Friday, July 27, 2007

Film Gudie Friday

[Editor Note: as you know on this post which i like to called Film Guide Friday i like to post every film that will pop up in the Detroit area for the first time this weekend either a Wide speared first run released like The Simpson Movie this weekend to the art house films like the Main Art, Maple Art, Birmingham 8,and the Detroit Film Theater at the D.I.A. to the every popular Discount theater at the Cinamark theater in Warren.

But there is one film that is out this week which star got into a whold lot of trouble this week that have force me to make this move, as you probable know by now Lindsay Lohan was arrest for DUI aging and worst only she was arrest only two weeks after getting out of rehab after she was Arrested for a similar DUI Charge and even worst yet she was caught having Cocaine on her and then trying to pass the blame on other.

And worst yet it all happened on the week her new Movie "I Know Who Killed Me" is out this week which was made during one of her many stint in rehab.

So in a move i don't have to make aging, i am not listing "I Know Who Killed Me" or the Trailer from youtube on this week listing because i am not going to give attion to a film whose star still better than everyone else, but not knowing that she hurting her life at the same time.

so with that on to this week Film guide Friday.]

This Weekend the premiere of Simpson's episode 401 but it not on TV it in the Movie Screen
and Catherine Zeta-Jones is a regular Jane Cook that are some of the Film out this Week on Film Guide Friday.

"The Simpsons Movie"[PG-13]
Homer must save the world from a catastrophe he himself created.

"No Reservations"[PG]

The no-nonsense intensity of master chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is put to the test when she must contend with a brash new sous chef and bond with 9-year-old niece Zoe (Abigail Breslin), who has come to live with her.

"Who's Your Caddy?"[PG-13]

When a rap mogul from Atlanta (Big Boi) tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas, he runs into opposition from the board president, but it's nothing he and his entourage can't handle. Rated PG-13.

"Rescue Dawn"[PG-13]

A U.S. fighter pilot's epic struggle of survival after being shot down on a mission over Laos during the Vietnam War. Rated PG-13; some intense war violence and torture.

Opening this week at Main Art in Royal Oak


Fifty years into the future, astronauts are sent to reignite the dying sun.

Opening at the Maple Art

"My Best Friend"[PG-13}

A woman refuses to believe that her business partner, the dislikable François, has a best friend and challenges him to prove it. François enlists a charming taxi driver to play the part.

Playing This Week at the Detroit Film Theater at the DIA

Brand Upon The Brain!

Winnipeg wunderkind Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music in the World) is back with his most spectacularly outrageous and purely enjoyable epic to date. With a hilariously labyrinthine plot that defies description (we can reveal that it contains a crazed mother who wants to restore her youth, a mysterious orphanage, a mad scientist, a Romania-shaped birthmark and an anxiety-ridden hero named Guy) Brand Upon the Brain! is equal parts childhood reminiscence, expressionist horror movie and teen detective serial, all orchestrated by one of the world’s most original and visionary filmmakers. Featuring a remarkable orchestral score and a narration by Isabella Rossellini, Brand Upon the Brain! – one of the year’s most subversively funny films as well as one of the most improbably touching – received a standing ovation before sold-out houses at the Toronto and New York Film Festivals.

Playing Saturday at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM
and Sunday From 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM

and this Saturday Weekend Creather Feather
Beging at 2:00 PM

First Men In The Moon
(England—1964—directed by Nathan Juran)

And you thought Neil Armstrong was first. No way! As this playful, exciting, lushly mounted H.G. Wells science-fiction fantasy would have it, an offbeat inventor (the wonderfully comedic Lionel Jeffries) and some friends found a way – in 1899, no less – to fly from their peaceful British Victorian homes all the way to the moon, where they discover a vast, underground lunar civilization, complete with an insect-like supreme ruler who has severe misgivings about his terrestrial visitors. Ray Harryhausen’s elegant special effects shine in this witty and briskly paced adventure, which is unusually faithful to Wells’ original story.

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
(Japan, 1991, directed by Kazuki Amori)

in which time travelers from the 23rd century return to 1992 Japan to present a way to rid Earth of the mutated Godzilla. Much to everyone’s dismay, the plan instead results in the creation of a new monster, the fearsome three-headed King Ghidorah!

and Here are some film that are poping up this week at Cinamark 16 in Warren.


Play everywhere in Detroit Next week on my birthday.

The Bourne Ultimatum (PG-13)

Matt Damon is back in action as government-trained killer Jason Bourne, still a man without a past and on the run from the CIA.

Hot Rod (PG-13)

SNL's Andy Samberg stars as an amateur stuntman who stages the motorcycle jump of his life in order to save his ill stepfather.

Bratz (PG)

Four teenage girls from different backgrounds empower themselves by rejecting their respective high school cliques.

Charlie Bartlett (R)

Enrolling in public school for the first time, a rich kid becomes the self-appointed underground psychiatrist to the student body.

El Cantante (R)

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony star in the biography of Hector Lavoe, one of the biggest Spanish-language singers of the 1970s.

Underdog (PG)

A lab accident gives a bumbling watchdog amazing super powers to protect the good citizens of Capital City against evildoers

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekend in Culture City for the Weekend of July 27th

Well, it the weekend and it look like everybody will be seeing the Simpson's movie this week end and if you are rock like Never before after seeing the movie might we add some shows during the weekend

Early Friday at 1:30 P.M. at Campus Martius park in Downtown Detroit will be the Frist semi-Final of the Detroit News Band of the bands: Sonic Summer contest, now unlike the Detroit News Battle of the Band at the Fillmore[used to be the State Theater] back in late March which Fouces on teenage bands.

The Sonic Summer Contest fouces on the bands who rock each and ever night in the club of metro Detroit, this is the first of three semi-finals of the battle of the bands, the other two will be held on August 2nd at the Magic Bag in Ferndale and August 9th at iLounge in Pontiac.

Now both of those gig will cost you cover on those nights, but for this Friday semi-Final it is totally Free, and the bands that are playing the First semi-final will be Starfire, Zion, and Camaro Brothers, and the winners will join the two other band in the Final show down on August 31st at Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats in Pontiac

For More info on the summer version of the battle of the bands including the other bands playing in the other semifinals, Just got to Sonic Summer Web sight at:

and after the battle end you might want to go down to comerica park, and if you are wondering if the tigers are playing, think aging[there on the road in LA playing three with the Angles] because punk, Emo, and Hip-hop Music will rules the day for the Warped tour this is the 13th incarnation of the traving road show highlight the best bands in over six stages.

Among this year highlights include: A Static Lullaby, Amber Pacific,Bad Religion,Coheed and Cambria, Cute Is What We Aim For,Funeral for a friend, Hawthorne Heights,K-OS, Meg and Dia, mustard plug, Paramore,Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Straylight Run, there also a local band stage which feather Bedford Drive, Monument',Monnument', FireWorks, Apollo, Varion, HiFi Handgrenades, The Swellers, Tought Call Casket Gasket, and Fall Prey.

The Doors opened at 11 am with the music begin at noon you can still get tickets at the Fox theater box office and it will cost you 26.50.

And the big show on Saturday will across the street at the music hall the used to called the State Theater[Now the Fillmore Detroit] as one of 2004 bast bands of the year "Interpol" will be in town to tour behind there latest album "Our Love to Admire" there follow up to there 2004 album "Antics" Which made a lot of music Writer Best of 2004, there playing at the Fillmore on Saturday Night

and if your friend is a blues fan on Sunday Night at the DET Energy Music Center legionary blues man B.B. King will bring his guitar “Lucille for the B.B. King Blues Festival, he will be join on stage Al Green for a night of blues and soul and it will beging at 7 P.M.

This weekend is a very light weekend as in other weeks but there is some good music going around On Friday THE SIGHTS are playing the Magic Stick, The Great Fiction is headlining the lager house, Rocco Deluca & the Burden is playing St. Andrew, Canada[The Band, not the country] is playing the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, a pin Floyd tribute band is playing DTE Music Center, Dewzeel Zappa is playing his dad old music in a event is called "Zappa Plays Zappa" at the Meadow Brook theater.

On Saturday Night local boys now living in L.A., NATIVES OF THE NEW DAWN played the stick,Cary Brothers rock the Shelter, The Laughing Man played the Belmont, Easy Action played Small, Sik Sik Nation, The Avatars, and The Singles headlines the Lager house.

and the other Gig on Sunday Mansfield Park Release there New CD at the Shelter, and SMOKING POPES and YOU AM I played at the Stick.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Music Tuesday

WEEK 30 [2007]
JULY 24. 2007

Today is Tuesday July 24th, and it was a stange day in 1967 it was on this day that a motown review quth Martha and the Vandellas at the Fox Theater in Downtown Detroit was cut short because of the continued Roiting in detroit, it was Martha Reeves that told the crowd at the fox please go home safely becasue it was not safe in detroit tonight, just to go out to the show or go out to see the new Elvis Presley movie "Double Trouble" which was released on this date 40 years ago.

it was also on this day in sports culture in 1983, since it made no big deal to us detroit sports fans, George Brett hit a two run homer in the top of the ninth to lead the damm New York Yankees 5-4, but then Yankees manager Billy Martin told the home plate umpire he used a little too much juice, and Null and Void the homer ending the game, the Homer was upheld by the AL president and the rest of the 9th was played 23 days later.

and it was on this day in 2000 Motown legend Smokey Robinson who say with the The Miracles was doing DJ on then Oldies station Mega 92.3 in LA.

Here Hoping you find a new album today from the only bands that matters be cause today is NEW MUSIC TUESDAY

The Most important Music that matter:

Bishop Allen - The Broken String (Dead Oceans)
Trey Anastasio - The Horseshoe Curve (Red Ink)
Emily Haines - What Is Free to a Good Home (EP; Last Gang)
Joe Sh--head Keithley - Joe Sh--head Keithley and His Band of Rebels (Sudden Death)
Juliette and the Licks - Four on the Floor (enhanced; Militia Group)

Manic Street Preachers - Send Away the Tigers (enhanced; Red Ink)

Prince - Planet Earth (Columbia)
Robbers on High Street - Grand Animals (New Line)
Silverchair - Young Modern (Eleven Music)
Tegan and Sara - Con (deluxe edition with DVD due same day; Vapor/Sanctuary)

UNKLE - War Stories (Surrender All)[import]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Is Is (EP; Interscope)

This Week other New Releases:

Alamo Race Track - Black Cat John Brown (Minty Fresh)

Born Again Floozies - 7 Deadly Sinners (Triple R)
Peter Criss - One for All (Megaforce)
Driver of the Year - ... Will Destroy You (Future Appletree/ Nail in the Coffin)
The High Court - Puppet Strings (I Surrender)
James Holstrom - The Thieves of Kailua (Millpond)
The Lonely H - Hair (Control Group)

The Lovemakers - Misery Loves Company (enhanced; Fuzz Artists)

Manic - Another New Home (Suretone)
Marmoset - Florist Fired (Secretly Canadian)
The Masons - Let You Down Easy (75orless)
Oliver Future - Pax Futura (Transit of Venus/ Fireproof)
Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth (Fearless)

Will Stratton - What the Night Said (Stunning Models on Display)
Billy Bob Thornton - Beautiful Door (New Door)
John Vanderslice - Emerald City(Barsuk)

Tiny Vipers - Hands Across the Void (Sub Pop)


"The Simpsons Movie" [Done by Hanz Zimmer]
"Friday Night Lights" [TV Show]

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Chet Atkins - The Essential Chet Atkins (two CDs; RLG Nashville/ Legacy)
Chet Atkins and Les Paul - Chester & Lester (RLG Nashville/ Legacy)
Johnny Cash - The Great Lost Performances (Island/UMe) [Buy Now]
The Doors - Live in Boston '80 (three CDs; Rhino) [Buy Now]
Merle Haggard - Kern River/ Chill Factor (two CDs; American Beat)
Waylon Jennings - The Essential Waylon Jennings (two CDs; RLG Nashville/ Legacy) and Waylon (American Beat) [Buy Now]
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Roots, Rock, Remixed (Quango/Rockr)
Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen - Legacy Edition (two CDs; Legacy)
Riders in the Sky - Public Cowboy #1: A Centennial Salute to the Music of Gene Autry (Rounder)
Sebadoh - The Freed Man (Domino)
Various artists - Sound of the City: New York Area Doo-Wop (1956-1966) (three-CD box set; Time Life)

Music DVDs:

Sammy Davis Jr. - "The Best of Sammy Davis Jr. Live" (Eagle Vision)
Deep Purple - "Live at Montreux 2006: They All Came Down to Montreux" (HD DVD; Eagle Vision)
Pet Shop Boys - "Cubism in Concert" (Rhino) [Buy Now]
Yes - "Live at Montreux 2003" (HD DVD; Eagle Vision)


Beer Nutz - Season 1
Benson - The Complete 1st Season
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Season 3 and 4
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - The Complete Collection...Every Bit!
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - The Complete Series
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Volume 3
Isis - The Secrets of Isis: The Complete Series
Land of the Giants - Giant Collection - Limited Edition
The Pink Panther Show - Volume 6 - Inspector
The Real McCoys - The Complete Season 1
Spawn - 10th Anniversary Signature Edition
Star Trek - Star Trek: Captain's Log Fan Collective
Stargate SG-1 - The Complete 10th Season
Suspense - The Lost Episodes - Collection 1
Tales from the Crypt - The Complete 6th Season
Three Sheets - Season 1
Underdog - Volume 1,2, and 3
Weeds - Season 2[also on Blue Ray]
The Woody Woodpecker Show - The Woody Woodpecker And Friends Classic Cartoon Collection

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Film Gudie Top 10

Well the week end is over, and we have a winner

and two average Joe beat a cross-dressing John Travolta "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" finish No.1 in the Box Office just Nipping the Fifth happy potter film by a hair

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry earn 34.8 Million, Wilde "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,"[Who was No. Last week] got 32.2 millions in a photo finish but we have to wait until the final numbers on Monday.

[Ed Note: Why do the Box office report the numbers on early Sunday, they take the real Numbers from Friday and Saturday and make estimates for Sunday based on past performance of similar movies, that you get the early Sunday Numbers, But the Official Numbers don't come out until mid-day on Monday]

"Hairspray" which is a remake of the 1988 movie which was directed by John Waters, which was turn in to a Broadway play which the 2007 movie is base out of, which star John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah finish a very storn Number three with a take of $27.8 million

as for the rest of the top 10 [With a update later today with the Official Numbers]

1. "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry," $34.8 million.
2. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," $32.2 million. [Overall US Total:$207.5 million]
3. "Hairspray," $27.8 million.
4. "Transformers," $20.5 million. [$262 millions]
5. "Ratatouille," $11 million. [$165 Millions]
6. "Live Free or Die Hard," $7.3 million. [$116 millions]
7. "License to Wed," $3.8 million.
8. "1408," $2.6 million.
9. "Evan Almighty," $2.5 million. [$93 millions]
10. "Knocked Up," $2.3 million. [$142 millions]

Gig Gudie Monday - For July 23 to July 29th




Common - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Dolores O'Riordan - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC [From May 18th]


The National - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Mary Weiss with The Reigning Sound - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC[From March 13th}
Emily Haines - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC [From May 22nd]


Editors - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC

LeAnn Rimes , Dr. John , Massive Attack - Live from Abbey Road - Sundance [1st aired]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Satellite Party - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC


The Good, the Bad & the Queen - The Good, the Bad & the Queen - IFC [1st airing]
Katharine McPhee - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Buffalo Tom - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
The Cribs - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
Silversun Pickups - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC [From May 25th]


Snow Patrol - Saturday Night Live - NBC [From March 17th}


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4 PM EST

Jo Whiley In New Music We Trust
Wednesday 4 PM EST

Zane Lowe
Weekday From 2 to 4 PM EST

Wednesday - Hadouken in session

Huw Stephens Unsigned
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

This Week - 4 or 5 Magicians in session

Annie Mac

Friday Night Web show
Friday Night Mash up from 5 to 7 PM
Sunday web Show from 4 PM

Radio 2



Online right Now

A year on from Syd Barrett’s death this documentary explores the life, music, influence and legacy of one of the lost souls of British rock music.

From the early beginnings of Pink Floyd and Barrett’s contribution to their pioneering brand of psychedelic pop to the consequences of his exploration of drugs that set Barrett on a tragic path away from the band to a solo career and eventually life as a virtual recluse.

The programme comes up to date with an exploration of Barrett’s passing and the fulsome tributes in the media with comments from editors and journalists about what made Barrett so special when his entire recorded output is just 3 albums.

The programme features new interviews with members of Pink Floyd, manager Peter Jenner, Andrew Male assistant editor of Mojo, Allan Jones editor of Uncut and Barrett's sister Rosemary.

elsewhere on the web

Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie
Monday to Thursday
3-5 P.M. E.D.T.

Monday - Super Furry Animals - Live Session
Tuesday - The Coral - Live Session
Wednesday - Mike & Andy of The Smiths

BBC 6 Music

6Music Plays It Again
Monday-Thursday 4:30 PM EST

The 2-Tone Movement

In a series first broadcast in 2004, Steve Lamacq explores the Britpop phenomenon from its early days amidst the demise of the 'Madchester' scene and the emergence of Suede, through its heyday and the rivalry between Blur and Oasis and beyond.

6Music Plays It Again Overnight
Every Night at 10 PM EDT

Monday - Strange Days - The Doors
Tuesday The Keith Moon Radio Show
Wednesday - Look Out - It's Alive!
Thursday to Sunday - Starmakers and Svengalis

Live at 4(AM UK)
Every Night at 11 PM EDT
Access All Archives

Concerts 04:00 -04:30

Monday - Mutts - Concord Rooms Brighton 2004
Tuesday - That Petrol Emotion - Reading University 1990
Wednesday - UB40 - Hackney Empire 1984
Thursday - MIA - Glastonbury 2005
Friday - Stephen Malkmus - University Of London 2001


Jesus Lizard - 27/09/1992
Arrgolites - 15/12/2006

Soup Dragons - 07/12/1986
Scott Matthews - 26/09/2006

Belly - 25/07/1992
Five Blind Boys From Alabama - 26/05/1992

D.O.A. - 03/04/1984
Angus And Jilua Stone - 16/06/2007

Brand X - 26/02/1976
Icicle Works - 26/023/1983

Gideon Coe
Weekday from 5 to 8 AM EST

Monday - The Thermals
Tuesday - Candidate
Wednesday - Kate Walsh

Queens of Noize Sonic Safri
Saturday 7 PM EST

This Week Safrai -

Pull Up To The Bumper isn’t about parking. Turning Japanese isn’t about cultural integration. This week Tabitha & Mairead delve in to the sauciest song that didn’t get banned by Radio 1! Plus session tracks from Paloma Faith

Tom Robinson
Monday and thursday
and Subing for Marc Riley all this week
2-4:30 PM EST

This Week Session Tracks - Manic Street Preachers

Monday - Rufus Wainwright
Tuesday - The Victorian English Gentlemen
Wednesday - Hotplate
Thursday - Middleman
Friday - Richard Thompson / Fairport Convention

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
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Tuesday - Travis
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Tiny Vipers - 3:00 pm


Moxie Motive - 12:30 pm


Siberian - 6:30pm
The Shackeltons - 7:00pm
The Blakes - 8:00pm


Viva Voce - Midnight
Cancer Rising 1:00 am
The Trucks - 2:00 am
Girl Talk - 3:00am
Sunday Night Blackout - 5:30pm
The Whore Moans - 6:00pm
Sean Na Na - 7:30pm
Gabriel Teodros - 8:30pm
The Cave Singers - 9:30pm
Grand Archives - 10:30pm


The Intelligence - Midnight
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Mussels 1:00pm
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Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
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This week's theme is Cars



Wednesday - JASON ISBELL

Maigic Bag

Friday - CACTUS w/Jim McCarty, Tim Bogert, Carmine Appice & Jimmy Kunes with The Muggs

Lager House

Tuesday - Ezra Furman & The Harpoons/ Citizen Smile / Canasta
Thursday - Brian Scary & The Shredding / Tigercity / The Pop Project
Friday - The Great Fiction / Man's Last Great Invention / Piasa / A Stitch Up

Saint Andrews Hall

Friday - Rocco Deluca & the Burden
Saturday - Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush


Saturday - Cary Brothers
Sunday - Mansfield Park CD Release


Tuesday - Natural Monuments w/ The Word Play, El Boxeo, Heartwarmer
Wednesday - Nevertheless w/ Eleventyseven, Jacets **ALL AGES**
Thursday - One.Be.Lo w/ Blitz, USM, M Team, Theologic
Friday - Canada w/ David Vandervelde, and Blitzen Trapper
Saturday - Johnny No-Stars w/ Mahoney, Two Roads to Mexico, Vitamin V
Sunday - Frontier Ruckus w/ Arrah and the Ferns, Chris Bathgate, David Martin

The Belmont

Friday - Calvinball
Saturday - The Laughing Man (ex-Dollfaces), the Chairmen
Sunday - The Good Things, Coffinberry (Cleveland) and Red Pony Clock (San Diego)


Wednesday - the Widow Jenkins
Thursday - West Indian Girl
Friday - Snakeout
Saturday - Easy Action, Fondle

Bohemian National Home - 3009 Tillman, Detroit (1 blk N. of Michigan Ave, between I-96 and Grand Blvd)

Thursday, July 26: Digital Primitives (Cooper Moore, Assif Tsahar, Chad Taylor)

One of our first improviser shows at Bohemian National Home was the duo of Cooper Moore and Assif Tsahar- and boy did they get people riled-up! Now they return with Chad Taylor (Tortoise, Chicago Underground Orchestra/duo), mostly recently seen at the Bohemian with Henry Grimes and Roy Campbell. Digital Primitives is slightly more accessable and funky than much of these guys' out-put, but with plenty of the inventive side of their imaginations. With Chad on drums, we can assume that Cooper-Moore will be concentrating on homemade strings and things. Check out their new release on saxophonist Assif Tsahar's Hopscotch label.

The Fillmore Detroit (formerly State Theatre)

Saturday - Interpol with Calla

Royal Oak Music Theater

Wednesday - Wednesday Night Live with Influx and Friend

The Ark [Ann Arbor}

Monday - Little Feat
Wednesday - Kris Delmhorst & Jeffrey Foucault
Friday - RFD Boys
Sunday - Goldmine Pickers

Fox Theatre

Friday - Ketel One Presents: Michael Bublé

Comerica Park

Friday - Vans Warped Tour 2007


Tuesday - Def Leppard
Wednesday - Family Values Tour
Thursday - Incubus
Friday - Deep Purple
Saturday - Randy Travis
Sunday - 2007 B.B. King Blues Festival

Meddow Brook

Tuesday - Blues Traveler
Wednesday - Hi-5 Live![two shows at @ PM and at 7 PM
Friday - Zappa Plays Zappa
Saturday and Sunday - DSO 'All Beethoven'

Freedom Hill Amphitheatre [Sterling Heights]

Monday - CLAY AIKEN And the Johnny Trudell Orchestra
Wednesday - 93.1 DOUG FM FEST with ZZ TOP, The Pretenders & The Stray Cats
Saturday - O.A.R.