Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Result and the Bands for the Rocl Lottery

Last Night at a secret location some where in Detroit
and do mean some where in Detroit the drawing for the bands
in the first ever Rock Band Lottery took place

With this draw the name of the 15 one-off band was reviled
now since i have now idea where the draw was held and a
long day yesterday at Comerica Park seeing a tigers game

i did not know until today 1st on MotorCityRocks.com
and clear further at the Eat This City Blog

The Bottom is the list of all 15 bands who will now
have a week to pratect one original song and one Cover song
and all will be play live at the Magic Stick Next Week on Wednesday, April 22
in what there calling it Rock Lottery

this gig will benitfit
"The Greening of Detroit"

if i for got anything on this list please Contact Me at

and not only that let me know what you think about the line up leave them on the blog.

So without further delay
Here are the Bands for
Rock Lottery.

Band 1

Loretta Lucas (Sisters Lucas)
Bill Kozy (Speedball)
Chad Gilchrist (His Name Is Alive)
Dave Vaughn (Detroit Cobras)

Band 2

Dave Graw (Bang Bang!)
Erik Mushy
Stevie Someone
Matt Becker (Easy Action)

Band 3

Nick Cicchetti (Millions Of Brazilians)
Amado Movado (Bill Bondsmen)
Marcie Bolen (Silverghost / F’ke Blood)
Mike Trombley (The Sights)

Band 4

Ko Melina (Dirtbombs)
Jeff Thomas
Zach Weedon (Dirtbombs / Readies)
Ben Luckett (Fake Go / Readies)

Band 5

Al Sherman
Dave Feeney (Blanche / American Mars)
Craig Brown (Terrible Twos / Mahonies)
Adam Davis (Vicious Cycles?)

Band 6

Deleano Acevado (F’ke Blood / Silverghost)
Leslie Hardy (Murder City Devils)
Julian Spradlin (Gardens)

Band 7

Jarrod Champion (Sleeps Till Dusk)
Tony Vegas (Grande Nationals)
Tony Romeo (Easy Action)
Billy West

Band 8

Danny Kroha (Gories / Readies / Demolition Doll Rods)
Corey Weedon (Lee Marvin Computer Arm / Sugarcoats)
Brandon White (Octopus / Aran Ruth / Beard Of Bees)
Jeff Klien (Whoops)

Band 9

Liz Isakson
Eddie Baranek (Sights / Shotgun Wedding)
Andrew Hecker (Displays)
Ryan Allen (Thunderbirds Are Now! / Friendly Foes)

Band 10

Amy Gore (Gore Gore Girls)
Jamie Dido
Jake Culkowski (Magic Shop)
Ben Moore

Band 11

Virginia (Bartender Extrodinaire)
Frank Woodman (Woodman)
Matt Hatch (Golf Courses / Tiger Games)
Todd McNulty (Lee Marvin Computer Arm / Sugarcoats)

Band 12

Steve Snitch (F’ke Blood?)
Steve Shaw (Fondas)
Matt Van (Uncle Kracker / Mustard Plug)
Eugene Strobe (Witches)

Band 13
Randolph Chabot Jr. (Deastro)
Dale Beavers
Dale Wilson (Octopus / Four Hour Friends)
Scott Michalski (Volebeats)

Band 14

SteveNawara (Magic Shop)
Chris Koltay (Shadiamond Le Freedom)
Scotty Hagen (Grande Nationals)
Vince Mazzola (Gardens)

Band 15

Kevin American
Troy Gregory (Prong)
Andy Hickner


Band: The Randies [Los Angeles,CA]

This Cross the wire on my space tonight
and as costume on this blog site i post What was stolen

according to the post tonight
the thief happened yesterday Silverlake, CA

The Van that was stolen was white Chevy 15 passenger vandie
License plate Number: 4yrr578

The Gear:

Fender Custom Deluxe Tele (Dark Green, Tortoise pick guard)
Fender Strat (Burgundy, Blk Pickguard)
Fender Jag Bass(Black)
Fender Hello Kitty Guitars (pink,Black, ANd Bats Maru bass- JCM 800(bleach stain on front)
4x12,-Marshall Plexi, fender blonde 2x12 cabinet (beat up)
TONS of pedals
Toshas drum kit (green)

if anyone have any info please contact police in Sliverlake: