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It 9 O'Clock

And tonight video at 9 PM is a hip hop re-mix
of lady tron "Ghosts" From last year album Velocifero
From psychedelic alternative arena-rap group

And as a added bonus i got the original video from Lady Tron

Ladytron - 'Ghosts (Blestenation Mix)'

Ladytron - 'Ghosts

The Culture City report - Jan 7th, 2009

Back to a regual report as i come back doing a once a day round up of today news
so here what is going on in the news today

And will beging with for thouse of you that own and ipod because that $15 ipod card that you got for x-mas may look like a $10 ipod card, at Macworld in San Francisco Apple announced a change in pricing for there Itunes service in exchange with the major record lable to remove DRM [Digital rights management] on download fon ipod and other Digital player.

Apple will now offer tier pricing from 69 cents for the little know not much played on the radio expect on college radio station to $1.29 for thouse overplay song that are play too much on the radio and it will be DRM free the new pricing that will beging in April.

But i know most you have tune from Katy Perry and Lily Allen on your Ipod or Itouch [it the iphone without the phone] but i look the two singer can't stand each other so free sprit UK singer according to the Sun News paper Told Friends that " post Katy Perry's phone number on Facebook if the singer bad mouths her again"

she Made the threat after she told a UK music station last month that When I met her I was bit frosty with her because someone asked her to describe herself. She's like, 'Aha, I'm like a fatter version of Amy Winehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen!' It's like, you're not English and you don't write your own songs, shut up!"

All i have to say whatever, i mean i am moving on from that i kiss a girl song and wondering if the New Lilly Allen album is any good it out on Feb. 10

In gig News the will be a big indie gig at the Black Cat club day before president-elect Barack Obama is inauguration as President, it is beging called ‘Big Shoulders Ball: Chicago Celebrates Change’ and the big indie act will include Ted Leo, Andrew Bird and Tortoise also in the bill will be Waco Bros., Eleventh Dream Day, Jon Langford, Sally Timms, David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards, Ken Vandermark, Freakwater, Icy Demons, Judson Claiborne

In Other gig news it was reported in Pitchfork, Spin on-line and other music press that Led Zeppelin are planning to tour and record a new album with out there lead singer Robert Plant.

it look like The Plant/Page will be off for some and dont forget Robert Plant was on a tour for abotu a lear touring contry singer Alison Krauss last year

so there finding the wright singer for the prefit growl.

and we have a programing change for any on who read the "PLAY" list i list the weekly play list for in sound (radio) which is hosted by Ex-WDETer Jon Moshier have aired every sunday from 10pm to midnight for less than a year but now i will be moving beging January 16th the show will now aired on a Friday from midnight to 2 A.M.

But if you are going to a show or miss the show don't worried it will be archived on the CJAM website for 30 days on, you can also find a link on the right of the menu under indie radio.

and back to the passing yesterday of late Stooges gitarist Ron Asheton

Rolling Stone On-Line at have storys of the Stooges and Ron, you can Click Here for thouse story

also if you want to hear the raw power of Iggy and the stooges you can
click on a link below to hear a sesstion from back in march of last year Live on KEXP from SXSW in Austin.

SXSW 2007: The Stooges
Recorded Live on March 16, 2007, Produced by KEXP

Ron Asheton 1948-2009 - Follow up report

Here is a Follow up report on the passing of Stooges lead guitarist
Ron Asheton, Who pass away yesterday in his Ann Arbor home.

Now first thing first there have been no funeral arrangements as of yet
on whether of not it will be public or private

If funeral detail are made public i post the info on this site
if not other News site will post the info.

as for the cause death, an autopsy took place University of Michigan Medical Center where they took toxicology took place, but the result of those test will not be know for about a month.

Now Ann Arbor Police have told the Ann Arbor News Newspaper that they do not suspect foul play was involved in his death, but they are suspecting he may have die of a Heart attack somewhere around New Year Eve and New Year Day.

Now According to Ann Arbor News, the family have hired private security to monitor his home after they found some people removing his guitars from the house Tuesday afternoon.

Ann Arbor Police told the Ann Arbor News that they received a call at about 3:30 PM from Asheton's sister when she arrived at home when she found out multiple people -- including Asheton's personal assistant -- loading guitars into a van

Detective Bill Stanford told the Ann Arbor News that the personal assistant was assaulted by Asheton's sister outside the house.

Nobody was arrested, but police are investigation assault, Officers did returned the guitars to the family until ownership is decide by either a will or in the court.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Remembering Ron Asheton

Over the Last two days of reading story's on the passing of Stooges guitarist
Ron Asheton who pass away yesterday at the age of 60.

i decide to search the web for rememberced of the late great guitarist
and i found a lot with the source of the Quietes []

if you want to add you rememberec you can fire off a E-mail at culturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com

the 1st quite is from the Ron best friend in the world
Iggy Pop.


We are shocked and shaken by the news of Ron’s death. He was a great friend, brother, musician, trooper. Irreplaceable. He will be missed.

For all that knew him behind the fa├žade of Mr Cool & Quirky, he was a kind-hearted, genuine, warm person who always believed that people meant well even if they did not.

As a musician Ron was The Guitar God, idol to follow and inspire others. That is how he will be remembered by people who had a great pleasure to work with him, learn from him and share good and bad times with him.

Iggy, Scott, Steve, Mike and Crew


I am in shock. He was my best friend.

Iggy Pop


"I would hang out with those guys, watch TV, smoke a joint and relax,", "We'd laugh, we'd crack jokes. They weren't so serious. They were aware of the revolution, they were aware of the times, but they just liked to have fun. Their outlook on life was a little less serious."

Dennis Thompson - longtime friend, drummer, MC5.
[via Detroit News]


“To me, he was the epitome of raw punk,”, “He wasn’t flashy or over the top. It was raw. The riffs he wrote stood the test of time.”

“He was like a kid in a candy store, just so excited,”, “He wasn’t afraid to show it. Some people are too cool, but he was obviously very happy and proud.”

Jason Stollsteimer - Von Bondies Front man and guitarist
[via Detroit Free Press]


"'I Wanna Be Your Dog' was my fuzz-wah guitar bible as a kid," Diamond said. "I learned a lot about how to really play the guitar listening to Ron Asheton growing up. That guy showed you that wild and loose was the way to go."

Jim Diamond - producer, Ghetto Recorders
[via Detroit News]


"The thing about his playing is that, unlike the MC5, it wasn't based in blues or any rock 'n' roll that had come before. There weren't any Chuck Berry licks in it, there weren't any recognizable blues licks in what he did, it was something that he totally invented and came directly from his soul. There was no precedent for it. It was almost like John Lee Hooker where you can't discern any influences. It seemed to have come from a primal place. I've tried to imitate his style and been semi-successful, but it's a really idiosyncratic style of playing. His playing totally blows me away."

Danny Kroha - guitarist, the Readies and the Demolition Doll Rods
[via Detroit Free Press]


"To me, the Asheton brothers were the stars of the reunion. They deserved it. Ron's playing was so direct. When you look at the 'Fun House' album ... everything that he played was great. It's the same with the other guys, too. They had their own sound, and it was totally to the point. In later years, maybe because people had put down his guitar playing, Ron started playing a million notes in his solos and it was frustrating. Nobody could play those rhythms like Ron. You could have a million people covering 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' and they would all sound like (profanity) except when Ron played it.

Bootsey X - singer and a member of Dark Carnival with Asheton
[via Detroit Free Press]


"Here it is -- Ron was the Christopher Columbus of rock 'n' roll. He knew there was a new world out there and from Day 1 when he was a teenager, he knew that was what he wanted to do. That was his calling, his mission in life. ... Ron didn't have a musical background playing in bar bands and that sort of rootsy stuff -- he taught himself everything.

"It turned out to be something that was completely unique. It was a breakaway from the traditional way of playing guitar. He had a great sense of rhythm and harmonics. The whole thing always sounded good. That's the bottom line -- if something sounds good, it is good. The Stooges guys weren't great musicians, that isn't what it was about. It was about the spirit. ... They approached everything from a very primitive level and it struck a chord with people. Ron lived for that band. It was everything to him."

Michael Davis, MC5 bassist also a member of Destroy All Monsters with Asheton
[via Detroit Free Press]


I also remember Ron being angry over some things Iggy once said that ended up in a story I did back in the '90s. Iggy had come to town, the conquering hero as usual, and saw a lot of his old friends and bandmates, including Ron. Later on a limo ride to the airport, Iggy told me it saddened him to see old friends living in the same places, doing the same things. I think Ron took that personally, and he wasn't happy with Iggy for a while after that.

That had a happy ending later, when Iggy got the group back together for a well-received comeback.

Susan Whitall - Music Writer, Detroit News
[via Detroit News]


"Wherever great musicians go when they pass, Ron is there and they're better for it. He was a decent man."

Russ Gibb - former manager of the Grande Ballroom
[via Detroit Free Press]


"a kind and gentle, good man ... a legendary figure from a legendary band."

Scott Morgan - lead singer, Scott Morgan Powertrane
[via Ann Arbor News]


"He was always approachable and always helpful to local bands. And he could go on for hours with stories about show business and people he'd run into over the years."

"When the whole Stooge reunion happened (in 2005-07), he started to get attention and people were focusing on his place in history," "The last three or four years he was starting to get the notoriety, attention and financial rewards for all the work he had been doing. It's too bad he didn't get to enjoy that more."

Alan Goldsmith - music journalist
[via Ann Arbor News]


"He was a mesmerizing guitar player. He was not a showman, he didn't show off very much, but if you listened it just got into your blood. I saw him at the Fox (Theater) when they had a reunion after a long absence. I was immediately transported back to the Grande Ballroom (a Detroit venue of the 1960s and '70s). He was one of the greatest guitar players coming out of this area, I believe."

Leni Sinclair - legionnaire music photographer
[via Ann Arbor News]


"The sound coming from his guitar was just the most unbelievable thing I had ever heard; bursts of feedback-laced shrapnel. I was awe struck then, and I still am to this day every time I play their records,"

Dianna Frank - marketing manager, Live Nation/Detroit
[via Ann Arbor News]


"He was one of a kind and he marched to his own drum. ... He tended to use not a whole lot of chords, but he had a certain style of chording where the E strings would drone and then he would slide up and down the neck and then there's the volume of it -- the wall of sound that he was able to produce from one guitar. He was very inspirational and he'll continue to be so."

Steve Mackay - Stooges, saxophonist
[via Detroit Free Press]


"I think the way he played guitar and the way The Stooges played as a band took rock music back to the primeval basics,"

"He seemed to play really instinctively, really raw, he had amazing guitar playing. Songs like 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' were really simple but with the kind of riff that you can't believe no-one had thought of before. That was just absolutely amazing."

Stuart Braithwaite - Mogwai frontman Stuart Braithwaite
[Via NME]


"I just loved The Stooges, "Ron's was a totally original style: really fucking sexy and wild and reckless and free.

"He was a free rock 'n' roll guitarist. He made up his own style – there's nobody else who sounded llike Ron Asheton. As soon as you hear the first chords of any Stooges song you knew it was him playing.

"He had killer riffs. 'No Fun', 'Down On The Street', 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' – all those songs you identify with a guitar riff even before Iggy [Pop] starts singing. He's one of the greats, I think."

Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream frontman
[Via NME]


I knew Ron since early 1977. He never had any trace of conceit or ego and was easily one of the very best songwriters ever to come out of Detroit. He looked cooler than anyone playing onstage and he NEVER made a single mistake in any live show I ever saw him play. His talent and humanity will be terribly missed by everyone who ever knew him.

Ben Waugh
[coment left over on]


Asheton was a true trailblazer. I’m just thankful I was able to catch him live at the Stooges’ 2003 reunion show at DTE Energy, in spite of the statewide blackouts that threw a wrench into the scheduling of the event. It was one of the most memorable, balls-out rock’n'roll concerts I’ve ever attended.

Todd - co-editor of The Post-Rockist blog

The Late Night Video

As you proalbe already know the Detroit rock and roll Scene
is in morning tonight with the passing of Ron Asheton, the guitariest of Iggy and the Stooges who was found dead this morning in his home in Ann Arbor

aldought no cause of death have been detemin initial reports late tonight suggest he die of a heart attack.

in Honor of Ron here a select video that was Iggy and the Stooges and partly fule by

Rare Iggy and the Stooges From the
Grande Ballroom in Detroit

back porch videos youtube site]

Search & Destroy [Live]

No Fun

Raw Power

I Wanna Be Your Dog

A Culture City Viral Classic
Live in Cincinnati, 1970
[Check Out the host having No Clue what is going On]

Bearking Culture News

Ron Asheton 1948-2008
IGGY & THE STOOGES Pictures, Images and Photos

Ron Asheton[Left] with the Stooges

It with Deep Regret as the Editor of the Culture City Blog
i give a the sad News that Ron Asheton the Oringal guitarist of Iggy and the Stooges
Have pass Away in his home in Ann Arbor.

the News have speard like wild fire in all the blogs, myspace pages and the regular news site, Ron was found dead early this morning after Ann Arbor police got a called from his personal assistant at about midnight after not reaching him in several days.

Ann Arbor Police Sgt. Brad Hill told the Detroit Free Press that they did a welfare check and found him in his living room sitting on his couch, Ann Arbor police is conduting a investigation, but told the free press that foul play is not suspected.

aldought no causes have been reported yet, he may have die of natural causes.

Ron Along with his brother, Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander and legionnaire front man Iggy Pop form one of the best bands to come out in the late 60's to come out of Detroit, become on the first true rock and roll band to come out of the Detroit area that was not tie to the Motown record era.

They From in 1967 in that small college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan they played gig around the S.E. Michigan area, they was discover and sing to Elektra record in 1968.

They released there self title debut record in August of 1969 which spawn one of there famous song "I Wanna Be Your Dog" which became a trademark of there live show and have been cover by Sonic Youth and also "No Fun" which was also cover by The Sex Pistols.

They released the Follow up record Fun House in July of 2007 altought it was not a big seller as the debut it was voted by UK music Magazine "Q" was voted Loudest Album Eve in 2007.

it also spawn songs that have been cover and played on DJ night like "T.V. Eye", "1970" and "Loose"[which have been cover by "the Blake Babies]
Iggy and The Stooges Pictures, Images and Photos
after touring of the album they broke up but in 1973 they reform to put out the iconic album "Raw Power" guitarist James Williamson replace Dave Alexander who was fighting alcoholism Ron switch back to bass. it was called one of the most important proto-punk documents of its era.
iggy Pictures, Images and Photos
The Band drop out after there label Columbia drop them after they tour for almost a year, after the band broke up after that he play in bands in and around the Detroit and Ann Arbor Area. among them The New Order (not to be confused the UK band of the same name which from in the late 70's), New Race, and Destroy All Monsters which was fronted by the lovely punk rock artist Niagara
Destroy All Monsters Pictures, Images and Photos
but after almost 30 year begin apart they reunite in 2003 to be apart of Iggy Pop "Skull Ring" Which was released in Late of 2003 at the same year they play a legionnaire reunion show a the DTE Energy Music Theatre, it was a show that have opener "Sonic Youth" and "The Von Bondies" as you all know that show was going to go on August 20 but it was delay for about a week because of a black Out that hit the Detroit Area that Night.

It was rescheduled a week later but that didn't slow down that band a they put one of the best show of the year, it was captured for a live DVD which was called Iggy & the Stooges: Live in Detroit Which was released in march of 2004

there was good Vibe from that show they record a new album in 2007 called "The Weirdness", it was the first studio album of new material in almost 30 years

His Passing come weeks before a decision on if there going to be induction in to the "rock n roll" Hall of Fame which the group have tried for years to get into the great hall.

everybody who played, follow, listen, or goes to show in the Detroit Area
we all raised a glass to Ron And Thanks for years of service and his contribution to Detroit Rock n roll and where ever he is tonight, he is rocking out with the god's

ron asheton Pictures, Images and Photos

UPDATE: I forgot one thing.

Tonight on Detroit Local 101 on WRIF-FM 101.1 HD2
they will be giving a tribute to Ron Asheton
and they will be playing a lot of his music

you can listen to the show on Riff 2
WRIF-FM HD sub-channel at 101.1 FM HD2
or if you don't have a HD Radio
you can listen to the show at
the show beging at 10 PM to midnight

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The Late Night Video

it going to be called either the Late Night Video or it 9 O'clock but same way a late night video for all night owl

and as tradition on the 1st post of the year
i played this video because of the song title

and it was a good holiday break for this front man because
he got engaged to his girlfriend at the same time he broke the
heart of almost every male blogger who like me who like her debut
last year

So with that coagulation
Death Cab for Cutie Ben Gibbard and actress and singer Zooey Deschanel

and this is "The New Year"

The Culture City report - Jan 5th, 2009

it the 1st full work day of 2009

and i am still getting out of that funk which is the holiday and it is great getting back to do the site aging on a one a Day basie, and if the lions are going to 0-32 in two year i want to be adopted by the Cleveland browns or because some of my in-laws live in the city the Cincinnati Bengals but they when thur a bad 4-11-1 season ouch.

It was a light few weeks after almost a long Month long rush to the store to try to find the stuff that you want but you got it after the store drop there priced by almost 30-75 % off so here what you have miss during the long month

Wilco Pictures, Images and Photos

Just before X-Mas the Arcade Fire will released there concert DVD called Miroir Noir next year[out right now via digital download at] but not to be outdone the Chicago band "Wilco" have announced a released date of there own concert DVD, film last year at Nashville Ryman Auditorium and the Tulsa,OK Cain Ballroom the DVD will be out in February or March.

and after you watch the both DVD you may watch the New Season of Doctor Who go into it third Doctor Who [11th of all time] it will be played by little know Matt Smith who taking over from David Tennant and there is talk that joining the legion of pretty time travel Companion from Elisabeth Sladen [Sarah Jane Smith], Bonnie Langford [Melanie "Mel" Bush] and Billie Piper [Rose Tyler].

lilly alen! Pictures, Images and Photos

The talk is the new Doctor Companion may be UK singer Lily Allen, hum Lily Allen travel Thur time battling the darlex now that scary, Oh did i for get her New album "It's Not Me, It's You" New Music Tuesday Feb. 10

And Two local Notes to boot in this report.
Ether Aura 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
One, Ether Aura or they used to be called Ether Aura but now they change there name to "The Blueflowers" why the name change? the a post on the my space page thet explained "Over the past 15 months, personnel changes as well as changes in our creative direction has prompted us to go with a new band name", there third C.D.[1st with the new name] is called "Watercolor Ghost Town", it going to be out at there CD released gig at the Belmont on Feb. 21, but you can per-order it through January, you can find it at

and don't forget the New Von Bondies [there 1st album in almost five year] "Love Hate And then There’s You" it out on New Music Tuesday Feb 3rd and the album cover art is out and it is quite troubling it have there Drummer Don Blum sticking up Jason Stollsteimer wield typing on a old school typewriter, and there playing a gig on Feb. 21 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Dam you I-94 Freeway.

and Now for you listening pleasure

the First New NPR All Songs Considered of 2008 is Out
and in it music from The Bad Plus, Esau Mwamwaya, and Andrew Bird who New Album "Noble Beast" is steam on the NPR Music site

But you can link here

and speaking about New the band that is being called the New "New Order", 'Glasvegas' New CD out this Week but you can listen this at the spinner listen room [Link here] 2008 year in review show is up right now , it is also the same site you can find the full top 90 of 2008up there as well.

also a round up on live sesstion with link


Charlie Haden
Little Joy
Juliette Commagere
Mercury Rev

KMPC [The Current]

two Live set and Two interviews

Live Set:

Ryan Adams

The Interviews:

Noel Gallagher where he talk about beging attack by a fan
And Flameing Lips Frontman Wayne Coyne about the recent released DVD "Christmas on Mars"

NPR's World Cafe

The Notwist

Dark Meat
The Peekers
Earl Greyhound
Viking Moses
Brandi Shearer
Stars Like Fleas

And dont forget if you have not test your T.V. yet the 4th in a seires of test will take place tomorrow at 2:59 PM on all the detroit TV Station if you live out side Detroit check you listen or you local channels to see what time you TV is testing you TV.

because after Feb. 17 at 11:59 PM you will see TV snow.