to play and write songs in the same garage where the band began.

The single "Shining Light" was released in January 2001, followed by the number one album Free All Angels in April. Subsequent singles released from Free All Angels were "Burn Baby Burn", "Sometimes", "Candy", and "There's a Star" . The single 'Shining Light' wins the 'Best Contemporary Song' award at the 2002 Ivor Novello awards. A new single "Envy" was released, followed shortly afterwards by the singles collection Intergalactic Sonic 7″s. Q magazine names Ash as #2 of its "50 Bands To See Before You Die".

Von Bondies
C'mon, C'mon

From Wikipedia

"C'mon C'mon" is the theme song for the American comedy-drama television show, Rescue Me, and featured on the EA videogame "Burnout 3: Takedown".(Ed Note did i tell you it was also in EA Sports MVP Baseball 2004)
Ladies and Geneman we have arrived at Game One

As of this Typing it October 21, and it game one of the world series, it the First World Series Game since that Cold Night on Sunday October 14, 1984 when Goose Gossage came in to get Kirk Gibson out, the Next thing he Saw was a three-run blast in the upper deck over Right field to win the World Series 4-1 with a 8-4 win.

they would not get 8-4, 8-4, 8-4, 8-4 back in 84', but hip words have catch on in about 22 years since were last in the big Show so in this World Series will be a big plus.

but the battle Cry have begon there calling the world Series "Redemption for 68'", Still better for not the winning the series in 1968 after blowing a 3-1 Lead. (Maybe it was the Game Five home plate Crash that turn the series around).

Below this post i will have links to every story from ever tv station in Detroit and St.Louis as game one is near (Pleased Note: Some Report dont have game Hi-lights for the web because MLB own the highlights)

But you want some info on the opened Act of WS06: Tigs and the Cards:

Game One Starer: Justin Verlander for the Detroit baseball team vs. Anthony Reyes for the cards and unlike in 84 where all there game was played at tigers Stamida this time there playing it at Comerica Park on the corner of Witherell and East Montclam in Downtown Detroit

entertanment we got your entertanment befroe the game 1 Bullet bob seager will sing the star spangel Banner, and throwing the ceremonial first pitch Tigers legends Al Kaline and Willie Horton, accompanied by Tigers' owner Mike Ilitch.

and in Game Two, John Melloncamp will play a little show and Antian Baker will sing the National Anthem with Former Tiger' manager Sparky Anderson throwing out the First Pitch

So let see what goning around the web on this World Series

1984 World Series From Wikipedia
This year World Series From Wikipedia
1968 World Series with the same two teams from Wikipeadia

Paper (oh yes there is pleaty of that)
Detroit News (Live Blog)
Detroit Free Press (Live Blog)
and the Free Press Cut out Mask
or the Free Press Olde English "K,"
Oh! i did not forget St. Louis Post - Dispatch

Story off the TV NEWS

WJBK-TV (Fox-2)
Detroit is Getting ready for the World... Aging, with scenes of 1984 and 1968
Justin Verlander is ready for game One
The World is Watching Detroit
Hey Lila (Lazarus) Meet a real tiger
One More dorkey Song for the world Series
Have you got you Tigers Merch
and a more important Member of the team: Bat Boy
and there No Cure for Tiger Fever

Just Click on Video
Bernie's Blog

Tigers Players and Fans Ready for the World Series
Tom Leyden(reproter at Ch.7) Log
Tiger Fever: Troy Co. Readies Spirit of Detroit Jersey
The Sports Department blog at the world Series


KTVI-TV (Fox-2, as well)
Red October: Complete World Series (and lot of videos)

the Cards Section

there Cards Section
and yes the sports Dept Blog

not much, but this will do

Friday, October 20, 2006

Breaking Gig News

it was jast Checking my space E-mail and i got this Mailer from Live Nation on

and you be happy to know it the First real gig of 2007

Write this down

Thursday, January 11 2007

make her first ever solo gig anywhere and it going to be at where else

The Magic Bag in Frendale

and it will be the Solo Show for the Front Woman For Metric and the Broken Social Scene the one and only Emily Haines and here backing band The Soft Skeleton in Surrport of here solo Album "Knives Don't Have Your Back".

It Will be a Over 18 Show and it will start at 8 PM
other than that i have no ticket info beyind the E-mail as in when tickets go on Sale or how much the ticket will cost, but when that info is posted i let you know.

Also have a gig in detroit but much closer to Downtown also listed in the same Myspace E-mail is the fromt woman of the legender punk band "X" Exene Cervenka who going on tour in surrport of her solo album "Se7en" record with here backing Band "Original Sinners" it will take place on Saturday December 2 at the Shelter and it will be a all ages Show and it will start much Earler at 6 PM.

Just Like the Emily Haines i have no new info on ticket info

and if you want to see what Emily Haines Look and Sound like i have put a links to here gig at the more recent "See Vous Play" which was held on October 1st in Toronto.

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton / High / Medium
it came from the late night music club from culture city With Asobi Seksu and The Gories

were now inside a week to go untill the premeire of the feature-length garage rock documentary "It came from Detroit" which will have it local debut Next Friday at the Detroit Film Theaher at the The Detroit Insantuidee of arts now there still Tickets left for October 27.

Now if you find more info about the picture and to get tickets you can go to the DIA web sight at

and dont forget to read this week Real Detroit Weekly for the story on the making of the film.

now tonight entry since where on the Curst of the world sirers that begin on saturday let played a song on Thursday From the band who was just in town back in september and will played the CMJ New Music Marithon in NYC in a few weeks, the NYC shoegazer band
Asobi Seksu.

And the film do trace back to the the band that before the White Stripes was the permeir Gardra band in Detroit "The Gories"

We persent them both

Asobi Seksu

The band's name in Japanese consists of two words, "asobi" meaning "play" or "for fun", and "sekkusu", the Japanese imported word referring to "sex" as in sexual intercourse.

The Gories
Breaking Culture News

The Tigers Have a team for the World Series.
And it will be the the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yadier Molina's ninth-inning broke a One-all tie in the 9th inning to put the St.Louis Cardinals vs the Tigers in a series that will beging on Saturday

This will be the Cardinals 2nd World Series in less than three years, there were last in the world series in 2004 but there was Sweep by the Boston Red Sox for the 1st title sinced 1918.

and this world series will be a classic re-match of the 1968 World Series between the same two teams where the both teams have good pitcher back then Bob Gibson who was picthing for St. Louis (who have a ERA of 1.12) and Denny McLain who was pictong for Detroit (Who won 31 games)

In Game one of that Series in that year Bob Gibson put on what becames the best World Series game ever when he sturck out 17 Detroit batters and pitch a 5-hitter to win Game one 4-0

Detroit Came Back to win Game two 8-1 behind HR from Willie Horton, Mickey Lolich, Norm Cash, But the cards took the First two games in Detroit 7-3 (Game 3) and 10-1(Game 4) and in Game Five feather one of the most Classic home plate collision in Baseballl histroy when Bill Freehan Crashed into St.louis Lou Brock in a home plate and Freehan was safe. that Fired up the Tigers as the spark as they won Game Five 5-3 and sweep the last two games in St.Louis winning 13-1 in Game Six and 4-1 in Game seven for at the time there three Champinship (they won the serirs in 84 as well) Detroit is on of six teams to win the World Series Down 3 games to one.(the Others were 1903 Red Sox, 1925 Pirates, 1958 Yankees, 1979 Pirates, and 1985 Royals.)

And Now it 1968 all over aging in 2006.

1 - October 21 at Detroit 8 pm
2 - October 22 at Detroit 8 pm
3 - October 24 at St. Louis 8:30 pm
4 - October 25 at St. Louis 8:30 pm
*5 - October 26 at St. Louis 8:30 pm
*6 - October 28 at Detroit 8 pm
*7 - October 29 at Detroit 8 pm
* - if necessary

All Games on FOX
Detroit - WJBK (Fox 2)
St. Louis - KTVI (Fox 2)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The List

Return after a short Hitats is The List, it a back Check on what is playing on show on the Radio Dials any where.

Tuesdays 10p - 12a

1) Andrew W.K. – You Will Remember Tonight
2) Battling Siki – Talk Is Cheap
3) Grande Nationals – Never Comin’ Back
4) The Prime Ministers – Boy Scout Blues
5) Tiny Steps – On With Time
6) Hogwash! – It Ain’t Easy
7) Outrageous Cherry – My Suspicious Midwest
8) Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk – Little Star
9) Mason Proper – A Chance Encounter
10) Sara Celina – Lick Your Own Lollipop
11) The Badways – Motor City Girl
12) Desolation Angels – Stuck Here With You
13) Downtown Brown – Dream Women
14) The Dewtons – Tony Danza
15) The Holy Fire – Dreams To Spend
16) Adult – Shake Your Head
17) Ghost City – Don’t Say It’s Over
18) The Singles – Love is Just A Game
19) The Amino Acids – Fear The Future
20) The Betty Fords – Johnny
21) Bedford Drive – Even If I Go
22) Brandon Wiard & His Army – Grace
23) Grayling – Revenge
24) Electric Six – Slices Of You
25) Dirty Americans – Jet Black Holy Water
26) Bootknife – Chemical Burn
27) Pittbull – Are You Diggin’ Me?
28) Iggy & The Stooges – Gimme Some Skin

"IN SOUND" Radio with Jon Moshier
Wednesday 2:30- 4p.m

on CJAM-FM or






Top 20 Song request on
As of 9:10 PM 10/19/06

1. Finest Dearest - March Into Flames
2. The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations
3. Kinky - Una Linea De Luz
4. Junior Boys - In The Morning
5. Tap Tap - To Our Continuing Friendship
6. Snowden - Anti-Anti
7. Bad Veins - Falling Tide
8. Grizzly Bear - Knife
9. Pela - Tenement Teeth
10. The Thermals - I Might Need You To Kill
11. Junior Boys - The Equalizer
12. Sparklehorse - Ghost In The Sky
13. Georgie James - Need Your Needs
14. Walking Bicycles - Welcome To The Future
15. Dirty Pretty Things - Doctors and Dealers
16. Hot Chip - Boy From School
17. Sonic Youth - Incinerate
18. The Big Sleep - Murder
19. Sean Lennon - Dead Meat
20. British Sea Power - Victorian Ice

Aural Bliss Playlist

hem - half acre
8mm - stunning
a camp - song for the leftovers
helicopter helicopter - the devil
echobelly - gravity pulls
earlimart - all they ever do is talk
daysleepers - moonfrost
cranes - shining road
keane - a bad dream
emily haines & the soft skeleton - our hell
frou frou - psychobabble
bjork - joga
baxter - television
bitter:sweet - don't forget to breathe
supreme beings of leisure - freezer
emiliana torrini - unemployed in summertime
ian brown - f.e.a.r
curve - perish
delays - winter's memory of summer
poe - haunted
snake river conspiracy - you and your friend
mono - silicone
jem - missing you
zero 7 - somersault
angela correa - only a word

The DMRC Top 10 Selling C.D.

1. Beck — The Information
2. The Killers — Sam’s Town
3. Various Artists — Chrome Children
4. The Decemberists — The Crane Wife
5. Jet — Shine On
6. Yo La Tengo — I Am Not Afraid of You ...
7. Ashes of Soma — Exit 674
8. Evanescence — Open Door
9. Justin Timberlake — Futuresex
10. Janet Jackson — 20 YO
it came from the late night music club from culture city with Two Gallants and The Witches.

Tonight i countiued my monster Countdown on the march to the local preneir of the documentary It Came From Detroit premering Next Friday October 27 at the Detroit Film Theaher at the DIA now you can get ticket at the DIA from the Following times:

Tuesday–Sunday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

you can also reserved ticket by phone by calling (313) 833-3237, but they can hold it Ten Mintues untill show time.

And you can get ticket at the DFT web sight at
or you click the link

also be sure to pick up this week Real Detroit Weekly on the profile on the movie and commet by Producer James Petix and Dirctor Sarah Babila, you can pick it up all over any Detroit Tri-country Hot spot or Clicking Here for the story

Now tonight Two Video, after hearing what happend to the band Two Gallants last weekend in Houston i think it fair to play there music video to see what they sound like.

From Wikipedia

As with The White Stripes, Two Gallants feature a duo of guitar and drums, and their music is rooted in the blues. However, Two Gallants are more influenced by the delta blues and folk music rather than the White Stripes' electric blues, which is based on the music coming out of Chicago and Detroit. Stephens plays bass, melody, and harmony simultaniously in the blues tradition, but with folk fingerpicking. Vogel's percussion is a trap of a hi-hat, a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal, a floor tom, tom, a snare drum, and a bass drum with an even smaller trap for acoustic concerts. His play is melodic rather than rhythmic. Themes to their music are murder, theft, stories of the old west, Antebellum South and racism.

and also playing a short set after the Film is Troy Gregory fronted band the Whitches, but i could not find there video on you tube so i go with Troy Gregory other side project the Step Sister


given the early resume of the group's leader, Troy Gregory. Born in Detroit, Gregory first gained national prominence when he joined Arizona thrash-metalists Flotsam and Jetsam as bassist in 1987, a year after Jason Newsted left the group to join Metallica. In 1991, Gregory left Flotsam and Jetsam and joined New York art-thrash band Prong in time to work on their album Prove You Wrong. Gregory's stay with Prong proved to be short-lived, and after working with the likes of the Swans, Killing Joke, and Simon Bonney, Gregory relocated back to Detroit, where he immersed himself in the local underground music scene. Gregory formed the Witches with a rotating lineup of players from some of Detroit's more notable bands and recorded their first album in 1996, Everything Changes Reality, which sadly was never released.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the Indie News Update

And now here all the story that is making Indie New right Now

And in the last few days the internet have Exploed with news of a very ugly incident Last Friday invoing the Two peice band from San Fransisco the Two Gallants at Walter's On Washington in Hostons, Texas.

the band was on stage have just begin there gig when in there Four song in there set a hoston police officer was sent to investigating a noise complaint at the club when Officer G.M. Rodriguez yold the band that the noise was too loud but accoring to the houston police spokesperson who told The Houston Chronicle that singer/guitarist Adam Stephens used a sexual obscenity and shoved the officer after that the Officer shove Stephens to the stage floor and all hell broke loose Two Gallants drummer Tyson Vogel and others try to break it up and things got out of Control real fast the officer used his stun gun three time hitting 14-year-old male and a University Of Houston student doing a field paper on the music scene. Six people was arrest inclding Vogel, /guitarist Andrew Kerwin of Trainwreck Riders and four music fans were arrest and released on Bail later that night.

Since then there was a lot of video offen a diffent verson of what happend on that night which you can see on the Bottom, the band the day after issed this on there myspace site , there web sight ( and there lable Saddle Creek Record.

adam and tyson want to apologize for the show in Houston at Walter’s on Washington being cut short on Friday Oct 13. some of the mainstream sources have been inaccurate so we want to thank all of you who have emailed offering your support and eyewitness accounts of what really happened. you can read some of these and see some images (and/or send in what you saw) on the forum, or this myspace page, and this one too. the band will speak more about this in the next few days as they have been advised not to comment much at this point.

the band have hire a attorney as of today (10/18) and is asking any who was at the show to com forward and there frist court appcer is on Friday will keep you posted.

and if any Hoston news story apped with video will let you know
But here the Video that have been posted on you tube and my space

Also there two bands that have been froce to cancelled gig because of work visa problms aross the border.

One of thouse band was of all people was the Detroit Corba's they were Froce to cancelled there three Dates in Canada (Nov 19 Montreal, Nov 20 in Ottawa, and Nov 21 in Toronto) beacause they were recently denied entrance to Canada. accring to the CBC Radio 3 they did not say why but there records lable "Bloodshot records" said in a press released that Due to some unforeseen issues at the border, the Detroit Cobras have had to regrettably cancel their Western Canadian dates. We are really sorry about that as the response in the press, but my local music mold told me that in Canada that a misamener Crime in the the states is treat as a felony in Canada and that could lead to denal of entry into canada, But they hoped they will have there border issued resolved and they will played canada aging.

and you think that was bad for the corbas entry Canada just think how bad for the vancouver punk, new wave band (and this blog sught fave) You Say Party! We Say Die! were they have to cancell there west coast dates recenley after they was denia entry to the u.s., on there web sight ( said there were denied entry for not having the proper work visa to play here but thing got more worrerd some for the band went they was told that bass player stephen o'shea was banned from entry the U.S. for Five years, yes Five years, there hopeing to try to inron this thing out but you can click here to here stephen o'shea verson of what happend to CBC Radio 3 and if you want to give support to the band you can leave it on there my space site at
Breaking Culture News

Leaving Dancing with the Stars
This Week Coupled is


Just like i called, or should i say few people called it Nobody left dancing with the stars this week afther last week sudden departher of country star Sara Evans afther she left the show after she filed for divoce from her husband last week.

This week coupled in the bottom two was Joey Lawrence and her parter Edyta Sliwinska and guess who Jerry Springer and her parther the lovely aussie Kym Johnson, but when host Tom Bergeron said that nobody was going home tonight Jerry fell to the floor and was thinking, yes i am safe.

With two Coulpe leaving last week (Willaim Ford voted off last week and Sara Evans leaving the show) every thing will be carry over into next week show (both the viewer vote and the Judges Scored)and will be added in Next week show.

But this is not the frist time it had happend back on 2003 on the second season of america Idol contestant Corey Clark did not told producer of the show he have a police record he had not disclosed earlier and yes this is the same Cory Clark who later said he have a affair with judge Paula Abdul and also alleged that Abdul gave him preferential treatment on the show because of their alleged romance, But subsequent investigation by Fox found no evidence to support Clark's charges

on that week show they did carry over that week votes into next week show that time.

So will do it all over aging Next at 8 PM on ABC(WXYZ-7 (Detroit) or your local ABC Station. and if you want know the Judge scorde this week look below.

Mario Lopez - 28
Emmitt Smith - 25
Joey Lawrence - 24
Monique Coleman - 23
Jerry Springer - 18
It Came From the Late Night Music Club From Culture City with Miho Hatori and Outrageous Cherry

Tonight in the late night Music Club i have the debut video From cute Cibo Matto and full time Gorallza Heroin Miho Hatori who will relased her First solo album on Next week and it called "Ecdysis" and the first video is Barracuda and after that the second video is the counting Countdown to the Local Premeire of the Doc "It came From Detroit and one of the band that will play the a set after the film Detroit long time fave band Outrageous Cherry.

And Dont forget you still get ticket for the Film on Oct 27 at the DFT at there web sight at

Miho Hatori

Cibo Matto is an Italian phrase that translates to "food crazy", and many of the tracks on their 1996 debut album, Viva! La Woman, had lyrics related to food, including tracks such as "Know Your Chicken," "Apple," and "Birthday Cake." Their single "Sugar Water" was a modest college radio and dance music hit, and the song was accompanied by an innovative split screen video directed by Michel Gondry, where each side showed the same footage - one side going forward, and one backwards, meeting mid-song.

Outrageous Cherry
Talk About Something Else

Named after a brilliant red hair dye, Detroit's Outrageous Cherry explores the sunnier side of droning, fuzzy indie-rock. The band started as a recording project in 1992 but blossomed into a full-fledged group when singer/guitarist/producer Matthew Smith, bassist Chad Gilchrist, guitarist Larry Ray and drummer Deb Agnolli began performing live in 1993.
The Instant Gig Gudie

Tonight i pick up eariled the New Issued of the Metro Times and it there best of Detroit for 2006, it out on news stand all over the Detroit tri-Country are on and line at or to save some keystoke you can click on the metrotimes on my links pages on the right of the page in the Live and Local section in between the Detroit Free Press and Real Detroit Weekly.

And if you are wondering, No this blog sight did not win any awards , May be next year.

but the new MT have ads for new added show coming up
and since this is Culture City blog site and if there a new gig, it get posted on this sight

Here are the New Gigs in Detroit Rock City.

Aerosmith - Dec. 1 - Joe Louis Arena - $ TBD
Gov't Mule - Dec. 3 - Royal oak Music Theatre - $25 adv/$30 day of
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Dec. 8 - The Palace of Auburn Hills - $39.50/$49.50
Gogol Borrdello - Dec. 16 - MAJESTIC THEATER - $15
Black Keys - Dec. 17 MAJESTIC THEATER - $20
Imogen Heap - Dec. 18 - Royal oak Music Theatre - $23 Adv/$25 day of

and if there is more going on i post it here And for any of you who book show at any major venue in detroit you can E-mail this blog sight at

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sara Explane why she Left the Dance Floor on
Dancing with the Stars

(From More on What Happend This Week On Dancing With Stars, Please Scroll Down)

Tonight (10/17) Country Singer Sara Evans talk about why she left the highly rated show after lest week reslut show.

they menton about Evans sudden departher after last week show Brifly at the top of the show in the opening montage, the interview (which was taped on Saturday and aired tonight)she opend up on why she left the show and some detail on the divoce.

evans admitted that there were problems in their marriage when she signed on to do the twice-weekly reality show. But, she thought she could mend the relationship and do the show at the same time.

"I'm completely against divorce. My intention was to continue to try everything within my power.", but thing went from bad to wrose last tuesday as she got a report last Tuesday about pornographic photos found on her husband's computer, she learn about it just hours before last week show but she put together to get thur that week show.

"The good thing is that I'm so used to performing," said Evans "and as you know, as entertainers we have that ability to just sort of flip the switch. Turn it on, do the dance and, you know, make it through the day. That's what I was hoping was going to happen throughout the entire life of the show."

but working on the show and going thur a divorce was to much for the Country Singer so after last week reslut show Evans acknowledged that "something happened" at her home.

"It was something personal and traumatic and hard for my children," she said. "Things went drastically downhill, 100 miles an hour."

She said that she realized at that moment that she needed to be at home with her children, and not on the dance floor.

"I needed to be right there," she said, "to look at my son at all times to see the expression on his face and, you know, see if he's crying. I put him on the phone with our pastor immediately. I knew that nothing in my career, no television show, nothing was more important than that."

Evans closed by thanking her fans for being supportive.

"I have felt so much love and support from the fans, even before all this happened," she said. "It's so humbling and I'll never forget it. I will never forget every second of this experience. I just want to, you know, thank everybody from the bottom of my heart and I will come back for the finale if I'm invited."

it did have a effect on the other remaining dancers which was ehco by Mario Lopez, "Sara was cool and I miss her a lot," . "We dedicate this night to Sara and wish her nothing but the best."

she also announced near the end of the show that her dance parters on the show Tony Dovoloni (Who apperd near at the end of the interview) tapped him to choreograph her tour next year.

Now the big question will some body be kick out tommorrow night or will nobody be kick out and everthing be carry over for next week show (just like what happend in the 2003 season of america Idol when Ex-contestant Cory Clark was kick off the show)

will have to find out torrommow night at 8 PM EDT on ABC (home base - Detroit - WXYZ (ABC-7) or your local ABC Staions).
Dancing With the Stars
Week Six Recap

(For the Sara Evans pre-tape Interview segment on why she left Dancing with the stars pleased Scorll up)

Mario Lopez (mamba)
Wow! Mario was a the italy Judge called him Super Mario he have some great Move with his partner (Karina Smirnoff) maybe a little practice From of all people Eva Langora

Monique Coleman - (samba)
that dance was very great maybe the Cruming Works but it got slow in the end

Joey Lawrence - (rumba)
well he dance was very good tonight but i would take away point for singing the First few Bar of a song have he learn his lesston.

Emmitt Smith - (Jive)
well that was a very good Jive if i saw one myself, It was very good

Jerry Springer - (paso Doble)
it was OK but make Tucker Carlson dance in Week one to shame, but hey his parter was good.

Mario Lopez (mamba) - 28
Emmitt Smith - (Jive) - 25
Joey Lawrence - (rumba) - 24
Monique Coleman - (samba) - 23
Jerry Springer - (paso Doble) - 18

and that it for ther dancing tonight but after that was for just the at home viewers
The Group Disco Dance

Wow it was Disco night at Studio 54 on Saturday Night but it was on a tuesday Night
with Joey and Emmitt was very good and Jerry still thinling it was 1970s all over aging.

if you want to who got kick off or if any one got kick off because of Sara Evans departure, Just Find out tommorrow Night at 8 PM on ABC-TV (WXYZ-TV at my home base in Detroit or your Local ABC Station)
Dancing with the stars Preview
Serire three - Show Six

This week Dancing with the stars will be a inserting one indeed, that will asking how ABC will address the Suddend Departer of contury singer Sara Evans from the show.

to see how we come from last week show (Ed Notes, i came home late deep into the show so i did not see the show last week, so there was no review of what happen or who got kick off the dance Floor Last week)to what going to happend this week here a quick little review.

First on last week show itself, because it was realy realy close between all seven Dancers seprate by only Three points Monique Coleman, Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith, and Willa Ford all have 27 points, then Joey Lawrence follow with 25 with Sara Evans and Jerry Springer with 24.

But the other half of the vote is by viewer vote and finshing in the bottom two was Ford and Springer and guess who got the bad news, the bad girl of pop William Ford got the boot form the dance floor, so there was six left right Wrong.

almost 24 hours later it was learn that Sara Evans was quiting the show because of personal reasons, it was later learn that she was fileing for divorce from her husband of thirteen years Craig Schelske, that departher have sent shockwave thoghtout the show, it was the first time that a celebrity has voluntarily quit the series once the competition began.

Now the big question on tonight show is: how will they address her derpather form the show?

ABC TV (the Network that aired the show) have been shaming hyeping her departher as "rumors" with everbody asking to tune in which is not the way to go for some thing almost everbody know already.

A coulpe of thing i know form off the net, Evans taped a 7 min. interview that will aired at the beging of the show, that interview was taped on saturday and accroing to her divicore lawers explaining her reasons for withdrawing from the show but will not go into details about the divorce.

Second will anyone be kick off the show this week, that a big question mark, it was reported that producers as William Ford to come back on the show but she told the them she done telling CNN on monday "America voted, America spoke, and I'm done"

or will the producer ask andoder copled that got kick off to come back to the show or tahe a page off of american idol back in season 2 in 2003 after cory Clark got kick off the show, in that week they carry over the veiwer vote from the next week show.

Away from the sara Evans departher, tonight dance will inclued a Group Disco so that mean will see Springer do the Disco Bugged.

Dancing with the stars will begin at 8 PM and since there Six Dancer left it will run a hour tonight.
new music tuesday

Today is October 17, Two weeks before Hawlloween and it was on this day in 1962 that Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers noviey Halloween song "Monster Mash" hit No.1 on the Billboard Pop Chart and it re-apperd on the chart in 1970 and 1973 and have been staple of cover bands at this time ever since.

Also on this day hiting no.1 for the first and only time Chuck Berry with his rude Novtiy song "My Ding-a-Ling" and he will turn 80 tomorrow.

And speaking about new released it was on this day in 1995 that Rhino Home Video releases all 58 episodes of "The Monkees" on 21 VHS cassettes, it became the largest video boxed set ever, i wonder how they will do on the DVD Format but hey why wait for today New music from the only bands that matters.

October 17th


Album in blue mean the whole CD is on AOL Music untill sunday

Badly Drawn Boy - Born in the U.K. (Astralwerks)

Glenn Danzig - Black Aria II (Megaforce)
Jeremy Enigk - World Waits (Reincarnate)
Eartha Kitt - Live From the Café Carlyle (DRG)
Klaxons - Xan Valleys (enhanced EP; Modular/Interscope)

Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong (Arista)
Sadies - "Tales of the Rat Fink" soundtrack (Yep Roc)

Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots (Universal)
KT Tunstall - KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza (with DVD; Virgin)

Twisted Sister - A Twisted Christmas (Razor & Tie)
Xzibit - Full Circle (Koch)

Various artists - She Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool: A Tribute to Barbara Mandrell (BNA)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Aerosmith - Devil's Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith (Columbia)
Blind Melon - Live at the Palace - Hollywood, CA, October 1995 (Capitol/EMI)
Billy Bragg - Don't Try This at Home, England, Half English (with the Blokes; enhanced) Volume II (box set with eight CDs and one DVD), William Bloke and Workers Playtime (Yep Roc)
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones - Surfers' Choice (Sundazed)
Esteban - Best of Esteban (Strip City)
Everly Brothers - 36 Unreleased Recordings From the Late '50s and Early '60s (Varèse Sarabande)
Goldfrapp - We Are Glitter (Mute)
Gomez - Five Men in a Hut (A's, B's & Rarities: 1998-2004) (two CDs; Virgin/EMI)
Love - The Definitive Rock Collection (Rhino)
Willie Nelson - 54 Songs: Songwriter Sessions (three-CD box set; DBK)
Primus - Primus Singles: They Can't All Be Zingers (Interscope)
Various artists - The Ultimate James Bond Film Music Collection (four-CD box set; Silva America)

Music DVD:

Cars - "The Cars Unlocked - The Live Performances" (with bonus CD; New Video Group)
Kinks - "One for the Road" (Velvel)
Primus - "Blame It on the Fish" (Frizzle Fry)
Rolling Stones - "Rock Files: Truth and Lies" (Eagle Vision)
Neil Sedaka - "The Show Goes On: Live at the Royal Albert Hall" (Eagle Vision)
Various artists - "Carlos Santana Presents Blues at Montreux 2004" (three DVDs; Eagle Vision)


Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 2
The Andy Milonakis Show - The Complete 2nd Season
Big Love - The Complete 1st Season
C.S.I.: NY - The Complete 2nd Season
Charmed - The Complete 6th Season
La Femme Nikita - The Complete 5th Season
Murder, She Wrote - The Complete 4th Season
Starsky and Hutch - The Complete 4th Season
That '70s Show - Season 5
Wild 'N Out - Season 2
Wonder Showzen - Season 2
it came from the late night music club from culture city
(and for the Next two weeks with two video, One reg and one for the it came from Detroit Local Premeir Next week - OCT. 27 at the DFT)

For the Next few weeks i will be doing not one but two video pre day under the it came from the late night music club from culture city banner

One video will be a regualr video you come to love

and a Second Video will be for the Doctemcary of the rise of the Detroit Rock and roll sence as told from the people who live it, it explores the history of the scene that spawned the White Stripes, The Von Bondies, The Dirtbombs, The Hentchmen, Detroit Cobras, Demoliton Doll Rods and a lot more

the Movie will play for the first time on Friday, October 27 and it will start with the Dirtbombs playing the Rivera Court befor the film go on at 8 PM then after the Film there will be short set by Outraggest Cherry and the witches after the show ticket cost $10 and should be a great show

And we wish lot of luck to Director James P. Petix and Producer Sarah Babila on this big night

now if you want more info on the Film, you can goes to there web sight at

And now if you want to get ready for the film, Here the Trailer for the film from you tube

now it time for my reg. Video

God bless you Freddy Fender, Who dide over the weekend at the age of 69

From Wikipedia

In 1974, Fender recorded "Before The Next Teardrop Falls." The single was selected for national distribution, and became a number one hit on the Billboard Country and Pop charts. His next four singles, including a remake of "Wasted Days," all hit the number-one spot on the Billboard Country charts.

During the next few years, Fender had several major country hits, including the No. 1 hits "Secret Love" (1975) and "You'll Lose A Good Thing" (1976). He had other top 10's in country as well with "Since I Met You Baby" (1975), "Vaya Con Dios" (1976), "Livin' It Down" (1976), and "The Rains Came" (1977).

He also had success on the pop charts. In addition to "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" going number 1 on the pop charts, he also took "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights" into the pop top 10 and "Secret Love" into the pop top 20. Also "Since I Met You Baby," "You'll Lose A Good Thing" (his last pop top 40), "Vaya Con Dios," and "Livin' It Down" (his last pop hit to reach the pop top 100) all did well on the pop charts as they did in the country genre.

and Now from a band who will played the premeier
The Dirtbombs

From Wikipedia

Originally conceived as a “singles band”, the Dirtbombs were to record only 7” records; record label [In The Red], however, persuaded them to record an LP. Collins decided that if the band were to record a full-length album they would treat the entire album like a giant single, meaning that each would demonstrate one musical idea. 1998's Horndog Fest was a punk rock record, 2001’s Ultraglide in Black was a collection of nearly all soul, R & B, and Motown covers, and 2003’s Dangerous Magical Noise was a pop rock album.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gig Gudie Monday

October 16th - October 22nd



M. Ward - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS (From 08/24)
Corinne Bailey Rae - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC (From 10/18)
Starsailor - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS (From 09/29)
Corinne Bailey Rae - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Sarah McLachlan - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Ben Folds - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
TV On The Radio - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS (From 09/12)
Frank Black - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq "In New music We Thurh"
Monday at 4 P.M. EDT

This week
Jamie T interview and a live session from Look See Proof

Hew Stpean UnSinged
Wednesday at 7 PM

This Week
Rory McVicar

Annie Mac
Friday From 5 to 7 P.M.
(and dont forget her sunday night show on Sunday 4 P.M.)

This week
Freestylers Mini Mix

6 Music

6 Music Plays It Again
Monday to Tuesday 4:30 P.M. EDT

Monday and Tuesday
Led Zeppelin: At The BBC
Wednesday and Thursday
David Bowie: At The BBC

Dream Ticket with Joe Mace
Monday to thursday From 5 to 8 PM EDT

Monday - Led Zeppelin
Tuesday - Jurassic 5
Wednesday - Green Day
Thursday - Morrissey

Gideno Coe
weekday 5 to 8 PM

Tuesday - The Essex Green
Wednesday -The Lemonheads
Thursday - Vega 4

Queens of Noize
Saturday at 7 PM

Julian and Noel of Mighty Boosh fame join us for a Jazz Safari.

Tom Robinson
Monday and Tuesday 2 to 4:30 PM EDT

This Week in Session: The Black Keys
This Week's Guests: The Levellers on Monday and Patrick Wolf on Tuesday

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
(All live set begin at 2:15 PM EDT)

Wednesday - Badly Drawn Boy
Pigeon John - Pigeon John

Last week Session on-lie Right now

Cold War Kids
What Made Milwaukee Famous
(All Live set are in PDT 3 hours behind EDT)

Citizen Cope Saturday October 21, 1:30pm
The Hold Steady Saturday October 21, 3:00pm
The Hope Saturday October 21, 6:00pm
Weary Saturday October 21, 8:00pm
So Many Dynamos Sunday October 22, 12:00pm

Monday - Asobi Seksu 4:00pm
Tuesday - The Wrens 4:00pm
Wednesday - Minus The Bear 4:00pm

Auralgasms Radio

The Yourgasms Radio Hour
Monday at 10pm

This Week
DJ Mikel O.D.
Most People Are DJ's
Indie music and reviews from the fringes of pop culture.

Satulitte Radio

Sirius Radio

SIRIUS Disorder (Ch. 24)

World Café
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
1 pm - 3pm ET Friday

Monday - Shawn Colvin
Tuesday - Mindy Smith
Wednesday - Joseph Arthur
Thursday - The Dears
Friday - Los Lobos

Left of Center (Ch. 26)

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET

This Week

The Decemberists: The Crane Wife
Wed 10/18 2:00 pm ET
The Decemberists visit the SIRIUS Studios to chat with Reno about their latest album, The Crane Wife, being on a major label, and their current tour.

Built To Spill: You In Reverse
Thurs 10/19 2:00 pm ET
Built To Spill crash through the SIRIUS Studios to hang out with Jake and chat about their latest release You In Reverse, how well it's doing on the charts, and their current tour.

and it the Third Thursday of the Month and Matt Pinfield play What ever he want at 6 PM

XM Radio


Tom Petty's Buried Treasure
Deep Tracks - XM 40
10AM - 11AM ET

Artist Confidential: Sting
XM Pops - XM 113
Noon - 1PM ET

SongStories with Graham Nash #5:Featuring John Lee Hooker, Waylon Jennings, Jimmie Davis & Peter Yarrow
The Loft - XM 50
11PM - 11:30 PM ET


Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan (Theme: Guns)
Deep Tracks - XM 40
10AM - 11AM ET on Wednesday
and The Village - XM 15
Noon - 1PM ET on thursday
This week's theme is Guns


Sonic Sound Salutes: CKLW Detroit/Windsor, Ontario
The 60s - XM 6
4PM - 9PM ET


Ben Sidran on Record Interview with Dizzy Gillespie
Real Jazz - XM 70



Wednesday - EMANUEL
Friday - ADULT.
Saturday - XIU XIU
Sunday - ONE SELF with DJ VADIM



Maigic Bag

Tuesday - AL DiMEOLA with The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Saturday - CORE EFFECT with One More August, Social Fever & Allright Junior

Lager House

Tuesday - Dame Satan / Frontier Ruckus
Wednesday - Odiorne (ex Mercury Rev)
Thursday - Low Lows (formerly Parker And Lily) w/ Eric Weir
Friday - Outrageous Cherry / Asteroid #4
Saturday - Gemma Ray Ritual / American Mars (w/ guest Sunshine Doray!)

Saint Andrews Hall

Wednesday - The Cary Brothers
Thursday - Bouncing Souls


Wednesday - The Riverboat Gamblers
Thursday - June
Saturday - Pre-Halloween Bash 2006


Tuesday - Koyl, Marburg, Rhyme Asylum, Earl Eurp
Wednesday - Yoshi, Don Juan, Sol Uniq
Thursday - The Appleseed Cast w/ Mason Proper, Ancourage
Friday - Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers w/ Mozella, Tyler James
Sunday - Dante w/ Lost Elementz, Rising Sunz, Tasherre, Mu, B.Boy Contest
Saturday - Planes Mistaken for Stars, These Arms are Snakes, Mouth of the Architect

Michigan Theater

Thursday - Ron White
Saturday - Randy Newman

The Ark (Ann Arbor)

Cowboy Junkies
(2 Show at 7:30 and 10 PM)

Arlo Guthrie - The Guthrie Family Legacy Tour & Abe Guthrie, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion (it too is sole out)

The Belmont

Monday - Rescue, the Phage, the Beatings, Shadiamoud LeFreedom and Mississippi Willow.
Thursday - Wingman, Battling Siki and Undersea Exposion (NYC)
Friday - Search Party, Zela Zowa and I Am Wax.
Saturday - Prime Ministers, Chris Richards & the Subtractions and the Apologies.

State Theatre

Wednesday - The Killers
Thursday - The Fray with The Feeling
Friday - Widespread Panic
Sunday - MTV $2 Bill presents: 30 Seconds to Mars with Head Automatica, Cobra Starship, Envy on the Coast & Men, Women and Children

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Tuesday - Iron Maiden wsg Bullet for My Valentine

Fox Theaher

Tuesday - Paul Simone
Thursday - James Blunt - Back to Bediam World Tour
Saturday - Vince Gill

Now if i miss some thing in the big List please let me know

The E-Mail

and this list will be posted thur-out the week
it came from the late night music club from culture city with the last gig Ever at CBGB
the Punk Goodness here self Patty Smith

The full name is CBGB & OMFUG which stands for "Country Bluegrass Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers". Gormandizer usually means a ravenous eater of food, but according to Kristal here it means "a voracious eater of ... music".

Following the release of Wave, Smith, met Fred "Sonic" Smith, former guitar player for legendary Detroit rock band the MC5, who adored poetry as much as she did. The running joke at the time was that she only married Fred because she wouldn't have to change her name. Through most of the 1980s Smith was in semi-retirement from music, living in a suburb of Detroit with her family. In 1988, she released the album Dream of Life, which was well-received, even though she didn't go on tour and it was much more mainstream than her earlier punk-influenced work.

On Sunday, October 15, 2006 she performed the final show at CBGB in Manhattan.