Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Review

Day 2
June 10th

Paraguar vs England

Frankfurt was the site of there first game of the World cup as the always faveor Three Lions of England who have not won the cup since 1966 will face off Group long shot Paraguar.

The hopes and dreams of England are on the feet of Wayne Rooney who was clear to play this week after begin out with a broken bone in his foot which was suffer during the Permershipe.

The Game got on to a rocking start as English captain David Beckham fire off his Free Kick as it bent in to goal it was touch by Parauar Captain Carlos Gamarra an headed into his own net and england take a lucky 1-0 on the own goal.

Thing goes to bad to worst for the South America team as there goalkeeper Justin Villar get injury during a handel he could not couninue and was replace by there sub Aldo Bobadilla. It is the Fastest goalkeeper change in world Cup history.

England Domiati the first half out shooting parguar 8 to 4.

Paraguay had there best chance to score as Carlos Paredes tried to score but english goal keeper Paul Robinson force the shot to high that was there only chance to score in the first half.

The English keep up the prusser thought out the second Half, Pauguary tried to score but could not score as the Three Lions put up three points to win 1-0 over pargury not a pretty win but there take the three points and it was the first time that a world cup game have beeen decied by a own goal as Carlos Gamarra Accdently headed into his own goal of the David Beckham trademark kick for england in a game they whis they would play better but they have five days to work on that before they face-off vs Long Shot Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago vs Sweden

There nothing like making to the big show just any NCAA basketball team who got to play in the big game and it only last for 40 mintues and you team got drub by by duke by 62 points in your only game and get your 2 mintues on ESPN sportscenter but if you a tiny country of Trinidad and Tobago of the North Coast of South America and makeing to the biggest sporting event in the world for the first time it is a event as the SoCo Warroirs face on the World Cup vetran Sweden who are favor to get out of the group stage whied the are long shot to get out at anywhere form 900 to 2,000 to 1.

before there get on the big stage T&T goalkeeper Kelvin Jack was injered in the warm up and was replace by Shaka Hislop, it was ealey Nerve the Swed got a free kick early but it was block by the T&T wall Sweden tested there goaly early and often outshooting The warroirs (4-0) in the first 33 mintues before T&T get ther first shot.

The Sweden have a fury of shots near the last 10 mintues but none of them went into the Net but Hislop made the big save to keep it nil-nil(or 0-0)

The Second Half did not begin so well as Avery John who got a yellow card early in the Match got a second yellow card after he jumping into the tackle on swed Christian Wilhelmson soz that mean he niss the next game .

Team Sweden tried all game long to get that lead goal over and over but there goalkeeper made some key save include at close range as they out shoot T&T 7-1 the swed was stem that they could not get in goal including some open spot on goal but the warrios with good D and a goaltender who was not going to play untill mintues before the match shut them down as the tiny country pull off the upset despite playing a man down, despied being outshot(18-6), otucorner (8-1)and outplay (60-40 poss) Trinidad and Tobago pulled off the monster upset with the scored-less draw thanks to there sub goaltender Hislop (Man of the match)and a good d to keep the sweden winless in there open World cup game since 1958(7 games)

Group C
Argentina vs Ivory Coast

The Opening game of Group C start in Hamburg with the two time champ Argentina vs first time Team The Iovey Coast or to used the the offical Name "Côte d'Ivoire", some say Group C is the Group of Death as it also have Serbia and Montenegro and Netherlands (But everyone say it Group E with Italy,Ghana,USA, and Czech Republic, the match was played to a sold out crowd which include leguaray Argentina hero or in some case Villan Diego Maradona.

Thing were slow in the first few mintues with a few shots from the Coast and by the angintine and a foul by Irove Coast Abdoulaye Meite on blue shrit Hernan Crespo came back to hunt them as a free kick by Juan Riquelme was partly block but Crespo got the rebound from 7-feet to put them up 1-0 in the 24 mintues.

The Irove Coast have two good chage to fire a score but it went wide and ander was stop by the Argentina Goalkeeper Roberto Abbondanzieri, and they come back on the other side as Javier Saviola almost call for an off-side but it was not call as he shoot it pass the Coast Goalkeeper Jean-Jacques Tizie for a 2-0 lead as it goes to half time.

The Second Half begasn with Argentina Keeping up the pressure a few chance did not net any reslut as the Ivory Coast keep up a rhythm to break thuoght to cut the Argentina lead

The Elephant had there chanced Didier Drogba right footed shot from the centre of the box is blocked and then Bakari Koné right footed shot from the centre of the box is just a bit too high. then they have a 25-yards free kick from Juan Pablo Sorin for the blue shirt, but the wall do it job.

But there the Elephant pull one back in the 82nd mintues as Di Didier Drogba shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner to pulled with in one at 2-1 but time was running out.

It look like Argentina was up agian by two when Juan Riquelme Score in to the opend net but it was rule offside, The Coast D keep up the pressure as they running up the field as time was running out but the Argentin kill of the clock to kill any Chance of the Draw as the Blue Strips shirts get the three points as Maradona Wave his towel so happy as his fomer team take the early lead for the moment

Standing after Match No.1
England 3 pts.(+1 GD)
Sweden 1 pts. (even GD)
Trinidad and Tobago 1 pts. (even GD)
Paraguay no pts.(-1 GD)

Next Game in Group B
June 15 - England vs Trinidad and Tobago
June 15 - Sweden vs Paraguay

Argentina 3pts. (+1 GD)
Holland (have noot play yet)
Serbia and Montenegro (Have not play yet)
Ivory Coast no pts. (-1 GD)

Next Game in Group C
June 16 - Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro

And one note off the pitch: The Manger of the Togo team is the first coach to go home but they yet to play a match at the World cup, it all about a pay despiute between the players and the national federation that force Otto Pfister to leave the team just Days Before there opening game with South Korea on tuesday, The team chose assistant coach Mawuena Kodjovi as the new coach, but made it clear Pfister would be welcomed back if he changed his mind.

Tomorrow Games
Group C - Serbia & Montenegro vs Netherlands - 9AM
Group D - Mexico v Iran - Noon
Group D - Angola v Portugal - 3PM

Friday, June 09, 2006

Breaking Gig Guide News

Hello everone i just found this out on the My space bullent board post and extra back up from, The Snow patrol concert scheaul for tonight have been postponed, because Doctors have advised lead singer Gary Lightbody to rest his voice after the discovery of "worrying growths" on his vocal cords.

Fans who have tickets for tonight show should hold on to there tickets as a new date will be post likely in September.
World Cup Review

Day 1
(June 9th)

Germany vs Costa Rica

The 18th wolrd cup of soccer began to today in Muncih for the 1st of 64 games that will Berlin on July 9th with the world cup will be awrad to the king of soccer in the world a sold out crowd of 64,950 got to see the home contry Germany start ther defense of the cup they won in 2002 in Korea, There 1st team they face the south america contry of Costa Rica.

Germany was not with there star and leader Michael Ballack who is injery and hoping his teammate would pick up th slack and it look like they did inj the frist 6 minteus of the Match Phillipp Lahm bent the shot for the left side of the net to score the 1st goal of the torny to gave a gremany a 1-0 lead.

But it was not long as the traper stike back as Paulo Wanchpe broke away and past a greman goalkeeper Jans Lehmanns to even up 1 all, The Greman were all over the Ticos shot 14 shot on goal to the Costa Rica Goal, that prove luckey as Miroslav Klose scored the second goal of the game to give Greaman a 2-1 lead in the 17 minteus as they go to half time.

The Ticos have some chance to score but they colud not past goal, but the Germany socre agian with a close range shot by Klose agian for his second goal of the game to give a 3-1 lead.

Costa Rica got one back in the middle of the 2nd half with a second goal from Wanchope to make it instering agian at 3-2 but they could not pull the equaliser as the Greman D came up to play and shut down the Ticos fire power keep the lead 3-2 and then Torsten Frings wrap it up with a wicked Screamm from 30-yards to put the german up 4-2 and get the 1st three points fo the tourny.

And it was also a record breaker of sort six goals is the Most scored in a opend game since since 1962 when there Chile beat Switzerland 3-1, and good for Miroslav Klose who was name man of the Match with his two goals on his 28 birthday what a nice present.

Poland vs Ecuador

Today other match in Group A is a match up between Poland vs Ecuador, The Game play at Gelsenkirchen in near the border of Netherland both teams are longshot to win the cup but the odds makers give Poland a sight faveor to get to the KO stage.

Both teams was a little on edge a the match began But Ecuador sored 1st in the 24th mintues when Agustin Delgado header gave the lead 1-0 at half time

the poles tried to get it going but could not find the tied that gave Agustin Delgato to sorced a goal in the 2nd half to put the Ecuador to a 2-0 lead and the game

Standing after Match No.1

Germany 3pts.=+2 GD
Ecuador 3pts.=+2 GD
Costa Rica no pts.=-2 GD
Poland no pts.=-2 GD

Next Match in Group A
Jun 14 Germany v Poland
Jun 15 Ecuador v Costa Rica

Group B start up
Jun 10 09:00 AM England v Paraguay
Jun 10 12:00 ET Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden
And Group C begin partly begin
Jun 10 3:00 PM Argentina v Ivory Coast
(21 Days or three full weeks until taste fest)

the quest for the world cup have began

Please let me apologetic for yesterday short post which inclule the ricky martin video the cup of life from 1998 which was the unoffica anthem of world cup 98 in France but i can not reset of playing that song as the 18th world cup which start today in Germany as 32 team tried to capher the lovely cup and to be crown world best soccer team i will posting a separate post on what happend every day from now until the end of the tourny and the KO rounds will be happend during the Tastefest with my hoped it do not go into extra time.

Last night i saw a good show at the shelter and it was the the Fiery Furnaces they was going to play upstart at the st Andrews hall but since the crowd was going to be so small for a large venue so they switch it to the Sheller down stairs, it was a very good show which i will tell you about it tomorrow on the live show i when to this week, but my best highlight so far is i told the very lovely Eleanor Friedberger
about my blog and so she wont for get she wrote it down on her hand best moments on this blog which turn one month just yesterday (Blog debut on May 8).

And if you miss them there will be at the Metro in Chicago on June 26 if you in Chicago you should goes see it, if your Detroit or SE Michigan it worth the drive.

and some gig news if today was supost to be a good day to see a gig i have some bad news first the Loretta Lynn gig at the meadow Brook music theather for tonight have been postponed because of a injury on her shoulder after fall last Sunday at her home in Tennessee, She had successful operation to repair the injury yesterday (June 8) and will rest up to recover let hoped it will be rescheduled.

Remember she have the comeback of the year a few years back with Van Lear Rose, and it was produced by Jack White of the white stripes and the racounters.

also postponed in Detroit Rock City is tonight Soul Out Snow Patrol show at Clutch CargoÂ’s inPontiacc,MI that because of throat issues for vocalist Gary Lightbody and doctor have told them to rest up, But not toworriedd it will be rescheduled, likely for late summer or early fall. Existing tickets will be honored on the new date, but ticketholders may also obtain refunds at their point of purchase.

And if you are wondering how racountuers CD is doing this week on the billboard Chart this week you be happy to know it did not fall 21 placed like last week (7 to 28), This week it fell six placed from 28th to 34th in between a fomer No.1 Godsmack "IV"(33rd) and Cam'Ron "Killa Season"(35th)

No.1 Aging Dixie Chicks - "Taking The Long Way"

And in upcoming CD News a date have been set for new stuff form Rock n roll Hall of famer bob seger, “Face the Promise” will be hisd 1st albume in almost 11 years Capitol Records his longtime home have said to the Detroit Free Press it will be out on Sept. 12.

“Face the Promise” includes songs written and recorded by Seger and members of his Silver Bullet Band at the rocker’s rural Oakland County studio. The album’s leadoff single, “Wait For Me,” will be shipped to radio stations before the end of summer.

I know all the young kids wont care about it but there parnets who will like it if they like Seger.

Also if you go to you will hear a new podcast in over a two months it will feather tracks from The Nice Device and Ancourage it up right now at

Also goes to the Brookenvegan blog sight to check out your 1st seank peek of the new Thunderbirds are Now! song from there new CD Make History out in sept.
or you can clcik here at the link below
The Veil Comes Down

Now let goes outside the 313 for who makeing indie news now

And it look like Billy bragg will not be puting up his music on my space any time soon The Brit singer have pull Some of his songs on his myspace page clamnig that my space "terms of service" give Murdoch's minions the right to exploit their content as they see fit saying "once an artist posts up any content (including songs), it then belongs to MySpace (AKA Rupert Murdoch) and they can do what they want with it throughout the world without paying the artists."

But spokesman Jeff Berman says not to worry. "Because the legalese has caused some confusion, we are at work revising it to make it very clear that MySpace is not seeking a license to do anything with an artist's work other than allow it to be shared in the manner the artist intends," Berman says. "Obviously, we don't own their music or do anything with it that they don't want."

it a slam aginst the news Corp who last year paid way too much for the on-line solcal network (they pay $580 millions for there parent company which run which have endure month of bad press how kids are spooke by bad people who used my space for bad things like asking for sex on line, that bad and now some are thinking my space is so last year


The Akron/Family has just announced that they're preparing a new album, titled Meek Warrior, on Young God this September. Recorded primarily at Chicago's Shappe Shoppe, the forthcoming LP was produced by Akron/Family and Michael Gira, and engineered by Griffin Rodriguez (Need New Body, Icy Demons, Bablicon), who also plays bass on one song, "No Space in This Realm". The band also spent a day recording in Toronto with their bros from Do Make Say Think/Broken Social Scene.

The album will feature songs mostly written on the road, "in the van the few weeks prior to the studio time, while we were all freezing in the wintery hinderlands of middle Canada, wheezing with bronchitis," according to Family man Seth Olinsky.

The Chicago location presented Akron/Family with the unique opportunity to collaborate with legendary free jazz percussionist Hamid Drake. Drake, said Olinsky, was "a total dream and pleasure" to work with in the studio, as he helped "bring the music to life." Charles Waters of the Gold Sparkle Band and William Parker's Little Huey Creative Orchestra also contributed saxophone and clarinet solos to the album.

The band aims to hold a record release party at the end of September at Tonic in New York City, followed by an appearance at the Pop Montreal Festival in, uh, Montreal, as well as a few other dates in Canada. A West Coast tour is on the agenda for December, as is the recording of yet another new album in October in November. As they say, the family that plays together, stays together.

When we think Bob Mould, we think punk rock, buzzsaw guitars, Minneapolis, SST, Our Band Could Be Your Life, trucking across the country in a beat-up van, etc. In other words, we think H?D?ever, when Bob Mould thinks Bob Mould, he thinks shiny dance-pop. Or rather, when Bob Mould thinks Blowoff, his collaborative project with house music vet Richard Morel, he thinks shiny dance-pop.

Blowoff has been blowing the roof off (sorry) the Washington, DC club scene for a few years, and now they're ready to expand their boundaries. On September 5, the duo's own Full Frequency Music label will release Blowoff's self-titled debut album. According to a press release, the album is "a total 50/50 collaboration" and a "merger between two independent-minded singer-songwriters that is equal parts "angry, angular power-pop" and "hazy house-fueled electronica."

Hey, sounds like 1997! You can hear for yourself at Blowoff's website, where new songs are currently streaming.

On June 13, avant-country duo the Handsome Family are poised to release their new Carrot Top Records album, Last Days of Wonder. It's the seventh record from the husband-and-wife team of Brett and Rennie Sparks. The inspiration for many songs on Last Days of Wonder come from the tragic life of Nicola Tesla, the misunderstood inventor renowned for developing the namesake Tesla coil, devising plans for an Earth-destroying "death ray," and for providing the name for the hair metal band Tesla (if being the inspiration behind that band isn't tragic, we don't know what is).

The Sparks couple recorded the album at home, but thanks to the magic of email, Stephen Dorocke (Freakwater, Jesse Sykes) and David Coulter (Test Dept., The Pogues, Tom Waits) were able to contribute pedal steel and musical saw, respectively. In addition to the guest instrumentation and the Sparks' standard guitar, bass, and drums arrangements, Last Days of Wonder augments the Handsome Family sound with mellotron, ukulele, banjo, bowed wine glasses, and trombone sections, as well.

(Ed) and you be happy to know that Ex-Velocity Girl Sarah Shannon will release her second solo CD in the fall the 1st one was so good but she have the horrer of haveing the title of worst gig i ever been too i think it was in 2002 at the Stick only a hand full of people was at the show for her set who was not into it, the opener that night was Julie Dornin (ex-Eirc Trip) andDetroitt detroit gig and she was so good Rosie O'Thomasz.

And Now it that time again to filter out the Good music form the Bad it now time For the My N.M.E. Single of the Week.

The Rules as always Three Sone choose by the UK Music Magizine The New Music Express i review the winner and the two runner up this week. Oh my god three well popualr UK band get all the spotlight this week(June 3, Cover:Dave Grohl telling the world he not dead yet) but i am here to give a spin

The Winner:
Razorlight( or
"In the Morning"
I only here 68 second of this song and the song is OK not good as song fromn there debut it almost sound like one those reject Morning News Show Themes song have a little Clase in it nut the 68 second i could been a lot better.

Runner-up No.1
The Automatic ( or
The song from this bands from Carrdif, Wales in the UK is very drak with some good 60s Influences

Runner-Up No.2
Keane ( or
"Is It Any Wonder"
The song have a very good backing track and good lericys to boot and very good voical, It is one of those great song you like to here Very well done.

I thought at looking at the three picks and was going to pick outside the box but after listen to the Keane track i thought this is good engought to make it this week winner, not only it have a good video (See Below) but it also have the becauser becasue there was brave engoher to call the Darkness a total joke for that i am great fully

So this week My N.M.E single of the Week is

Keane - "Is It Any Wonder"

Get this video and more at

it Joint the Other winner of this award:

May 27 - You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - Jim Noir - My Patch
May 6 - The Dastuns - Stuck Here For Days

The Regualr N.M.E. Single of the Week

May 27 - Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - The Aliens - Allenoid Starmonica EP
May 6 - Primal Scream - Country Gril

And Dont Forget this weekend the Tigers start a weekend series vs the toronto Blue Jays hoping to keep it Lead in 1st place Despiet going 3 and 8 vs the yannkes, Red sox, and White sox but the white sox have gone 5 and 6 in the same strecht

And the Nascar Boys are at the pennsival montiant in Pocono Raceway on Sunday

And dont forget there the Detroit Festail of the arts in the Culture Center for the week end and the new best live band in detorit "The Hard Lesson" ( or will have there CD release show for there EP "Wise Up!" it at the Magic bag in Ferndale with Dead Bodies,Velvet Audio and the Dollfaces that on saturday

And dont forget at the Kelly Jean Caldwell is part of a bill with Canada as the Main headliner and Chris Bathgate at the Blind pig in Ann Arbor but that the late show, the early show is also the band of the day it the very cool band i acn not stopping about from Omaha, Nebraska, it tilly and the wall who will tap there way in your heart on saturday night with there qricky lovable pop sound with a very good tapper insaid of drums and yes Suzy Cole for Riff2 there also cute but i have too miss them because i can not get to ann arbor.

But i will leave you the video for reckless from there 1st CD Wild like Children, there New one is call Bottoms of Barrels which is out now

It going to be a good weekend Mostly Sunny, with Except for a few afternoon clouds, Hi 68*
Sunday will be the same as well his at 71*
Good Night and Good Luck!

New Movie Friday

It that time again it Friday a lot going on in and around the Detroit area to boot but if you not one of those type that always a good movie's we look what going on in the Movie theater it that time again for New Movie Friday.

and now this greatest film ever made.... For the Montent "Cars" a family comedy about Lightning McQueen, a stock car that breaks down on his way to a major race, and met some more talking cars it had it all with the voice of car by Owen Wilson,Paul Newman,Bonnie Hunt,Cheech Marin,Larry the Cable Guy,Michael Keaton,George Carlin,John Ratzenberger, and a lot of guest spot from Mario Andretti,Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Bob Costas(yes he voice a car too).

Have seen preview of this film all over on TV or the promo tie-in I can clear say that this movie is better than toy story and the the review of three agree.
The Detroit Free Press love this film useding the head lines:'Cars' runs on all cylinders and heart.and adding The first time you see "Cars," though, just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's so easy when you know someone who really knows how to drive, and loves it, is behind the wheel.(four out of Four)

The Detroit News like it as well useding the headline: Carrific, Animated wonder may feel mechanical, but it still earns a victory Lap(B+)

The Yahoo group of reviews gave the avg rating of a B
From Rolling Stone "...Family fun, brimming with surprises too good to spoil in a review." (A-)
and from Seattle Post-Intelligencer "...One of Pixar's most imaginative and thoroughly appealing movies ever."(A)
but some were iffy on the film
E! Online:"Just because it's ostensibly for kids doesn't excuse a screenplay weary with clicheés and a soundtrack dripping with cheese." (C)
New York Times:"..thee film just putt, putt, putts along, a shining model of technological progress and consumer safety." (C-)

Also out this week is Al Gore Come back with thedocumentaryy "An Inconvenient Truth," As he Beats the drum about global warning and an impending ecological disaster, The film have been setting all kind of pre screen recordeverywheree it have playdespitet desprart debunking from he crited and silly acttack From Fox News but ever reviewer love it
Free Press:Gore proves engaging in climate film (3 stars out of four)
Detroitt News:'An Inconvenient Truth' sounds quiet alarm(B+)
Yahoo reviews (B+)
Roger Ebert:"...fascinating and relentless." (A)
Hollywood Reporter:"Al Gore brings his campaign to reverse global warming to the big screen in this vivid and vital activist movie."(A)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer:"...a mind-boggling disaster epic..." (A)
E! Online:"Taut, intelligent and blackly humorous, the film is powerful cinematic activism..." (A-)
Entertainment Weekly:"The beauty part is, Gore isn't preaching to the converted. He's reaching out to the skeptics..." (A-)
USA Today:"...illuminating, fascinating and sometimes frightening."(A-)
Boston Globe:"His passion should be contagious..."(B)
Chicago Tribune:"Like most films only more so, this one will be processed differently by different voters."(B-)"...certainly scared the crap out of me."(B-)
New York Times: "I can't think of another movie in which the display of a graph elicited gasps of horror..." (B+)
ReelViews:"...instead of a wake-up call, this film - which is an excellent primer about the situation - turns into a sermon for the choir."(B)
Rolling Stone:"It grabs you like a thriller with an ending that will haunt your dreams."(B)
let say it a good doc flick

Also out today "A Prairie Home Companion," a tale of the backstage drama that goes on during the broadcast of the final episode of the popular radio show. And is partly base on the real life show on NPR Garrison Keillorand direct by Robert Altman it also have Woody Harrelson,Tommy Lee Jones,Kevin Kline, oh yes some cast Lindsay Lohan in the pic
The Review have been mostly good The Free Press like this movie saying Altman plus Keillor equals rich, funny movie (Four Stars out of four)
The News like it as it put it 'Prairie Home' reveres nearly dying art form (B+)
as weel most of the yahoo reviews who gave a avg. of (B+)
and the Minnaposa Star Tribune say A star-spangled cast brings "Prairie Home Companion" from radio to screen in all its modest glory.
and the st paul Pionees Press say in ti 3 and a half star review 'Home' is full of heart
Overall it a good movie,Ii would go see it

Two films opening up and just in time for the world cup "Goal: The Dream Begins," a Mexican American has a shot at a top club in England.
most of the review did not like this film
Free Press:2 stars, News: , Yahoo avg C+
"The Lost City," Andy Garcia is the oldest of three brothers, who each react very differently to the impending revolution in Cuba. Rated R.
it the 1st real sinker of the movie post
News:D+, Free Press:2star, Yahoo reviews avg a C+ with two D ouch

And dont for get the movie that open that open on a tuesday The remake of the classic 1976 film The Omen because it opend on 6-6-06 and made 12 millions on tuesday but the review know this was the devie work with there bad review the free Press call it Faithful for a devil movie (two stars), the News some what like it giving a B+ saying 'The Omen' remake will delightfully poison minds of younger generations but the review got away from this film a fast they can with the yahoo reviewer avg a C Some like it
New York Post:"...director John Moore has added some creepy visuals and assembled an unusually strong cast for a horror flick." (B)
but other did not like it
Rolling Stone:"Not since Gus Van Sant inexplicably directed a shot-by-shot remake of Hitchcock's Psycho has a thriller been copied with so little point or impact." (D)
Boston Globe:"The first one was chilling. This remake is an icy bore."(D)

this week at the one and only Movietheaterr of the Dame (AKA Cinemark Movies 16 in Warren,MI)these movie are new at thetheaterr this week:
(It a good filck for kids)
(Nerve hear of it)
(this is for any one who like Kiefer Sutherland or Eva Longoria
you can click on the movie for more info

And Before it wrap it up for today just to let you know about the Planet ant film festival happing Next week in hamtramck it a celebration of independent movies and the people who make them, featuring comedies, dramas, documentaries, animations, and music videos from Detroit and around the world.

It will happend on June 14th to the 17th over three veneu inDetroitt

Wednesday, June 14 10:30pm
Opening Night Party at The Belmont

Thursday, June 15th
Screening at the platnet ant

Friday, June 16th
Screening at the The Detroit Film Center
at 1227 Washington Blvd. in Downtown Detroit

Saturday, June 17 8:00pm
Awards Ceremony
and Afterglow with The band Infinite Number of Sounds play a live music/multimedia set

For More Info on this film Festiavl including the full scheclue please contact the planet ant at there websight at or there Myspace page at

Next week new films will be
Nacho Libre - Jack Black cook by day, Wrestling by Night in this comedy from the writer of school of rock

The Lake House - Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves star in speed meet the twilight Zone

Wah-Wah - it a melow drama set in the 60s

The Fast and the Furlous: Toyko Drift - that mean more cars chases

And Garfield's a tale of two kittles - think of it as The parents trap with cats but without linsey lohan.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

(22 Days untill tastefest)

Hello Every one this steve here and it was a tought time doing the sight today because i have a tought time trying to logon to the blogger sight, and tring to log was so tought and i am going out tonight a show so there will be no full report, But i will start a new one tomorrow inclouing the My NME single of the week, and there will be times this summer i wont do the blog sight because my room upstair is a mess and my Brother is coming home from prison in Jan.2007 so (Expect for gig gudie,New Music Tuesday,and New Movie Friday) I wont be updateing this sight from time to time because i have a life outside this blog sight and this computher so just to let you know.

But i will give you two things of note i forgot to let you know

Frist in Detroit Culture Center will be the 20th annuly Detroit's Festival of the Arts it is at a lauge area for the Culture Center area from friday to Sunday in area covering Ferry for the North warren from the South ANtoneo Wayne Drive(or thire Street) on the west and Brush from the east and in included The Main Brance of the Detroit Public Libary,D.I.A.,the science center, the histroy musemu,and part of wanye state, Over 70 acts playing there you can find more info at

And tomorrow and lasting for the entire Month Repeat this followong Lyrics with Me

Here we go! Ale, Ale Ale! Go, go, go! Ale, Ale Ale!

Yes it mean on thing tomorrow it the start the 18 th world cup the 32 team torney will last over a full month of soccer and it will begin with the Defening chamption As al ways Germany vs Costa Rica at noon and following after that at 3 PM game Poland v.s. Ecuador england frist game is on Saturday at 9AM vs Paraguay, Team U.S.A. frist game is a toughey VS the Number two team in the world Czech Republic on Monday at Noon.

So i will leave you with the playlist from this week Detroit Local 101 with tait take over the show on tuesday and this week Top Ten Local selling CD of the week from the D.M.R.C.

have a good night Good night and good luck

1) Zach Shipps - Tight New Clean Ass
2) Ghost City - What Were You Running From
3) The Holy Fire - Bombs In The Distance
4) Troy Gregory (w/ the Sights) - Leave The Ghost At Home
5) Wolfbait - Broadsword
6) Octopus - At Her Feet
7) The Hard Lessons - Wicked Man
8) The Tandooris - Science Fiction Garunteed (on No Fun Records Detroit by label association as called by Tait)
9) The Red Rocks - Bus Stop Lady
10) The Singles - Hypnotized
11) Electric Six - Pulling The Plug On The Party (brand new E6!! On forthcoming album SWITZERLAND in stores 9/12/06)
12) Ghost City - SOS (new Ghost City!!)
13) Aquarius Void - Walk Behind
14) Na$hinal Debt - For You
15) Fletcher Pratt - Rocksteady
16) RUR - Go Baby
17) Thoughts Of Ionesco - The Scar Is Our Watermark
18) Rai - Some Girls
19) Dutch Pink - Holly
20) Wildbunch - R U Afraid Of The Devil
21) Johnny Headband - Pink Clud (in the sky)
22) Tiny Steps - The Sorry State OF Affairs
23) Ladytron - Last One Standing (Shipps/Tait Remix) (remixed by Zach Shipps and Chris TaitDetroit remix, yo!)
24) Drag Day - Around You
25) Wildbunch - The Ballad Of MC Sucka DJ
26) The Fluoride Program - Lavender
27) Ghost City - Come Out Rose
28) Electric Six - I Buy The Drugs (brand new E6!! On forthcoming album SWITZERLAND in stores 9/12/06)
29) Pas/Cal - What Happened To The Sands

dmrc top 10
Last Week = ()
1. The Racontuers "Broken Boy Soldiers" (1)
2. Gnarls Barkley "St. Elsewhere" (2)
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Stadium Arcadium" (6)
4. Drive-by Truckers "A Blessing & A Curse" (5)
5. Angels & Airwaves "We Don't Need To Whisper" (New)
6. Starlight Mints "Drowaton" (New)
7. Twilight Singers "Powder Burns" (9)
8. The Black Keys "Chulahoma" (3)
9. Built To Spill "You In Reverse" (8)
10. Pearl Jam "Pearl Jam" (7)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

(24 Days untill Tastefest)

Today Post for 6-6-06

Well today post is real short because i am on assingment tonight hoped fully i post tonight show tonight let hoped i do not stay up untill 6AM like i did this morning finsh up last night post but i post the folling upcoming gig guide info on two gigs and any upcoming show.

Frist from detroit Freep had report that the Loretta Lynn show at Meadow Brook Music Festival on Friday at 8 p.m. have been postphone, Due to a fractured shoulder suffered Sunday and new date will be posted soon so hold on to your ticket.

Also i went to check the playlist on liz copeland show on WDET-FM they play a Racounture song and post on there play list the aug. 5th show at the michigan theather is sole out despiet the nasty devocie between Jack White and the Detroit music sence all together.

And one more thing i chcek out the Live Nation Web sight and ticket to the The Flaming Lips/Sonic Youth show will go on sale not this Friday but Next Friday June the 16th at 10AM, and they have a opener the aussie Rock Band Wolfmother

and now from my good sourced


Singer-songwriter and keyboardist Billy Preston died today after a long battle with illness, the Associated Press reports. Preston, 59, was one of a handful of people referred to as "the fifth Beatle" for his close relationship with the Fab Four. He suffered from kidney failure and had been in a coma since November 2005.

Preston began his career as a pre-teen prodigy, earning a role in the 1958 W.C. Handy biopic St. Louis Blues, which also featured such luminaries as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Cab Calloway, and Eartha Kitt.

He began his recording career a few years later, issuing his debut album, Sixteen Year Old Soul for Derby in 1963. Preston's more accomplished solo efforts included The Most Exciting Organ Ever [Vee-Jay, 1965], Billy Preston [Buddah, 1969], and the two albums he recorded for the Beatles' Apple label, That's the Way God Planned It (1969) and Encouraging Words (1970). After leaving Apple, Preston enjoyed his most successful period as a solo artist, releasing three top five singles--"Outa-Space", "Will It Go Round in Circles", and "Nothing From Nothing". The latter two songs went to No. 1.

Despite that success, Preston is, oddly, perhaps best known as a studio musician-- particularly because of his work with the Beatles. The organist performed on the Beatles' "White Album" and Abbey Road and was unofficially drafted into the group by former tourmate George Harrison-- alongside whom he eventually performed at the famed Concert for Bangladesh-- for the recording and filming of Let It Be. Preston's Beatles work can be heard most prominently on "Get Back", "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", and "Don't Let Me Down". Preston also performed studio work for artists such as Sly and the Family Stone, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, and Eric Clapton.

Later in his life, Preston suffered several major indignities: being sentenced to a three-year jail term following a bail violation, performing on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium, and, worst of all, performing as the title character in the abysmal film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Rhino Records has just announced the latest round of remastered Cure and Cure-related reissues, all dolled up in hyper-deluxe two-disc packages with fancy-schmancy booklets and more bonus demos than Robert Smith has had bad hair days.

The latest round-up arrives August 8 and includes Cure albums nos. five, six, and seven-- The Top (1984), The Head on the Door (1985), and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987)-- as well as 1983's Blue Sunshine, the lone record by the Glove, the side project of Smith and Siouxsie & the Banshees bassist Steve Severin. Mega-hits and fan favorites like "In Between Days", "Why Can't I Be You?", "Just Like Heaven", and "Close to Me" were spawned during this storied era in Cure history.

As you may recall, last year Rhino graced us with expanded, remastered reissues of Seventeen Seconds, Faith, and the much-loved Pornography. At this rate we can expect a d-lux remaster of that lukewarm 2004 self-titled record by 2008. Oh boy.

on August 21 in the UK and August 22 in North America, a nice portion of Broadcast songs will resurface from the depths of OOP-land on the rarities comp Future Crayon, due out on Warp.
The collection will gather only previously-released material, but most (if not all) of the songs are on singles, EPs, and compilations that are out of print, including the first All Tomorrow's Parties comp ("DDL") from 2001 and the We Are Reasonable People compilation ("Hammer Without a Master") released way back in 1998. The rest of the selections come from singles and EPs like 1999's Echo's Answer EP, 2000's Extended Play EP, "Come On Let's Go" single, and Extended Play Two EP, and the 2003 Pendulum EP.

Camera Obscura are launching their greatly anticipated third album upon North America with the force of a million puppy dogs. Let's Get out of This Country arrives today via Merge Records, and in July the band will indeed get out of their country by launching a tour of our fair continent.

(ed.) There no detorit date yet but the Close Detroit date if you want to take the road trip:
07-28 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium
07-29 Cleveland Heights, OH - Grog Shop

Mairead Case reports:Once again, Molly Neuman has proved herself cooler than the Horses cassette tape in your big sister's glove compartment. Neuman drummed in Bratmobile, the Peechees, and the Frumpies, co-owns Lookout! Records, and currently manages the Donnas, Ted Leo, Some Girls and the Locust. Now, she's announced the birth of her new label, Simple Social Graces Disco.

"Simple Social Graces Discos is not about market share or marketing or competition or winning," Neuman said in a press release. "We are about love and friends and ruling." (Apparently, they're saving Angel, Music, and Baby for future campaigns.)
Today, Simple Social Graces released Haranna Hanne, the U.S. debut from Barcelona metal-punks Les Aus. Bandmates Arnau Sala and Mau Boada played in the now-defunct Omega Cinco, a, like, totally important Gold Standard Laboratories band that your sister, like, totally told you about five years ago.

Recently, you might have seen Les Aus opening for Ted Leo/Pharmacists. Not so coincidentally, Simple Social Graces will release Leo's next single, as well as albums from L.A.'s Fast Forward, and Madrid's Grabba Grabba Tape and Campamento


Critical darlings Yo La Tengo (also known as the pride of Hoboken, New Jersey), are set to unleash their 10th proper album September 12. Carrying the snotty title of I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass, it seems that the legendary trio are proving that being around for 20-plus years doesn't get rid of youthful arrogance. The band remains mum on the tracklist, but have 15 songs slated. The Matador website is offering a free MP3 of "Beanbag Chair" to tide fans over. For those needing a fix of Ira, Georgia and James ASAP, the band did release their WFMU-solicited covers album, Yo La Tengo Is Murdering The Classics, earlier this spring. The band is also set to play Prospect Park in Brooklyn July 13.

Doves have begun recording their follow-up to 2005’s Some Cities on a farm outside of Manchester. The band has started posting photos of themselves working in the studio on their weblog and said, "We've been in there for a couple of weeks now, mainly setting gear up and ironing out our usual technical problems!" They say the plan is to record everything at the farm studio and mix and produce the album themselves, but note, "That could all change if we get sick of the smell of cow shit on the farm."The British threesome added, "It's very early days so don't expect anything too soon, but there's loads of ideas kicking around and we're all well excited about where we're going to go on this one." They also confirmed that the band will not be performing for the rest of the year to concentrate on the new record.

And yes The Tigers are back in action with a big Three Game set with The Chicago White Sox winner of this series will take the lead in the central

Detroit, 37-20, (The Leaders )
Chi White Sox, 34-22, 2.5GB

St. Louis, 35-22 (2 game back for the best record in baseball)

tonight big show because i am keepit short is at the magic stick it the wild teen of Nashville "Be Your Own Pet..... with opener Grand Rapies own Whirlwind Heat so i will leace you with video from both of them.

be back on Thursday anoder nice day tomorrow at 75* with a possibly a thunderstorm in the PM, but it will be nuted on thursday high around 78* but with isolated thunderstorms developing later in the day.

New Music Tuesday

Today is the day is the day of the Devil 6-6-06 a sing of bad thing or things to come, But hey it not all that bad wheil od this day in music on June the 6th 1971 Gladys Knight & the Pips are musical guests on the final episode of CBS-TV's "Ed Sullivan Show, that not good or my be even wrost because on this date in 1994 Paul Stanley of Kiss became a father, hiw wife gave birth to Evan Shane Stanley but this can not get worst than that because on june 6th 1990 a U.S. District Judge Jose Gonzalez in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., rules that 2 Live Crew's rap album "As Nasty as They Wanna Be" is obscene. Humm it look like this day is evil after all but these released are not Nasty as They Wanna Be because it time to see who was brave engoht to released a cd dvd on the unluckey day of the year 6-6-06 it time for new music tuesday from the only band that matters.

June 6th


Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country (Merge)
(a very good six peice from Glasgow, Scotland)

Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - The River in Reverse (version with DVD due same day; Verve Forecast)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Sinner (enhanced; Blackheart)
(she still look good and still rocking at 48, rock on)
Monsters Are Waiting - Fascination (Retone)
(A very good band who i found on my space more than six monuth ago mines the chick in the band they sound great)
Sha Na Na - One More Saturday Night (Titan/ Pyramid)

Zero 7 - The Garden (Atlantic)
The electro pop group is back with the follw up to the very well receied 2004 When It Falls)

Various artists - "Jesus Is Magic" soundtrack (Interscope)
and Sara Silverman look cool and any one would channage jimmy kimmel for her hand)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Alice Coltrane - The Impulse Story (Impulse)
John Coltrane - The Impulse Story (Impulse)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - The Very Best of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (Jive)
Jefferson Airplane - The Worst of Jefferson Airplane (RCA)
The Ramones - Greatest Hits (Rhino)
Lou Rawls - The Very Best of Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find Another (Capitol)
Henry Rollins - Sweatbox (two CDs; 2.13.61)

Music DVDs:

Abba - "The World's Greatest Albums: The Gold Singles" (Classic Rock Legends)
Kate Bush - "Under Review" (Music Video Distributors)
The Who - "Quadrophenia Live With Special Guests" and "Tommy Live With Special Guests" (Rhino)

TV on DVD :

Cheyenne, The Complete First Season
F Troop, The Complete First Season
Wild, Wild, West, Season One
Navy NCIS, The Complete First Season
Entourage, The Complete Second Season
He Man and The Masters/Universe, Season Two, Volume One
Def Poetry Jam, Season Four
Home Improvement, The Complete Fourth Season
Charmed, The Complete Fifth Season
Air America, The Complete Series
What’s New Scooby Doo? Volume Nine, Route Scary-Six
The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Volume Three: Fun Road Ahead
Combat! Best of New Replacements, Best of Squad
Doctor Who Story 78-Genesis of the Daleks, Story 143-Revlation of the Daleks
Godzilla Power Hour, Volume One, Volume Two
Power Rangers Mystic Force, Volume One
Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Q Fan Collective
The Time Tunnel, Volume Two

Monday, June 05, 2006

(25 Days untill TasteFest)

And i am not waiting outside IKDA Store

So the week end was a good but quite one, I did Not go to the Nice Device Show on Friday ( or because it was in Frendale, But my good mole who was at the show say despie the sound being Not that good the show was good as they release there Debut Full-lenght and i think there lead singer Alicia Gbur look nice as always (I think but dont quet me on that, i was not at the show. If she did look nice let me know at

But on Saturday Night I made the trip to skiping the Debut of Mick Collins Nite Train show on WDET-FM to go to the lager house( on Michigan Ave. because i was drag there by the bartender at the Belmont Laura to here her band she front call the black lincolns ( who was very good with her singing and Marty gitars work and i also met there simley Bass player her name Eliza who is very nice and it was as always, They been around for almost a full year(debut at the Belmont after one of the dates after taste fest)It was crowed as alway at the stick they opend for a band who i saw for the 1st time after a long time sit out to see this band but i saw this band it call Ghost City( or

The Line up feather Chris Tait (Electir Six) on Keyboard and vocal, STEPHEN PALMER(Ex- Back in spades, and also in 5th perdios fever) on Guitars and vocals as well, Leann Metro(and also play in the sirers) who play bass and look good as well and BRANDON who accoring to the web sight play Stix, Threads, Er...Goth Stuff (i think play drums) They sound really good 1st time out i mind opion sound real good and real well and they look so nice just like there press pic they sound real good.

So it was a good night overall, so on sunday i posted this week gig gudie (Shrool Down to see the full list of gigs and music act below) and listen to last week underground Gardea and thursday Steve Lamacq show on 6 music( and stay home last night and listen to one of the over 230 bands i like on My space on Check one two on Indie 103.1( where the Monsters Are Waiting......( or they did a live set on the last half hour as there Debut CD "fascination" (Leftwing Records) is release tomorrow (I dont know if is release in LA only or nationwide, i let you know on New Music Tuesday) the set was good.

So now is any thing is going on in culture city as the Myspace IM is finaly working because i am tinking of a new segment a short segment for my blog sight, But i cant tell you yet what is yet

And no i am not rushing out to stand in line for the opening of the IDKA store in canton

But there a good local news upcoming, So here is is

Tomorrow Night if you have nothing to do if your on the PC or at small in hamtramck and listen to Detroit Local 101 where Tait will be subing for Melodey (Who is toring with the sirers in Serbia) with that loveable furball Suzy Cole, it on 10 to midnight on riff2 on hd radio WRIF 101.1 2, of of at Small at 10339 Conat in Hamtramck.

There is a new picture book out by Photographer Stefan Peterson it call "IN A WOUNDED STATE - The Demise of Ann Arbor's Music Underground" it a 88 pages with over 100 Black anfd white pictures or the underground secen form 1994 and 2002 it include band from Short Dead Dudes, Mazinga, Nadsat Nation, Chore, Easy Action and The Baby Killers (later know as the Von Bondies) You can order a copy of the Book at this sight:

And i got the E-mail From Jonny Headband Keyboard Carey Gustafson told me about a benfit on June 15th at the stick it the KARMA KICK-BACK A Benefit For A Friend, The Story is that our good friend Eugene Strobe had his appendix remove back last December and on top of that he was involed in a car crash that tolat his car and the hopisal bill pile up and like the most of the Musican in this have no health insurance, so let help a guy who gave so much for the detroit Music Scene where giving back.

The bill include P.A. ( or, The Decks (, Ghost City, Troy Gregory & The Step Sisters ( or, Girls Gone Mild (Featuring Loretta Lucas & TheLarkspurs), Na$hinal Debt Featuring John Nash from ElectricSix and former stepsister Noelle Christine (frist Local gig, Special Acoustic Sets By: Faith Gazic & Molly Jean, and DJ by Dan W-Vibe, George & Willy Wilson (Former WDET DJ and fill in host on WEMU-FM).

It on June 15th at 8PM and it a $10 cover to get in and it shoud be good.

And over the weekend WXYT-AM have sing on to carried the "The Opie and Anthony Show" on the all sport sation from 6-9 AM whoped!

And Now let go out side the 313 to see the best music news outside the 313

When the Scottiet band Franz Ferdinand wan in town recenley the band took a pit stop to Benton Harbor, Michigan to do what else recorded a new version of the song ode to his girlfriend Fiery Furnace Eleanor Friedberger (who is in town this week on thursday at St.Andy)the band made new versoin of the song from "You Could Have It So Much Better" as well as two b side i will be out on July 10 in the UK get it on import, the band have string of festiavl over the summer including the T in the park, Fuji Rock, and the reading and leeds festival.

The Raconteurs have Extend there tour in surport of there debut CD Broken Boy Soldiers into September 14 to 30 from Houston, TX to Montreal, Quebec there only local date is Auguest 5th in Ann Arbor - Michigan Theatre

(And from my most trush sorced

In a message to their fan email list last week, the Decemberists announced the first details of their forthcoming Capitol Records debut. It's called The Crane Wife and it's coming out October 3. And there was much rejoicing.
The band is currently working on the album in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, honing an LP out of the 22 songs they've written, some of which are over 10 (!) minutes long. "This one's going to be really good, though," the email stated. "Undoubtedly the best thing we've done to date. And while that might smack of hyperbole ('didn't they say that about the last record?,' you well may be thinking...), we can guarantee that it, at the very least, will be decidedly above average."

That's comforting to hear.

A fall tour is also planned. For now, the Decemberists only have two live dates scheduled. The first will take place June 16 at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, Colorado. Neko Case, Drive-By Truckers, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, and Barenaked Ladies will also appear, along with bluegrass titans like Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Del McCoury, and Bela Fleck. A jam session involving the Decemberists and other festival participants is in the works.

In an email to a festival organizer, Decemberist Chris Funk wrote, "I'm a big fat bluegrass geek stuck inside a rock band, help!!!...The real reason we're coming is so that I can get Jerry Douglas to sign my square neck [guitar] which I play, as he is one of my heroes!!!"

The second show happens August 23 at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle as part of their ZooTunes series. The Decemberists at a zoo! How cool is that?

Funk also mentioned that he's expecting his first child this summer. The wee Funky one already has a built-in playmate, as frontman Colin Meloy and his girlfriend, longtime Decemberists illustrator Carson Ellis, welcomed Henry Ellis Meloy into the world back in February.

And it you think the WUOM-FM fundrasing Scandal which involed the Program dirtore and two other was bad it child play to what going on in NJ (From CMJ.COM)Essex County prosecutors in New Jersey announced that Michael A. Collazo, the former director of Seton Hall University's WSOU 89.5 FM Pirate Radio, was arrested for embezzling more than $550,000 from the university between 1985 and 2004, when he was fired. Collazo's alleged scheme involved embezzling more than $236,000 of underwriting money and also included the unauthorized leasing of WSOU's two radio subfrequencies. Collazo allegedly deposited this stolen money into two of his business accounts and used it to pay for personal expenses.According to the case's lead assistant prosecutor, Gail Gallagher, Collazo entered into a lease agreement in 1991 with Radio Verite, allowing Radio Verite to utilize one of WSOU's two subfrequencies. In 1999, Collazo leased the second subfrequency to EIES of New Jersey, an organization that provides radio broadcasts for the blind. The lease payments generated from the two agreements totaled more than $342,000. Seton Hall never received any of that lease income.Collazo, 58, of Hampton, New Jersey was arrested by the New Jersey State Police on Thursday morning. He has been charged with first-degree money laundering and three counts of second-degree theft by deception. He is currently employed as a flight attendant with Continental Airlines.

And now this week top ten movie of the week

And if you think a bad movie would not be No.1 this week and if you think the X-men Last stand would be No.1 aging your wrong.

The Break-up a movie that was pan by almost ever movie critict incluing the News and the free Press was No.1 with a take of $38.1 million, it just beat X-Men: The Last Stand," by less of four millions but it was not the highest gross pre screen it goes to the Al Gore documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", it was in wider relesed with a gross of $17,292 good enghoe for 9th place and more screen to come and it will start showing in screen in Detroit on friday
and now here the list:

1. "The Break-Up," $38.1 million.
2. "X-Men: The Last Stand," $34.35 million.
(Total Gross:$175.7 million over a week and a half)
3. "Over the Hedge," $20.6 million.
(the surpried hit of the summer)
4. "The Da Vinci Code," $19.3 million.
(US Gross $172.7 million, Worldwide $581 million)
5. "Mission: Impossible III," $4.67 million.
6. "Poseidon," $3.4 million.
(and slowing sinking)
7. "RV," $3.3 million.
8. "See No Evil," $2 million.
9. "An Inconvenient Truth," $1.33 million.
(the beginning of the comeback)
10. "Just My Luck," $825,000.
(Just lucky to be on the list)

And i know it been a long week end and the dream for the pistons is over there entry to win a anoder title was denied with a 95-78 loss and now the quseton begin now what will be stay here, who to keep and who will go, it going to be a long off season.

and updating a trek the start a couple of weeks ago one of my fave act the Ditty bops ( or are doing some that is so cool wheld promoing there senond CD "Moon over Freeway" There tour the country and playing tunes from the frist two CD, but there doing it on bicycle from LA to the east coast Davis,CA Near Sacramento and thing are going great here is a entry from their blog on this trip:

we got to climb on the crazy playground dome where we met 8 years ago. this morning we went to the horse barn where abby once worked. amanda got shocked by the electric fence surrounding the pens. abby saw a Burberry pony that was her favorite. we met a great guy at the barber shop on G street, jeff, who told us about the Delta of Venus and that's how we ended up playing there. he rides a tall bamboo bicycle made by a bike artist in San Diego. We ate some popsicles and soy cream from the Davis Food Co-Op and we stocked up on non perishable goods for our trip in the mountains.

Now you can read more of this on there blog sight of you can log on to the bike tour blog sight at :

you can also see video of there tour like this on where they aviod traffic.

Get this video and more at

and one more thing before i go you proble here about the rise in about people keeping there TV on for long to get some sleep like watch some thing boring like C-SPAN expert in the field of going to sleep say a very well lit nightlite will do the trick ever time but there is some bad things happend to good people for thous who dont put on the nightlight so Edison have made this very well put together video on how night light could advoid a bad situation they colud go wrose and how night light can be helpful.

Dont forget it going be warm and sunny and 85* tomorrow
and the tigers have the satge all alone for the 1st time in 12 years
untill next time

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Gig Gudie

June 5th - June 11th



1:20 AM - Neil Young - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC (From Nov 4th 2005)
1:20 AM - Secret Machines - Craig Ferguson - CBS
2:50 AM - Juliette & the Licks - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC
2:50 AM - Morningwood - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC
12:20AM - Wolfmother - LetterMan - CBS
11:30 PM - Neil Young - Saturday Night Live - NBC (From Dec. 17)


BBC Radio
Radio 1 (

Zane Lowe (2-4 EDT)
Wednesday - Hope Of The States

Lamacq Live with Steve Lamacq (every Monday 4-8 PM EDT)
Radio 1's Big Weekend Part 2 - with a double headliner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Kooks, plus we have a showcase from Infadels.

OneMusic with Huw Stephens (Every Tuesday 6-8 PM EDT)
Huw has a session from The Broken Family Band
Plus 2 brand new unsigned tracks

BBC Radio 2 (
Every Thursday From 4-5 PM EDT
Rockin' With Suzi Q with the one and only detroit born Suzi Quatro also know as Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days, Baby

BBC 6 Music (
Tom Robinson Evening Sequence (2:00-4:30PM0
Wednesday - The Research

And all Day on 6 Music
it Primal Scream day their Scream a delca

And if there any old Fans of the D.I.Y. comic Punkster BIS. have reform with two extra members and calling them self Data panik( or an they will play on Xpoeser on XFM Scotland Radio on Wednesday Night from 5-8PM at this address
Morning Becomes Eclectic
Hosted by: Nic Harcourt

Tuesday - Isobel Campbell
Wednesday - Charlatans UK

Sattlite Radio


SIRIUS Disorder (Ch.24)

World Café on SIRIUS Disorder
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
1 pm - 3pm ET Friday

6/5: Fiona Apple
6/8: Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint

Left of Center (Ch.26)

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays 1 pm ET
This week : The Raconteurs

Blog Radio
weeknight at 10 to Midnight

Monday and Thrusday Product Shop NYC
Tuesday and Friday
Brooklyn Vegan
Wednesday and Saturday(I Think)
Gorilla Vs. Bear


Magic Stick

[6.5] DUNGEN



Magic Bag

June 6 - *MAT KEARNEY with Joshua Radin & Justin King
June 9 - PRIME MINISTERS with Brada Jendza and The Androids, Last Tourist
& Great Lakes Myth Society
with Dead Bodies, Velvet Audio & The Dollfaces

Lager House

Monday, June 5th The Small Sins W/Your Black Star
Tuesday, June 6th: 6/6/06 THE EVILIST NIGHT IN ROCK! featuring Cuckold, Wolfbait and a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST!
Wednesday, June 7th: Electric Eel Shock wsg
Thursday, June 8th: The Cuts / Black Tiger / Red China
Friday, June 9th: esQuire w/ Taylor Hollingsworth and Hellen
Saturday, June 10th: The Ruiners! w/ guests The Staggers and more!

St. Andrew Hall

Thu, 06/08/06 - The Fiery Furnaces


Fri, 06/09/06 Detroit Acoustic Showcase
Sun, 06/11/06 Quietdrive

Bline Pig

Jun 6 2006 - DBR, Life Beyond Regret, Sin Theorem, The Set Up
Jun 7 2006 - Killa-Watt w/ King Jazzy, Buff 1, Negus Arubis, KB, Rusty Deh Ya
Jun 8 2006 - Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome w/ Kingshit, Drones Attack, and Red Swan
Jun 9 2006 - Binary Star
Jun 10 2006 - Early Show - Tilly and the Wall w/ David Dondero, Dabenport
Jun 10 2006 - Late Show - Canada CD Release Party w/ Kelly Jean Caldwell, and Chris Bathgate


Monday 06/05 presents
Manna and Quail /The Great Fiction / Exit the Ordinary/ A Stitch Up
Wednesday 06/07
> Blackmail / TBA / Bricktown Station
Thursday 06/08
South Normal / Penumbrae / All Right Tokyol
Friday 06/09
Fluoride Program / Bermuda Mohawk/ Smallspace
Saturday 06/10
Early All Ages Show W/ Hogan Says / The Links / Juke
Late Show Red Rocks / The Singles / The Hotness / The Lessmores

Clutch Cargo
Friday - Snow Patrol with Augustana + The Duke Spirit

The Belmont

Mon. 6/05 - Living Flame and Eymarel (Wilmington, N.C)
Wed. 6/07 - Stephanies Birthday Bash featuring Better Not Breathing, Colic, Novada and Hellen.
Thurs. 6/08 - Baby Teeth, Tiny Steps and Judah Johnson.
Fri. 6/09 - Whiteflight, Dutch Pink, Ace and Asher and Eviler.
Sat. 6/10 - Tarnished Hearts, Ether Aura, and Waking State.

DTE Energy Music Theatre
Tuesday - Dave Matthews Band with G. Love & Special Sauce
Friday - The Guess Who/Blood, Sweat & Tears

Meadow Brook Music Festival

Friday - Loretta Lynn

And one More thing that is Not relater to the in Doors or Outdoors gig gudie but as a fan of this sport i be guld for the Next Month

It World Cup Time Baby
Here We go Baby

and it i miss any thing you can contact the Blog sight at