Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recap of the Dancing finalie

well it now Tuesday Morning and i was so tired after spending 8 hours last night on my Home PC i coun'nt do a post last night and not only that "The Boss Martines was playing at the Belmont last night so i went down to see it.

so i am doing a little wrap at the library because i want to listen to audio be my PC is still missing a sound card, so if there any help out i would love to hear it.

Now on to dancing with the stars former Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi won the season six champ last night as she wrap up the show three great dances that earn her perfic score of 30 from the three judges.

he for any view who saw week one Kristy was on her game week in and week out and not only that begin ex-champ skater help a lot, she won the Judges, Crowd in the Dance floor and viewers as well.

So it was the right called to be 1st female champ since Soap Star Kelly Manico won Season one in 2005.

Pro Foot player Jason Taylor was Finish a close Second despite show view that big Football play can really know ho to dance as his last dance score a perfit 30 as well and the night before were he and his partenr burn up the dance floor with a steam freestyle number

and let not forget the third place finish Cristian de la Fuente who tough it out after injure his arm about a month ago during the show, but instead of dropping out do to injury he tough it out with only one arm so man up on the effort.

now with a network finale lasting two hours you know you get a lot of filler including a lot of dance from this year cast from Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mario, Penn from Penn and teller and Steve Gunterbugh if only the members of the "Stonecutter" have not called in he would be in the final, and remember the "Stonecutter" made him a star.

but i thought a fun moment was they present the winner of junior Dance champ they did on the result show this season and one the junior was ask who be you celeaberd dancer s if he dance on the show and his answer was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, which was a funny answer, so the Couple won it last night well guest who present it, you guest it Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

so that it for "Dancing with the stars" for this season and the reason i did the Finale of DWTS is i start a twitter site so i could do live blogging event i did it for about two days just as a test you can read the Full post at the Culture city news twitter site at

you can send you comment to if you can find a embedded live blog client or you like to commeton this live twitter experimentculturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com

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