Saturday, June 17, 2006

Count down to TasteFest
13 days to go

Local Stage - FRIDAY, JUNE 30
8:30 PM

Higher State Of Consciousness From 1995

From this year Movment 2006
Josh comes back in Detroit to follow up his stellar performance at Movement ‘06. The techno veteran has been releasing classic anthems for the past 10 years and has always run ahead of the pack as a DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist.

Park Stage - FRIDAY, JUNE 30
6:30 PM

Sorry for the quatly of the video, It the best i could find on
This fresh 19-year-old singer/songwriter is quickly making a name for herself with her acoustic jazzy folk music that is pure listening pleasure. Professional beyond her years, she already has released her debut album on her own indie label and has another in the works -- definitely one to watch.
World Cup Review

Day 9
Saturday. June 17

(All match review are for the official FIFA World Cup Site at or you can go to the offical site at this address:

Portugal (W= 3 pts.) vs Iran (L= zero pts.)

Portugal became the sixth team assured a place in the Round of 16 at Germany 2006 after second-half goals from Deco and Cristiano Ronaldo secured a 2-0 win against Iran on Saturday, 17 June 2006.

While Portugal were celebrating a second straight win in Group D - and coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's ninth in succession overall in FIFA World Cups™ - Iran were left to reflect on what went wrong after their second defeat confirmed their elimination. After a goalless first half in Frankfurt, Deco broke the deadlock with a long-distance strike in the 63rd minute and Ronaldo sealed the victory from the penalty spot with ten minutes remaining.

Despite battling bravely all the way and showing much to be proud of, Iran's hopes are crushed with one group game still to go. Portugal, while sure of a spot in the Round of 16, are not yet guaranteed first place in the group with a tough final test against second-placed Mexico still to come. Only pride will be at stake for Iran in their final match against Angola.

Czech Republic (W= 3 pts.) vs Ghana (L= zero pts.)

Finally one of the newcomers at this FIFA World Cup™ were able to celebrate a victory as Ghana made history by beating the Czech Republic 2-0 in Cologne on Saturday, 17 June 2006.

Asamoah Gyan and Sulley Muntari scored the goals that gave Ghana their first win on the world stage at the expense of a Czech side who played the closing stages with ten men after Tomas Ujfalusi's dismissal.

Ghana's triumph is the first for any of the debutants at Germany 2006 and also the first for any of the five African finalists. Their victory margin might have been greater had Gyan not struck a penalty against the post in the second half.

Gyan had earlier opened the scoring in the second minute before Sulley Muntari confirmed their success seven minutes from time. However, bookings here mean both scorers, together with Tomas Lokvenc and the dismissed Ujfalusi from the Czech team, will be suspended for their next matches.

Ghana's historic win gives them genuine hope of qualifying for the second round. In their final group game they will play the USA, while the Czechs – disappointing today without strikers Jan Koller and Milan Baros – will hope for better in their showdown with Italy in Hamburg.

Italy (W= 3 pts.) vs United States (L= zero pts.)

Italy moved a point clear at the top of Group E after drawing 1-1 with the USA in an incident-filled match in Kaiserslautern on Saturday, 17 June 2006.

Alberto Gilardino headed Italy into a 22nd-minute lead but their lead last only five minutes until Christian Zaccardo turned the ball into his own net. That was the end of the scoring but a minute later the Azzurri lost Daniele De Rossi to the first of three red cards.

The USA's Pablo Mastroeni also saw red in the 45th minute and Eddie Pope followed suit two minutes into the second half. The result left both sides in contention before their final games, with Italy top on four points and the USA bottom with one.

Italy ended the night top of a very tight Group E, one point ahead of Ghana and the Czech Republic, prior to next week's showdown with the Czechs. The USA kept their hopes of qualification alive after playing almost the entire second half with one man less than the Italians.

Group D
Mexico 6 pts. (+3 GD)
Portugal 4 pts. (+2 GD)
Angola 1 pt.(-1 GD)
Iran no pts.(-4 GD)

Last match of Group D
June 21th - 10:00 AM
Iran v Angola
Portugal v Mexico

Group E
Italy 4 pts. (+2 GD)
Czech Republic 3 pts. (+1 GD)
Ghana 3 pt. (even GD)
United States 1 pts. (-3 GD)

Last Match in Group E
June 22nd - 10:00 AM
Czech Republic v Italy
Ghana v United States

In the Final 16 in order

1. Ecuador
2. Germany
3. England
4. Argentina
5. Holland
6. Portugal

Out of the World cup in order

1. Poland
2. Costa Rica
3. Paraguay
4. Ivory Coast
5. Serbia and Montenegro
6. Iran

Tomorrow matches

Group F
Japan (zero pts.)vs Croatia (Zero pts.)
Japan came within eight Mintues of victory but a Aussie burst of three goal took away three points from the Japanesse, But will they shake it off vs Croatia who look flat vs Brazil.

Group F
Brazil(3 pts.)vs Australia (3 Pts.)
The Aussie scored there first goal in world Cup history and scored anonder and andondor to beat japan but will that be luck vs Brazil who look reall good vs Croatia.

Group G
France (1 pt.)vs South Korea (3 Pts.)
The Franch is hoped to break there world Cup Loseing Steak (they have not won since WC 98, Loss all three games in WC 2002 and draw vs Switzerland) vs a always tought South Korea team who always tought just ask Togo who loss to the South Korean in match one 2-1.

Friday, June 16, 2006

(14 Days or two Full weeks untill TasteFest)
News tips, Culture scooped, what have you at

But there is no joy in Mudville ? mighty Casey has struck out
In court, at the Corner, and of all placed at a gig

Today News was about stirking out in three diffence story: One as a local band win in a rotalty disute trial, one final out at the Corner at Michigan and trumbell, and a very unlucky strick out at a befit gig at the stick.

The Big News in detroit Rock City yesterday was the end of rotalty desputie trial angsit the White stirpes brought by Producer and owner of Getto recorders Jim Diamond,

A jury took only 20 mintues for a eight person jury to rule in favor for the White Stripes in a depute between Diamond over Royalty over the first two white stripes Records(1999 self title debut and 2000 "De Stijl"), that mean the stripes dont own any money to diamond who was list as a co-producer on the self-titled debut and a mixer on De stiji.

At issue is the degree of Diamond’s creative contribution to the 1999 and 2000 albums, independent releases that sold nearly 600,000 copies in the wake of the White Stripes’ 2001 international breakout.

Some were suprise at the quickey verict thinking it would go into Friday but the jury While waiting the verict Accoring to the Detroit Free Press there were spoted at a resterrant Near by the courthouse haveing lunch.

In closing arguments Thursday morning, attorneys for the band acknowledged Diamond's technical skills as a recording engineer but equated his role with the White Stripes to that of a carpenter following an original blueprint.

With Jack and Meg White looking on, Los Angeles attorney Bert Deixler told jurors that Diamond’s assertion was akin to the claim-jumping of unscrupulous Old West miners. He argued that Diamond’s engineering work on the records -- microphone placement, reverberation effects, mixing -- did not meet the standard for authorship.

“None of that constitutes originating an original work or causing it to come into being,” Deixler said Thursday in court.

Royal Oak attorney Stephen Wasinger, arguing for Diamond, cited liner notes from the 1999 album “The White Stripes,” in which the band voluntarily gave Diamond a co-producer credit. He called it his client’s most persuasive evidence, from a time period “when credit was more important than money.”

“Mr. Diamond at that time, in that place, was equally talented,” Wasinger told the jury.

Before sending jurors to deliberate, federal judge Avern Cohn patiently walked the eight-person panel through the basics of the notoriously complicated field of copyright law, a field in which he’d earlier acknowledged a lack of experience.

But after the trial jack was not sure if it was going his way Telling the Detroit News "You never know what's going to happen in a trial,"

Mr Diamond was not ablevial for comment, But but Diamond other attorney, Anthony DeLuca say he have noregert of bring the suit, "Mr. Diamond is very disappointed, but he doesn't regret for one minute bringing this lawsuit," DeLuca said. "It's difficult to go up against people with as much fame and money as the White Stripes and power. I give Jim a lot of credit for what he did."

By Late Thursday Night the stripes posted this messages on there
web sight:

"This was a classic shakedown. They expected us to settle but we refused to back down. It took the jury less than 20 minutes to figure out what this case was really about.

This decision protects musiciaans and original authers of copyright from opportunists trying to take avantage of hard working, creative artists in the Communtiy.

We are grateful the jury saw through through Diamond's claims and ruled accordingly."

- The White Stripes

The Trial only real highlites was on Tuesday, when Von Bondies front man Jason Stollsteimer who testified about find a message in front a unusual message from White attached to his front door, "I found a note stuck to my door with a knife in it," Under the knife was a copy of a magazine interview in which White felt Stollsteimer slighted him by minimizing the help he gave in producing a Von Bondies album. (2001 Lack of Communication which was co- produce by White and diamond) "That's the last time I help you out," Stollsteimer said the profanity-laced message scrawled across the article said.

White who testified denie that clame was "a laughable lie."

It was the first time that both White and Stollsteimer was in the same room at the same time since the infamous fight on 12-13-03 at the blance show which was reliver in testamony.

So what happend next for all partys involed in the case:
Jack White - is about to goes on tour with his side band "The Raconteurs" (with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler)in support of there debut "broken Boy Solders" which include the reading and leeds Festial, Lollapalooza and there first Michigan date in Ann Arbor on Aug. 5 that gig is sold out.
Meg White -
it is unknow about her futher plans during the Haites from the white strips, but she will pop up on the simptions with jack Next season.
Jim Diamond -
it not know if he going to filed appel or not, but he record the new record with the Boston garger band The Charms for a record out soon.
Jason Stollsteimer -
is currently working on there new record on a new album, tentatively titled "Love, Hate and Then There's You" to be released in 2006.

But the only buzz around the Trial was found in the Detorit paper web sight ( and ) both paper on line sight broke the story as it was going on with the Fre Press posting the story on the jury geting the case at 2:09 PM, with the The News web sight posting the verict at about 2:35 PM with the Free Press updating it shortly there after.

The AP used the News story as there wire story there after with headline like "White Stripes don't have to share royalties with band's former producer: jury" of "White Stripes win royalties case" to E online "Jury Rules for White Stripes" but there was no suppors for diamond in the Bulltin board with posting like this on .

Are you insane? Did you even read the article. It was the Von Bondies singer who made that accusation not Jim Diamond.
Umm, the Stripes sound bounces around all over the place... and the Von Bondies sound so generic... it seems like absolute bs.
This trial is the biggest joke! The white stripes developed there sound long before Jim Diamond came along. Hes not making any money and needs a hand out! I hope Jack and Meg will be laughing about this when its all said and done.

and it appered there was not much of talk in the bars about the case and the detroit media aggerd with them WWJ-AM 1st mention the story shortly after 4:30 PM, And WXYZ-TV put the story 2nd in there 5:30 PM half-hour at 5:31 PM but it was a mention with the main Local local story on the top of the newscast begin Closing Arguments in Mark Unger Murder Trial, Shooting Outside Pershing High School, Officer's Machine Gun Stolen from Vehicle and City to Announce Tiger Stadium Plans.

Which is the second story that top both paper today with headline like
Tiger Stadium: It's history in the free press and and Going, going, gone! in the Detroit News but it look like the end is near for the Ballpark at the corner at Michigan and Trumbull, It look like the old ballpark will torn down begin in the fall to make way for Residential and retail development at the corner, Plans call for the selling off what let to offset demolition cost which will cost around $3 to $6 millions dollars that will start around the fall only a tiny portion of the stadium structure may be saved for a Corktown welcome center and the field will be used for a park and little league baseball and Residential and retail development around the field at the corner.

The stauimd have not been used since the tigers move to Comerica Park in 2000 they played there last game Sept. 27, 1999 and have not been used since then the stauiem have been fall apart since then with paint peeling off and weeds growing in the the stai which is a sad sight.

So this could be a long good by in the summer untill the fall so get your camera and take one last picture of the conrer.

And the last stirke out of the main story was last night at the stick for The Karma Kickback Benefit for Eugene Machine (who tring pay for Hospial bill for appendix removal surgery and a car crash this year) and i know you are asking youself this question who stuck out at the event.

It Was Me.

Before i got out the house last night i ate a slice of pizza and left 15 mintues after that on my way to the stick i fell a little bit ill my socmict was turning so bad and and i was trap with no bath room in sight when i got to the stick at about 8:45 PM and thing going fine but during the last song from Molly Jean who look lovely and sweet i went to the bathroom i stool that for about 25 mintues and and i came back to see the the tale end of PA a few set later i became ill aging and became volent ill, Laura Rock the bartender and lead singer of the black lincons check up on me to see i was OK which i was i think i could tought it out but after the surciery peoson near that doors thinking i was asleep (which is a no-no at any bar) TERI LYNN from Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters call a cab so it could take me Home at at about 11:45 PM,

Not counting the early show at the stick or st.andrew Hall it was the earlest depart time i left ever and i miss the rest of the show at the stick just before The Na$hinal Debt, lead by E6 John Nash debbut show, so i am sorry i miss the rest of the show.

and if you want to know yes i am OK as i am tying this report (7:30 PM)

Note from culture city note

Last Night before illness force me home i did talk to Eric Stollsteimer(jason Brother and Ex-member of the Soul band the Eleavtions) and he told me about a side project he working with current Von Bondies Bass Player and wild and lovely Yasmine Smith they making about 20 track for a futher release in the futher when she not working with the Von Bondies, Smith will sing and play guitar and E. Stollsteimer will play bass and Keyboard in this side band.

and in other news notes

The Final Figuger is out on the Movement 06 held about three weeks ago at Hart Plaza in Downtown Detroit over Memorial Day weekend.

there was 45,323 among paid attendance as well as VIPs and press, That is sighly up a little bit form 44,920, the producer of the festival Paxahau Promotions Group was given kudos for running a smooth festival and not getting caught up in the backstage politics that have marred past festivals(it 4 th in the last 7 years of the festival, The Producer also told in a stament to the Detroit News announced plans to pursue the festival again in 2007.

"We feel like the festival is stabilized and the feedback was positive on all sides," said Shannon McCarthy, public relations director for the fest.

Lucius Vassar, Chief Administrative Officer for the city of Detroit, praised festival sponsors Chrysler Jeep Superstores and Motor City Dodge Dealers for their involvement with the festival, "It's great to see the festival healthy and growing,"

and now coming up to the weekend it now time fro the best indie music news outside the 313.

Young God Records' hirsute heroes Akron/Family have a new "mini-album" ready for September release titled Meek Warrior. According to Family member Seth Olinsky, the Brooklyn-based band recorded the album primarily in Chicago in March, using material that was "interwoven on the road, in hotels and the van the few weeks prior to the studio time" while "freezing in the wintery hinderlands [sic] of middle Canada wheezing with bronchitis." Additionally, they stopped by Toronto for an a.m. home recording session with members of Do Make Say Think/Broken Social Scene and spent a few days working on the album in Brooklyn. Among other guests, the album features Hamid Drake, free-jazz drummer extraordinaire, whom the band accessed by recording in Chicago. According to Olinsky, the band "taught [the songs] to Hamid in the studio and recorded them in one or two takes." Michael Gira, ex-Swans leader and Young God founder, produced the record with the band, and Griffin Rodriguez (Need New Body, Icy Demons) engineered it.

The rambling Family plans to continue their travels with a few shows in Canada, including the Montreal Pop Festival and a West Coast sojourn in December.

Remarkably, the busy band also reports that plans are in the works to start in on another album by October or November.(CMJ.COM)

Seattle's Barsuk has welcomed two new bands to its roster and now plans to re-release the debut albums of their new family members with new tracks.(as mention when i name him the NME single of the week May 13 - Jim Noir - My Patch) Mancunian Jim Noir's Tower Of Love will be released August 8 with two tracks not available on the UK version.

Also joining Barsuk is What Made Milwaukee Famous, who, contrary to nomenclature, hail from Austin. Their debut album, Trying To Never Catch Up, will be re-released August 22. The album's artwork will be given a new color scheme and will include eight of the 11 tracks on the original release, as well as four new songs.(CMJ.COM)

No do not for get it you have nothing to do over the week end you can listen or watch a webcast at the soldout Bonnaroo Music Festival at Manchester,Tennessee
just in between Nashville and Chattnooga, TN you can find it at the main web page of the festival at or at the AT&T blueroom at
or you can listen to Bonnaroo Radio
click here to listen to it.


Saturday June 17th, Lineup*

12:30 PM Neville Brothers
02:00 PM Buddy Guy
03:15 PM Dungen
04:00 PM Gomez
05:30 PM Elvis Costello and The Imposters
07:00 PM Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
08:30 PM My Morning Jacket

Sunday June 18th Lineup*

12:30 PM Brothers Past
01:30 PM Les Claypool
03:00 PM The Codetalkers feat. Bruce Hampton
04:00 PM Matisyahu
05:30 PM moe.
07:00 PM Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
08:30 PM Phil Lesh & Friends
10:30 PM Very Special Guest

*All times are Central Standard Time(8 PM EDT = 7PM EDT)

Which Taste Fest just only two whole weeks away Next the billed up to tasetfest i think from no to the the day before tates fest i should spot light some of the act that will be playing tastefest, so ever day i be playing a video from a band who going to play the new center area even on my off days to hyed up tastefest.

Today our first two bands will play the first day of tastefest one at the main stage and one on the the park stage

Thursday, June 30
8:30 PM - Main Stage

Rising out of the ‘90’s underground rap scene, Chicago-bred artist Common, with his straight-ahead, literate, nimbly performed rhymes and political insight, stood out among the gangsta rap that was overtaking the genre. He brings his unique and influential style of “Jazz Rap” to the main stage. See why Kanye West predicts that Common’s new album (under production by Kanye) will win Best Rap Album at the next Grammy Awards.

Thursday, June 30
Park Stage - 9:00 PM

The world and music of Blanche is one of dark country cabaret. Ominous yet sweet, like a mint julep with too much whiskey -- you know it’ll catch up to you later but it’s so smooth going down. Enjoy the Southern sounds from this unique quartet.

And id you want to know the NASCAR boys are at the irsh hills of Michigan Speedway for this week stop on the Nextel cup and the tigers are at wrigley Filed for a weekend set vs the cubs

To wrap it up my video of the day is the one and only Paul McCartney the ex-Beatles is going to be 64 on sunday so to say happy birthday and still look good here on one of his best know song when he was with the Beatles, It hey Jude

Clear skies and 92*F Tomorrow and Variable clouds with thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon. High 82F

Good Night and good Luck!

World Cup Review

Day 8
Friday, June 16

all the Match review are from the Offical world cup site on on

Argentina (W=3pts.) v Serbia & Montenegro (L=zero pts.)
Argentina gave a fearsome show of attacking strength as they swept aside Group C rivals Serbia and Montenegro 6-0 in Gelsenkirchen on Friday, 16 June 2006.
Jose Pekerman's team equalled their record FIFA World Cup™ win against Peru from 1978 against opponents they had, coincidentally, dismantled by the same score at the 2004 Olympic Football Tournament. More importantly, the victory took them a big step closer to the second round, while leaving Serbia and Montenegro’s hopes hanging by a thread.

The flow of goals began in the sixth minute with Maxi Rodriguez and after Esteban Cambiasso had doubled the lead in the 31st minute, Rodriguez struck again to make it 3-0 ten minutes later. There was no respite for Serbia and Montenegro after the break as, following the dismissal of Mateja Kezman, Hernan Crespo hit Argentina's fourth in the 78th minute. Substitutes Carlos Tevez (84') and Lionel Messi (88') completed the scoring in the final ten minutes.

If anyone doubted Argentina's credentials, they can doubt no more. As for Serbia and Montenegro, this ‘nightmare group’ has become just that.

Netherlands (W=3 pts.)v Ivory Coast (L=zero pts.)

The Netherlands booked their place in the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup™ as goals from Robin van Persie and Ruud van Nistelrooij earned a hard-fought 2-1 win over Côte d'Ivoire in Stuttgart on Friday, 16 June 2006.
Their second win in Group C means the Dutch advanced with a game to spare, along with Argentina who also have six points after beating Serbia and Montenegro 6-0 earlier in the day. Côte d'Ivoire, like the Serbo-Montenegrins, can go no further in this tournament but they certainly pushed the Dutch all the way.

After Van Persie's 23rd-minute free-kick opener, Van Nistelrooij doubled the Dutch lead four minutes later but the Ivorians hit back through a spectacular Bakary Kone effort and threatened an equaliser on more than one occasion.

With this second win by the narrowest of margins, the Netherlands advance to the last 16 alongside Argentina. Debutants Côte d'Ivoire put on another fine show but when they travel home after their final match against Serbia and Montenegro they will reflect on the costly goals conceded early in their first two games.

Mexico (W=3pts) v Angola (L=zero pts)

A brave performance from ten-man Angola saw them hold Mexico to a goalless draw in their Group D meeting in Hanover on Friday, 16 June 2006.
Angola, who lie 53 places below El Tri in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking, frustrated the Mexicans due to a combination of some resolute defending and some superb goalkeeping from Joao Ricardo.

The Palancas Negras' task was made even harder when they had Andre sent off in the 79th minute, but the African side held firm to register their first ever point in the FIFA World Cup™ finals.

Angola collected their first ever FIFA World Cup point with a courageous display and still have a chance of making the second round. Despite creating few clear chances, Mexico, on four points, are nevertheless well positioned to qualify with the fixture against Portugal still to play.

Group C
Argentina 6 pts. (+7 GD)
Holland 6 pts.(+2 GD)
Ivory Coast no pts. (-2 GD)
Serbia and Montenegro no pts.(-7 GD)

Last Match in Group C
Jun 21 - 3 PM
Netherlands v Argentina
Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro

Group D
Mexico 4 pts. (+2 GD)
Portugal 3 pts. (+1 GD)
Angola 1 pt.(-1 GD)
Iran no pts.(-2 GD)

Last match in Group D
June 21 - 10 AM
Portugal v Mexico
Iran v Angola

In the Final 16:
Ecuador, Germany, England
Argentina, Holland

Out of the World cup:
Poland, Costa Rica, Paraguay
Ivory Coast, Serbia and Montenegro

Tomorrow matches
Portugal (3 pts.) v Iran (zero pt.)

both teams are hoping for a win the will put them in good postion for the last match on to the final 16 Portugal is hoping to win to get in, Iran hoped to get a point to make things very isering

Czech Republic (3 pts.) v Ghana (zero pt.)
the Czech look good vs the USA now a win vs ghana would put them in the Final 16

Italy (3 pts.) v United States (zero pt.)
And this is it for the US a loss here will be a big let down from the final eight four years ago
Film Gudie Friday

And Now it time to see what new in the screen up and down left and right in the Metro area with the best or the worst movie out this weekend.

Nacho Libre
Jack Black play a cook by day an a librador by by night in new film, maybe he should stick playing a goofball with a guitar form the review i reading,
Nacoh Libre relies on Cheesy Gas say the Free press in there 2 stars review
'Nacho' is nothing but bland cheese say the detroit news as it a D
and the yahoo reviews where not that kind as well giving a avg of a C+ with review like this:
Entertainment Weekly (D+)"It's a comedy made by people who seem to think they're doing more than they're doing which is making a mildly offbeat Adam Sandler comedy..."
E! Online (C)"It just sits there, making you wish Pedro or Uncle Rico would blast into the scene and make something happen. Tragically, they don't."
at least it got good reviews (B-) "Did Nacho make me laugh while I was in the theater? Certainly. And for a comedy, what more can we expect?"
Chicago Tribune (B-)"...easy to take and easy to forget, even with Black running around Oaxaca in turquoise wrestling tights."
at least Ebert is right
Roger Ebert (C-)"It takes some doing to make a Jack Black comedy that doesn't work. But Nacho Libre does it."

The Lake House
For the first time since 1994 Speed, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are in a movie together by it a love story that is two years apart for the crather it look like the reviews may have a time lapse while watching this film.
The free press gave it 2 stars, The News gave it a D calling it 'Lake House' sinks, Dumb plot disables attempts at believable love or emotional impact. the yahoo reviews were forgettable as it give a avg of a C+
Hollywood Reporter (D) "A time-lapse love story that never jells."
E! Online (C) "Bullock and Reeves have appealing chemistry and some nice tearjerker moments, but audiences should speed by this House on their way elsewhere."
But the Script is better for something else (C) "...the type of film that could make a fantastic half hour episode of The Twilight Zone..."
But at least ebert like it
Roger Ebert (A-) "What I respond to in the movie is its fundamental romantic impulse."

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
On a trip to England, beloved fat cat Garfield (voiced by Bill Murray) is mistaken for another tabby who inherited a castle, i think they want to be there own kitty after seeing this film
Free Press: 'Two Kitties': A lazy cat in a lazy movie (2 stars out of four)
The yahoo reviewers have more fun with there cat than the a big cats in this film with a avg. of a C+
E! Online (D) "Cat fanciers and five-year-olds will have a great time, but everyone else will likely find themselves wishing they'd buried this one in the litter box."
Hollywood Reporter (D) "The indignities are as enormous as the food bills..."
USA Today (C)"...comes off like a coughed-up furball: a wan rehash with too many elements of the hard-to-swallow 2004 original."

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
An American (Lucas Black) in Japan gets caught up in underground street racing and falls for a mobster's girlfriend.
The Detroit Critct like it, The Free press gave it 3 out fo 4 saying is faster and more fun, the News say What a gas!,'Tokyo Drift' is a supercharged vehicle for wildly imaginative racing as it gave a B, the the yahoo reviewer was not that kind
Entertainment Weekly (D+) "The third movie in the Bad News Bears series, a notable turkey, went to Japan. That trip spells certain doom for the Fast and the Furious franchise as well. "
New York Times (C-) "The director, Justin Lin, proves that his overrated indie debut Better Luck Tomorrow was a Hollywood calling card..."
but som like it
Hollywood Reporter (B-) "Car action trumps character, but the move to Tokyo re-energizes the franchise."
and hey Ebert like it
Roger Ebert (B)"...delivers all the races and crashes you could possibly desire, and a little more."

And finaly Sketches of Frank Gehey
Frank Gehry is that rare kind of architect who has garnered both critical acclaim and popular recognition. His designs dramatically blur the line between art and architecture; his sketches and models are the basis for dynamic structures and unpredictable interiors. Gehry's friend, Sidney Pollack, directs this film; akin in nature to Gehry's own impromptu, free-hand style, the two men appear on film...
most of the reviewer like the film The free Press gave it 3 out of 4 the yahoo reviers even like it giving it a avg. of B+
Entertainment Weekly (B+) "...danged if the seductive documentary...doesn't come to resemble a Gehry building itself, all brash, eye-catching, a tad vain, and attractively neurotic."

And now it time to see what new at village Movie of the Damm (AKA Cinemark Movies 16 at the unaversial mall in Warren, MI)

(it was proable a indie filck, not much stars in it)
(i would not touch it with a 20-foot pole)
(it a very well done filck, sad but ture but well done)

Next Week films out


It a rewirting of andy ricter contorl the world but with Adam Sandler with a remote control
Waist Deep

Tyrese Gibson plays an ex-con who has to rob banks to raise the ransom money for the release of his kidnapped child.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Review

Day 7
Thursday, June 15

Once aging on assingment aging in Detoit Rock City, So the as in the last two days all of today match summary are from the Offical FIFA World cup sight on

Ecuador (W=3 Pts.) vs Costa Rica (L= zero pts.)

Ecuador made history by beating Costa Rica 3-0 in Hamburg to qualify for the knockout rounds of the FIFA World Cup™ for the first time

Carlos Tenorio, Agustin Delgado and Ivan Kaviedes scored the goals that secured the South Americans' progress from Group A. Their victory means that they and hosts Germany become the first two teams to book their places in the last 16 - and ends Costa Rica and Poland's hopes of advancing.

Luis Suarez's men did not look back after taking an eight-minute lead through Tenorio's header. Delgado doubled the advantage with a fine near-post finish on 54 minutes and Ivan Kaviedes volleyed the third goal two minutes into added time.

The victory sees Ecuador and Germany become the first two teams assured of spots in the second round of these finals. It is a historic moment for the Ecuadorians on only their second appearance on the world stage.

England (W=3Pts) vs Trinidad & Tobago (D=1 pt.)

England secured their place in the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup™ with a 2-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago but they left it late before striking through Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard

Crouch broke the deadlock in Nuremberg with a headed goal in the 83rd minute and his Liverpool team-mate Gerrard added a superb second in the 91st minute. England, who welcomed back Wayne Rooney as a second-half substitute, have taken six points from their two Group B matches while Trinidad and Tobago remain on one point.

England took their time to see off Trinidad and Tobago, but two late goals mean that, as against Paraguay, they did what they had to do. As for T&T, they emerged with huge credit, if no points, for giving Eriksson's side such a scare.


Sweden (D=1pt.)vs Paraguay (L=zero pts.)

Freddie Ljungberg's 88th-minute header earned Sweden a 1-0 victory over Paraguay.

Ljungberg's strike leaves the Scandinavians strongly positioned to take second place in Group B, three points above Trinidad and Tobago going into their game against leaders England. For Paraguay, however, the late goal spelt heartbreak, ending their hopes of progressing to the second round.

After a performance not dissimilar to that in their opening game, Sweden conjured up their first goal at these finals to secure their first win. While they are now clear favourites to join England in the second round, Paraguay, who again defended bravely without really looking threatening in attack, will make an early exit after their final match against Trinidad and Tobago.

After two Matches in Group play
Group A
Ecuador 6 Pts. (+5 GD)
Germany 6 Pts. (+3 GD)
Poland No Pt. (-3 GD)
Costa Rica No Pt. (-5 GD)

Last match in Group play
June 20th at 10 am
Costa Rica v Poland
Ecuador v Germany

Group B
England 6 Pts. (+3 GD)
Sweden 4 Pts. (+1 GD)
Trinidad and Tobago 1 Pt. (-2 GD)
Paraguay No pts. (-2 GD)

Last Match in group play
June 20th at 3 pm
Paraguay v Trinidad & Tobago
Sweden v England

In the Final 16:Ecuador, Germany, England

Out of the World cup: Poland, Costa Rica, Paraguay

Tomorrow Games
Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro
Argentina look good in there open round game but they will punch there ticket into the final 16 as Serbia & Montenegro tried to bounce back after a 1-0 loss to Netherlands.

Netherlands v Ivory Coast
Netherlands are also hoping to punch ther ticket to the Final 16 but the Ivory Coast
Hoping for win to keep there chance alive.

Mexico v Angola
And Mexico who look good vs Iran will look for a win and go to the super 16 vs a deprate Angola.

White Stripes win lawsuit over royalties

this just in the white stripes win there lawsuit agist a local producer

this is just breaking here is the rought copy from the detroit News and Free Press web sight

White Stripes win lawsuit over royalties

Paul Egan / The Detroit News

DETROIT -- The Detroit garage rock band the White Stripes does not have to share royalties from the band's first two albums with a city record producer, a federal court jury ruled today.

The jury rejected claims from Jim Diamond of Ghetto Recorders that he held co-authorship and deserved a share of royalties from the band's self-titled debut album in 1999 and its second album, "De Stijl," released in 2000.

Lead singer Jack White said outside court he was pleased with the verdict and admitted he was a little worried the jury would go the other way.

"You never know what's going to happen in a trial," said White.

Bert Deixler, White's California attorney, told the jury Diamond acted as a technician who did what White told him to do inside the sound studio and was paid $35 an hour for his services.

Diamond "manufactured these claims … only after the Whites became successful," Deixler said in reference to Jack and Meg White, the Grammy-award-winning band's only two members. "Money changes everything."

Diamond's attorney, Stephen Wasinger, argued White agreed to list Diamond as a co-producer on the debut album but "Jack White changed his position once Jack White and Megan White realized there was money to be made from these records."

Fro the
Free Press web sight,

Breaking news
Studio owner loses lawsuit against White Stripes

June 15, 2006

Email this Print this BY BRIAN MCCOLLUM

A jury ruled in favor of the White Stripes Thursday afternoon in a civil case involving ownership of the group’s earliest work.

The eight-member panel deliberated just 20 minutes before returning its verdict in Detroit federal court, rejecting claims by studio owner Jim Diamond that he deserved part ownership of copyrights for the band’s first two albums.

In addition to back payments Diamond could have received with a favorable ruling, the case involved credit and recognition for the creation of the White Stripes’ music, a signature sound closely linked to the modern revival of Detroit rock.

Attorneys for the White Stripes had argued that Diamond’s engineering work on the records -- microphone placement, reverberation effects, mixing -- did not meet the standards necessary to claim co-authorship. In closing arguments Thursday morning, they equated his role to that of a carpenter following an original blueprint.

“The White Stripes” and “De Stijl,” recorded at Diamond’s Ghetto Recorders studio in 1999 and 2000, sold nearly 600,000 total copies in the wake of the White Stripes’ international breakout in 2001.

With Jack and Meg White looking on, Los Angeles attorney Bert Deixler told jurors that Diamond’s assertion was akin to the claim-jumping of unscrupulous Old West miners. He argued that Diamond’s engineering work on the records did not meet the standard for authorship.

“None of that constitutes originating an original work or causing it to come into being,” Deixler said Thursday in court.

Royal Oak attorney Stephen Wasinger, arguing for Diamond, cited liner notes from the 1999 album “The White Stripes,” in which the band voluntarily gave Diamond a co-producer credit. He called it his client’s most persuasive evidence, from a time period “when credit was more important than money.”

“Mr. Diamond at that time, in that place, was equally talented,” Wasinger told the jury.

Before sending jurors to deliberate, federal judge Avern Cohn patiently walked the eight-person panel through the basics of the notoriously complicated field of copyright law, a field in which he’d earlier acknowledged a lack of experience.

But jurors apparently encountered little trouble navigating the case, delivering its decision far more quickly than many onlookers expected. Jack and Meg White were still eating lunch nearby in downtown Detroit when word came that the jury was set to return to the courtroom shortly after 2 p.m.


The Detroit Free Press web sight at 2:08 PM is reporting that Jury have got the case in a royalty despuite between the Lead singer of the white stripes and the racoutues Jack White and Local producer Jim Diamond.

Jurors at federal court in Detroit heard closing arguments Thursday morning from attorneys in the case, in which studio owner Jim Diamond is suing rockers Jack and Meg White for part ownership of copyrights in the group’s first two albums.

At issue is the degree of Diamond’s creative contribution to the 1999 and 2000 albums, independent releases that sold nearly 600,000 copies in the wake of the White Stripes’ 2001 international breakout.

With Jack and Meg White looking on, Los Angeles attorney Bert Deixler told jurors that Diamond’s assertion was akin to the claim-jumping of unscrupulous Old West miners. He argued that Diamond’s engineering work on the records -- microphone placement, reverberation effects, mixing -- did not meet the standard for authorship.

“None of that constitutes originating an original work or causing it to come into being,” Deixler said Thursday in court.

Royal Oak attorney Stephen Wasinger, arguing for Diamond, cited liner notes from the 1999 album “The White Stripes,” in which the band voluntarily gave Diamond a co-producer credit. He called it his client’s most persuasive evidence, from a time period “when credit was more important than money.”

“Mr. Diamond at that time, in that place, was equally talented,” Wasinger told the jury.

Before sending jurors to deliberate, federal judge Avern Cohn patiently walked the eight-person panel through the basics of the notoriously complicated field of copyright law, a field in which he’d earlier acknowledged a lack of experience.

Jurors would continue deliberations Friday morning if a verdict was not reached Thursday afternoon.

there have been lack of fire work in the trial but the only real drama was on Tuesday where Von Bondies Lead singer Jason Stollsteimer and White were fored in rehashing about there famoue brawl at the Magic Stick on Dec.13 2003 where Stollsteimer testified about finding a message he said was from White. "I found a note stuck to my door with a knife in it," Stollsteimer told the jury.

The knife held up a magazine interview in which White allegedly thought Stollsteimer slighted him by minimizing his role in producing a Von Bondies album. The article, Stollsteimer said, had written across it: "That's the last … time I help you out." Earlier, White said it was "a laughable lie" that he stuck a knife in Stollsteimer's door.

When asked in court if he remembered threatening to ruin Diamond's career in the music industry if he went forward with the suit, the Detroit News quoted White as replying, "I believe I said this was going to ruin his reputation, if he did something like this."

Also on Tuesday, Meg White also took the stand and testified that though Diamond is listed as a co-producer on the band's first album, he should not have been and that Jack White deserved all the credit for producing the album.

Where on call with the the Detroit News and Free Press web sight and the local station and WWJ-AM and if any thing break will copy of the frep. or news web sight and let you know.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Review

Day 6
Wednesday, June 14

Today it was mid week erron get the mid-week pubacation so just like yesterday the match summary are from the offical FIFA world cup site from or you can go to this sight

GROUP G (Match One)
Spain v Ukraine

Spain made a dream start to their 2006 FIFA World Cup™ campaign with a 4-0 victory over Group H rivals Ukraine in Leipzig on Wednesday, 14 June 2006.
Having waited as long as any team to get their campaign under way, Spain raced out of the starting blocks and were two goals in front inside 17 minutes as Xabi Alonso headed a 13th-minute opener before David Villa doubled the advantage.

If Ukraine thought things could not get any worse they were wrong as they lost Vladyslav Vashchuk to a red card just two minutes into the second half after conceding a penalty for a challenge on Fernando Torres. Villa tucked away the spot-kick and Torres completed the scoring with a spectacular half-volley with nine minutes remaining.

For just the second time since 1950, 12-times finalists Spain opened their FIFA World Cup campaign with a win. This was a comprehensive and impressive victory against first-timers Ukraine and should fill Luis Aragones's side with confidence. Ukraine's defeat means not one of the teams competing in the FIFA World Cup for the first time has yet managed a win.

GROUP G (Match One)
Tunisia v Saudi Arabia

An injury-time header from Radhi Jaidi rescued a point for Tunisia as they drew 2-2 with Group H rivals Saudi Arabia in Munich on Wednesday, 14 June 2006.
Jaidi struck two minutes into added time just as Saudi Arabia were contemplating a fine comeback victory. Trailing to Zied Jaziri's 23rd-minute goal, the Saudis drew level through Yasser Al Kahtani's fine near-post finish in the 57th minute and then thought they had taken all three points with substitute Sami Al Jaber completed a sweeping move with a cool finish six minutes from time.

A point a piece for Tunisia and Saudi Arabia after an exciting encounter which both sides will argue they should have won. Spain's 4-0 victory over Ukraine earlier means both teams will fancy their chances of making the second round.

GROUP A (Match Two)
Germany (W=3pts.)v Poland (L=0 pts.)

last-gasp goal from substitute Oliver Neuville gave Germany their second successive Group A victory against Poland in Dortmund on Wednesday, 14 June 2006.
Germany, who had been frustrated for the vast majority of the match through a combination of poor finishing and excellent goalkeeping from Artur Boruc, were grateful when the Borussia Monchengladbach man side-footed home in the first minute of added time.

The result does not guarantee the hosts qualification for the Round of 16, but it leaves them with one foot in the knockout stages.

Germany left it as late as possible to claim the three points and Poland can count themselves unlucky after holding them at bay for so long as the result matched the score when the teams met in the 1974 FIFA World Cup™ semi-final.

Not counting the Germany/Poland game to wrap up the day ever team have played one match in the world cup group stage, so here how things look after on match in the world cup group stage.

Group A
Germany 3pts. (+2 GD, 4 GF)
Ecuador 3pts. (+2 GD, 2 GF)
Costa Rica no pts. (-2 GD, 2 GF)
Poland no pts. (-2 GD, No GF)

Group B
England 3 pts.(+1 GD)
Sweden 1 pts. (even GD)
Trinidad and Tobago 1 pts. (even GD)
Paraguay no pts.(-1 GD)

Group C
Argentina 3pts. (+1 GD, 2 GF)
Holland 3 pts.(+1 GD, 1GF)
Serbia and Montenegro no pts.(-1 GD, 1 GF)
Ivory Coast no pts. (-1 GD, zero GF)

Group D
Mexico 3 pts. (+2 GD)
Portugal 3 pts. (+1 GD)
Angola no pts.(-1 GD)
Iran no pts.(-2 GD)

Group E
Czech Republic 3 pts. (+3 GD)
Italy 3 pts. (+2 GD)
Ghana no pts. (-2 GD)
United States no pts. (-3 GD)

Group F
Australia 3 pts. (+2 GD)
Brazil 3 pts. (+1 GD)
Croatia no pts. (-1 GD)
Japan no pts. (-2 GD)

Group G
South Korea 3 pts. (+1 GD)
France 1 pts. (even GD)
Switzerland 1 pts (even GD)
Togo no pts. (-1 GD)

Group H
Spain 3 pts. (+4 GD)
Saudi Arabia 1 pts (even GD)
Tunisia 1 pts (even GD)
Ukraine no pts. (-4 GD)

Tomorrow Games

Ecuador (3 pts.) v Costa Rica (zero pts.)(A)

After a suprie win vs poland Ecuadoris tring to get there foot in the door in the final 16, Costa Rica is bounce back after a great match in the 4-2 loss they hoped theywin to stay alive.

England (3 pts.) v Trinidad & Tobago (1 pt.)(B)

after a lucky own goal off the foot of David Beckham to cover up a bad show from the english side. there hoping for a better effore from and they get win two and a spots in the final 16 but will Shaka Hislop give anoder big time effore like he did to the Swenden for the soca warroirs

Sweden (1 pt) v Paraguay (zero pts.)(B)

Both teams are trying to come back after really disappoint start vs Trinidad & Tobago and England a win by one team or a draw will mean survivial in the last match in group play.
Breaking Gig guide News



Sonic Youth Will Have A Live Webcast on

it a big week for sonic youth they release their 20th CD Rather Ripped, tickes are going on sale this Friday for Sonic youth, flaming lips show Aug 4th at the state and there going to be on letterman this Friday last night the kick off there summer tour at CBGB last night but for those of you who are thinking of going to the sonic youth show or you kind of torn of going the eather sonic youth or the just added go team show at the stick on the same day.

you be happy to know that tomorrow night Sonic Youth gig at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. will be
webcast live on live at 10 PM it going to be the full concert.
Breaking Culture News

Von Bondies testified in the royalties lawsuit,
12-13-03 Brawl revisited in testimony

The Big story in Culture City today happened yesterday, and I misread the story I posted on Monday(6/14 - 18 Days until Tastefest post)as yesterday testimony begin in the civil lawsuit over royalties from the first two white stripes alblum brought by producer Jim Diamond.

For those of you who do not follow Detroit rock music scence back in 2004 Jim Diamond, Owner of Ghetto Recorders sue the lead singer of the white stripe over back royalties over the first two white Stripes Alblum (1999 self title album debut(where he list as a co-producer and 2000 "De Stijl," (where he listed as a sound mixer)).

The trial (which will last for a week) was held in the courtroom U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn in the US District Court of easten Michigan in Downtown Detroit, Jack White came to court where in wore a black pinstripe suit, black shirt, black tie and a black fedora with a tiny red feather in it.

both white strips and Von Bondies front man Jason Stollsteimer, yes the same Jason Stollsteimer who back on that unfornaite day back on December 13, 2003 Brawl in one of the most infamous fight in Detroit Rock history that when Both Jack and Jason brawl in front of the stage at the Magic Stick during the CD release party for Blance.

Both men testified about the fight in court yesterday Stollsteimer told about finding an unusual message from White attached to his front door, "I found a note stuck to my door with a knife in it," Under the knife was a copy of a magazine interview in which White felt Stollsteimer slighted him by minimizing the help he gave in producing a Von Bondies album. (2001 Lack of Communication which was co- produce by White and diamond) "That's the last time I help you out," Stollsteimer said the profanity-laced message scrawled across the article said.

Earlier, in his own testimony, White said the idea that he stuck a knife in Stollsteimer's door was "a laughable lie."

Stollsteimer also testified the Message came two years before that infamous attack on 12-13-03 in Stollsteimer was watching the performance when he was approached by White. White attempted to speak with him; when Stollsteimer refused to talk, White spat in his face. Stollsteimer was then pushed to the floor and received seven punches to his right eye. White say later on He only punch him once

and white still keep his clam "We fought each other," White said in his testimony. "I claimed he pulled my hair out and was punching me."

White pleaded guilty in 2004 to misdemeanor assault and battery in connection with the incident.

Much of the that although the first album listed Diamond as co-producer, he really was not, and credit for producing belonged solely to Jack White. Diamond was paid $35 an hour for his work on the first album, which is all he was owed, she testifiedlittle direct relevance to the lawsuit, Asked if he recalled telling Diamond he would ruin his reputation in the music industry if he brought the lawsuit, White testified: "I believe I said this was going to ruin his reputation, if he did something like this."

Stripes Drummer Meg White also testified yesterday that although the first album listed Diamond as co-producer, he really was not, and credit for producing belonged solely to Jack White. Diamond was paid $35 an hour for his work on the first album, which is all he was owed, she testified

The trail will last un till the end of the week well keep you posted if any thing happen on the slowest growing blog sight of all of Detroit

And it you have tips on the trail right Now or it any one have a copy of a transcript on the testamoy yesterday please E-mail this blog sight at

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

(17 Days Untill TasteFest)

The US Football team is scerw

well it have been a kind of a Quiet predior in the city i am watching on TV and update it on this blog sight, at the same time i am tring to make it more easy to put together this sight, i know this is a work in progress for the last five and a half weeks but it coming along OK.

And now the For the Best indie New outside of the 313.

Here Some News if you been reading My gig Gudie Bob Dylan Have been busy Doing His radio show on XM satillite Radio and he got lot attenshiot for last years DVD released of the well made No Direction Home documentary which was made by filmmakeer Martin Scorsese, But now there will be a New CD of all New stuff.

According to various reports he will released his (not counting all the reissued) 44th album Modern Times on August 29, Track titles include "Ain't Talkin'", "Thunder on the Mountain", "Spirit on the Water", "Workingman's Blues", "When the Deal Goes Down", and "Neddy Moore".

Now the Rolling stone Maginzine have heard a sneak peek of the alblum and they say on there web sight say the record "mixes elements of 2001's Love and Theft - blues variations and whimsical ballads - with the darker, swampier vibe of the Daniel Lanois-produced classics Time Out of Mind and Oh Mercy."

There will be a summer tour of minor league ballparks with Merle Haggard is in the works. Now the tri country area of detroit dont have any Minor leauge ball park the two closeest Ball park Dylan would play are Fifth Third Field in Toledo,OH (Home of the Triple A and Defending International League Champ Toledo Mud Hens, 59 miles) and Oldsmobile Park in Lansing, MI (Home of the Lansing Lugnuts of the Single A Midwest League, 92 Miles) so if they will play any of those parks we dont know.
But stay tune.

If your saveing on any futher road trips just want to know about two if you got tickets to the Bonnoaro Music Festival you lucky because it all sold out but just like the Coachella festival it will be webcast this friday thoght Sunday at the AT&T Blue room at or you can link to it at

If you want to goes any shorter how about Desdemona Music Festival in Cincinatti Next week with act likes Apples In Stereo, Saturday Looks
Good To Me, VHS or Beta DJs, Northern State, Stellastarr*, Mates of State, The Walkmen, The Fiery Furnaces, The Stills, Radio 4, and We Are Scientists and a three day pass are just $24 Bucks.

And if you want any things closer to detroit there a Birthday Block party for Touch and Go's on September 8-10 at Chicago's Hideout, it will have Calexico, CocoRosie, Enon, Ted Leo/Pharmacists, Pinback, the Black Heart Procession, Shellac, and both the reunited Scratch Acid and the reunited Didjits are scheduled to perform at This gig, which benefits local charities Tuesday's Child, Literacy Works, and the Thomas Drummond Elementary School.

More Info at or it you want you can stick close at home there always the Dally in the Alley on on Sept the 9th near Wanye State.

And before Pat Smear Made his fame as a member of the Foo Fighters, he was a member of a band call the Germs, there was one of the early pionners of the LA punk rock scene in the late 70's and now the the suriving members of the band which inclulde Lorna Doom and Don Bolles and actor Shane West to reform the Germs who will goes on tour this July an Early august, they will play a gig at the Stick on July the 25th.

Now i know your asking what a actor fronting a band?, well Shane west is is paly the part of late lead singer Darby Crash in the new movie What We Do Is Secret with Bijou Phillips it tell the story of the life of the late lead singer who committed suicide in December 1980, just a day before John Lennon was murdered in NYC, not only that he bare a striking resembles of the late lead singer.

Here more info on the band and the movie on the web
Germs MySpace

It was a sad occation last year when the band Luna retired from the music Scene for good after 12 years and seven alblum together they call it a day, But now there going to release a CD of cover songs Next Week (6-20) it call Lunafied a digital-only compilation of some of the indie dream-poppers' best takes on songs by bands from the Velvet Underground to Blondie. On sale at all online music retailers, the 15-track "disc" features songs pulled from EPs and soundtracks released between 1993 and 1999, creating the quintessential collection for fans. Rare tracks include two different versions of Serge Gainsbourg's French-pop classic "Bonnie & Clyde" with Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier and the previously unreleased "Fly Into The Mystery," a track originally by the Modern Lovers.

And for fans of the band also have a documentary DVD thta will out as well entitled "Tell Me Do You Miss Me" out at the same time it is directed by Matthew Buzzell was screen at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC just a month ago and it trek there last ever tour together which include the Detroit area one fo the last few show together, you can see a trailer of the film at there web sight which is still up at

And you think tring to get a date with a girl or a guy is tought in this town, try dating a rap star from the UK, That what Zach Slow a fan of UK Grim Rapper Lady Sovereign From San Francisco did just that on May 8 he start the Web sight "Help Me Get Random With Lady Sovereign" hoping to rasie $10,000 appealing to friends and visitors the the cash before her gig on June 9 th in san fran.

He rasie the money just in time and took the in demand Grime Rapper from the UK who accept the invitation if he could raise the money (if not He would dontae the money of Lady Sovereign Chooseing), so what he do on the Date he ride the town in a limo and have some booze what else.

Want to read more to prover to you we dont make this stuff up it at this site:

That it for the report for today good night and good luck
World Cup Review

Day 5
June 13th

Well i was busy doing other thing with my blog sight so i did not do my report so here a brief match game report from the office FIFA world cup sight from

South Korea vs Togo

Ahn Jung-Hwan turned back the clock four years with a spectacular winning goal as Korea Republic came from behind for a 2-1 victory over ten-man Togo in their opening Group G match in Frankfurt on Tuesday, 13 June 2006.
Surprise semi-finalists in 2002, the South Koreans looked like they might suffer a taste of their own medicine when Togo, on their FIFA World Cup debut, took a 31st-minute lead through Mohamed Kader.

But after Jean-Paul Abalo's 53rd-minute dismissal, Lee Chun-Soo swept home the ensuing free-kick 60 seconds later before Ahn revived memories of his extra-time winner against Italy in 2002 with Korea Republic's second goal 18 minutes from time.

Korea Republic chalk up their first-ever FIFA World Cup win outside of Asia with a spirited second-half fightback. Credit to first-timers Togo, though, for putting their pre-finals problems behind them to push the Koreans all the way.

France v Switzerland

There was once again no separating France and Switzerland as they played out a goalless draw in their opening 2006 FIFA World Cup™ match in Stuttgart on Tuesday, 13 June 2006.
The Group G rivals drew both their meetings in the European qualifying round and recent history repeated itself here in a match of few clear-cut scoring opportunities. The closest either side came was when Swiss midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta's free-kick bounced back off a post and Alexander Frei failed to convert the rebound.

The Stuttgart stalemate leaves the European neighbours two points beneath the early group leaders Korea Republic, 2-1 winners over Togo earlier in the day. It also leaves France without a FIFA World Cup goal in the four finals matches they have contested since winning the Trophy in 1998.

With a point apiece, both sides will be reasonably pleased even if Korea Republic, for the time being at least, sit top of the group. It is the Koreans who are up next for France on 18 June while Switzerland - who have kept their first clean sheet in 23 FIFA World Cup matches - will tangle with Togo the day after.

Brazil vs Croatia

Brazil defeated European challengers Croatia 1-0 in an enthralling Group F encounter in Berlin on Tuesday, 13 June 2006.
The current holders of the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy and their legions of colourful fans provided entertainment both on and off the pitch but they were made to work hard for their victory by a well-organised Croatia side.

After both sides enjoyed a series of half-chances, the goal which proved to be decisive was of the highest order. A minute before the interval, AC Milan midfielder Kaka curled a left-footed shot past Stipe Pletikosa and into the top left-hand corner of the net.

The win gave Brazil their eighth consecutive success in FIFA World Cup™ matches, a new record, and how fitting that it was delivered by the wearer of the Seleção's No.8 shirt.

A winning start for the Seleção, but they were made to fight every inch of the way by a spirited Croatian side who ensured that while Brazil functioned smoothly in parts, they were unable to relax until the final whistle.

Standing after Match One
Group F
Australia 3 pts. (+2 GD)
Brazil 3 pts. (+1 GD)
Croatia no pts. (-1 GD)
Japan no pts. (-2 GD)

Next match in Group F
Jun 18 - Japan v Croatia
Jun 18 - Brazil v Australia

Standing after Match One
Group G
South Korea 3 pts. (+1 GD)
France 1 pts. (even GD)
Switzerland 1 pts (even GD)
Togo no pts. (-1 GD)

Next match in Group G
Jun 18 - France v South Korea
Jun 19 - Togo v Switzerland

Tomorrow Games
The last two games of Match One of group play
Spain vs Ukraine
Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia

and the opening match of the second go around in group Play
Germany (3 pts.) vs Poland (zero pts.)
the home country fave hoped to punch it ticket to the final 16 as they looked impress in their 4-2 win vs Costa Rica, a win by germans cloud KO Poland who look flat vs Ecuador as they loss 2-0, they know one more loos and they could go home after begin bill as faveor to get out of the group stage.
New Music Tuesday

June 13th five Days in to the world cup and someone in the tounrey will be a leagon thatmake the soccer world sing(after seeing the US play i know it not going to us),speaking of legone it was on this day in 2002 the Man that make the whole world sing and also make ever indie rock run for cover when he on ET, Barry Manilow is induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and part of the show Trisha Yearwood sings "Could It Be Magic.".

speaking about luck it was one year ago that freak Michael Jackson is found not guilty on all counts of his child molestation trial in Santa Maria, Calif and have not been see here in this country since then. i think he waiting for his come back and i dont think we care for the beastey boys CD.

Speaking about the beastey Boys and begin lucky it was also on this day in 1998 Lightning strikes more than twice at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington - to disastrous effect. Numerous people in the huge crowd are injured and the multi-act show is halted as heavy rain pours down on RFK Stadium. A 25-year-old woman is the most seriously injured from the lightning strikes, she survired the the ordel and she was know as Lighting Girl Gee i wonder what happend to lighting girl if you Know and reading this any where in the contry let me know at

And you hit Lightning in a bottle at your local indie record story it times for the New released from the only bands that matter.

June 13th

New CD

Brookville - Life in the Shade (Unfiltered)
(it feather Ivy's Andy Chase)

Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang (Aftermath)
(yes he back cha,cha,cha,)
Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds (Tomlab)
(log on to for more info on this band from canada)
Futureheads - News and Tributes (limited edition also available; Vagrant)

The Handsome Family - Last Days of Wonder (Carrot Top)
Hot Chip - The Warning (DFA/ Astralwerks)
Keb' Mo' - Suitcase (Epic)
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (Geffen)

Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope (two-CD limited-edition version also available; Sire/ London/ Rhino)

Widespread Panic - Earth to America (Sanctuary)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Boston - Boston and Don't Look Back (deluxe digipaks; Epic/ Legacy)
Miles Davis All Stars - Walkin' (Prestige)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Fit to Be Tied: Great Hits by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (enhanced; Blackheart)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Legends of American Music: Jerry Lee Lewis - A Half Century of Hits (three-CD box set; Time Life)
Barry Manilow - Live (two-CD special edition; Arista/ Legacy)
The Replacements - Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best of the Replacements (Rhino)
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend (two-CD special edition; Volcano/ Legacy)
Various artists - "Dead Man Walking" soundtrack (special edition with DVD; Columbia/ Legacy)

Music DVD:

Jimi Hendrix/ Otis Redding - "Jimi Plays Monterey/ Shake! Otis at Monterey: The Criterion Collection" (Criterion)
Rush - "Replay X 3" (three DVDs and one CD; Mercury/ Universal)
UB40 - "Live" (Eagle Vision)
Wu-Tang Clan - "Legend of the Wu-Tang: The Videos" (CMV/ Loud/ RCA/ Legacy)
Neil Young - "Heart of Gold" (two DVDs; Paramount)
Various artists - "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" (widescreen edition also available; Universal)
Various artists - "Monterey Pop: The Criterion Collection" (Criterion)

TV on DVD: dont hav the update from but if i get it, it will be update.

Monday, June 12, 2006

(18 Days untill Tastefest)

It was a good and active weekend in culture city this week end as i follow the world cup on TV to update the read from it came from Culture City there was very good games this week end as the world cup is in the middle of the first matches of group play Which you can read on a separt post under the Heading World Cup Review, and yes i know some of you dont like soccer (except for the lead singer of the Capiol Cites, Chris Capiotl) or sports in genaler, but i did warn you that i would go out side the box to talk about sports or polices (which i have not gone yet) but it was a stay at home weekend for your turely so i clean up and whatch the tony awards on TV last night and it was good did not go to the big show like the hard lesson at the magic abd on thursday but did not go out as mush as i typed my blog report and still clean up in the office have to trown out some old stuff thich dont need any more.

So if you know About any show you saw over the weekend you can e-ail the blog sight at

And if you where at the Detroit Festival of the arts this weekend how was that for you do fired off a e-mail at the sight avobe

Well today big story that is getting little atention in the area for the monment, but is going on today is jury selection in the royalties despiute between White Stripes and racounters lead singer Jack White and local producer Jim Diamond
as you know the singer was sued in 2004 by the owners of Ghetto Recorders over work and he clam in the suit he played a pivotal role in creating the two-member rock band's signature sound and deserves a share of the royalties, But the Band deny that Diamond helped create the band's style. The band said in court documents that it paid him $35 an hour for time at his Ghetto Recorders studio, which he started in 1996.

Dont expect for any things to happend this week there just chooing a jury, there will be teastamony next week and who know, there always that change for a out of court settletmeant, stay tune to this blog sight for more info as the trial come along.

Speaking about Jack white and his Other band the video for the Raconteurs "Steady, As She Goes."directed by indie film god Jim Jarmusch when so well hey they decied to do it aging, the band have hired video directed the Malloys to redo the video for Song off there derbut Broken Boy solider it will set in a sopa box car race where each member of the band (Jack, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler) plays an imaginative speed-racing hero and a real evil pit boss tried anything to win to fix the race so his racer will win.

And guess who they got to play the pit boss the one and only Paul Reubens also know as pee wee Herman to play the Evil pit boss just in time for his re-airing of the classes 80 tv seriers "Pee Wee's Playhouse" which will aired on the Cartoon Network Adult Swim lineup starting July 10.

The second video for steady than she goes was going to be showon on yahoo Music on June 19th but some prankers got the video and is not showing it on you tube ouch but the is a live and interview up right Now.

The Show at the Michigan Theaher in Ann Arbor on August 5th is sold out.

speaking of live set coming to a town near you i receved some post on my space an other blog

First here some More Info on the Big Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Wolfmother show at the State theaher on Aug.4, tickets goes on sale this Friday at 10AM and the tickets cost, get ready to save your money $35

But if you can not save money for that one, According to the blog sight Web Vomit( have said that the Go Team! will play the Sitck ten block up the Road north of Woodward on the Same Night Aug. 4 ($12) in anoder one of those long night in Detroit Rock City.

And if your wipe out of that one then a copule of weeks later at the St, andrew Hall On Thursday August 17th one of my faveor Underrated Live Band Rainer Maria (Whose CD Catastrophe Keeps Us Together which have been out a coulpe off Month now) will be playing a gig there with The Format! and a detroit opener TBA

And speaking about TBA this sunday at the Foxtown Area it the 89X Birthday Bash that will take three stage (State, Fox and a stage in the parking lot in between the Two theaher) Across the street for Comerica Park on Woodward. It have ever thing it have Kill Hannah, Gusher, Say anything, Hawthore Heights, Love arcade, The Stills, AFI, Yeah Yeah Yeah's and this band who on saturday night who a spot to be on the bill, There call Bedfore Drive ( or The little band out of southgate who back in May was Name one of the Ten Best Unsinged from there Hometown by Alternative Press Magazine They Been Playing for almost eight years in and around the Detroit area incluing the Hamtramck Blowout a few years ago.

So i found there Drummer Ryan Looney an IM him about the big day coming up this Sunday.

It Came from Culture City: congagultion on get ing the gig on sunday
Ryan looney, Drummer, Bedfore Drive: thanks a lot! appreciate the support!
ICFCC: you welcome how was gig on saturday because you face on
two very good bands, the nice device and one other band which i cant not
remember right now.
RL: well, we went in there thinking we were going to be facing the
nice device for sure... but it turns out they didn't make it to the finals. rather it was some person named jwc that won that night regardless, the show went great we couldn't have asked for a better turnout from everyone
ICFCC: well this even better then begin metion in Alternative Press Magazine as
begin from one of America's TOP 10 Unsigned Bands from your home town
RL: we are just excited to be where we are.. we have to take this
opportunity and really run with it, it could amount to nothing... or something... who knows
ICFCC: Well what is going to be like to warm up the crowd for the
later act like, Say Anything, Love Arcade the still The yeah, yeah, yeahs
RY: it's going to be a surreal moment for us i think. just to play the
legendary state theatre is a milestone for us. and then i'm definitely watching
the yeah yeah yeah's!
ICFCC: well i saw the yeah yeah yeah show back in 2003 at the stick and it a great show indeed
RL: yes, they rock! i saw them at the royal oak music theatre just a couple months ago. their drummer blows me away. just amazing.
ICFCC: you a many other fans who like the yeah, yeah yeah will say
the same thing
RL: i'm also excited for the stills and i'm curious to see say
ICFCC: Well thank you for beging my first interview for my blog sight
after only one month and have fun on sunday.
RL: ohh that was an interview??? haha cool, hopefully sunday will be a blast
ICFCC: sorry i am new at this blogging thing i should have told you
before hand sorry
RL: it's okay.
ICFCC: all right have fun an let me know how it when
RL: will do! take care!

They will play at 4:30 PM at the State Stage inside the state Theaher, The Doors opend at 3 PM

And Now it time for the the best Indie News outside the 313

And before this place reduce to rumble, Hey let rocks out the place one more time for good measere, Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty have made a third verson of Burn to Shine a very live gig video where they do a serier of live performace of bands that played one song at a house scheduled for demolition at the end of the day. In Volumed three it is located in Portland the line up in this DVD curated by Chris Funk of the Decemberists feather the Shins, the Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney, Mirah, Quasi, The Thermals and the Gossip But the real treat is at the end of the Day from the press release describes the post-show portion of the film as follows: "Filmed as the sun is setting, the DVD concludes with an incredible fire as we watch the house being burned to the ground by the fire department. This is beautifully shot and accompanied by an experimental spoken word piece by Brendan Canty."

The DVD will be out on August 22 on Trixie DVD, the past DVD which was film in Washington, DC and Chicago, respectively feather band like Tortoise, Wilco, Shellac, Ted Leo, Q and Not U, Bob Mould, the Evens, Freakwater and my fave The Ponys.

You can find more info at

On July 10th in the UK The Storke will release there next single "You Only Live Once" Big Deal right, But there more to the story on the B-side will be a cover of the old mowtown classic Marvin Gaye's 1971 song "Mercy Mercy Me" It will have a all star cast The Storke will join by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme how good this will sound well see about that.

And it been a long time since we heard anything from Singer/songerwriter Lisa Germano ( 2003's Lullaby for Liquid Pig.(I Got here only relase from her 4AD Days, excerpts from a love cirus) But she is back with a new CD In the Maybe World out July 18 on Young God Lable.

And i was a better weekend for the Tigers after only winning only 3 out 11 games and still in first place they took two out of three from Toronto.

Still leading the all of baseball at 40 and 23 a game and a half ocer the white sox and half a game over a new foe the New york Mets The best record in the Nataul League at 39 and 23.

And Now it time for the top 10 movie of the week, and as Expect the CGI film Cars with voices from Owen Wilson,Paul Newman,Bonnie Hunt,Larry the Cable Guy and other lap the field three times (NASCAR term)to takes home No.1 spot in the box office with a take of $60.1 million, aldought it good it did not match the preavos opening from other Pixar films likes The Incredibles(2004,$70.4 million),Finding Nemo(2003,$70.2 million)and Monsters, Inc.(2001,$62.6 million)but the movie is still good go out to see it.

1. Cars, $60.1 million
(it a great movie, better than toy story)
2. The Break-Up, $20.3 million
(fans is looking for better movie)
3. X-Men: The Last Stand, $16.1 million
(hey it grossing $202.2 million after three weeks)
4. The Omen, $16 million
(Not bad fro a filck that was opend on a tuesday, the total for the six days(6-6-06/6-11-06) is $36.3 million which whold be good for second place.
5. The Da Vinci Code, $10.4 million
it will reach the 200 million mark Next week)
6. Over the Hedge, $10.2 million
(if you want to know why cars is not better grossing then The Incredibles,Finding Nemo, and Monsters, Inc. that why)
7. A Prairie Home Companion, $4.6 million
(nto because Lindsay lohan was in it, but it opend in limited release in 760 screens)
8. Mission: Impossible III, $3 million
9. RV, $1.9 million
10. Poseidon, $1.8 million
All these films will be forgetable expect for M:I 3 by Next week

Well that it for the blog post today dont forget tomorrow is New Music tuesday and more world cup soccer

Take care
It going to be 77* and A mix of clouds and sun Tomorrow
Good Night And good luck
World Cup Review

Day 4
June 12th

Australia v Japan

I Miss the 1st 30 Mintues of the Match so i am little off track so insaid of my take off this match i going to put the wire copie of this match.

Sorry i was up untill 4:15 am this Morning finsh up a couple of post(Yesterday world cup Report and the gig guied, Because the person who i shared this comput was spening too much time find unclame cash on the inter net and eat up my time big time.

(From FIFA world cup site on

Substitute Tim Cahill was the hero for Australia as the Socceroos scored three times in eight minutes to beat Japan 3-1 in Kaiserslautern and record both their first goals and their first ever win in FIFA World Cup™ finals history on Monday, 12 June 2006.
Trailing at half-time to Shunsuke Nakamura's 26th-minute goal, the opening Group F match turned on its head with the arrival of Cahill. He equalised with a close-range strike in the 84th minute and then fired a spectacular second in the 89th before striker John Aloisi put the icing on the cake two minutes into added time.

(Ed.) I saw all three goals and it was amazing to see a team who have not score any world Cup goals or even win a match pull the Upset as they pull defeat or even a draw in a big time win thank to a great Substitute and now even the Aussie are a long shot to win the whole thing Cahill will be a Hero.

United States v Czech Republic

This is the open match of what some say is the toughest group in the world Cup that feather four good team this is two of them. USA vs the Czech in one of the good match up that feather a USA team who want to prove that that there amzing run that put them in to the quarer-final before falling to Germany, On the other hand the Czech Republic are hugh fave to go far in the world cup rank high as No.2 in the FIFA World ranking (Brila No.1 from FIFA).

As the two teams goes on the pitch the hopes and Dream of both country hoping to goes far inthe world Cup as tghe Chezh hoped to prove there No.2 Ranking while the the stars and stripes prove that four year ago was no joke.

Afher a few mintues of good shot the Czech stirke first from a beauful header for Jan Koller of a nice pass from Zdenek Grygera to show why there the Numbers two team in the World to put them adhead 1-0.

The US tried to get the got to pull even but they cant pull thre trick with chance from Booby Convey,Eddie Pope and Brian Mcbride, The Czhec tried to go up 2-0 but the header by Defender Zdenek Grygera when over the goal.

The US Almost got it on even level whenb a sure Claudio Reyna goal from 25-yards out hit the left goal post as the tied goal is still elsued them as they tried to get back this game.

But Czhec got there second Goal of the Game with a sceamer by Tomas Rosicky that past ture US Goalkeepers to put the US down 2-0 and put the US down in a big hole Big time, And then in the 43rd Mintues Jan Keller fell Awkwardlly and injerd what is look lihe his Knee which could be a big blow if his is miss the rest of the tourny that could not happen at a worst time as the Czech goes up 2-0 at half time.

both teams was keeping the game at a even pace but it pick up as Marek to make it 3-0 but it was stoped by of a good takle from Pope and then Tomas Rosicky rocket off the crossbar.

The US had it chance when Landon Donovan put a pass for Eddie Johnson but the Czhes goalie Petr Cech was on the ball to stop that on and then the Czech came back the other side and wrap it up with a break away goal by Rosicky to put this game out of reach with a 3 - nil.

As Final wishle Sound the Czhec despie the loss of Koller show the why they are Number two in the world with a good three - zreo win, For the US it what now as they face a really must win game vs Italy on Saturday

Note: at the begin of the second half Jan Koller who went down was seen limping into the side line giveing the thumbs up he will be OK but heis ablivalb for the next match vs Gauna in unknown.

Italy v Ghana

We go to handover for a andoer good one as The always faveor Italy Team Face on a ver good angoa team who making it first world cup game ever nut it will be tought as Italy have never loss to a team from African.

The match was domatian by Italy for much of the match shoting the 1st five shot, Ghana did not get a shot un till the 28th mintues as th team from afician with a lot of goo chanch but the spell was broken just before half time time as Andrea Pirlo took the ball of a corner kick from Francesco Totti from 20-yards to put the blue shirt 1-0 lead just befor the break.

The second half start was a feeling out proseec but the second half burst out with Totti great pass to Alberto Gilardinobut ghana goalkeeper stopit it his legs a good effor indeed, a few mintues later Michael Essien shot on the other end for ghana but was stoped by italy keeper Gianluigi Buffon.

The Itallin almost made it 2- nil when simone got a pass and did some fancy foot work for goal but Richard Kingson had a ahnd in the save.

As it get down to crunch time in the Match Ghana tried it best they ca to get back in the match But a bad pass bu Samuel Kuffour lead Italy Vincenzo Iaquinta a clear run at goal as he kick it to the empty net to put it away 2-0 as they ties the Czech Republic in group B, Puting Ghana in a must win game as weel vs the Czech on Saturday, and the US team after the lost today they need a lot of help.

Standing after Match One
Group E
Czech Republic 3 pts. (+3 GD)
Italy 3 pts. (+2 GD)
Ghana no pts. (-2 GD)
United States no pts. (-3 GD)

Next match in Group E
June 17 - Czech Republic v Ghana
June 17 - Italy v United States

Standing after Match One
Group F
Australia 3 pts. (+2 GD)
Japan no points (-2 GD)

June 18 - Japan v Croatia
June 18 - Brazil v Australia

Tomorrow Games
Brazil v Croatia
South Korea v Togo

France v Switzerland