Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Culture City Live Review

The Long Blondes
with Drug Rub & Millions of Brazillians
May 23, 2008
Magic Stick

It was Friday night in the big city on the Day before the Movement festival get underway and all eyes are on Detroit for Stanley cup Finals and on the night before the Start of Movement there was a lot pre warm up gig for movement.

But all of the Detroit music scene was at Pontiac at big gig to help out a friend of the scene, but some how somebody did forget there was a gig tonight at the Magic Stick and it was a good show for those of us who brave all the pre movement crowds travel to point B is now $4.00 a gallon.

the main Act Sheffield lovable five piece indie band The Long Blondes put on a pretty good act they look were pretty up on stage as they play selection from there brand new album "Couples" and a lot of well know song from there 2006 Debut "Someone to Drive You Home".

the band played a really good set, as they was rocking to the small crowd [most of them fans like me], Kate Jackson look very dress down sporting her tough girl look while the two other female member Reenie Hollis and Emma Chaplin look very pretty as well last night.

most of the song i remember was from the 1st CD like "Weekend without Make-Up", "Separated By Motorways", "Lust in the Movies","Giddy Stratospheres" and "Once And Never Aging" and the new song like "Century", I Like the boys and "I'm Going to hell".

before they played the title track from "Couples" Called 'The Couples lead guitar Dorian Cox was telling the story of the last time the band played Detroit where he when to people records which was locale at Forest Arms Apartments near Wayne State U., which burn down in a infno back in February[FYI - it now relocate near Downtown on Woodward at Peterboro]and was happy to shop at a cool viney record store and was sad to learn when it was burn down, i thought it was nice to him to remember people at the Forester Arms.

And for once i finally to see the Boston base blues-rock Group "Drug Rug", although they told me after the show were not felling it after the show because of only five people in front of the stage, they played a short 1/2 a hour set of tracks off there debut CD which was good engouth to be on Last year Culture City Festive 50 Countdown.

they was really fun to watch live, i really like the happy goes lucky guitars playing of Sarah Cronin and great matching vocals of his boyfriend Apollo Sunshine [A.K.A. Tommy Allen] there was really great to see live and not only that they was real nice too talk too which was fun to see.

And Might i recommend the self-title CD it worth a listen.

But there was a local openers, Brand New band "Millions of Brazillians" this is the
1st time i saw them and thought there was O.K., nothing special it was three guys playing what called "a form of assertive, guitar-driving rock with equal parts Fugazi, Prince, Johnny Greenwood and Bloc Party, incorporating infectious harmonies that maintain their retro appeal while staying brilliantly modern"

I have to see them a few more time and listen to there stuff on there myspace page to get a real good fell of there, but OK is better than so-so.

The set List of the Night.

Long Blondes
Set List

1. Here Come's The Serious Bit
2. Weekend without Make-Up
3. Autonomy Boy
4. Round The Hairpin
5. Erin O'Connor
6. Separated By Motorways
7. I Like The Boys
8. Century
9. Too Clever By Half
10. You Could Have Both
11. The Couples
12. Once And Never Aging
13. Guilt
14. I'm Going To Hell
15. Giddy Stratospheres
16. Lust in the Movies
[Note: I miss the encore because it was not on there set list, if you know please E-Mail me at Culturecitynewstip[at]yahoo[dot]com]

Dug Rug

[Note: there was no set list for Durg rug but i think it was from Debut album.]

Millions of Brazillians

1. Thanks
2. Countdown
3. Armenia
4. Vermont
5. Hammer
6. Only Think
7. Sects
8. Happy

Friday, May 23, 2008

There Four gig you like to know

I know the last post was long with all the upcoming gig coming to detroit
but i decied to take a look at four gigs that is coming up to keep on the look out

The Raconteurs

The Frist gig that coming up shock the most hard core after thinking he would never do a show in the Detroit area aging after he move out of the area, but this was a shocker, playing at the Fillmore Detroit on June 7th and 8th, The Raconteurs will make it 1st ever gig to the detroit metro area.

it will also the First Detroit gig for any band that is fronted by Jack White since 2005 where he and meg play the masonic temple theater with the white stirpes, but since jack left Detroit he have not play Detroit metro area.

The White stirpes did not played in Detroit during there last tour and stop touring after meg acute anxiety problems during there "Icky Thump", and his other band "The Raconteurs" did played a show in 2006 at the michigan Theater in Ann Arbor

So have Jack and Company ease up on the detroit music fans after his bitter break away from the detroit music scene and will the music fans in the city forgive jack.
will see.

There 1st show on June 7th is already sold out, but there is tickets for is second show it will cost $32.50.

Detour Rock City Fest

The Second big gig is the long awaited Detour Rock City Festival, as you may remember that it was going to be held on Early march during the same time as the Metroitmes Hamtramck Blowout, this almost became a big time problum have two festival on at the same time.

But, cooler hear came thought and Detour move the festival to the summer, the festival will be held at the Majestic Theatre Complex [A.K.A. The Stick Complex] and it will be held on June 12th to the 14th.

The Main headliners for the festival will be Sloan [who will play on Saturday], 2006 Culture City Festival 50 artist Matt & Kim who play there 1st detroit show ever [They will headline Thursday night]and playing there 1st detroit show in almost 3 and a half years Detroit own "Von Bondies" there will be headlining Friday night.


Ticket are $30 bucks for the entire weekend and $20 bucks for ever night of the festival you can get ticket at the Majestic Theatre Complex or you can get it at

The Full Line up is below

Thursday, June 12th

8:00 PM - DJ FRANKI CHAN - Majestic Theatre
8:30 PM - BREEZEE ONE - Magic Stick
9:15 PM - JAVELINS - Majestic Theatre
9:30 PM - DEASTRO - Magic Stick
10:00 PM - PRUSSIA - Garden Bowl
10:30 PM - JUICEBOXXX - Magic Stick)
11:00 PM - BENNY STOOFY - Garden Bowl
11:15 PM - THUNDERBIRDS ARE NOW! - Majestic Theatre
11:30 PM - EAT SUGAR - Magic Stick
Midnight - WILDCATTING - Garden Bowl
12:15 AM - MATT & KIM - Majestic Theatre
12:30 AM - SSM - Magic Stick

Friday, June 13th

8:15 PM - THE DISPLAYS - Majestic Theatre
8:30 PM - BEARD OF BEES - Magic Stick
9:00 PM - BLASE SPLEE - Garden Bowl
9:15 PM - TIGERCITY - Majestic Theatre
9:30 PM - CHILD BITE - Magic Stick
10:00 PM - MAS! - Garden Bowl
10:15 PM - BAD VEINS - Majestic Theatre
10:30 PM - APES - Magic Stick
11:00 PM - PRIME MINISTERS - Garden Bowl
11:15 PM - PAS/CAL - Majestic Theatre
11:30 PM - TERRIBLE TWOS - Magic Stick
Midnight - THTX - Garden Bowl
12:15 AM - THE VON BONDIES - Majestic Theatre
12:30 AM - LEE MARVIN COMPUTER ARM - Garden Bowl
1:00 AM - ZOOS OF BERLIN - Garden Bowl

Saturday, June 14th

Day Party @ C.A.I.D.
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd

1:00 pm - FONTANA
1:40 pm - THE WORD PLAY
2:20 pm - THE MAHONIES
3:00 pm - THE DECKS
5:00 pm - KIDDO

Night gig at the Majestic Theatre Complex

8:15 PM - THE GOLDEN DOGS - Majestic
8:30 PM - SEX GHOST! - Magic Stick
9:00 PM - MICK BASSETT & THE MARTHAS - Garden Bowl
9:15 PM - SOLITARY STATES - Majestic Theatre
9:30 PM - CHARLIE SLICK - Magic Stick
10:00 PM - THE NICE DEVICE - Garden Bowl
10:15 PM - MASON PROPER - Majestic Theatre
11:30 PM - EAT SUGAR - Magic Stick
11:00 PM - FOUR HOUR FRIENDS - Garden Bowl
11:15 PM - FRIENDLY FOES - Majestic Theatre
11:30 PM - F'KE BLOOD - Garden Bowl
Midnight - COPPER THIEVES - Garden Bowl
12:15 AM - SLOAN - Majestic Theatre
12:30 AM - THE DEATH SET - Magic Stick
1:00 AM - DEAD BODIES - Garden Bowl

Comerica City Fest

And it would not be Detroit rock and roll with the one and only Comerica Cityfest, this festival will take place during the fouth of july weekend at detroit new center area, the most reconable festival next to the Dally in the alley in september.

let hoped the weather is not that hot like last year final day where it was over 100 on the heat index because that act on the main stage which this year is awsome with main headliner George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic for the old school Fans, for hip hop fans De La Soul and a act that everybody will like incluing the Veb Vomit guy Broken Social Scene

Local act that playing Cityfest this year will be The Hentchmen,Scarlet Oaks ,Lightning Love ,Silverghost,AMERICAN MARS,Dan Kroha new project The Readies and The Muggs

it all Free for all five days and you know this site will be on it and i hop i get all four days [right now i thinking of spikking day two on thursday because of softball and "The Dials" CD relased party on the July 3rd.]

For more info on Cityfest you can goed to there website at:

The Full line up of all four stages is at down below:

Presented by The Detroit News
Location: Fisher Building Parking Lot


8:30 PM - De La Soul

THURSDAY, JULY 3rd, 2008

7:00 PM - Tally Hall
8:30 PM - The Zombies featuring Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent

FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 2008

5:30 PM - SEUN KUTI & Egypt 80
8:30 PM - Broken Social Scene

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2008

2:00 PM - Aly & AJ
5:30 PM - Billy Paul
8:30 PM - Calexico

SUNDAY, JULY 6th, 2008

3:00 PM - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
6:00 PM - George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

Presented by Metro Times
Location: Second at Grand Boulevard


6:00 PM - Aran Ruth
7:00 PM - Mick Bassett and the Marthas
8:00 PM - Magic Shop
9:00 PM - The Hentchmen

THURSDAY, JULY 3rd, 2008

6:00 PM - Duende!
7:00 PM - Scarlet Oaks
8:00 PM - The Readies
9:00 PM - The Volebeats

FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 2008

6:00 PM - Shotgun Wedding
7:00 PM - Stirling & Friends
8:00 PM - The Four-Hour Friends
9:00 PM - Doop & the Inside Outlaws

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2008

6:00 PM - Patrick O'Brien
7:00 PM - Silverghost
8:00 PM - Lightning Love
9:00 PM - Great Lakes Myth Society

SUNDAY, JULY 6th, 2008

4:00 PM - Woodman
5:00 PM - Bixy Lutz
7:00 PM - Apartment 4

Presented by Real Detroit Weekly
Location: Second at Lothrop


5:30 PM - Amino Acids
6:30 PM - Love Meets Lust
7:30 PM - Bump
8:30 PM - The Dead Bodies
9:30 PM - The Silent Years

THURSDAY, JULY 3rd, 2008
3:00 PM til 11:00 PM - MonicaBlaire's Detroit Groove Gumbo

FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 2008

4:00 PM - Frankie Bank$
6:00 PM - Millions of Brazilians
7:00 PM - Grayling
8:00 PM - Ryan Elliott
9:00 PM - King Britt

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2008

5:00 PM - Zoos of Berlin
6:00 PM - The Beggars
7:00 PM - The Muggs
8:00 PM - Stacey Pullen (Blackflag Recordings )and Derrick May (Transmat Records) Presented by Hi-Tek Soul

SUNDAY, JULY 6th, 2008

3:00 PM - Cetan Clawson
4:00 PM - Thunderbirds are Now!
5:00 PM - The Strays
6:30 PM - SSM

Presented by Hour Magazine

Location: Grand Boulevard at Cass


12 & 1 PM - Trio Organic
4:30 & 6:00 PM - Jazzhead
8:00 & 9:30 PM - NOMO


Noon - 3:00PM - Foody's R&B Classic Showcase
4:00 - 5:30 PM - Shiron Denise & Point Blank
6:30 - 8:00 PM - Mikhal Caldwell Trio
9:00 PM & 10:30 PM - Grupo Fantasma


Noon - 1:30 PM - Sheila Landis featuring Rick Matle
2:30 - 3:30 PM - 21:03
4:00 - 5:15 PM - The Stewart Francke Soul Revue (featuring Regular Boys)
6:00 - 7:15 PM - Ultimate Ovation
8:00 PM & 9:30 PM - Thornetta Davis


Noon - 1:15 PM - Perfecting Church Youth Chorale
2:00 - 3:15 PM - Jo Serrapere & the Willie Dunns
4:00 - 5:15 PM - Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones
6:00 - 7:15 PM - Scott Gwinnell Group
8:00 PM & 9:30 PM - Rayse Biggs and Friends


Noon - V Miles Out
2:00 PM - Barbara Ware and The Cliff Monear Trio
4:00 - 5:15PM - The Oblivion Project
6:00 PM - Planet D Nonet with special guest Alberta Adams

And last but not leased i have to mention this on the stie because it happening at th e Crofoot in Pontaic tonight is a mega gig called "Do Somthing nice for once" it a big gig to help out a real good friend.

there will be six band play on the bill with the main headliners the one and only Electric Six, also playing on the gig will the Meatmen, SSM, Johnny Headband, Carjack and Deastro and there will be giveaways and silent auctions.

The Cover is $15 dollars and all of the process goes to help pay the mecical bill of our dear friend of the Detroit Rock Scene Laura Rock, On April 1st Laura was admitted to the hospital when her liver gave out, where were not sure if Laura would survied but five days laters she got a liver transplanted.

she is doing well, and her recoverd will take a long time and the worst part about it was she did not have any health insurance what so ever so the bill will be high so friends of the detroit rock scene are pulling together to off set the cost and this benfit will help

If you want help got to the crofoot tonight at 1 S. Sawing, you will have fun and help out a good friend of Detroit rock and roll

and you want to see update of how Laura doing, you can goes to this web site:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Outdoor GIg Guide [Extra Long Edtion]

It have been a long time since i did the weekly gig gudie on this site and i know there is a lot of gig that i missbut to look into the the next few months i am posting this extra long gig gudie from this upcoming friday to December listing all the most important gig that matter.

If you want to see the full list of other show coming up check the link on the right of the menu under Outdoor gig gudie.

May 23rd - THE LONG BLONDES [Magic Stick]
May 23rd - THE SUBMARINES [Pike Room]
May 23rd - Tone & Niche, Shotgun Wedding and Silent Violet [Belmont]
May 23rd - ELECTRIC SIX, MEATMEN and many more!
May 23rd - Eddie Money[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
May 24th - LOS CAMPESINOS! [Magic Stick]
May 24th - The Laughing Man, the Pulse, the Pizzaz and Teenage Prayers [Belmont]
May 24th - Local H w/ The Lions, Recoil[Alvin's]
May 25th - Rilo Kiley [Royal Oak Music Theatre]
May 29th - Hellen (last show), the Highlife [small's]
May 30rd - WHITEY MORGAN & THE 78'S with BandB & Brave Rifles[Magic Bag]
May 30rd - The Beggars, Hansdome Jack and the Hot Rails[Belmont]
May 30th - Kids In The Hall[Royal Oak Music Theatre]
May 31st - Detroit Derby Girls After-Party featuring the Fondas![The Lager House]
May 31st - The Bang! [Blind Pig]
May 31st - I Crime, Matt Truman Ego Trip and Pewter Cub with DJ Lee Majors[Belmont]
May 31st - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood[The Palace of Auburn Hills]
June 1st - THE BREEDERS [Magic Stick]
June 1st - ISLANDS [Crofoot Ballroom]
June 2nd - MUDHONEY [Crofoot Ballroom]
June 3rd - Stone Temple Pilots [The Fillmore Detroit/SOLD OUT]
June 4th - Stone Temple Pilots [The Fillmore Detroit]
June 4th - 89X Birthday Bash - Seventeen: Death Cab For Cutie wsg Rogue Wave and Sea Wolf [Fox Theatre]
June 5th - Nylon Summer Music Tour: She Wants Revenge with Be Your Own Pet, The Virgins & Switches [Saint Andrews Hall]
June 5th - De Novo Dahl with Carolina Liar[Shelter]
June 5th - The Mahoneys, Thunderwing (Chicago) [Belmont]
June 6th - FREER and THE HIGH STRUNG [Pike Room]
June 6th - Stare Into the Sun w/ the Hadituptoheres, Millions of Brazillians & North Pilo[Lager House]
June 6th - Mazinga, Thunderwing (Chicago) and the Lovehandlers with DJ Lee Majors [Belmont]
June 7th - THE NATIONAL [Crofoot Ballroom]
June 7th - HiFi Handgrenades [smalls]
June 7th - The Raconteurs [The Fillmore Detroit/SOLD OUT]
June 7th - Cowboy Messiah w/ Bixy Lutz, The Most Beautiful Loser, 52 Decibels[Alvin's]
June 8th - The Raconteurs [The Fillmore Detroit]
June 9th - Dave Matthews Band[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
June 10th - Bang Camaro w/ Ceton Clawson Revival [Blind Pig]
June 10th - Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
June 11th - DONITA SPARKS (of L7) [Magic Stick]
June 11th - True Colors ft. Cyndi Lauper, The B-52s[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
June 11th - Doodle Bug of Digable Planets[Alvin's]
June 12th-14th - DETOUR PRESENTS...ROCK CITY [Magic Stick/Majestic Theater/Garden Bowl]
June 13th - Devil Worship with Dave Malosh with the Phage[Belmont]
June 13th - Craig Ferguson [Royal Oak Music Theatre]
June 14th - James Conway Band, Cetan Clawson, Free Dirt and J Graves [Belmont]
June 15th - LEZ ZEPPELIN[Magic Bag]
June 17th - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss wsg T Bone Burnett [Fox Theatre]
June 18th - Ladytron with Datarock [Saint Andrews Hall]
June 20th - LANGHORNE SLIM [Pike Room]
June 20th - Wildcatting w/ Ganon, A Working Model, Supercontinent[blind pig]
June 20th - Dead Bodies, Serenity Court and Four Hour Friends @ Belmont
June 20th - The Recital w/ The Word Play[Alvin's]
June 21st - SILENT YEARS and MARISSA NADLER [Pike Room]
June 21st - Jehovahs Witness Protection Program CD Release w/Friendly Foes MAS & Wildcatting [Lager House]
June 21th - The Bang![Blind pig]
June 21th - OFFICE - 800BELOVED - STAR[Magic Bag]
June 22nd - Abba The Tour[Meadow Brook Music Festival]
June 24th - MV + EE with the GOLDEN ROAD [Pike Room]
June 24th - Stevie Wonder[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
June 29th - HAYDEN with Haley Bonar[Magic Bag]
June 28th - The Go, Thee Makeout [Bohemian National Home]
June 28th - Tracy Morgan[Meadow Brook Music Festival]
June 29th - The Temptations / The Four Tops[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
July 2nd - RZA as BOBBY DIGITAL [Crofoot Ballroom]
July 2nd - The Coathangers w/ The Pizzazz, and The Readies[Blind pig]
July 2nd - The Dials [The Belmont]
July 7th - WOLF PARADE [Crofoot Ballroom]
July 7th - Bon Jovi - [The Palace of Auburn Hills]
July 8th - LEE SCRATCH PERRY[Eagle Theatre]
July 9th - Les Breastfeeders w/ tba [Lager House]
July 11th - AL GREEN[Freedom Hill Amphitheatre]
July 12th - Cetan Clawson Revolution w/The Pack A.D. and Commerce & Hiller [Lager House]
July 12th - THE BEGGARS with Freer, The Sapiens & Oscillating Fan Club[Magic Bag]
July 13th - Creedence Clearwater Revisited[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
July 13th - MICK FLEETWOOD and the Island Rumours
July 18th - Boris with Torche [Saint Andrews Hall]
July 18th - John Mellencamp wsg Lucinda Williams[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
July 18th - ELVIS TO THE MAX wsg CAVERNERS BEATLES TRIBUTE[Freedom Hill Amphitheatre]
July 19th - MISSION OF BURMA - [Bohemian National Home]
July 19th - Kid Rock feat. Twisted Brown Trucker Band and Rev Run
July 19th - AN EVENING WITH YES[Freedom Hill Amphitheatre]
July 20th - !!! (CHK CHK CHK) [Pike Room]
July 20th - Kid Rock feat. Twisted Brown Trucker Band and Rev Run[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
July 22nd - Kid Rock feat. Twisted Brown Trucker Band and Rev Run[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
July 24th - Live / Collective Soul / Blues Traveler[Meadow Brook Music Festival]
July 24th - KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND and THE VILLAGE PEOPLE[Freedom Hill Amphitheatre]
July 25th and26th - X! Fest with Terrible Twos, Fontana, Frustration, The Mahonies
July 26th - THE HARD LESSONS[Crofoot Ballroom]
July 26th - The Police wsg Elvis Costello and the Imposters[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
July 31st - Champions of Breakfast w/ the Ivorys (Chicago) & tba [Lager House]
July 31st - Neil Diamond[The Palace of Auburn Hills]
August 2nd - THE GO! TEAM [Magic Stick]
August 5th - Sheryl Crow[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
August 6th - Rod Stewart wsg Bryan Adams[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
August 8th - G-LOVE & Special Sauce
August 15th - Bill Maher[Michigan Theaher]
August 22nd - UB40[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
August 22nd - Frank Caliendo[Meadow Brook Music Festival]
August 23rd - Nine Inch Nails[The Palace of Auburn Hills]
August 24th - Get Back! Cast of Beatlemania[Meadow Brook Music Festival]
August 29th - SQUEEZE [Royal Oak Music Theatre]
August 30rd - The Music of Led Zeppelin: A Rock Symphony[DTE Energy Music Theatre]
September 2nd - XIU XIU[Crofoot Ballroom]
October 9th - STEREOLAB[Crofoot Ballroom]
October 11th - Bootsy Collins [Royal Oak Music Theatre]
December 6th - REV. HORTON HEAT [Majestic Theater]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recap of the Dancing finalie

well it now Tuesday Morning and i was so tired after spending 8 hours last night on my Home PC i coun'nt do a post last night and not only that "The Boss Martines was playing at the Belmont last night so i went down to see it.

so i am doing a little wrap at the library because i want to listen to audio be my PC is still missing a sound card, so if there any help out i would love to hear it.

Now on to dancing with the stars former Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi won the season six champ last night as she wrap up the show three great dances that earn her perfic score of 30 from the three judges.

he for any view who saw week one Kristy was on her game week in and week out and not only that begin ex-champ skater help a lot, she won the Judges, Crowd in the Dance floor and viewers as well.

So it was the right called to be 1st female champ since Soap Star Kelly Manico won Season one in 2005.

Pro Foot player Jason Taylor was Finish a close Second despite show view that big Football play can really know ho to dance as his last dance score a perfit 30 as well and the night before were he and his partenr burn up the dance floor with a steam freestyle number

and let not forget the third place finish Cristian de la Fuente who tough it out after injure his arm about a month ago during the show, but instead of dropping out do to injury he tough it out with only one arm so man up on the effort.

now with a network finale lasting two hours you know you get a lot of filler including a lot of dance from this year cast from Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mario, Penn from Penn and teller and Steve Gunterbugh if only the members of the "Stonecutter" have not called in he would be in the final, and remember the "Stonecutter" made him a star.

but i thought a fun moment was they present the winner of junior Dance champ they did on the result show this season and one the junior was ask who be you celeaberd dancer s if he dance on the show and his answer was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, which was a funny answer, so the Couple won it last night well guest who present it, you guest it Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

so that it for "Dancing with the stars" for this season and the reason i did the Finale of DWTS is i start a twitter site so i could do live blogging event i did it for about two days just as a test you can read the Full post at the Culture city news twitter site at

you can send you comment to if you can find a embedded live blog client or you like to commeton this live twitter experimentculturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Culture City Live Local Now

Tonight Live local now event:

The Dancing with the stars Live result finally

[Update - 8:58 PM the twitter is running slow tonight, may be of the KY and OR Primary so i think it slow down tonight, if in all else fail i do a post tonight after the show.]

will Kristi Yamaguchi will take home the gold on the dance floor?

Will Pro Football player Jason Tarloy shine up the win after one hell of a Stirp down on the floor?

or will Cristian de la Fuente win with one arm
goes to

for all the blow-by-blow on the Dance Floor
it start tonight at 9 PM on ABC and follow along
on the live twitter blog at the address above.

Recap of tonight "Dancing with the stars"

well i taking baby step on this blog
so to night was a good test on this blog
doning the live blog of the last "Dancing with the stars" last live preforming blog on

So if you miss any of it
you can roll back to the site and not only that you can read my live real time blog of tonight show that when real fast.

I was kind of thrown off a little bit
came back to HQ around 10 minutes until 8 PM

the Last three Couple Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas, Jason Taylorand Edyta Sliwinska and Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke did two dances tonight on was a Group dance with the cha-cha and all three did there Freestyle routine.

and the stars of the night and a overwhening Fave to with the whole thing is Figure-skating champ Kristi Yamaguchi she step it up big time with her freestyle dance with a big time old school hip hop number and not only that she clean the broad with a prefit score of 30.

now it only the viewers agree with the judges she is going to win this thing hands down and not only that she have the hockey fans support, remember she is married to a ex - hockey player.

Big time surprise was who finish 2nd it was Cristian de la Fuente who did OK, but because of the bad Arm [which was injured a two weeks ago, and will have surgery on Friday]couldn't do any heavy lifting what every and the dance was OK

and finish close behind was Jason Taylor he did a very good dance with a Miami stely setting and not only that have a really good football body.

The Score after tonight are:
{remember it count for half the score, the callers make the other half}

Kristi Yamaguchi = 60
Cristian de la Fuente = 52
Jason Taylor = 51

the winner will be giving the very cheesy mirror ball
Tomorrow night at 9 PM on ABC [WXYZ-TV at my home base of Detroit or you local ABC station outside Detroit]

and it you miss anything i be live blogging be ging at 8:30 PM

and i did not do it tonight but will do it tomorrow
a link to the culture city twitter site.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The report on part one of Dancing of the Stars [in one way or the other]

Well tonight was support to the debut of the Culture City
live blog on twitter to follow the live "Dancing with the stars" two part Finale

but as you know the Schedule can be really, Really bad with a capital "B"
i have Softball practice today and i would not be back in the HQ after 8 PM

The Finally will go from 8-9 PM and not only that i am waiting for a new soundcard because my PC is not detection a soundcard on my PC, Ouch
[and on a side note looking for a antivirus software]

but i will do a report on the finally tonight or Tomorrow night with the last show when the winner be reviled with live blogging on the New Twitter site at:

a revised the blow-by-blow on the Dance Floor
and if i cant do it tonight i will do the last show tomorrow night

Live Local Now

Now each post is limit to 140 letter,number, and space
so all the Name will be short so here the key to tonight last dance show


KY-MB = Kristi Yamaguchi[ice skater]/Mark Ballas
JT-ES = Jason Taylor[Football Player]/Edyta Sliwinska
CDe-CB = Cristian de la Fuente[Actor]/Cheryl Burke


CAI = Carrie Ann Inaba
LENG = Len Goodman
BTON = Bruno Tonioli

And if Needed


TOMB = Tom Bergeron
SAMH = Samantha Harris

Tonight at 8 PM on
and if not tonight Tuesday at 9 PM at the Same Site
oh by the way it on ABC on the TV side.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Back

Well Good day to you all
welcome back to the blog site for the 1st time [regular]since December 31st

that is all a way back since New Year Eve

it's is great to be back doing the blog is all so long
i know it have been a long time since the last post [oh there was a lot of filler post in between 12/31/07 and 5/19/08]

but i am back to uphold the job of a indie Detroit in time of a big time scandal
[thank god i don't own a text phone]

For those of you are wondering what happened
i was in the middle of doning the grand countdown of the best music of 2007 the Culture City Festive 50 and then all of a sudden the computer i used for this blogsite began acting up and worst slowing down the PC

it took me about almost four months fingering out what the problem until i really that the PC was stuck down by spyware and malware so in a effoet to ruin the computer, because it was acting like something you would see in the Will Smith "I Am Legion" film, i decide not to post anything on this blog sight for almost 17 weeks form the middle of the hockey season to the Doorstep of Game one of the Stanly cup finals [prosuming the Red Wings beat the stars tonight[5/18].

but after the long time off i decide to take my sick PC to a friend of mine name August about three weeks ago and he and his roommate Mellow wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Window XP and i got my PC back about two weeks ago i finally got my PC back a couple of trade off, here and there and the worst part off all no audio, ouch.

and after almost two weeks and a brief delay [my 1st post was going to be last week, but i was so busy with stuff outside the PC] the computer is working fine and it OK to say it time to go back in the Field to cover the indie regular TV would not dare to touch.

now before i mention what am going to do in the Next few days and a couple of week as i get on track. i would like to thanks to August and Mellow for taking good care of the PC during the week they had it and not only that all of you who read the blogsite and who have miss it during this very long break and now i hoped you read this sight aging now that i have enter the on ramp on my side of the info superhighway.

now all the regular feather you saw out the last two years will come out slowly but surely, there will be a Film guide Friday, this Friday that post will be the best movie that came out over the 1st four and a half months and the next week will be the regular Film Guide.

the weekly Gig Guide will return, but it will be spilt into two one for the indoor Gig Guide [TV, online radio, and Satellite radio] and the Outdoor Gig Guide to see who is playing every week in our fair city.

New Music Tuesday will be back with a extra long "New Music Tuesday with the 1st four and a half months.

and the weekly look up on what is play on the that only show that matters to you indie fans, it will be back the week after Memorial Day which will be in two weeks.

and after that update news and gig news to boot as i get back too normally after a long lay-off.

also there is a lot of great video show on the net that blogger can embed on the site so i would do more of that.

and there will be some live blogging with a special event instead of using this sight i will be using, yes this sight have started a twitter micro blog so i can do some live blogging as it happened and you in luck because tomorrow is the last dance-off on "Dancing with the stars" as the last of the three couple battle for the Cheesy mirror ball trophy.

But if you are not near by a TV, can get update on the Culture City Twitter site for this and all other live blogging event at this address:

and one more thing before i go, and in my two years of doing this blog sight i have been ask this than more other, Steve i have been to you sight but the site is so slow in loading and it take a long time.

OK, when i do my sight at home it run well on my computer OK, but there is two factor in a computer one is speed of your Internet provider and the age of computer if you have good Internet speed and a PC or laptop you good, if you have a good speed for you IP on a older PC it may work well, but if your PC is old or the IP run real slow it won't at all.

and one thing i will admit because i do this a lot put a lot of video off of you tube and other site with a embedded code and i know it can slow down a PC, the Aricved on this post goes back the last 15 post so deepening on how many post i put it can go far back to four day or about a week, but i can set the post on so i may experiment, maybe 10 post or 5 post but i want every body to read the site if you miss any thing.

So that is what is going on with this site
but the over all i am back doing what i love doing best
giving the most important stuff that matters.

Steve Paljusevic
and maybe rookie spell checker
"It Came From Culture City" Blog Sight