Friday, June 22, 2007

This Weekend in Culture City

Well it the Weekend in the motor city, and with almost two count them two week to go until the biggest festival of the year Comerica Cityfest we need the perfit warm up to get hype up for big festival is believe it or not anode Street Festival but this time in not begin held on any plan old street in detroit or the subure, it beging held on the banks on the Detroit river to celebrate the Grand opening of a new portion on Detroit riverwalk.

The Riverwalk is a major project of the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy to provide a walking space on the riverfront when completed in a few years it will go from Joe Louis Arena from the west to all the way to belle isle to the east, they just open a portion of the river walk that goes east of the Ren Cen to Mt. Elliot Park along the way it past a plaza at Rivard Plaza, at the foot of Rivard Street, chene Park, Stroh's River Place to the end which is at Mt. Elliot Park.

Now last week i took a very lovely walk on the Riverfront up to Rivard Plaza the highlights for me on those really hot days where it really, really hot is a fountiant which is just near the Ren Cen witch a lot of people [mostly kids} running around getting wet, further down the river at Rivard Plaza there is a lager shad where you can relax and enjoy the beauty that is the Detroit River, also there is a caritsol with the Creather of the sea on the merry-go-round and my person highlights of the whole riverwalk so far is a big map of the metro Detroit and Windsor area, so if you ever get bore you see the big map to see where you live.

So to celebrate the opening of the riverwalk why not create a new festival call "Detroit River Days" the will go from Friday to Next Wednesday where the "Target Fireworks" on the river, most of the active will take place east of the Renaissance Center now the Music is some what OK with pop, Gospel, blues, and country, but there is rock at the riverfest among the highlight this weekend on Friday night The Detroit rock and blues band the muggs play at 8 PM at the sprint stage in Front of the Ren Cen, Kenny Wanye Shepherd is playing the EDS Stage [Near the corner of E. Atwarter st, and Schweitzer Place] on saturday night at 10 PM there will be a parade of lights down the Detroit river and on Sunday Night at 8 PM the highlight of most people weekend will be the one and only and the always good looking Joan Jett playing the EDS stage.

But if you don't like going near open water and like to be near by a rock club there are gig this weekend like the five three dail tone present showcase gig sponsor by the no five, the no. three, and Dial tone the bands playing the show case gig will be Freer, Expatriates, Nice Device with this blog sight crush on lead singer Alicia Gbur, it will be held at the Norther Light Lounge in Detroit New Center Area and it will be held on Friday and the Doors opening at 9 PM.

also there is some good sweet indie rock at the Belmont tonight with Baton Rouge,LA, "The Eames Era" is tour the country to promote the hell out Second CD which is called "Heroes and Sheroes" as well as there first C.D. the 2005 "Double Dutch" which they was going on tour that year if it was not for there tour bus getting into a accident with a military truck who was in the area after "Hurricane Katrina" that left lead singer Ashlin Phillips with several stitches in her face and guitarist Ted Joyner with broken arm, they will be join by Washington DC indie power pop Five piece "Exit Clov" who is on tour to promote there latest EP "Respond, Respond"

and on Saturday, i would be asking myself this is the gig i would like to see but can't because i don't drive and it in Ann Arbor, the one and only Monder day version of the 70's pop act "The Carpenters" the brother and sister duo who take there name from a reference from the classic Disney film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", it the one and only Brooklyn base band "The Fiery Furnaces" who is still on there never ending tour to promote there last C.D."Bitter Tea" which was released last year and also test there new songs for there New album "Widow City" which will be released on October 9th on there new label Thrill Jockey.

and if you have not see there live act it the gig that keep on going and going and going and going and going, the show is at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Sunday Night.

Other Gig Happening this Weekend: On Friday Love him or loead him the motor City Mad Man Ted Nugent is playing DTE Energy Music Theatre, The Magic Stick have two show with The Audition begin the Early show with Don Caballero begin the late show, Mewithoutyou is playing St. Andrew Hall, on Saturday it kind of a light night with Clear, FREE ELEMENT, Not For Sal & Mansfield Park playing the the Magic Bag in Frendale, and on Sunday Junior Brown playing the The Ark in Ann Arbor, We Are the Fury playing a all ages show at the blind pig and George Clinton will headline at benefit gig for athletic department for Detroit's Kettering High School, it will cost $ 30 at the door and there will be two shows at 5 P.M. and at 8 P.M. at Kettering High School auditorium at 6101 Van Dyke Ave. on Detroit East Side.

But if you staying home and asking your self i whis i can be at glasonberry in the UK this week, you can follow the coverage on the BBC websight this week at where you can listion to live coverage from
Radio 1, 6 Music, Radio 3, Radio 4 and Asian Network that where you can alos find full set of almost 40 gigs live on tape to see on the web for a full week.

and if you don't have a computer you can listen to coverage of glastonbury on BBC one on Sirius Satellite radio [on a five hour delay] on Sirius Ch. 11

Now matter how your weekend turn out i hop it turn out better then this poor magician who duck act ran a foul on the Briteh version of American Got Talent.

Film Gudie Friday - New Films For the Weekend of June 22-24

this among the new films begin released today a true story about Daniel Pearl story focus on his Widow, a Bruce Almighty rehash with Noah Arc as the storyline, and a bad trip in room 1408, as always the description are from the Detroit Free Press.

"A Mighty Heart"[R]

Journalist Mariane Pearl's account of the life and death of her husband, Daniel, whose beheading was videotaped by Islamic extremists.

"Evan Almighty"[R]

Steve Carell is a congressman summoned by God (Morgan Freeman) to build an ark.


Based on a Stephen King story, the film stars John Cusack as a debunker of paranormal events who may have to change his tune when he checks into Room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel.

"You Kill Me"[R]

Ben Kingsley is an alcoholic hit man drying out on the West Coast. He meets tough broad Tea Leoni and decides she could be of use to him when he returns to the East Coast.

Playing this week at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak


A futuristic tale of a female scientist who has a detective alter ego and a unique way of investigating crime: She uses a device to enter the dreams of suspects and witnesses.

Playing at the Biringham 8 Theater in Downtown Biringham

"The Golden Door"[PG-13}

A young man convinces his family to come to the United States from rural Sicily.

Playing this week at the Summer Movie Series at
the Detroit Film Theater at the D.I.A.

(USA—2006—directed by Alexandra Lipsitz)

Every August, the Air Guitar World Championships bring thousands of fans all the way to Oulu, Finland to see the world’s best air guitarists battle it out for 60 seconds of mock stardom. For years, the USA was missing in action. Enter the first official US Air Guitar Championships. What starts as a friendly contest above a New York strip club becomes a battle of naked ambition played out on the national and, ultimately, the world stage. Full of triumph and disappointment, patriotic spirit and political tension – and of course invisible guitars – this tension-filled competition (each performance is just one minute in duration) quickly turns very real as the contest becomes even more fierce with contestants working hard to win the title of World Air Guitar Champion! This lively and surprisingly engaging new documentary won Audience Awards at both the South by Southwest and Traverse City Film Festivals, and brought the audience to its feet at New York’s Tribeca Festival. (82 min.)

playing on Saturday at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM
and Sunday 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM

and this week Monster Double Feather
on Saturday beging at 2:00 PM

(USA—1963—directed by Don Chaffey)

One of the best-loved of all of the fantasy films of effects genius Ray Harryhausen was this muscular and visually jaw-dropping (for its day) mythological epic about Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece. Some of the most memorable of all of Ray’s creations appear here, including the huge metallic giant Talos, an attack by winged harpies, a vicious, seven headed hydra, and, perhaps most astonishing of all, a fight involving multiple spear-and-sword-carrying skeletons, many of whom appear together, fighting vigorously, within the same shots. Such a feat would be a snap in today’s world of CGI effects, but RH’s artistry lay in moving each figure one frame at a time, a laborious process that nevertheless resulted in a unique, handcrafted movie magic that has remained in the mind of every kid of the era who encountered it.

(Japan, 1959, directed by Ishiro Honda)

a non-stop intergalactic slugfest in which evil aliens in laser-equipped flying saucers find themselves in an all-out fight for survival when the nations of the Earth unite! (194 min.)

And Now here what is playing at the at the Discount theater A.K.A. Cinemark Movies 16 in Warren.


there is a film beging released Next Wednesday and it called

Live Free or Die Hard(PG-13)

On the July 4th holiday, John McClane must stop an attack on the U.S. infrastructure from shutting down the entire nation.

Opening up Next Friday

Sicko (PG-13)

Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore sets out with his one-man approach to investigate the United States' healthcare system.
[And there is a special snake preview on Saturday at Uptown Birmingham 8 at 7:30 PM]

Ratatouille (G)
Remy dreams of becoming chef despite his family's wishes... and the obvious problem of being a rat in a rodent-phobic profession.

Evening (PG-13)

A dying woman recalls and conveys to her daughters the defining moments of her lifetime, when she was a young woman in love.

and sinic i have been slacking off i did not do a report of last week top ten so here last week in the box office.

1. "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," $57.4 million.
2. "Ocean's Thirteen," $19.1 million.
3. "Knocked Up," $14.5 million.
4. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," $12 million.
5. "Surf's Up," $9.3 million.
6. "Shrek the Third," $9 million.
7. "Nancy Drew," $7.1 million.
8. "Hostel: Part II," $3 million.
9. "Mr. Brooks," $2.8 million.
10. "Spider-Man 3," $2.5 million.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don't Forget the live White Stripes WebCast at 11 EST

Just to do this late post to let you know that tonight at 11 PM at the ATT blue room live from the one time HQ of Towers records [god bless them] which have rename icky Thump records for a live in stores gig at that will be webcast on the ATT Blueroom live at 11 PM EDT at this Address:

this may be you only opaertuned to catch them live even if they don't come to Detroit or the SE Michigan Area

if you Miss it you can catch a run down on the Culture City jakiu mini blog at:

and by the way the 6th album is out now and if you are wondering no i have not pick up "Itck Thump" yet, But i will by the end of the week. and don't for get to come back near the end of the week for the local review from the Local Print press and out side the 313.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Music Tuesday

WEEK 25 [2007]
JUNE 19, 2007

Today is tuesday June 19, and you bet you today is a big day in and around you fave music store because a big released is out today on the same in 1846 where in Hoboken, New Jersey the first eve baseball game under modern rules is played

More important than this day in 1934 where the FCC was born thank to the Communications Act of 1934 and been trash by big Money.

and even more important than in 1949 where NASCAR ran it first Strictly Stock car race at Charlotte Speedway.

and even more impotant then the Birthday of Brian Vander Ark (Verve Pipe), Ann Wilson(Heart), Al Wilson, Paula Abdul and Garfield the cat.

because today is Tuesday and if there is a time to go to your fave indie record store the time is Now because the wime is Now to pick up you Fave New Music from the only band that matters because it

And if the music world revolid around one band today it must be Jack and Meg, The White stripes who released there sixth album today, and it is called "Icky Thump" and if you have not seen the First video of the album then here it is.

White Stripes - Icky Thump (Warner Bros.)

There is other musie from the Detroit Area beging released today.

Other Local Released:

The Hentchmen - "Hentch-Forth.Five"

WoodWard - "Your Kids are going to Love it"
The Amino Acids - "Humanity Will Fall Like Pins"

The Other Music from the only bands that Matters:

The Aliens - Astronomy for Dogs (Astralwerks)

Art Brut - It's a Bit Complicated (Downtown)

Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Mercury Nashville)

Dimitri From Paris - Disco Cocktail (two CDs; BBE)
Mooney Suzuki - Have Mercy (Elexia)

The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army (TVT)

Rasputina - Oh Perilous World (Filthy Bonnet)
Straylight Run - The Needles the Space (enhanced; Republic)
Two Gallants - The Scenery of Farewell (EP; Saddle Creek)

The Other New Releases:

[YT-MY]Ellen Allien - Fabric 34: Ellen Allien (Fabric)

Arthur & Yu - In Camera (Hardly Art)
Ron Carter - Dear Miles (Blue Note)
The Fridge - The Sun (Temporary Residence)
The Ghost Is Dancing - The Darkest Spark (Sonic Unyon)
The Hangmen - In the City (Acetate)

Jennifer Gentle - The Midnight Room (Sub Pop)
Kenna - Make Sure They See My Face (Interscope)
Lightning Dust - Lightning Dust (Jagjaguwar)
Man in Gray - I Can't Sleep Unless I Hear You Breathing (Serious Business)
Maps - We Can Create (Mute)

Memphis - A Little Place in the Wilderness (Good Fences)

Minus Story - My Ion Truss (Jagjaguwar)
Rondo Brothers - Seven Minutes to Midnight (War Chant)

Bob Sinclair - Soundz of Freedom (two CDs; Tommy Boy)

Specimen - Electric Ballroom (Metropolis)
Stamen & Pistils - Towns (Echleon)
David Vandervelde - Nothin No (Secretly Canadian)
Von Südenfeld - Tromatic Reflexxions (Domino)


"Evan Almighty"
"Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Booker T. and the MG's - The Very Best of Booker T. and the MG's (Stax/Concord)
Robert Foster and Grant McLennan - Intermission: The Best of the Solo Recordings 1990-1997 (two CDs; Beggars Banquet)
Marvin Gaye - In Our Lifetime? The Expanded Love Man Edition (limited-edition two-CD set; Motown/UMe)
Isaac Hayes - Chocolate Chip (Stax/Concord)
Gladys Knight & the Pips - Love Finds Its Own Way: The Best of Gladys Knight & the Pips (Buddah/Legacy)
Van Morrison - The Best of Van Morrison Volume 3 (two CDs; Manhattan/EMI)
Various artists - Summer of Love: The Hits of 1967 (box set with two CDs and one DVD; Time Life)

Music DVDs:

Bryan Ferry - "Dylanesque Live: The London Sessions" (Eagle Vision)
Sammy Hagar - "Sammy and the Wabos: Livin' It Up! in St. Louis" (Image)
Rusted Root - "Rusted Root" (Fontana/Island)

Digital Releases:

· Grand National - A Drink and a Quick Decision (deluxe-CD version hits stores September 10; Recall)


Animaniacs - Volume 3
Batfink - The Complete Series
Daniel Boone - Season 4
Lovejoy - Season 1
Perry Mason - The 2nd Season - Volume 1
Picket Fences - Season 1
Pinky and the Brain - Volume 3
The Powerpuff Girls - The Complete 1st Season
Silver Spoons - The Complete 1st Season

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 3, Vol 1

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Gig Gudie

June 18th - June 24th



Avril Lavigne - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
The White Stripes - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Jill Cunniff - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC [From April 4th]
Patty Griffin - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS [From Feb. 8th]
Bright Eyes - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS [From May 4th}
Avril Lavigne - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC
The Mooney Suzuki - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Lily Allen - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC


BBC Radio

Glastonbury 2007

This weekend is the mother of all music Festvial, because everyone will go down to Worthy Farm for the Glastonbury Festival and it will be cover on the full it will be on Radio 1, 6 Music, Radio 3, Radio 4 and Asian Network all weekend long and if you want to see the sight of glado there will be over 40 gigs up for the entire week on bbc online.

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4 PM EST

Jo Whiley In New Music We Trust
Wednesday 4 PM EST

Zane Lowe
Weekday From 2 to 4 PM EST

Thursday - Queens Of The Stone Age from Maida Vale
Wednesday - Editors from Maida Vale

Huw Stephens Unsigned
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

Annie Mac

Friday Night Web show
Friday Night Mash up from 5 to 7 PM
Sunday web Show from 4 PM

Radio 2

and i got to remind you that detroit natvied Suzi Quatro is back with her good old rock and roll show Rocking with Suzi Q which is on Thursday from 5 PM

also up on the BBC sight right now is part two of modern bands recoring The Beatles' legendary album `Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’, Part two feather Oasis, Stereophonics, The Zutons and Jamie Cullum

BBC 6 Music

6Music Plays It Again
Monday-Thursday 4:30 PM EST

This Week
Purple Reign - Prince

6Music Plays It Again Overnight
Every Night at 10 PM EDT

This Week
Atlantic Records Story

Live at 4(AM UK)
Every Night at 11 PM EDT

Concerts 04:00 -04:30

Monday - The Fall - Manchester Roundhouse 1995
Tuesday - Peter Tosh - Domimion Theatre 1983
Wednesday - Inspiral Carpets - Leeds Warehouse 1990
Thursday - Depeche Mode - Crystal Palace Bowl 1993
Friday - Madness - Dominion Theatre 1983

Sessions 4:30[AM - UK]

Colour Box - 29/04/1984
Ruts - 14/05/1979

Steel Pulse - 31/08/1977
Go-Betweens - 21/10/1984

Pogues - 21/06/1984
Buddy Guy - 10/05/1993

Cardiacs - 29/11/1987
Johnny Osbourne - 15/03/1984

Daisy Chainsaw - 15/01/1992
Costeau - 13/04/2005

Gideon Coe
Weekday from 5 to 8 AM EST

Tuesday - Editors (Hub session)
Wednesday - The Sea and Cake
Thursday - Kate Nash

Live at Midnight
Sunday at 7 PM EDT

This Week
Wilco - Glastonbury 1999

Marc Riley's Brain Surgery
Wednesday to Friday 2 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

Wednesday - Marc's live guests are Johnny Foreigner,
Peel session from Smog
interview with Lou Reed.
Thursday - Neil's Children
Friday - Art Brut

Queens of Noize
Saturday 11 AM - 1 PM EST

Thus Week:
live at Glastonbury

Tom Robinson
Monday and thursday
2-4:30 PM EST

Monday - Autokat
Tuesday - Angus & Julia Stone

This Week in session: Tom Morello with Nightwatchmen.

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
Live Set beging at 2:15 PM EST

Monday - Keren Ann
Tuesday - Kate Walsh
all live set are in PST, Three Hours behind EST


Kusun Ensemble - 6:00pm


Graig Markel - 9:30am
The Boggs - 12:00pm


Rocky Votolato - 9:30am


A Sunny Day in Glasgow - 1:30pm


Ms. Led - 9:30am
The Minus Story - 3:00pm


Blitzen Trapper - 3:00pm
Dept. of Energy - 6:00pm
At the Spine - 8:00pm Live Lounge

Thursday - The A-Sides 4:00pm

Satulitte Radio


Left of Center (Ch.26)

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET

New Seesion - They Might Be Giants
Classic sessions - Mercury Rev / Now It's Overhead

SIRIUS Disorder (Ch.24)

World Café
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
noon - 2pm ET Friday

Monday - Fujiyara & Miyagi
Tuesday - Nick Lowe
Wednesday - The National
Thursday - The Cat Empire
Friday - The Puppini Sisters

XM Radio

Countdown to Indie-Pendence Day
Monday - Noon ET - XMU - XM 43

XM Café Live with the Barenaked Ladies
Monday - 9 PM ET - XM Cafe - XM 45

Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Wednesday - 10AM - 11AM ET - Deep Tracks - XM40
Thursday - Noon - 1PM ET - The Village - XM 15



Wednesday - BLOWFLY
Friday Early Show - THE AUDITION
Friday Late Show - DON CABALLERO

Maigic Bag

Saturday - CLEAR - FREE ELEMENT Not For Sal & Mansfield Park

Lager House

Wednesday - Greg Ashley of Gris Gris / Timmy Vulgar
Thursday - Bugs in the Dark/ Kadro

Saint Andrews Hall

Tuesday - Manu Chao
Friday - Mewithoutyou


Tuesday - Essence of Ape, Gas for Less, Destroy the Universe
Wednesday - Flatliners w/ We Are the Union, and the Denslow Cup **ALL AGES**
Thursday - Bump w/ Simplicity
Friday - Dante & Deck w/ United States of Mind, Text, Yoshi, Pcemu
Saturday - The Fiery Furnaces w/ Dios
Sunday - We Are the Fury w/ Moros Eros, Olympia **ALL AGES**

The Belmont

Monday - The Genders (Tel Aviv), Charlie Don't Surf and more
Tuesday - Dead Bodies, Coyote Bones and Serenity Court
Friday - Eames Era (Baton Rouge), Exit Clov, Solitary States and more
Saturday - Six Oz. Gloves, Dangerous Pursuit and Cetan Clawson Revolution


Friday - DetroitPunk.Net presents the Sillies, Konniption Fit, the HandMeDowns @ Small's
Saturday - Matt Ratza & the Strangers CD RELEASE! wsg Elle, Empty Orchestra, Noman

Royal Oak Music Theater

Tuesday - Stephen Stills

The Ark

Monday - Alice Peacock & Peter Bradley Adams
Wednesday - Kathy & Carol
Thursday - The Ragbirds
Friday - Annie & Rod Capps
Saturday - John McCutcheon
Sunday - Junior Brown

City Theater

Wednesday - Janeane Garofalo and Patton Oswalt

Fox Theatre

Saturday and Sunday two shows each
Thomas and Friends - Live! On Stage in: Thomas Saves the Day

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Friday - Champion Cage Fighters
[And Where not makeing this up]

DTE Energy Music Theatre

Wednesday - Creedence Clearwater Revisited
Friday - Ted Nugent wsg Alex Winston