Friday, August 17, 2007

Film Gudie Friday

Sorry for the Delay everybody i was busy Orgnesing the HQ of the desk of Culture city [My room and the site] so this is Film Guide Friday and today Nicole Kidman battle Alien bugs and Zombie at the same time, two kids try to do bad things to get the Girl, and the Tail of young Romulus Augstus is told on Film Guide friday with all trailer from you tube.

"The Invasion"[R]

The third remake of the sci-fi classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," starring Nicole Kidman.


Two high school seniors and best friends scam to get the girls.

"The Last Legion"[PG-13]

As the Roman empire crumbles, young Romulus Augustus flees the city and embarks on a perilous voyage to Britain to track down a legion of supporters.

Playing this week at the Main Art theater in Royal Oak

"Death at a Funeral"[R]

A dignified send-off erupts into uproarious chaos when romance, jealousy, in-laws, hallucinogens, dark secrets, life-long yearnings and a spot of bold blackmail collide graveside in this irreverent British comedy. Rated R.

Playing this week at the Maple Art

"Arctic Tale"[G]

An epic adventure that explores the vast world of the Great North through Seela the walrus and polar bear Nanu.

"No End in Sight"[NR]

A documentary that charges bungling of the Iraq War. Not rated.

New to the discount theather in Warren know as Cinemark Movies 16

Only one New Movie this week.


New Next Week everywhere in Detroit

Illegal Tender (R)

After years of life on the run from dangerous thugs, a college student and his mother take drastic action to protect their family.

Mr. Bean's Holiday (G)

Mr. Bean's latest movie adventure, this time on vacation in the south of France, caught up causing the usual awkward mayhem.

The Nanny Diaries (PG-13)

Scarlett Johansson takes a job as a nanny to a family on the Upper East Side who turns out to be the family from hell.

Resurrecting the Champ (PG-13)

A struggling sports writer (Josh Hartnett) encounters a homeless man (Sam Jackson) who might be a once-great boxing champ.

September Dawn (R)

A love story set against the 19th century massacre of a wagon train of settlers in Utah at the hands of a renegade Mormon group.

War (R)

Jet Li is an infamous assassin setting off a crime war, and Jason Statham is the obsessed FBI agent determined to bring down.

This Weekend in Culture City

It the Weekend in the Motor City

and this is late August and this mean it that one time of the year where old school roadster dust off the wheels and take out there classic cars out for a spin up and down Woodward Ave. from 8 Mile in Frendale all away to Downtown Poniact for the 11th Annual Woodward Dream Curse.

it take us back time when Drive-Thur are in, music on the radio was in and fun, and a good excused to take your you Friend friends after watching unlce Miton and roll up any major street in the city wield listening to Keener 13 on your AM radio in your ford thunderbird, but hoping you bang it up at five miles per hour.

Now the Curuse happened on Saturday, but every year it look like they do the cruised a few days before the cruised so traffic on Woodward tonight and on Saturday night will be slow going bumper to bumper back up from Frendale to Ponitac.

So if you are going to Detroit for a gig From anywhere in Oakland Co. her a few tips if you are going to Detroit of Woodward take 1-75 down to downtown you can exit off of 1-375 to Jefferson Ave, but if you going to the midtown area[DIA,Wayne State, Majestic theater Complex] Exit 53A and true right on East Warren Ave. and you are there.

But if you going from West off Woodward in Oakland Co. the Lodge Freeway is still close from 1-94 to southfield road, so the a bunch of detore either Telegraph Road or Orcarerd lake road to 1-96 to Downtown or West-bound 1-696 to I-75.

Saturday night is a big weekend for indie music fans as a bunch of gig are taking place this Saturday night with a lot of bands are playing there first gig or touring for the first in a very, very long time, and also asking the ture indie fans are you true indie or Local indie.

this Saturday at the Belmont in hamtramck there is a super local indie music show as three bands that have not played in a long time as Johnny Headband headline a pretty good local line-up as Chad,Keith, and RGS payed there 1st show in almost a year playing there Indie Dance rock sounds which pack a high energy show with light and good old school disco vibes

Also on the bill is the space rock outfit Aquarius Void who have not play in over a year, Fronted by Ross Westerbur along with Zach Shipps and Mike Alonso the band deliver hard driving Psychedelic rock, there warming up to put out a record next year.

and starting the evening off will be the the indie pop band Fronted by Nate Tait called Ghost City and they have not played in almost a year and a half and feather former or Currernt member of back in spades and von bondies and they played there keyboard inspired pop-rock.

and one things all of these bands have something in commenin they have members in the long time detroit band The Electric Six [Nate Tait - Ghost City, Zach Shipps - Aquarius Void, and RGS - Johnny Headband] this show will be big and it will start at 9 PM.

the big outside 313 show in town this week is the return of the Ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp other band "The Rentals" as this week they released there EP "The Last Little Life" which is there 1st new released in about eight years and a lot of fans will be happy to know they brought back there listen Friendly power pop music you know and love and that include there Famous Song "Friends of P", Copeland and Goldenboy opening the show at 7PM.

and if you can't gig in either gig you can always rely on that old fashion back up gig "The Dirtbombs" at The Magic Stick as the band fronted by Mick Collins gear up for there upcoming LP "We Have You Surrounded" which is coming late of the year, it would be there 1st album in four years since the 2003 released "Dangerous Magical Noise". the show begging at 8 PM.

Other gig over the weekend The Beggars with Friends of Dennis Wilson, Carjack & Charlie Don’t Surf played on the Magic Bag in Frendale on Friday, Tim Pak / Sean Hoen / Kevin Brace doing the Lager House, Nice Nice, Blue Ohm and Suede Brothers playing the Belmont, Class 3 Overbite, Hotness, Sik Sik Nation, Go to Zero is playing small's, and The Temptations/The Four Tops will Cruise on down The DTE Energy Music Theatre.

the gig on Saturday are The Bang! are playing at the blind pig, The Music of Led Zeppelin: A Rock Symphony is at DTE Energy Music Theatre, and The Last Tourist have there CD Release show at the Small's.

and if you couldn't find anything on the list you can always go to the Second City in Novi where they just opend there 30th review called 'Night of the Living Debt', i was at the opening night on Wednesday and it is a really funny show it a Open-ended run ever Wednesday to Sunday at the second city in Novi which is at 42705 Grand River of you can find out more info at

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And this Saturday for the first time in about eight year the band fronted by the ex-Weezer bass player Matt Sharp "The Rentals" will take the stage at the Majestic theater as the warm up for a bigger tour next year as they released there new yet untitled album

the band was from as a side project during Weezer downtime, they released "Return Of The Rentals" back in 1995 with the breakout hit "Friends of P".

They return in 1999 with there follow up "Seven More Minutes" and they when on a long Hiatus.

well they reform with original backup vocalist Rachel Haden, Sara Radle on vocals/multiple instruments, Ben Pringle (from Nerf Herder) on synth, Lauren Chipman on viola/vocals and Dan Joeright on drums

tickets are still on sale for the show at the Majestic box office in the Garden Bowl it should be a great show.

So tonight video selection are from "Return Of The Rentals", the well know "Friends of P" and the long forgotten "Waiting

"Friends of P"


The Indie Music News Round up For August 12th

Well, Last night i shut the computer early and when to the Belmont to see some very good indie rock with The Great Fiction, Stitch-Up and and a very good and crazy Nashville band "Six Gun Lullaby", they Mix there Psychedelic Garage rock with a little bit of punk kick in just for good measure.

I have a nice chat with Guitar Martin Schneider, and Drummer Tiffany Minton talking about Detroit music and sharing story on the road so far and tell them why we do blogs and video blog,and not to leave talk to the lead vocal Claire Adams beafly between bands and she was cool too if you want to pick up there CD"Smash your record" [which i hear it and it is really good] you can click on the links either there web sight at or there my space page at and i hoped the come back to the SE Michigan area.

And now on to today Indie News of the only bands that matters:

The Beastie Boys have answer the called to play the Fillmore Detroit

It was report last night briefly on the Detroit News web sight and begin reported everywhere today the "Beastie Boys" have added a gig in Detroit that will be taking place at the Fillimore Detroit {Formerly the state theater] on Monday September 24, tickets for that show will go on Sale this weekend, detail on that coming up, tickets will not come cheap they will cost [cue the Dermantic Chipmunk]

and from the same report it was also announced they will play in a exclusive Gala Event Instrumental Shows in the city in the near distance furture but that will be announced at a later date.

Fallout Contiuetin from the "Pearl Jam"/ATT webcast Flap

ATT have been doing alot of spinning about the Censored of Artists after they Censor part of Pearl Jam preformce from last week at Lollapalooza after lead singer Eddie Vedder sang a couple of anti-Bush lyrics into "Daguther".

ATT have expand it was a mistake on the company who was doing the web and said this is the only time this have ever happen and will nerve happen aging, after that respond was released,
an email to Wired News and other News Outlet said they have Censor before saying that they Censor "The Flaming Lips" and "The John Butler Trio" during the Bonnaroo webcast back in June.

The Lips was censor for talking about how much George Bush had screwed up, and "The John Butler Trio" was talking about the lack of response from the government during Hurricania Katrina, the E-mail was at both show and saw the webcast later and the sound did not cut out any other time during the gig.

but ATT is saying it did that because of "It's not our intent to edit political comments in webcasts on Unfortunately, it has happened in the past in a handful of cases. We have taken steps to ensure that it won't happen again.".

I bet you have not hear the last of this one.

On the Coming Soon File is reporting that fresh off there Lollapalooza set, Daft Punk who DJ in a great big Space tri-angle will released a live set of there gig in Paris back in Mid-June, it will be a ingle CD edition plus a two-disc set which features the show's encore, the yet unname C.D. will be out on late November.

New Day, New Comp album coming soon and it will be the soundtrack to the forthcoming Bob Dylan avant-biopic
I'm Not There which is out in Movie theater on November 21, the sound track which will be out on October 30 will have band doing cover of Bob Dylan, in the Soundtrack: Sufjan Stevens, Sonic Youth, Jeff Tweedy, Cat Power, Karen O, Antony and the Johnsons, Yo La Tengo, the Black Keys, Tom Verlaine, Mark Lanegan, Eddie Vedder, Iron and Wine, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mira Billotte, the Frames' Glen Hansard (with Marketa Irglova), and the Man himself.

And Opening up for Girl Talk and Dan Deacon is

Tay Zonday

For the where not making this up Department: the bespectacled baritone singer from Minneapolis who song Original Song "Chocolate Rain" have been view 5,577,276[as of this typing]times on youtube becoming a Internet hit will opening for Girl Talk and
Dan Deacon at there gig in his hometown on October 5th, who that will be fun for a Grad Student.

The Extras:

And for those of you who are M.I.A fans her long await follow-up album "Kala" which will be get released Next Tuesday, a preview is now up on her My space page for the Next three days.

The List for the weekending August 11th

Tuesdays 10p - 12a
w/ Melody Licious & Suzy Cole

PLAYLIST FOR WEEK #80 (8/07/07)

1) Lime Regal – 100 Miles An Hour
2) The Stooges – Down On The Street
3) The Hard Lessons – Move To California
4) Gore Gore Girls – All Grown Up
5) The Sillies – No Big Deal
6) Thoughts Of Ionesco – The Scar Is Our Watermark
7) The Von Bondies – Mairead
8) Schaffer – I Love You With A Crash
9) Manna And Quail – It’s Allright Now
10) Hellen – Don’t Need You
11) Reptile Forcefield – Evil World
12) Wildbunch – The Ballad Of MC Sucka DJ
13) Natives Of A New Dawn – People
14) Noman – The Anticipation OF Bullets on Thursday
15) The Swellers – The Inside
16) HiFi Handgrenades – Carry On
17) The High Strung – Rah Rah Rah!
18) Rockit King – Do You Really Want To Be With Me
19) The Paybacks – When I’m Gone
20) Dangerous Pursuit – Run Into The Nite
21) Superchrist – Electric Penis
22) The Black List – I Don’t Need You
23) The Hadituptoheres – Interesting X-Rays
24) The Amino Acids – Destroy the Warming Sun
25) Cetan Clawson – Short Fuse
26) Mean Mother – Weekend Luvin’
27) Today I Wait – Child’s Crusade
28) The Dead Bodies – Digging Ditches
29) Koffin Kats – V8 Nightmare
30) Wolfbait – Below The Sun

Cowboys and Indies
Saturday From 9:30 PM - Midnight
Cjam-Fm Windsor (

1. style council - boy cried wolf
2. breaks co-op - twilight
3. bat for lashes - what's a girl to do?
4. candie payne - one more chance
5. mark ronson - oh my god feat lily allen
6. kate nash - caroline's a victim
7. new young pony club - the bomb
8. working for a nuclear free city - waiting game (request)
9. strange death of liberal england - motor in the sky, oil on the city (request)
10. the aliens - only waiting
11. meligrove band - grasshoppers in honey
12. the unicorns - i don't wanna die
13. rick witter & the dukes - pull together
14. manic street preachers - underdogs
15. long blondes - lust in the movies
16. maps - you don't know her name
17. stars - take me to the riot
18. lp session goodbooks "control"
- beautiful to watch
- alice
- goodlife salesman
- walk with me
19. the brunettes - her hairagami set
20. earlimart - nevermind the phonecalls
21. shitdisco - disco blood
22. simian - mobile disco tits & acid
23. tiga - high school
24. electric soft parade - misunderstanding
25. athlete - wires (request)
26. thirteen senses - all the love in your hands
27. early years - so far gone
28. longcut - idiot check
29. redjetson - the unravelling
30. arctic monkeys - this house is a circus
31. citywide vacuum - psychophysics q'est-ce que c'est

Aural Bliss
Every Sunday at 10 PM EST

1. martin gore - compulsion
2. stone roses - sugar spun sister
3. placebo - every you every me
4. blonde redhead - silently
5. fauxliage - all the world
6. ivy - the best thing
7. sundays - can't be sure
8. trespassers william - vapour trail
9. iLiKETRAiNs - A rook house for bobby
10. blue states - across the wire
11. alpine stars - burning up
12. jay jay johanson - rocks in pockets
13. coldplay - what if
14. perishers - come out of the shade
15. quintero - gravity
16. flunk - heavenly
17. carmen rizzo - bring it back (ft. kate havnevik)
18. hope - bring me flowers
19. modeselektor - the white flash (ft. thom york)
20. paul oakenfold - hold your hand
21. roisin murphy - overpowered
22. depeche mode - surrender
23. butterfly boucher - a bitter song
24. carla werner - departure

Playlist for Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
Sunday from 11 PM to 1 AM

Playlist for August 5th

Reissue of the Week:
Fire Engines “Hungry Beat” (Acute)

1. Bottom Of The Hudson - Pretty Much It (Absolutely Kosher CD)
2. Bricolage - The Waltzers (Memphis Industries CDS)
3. Office - Wound Up (Scratchie CD)
4. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - La Mer (Fantastic Plastic CDS)
5. Dax Riggs - Radiation Blues (Fat Possum CD)
6. Turbonegro - Hell Toupée (Cooking Vinyl CD)
7. The 1990’s - You’re Supposed To Be My Friend (Rough Trade CD)
8. Pinback - Good To Sea (Touch & Go CD)
9. Maps - To The Sky (Mute CD)
10. Kamera - Borderline (Nettwerk CD)
11. Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - I Wanna Be Ignored (Minty Fresh CD)
12. Tiger! Tiger! - The First Thing (Chicken Ranch CD)
13. Boss The Big Bit - 1400 Calories (KDVS CD)
14. Imperial Teen - Fallen Idol (Merge CD)
15. The Nice Boys in studio session...
- Ave 29
- Ain’t Been Beat
- Johnny Guitar
16. Birds and Batteries - I’ll Never Sleep Again (self released CD)
17. Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy Of The Lost (Domino CD)
18. Lee Bob Watson - Living In The Past (Grass Roots CD)
19. Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash (Acute CD)
20. Theo & The Skyscrapers - City Of The Witch (Dark Daddy CD)
21. The Go! Team - Fake ID (Sub-Pop CD)
22. Everybody Fields - Leaving Today (Ramseur CD)
23. The Deadly Syndrome - The Ship That Shot It’s Selef (Dim Mak CD)
24. The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Mozart On 33 (Fantastic Plastic CD)
25. Stereo Total - Plastic (Kill Rock Stars CD)
26. Fog - Inflatable Ape pt3 (Lex CD)

Rodney on ROQ
3-6 AM EST (Midnight 'til 3AM PST)

Playlist for August 6th

1. The Slits – Typical Girl
2. The Slits – Shoplifting
3. Channel 3 (f/ Maria Montoyo) – You Make Me Feel Cheap
4. Channel 3 (f/ Maria Montoyo) – It’s the Little Things
5. I’m From Barcelona – Britney
6. Drifting Sand – Surfin’ With Britney
7. Imperial Teen – Fallen Idol
8. I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona
9. Nancy Sinatra – How Does That Grab You, Darlin’?
10. Rooney – I Should’ve Been After You
11. The Rentals – Little Bit of You in Everything
12. The Colour – Save Yourself
13. Rooney – Calling the World
14. The Dollyrots – Because I’m Awesome
15. SoHo Dolls – I’m Not Cool
16. The Long Blondes – Lust in the Movies
17. The Dollyrots – Out of L.A.
18. Nancy Sinatra (f/ Lee Hazelwood) – Jackson
19. Liars – Plaster Casts of Everything
20. The Mooney Suzuki – Rock ‘n’ Roller Girl
21. Slinky Vagabond – Glitterbug
22. MxPx – Punk Rawk Celebrity
23. Lee Hazelwood (f/ Nina Lizell) – Hey Cowboy
24. The Cribs – Moving Pictures
25. Arctic Monkeys – Florescent Adolescent
26. Klaxons – It’s Not Over Yet
27. Maccabees – Precious Time
28. Keane – Crystal Ball
29. SoHo Dolls – Bang Bang Bang Bang
30. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Kiss Kiss
31. SoHo Dolls – No Regrets
32. Zolar X – Back in Hollywood
33. Slaves to Gravity – Big Red
34. The Star 69 – So What’s the News
35. Maximo Park – Books From Boxes
36. Mando Diao – You Don’t Understand Me
37. Giddle Partridge and Boyd Rice – Bonnie and Clyde
38. Rooney – Paralyzed
39. Imperial Teen – Shim Sham
40. Al Jardine – PT Cruiser
41. I’m From Barcelona - Britney Top 20 Album
as of August 11th

1 - 1990s - You're Supposed To Be My...
2 - Justice - Genesis
3 - Minus Story - Aaron
4 - The High Strung - What A Meddler!
5 - Minus The Bear - Knights
6 - Coconut Records - Nighttiming
7 - Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good
8 - John Vanderslice - White Dove
9 - The Nobility - Riverboat
10 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Kiss Kiss
11 - The Budos Band - Budos Rising
12 - Manic Street Preachers - Rendition
13 - Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
14 - Maps - Lost My Soul
15 - Dappled Cities - Colour Coding
16 - John Vanderslice - Tablespoon Of Codeine
17 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Isis
18 - The Teenage Prayers - Is This As Good As It Gets
19 - Stars - Take Me To The Riot
20 - Pela - Cavalry Top 20 Albums
July 27-August 2

1 - Okkervil River - The Stage Names (Jagjaguwar)
2 - Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (self-released)
3 - Maps - We Can Create (Mute)
4 - The White Stripes - Icky Thump (Warner Bros)
5 - Common - Finding Forever (Good/Geffen)
6 - Interpol - Our Love to Admire (Capitol)
7 - Blue Scholars - Bayani (Rawkus)
8 - Arthur & Yu - In Camera (Hardly Art)
9 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is Is (Interscope)
10 - Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Merge)
11 - John Vanderslice - Emerald City (Barsuk)
12 - Justice - (Ed Banger/Vice)
13 - The National - Boxer (Beggars Banquet)
14 - Editors - An End Has a Start (Fader)
15 - Pela - Anytown Graffiti (Great Society)
16 - Fionn Regan - The End of History (Lost Highway)
17 - Tim Armstrong - A Poet's Life (Hellcat)
18 - Bishop Allen - The Broken String (Dead Oceans)
19 - Mexican Institute of Sound - Pinata (Nacional)
20 - Digitalism - Idealism (Astralwerks)

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Live Monday 4 PM EDT
or any time at
for one week untill the following monday at 4 PM EDT.

Play List from August 6th

Cajun Dance Party – 'Amylase' (XL)
Violet Violet – 'Babys Going Down' (NR One)

Jakobinarina – 'I'm A Villain' (Regal)

Super Furry Animals – 'Runaway' (Rough Trade)
Super Furry Animals – 'Show Your Hand' (Rough Trade)
Super Furry Animals – 'Battersey' (Rough Trade)

Look See Proof – Casualty (Weekender)

My Scene – Underage Festival

The White Stripes – You Don't Know What Love Is (XL)

Late of the Pier in session from Maida Vale
Late of the Pier – ‘Broken’
Late of the Pier – ‘Bathroom Gurgle’

The Dead 60's – 'Stand Up' (Sony BMG)

Demo of the Week
Metros – 'Talk About It' (White)

Final Five
Intro5pect – ‘The War From Home’ (A-F)
Displacements – ‘Frontline Hearts’ (Stiff)
Tinseltown – ‘Scared Stiff’ (White)
Meet Me In St Louis – ‘The Torso Has Been Severed At Mid-Thorax’ (Big Scary Monsters)
Courteeners – ‘Cavorting’ (Glitterhouse)

The Steve Lamacq Show
Live Wednesday 6:30 PM EDT
or any time at
for one week untill the following wednesday at 6:30 PM EDT.

Playlist for August 8th

1. Vampire Weekend – ‘A-Punk’

2. Kate Nash – ‘We Get On’
Album – ‘Made of Bricks’

3. Oli ’N’ Clive – ‘Excuse me’

4. Asobi Seksu – ‘Thursday’
Album – ‘Citrus’

5. Toots & Maytals – ‘Let Down’
Album – ‘Radio Dread’

6. The Coral – ‘In The Rain’
Album – ‘Roots & Echoes’

7. Alela Dianne – ‘The Pirates Gospel’

8. Kissaway Trail – ‘La La Song’
Album ‘The Kissaway Trail’

9. Richard Hawley – ‘Tonight The Streets Are Ours’
Album ‘Lady’s Bridge’

10. Iron & Wine – ‘Boy With A Coin’
Album – ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’

11. Eugene McGuiness – ‘High Score’
Album ‘The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuiness’

12. Super Furry Animals – ‘Show Yr Hand’
Album – ‘Hey Venus’

13. St Vincent – ‘Now Now’
Album – ‘Marry Me’

14. Stephen Hero – ‘Welcome Home’
Album – ’57 Stars of the Air Almanac’

15. Pigeon Detectives – ‘Take Her Back’
Album – ‘Wait For Me’

New Music Tuesday

WEEK 33[2007]
AUGUST 14, 2007

Today is Tuesday Augeust 14, and on this day in 2003 it was a beatful and hot day all around the deroit area as every one was doing there work and the big gig of the night that day was Iggy pop and the Stooges who was playing there hometown show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre with Sonic Youth and the Von Bondies, and worst yet i did not go becasue it was in Clarkson.

So i was playing NBA Strett for the PS2 at that time and then in the middle of the game the power in my house when out at about 4:14 P.M., i thought it was a little power surge but when i went outside, it not my house i was my negborer houses as well and then i took my still work pocket radio and learn it was not my house, or my Street, but the whole SE Michigan area as it was caught up in the grear Northeast Blackout of 2003.

it knock out power in all or part Seven states including Michigan and Ontario and that force gigs in Toronto, Ottawa, the New York City Area, Cleveland, Buffalo, and yes here in Detroit which inclued the Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, and Von Bondies Show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre[the show was reschaualr two weeks later and it was by some accout the best show iggy Pop have every done in 20 years and i still did not get to go, dame you bad road System.}

So the Next time there is a back up always get your AM/FM player and you CD player and a couple of AA batters and back-up if Needed and put out the best News Music released today from the Only Music that matters from the only bands that matters because today on the 4th annversiry of the Great NE blockout of 2003, it time for NEW MUSIC TUESDAY

The Most important Music that Matter:

Eisley - Combinations (Reprise)

Junior Senior - Hey Hey My My Yo Yo (with bonus DVD; Rykodisc)

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Live at Radio City (RCA)
Eh Hee - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

Add to My Profile More Videos
The Rentals - Last Little Life (enhanced EP; Boompa)

Paul van Dyk - In Between (Mute)

You Say Party! We Say Die! - Lose All Time (Paper Bag)

The Other New Releases:

Arks - The International (Highwheel)
Bang Lime - Best Friends in Love (Last Gang)

Dollar Store - Money Music (Bloodshot)
Gliss - Love the Virgins (Cordless)
Guards of Metropolis - Alligator (Slackertone)
Mae - Singularity (Capitol)
Ian Moore - To Be Loved (Justice)
Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope (Vanguard)
Danbert Nobacon and the Fine Valley Cosmonauts - The Library Book of the World (Bloodshot)
Project Jenny, Project Jan - Xoxoxoxoxo (Might)

Recoil - Subhuman (deluxe edition comes with DVD; Mute)
George Thorogood & the Destroyers - Bad to the Bone: 25th Anniversary Edition (Capitol)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Stewart Copeland - The Stewart Copeland Anthology (Koch)
Fats Domino - Greatest Hits: Walking to New Orleans (Capitol)
Dean Martin - Forever Cool (deluxe edition comes with DVD; Capitol/EMI)
Various artists - Get Ready, Here Comes ... the '70s (three-CD box set; Shout! Factory)

Music DVDs:

The Bangles - "Return to Bangleonia" (Shout! Factory)
Sam Bush - "On the Road" (Sugar Hill)
Kiss - "Kissology: The Ultimate Kiss Collection Vol. 2 1978-1991" (four-DVD box set; VH1 Classics)
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - "Live at Radio City" (RCA)
Various artists - "Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars" (Docurama)

Digital Releases:

Cake - B-Sides and Rarities (Upbeat)
The Coral - Roots and Echoes (Columbia/ Red Ink)
Grip Weeds - House of Vibes Revisited (Ground Up)
Various artists - Purple Skies Remixed (Kitty-Yo)

TV on DVD:

All Creatures Great and Small - Series 7
All Creatures Great and Small - The Complete Collection
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 2: Earth, Volume 4
Baby Looney Tunes - Volume 4: Tooth Fairy Tales
Doctor Who - Story #075: Robot
Doctor Who - Story #159: Survival
Dynasty - The 2nd Season
Elvis (mini-series) - Elvis: The Miniseries
Fugitive, The - Season 1, Volume 1
Home Run Derby - Volume 2
Kids in the Hall, The - The Pilot Episode - Special Headcrusher Edition
Loonatics: Unleashed - Season 2
McLeod's Daughters - The Complete 3rd Season
Murder City - Season 1
Overhaulin - Season 3 - Volume 2
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo - Volume 7

Monday, August 13, 2007

Today Indie News Round up for August 13th

i will be happy to know that there only three weeks left during the long and boring off season and at last the fastany Football season will begin with opening night on September 6th, i got my fansrasy football team ready for the start of the season are you???

The Gore, Gore, Girls Gone Hollywood

Well Last Thursday, at the Henry Ford in Dearborn as part of the Rock Stars: Cars and Guitars Exhibit [ now there until Early September.] the Gore, Gore Girls play a concert as part of the exhibit is just the kick off to there tour in support of there new album which was released back in late June called "Get The Gore" which is on Bloodshot Records [and the album is very good after listen to it.

Well there now in Hollywood as they start there American tour starting this Wednesday with a in house at Ameoba music in Hollywood begin at 7 PM PST[10 PM Detroit time], so if you are reading this in the LA area please go see them, it won't be that crowd like Tegan and Sara a few weeks ago, and it will also be stearm live on the Amoeba music story begin at 10 PM E.S.T.

But if you can't go to LA from Detroit, they will do a live gig and interview on the Internet TV music Channel, Music Plus TV this Wednesday as well there live set begin at 3 PM EST an you can see it on, and after that Amy and the girls will go on tour for two months including a opening slot in October with fellow Detroit band The Electric Six.

Now this is a petition i fully endorse

Now on the weekend of August 4th on the Live from culture city concert post, i put up a concert from the wonderful Vancouver Dance-Punk band "You Say Party! We Say Die!", now that is the closest the band will come to the U.S., as you know back in the Fall of 2006 they have to force to scrub the West US dates because there was denie a P2 Visa just because they was not making engoght money money on there past tour.

Worst yet there bass players and founding member Stephen O'Shea was grilled for five hours after he try fooling boarder resulting in a five years ban for O'Shea and the rest of the band, so they can not get back in the U.S.A. until 2011.

there immigration lawyers and the musician's federation have been trying to clear this up but so far there is Nothing to report, so last week one of there fans put up a petition at to let them know the band is want to be seen in the US, if you want to sing the petition to let the band play in the U.S., you can find the pititon on the Above headline of you can finf the link on the top of the page on the Menu on your right.

Oh, By the way they will have there 2nd album"Lose all time" is out tomorrow, and they will do the tour in nearby Windsor at the Avalon Front[300 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ON] on September 15th.

Huey Lewis and the News get a total indie rework

For a lot of you fans you used to be fans of "Huey Lewis and the News" you be happy to know that is reporting that a tribute album is in the work on yet a unnamed label that will be released sometime in 2008 among the bands who are playing the album "Apostle of Hustle" doing "I Want a New Drug", "Catfish Haven"feeling "The Heart of Rock and Roll", "My Brightest Diamond" taking on "Naturally"and "Oh No! Oh My!"singing "Finally Found a Home"

And what is up to "Amy Winehouse"

Amy Winehouse have to cancelled some gigs last week and had to pulled out of her opening spot Rolling Stones in Germany after she was hospitalised for at what they say was Exhaustion at first but now it been reported that she had drink and drugs binge that lead her into the hostpail after intervened by her husband, her parents, and her in-laws, She OK but she need to rest before she goes on the road, so that mean she probable need more rehab.

Happy Annuverisry to Chuck

And Since i try the best story to find to fit in five lines of less, but i have room to wish Happy Anniversary's to the lead weatherman at WDIV ch.4 Chuck Gaidica who if you was watching Local 4 News at six they took a look at his 25 years in Detroit TV forcasting the weather in Detroit and hopeding it dont rain on Dally in the alley day which is on September 8th, ehich is 26 days away, so please check with chuck on Dally week.

The Extra:

Pitchfork have a interview with the one and only Iggy Pop

The Last batch of interview from last week Lollapalooza with Hold Steady, Peter Bjorn & John, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Dax Riggs, Los Campesinos

And have a interview with Mark Ronson

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