Saturday, July 22, 2006

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all there Female fans came to back up th Chick now matter who talking werido think as last night review from the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press

Detroit News
Click here for Setlist and pic from the gig

Chicks' music drowns out their politics

Adam Graham / Detroit News Pop Music Writer

When the Dixie Chicks opened their North American tour Friday night at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, the question wasn't if they'd get political, it was how political would they get.

So when the Chicks came on stage to a march reminiscent of "Hail to the Chief," it seemed as though the crowd might be in for an evening full of full-on Bush-bashing.

That was hardly the case, however, as President Bush -- whom Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines infamously told a London audience she was ashamed to share the home state with in 2003 -- was never mentioned by name during the 115-minute show.

And for the most part, the Chicks let their music do the talking, and politics took a back seat to a rollicking evening of refined, down home country music courtesy of the Chicks -- Maines, guitar and banjo player Emily Robison and violin and fiddle player Martie Maguire -- and their nine-piece backing band.

(The band was also joined on stage and in the crowd by a team of cameras, who were filming the show for a documentary.)

Attendance figures weren't available, though there were plenty of seats available in the Joe's upper deck. The crowd was largely female and cut across a wide range of ages.

Opening with "Lubbock or Leave It" from their new album "Taking the Long Way," the Chicks -- dressed in black, except for Maguire, who wore black and white -- took the stage with confidence.

"Hello, Detroit! What better place to start our tour?" Maines said, greeting the audience after a run-through of the popular revenge fantasy "Goodbye Earl." "We're excited," she said, pausing for a few seconds to soak up the applause. "I forgot what this feels like."

Maines slipped a quick reference to the fallout from her comments -- or "The Incident," as its come to be known in the Chicks' universe -- while introducing the gentle, tender "Lullaby."

Maines explained it was the last song they wrote for the new album, and said during the record's recording they had a hard time writing love songs. "I'm not sure if you know, but we were mad as hell," Maines said.

The evening's most stirring moment came an hour into the show, during "Not Ready to Make Nice," the angriest song on their new album and the fiercest song they've ever written.

When Maines sang, "It turned my whole world around -- and I kind of like it" -- again, a reference to The Incident -- it was met with hearty cheers from the crowd.

But when Maines clenched her fists and beat them against her chest during the song's emotional climax, the audience's appreciative cheers grew to rapturous rallying cries of support.

If only Maines and her bandmates would have been that passionate the entire show.

Too often, the Chicks stood still at their microphones, their lack of stage presence a glaring contradiction to the emotional highs in their music. They loosened up show's end, however; chalk up the stiffness to first night nerves.

Maines' voice was in fine form throughout the 23-song show, which included a three song encore and closed with "I Hope," a song written for the victims of Hurricane Katrina which is almost gospel in its execution.

Detroit Free Press
Also have pix from the show
Click Here.

DIXIE CHICKS CONCERT: A girls' night out in Detroit

July 22, 2006


The Dixie Chicks arrived at Joe Louis Arena as a group still feeling its way toward a new identity.

By the end of their two-hour, tour-opening concert Friday night, the issue remained unsettled: Just where do the Dixie Chicks stand in the contemporary pop picture? And do even the Dixie Chicks know?

What was certain at the Joe, where the country trio kicked off a four-month North American run, is that three long years and abundant drama haven’t rubbed the shine off the Chicks' live performance abilities. Blending time-tested songs with new material that's still congealing, the trio delivered a multidimensional set that became more vibrant and confident as it rolled along.

Another big question was answered before the lights went down: No, the show didn't sell out. The Joe Louis audience, overwhelmingly female, was several thousand people shy of the venue's typical concert capacity of about 14,000 -- and down from the group’s quick sellouts in previous Detroit performances.

Reports of slow ticket sales had dogged the tour since seats went on sale last month, the presumed fallout of lingering controversy over the the Chicks' 2003 criticism of President Bush and war in Iraq, which prompted much of the country establishment to abandon the superstar group -- and prompted the group to stubbornly turn its back on the country establishment.

On hand Friday night was an unconventional mosaic of concertgoers, as denim-clad fans with Stetsons gathered amid obscenity-laced anti-Bush shirts and banners. When vocalist Natalie Maines asked first-time Dixie Chicks concertgoers to show themselves, at least half the audience raised its arms and roared.

The events of 2003, for better or worse, have become an inseparable part of the Dixie Chicks' reality. Friday night, the group addressed the controversy only indirectly. "I'm not sure if you know, but we were mad as hell," Maines joked while recounting the writing of the group's nervy new album, "Taking the Long Way."

It was in the songs from that record, sprinkled liberally throughout the set, that Maines, Emily Robison (banjo) and Martie Maguire (fiddle, mandolin) let their defiance slip through. Show opener "Lubbock or Leave It' was a direct strike on small-town rural America; "Taking the Long Way" pronounced the group's new life mantra; and the testy 'Not Ready to Make Nice" earned an extended ovation.

But it was the Chicks' older material that earned the best reception -- and found the group in top form. Backed by a tight but unobtrusive nine-man band, the trio crafted rich, animated renditions of songs such as "Cowboy Take Me Away," 'Wide Open Spaces" and the show-closing "Ready to Run,' steeped in big harmonies and tinged with just enough twang.

Still, even as the show gathered steam on its way to a three-song encore, there was a nagging sense that somehow the parts of the new Dixie Chicks puzzle are still trying to fit. The latest album succeeds as its own statement; in concert, the group's newfound earnestness makes an odd fit against the devil-may-care sauciness so fundamental to much of the threesome’s previous work. Hearing the rollicking "Goodbye Earl" next to the studied self-examination of "Taking the Long Way" can make you realize just how natural and effortless the Dixie Chicks' infectious sense of fun used to be.


A long time ago i post a video on the road as the Acoustic Folk duo the Ditty Bop when on tour in support of there New CD "MOON OVER THE FREEWAY" which came out on May 23rd they kick it off in L.A., and wine across the country nut this one was differce in stade of taking a tour bus from city to city they used a diffence mode of tranportation.

The Main members of the Ditty Bops Abby(the one that play gitar) and Amanda (the Lovely pretty tall one) make to the gig on tour on bicycle.

yes they are going from west coast to east coast on two wheel and a lot of pealing from LA to NYC.

The Last time i check on them was way back on June 1 as they go from Monterey to Santa Cruz fro m a short clip on my space and that all because of so much on my blog sight in cluding tastefest and gig here and there i have not been catching up with the lovely duo so i took this time out on my blog sight. to check out how the tour is going.

Here is the band stuck in a real bad traffc Jam

And here the girls riding in San Fransico

And now a long trip to Yuba Pass in Calforida

and yes they play in the magic Undetrground in Nevda

One there way to Austin,Texas they stop by a house party and it on there way to austin

Still in Nevada

After a little Juggling in Steamboat Springs

They Put on a show in the Middle of Nowhere

But it have not been easy

the Road is great from the bike

and a long road to the Next gig

Tonight the tour conution to Kansas City, MO Tommorrow Night

they will play three show in Michigan Bewten Aug. 12th to Aug 17th
Aug. 12 - Michigan Womyn's Festival in Walhalla, MI (In Nothen UP Michigan)
They goes on at 2 PM
Aug. 14 - Billy's Lounge in Grand Rapids, MI
Aug. 17 - The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI

to find out more of there tips log on to there blog sight at
to find out more about the band go to:
you can get there lattes CD Moon over the Freeway out now at you local Indie record store also out is there 2004 self-title Debut also out Now


And did any one look at the last "Saturday Night Live." know this would be the End for tina Fey.
i noticed
hey i mention on this blog a few weeks back in the gig gudie
now it Offical


BURBANK, Calif. (AP)- Tina Fey is leaving the anchor chair at "Saturday Night Live." Fey says she's quitting the show after six seasons as head writer and co-anchor of the "Weekend Update" fake news segment to focus on her new NBC prime-time series, "30 Rock."

"The new show's going to take a lot of time," Fey said while appearing on Friday night's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

"I wanted to stop doing 'Saturday Night Live' so I could spend more time with Star Jones," she joked, referring to last month's dramatic departure of "The View" co-hostess.

Fey, 36, first joined "Saturday Night Live" as a writer in 1997 and became head writer in 1999.(First Female to become Head Writer at S.N.L., and she came from
Second City Chicago, or E.T.C. to be excait)

In 2000, she first appeared on camera on "Weekend Update" alongside co-anchor Jimmy Fallon, who was replaced by Amy Poehler two years ago.

Fey plays the head writer of a fictional late-night sketch show in "30 Rock," a show she developed for NBC that also stars Alec Baldwin.

"This is the big leap I'm making, it's a show about working at a late-night comedy show," she told Leno. "I'm very creative."

Ed - it was no suprize that the lovely miss Fey would leave SNL because if you notice on the last SNL on May 20 when on weekend update she flash back to one of her first weekend update (2001) as she gave birtney Spard advice on what she do in her futher, and near the end her co-anchor the always super Amy Poehler interduck chather that was writh by Tina Fay.

And Near the end when they roll the name and the Cast say thank you for enjoying the show she wore a T-shrit with the words "Thanks You"

What happen Next

will it be amy doing Weekend Update alone
will she have a co-anchor
is 30 rock just a pit shop for a few years so in 2008 she take over conan time slot (remember Conan will take over the tonight show in 2008)

well see

No premeire date is set yet on 30 rock
but there is a snake peek on or the the show page by
clicking here
The New SNL Season will come in the fall but no permeir date is set yet.
the SNL page is also on or by
clicking here
It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

tonight entry in the Late Night Music Club in my just about a week to go tribute to the BBC Show tops of the pops which will go off the air after a 42 year run next sunday.

But this on is not taken off thew TV show it self but it from one of the band who played tops of the pops who then put it up on there video collection and if you ever watch VH1 Classic you will see this video on and off, The Footage is classic TOTP

From the Classic 1987 record The World Won't Listen, The Song is "Shoplifters of the World Unite".

The Band is The Smiths

Less then 49 Days
to the Dally in the Ally

Sorry for no full report today i woke up late aging 11:30 AM when to the CVS to by today detroit News and Free press and i was doing the Chat room for Steve Lamacq end of the Week new single review Show Round table (Friday 1-2 PM, he was join by Don Letts, John Aizlewood and Matthew Greener from Morning Runner, oh by the way Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The U.K beat out Metric - Monster Hospital for best review new single.

as i start out to do a short report but i was following a
live car chase around hoston which was first report on MSNBC it last almost two hours
so i have to go to a play tonight so i have no time to do one

So all the report is cut and copy there will be a full one on Monday.

and by the way it you have the time please go to and listen to the Finalest in the Detroit News Sonic Summer battle of the Band Contest their is 20 band rhat need your votes(see the list of band Below) voting will take place untill 11:59 PM on Monday, the Final nine and where their playing in the Semi-Final gig will be up in the Wednesday, July 26 Detroit News in print and on line at

the 20 bands are

The Red Rocks
The Sunday Painters
The Prime Ministers
The Regulators
Tone And Niche
The Tom Diaz Band
Search Party
Pillar Of Autumn
Laith Al-Saadi
Little Black Book
Jae Stevens Live
Free Element
Every Last Day
Cocktail Shake
Bright Black
Cobalt Party Revolution
Angela High
Auto Pilot

The Semi-final Gigs
Majestic Theatre-Friday, August 4th
Magic Bag-Thursday, August 10th
Clutch Cargo's-Thursday, August 24th

The Big Gig Final

Sept. 1st
Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats festival in Pontiac

and most of the indie News are all from my close sourced off the web
Source listed under ( )

After tackling pre-WWII American music and history on 2005's Transistor Radio, M. Ward has fast forwarded to the present, touching on modern-day issues on the upcoming Post-War, due August 22 via Merge.
The Mike Mogis/Adam Selzer-produced album, which Ward (who grabs a production credit as well) claims to be his "first band record" according to a press release, features guest spots from Neko Case and My Morning Jacket's Jim James, as well as backup from former Decemberist Rachel Blumberg and former Thermal Jordan Hudson, a pair he has been on the road with over the past 18 months.

In an interview with, Ward explained that the work's theme was assisted by his perusal of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five: "Something that I think about is what is going to happen in the country once these soldiers come home -- what happens to these families that have been broken up," he said. "I like the way these kind of novels had addressed the 'coming home.'"

Post-War's 12 songs include a "rollicking honky tonk" (again, the press!) take on Daniel Johnston's "To Go Home", and the CD will also include the video for "Chinese Translation"


01 Poison Cup
02 To Go Home
03 Right in the Head
04 Post-War
05 Requiem
06 Chinese Translation
07 Eyes on the Prize
08 Magic Trick
09 Neptune's Net
10 Rollercoaster
11 Today's Undertaking
12 Afterword/Rag

For a D&D enthusiast, Owen Pallett sure gets out a lot. For this year's He Poos Clouds, he was recently nominated for Canada's Polaris Music Prize, and he's been otherwise busy touring as Final Fantasy and adding strings to the new Arcade Fire album. And he just keeps going.

Pallett is riding out the summer in style with a ton of recently added dates to his tour itinerary. Bring your 12-sided die, because it's unlikely he's been able to get any play in with such a busy schedule.

The new Decemberists album has arrived! The Crane Wife (due out October 3 on Capitol) was delivered to the Pitchfork office encased in a satin pillowcase resting in the arms of a fair-haired princess riding a black stallion. And it isn't just any old promo CD, oh no. It's made of pure gold.

Once we sent the maiden and the horse away, we settled down with this here tracklist:

01 The Crane Wife 3
02 The Island:
Come and See
The Landlord's Daughter
You'll Not Feel the Drowning
03 Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
04 O Valencia!
05 The Perfect Crime #2
06 When the War Came
07 Shankill Butchers
08 Summersong
09 The Crane Wife 1 & 2
10 Sons and Daughters

Singer/songwriter Laura Veirs duets with Colin Meloy on the Civil War ballad "Yankee Bayonet", Sun City Girls associate Eyvind Kang contributed violin parts, and co-producer Chris Walla (of Death Cab for Cutie) "sang a bunch and did some keyboard-y bits throughout," according to Meloy.

Good ship Decemberists will set sail this October for a North American tour in support of the album, and we've got the itinerary all for you right here.

And yes there is a detroit date
11-07 Pontiac, MI - Clutch Cargo

Are you now or have you ever been a friend of P? If so, not only does that mean you're automatically friends with me, it also reasons to figure that you might be interested that the newly reformed Rentals are headed out on a North American tour, starting tomorrow night in San Francisco.

As previously reported, former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp is taking his synth pop project out of the mothballs, on to the road, and into the studio for an upcoming third album. While the band's website muses that the album is "likely to be completed and ready for release in 2007," the tour dates are ready for the here and now.

Don't let the website's awkward HTML-for-beginners appearance scare you off, either; besides hosting the official video clip-heavy archive of a band that released only two albums, the website also offers a Rentals remix of Tegan and Sara's "Walking with a Ghost." First the White Stripes cover the song and now the Rentals remix it, proving that ghosts have officially replaced zombies as this season's official "it" ghoul.

the Flaming Lips are now battling the pink Goldfrapp. Wayne and the boys recently remixed the British electro-house duo's track "Satin Chic", available as a digital download on August 14 and as a limited edition 7" picture disc on September 4 on Mute in the UK.

Titled Satin Boys, Flaming Chic, the 7" also features a Goldfrapp remix of the Ordinary Boys' "Boys Will Be Boys", plus some truly scary cover artwork (see above).

In turn, Goldfrapp remixed the Flaming Lips single "The W.A.N.D." ("Supernaturalistic Goldfrapp Remix"), was released in the UK on July 17.

In talking to NME about the remix experience, Wayne Coyne chose some really obscure references: "I believe we veered towards a Nina Simone meets Radiohead kind of mood."

The bands are donning their disco hotpants and rabbit suits, respectively, as they continue playing various dates in the UK and elsewhere. Since we last reported, the Flaming Lips have added a bunch of shows, probably ‘cause they wanted to get more use out of that mirrorball. Their performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday will be filmed for a possible DVD release.

Joe Lally, bassist for Fugazi, the seminal post-hardcore band that announced its indefinite hiatus in 2003, is releasing There To Here on Dischord. The solo album, slated for an October 9 release, was recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara and at the Dischord House by MacKaye. MacKaye, Fugazi's guitarist, also contributed on the album, as did Fugazi member Guy Picciotto. Other artists Lally worked with include Jason Kourkounis (Hot Snakes, Delta 72), Jerry Busher (French Toast), Danny Frankel (K.D. Lang), Eddie Janney (Rites Of Spring, One Last Wish), Amy Farina (the Evens), Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Spirit Caravan, Hidden Hand) and Antonia Tricarico.

Dischord says that the album features "Lally's spare and direct bass compositions." Lally will also tour with Antelope in the fall. Regardless of Fugazi's extended time-out, every member but drummer Brendan Canty contributed to the album. This begs the question: how much of a "hiatus" are we talking about?

Tracklist For There To Here:
01. Reason To Believe
02. The Resigned
03. Sons And Daughters
04. Like A Baby
05. Lidia's Song
06. Billiards
07. X-ray The Lullaby
08. There To Here
09. Pick A War
10. Message From Earth
11. Factory Warranty
12. Perforated Line
13. All Must Pay

and there two Michigan Dates
09/17 - Grand Rapids, MI - Division Avenue Arts Collective
09/18 - Detroit, MI - Bohemian National Home
Both with Antelope opening

In celebration of 30 years of selling Jamaican imports, D.I.Y. post-punk and just about anything else a discerning music snob could possibly desire, Rough Trade is releasing a compilation September 25 of songs selected by some of their famous fans. Jarvis Cocker, Bjork and Thurston Moore are among artists who curated tracks for The Record Shop - 30 Years Of Rough Trade Shops. Included on the two-disc set are works by Bikini Kill, the Mekons, LCD Soundsystem, Matmos and Swell Maps.

Tracklist For The Record Shop - 30 Years Of Rough Trade:

Disc One:
01. Pablo Picasso - The Modern Lovers [Paul Smith]*
02. Read About Seymour - Swell Maps [Laurence Bell]
03. Hedi's Head - Kleenex [Mark Moore]
04. I Can't Stand My Baby - The Rezillos [Seymour Stein]
05. Zerox - Adam And The Ants [Youth]
06. Persian Love - Holger Czukay [Don Letts]
07. Kill - The Mekons [Ana Da Silva]
08. I Wanna Destroy You - The Soft Boys [Derek Pringle]
09. Track 1, Side 1 - Boyd Rice [Daniel Miller]
10. Work - The Blue Orchids [Stewart Lee]
11. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa And The Soul Sonic Force [Geoff Travis]
12. Night After Night - Mighty Mighty [Tarquin Gotch]
13. His Old Look - Bongwater [Jon Savage]
14. The Power Of Lard - Lard [Erol Alkan]
15. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies [Luella Bartley]

Disc Two:
01. Island Hopping - Joe Strummer [Luce Mellor]
02. Pillow Case Kisser - Skinned Teen [Thurston Moore]
03. Capri Pants - Bikini Kill [Gary Walker]
04. Belly Up - Stock, Hausen And Walkman [Jarvis Cocker]
05. Simple Headphone Mind - Stereolab & Nurse With Wound [Michel Gaubert]
06. At First She Starts - Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight [Peter Christopherson]
07. In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best) - Karen Dalton [Jeff Barrett]
08. Yakermo Sew - Mulatu Astatke [David Adjaye]
09. Stupid Fambaloo - Matmos [Bjork]
10. Sailors Board Me Now - The Frogs [Savage Pencil]
11. The Light 3000 - Schneider TM vs Kpt. Michigan [James Murphy]
12. No Depression In Heaven - The Carter Family [Bobby Gillespie]
13. O How She Dances - James Luther Dickinson [Sean Rowley]
14. Where Is The Line - Bjork [Richard Russell]
15. Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem [Spazom]

* bracketed name indicates who selected the track

Well fancy that. The French Kicks are from New York, but are European in their title, while Phoenix is actually from France, but is named after a US city. Or, eh, the mythical bird. Either way, the two indie pop bands are going on tour together this August before the Kicks split for a brief headlining jaunt.

Phoenix is supporting their LP, It's Never Been Like That, which they released this past May on Astralwerks, while the French Kicks will be touring behind their latest album, Two Thousand, which was released earlier this month on Drag City/StarTime International.

They kick off the tour in Detroit
07/26 - Detroit, MI - The Magic Stick

We hadn’t heard the rumor that the White Stripes could be over, but apparently this is a thing. Jack has been spending an awful lot of time with his new friends and bandmates the Raconteurs, with whom he apparently plans to release another record before focusing on the next White Stripes album.

But White claims his love for the Stripes is still true. “I’ve heard assumptions that I’m bored with the White Stripes” he reportedly said, “or that it’s not fulfilling me, which is very much not true … and I would definitely admit if that was the case.” We guess it’s worth worrying, what with Meg busy posing for Marc Jacobs and … being Meg somewhere, and Jack all married and living in Nashville, those two might not have enough time together to keep the flame alive. But after raising five beautiful records you’d think they’d find a way to make it work. Jack, don’t throw it all away on an exciting fling with a bunch of rock boys, these things never last.

This summer's Internet marketing sensation/blockbuster, Snakes on a Plane, will not be screened for critics, New Line Cinema announced this week. While some might speculate that the studio worried about reviewers pulling a Joel Siegel, New Line insisted the decision was based on letting the fans -- the ones who blogged incessantly about the film for months -- make their own decisions about the flick. "Understanding that fans would be the driving force behind the film, we decided early on they should be the first to see it," the studio said in a statement. Fans of the flick will get to see if Snakes on a Plane, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, really lives up to the hype on Aug. 18 when the film is released in theaters across the country.

The weather for the weekend
Considerable clouds early. Some decrease in clouds later in the day.
Hi - 79°
Sunshine along with some cloudy intervals
Hi - 81°
A few clouds
Hi - 85°

Friday, July 21, 2006

Late Gig Gudie

here some gig tonight if you going out tonight

tonight at 7 PM at C-pop the Dirtbombs will played a gig at the outdoor courtyard at C-pop part of the opening of the "Metal Fume Fever" exhibit, which features custom choppers built by brothers James and Dave Kaye of Ferndale's Detroit Bros. bike shop.

The exhibit will unveil the duo's latest chopper, which is set to be included this fall on the Discovery Channel's "Biker Build Off" where two cycle shops are pitted against each other in a battle to fabricate and build a bike, then drive it to a rally for judging.

It marks the second appearance on the show for the brothers. Tonight's event will be filmed by the Discovery Channel with the Dirtbombs providing the music. The exhibit runs through Sept. 9. 4160 Woodward, Detroit. 313-833-9901.

The Dirtbombs will also play the Blind Pig tommorrow Night.

Also at 8 PM down the road at the ren cen there will be a free gig by The Romantics as part of the "Rockin' on the Riverfront" concert series.

Also the Brand New Gig for to night at the M-stck Theater (MAJESTIC THEATER) have been cancelled, in a my space E-mail, from Live Nation Detroit it said Their singer is sick and unable to perform. We are sorry to have to say that the show will NOT be rescheduled at this time.

They will come back in the Fall you can get refund at the point of point of purchase

But there is live Music at the stick tonight, Toronto The Hidden Cameras are playing tonigth at the stick, the cover is $8 bucks and it will begin at 9 PM

Maigic Bag
Lager House
Saint Andrews Hall
The Belmont
State Theatre
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Meadow Brook Music Festival
Film Gudie Friday

it now time for Film Gudie Friday a look at all the new Films that are out there today in Detroit and we have some good ones opening up today.

"Lady in the Water"
yes M. Night Shyamalan is scarying the beguess out of us aging it boy meet girl form a story book in a pool and bad stuff began to happend

The Detroit News was scare up saying : M. Night Shyamalan's 'Water' is a refreshing fairy tale film(B)
The Detroit Free Press adding 'Lady in the Water' is a refreshing tale, Storytelling is the film's true subject(3 out of 4)
the Critics on was out there avg. (C)
Boston Globe: "There is a good chunk of Lady in the Water that is simply too well made and affectingly acted to dismiss as a mere exercise in arrogance."(B-)
E! Online: "This may be his most muddled, least satisfying flick to date, but it still has so much of that M. Night flavor..."(B-)
and there the not so good review
ReelViews: "This is the biggest misfire of M. Night Shyamalan's career..."(C-)
Hollywood Reporter: "A fairy-tale world exists inside the quotidian but most of the magic remain locked up inside writer-director M. Night Shyamalan's head." (C)
USA Today: "...someone needs to tell the beleaguered writer/director that it's looking like 'break time.'" (C)
to the just plan bad
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...disastrous..." (D)
New York Post: "...a charmless, unscary, fatuous and largely incoherent fairy tale..." (D)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "It's a jaw-dropping catastrophe -- a picture so wrong-headedly intoxicated with itself you view it through an embarrassed haze." (F)

"Clerks II,"
12 year after the orginal Film at the quickey mart we catch up with dante,randell, and Jay and slinet bob
Now if you read that Joel Siegel hate the film and walk out it look like
the Free Press review and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was mix with the film
Free Press: 'Clerks' guys grow older, stay crude, Dante, Randal attempt to grow up in "Clerks II"(2 out of 4)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The attitude is older, maybe a tad sentimental, and as adolescent and reckless as ever."
but everone else like it
DN: 'Clerks II' is a brilliantly dumb rehash, This movie has both traits rolled into one, which will drive Kevin Smith fans crazy. (B-)
New York Times: "...what makes Clerks II both winning and (somewhat unexpectedly) moving is its fidelity to the original Clerks ethic of hanging out, talking trash and refusing all worldly ambition."(B+)
Hollywood Reporter: "Sequel to indie classic still glories in the grungy, pungent, raunchy aesthetic of its predecessor." (B)
Chicago Tribune: "...more sentimental and ruder than its predecessor, though its brand of raunch tends to curdle halfway out of the characters' mouths." (B-)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "A solid sequel after 12 years is a neat trick." (B)

"Monster House,"
it a Animation Famliy film about kids who think the House next doors is a Monster which is next doors to the Monster Hospail(Metric Song)
The News think it fun 'Monster House' plays on our childhood fears for fun (B-)
Free Press got scare with it saying Something sinister is afoot in 'Monster House'(3 out of 4 stars)
the yahoo Critics was all over the board:Avg (B)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...this is a horror movie for kids with bite, heart and a poignant happy ending that is entirely earned and completely rewarding."(A-)
ReelViews: "There's enough action and mildly scary stuff to keep restless viewers involved, but the thing I appreciated most was the way in which the three friends interact." (B)
E! Online: "This house isn't a-rockin' and you needn't bother knockin'." (C+)
and this is a good bad reviews
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "I agree with the little girl down the row from me at a preview screening who said, 'Mommy, I don't want to be here.'"(D)

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend,"
it i ever get a girlfriend i better stay together because she may be a superhero as this film with the lovely Uma Thurman in it
the news really like it saying 'My Super Ex' unleashes wrath and laughs
A hapless guy falls victim to scorned girlfriend who happens to be G-Girl.(B-)
the free press really hate it saying So not super: Laughs land with thud(1 out of 4)
the yahoo review mostly agree avg :C
Chicago Tribune: "I laughed out loud once, at an utterly cheap shot at the expense of the state of Utah."(D)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Uma's super, the movie isn't."(C)
Hollywood Reporter: "Breaking up is hard to watch." (D)
but two did like it
E! Online: "There's no real insight into relationships, or superheroes for that matter, just a pleasant enough date movie for geeks--and the guys who love them."(B-)
ReelViews: "The ratio of successful comic moments to failed ones is pleasantly high..."(B-)

And now it time to see what new at the Movie theaher of the Damme this week AKA Cinemark Movies 16 at the unaversil Mail in Warren, MI

Well ladie and gentamen, i know what would be then watching this films, go Make some lasanga at home.
Holy Crap, the film that was release on 6-6-06 is a the dsicount theaher and in not even hollowenn yet.
and if you have not see X-Man serires please one and two before you see three

Next week in screen in detroit

The Ant Bully
After a 10-year-old boy terrorizes an ant hill in his yard, the tiny insects use a magic potion to shrink him down to their size.

John Tucker Must Die
When three high school girls find out they're dating the same guy, they enlist the new girl in town to even the score.

Miami Vice
Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) are undercover cops out to bring down a dangerous South Florida drug ring.

Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos
The true story of the team that brought Brazilian star Pele to the U.S. It shows the Cosmos' ascent set against the decadent, crime-ridden backdrop of 1970s New York, as well as its decline along with the North American Soccer League in the early 1980s.

Peaceful Warrior

An American student (Scarlett Johansson) pursues a nobleman (Hugh Jackman) who may be a killer. Directed by Woody Allen.

And before i put a short main post tonight
Here a tailer for Round 6 of a famose fighter

It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Well Here we go aging it time for the latest entry in the late night Music Club and just like i been doing for the last two week with a little break in between clip of the show our tribue to the BBC show tops of the pops which sing off for good on July 30th in a special Hour show Co-Hosted by the man who first show Sir Jimmy Savile who told ever one it 6:30 and it time for tops of the pops.

Tonight video is from the fab 80's and it a band that recenly play the Royal oak Music Theaher it ABC (the Band, not the network) and shoot that posin arrow

Thursday, July 20, 2006




As Rowdy Rodney Piper used to say on Piper pitt
well well well

We have the video

Nearly three weeks ago
the most ruthless indie band in all of detroit
Electric Six
Filmed a video at a Fraternity House near Wayne State
to Film the video from the first single off there new alblum "Switzerland"
it is call i Like Drugs

And Now nearly three weeks later
From you tube the most powerful thing on the web
and in a culture city Exculsed

we have the video for "i Buy the Drugs" From "Switzerland"
Out September 12, 2006 on Metropolis Records

Here only on It Came From Culture City

Electric Six
"I Buy the Drugs"
Metropolis Records
Directed by - Anthony Ernst Garth
Edit by - Chris Chynoweth
50 Days
Untill The Dally in the Alley

We Have a motor city music mystrey in Culture City

yes for the first time on the website i have a mystrey in all of detroit rock n roll, and not just any rock n roll story, but is was one of the story that will ask you who is this person.

Last week, i went to the Fouth street fair on forth st just of anttonne, just south of Wanye State U. and just two blocks south of the New Center Area on the West Side of town i was there from 6 PM untill Close, the last band finnsh up a 1AM the majord of the bands i saw(The Syrrens, THTX, and the Muldoons) at a New Stage the 4th Street Fair it was Halfway from the street entry 4th street to the deadend that is near I-94 mergeing to the Lodge (M-10) on a park near a small apartment complex and i was call the Artie Jackson stage.

Now when i saw the line-up i was asking myself four stage that was weird because if you ever been tom 4th streets there have been three stage, The Park Stage (near the enter of the fair), the Street Stage (near the dead end of 4th street),and the Garden stage (a nicely size park near the third street brige over I-94).

so when i sot to the stage at about 7PM i read a speacil board that say this stage is deacated to the memory of Artie Jackson, so i was think may be he no longer with us, it was just one of thouse thoguht.

On Monday on this Blog i was asking in this Question wheld memtion the last band of the night the Muldoons:

(From Monday 07-17-06)
"Ouch but i did see one of the best new Band in detroit which is nearing a full year (debut show: Opening up for the White Strips on Oct. 2, 2005) The young Rock n roll band The Muldoons which was awsome as they rock the house at the Artie Jackson Stage. so this year 4th street was good. i did get home at HQ all right not bad for a low key street Festival.

Speaking of which before i get off the 4th street the new stage was deacatie in the memory of Artie Jackson now i did not know him, so it you know who artie jackinson was and what was his import of the 4th street festival please E-mail the Blog sight"

on tuesday, the Muldoon durmmer brian muldoon the dad in the band was asking the same thing in a E-mail:

We Muldoons wondered who Artie Jackson was also.
Maybe you will find out.
Thanks for the nice things said about us!
I like to read your blog.

well thank you very much brian for the nice words i really like you set at forth street you came a long way from the 1st gig last year, but yes ishear the same question, Who is Arite Jackson what did he have to do with the four street fiar, or forth street in genlar

So if you know Who was Artie Jackson, i think all of Culture City want to know so if you know please E-mail me the Info so all of Culture City want to know as well please E-mail me at this address: it you Know who artie Jackson was all of detroit would like to know

You Can also used the E-mail: for any news on upcoming gig, any new stuff on record, and big newstips all of Detroit want to know, also as we get closer to the Dally in the Alley if you are playing any of the Four Stages i want to know weeks before the Officail line-up is released a Month before the Dally

Once Aging the E-mail address fro It Came from Culture City is

On to other News i got the NME yesterday (with Lilly Allen on the Cover)and on page six Jack White told about his futher Plans, The Ex-Detroit told the Maginzine at the the UK Wireless Festival about a month ago that he and Bandmate and Friend Brendan Benson have begin work Album No. 2 by the Racounteurs.

"Every time we get together we play and write. As soon as we get a chance we're going to make another record. We've been talking about where rather than when. We've got some songs ready to go and we want to get recording."

So what do this mean for the White Strips and the question almost everone now and again What about Meg?, What About Meg?

Speaking of which How about Martin Bandyke, if you remember Bandyke was let go back in Nov. which was the begining of the conserveraite program Changes at WDET, you know dumping Music of NPR stuff, now a lot of people who i will not name have told me that he was geting stall, he was boring, he dont play good music, and other things he did land a new job a commerical Station WQKL-FM (107.1) he began on Jan. 30 and in the New Number in the Arbitron Spring book (April to June) it show he still popualr

that a look the Number in the 25 to 54 Demo (you know the Money Demo)
Morning Numbers Before Martin Bandyke Came - 2.3 (winter Book[jan. to March])
Morning Numbers After Martin Bandyke Came - 5.7 (Fall Book[april to June])

The Station Numbers overall in the 25 to 54 demo
Winter Book - 3.0
Fall Book - 7.3

almost double the number so this mean Martin Bandyke is still rellavan in the Detroit area despide the Fact that WQKL-FM (107.1) singal coudle reach Western Wayne County and on a good clear day far east as Southfield Road, but you can hear the station at

Now the big question what is the numbers in at WDET-FM for the Spring Book will proable know in a few weeks.

in live and local gig news the surviving original members of the legendary hip-hop collective will go out on tour, they will do gig San Diego Street Scene(Aug. 4), Rock the Bells in San Bernardino, CA (Aug. 5), and the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans(oct. 28).

yes for the Wu-nation in Detroit they will do a detroit gig at the Wu-bulous Chene Park Near the Detroit River on this WU Date Aguest 13.

also coming back to the area is the awsome two pecie band the Mates Of State but unlike there last gig at the Stick but you have to I-94 or I-96 to ann Arbor becae they will play there gig at the Blind Pig with Guest Starlight Mints on Sunday, September 17, Now ticket will go on sale this Saturday at 10 AM

and i should let you know i was given a flier last night to let you know about a show that is happend next tuesday at the Club Bart in Fashable Frendale, the very pretty keyboardest of Troy Gregory And The Stepsisters, Mary Alice is doing some sort of shadow puppet show with music made by the her it all going down at Club bart this tuesday the 25th the show begin at 10PM it 21 and over and Sey Lui and Controller will opend the show, ands if you want to know club bart is located at 22726 Woodward Ave. near nin Mile road in Ferndale, the phone no. is 248-548-9256 no web sight but they do have a my space page at

and also at culb bart the very next day The Banana Convention

It look like the hard core rap fans will enter Wu-Tang clan one aging
It look like Arcade Fire have found them self a produced for the Follow up to there smash Debut "Funeral" guess who they heir: The Arcade Fire Themself, here what lead Singer Win bulter told in a post on there web sight.

"After trying to decide if we should work with any producers we kind of realized that we already know how we want things to sound so we should just run after that sound as far as we can and not rely on someone else to guide the good ship arcade least for now,"

"We have been producing the record ourselves and working 2 great engineers Scott Colburn (who recorded the Animal Collective's Feels record and the Sun city girls among many other things) who was assisted by our monitor engineer from tour James Ogilvie, and Marcus Dravs (who recorded Homogenic and worked with brian eno and James among many others) and his assistant Francois Chevalier. They have been kind of trading off in 2 or 3 week shifts."

there recording the album in a church that they purchased near Montreal and converted into a studio. Butler reports that they recently finished recording the string section of the record with Sarah Neufeld and Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett over an intense three-day session where they threw around ideas for orchestration. Pallett is now touring in Europe, but is trading midi files with Butler's wife, and fellow band member, Regine Chassagne to try and get three songs arranged by late August.

Butler also wrote that he and his wife plan "to sneak away somewhere closer to the ocean for a week or so that we can record some vocals...a lot of the songs remind me of being near the ocean at night time."

but there not in a rush to finish the alubm and countinued the momentum from "Funeral"

"This will be the last update for a while because there is still much work to be done, and a long way to go before things are finished, and I don't want to be a tease,"

Also in the stedio is fellow canadin band Hot, Hot Heat, According to frontman Steve Bays, the Band have tweaked their sound for their new release. This time, listeners can look forward to a grittier and more aggressive sound than the light-hearted and poppy hooks found on Elevator or Make Up The Breakdown.

More than half of the new music was written on the road (a first for HHH) and Bays notes the influence of countless different locales. This is also the first record written with Luke Paquin, the guitarist who replaced Dante DeCaro after the recording of Elevator in 2004.

"The first record was more of this new wave kind of disco thing, whereas this record is more alive. It's meant to be played live, big epic rock songs," said Bays. "We just started to think that our strength is in the songs, more than anything else, and in the live shows. So we just kind of combined songs that all four us agreed that we liked, combined with the kind of feeling that would translate well live. And we just recorded it really quick. I don't think anything else really mattered."

The Album is produce by Co-produced by Butch Walker (Pink, Avril Lavigne, the Donnas) and the band, engineered by Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Cat Power, Jets To Brazil) and mixed by Rich Costey (Muse, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand), The CD will be out in September on Sire

Coming soon to your nearest DVD Video store on July 25, from THINKFilm is " Awesome; I F**kin' Shot That! the authorized bootleg concert film from the the Beastie Boys' the movie was film not by the pro but the fans themself, the beaste gave 50 digual hand-held cameras scattered among the audience at the Boys' October 9, 2004 show at Madison Square Garden.

and it took a year worth to cut it down to a less than hour and a half the DVD will include over two hours of extra goodies, including full-length alternative angles of the concert (in HD), band commentary, no-bullshit a cappella tracks of the Boys' rhymin' and stealin', and a Hornblower short film featuring David Cross.

And the boys will show up on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on July 21.(that Next week)

also coming soon with a DVD of thier own is Radiohead, The DVD which is call OK Computer: Classic Album Under Review, will be released via Music Video Distributors and Sexy Intellectual on September 19.

the Film which will be under a hour(53 mintute) lookback at the classis 1997 album track by track Rare live and studio performances of each OK Computer song will be featured in good ol' 5.1 surround sound. In addition, the disc will house "The Hardest Interactive Radiohead Quiz in the World Ever", full contributor biographies, and a "Beyond DVD" section.

The band with the longest name in indie rock have set October 3 for there new yet title record by ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead According to, the album, recorded at Trail of Dead's Mob House studio in Austin, features a variety of guest vocalists, including the Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer and members of fellow Lone Star State band Brothers & Sisters.

and Tomorrow is Film Gudie Friday and just in time for the reviewers a big time mimi fued between a movie director and a reviewer, On Monday press screening for Kevin Smith's latest flick, Clerks II, "Good Morning America" film critic Joel Siegel have enoght of the film were he got up a yell Time to go!'' and "This is the first movie I've walked out of in 30 f#%king years!'' and left, Weel smite hit back on his my space blog saying Smith was "delighted by this news...As Paul Thomas Anderson once said of the man, getting a bad review from Siegel is like a badge of honor," But he was a bit peeved about the way Siegel exited the theater. "Walking out before a movie's over is pretty unprofessional," he wrote. "I don't come down to your job and slap the taste out of your mouth for coming up with a line like '"Shark Tale" Is a Halibut Good Time'; so don't f@*k with my stuff WHILE IT'S STILL SCREENING."

Well Smith and Siegel have a face to face on the Opie & Anthony Show and you can heard the blow by blow
Here but will we see if this movie is bad tommorrow on film gudie friday>

and now time for the weekly list and this week there not one but two play list from the riff 2 (101.1-2 HD radio) because last week i did not used the playlist because as suzy cole who co-host the show with Melody Licious told me in a e-mail she just planed forgot so here the play from last week (July 11th) and this Week (July 18th)

PLAYLIST FOR WEEK ..24 (7/11/06)

1) Wally Pleasant - The Day Ted Nugent Killed All OF The Animals
2) The Paybacks - Just You Wait
3) Diegrinder - Under My Skin
4) Forge - Speed And Timing
5) The Muldoons - Red And Black
6) The Brain Saw - Bled To Death
7) Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers - 16 Tons
8) The Bill Bondsmen - Lungs Seize
9) Mike Elgert - Cant Follow Through
10) Thunderbirds Are Now! - Enough About Me, Lets Talk About Me
11) Scott Morgans Powertrane - One-Eyed Jacks
12) The Avatars - Revolution Revival
13) Tiny Steps - On With Time
14) I, Crime - Poverty Pink
15) Queen Bee - Wish You Dead
16) Grayling - Revenge
17) Five Horse Johnson - Soul Digger
18) The Nice Device - The Kill
19) P-A-U-L & The Harper Woods - Heroes Platinum Blonde Jesus
20) Frijid Pink - Music For The People
21) Bear Vs. Shark - Entrance of The Elected
22) Electric Six - I Buy The Drugs
23) Howling Diablos - A Woman (Like Mine)
24) Hellen - Picture
25) Wolfbait - Dropped By The Devil
26) Ghost City - What Were You Running From
27) The Sals - Folsom Prison Blues
28) Glori5 - Track 03
29) Imposters OF The Deep Society - Aint Got No Money
30) Rescue I am - The Queens
31) The Go - Capricorn

PLAYLIST FOR WEEK ..25 (7/18/06)

1) Grande Nationals I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
2) Brave Rifles Signal Fire
3) Blanche So Long Cruel World
4) The Dollfaces Ugly Words
5) Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters Get That Luv Outta Here
6) Capitol Cities I Want You
7) As Seen From Space Deal My Darkness
8) Electric Six Jimmy Carter
9) Chapstik Whiskey Time
10) Novadriver Roll You
11) The Atomic Numbers Superexcitable
12) Queen Bee The Collector
13) Koffin Kats 9 Lives (Stray Cats Cover)
14) 500 Ft Of Pipe Not Your Mule
15) Adult Shake Your Head
16) Howling Diablos Shake Your Head
17) Black Merda Think Of Me
18) Andrew WK Dont Stop Living In The Red
19) The Workhorse Movement Beotch
20) Dirty Americans Burn You Down
21) Bad Faces Clan Angels Make Music
22) Dutch Pink John Guilt
23) Freddy & The Four Gone Conclusions Stranded
24) Ghost City O Severed Head
25) The Dirtbombs The Sharpest Claws
26) Lee Marvin Computer Arm Spiritual Man
27) Grayling Shortstop
28) Iggy & The Stooges I Got A Right!
29) The Salt Miners Lonely Times
30) Sunday Painters Ill Be There
31) The Pantones Sly Betrayal
32) Easy Action Honey Dont
33) Projekt Gift Mega Man
34) No Ones Anthem Forever Young
35) The Beggars Right On Time
and if you miss this week John Moser show here the playlist for his show which you can listen aging at or

week 2 on cjam (July 19th)










and now here are this week best selling CD in the Detroit area From the D.M.R.C.

dmrc top 10

1. Johnny Cash — American V …
2. Thom Yorke — The Eraser
3. Gnarls Barkley — St. Elsewhere
4. Rise Against — Sufferer ...
5. Corinne Bailey Rae — Corinne Bailey Rae
6. Sonic Youth — Rather Ripped
7. Wolfmother — Wolfmother
8. The Raconteurs — Broken Boy Soldiers
9. Pet Shop Boys — Fundamental
10. Various Artists — min2MAX

And Now it time for latest winner in the biggest prize in all of rock n roll (or a lease in the UK) it now time for the My NME Single of the week, Three Songs pick by the NME one winner, two runner-up, My Job to see if i pick a better track then the NME.

This week Winner
Ali Love - K Hole(I Love Record)
( or
well this song is to much 70's disco words meet with 90's speed punk, I think the lead singer was in a rush to finish up befor his girl leave hime, it OK

This Week First Runner-up
The Sleepy Jackinson - God Lead Your Soul(Virgin)
( or
The song start off like a shoegazing sound and it countiuned as OK to so-so lyrics kind drag this song a bit, it kind of to slow and to dreery. it dencent so-so.

This Week 2nd Runner-Up
Fields - 4 For the Village(Black Lab Records)
( or

Now i did not accect this band because i thought above title was a song, but a EP one of the song is on there my space page call " Heretic and it a good Indie track enen i cant understand the words i do like the music so much of this is so good. this is a good indie songs

So once aging i almost went out side the box for the My NME Single of the week but the 2nd runner up save me big so the winner of the NME Single of the week is:

Fields - 4 For the Village(Black Lab Records)
( or

Pleae Note this is from the EP and not only that it the Only one i could find on you yube.

My NME Single of the week

July 8 - Metric - Monster Hospital
July 1 - Lily Allen - Smile
June 24 - Dirty Pretty Things - DeadWood
June 17 - Serena Maneesh - Drain Cosmetics
June 10 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
June 3 - Keane - "Is It Any Wonder"
May 27 - You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - Jim Noir - My Patch
May 6 - The Dastuns - Stuck Here For Days

Reg. NME single of the week

July 8 - Metric - Monster Hospital
July 1 - Jamie T - Shella
June 24 - Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
June 17 - Outkast - Might "O"
June 10 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
June 3 - Razorlight "In the Morning"
May 27 - Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - The Aliens - Allenoid Starmonica EP
May 6 - Primal Scream - Country Gril

and by the way the tigers took two out of three incleding a tought 2-1 win tonight and now after this serier were up one more game with the White Sox at 5 1/2 games and still the best record in baseball at 64-31 and almost 6 games better the the best NL record MY Mets 57-38, the tigers next oppent is Oakland at the copa

Weather Tomorrow for all of detroit
Mostly cloudy skies but not that Hot the Hi will be 78°

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Tonight i am poisting this one early From My news desk in Cluture City and i reach the late night music club at 10:59 PM if you want to call that early tonigh entry in the late night Music club is from the soon to be defunc tv show tops of the pops which will aired it last show on July the 30th which is about a week and a half from now and the line up have been announce for the next to the last TOTP on sunday it will feather:

Ronan Keating 'Iris'
The Strokes 'You Only Live Once'
Snow Patrol 'Chasing Cars'
Lemar 'It's Not That Easy'
Alesha 'Lipstick'
Primal Scream 'Dolls'
Gnarls Barkley 'Smiley Faces'
and the No.1 let hoped it still recent NME Cover Girl Lilly Allen for two more week to end the show run.

half i know but the other half i dont know so dont ask me!!!

but who will be the last act on tops of the pops is anyone guess

Tonight wideo seletion is a classic

and tonight video is from 1972 and it was the biggest stars of our time it david bowie or as he was called in 1972 Ziggy Stardust and Spiders From Mars and starman.

It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

As we still on a trip down Memory Lane of 42 years of tops of the pops as it prepair it last ever show on July 30, Tonight seletion is a little off beat.

Now it was a fact that the show was ax becase of falling rating, that ture well may be because of bad acts that have play the show over the years, you know they have some really cute guys or girls or group jumping up and down singing a chatey song or worst singing some one eles song which sound and look terable and some how it became a hit for no reason what so ever, well tonight seletion fit the bill

Tonight video is from

Billie Piper

I know what your saying it the doctor who companion!, how in the world she can sing, did she ever be on tops of the pops i was asking that qusetion my self when i was looking what video to put on the late Night music club tribure but after a visit to the second most powerful thing on the web behind you tube, i found this.

Pop career

Piper's first break in the entertainment world came as a teenager, when she was selected to appear on the Saturday morning kids' television show Scratchy & Co. Piper later landed a role in a television commercial promoting the pop magazine Smash Hits. Her role was to run up to the camera, blow a bubblegum bubble and shout "Pop!" Soon after she was offered a record deal at the age of fifteen, and in 1998 became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart with "Because We Want To", released under the artist name "Billie". Her follow-up single "Girlfriend" also debuted at Number One, and her first album, Honey to the B (released immediately afterwards) debuted at Number 14 in the UK album charts. She released two further singles off the album, "She Wants You" and "Honey to the Bee"; both songs debuted at Number 3.

Piper then took a year off to record her second album. She decided to release further records under her full name, Billie Piper. She returned to the Singles Chart in May 2000 with a new, sexier sound. She hit the Number 1 spot with "Day & Night", but her success wasn't to continue. She waited until the following September to release "Something Deep Inside". That reached Number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. In October 2000, Piper released her second album, Walk of Life, which reached Number 14 in the UK Album Chart. The song "Walk of Life", the final single off this album, was released in December 2000 and reached Number 25 in the UK Singles Chart. This proved to be Piper's last musical release, a low-key exit from the world of pop.

In 1999, Piper was nominated for two Brit Awards and was named Best Female Star at the Smash Hits Poll Winners' party, although at the latter ceremony she was reduced to tears after being viciously booed by jealous fans of Ritchie Neville, member of boyband 5ive, whom she was dating at the time.

Acting career

In 2003, Piper decided to end her pop career and return to her original ambition, acting. She took acting lessons while living in Los Angeles and, still a high-profile figure, quickly earned roles in the BBC Television series The Canterbury Tales (modern retellings of Chaucer's stories) and the one-off drama Bella and the Boys.

Despite the negative reaction usually given to singers who attempt to act, Piper gained very positive reviews for these appearances, critics seemingly feeling that she was a far better actress than she was a singer.

In 2004, she appeared in the films The Calcium Kid, as the romantic interest of Orlando Bloom's character, and Things to do Before You're Thirty. Shortly before starting work on Doctor Who she filmed a starring role in the horror movie Spirit Trap, released in the summer of 2005 to generally poor reviews.

In November 2005, she starred as Hero in a BBC adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, updated for the modern day in a similar manner to the Canterbury Tales series in which she featured, with Hero now being a weather presenter in a television station.

She will next work on a BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman's historical novel The Ruby in the Smoke. Piper will play protagonist Sally Lockhart, a Victorian orphan. The BBC plans to film all four of Pullman's Sally Lockhart novels, presumably with Piper continuing in the role.

Doctor Who

As Rose Tyler in Doctor Who (2005).In May 2004, it was announced that Piper was to play the character Rose Tyler, companion to the Doctor in the revived series of Doctor Who, beginning in 2005.

On 25 October 2005, Piper won the Most Popular Actress category at the National Television Awards for her work on Doctor Who. BBC News named Piper as one of its "Faces of the Year" for 2005, primarily due to her success in Doctor Who. At The South Bank Show Awards on 27 January 2006 Piper was awarded The Times Breakthrough Award for her successful transition from singing to acting. In March 2006, the Television and Radio Industries Club named Piper as best new TV talent in their annual Tric awards.

So here is tonight entry in the Music Club

A full Five years before Helping out the Doctor
here Rose Tyler or could i say Billie Piper with Night & Day

And i know what your asking when do the new season of doctor who with the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) will Show up on the Sci-Fi Channel or the CBC-TV (CBLT-TV, Ch.9 in windsor)

Season two will begin on the CBC on Monday, Oct 9 at 8:00pm.
Right Now thier airing season one of the Good Doctor on Late tuesday/Early Wednesday Morning at midnight
Season one is also out on DVD.

There is no info if season two will aired on
Sci-fi yet

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

52 days
Untill the Dally in the Alley

Well if you read today new Music Tuesday, then you know i list the new release of the only bands that matters now some time i been accused of puting band that i like or as some friend have say i just put this because there a pretty cute chick in the band, well both are ture but i should be ponit out that i try to cover the underrated bands and artist al most ever day beacasue it am a music fan and lover of music for all my life but mostly the last ten years as the indie scene was dying after Nirvana as the rise of just plan awlful teen pop which i cant stand to the rebirth of roch thur the White Strips and other bands. So i you follow music like i do most of the Music magizine and Blog mostly review Album or live gig that came to town, but most of them dont review single expect one of my fave sourced they are the only on review single next to the NME which hands the best new single the single of the week and they do a good job of it and in the last few review they not been kind to the new single form upcoming CD.

Last week. The Killers made a bit sample of the first track to there upcoming CD Sam Town which is out in oct. but some body got the full track of the First single When you where young" and pitchfork was not kind giving it two stars out of four calling it this baby is a stillborn,not born to run, ouch if that give any thing the follow up to the hot fuzz may not be good.

but there were not kind to Franz Ferdinand b size single to "Eleanor Put Your Boots On", it called Fade Together A Remix by the Avalanches but there where not kind of etiher giving it one star saying it the single most sedate moment in the entire Franz oeuver and adding It's shomhow simultaneously the most audacious and the most boring thing they could've done with it, an i dont listen to it ever aging.

but there was nice Jessica Simpson giving her new song call "A public Affife star calling it "it just might be the most perfect vacuum created since that lispy brit's Tonka-sucker"and adding " Ms. simpson wouldn't maul the Eurovision qualifying rounds were she that reagoin of the world, bu there' no way she thumps the Finnish GWAR(this year winners Lordi) with this S?!&.

but hey there where more kind to Paris Hilton.... give her attempt at begin a rock star a half a star better(1 1/2 stars)

so some time there go and other time not that kind to read the review your self go to or ever Monday i put link to review for band that matters or should matters to you

Speaking about links that matter have more picture from last saturday Siren music Festival at Coney Island with
The UK Band
Art Brut(who still tring to get on tops of the pops)
The Scissor Sisters
and on one half of Metric(Emily Haines and James Shaw) did a four song acoustic set that inclued cover of a Elliott Smith's tune 'Between the Bars.' you can click here for the set and i know Emily does look very diffence from octber when her band play the stick.

The Main topic of Conversation in the main and Indie Circir today was the Shortlist of
The UK Mercury Music Prize, it go out every year to the UK Best albulm, Past winner and nominees incuelde (i wont go down the wholed list of band i like, Click Here to see the list)Franz Ferdinand,PJ Harvey,Portishead,Belle & Sebastian,Oasis,and Coldplay.

And i know the Mild Music Fans May dont care for a music Prize out of the UK, but for those people who follow the music scene all the time the indie and the under sever and who listen to music on the internet they may care i am one of them.

And after seeing the nomations, I am asking myself that what in the hell they pick these CD as the 12 best, But in years past music from artist who have no clue who they are have become Famos over night like KT Tunstall and last year winners Antony and the Johnsons so with My comment in ( ) the nominees are:

Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
[it was a giving because they maintant all the hype that follow a good record]
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas
[a supring chocie for the Ex-Belle and Sebastian member, she a cool Scottish singerwho have a cool alum this year, but there a little Conserver with her co-collaborativer Mark Lanegan who is from Seattle and was a member Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age]
Editors - The Back Room
[a lot of conserver there as well some it should amde the short list in 2005 and it should not make the shortlist this year, but it was release in the time frame July 25, 2005, they have a good record, and be in town at the stick on Aug,3rd, my brithday]
Guillemots - Through the Windowpane
[i dont know much about the band but the record was released just nine days ago under the deadline]
Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
[i dont much about him, but accroing to a bio on he was a member of the Longpig during the early day of Britpop]
Hot Chip - The Warning
[this is one of the many music style was nominees, there a electro-pop band, who have been described as "the bedroom Neptune, but when i review one of there single on the My NME Single of the week i was not impress]
Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
[i am a little indiffence, because there a good band but not a big fan, Sorry guys]
Zoe Rahman - Melting Pot
[a nominees from the jazz divition, dont know much)
Lou Rhodes - Beloved One
(a former member of Lamb, but have not her solo work but is very intensely private person, it a nonation from the Folk music catigory]
Scritti Politti - White Bread Black Beer
[Dont know about him as well]
Sway - This Is My Demo
[this is the hip-hop entry in this year short list]
Thom Yorke - The Eraser
[just made under the deadline i a good one for a experament CD]

Now with every offical short list there was a lot of snub, and this year is no diffence most of the talk was Lily Allen bebut alubm was not on the list as well as Kate Bush return after a long break i did not make the list, also not making the list Goldfrapp and Morrissey.

as for who is begin tip by the bookies in the UK(you know they bet on this) by William Hill

Arctic Monkeys - 'Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not'
Thom Yorke - 'The Eraser'
Co-fave at 5 to 1

Muse - 'Black Holes & Revelations'
Guillemots - 'Through The Windowpane'
Editors - 'In The Back Room'
are close behind at 6 to 1

Follow by at 8-1
Richard Hawley - 'Coles Corner'
Sway - 'This Is My Demo'
Hot Chip - 'The Warning'

and the Long shot at 10 to 1
Lou Rhodes - 'Beloved One'
Scritti Politti - 'White Bread Black Beer'
Zoe Rahman - 'Melting Pot'
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - 'Ballad Of The Broken Seas'

My overall review excpet for Arctic Monkeys,Thom Yorke,Editors and to some degree Isobel Campbell for all you long time Belle and Sebastian fans this tear shortlist i not the best on record, i do argee with the UK Music Critet Lilly Allen not on the shortlist you got to be kiding me here music is urber cool and not put her as one of the best alubm of the year is kind of bad next to Outragest Chreey not beging the big winners at the Detroit Music awards(but that is for differn time) so my final verict on the this year UK Mercury shortlist it between OK and so-so.

and by the way a correction when i first post the list this morning i said chair of judges for the Mercury Simon Frith announce the NOMINATED, but it was the one and only Jolls Holland the host of BBC-TV Later made the announcement.

The Winner will be announce on September 5.

Now i know your asking what happend to US version of the Mercury Music Prize, The Shortlist Music Prize, the last we ever heard of it was 2004 when TV on the Radio won it for there debut "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" but after a Disagreement between the co-founder of the short list put a holds on the short list in 2005 so there was no shortlist awards that year and it may mot coutenued co-founder Tom Sarig when on to put on a awards that is base on the shortlist(Which is base on the Mercury Music Prize), it was called
The New Pantheon Music Award there first awards was hand out this year with Finalists from the like of the The Arcade Fire,Death Cab For Cutie,The Decemberists, and M.I.A. to name a few but the winner fo the that awards was Sufjan Stevens and his debut "Come on fell the Illinois", but the next Awards Finalists will be announce in November with the winner to be announce around Grammy time.

Other Notes from around the concert scene

The Tom Watts show at the Detroit Oprea House that went on sale over the phone and on the internet is all sold out in only a day, wow and that mean there will alot of people asking for ticket from all over, i skip it because it cost too much.

as always you can e-mail me this site on any News tips, hints at

Weather Tomorrow
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New Music Tuesday

the Mercury Music Prize shoht list was unvailed on this day, i talk about it later in the main post and in the breaking News blog posted just before seven AM i know i stay up, Bit it was on this day that Martha & the Vandellas and current Detroit City Council Woman Martha Reeves was born (1941), it was also on this back in 2003 that the R&B crooner renowned for his deep, erotic baritone the one and only Barry White pass away, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he had been undergoing dialysis after suffering a stroke in May, and he still miss most incleing around the stereo.

Also on this day in a sing of bad things to come on this day in 1992 that Singer Whitney Houston (who was once great at the time) and rapper Bobby Brown (who was head into have been stauts) got marry, the music biz and the tablos have not been the same since, and talking about geting out of a jam it was on this day in 1972 Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and Keith Richards arrested for getting into a scuffle with a photographer in Providence, R.I and they we worried they would not get at the gig in time but some one pay the bail to get them out it was Boston Mayor Kevin White and there gig was the old Boston Garden.

So please dont get in to trouble on the was to your fave indie record store for today new Music from the only band that matters.

July 18th


Bruce Cockburn - Life Short Call Now (Rounder)
Heather Duby - Heather Duby (Sonic Boom)
Feist - Open Season (Cherrytree/ Interscope)

French Kicks - Two Thousand (Startime/ Vagrant)

Golden Smog - Another Fine Day (Lost Highway)
Lisa Germano - In the Maybe World (Young God)
Hidden Cameras - The Arms of His Ill (EP; Absolutely Kosher)
(BTW there at the stick this Friday)
Joe Jackson - Body and Soul (Fontana)
MSTRKRFT - The Looks (Last Gang)
(From the people from DFA 1979)
And the soundtracks to "John Tucker Must Die","The Lady in the Water","Monster House","You, Me and Dupree"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Bangles - We Are the '80s (Columbia/Legacy)
Crosby/ Nash - Highlights (Sanctuary)
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle (with DVD; Capitol)
Eddie Money - We Are the '80s (Columbia/Legacy)
Thelonious Monk/ Sonny Rollins - Thelonious Monk/ Sonny Rollins: Rudy Van Gelder Remasters (Prestige)
Scandal - We Are the '80s (Columbia/Legacy)
XTC - Apple Box (four-CD box set; TVT)
Various artists - Dave Hamilton's Detroit Funk - Rare and Unreleased Twisted Funk 1967-1973 (BGP)

Music DVDs:

Fatboy Slim - "The Greatest Hits - Why Make Videos" (Astralwerks)

TV on DVD:

Amazing Stories The Complete 1st Season
Incredible Hulk, The The Complete 1st Season
Carnivale The Complete 2nd Season
Pretender, The The Complete 4th Season
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The The Complete Series
Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1: Water, Volume 4
Jack of All Trades The Complete Series
Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon The Lost Episodes
Pup Named Scooby-Doo, A Volume 3 and 4
Ultraman Volume 1
New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon, The Complete Series
She-Ra: Princess of Power Best of
SpongeBob SquarePants Karate Island



The nominated for the for the Mercury Music Prize have just been unveil in a press conferce in London England just about for the best British or Irish album in the last 12 months the awards was first hand out in 1992 to Hourns British music.

past winners of the awards inclued Primal Scream, Suede ,Portishead, Pulp, Badly Drawn Boy, PJ Harvey, Dizzee Rascal, Franz Ferdinand, and last year winner Antony and the Johnsons.

Past nominateds inclued Bloc Party, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs,M.I.A,The Go! Team ,The Magic Numbers,Basement Jaxx,Belle & Sebastian,Keane,Snow Patrol,Joss Stone,The Streets,The Zutons,Athlete,The Darkness(That band),Lemon Jelly,The Thrills,Radiohead,David Bowie,Doves,Elbow,Goldfrapp,Super Furry Animals,Zero 7,Richard Ashcroft,The Delgados,Blur,Chemical Brothers,Manic Street Preachers,Beth Orton,Asian Dub Foundation,Catatonia,Cornershop,Massive Attack,Propellerheads,The Verve,The Prodigy,The Spice Girls(of all people),BlackGrape,Oasis,Underworld, Elastica,Van Morrison,Supergrass,Tricky,Paul Weller,New Order,Sting,Jah Wobble,The Jesus and Mary Chain,Saint Etienne,Simply Red,and last but not least U2.

The Shortlist was announce at 11:30 by chair of judges Simon Frith
and the 12 alblums for the prize are:

-Arctic Monkeys - 'Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not'

- Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - 'Ballad Of The Broken Seas'

- Editors - 'In The Back Room'

- Guillemots - 'Through The Windowpane'

- Richard Hawley - 'Coles Corner'

- Hot Chip - 'The Warning'

- Muse - 'Black Holes & Revelations'

- Zoe Rahman - 'Melting Pot'

- Lou Rhodes - 'Beloved One'

- Scritti Politti - 'White Bread Black Beer'

- Sway - 'This Is My Demo'

- Thom Yorke - 'The Eraser'

Following the announcement bookies William Hill have immediately installed Arctic Monkeys and Thom Yorke as 5-1 joint favourites, with Muse, Editors and Guillemots are close behind them at 6-1.

The overall winner of the £20,000 prize will be announced on September 5.