Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Update on who on the Second to last Tops of the pops
from the the BBC Tops of the Pops Web site

Franz Ferdinand 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On'
McFly 'Don't Stop Me Now'
James Dean Bradfield 'That's No Way To Tell A Lie'
Rogue Traders 'Voodoo Child'
Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Tell Me Baby'
Huey Lewis And The News 'The Power Of Love'
James Morrison 'You Give Me Something'
New No.1? 'TBA'
It got to be Lilly Allen

Speaking of which i now time for tonight selection in the late night Music Club and since this weekend is the 4th street Fair in Detroit on 4th street just off antoinet just a few block south of the New Center area we have to look at our self and say my my my look how far we come, it was this same festival in July of 1998 the band was just only a year old and the white stripes some how, some way rock the house at the 4th street fair at the lot stage oh yest there where young very voung But they keep on play before the fame a stripes gig on the weekend was a major event in detoit you have to be there.

And Now the Tops of the pops is going away i thinl it apport to play you the only White Stripes Tops of the pops gig i can found on you tube From 2002 this is fell in love with a girl

And if you want to see the Pictures of there appencen at the 98 4th streets fair you can get them at the unoffical white stripes web sight at:
The Photo page from the 98 4th street fair
is here at:

And by the mag still look Pretty like she did in 2002.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome the Mid summer week end

Well it Friday, and it the begin of the weekend and since there is no Live and local news stuff so let focu on the long, weekend that is coming up in Detroit.

The Big event that is domiating the weekend section and the Mid-week weekly is the 14th annual Concert of Colors which this year is begin Move from there long time home Chene Park's east of the detroit river-front to it New home Max M. Fisher Music Center just about a few block south of the Stick, the Cover is Free now since this post is begin on Friday Night it to late to post the Friday line-up so let me put the Whold weekend line-up


Diversity Stage
2 p.m. Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band
3:30 Tumbao Bravo
5:15 Daara J
7 Alison Brown Quartet
8:30 Detroit Cobras
10 NoJazz
Rhythm Stage
2:15 p.m. Stonefish Family Hoop Dancers
3:15 Pun Plamondon Storytelling
3:45 Kalyan Pathak & Jazz Mata
5:15 Kaiju Daiko Ensemble
6:15 Daiko Clinic
7:15 Like Water Drum & Dance


Diversity Stage
1:45 p.m. Asheba
3 Dick Siegel
4:45 Bombolesse'
6:30 Les Gitanes de Sarajevo
8:30 Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys
10:15 Amp Fiddler
Rhythm Stage
2:15 p.m. Karim Nagi and Turbo Tabla
3:45 Stonefish Family Hoop Dancers
4:45 Pun Plamondon Storytelling
5:15 Kaiju Daiko Ensemble
6:45 Jaliya
7:45 Rhythm Revolution Drum Circle

you can find more info at concert of colors at:

Also in detroit rock City and just a couple of Miles northwest up the road at Forth street just off Antoinette st. just a few block South of the New Center is the Positively Fourth Street Fair now it a low key celeabartion so the is no web sight or my space page.

But have the Full-line up on there web sight, Remember it go to noon to Midnight and good luck on geting a parking spot.

There be tunes from the likes of Purple Gang, Brainsaw, Country Bob and the Bloodfarmers, Adu Afrobeat Orchestra, Decibilt, Cuckold, the Muldoons, Bill Bondsmen and others.

But if you want to get out early you might want to go down 2nd or 3rd Street south for the Season opend Match of Detroit Derby Girls, (you remember they put on demo matches at tastefest near the Main Stage) there first Match pitch The Detroit Pistolwhippers v.s. D Funk All-Stars Doors opens at 7 PM, and the match begin at 8 PM and the cover is $15 Dollars. ticket could be at the door or can be bought at Star Tickets, Meijer, Northern Lights Lounge, Orbitz Hair Salon in Ann Arbor, Danny's Irish Pub in Ferndale.

you can get more info on that at
But if you are not inserti in a indoor or out door event in Detroit hey why go for a indoor club show

This weekend in a around detroit from band i know on

Slumber Party is opening up for Six Organs of Admittance at the stick on Saturday

Sara Celina & The Sabateours, Hey Sailor, Hotness are playing the PAINTED LADY in hamtramck also on saturday

Also if you are listen on radio this sunday check out Little Steven's Underground Garage Show on sunday on WCSX-FM (94.7) Where little steven will play the First track from Son of Iggy yes Ypsilanti's own James Osterberg Jr the son of the one and only iggy pop will befeather on the Show as well as interview with Iggy on the show which aired on 94.7 from 6:45 to 9:00 PM, or it will be avlble on line after 10 PM on his web sight

The top indie news in this post is Arcade Fire who was still recovering after after there Smash debut record "Funeral" Blew up big time, some say it the best album in the last 20 years now on there haed at work on the follow up to Funearal.

In a recent e-mail update, Scott Colburn, producer/engineer for the Arcade Fire's upcoming sophomore release, revealed a juicy peak into the recording process for the band's new album.

"The band went into the church ahead of me and my assistant James Ogilvie," Colburn wrote. "They recorded a sample of the organ playing a chord in different registers. Win called me and told me how excited he was about the organ. He said is [it] was super loud and so overwhelming that it brought a tear to his eye. I promptly called him a pussy.

"When I first walked into the church and saw the organ, I just stood dead in my tracks. 'Now THAT's a fucking pipe organ!' I thought... During the first take, I became overwhelmed by the grandeur of the whole thing. I heard that piece in it's finished state and it was magnificent! Tears rolled out of my eyes. I don't know what came over me, but it was a complete emotional release. The problem was that there were mics all around me, so I really couldn't sob. So I'm trying to hold back any kind of vocal component to this overwhelming joy I was experiencing.

"When the take was over, I took off my headphones and dryed my eyes on my shirt. James asked if i was OK and I said, 'yeah man, that was a great take!' I looked at Regine with my red eyes and said, 'awesome!' and then I thought...'whose [sic] the pussy now?'"

Other highlights from Colburn's update include a segment where the Arcade Fire try to achieve a "Come Together"-like drum sound, Wow it look like this may be a good record now if you want to read the full report, The Folks at have the rest of the E-mail report just by
clicking Here.

It look like Lambchop will return with a New Alubm Since 2004 Two CD release Aw C'mon and No,You C'mon, There 9th Studio Album will be Call Damaged According to Merge Records A new Lambchop album is always cause for jubilation here at Merge HQ. This marks the ninth release on Merge from this Nashville collective anchored by the enigmatic songwriting of Kurt Wagner. It's true that we are all damaged in one way or another, to some extent - physically, emotionally, psychologically - and this intricately beautiful recording shines a light on the damage that we tend to do to ourselves and to others. It's another triumph for one of our label's true mainstays."

They Will tour but there is No Detroit Date
The Closest to Detroit is:
Sept. 24 Mod Club Theatre in Toronto
Sept. 25 Park West in Chicago

It look like Zack Braff (from NBC Scrub) who was in that very good movie Garden State is doing the Film call "Last Kiss" and he pick the soundtrack for the film it post on
his web site the movie come out on Sept 15.

1. Chocolate - Snow Patrol
2. Star Mile - Joshua Radin
3. Pain Killer - Turin Brakes
4. Warning Sign - Coldplay
5. Ride - Cary Brothers
6. El Salvador - Athlete
7. Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
8. Reason Why - Rachael Yamagata
9. Hold You In My Arms - Ray LaMontagne
10. Prophecy - Remy Zero
11. Paper Bag - Fiona Apple
12. Today's The Day - Aimee Mann
13. Arms of a Woman - Amos Lee
14. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise) - Rufus Wainwright
15. Paperweight - Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk

and for any of you who want to know the alturnvite Grammy which is the The PLUG Awards have book there 2007 version for Febraury 8th 2007 at Webster Hall in NYC, Now this awards was first memton to me by Becky Carr from
Yarrr! PR and i check out there myspace site which lead me to the website and it a very good awards show, so i want you to check out there web sights at and check all the 2006 winners.

And in Late break news at about 4:30 on the post from the soon to departing Sleater-Kinney that there last show will not be on August 11th but it will be on August 12th in there hometown in Portland, Oregan, why do a second show overwheling demand of there 1st show was sold out to huge demand but there 250 ticket and the 1st 500 tickets will be available by walk up in portland om July 15th an 1 PM PDT(4pm EDT) the rest of the second portland show will be made available on line so if anyone in the the SE Michigan region or outside the region who is reading this blog sight and if you want to go to portland to see Sleater-Kinney last show ever this is your chance.

before i warp it up with the all import Weather Frocast for any of you who are going to the 4th Street Fair

In sports, the Tigers face on the KC Royals at the Copa to defend their best record in Baseball(Not if the the white sox have any thing to say about that, they face on the yankees)

And the good old NASCAR boys are in Loudon, N.H. as my Driver Gordom go for two in a row and move up the 10-race Chase for the Cup.

And Now that all import Weather Forcast becasuse the Tigers is in town this week end and the 4th Street Fair is this weekend from Noon to midnight so we have not have a bad rain out in a detroit Music Fair (one Day) since the 2001 Dally in the Alley where heavy Rain wash out the entire Dally in the alley from 6 PM untill Close except for the techno Stage that was not wash out and Since last year on the opening Hours or day one of the 2005 Comerica Tastefest. so the weather is important so i post tomorrow and Sunday (Rain Date) Forcast: From all the News Channel in Detroit and and fron the weather Channel.

The Weather Channel
Temp Hi - 89°
Sky - A few clouds in the morning, otherwise sunny by Day
Clear skies by Night
Temp Hi - 95°
Sky - Mainly sunny

WJBK-TV (FOX 2) - Rich Luterman
Temp Hi - 90°
Sky - Sunny
Temp Hi - 94°
Sky - Sunny

WDIV (LOCAL 4) - Chuck Gaidica
Temp Hi - 92°
Sky - Sunny, hot and humid by day
Mostly clear, warm and muggy by Night
Temp Hi - 95°
Sky - Sunny, humid and even hotter by Day
Mostly clear, warm and muggy by Night

WXYZ-TV (Channel 7 Action News) - Jerry Hodak
Temp Hi - 91°
Sky - Plenty of sun, Hot and muggy
Temp Hi - 96°
Sky - sunny as well

Maigic Bag
Lager House
Saint Andrews Hall
The Belmont
State Theatre
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Meadow Brook Music Festival
New Movie Friday

Well it time once aging for a look at movie playing in detroit Screens this weekend the First New Film is "You, Me and Dupree," A newlywed couple (Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon) must deal with an unwanted houseguest (Owen Wilson) who won't leave but the reviewer have already left.
The Detroit News did not like this Movie at all as Tom Long said Laughs anybody? There aren't many in 'Dupree', Owen Wilson can't revive the tired genre about a guy in his 30s who never grows up.(D+)
The Detroit Free Press was some what Mix saying "Crash course in mooching, 'You, Me and Dupree' is familiar but likable" (2 out of Four)
The yahoo reviewer avg a C
E! Online: "...more of a sentimental chucklefest than a belly-laugh factory." (B)
Chicago Sun-Times: "...has the feel of a film that could have gone in any number of directions, and perhaps at one time went in all of them." (C) "...ends up being as contrived as comedies come." (D+)

"Little Man,"
A short-statured criminal (Marlon Wayans) poses as a child to recover a stolen diamond from an unsuspecting couple.
Now the Rule state say it5 must be a review from the paper But on look at the review from the news there Review did not even botther to review (they used the NY Newsday review (D), it a bad Movie
Free Press: 'Little Man' turns out better than expected (2 out of 4)
yahoo review avg: C
Hollywood Reporter: "...the picture starts to give off the funky whiff of unattended Pampers.(C)
New York Post: "...will stink up theaters like several gross of dirty diapers." (C)
Chicago Tribune: "...this is the kind of premise that should have stayed in cartoon-land." (C-)
San Francisco Chronicle: "...absolutely positive that this is not a good film..." (C) "...definitely the worst theatrical release so far this year."(D+)
New York Times:"Not that the Wayans brothers are conscious of anything more than the fortune to be had..." (D+)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...if you actually liked the movie 'White Chicks' then it's possible you also would like 'Little Man.'" (D+)
Well pradon the pun this movie Stunck up the Joint.

"Strangers with Candy," Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), a middle-aged former runaway and junkie, goes back to high school. With Stephen Colbert. it base out of the old Comedy Central show.
The News Really Like it saying'Candy' Tacky, wacky and twisted,Amy Sedaris film is refreshingly disturbing with crude jokes.(B)
The Free Press did not like as much Cable sitcom makes ho-hum film, 'Strangers' runs thin on laughs (2 out of four)
the revierew Avg: B
Entertainment Weekly: "If you loved Amy Sedaris before in a golfer-lady wig and inbred chump's grin, you'll maybe love her again here..." (B) "...only maintains its antagonistic inappropriateness long enough to fill out its first 45 minutes..." (B)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "If the slapdash script lacks bite, it has no shortage of attitude." (B-)
Hollywood Reporter: "The humor is more uneven, less subversive than you would hope." (C)
New York Times: "...does not quite rise above its spoofy, basic-cable origins." (C)

"A Scanner Darkly,"
Keanu Reeves stars in this animated adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel about an addictive drug that causes split personalities.
'A Scanner Darkly' a huge mindbender, There are scenes that go nowhere and scenes that do in offbeat film about an undercover cop" said the Detroit News (C+)
But the Free Press Beg to differ, Innovative animation drives 'A Scanner Darkly'(3 out of 4)
But over all the Reviewer:B-
Chicago Tribune: "It's one of the most faithful movie adaptations of any Dick story to date..." (A-)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...weirdly fascinating in its own maverick way." (B)
Entertainment Weekly: "...I confess I could barely make heads or tails out of anything in A Scanner Darkly." (C-) "It's rising action that rises, endlessly, to nowhere." (C-)

The Last Film out this week is "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man," A ubiquitous influence even as he remains elusively elsewhere, Leonard Cohen is back. Woven through a riveting tribute is a career-spanning interview with the man himself
The Free Press what unever about this Film Artists go flat in concert salute to Leonard Cohen (2 out of 4)
The News outsource the review to a andore paper so why botter
The reviers like the Film overall Avg: B-
New York Times: "...wonderful..." (A-)
E! Online: "For fans it'll be a treat. For newcomers, you're better off just buying a greatest hits CD." (B)
Entertainment Weekly':"I'm not generally a big fan of tribute concerts, but this is a glorious exception." (B+) "Here's a prime example of what happens when fascinating subject matter falls prey to inept filmmaking." (C-)
New York Post: "His musical absence is partly compensated for by director Lian Lunson's interviews with Cohen..." (C)

And now let what new at the Village Movie theaher of the Damm AKA Cinemark Movies 16 at the Unaverisl Mall in Warren, MI

It a well Done film, and a good indie Film
It a wheal of a tale
I dont want to know
You Guess it A Anamited Zoo Ficks

Next Week in Detroit screens

Clerks II
Director Kevin Smith's foul-mouthed slackers get behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant. With Rosario Dawson.

Lady in the Water
An apartment manager finds a mysterious young woman in the complex's swimming pool. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Monster House
An animated tale about a boy who suspects that the creepy old house in his neighborhood is really alive and dangerous.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
A guy (Luke Wilson) dumps his clingy girlfriend (Uma Thurman) only to learn she's a superhero out for payback.

And after i come back from the 4th Street on staurday Night i watch the burritos version of the Classic Doc DIG!

It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

After A Couple Of Day away, tonight seletion in the Club is Back to Tops Of the Pops as it wind Down 42 years just 2 weeks from Now on July 30th on the BBC.

Tonight Seletion - Rod Stewart - "Maggie May."

I kwon what your Saying That guy that so 1970

i know But if you look very Closely to the Guy who Playing mandolin or trying to play it that was John peel the Late Great John Peel in this 1971 Clip he is pretending to play mandolin. and ever time you memtion John Peel about 25% of the time they will tell of how he join the Face with rod for Maggie May.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breaking Culture News

Eminem Accused of a strip Clb attack

WXYZ report on there Newscast tonight that a man clam he was punched in the face by rapper Eminem early Thursday.

The Man Name Miad J told the Station that he was hit by the celebrity rapper at about 1 a.m. Thursday.

Miad says he was in the men’s room, using a urinal next to Eminem, when another man entered the men’s room and started to talk to the rapper.
He says one of Eminem’s bodyguards told the man to be quiet. Miad says he then asked the bodyguard to ease up on the star struck man in the restroom.
"Eminem got done and boom," Miad recounts. "He started swinging."
"I wasn’t even expecting it," Miad said Thursday. "I was just minding my own business, taking a leak."

Detroit Police is still awaiting Eminem side of the story

No one from Eminem’s camp or from Cheetah’s strip club would comment on the alleged incident Thursday Night.

Ch. 7 have the Story on there web Sight or you can
click Here or you can click here for a video of the Story
It Came From Soak City (well from the Newsroom at lease)

Things are almost getting back to normal around here at the room that house the Culture City Newsroom after a really bad late night and Morning and afternoon and and a little bit on Wednesday, it start on Late night on Tuesday i was editing the Late Night Music Club post on the Late Syd Barrett with a Pink Flody Video untill i fell some water in the Basements room and i knew there was troble in the room becasue i was going to a near-by bar where a friend was celeabarte a birthday nut could not go to it because it Rain so hard in the Detroit area late at night so i did not want get wet so i say home and that where the fun begin after i fell the water i knew that the basement was flooed and i move the Pump Hose outside the backyard and pump out all the water in the washing room i took only 3 mintues and a cloup of sturgle with the pump as it came back in the room but the water was stuck in the room so for the rest of the night untill 5 Am i clean up and thing on the floor and trow away all the stuff that got wet that was hard including a sing programe from tastefest from cat power ouch.

The Big carpet soak up the Water like a sponge and it was a tought time to get the water out of there so i gave up at the time Local 4 Today began at 5 AM by Mid after-noon me and my dad have a tought time geting rid of the Big Carpet which was put in after the room was remodle at one point i hade to move a big TV to a table but when i put it down My finger got cagut under the TV and got cut i was a big ouch! so thing got back to nornal by Wednesday Night With the TV back on the TV Stand and a News Smaller Carpet And Start Wring stuff for this post so ever thing is going good, so that the time i want to put behind me. so let see what is going out in around Detroit

The big Event this weekend in Culture City it the Second best or first Best Street Fair depending who you talk too in Metro Detroit, it the Positively 4th Street Fair it will go from Noon to Midnight at Forth street just off Antoinette st. just a few block South of the New Center just remember no pets at 4th streets, you can getyou can get the full lineup at the
But some of the Highlights are:

The Pizazz - Park Stage - 4:00 PM
The Dont Look Now Jug Band - Artie Jackson Stage - 6:00 PM
The Sirens - Artie Jackson Stage - 7:00 PM
THTX - Artie Jackson Stage - 9:00 PM
The Muldoos - Artie Jackson Stage - 11:00 PM
Hell Bells - Streets Stage - TBA
Velvet Audio - Garden Stage - TBA
The Decks - Garden Stage - TBA

And if you are going to the Concet of colors this weekend you want to read a preview of two of the acts as they interview each other at Techno artist Amp Fiddler meet with Detroit Corbras Mary Ramirez to break down there music stealy
you can click here for the story.

And Speaking about the white Stripes the Band have been adopted by all people, the Italian football fans(quick jack, reform for a one off gig in Rome)Folling the Country stunning 5-3 pentaly kick victory after a 1-1 tie in regulation and in extra time the player on the squad led by Francesco Totti started siniging and humming the Riff from the song "Seven Nation Army" from the unforgetable 2003 Smash CD "Elephant" and when there fans was party in the street of rome According to the Band "There were 500,000 people singing in the Streets. It become Italy Second Nation Anthem but then it get good on tuesday The Rolling Stones on stage for the first time since Keith Richards fell from a plam tree, The Crowd was rocking when after the final song from the stone there were join on stage by Italian team-mate Alessandro Del Piero and Marco Materazzi(you know the one that was head-butt by Zinedine Zidane that got him a red Card) led the crowd in a capella version of the song.

All that by the Italian soccer team and there fans have touch Jack white, In a statement to the NME in the UK he said Jack White said: "I am honoured that the Italians have adopted this song as their own. Nothing is more beautiful in music than when people embrace a melody and allow it to enter the pantheon of folk music."

"As a songwriter it is something impossible to plan. Especially in modern times. I love that most people who are chanting it have no idea where it came from. That's folk music," he added.

but the band have no plans to re-released the single in Italy, Jack is too busy with his other band the Racounturs.

And if your thinking of getting Tickets to the August 11 at the Detroit Opear House which go on Sale on Friday 10 am at the Detroit Opera House Box Office you might want to think twice of going after you read this: “Tickets will ONLY be available through or by phone(1-248-645-6666). There will be NO outlet or venue box office sales for this event. Two ticket limit per person will be STRICTLY enforced. Tickets will be available beginning 2pm day of show and will require purchaser’s photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Also on sale this weekend

Massive Attack - State Theatre - Tuesday,September 12 - $40
Arlo Guthrie - The Ark - Sunday, October 22 - $47.50-$52.50
John Mayer & Sheryl Crow - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Wednesday, September 6
Sit-down $53-$63, The Grass $27.50

Also go to - where you can hear session from a band who was sing to Sufjan Stevens lable Asthmatic Kitty Records the Victoria, BC
Shapes and Sizes they did a sesstion and Shotgun & Jaybird which feather Ex-Eric trip and lovley solo singer Julie Doiron in vocals

The Big News of Indie news out side the 313, 1st was Sleater-Kinney Calling a indefinite hiatus a few weeks ago and now it look like Weezer may that onw too if you believe frontman and main songwriter Rivers Cuomo in a interview for he told the Web sight "For the moment, we are done," said Cuomo in the inteview. "And I'm not certain we'll ever make a record again, unless it becomes really obvious to me that we need to do one.

"All this year, I've been feeling pretty creative and excited, so I've been writing a lot. I don't know what'll happen with these songs... I certainly don't see them becoming Weezer songs and I don't really see the point of a solo career, so we'll just have to wait and see."

oh No, but if history is any lesson this would be not the First time that the Band have taking a indefinite hiatus, the last time the band did this was in 1997 after the release of Pinkerton at that time Cuomo was studying at Harvard and he morn the deaths of close friends Mykel and Carli Allan, also during that time he play some solo show in Boston untill 2001 Weezer was released.

Also shooting have began on the biopic on the late Lead Singer of Joy Division Ian Curtis and it is called Contorl, The Movie is base on the Book wirten by his widow Deborah and according to report from the music sight it will explore Curtis' relationship with the women in his life, his epilepsy and the rise of Joy Division, leading up to his tragic 1980 suicide.

The film is being directed by Anton Corbijn, who has previously worked on U2 and Depeche Mode DVDs and who photographed Joy Division upon moving to the UK in 1979,
Sam Riley of 10,000 Things will be playing Curtis in the film.

A release date have yet be set for the film but there will be a soundtrack for the film that will inclued song from Joy Division and their earlier incarnation, Warsaw and it will also feature Roxy Music, Lou Reed, the Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop and, of course, New Order the band that countued after New Order.

But in the Meantime read the Book Control and the get the DVD of the 2002 film 24 Hour Party People direct by Michael Winterbottom and it told the story thur the eyes of there lable boss Factory Records(and UK TV host)Tony Wilson it is very good expecty the DVD commtary of the film from the real tony willson, it is so good.

A follow up to details of the New Killer album which will be released on October 3 in the us, But they did not have a alubm title yet, now we have one the CD will be called Sam's Town and will be release on Oct.3 and if you want to know that is the same Name of a Las Vegas Casino Near the fame Strips(and the Killers are from vegas), Mean wheld the kill release about 40 seconds of the 1st single "When You Were Young" but have the Full song
Click here to the sight for the links for the full song from Sam town.

and whiel we wait for the killers, According to a brief message on the websight of band Interpol there read to begin work on the Long awaited Follow-up to there well recevied 2004 CD Antics, the message say:"We can't offer much of a preview at present, but I can tell you we've got one gem in the works entitled 'The Heinrich Maneuver.' And another that was called 'Pawn Shop.' But that's called something else now.", also no the same massage the band have been on Hiatis but it almost became a indefinite one to "We've been at it for six months—in case you heard we were on hiatus." the post says, "We did break up—four times—but that's all behind us now."

The Pixies Who have no plans what so ever to record and released New Stuff what so ever but they will releasaed a live Acoustic DVD it will be call Pixies: Acoustic - Live in Newport DVD, it will be released on August 22 on Eagle Rock Entertainment will inclued the full set list from the show and it will includien behind-the-scenes rehearsals,including an attempt to stirp down "Debaser", which did not made the show.

The Set List for the DVD

01 Bone Machine
02 Cactus
03 Ed Is Dead
04 All Around the World
05 Subbacultcha
06 Monkey Gone to Heaven
07 Is She Weird
08 Here Comes Your Man
09 River Euphrates
10 Velouria
11 Wave of Mutilation
12 I Bleed
13 Crackity Jones
14 Gouge Away
15 Hey
16 The Holiday Song
17 Nimrod's Song
18 Mr. Grieves
19 Caribou
20 Vamos
21 Where Is My Mind?
22 Gigantic

And Speaking about released, the Son of John And Yoko, Sean Lennon will release his follow-up album "Friendly Fire" on September 26 it the Follow to "into the Sun" which was released in 1998 in which he was 21(He Now 30), so sean why the long break "There was a long period after the first album where I felt disillusioned with the machinery of the industry," Lennon,said in a statement to the AP. "It's not that I stopped recording, playing, performing, I did all those things, just more discreetly. 'Friendly Fire' is an experiment to see what it might be like to do music more publicly again."

He is also produced a short film for each of the album's tracks, directed by Michele Civetta, featuring appearances by Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Asia Argento, Devon Aoki, Carrie Fisher, Jordana Brewster and others, He plays various characters in the film — about betrayal and the failure of love — including a red-coated swordsman and a skate-rental worker, A trailer for the film can be viewed online.

Now we have The Weekly List
The Play List For this Week Riff2 Detroit Local 101 was Not avablvle at Press time
But Thanks Suzy and Meladoy for the pulgging my blog site on the Show on Tuesday wheld Memtion Muffy 40th Birthday Party last Friday Night

dmrc top 10

1. Various Artists — min2MAX
2. Gnarls Barkley — St. Elsewhere
3. Dashboard Confessional — Dusk and Summer
4. Dabrye — Two/Three
5. India.Arie — Testimony Vol. 1 ...
6. Nelly Furtado — Loose
7. The Raconteurs — Broken Boy Soldiers
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers — Stadium Arcadium
9. Keane — Under the Iron Sea
10. Warren Zanes — People That I’m Wrong For

and now it time for my hand out to see if i am better in picking better song as song of the week then the Birish Magzine The New Music Express it time now for the My NME single of the week and after all what happend yesterday with flood water and all that it made me happy to say the Following 14 words: "We Have a Easy winner in the My NME single of the Week Awards.

This Week Winner is

Metric - Monster Hospital (Drowned in Sound(UK Lable),Last Gang Record In the US and Canada)
( or
OK i know what you are asking why name a band that have a albulm out for almost a year (October 4, 2005), Well to anser that question becase there Second Album "Live It Out" have just benn released in the UK with some Good review (8 out of 10 in Teh N.M.E.)as the UK is Fianly getting what we know for a long time this band Tolat Rock and not only that a very Pretty good looking but very Tought Lead Singer(Emily Haines)and not only that they a good Monster Movie like Good Video for that song i made you think you want see it as the early part of TV20 (WMJD-TV or by there old call letter WDWB-TV or WXON-TV) Saturday after Noon Creater Feather:

And Just to fair to the Other two Band that was not pick

The First Runner-up was
Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor(XL Recordings)
( or
This band that Beark out of SXSW have a good Backing music of the 60 western movie but they need to slow it down it sound like there geting a good date.
There Playing at the stick with The Futureheads on July 27

This Week Second Runner-up is
Plan B - Mama(679)
( or
The Song is so-so, With a little to much salmple of Emimem, littlr too Much of Hall and Oats, the gitar works is OK but Basic, but the words are a little too Heavy.

My NME Single of the week

July 1 - Lily Allen - Smile
June 24 - Dirty Pretty Things - DeadWood
June 17 - Serena Maneesh - Drain Cosmetics
June 10 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
June 3 - Keane - "Is It Any Wonder"
May 27 - You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - Jim Noir - My Patch
May 6 - The Dastuns - Stuck Here For Days

Reg. NME single of the week
July 1 - Jamie T - Shella
June 24 - Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
June 17 - Outkast - Might "O"
June 10 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
June 3 - Razorlight "In the Morning"
May 27 - Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - The Aliens - Allenoid Starmonica EP
May 6 - Primal Scream - Country Gril

Also up for hounable Mendtion:
The Follow Up single by the
The Raconteurs - Hands
( or
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes or
Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots On
( (band), (lable) or (myspace page))
Wolfmonther - Woman
( or
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars or
and if you did not hear, The Show at Clutch Cargo in Pontiac have Been Reschual to
And September 14
Richard Ashcroft - Words Just Get in the Way
( or

the Wheater Tomorrow in The Detroit Metro area
Temp Hi - 87°
Sky - Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny

And if you want to know what the Weather is going to be like at the $th Street Fair on Saturday

The Weather Channel
Temp Hi - 86°, Sky - Isolated thunderstorms in the morning, then skies turning mostly sunny late
WJBK-TV (Fox 2) Rich Luterman
Temp Hi- 90°, Sky - it Sunny
WDIV-TV (Local 4) - Chuck Gaidica
Temp Hi - 92° Sky - mostly sunny
WXYZ-TV - (Channel 7 Action News) - Jerry Hodak
Temp Hi - 90°, Sky - Mostly Sunny

And thign going on andy late Bearing News
E-mail the Site:
Breaking Culture Gig News

The Who Will tour Aging

From the Detroit Free Press Web Sight

The Who —Roger Daltrey and Peter Townshend and replacements for the late Keith Moon and John Entwhistle ---will kick off what's billed as their first world tour in over 20 years on Sept. 12th at Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center.
Bad math? It's all in the wording. While this might be the Who’s first “world tour” in 20 years, they were at the Palace in Aug. 2002, about a month and half after Entwistle died.
Two dates of local interest —Sept. 29 at the Palace of Auburn Hills with tickets on sale July 21 and Sept. 30 at the two-hours-or-so away John Labatt Center in London, Ontario. The sale date there is Monday.
On the playlist? Songs from their new mini rock opera, “Wire & Glass,” material from their upcoming studio album along with their greatest hits and rarities. The new album, provisionally called “Who 2,” and the band’s first since 1982’s “It’s Hard,” is scheduled for an October 23 release.
They will be joined on stage for this tour by John (Rabbit) Bundrick on keyboard, Pino Palladino on bass, Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr’s son) on drums and Simon Townshend (Pete’s brother) on guitar and vocals.
Ticketing details at and

You Can hear a rebroadcast of the press conference Tonight on Sirius The Vault (Ch. 16) tonight at 7:00 PM or on siuirs, it will include a Exclusive Performance from the band.
It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

And Now the Act that was suppout to on in this post last night.

But Since Sid Barrett Died last Night i turn over last night post in tribut to Sid Barret.

But tonight after cleaning up after a soggy night last night because because of the heavy rain that fell in the Detroit Area late Last Night Flooed the Basement that soked the big Carpet so that was a headaceh and a half but there still Earwax blocking my ear i would have love to go the stick tonight to see Victora BC Immaculate Machine who for thouse of you who have been reading my blog it do have members and Back-up Member for Neco Case in the Supergroup The New Pornographers Kathryn Calder after see her do a very good job and having a good singing voice Make everbody want to see her Primany Band.

The Band which Take there Name from the lyrics of One Trick Pony by Paul Simon is touring in surport of there latest Alubm Ones and Zeros.

From that alblum Here Broken Ship

And if you was at the show tonight, Let My reader know how it went at the Blog E-mail Address:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CORRECTION From Culture City

I just got a my space Message for Jon Moshier, Ex Wdet-FM who got scerw over big when he was laid off in may.

As i told you last week and on the gig gudie on monday he would be debut his In sound radio show on CJAM (91.5) on thurday it now it will be a mid week show it will air on every wednesday that begin today their was some mis- communication so please make a note of it

His First show was today at 2:30 PM i did not know about it untill tonight but the first show is archived on the C-jam web sight for a month

So just to let you know once aging the show in sound with Jon Moshier On CJAM in on every Wednesday From 2:30-4:00 On CJAM-FM (91.5, Over the air or or on the Net.

Press Released

Jon Moshier moves to CJAM-FM in Windsor

July 6, 2006

CJAM-FM Community Radio for Windsor/Detroit strengthens it's commitment to daytime music variety programming by airing Jon Moshier's "in sound" program WEDNESDAY afternoons from 2:30-4p.m. starting July 13th. Moshier was a Saturday night mainstay at WDET, Detroit Public Radio since 1997 and was the station's Senior Music Producer. He was laid off from WDET last May due to a budgetary shortfall and a programming shift towards less music and more news content. On the Canadian version of the show, listeners can expect the same commitment to new artists with an even broader scope and a few surprises.

"I'm excited to be back on CJAM and I'm looking forward to re-connecting with a lot of old friends in the listening audience in Windsor, Detroit and around the world", said Moshier.

The program can be heard at 91.5 FM throughout Windsor and Essex county as well as metropolitan Detroit and globally at One months worth of programs will also be continually archived on the CJAM website. Playlists and news will be posted at
It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

This was suppout to be a break for the month long tribute to the BBC show top of the pops and this was suppot to be a break from the tribute for the band Immaculate Machine from Victoria, BC with part time THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Kathryn Calder who will play the stick later on tonight with I CRIME opening the show.

but you proable have hear it was announce that Sid Barrett founder of Pink Floyd died on Friday from Complications From Diabetes he was 60 years old.

"Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire," said The surviving members of Pink Floyd —David Gilmour,Nick Mason,Roger Waters and Richard Wright in a statement.

Barrett co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 with Waters, Mason and Wright, and wrote many of the band's early songs. The group's jazz-infused rock and drug-laced, multimedia "happenings" made them darlings of the London psychedelic scene. The 1967 album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" — largely written by Barrett, who also played guitar — was a commercial and critical hit.

But Barrett suffered from mental instability, exacerbated by his use of LSD. His behavior grew increasingly erratic, and he left the group in 1968 — five years before the release of Pink Floyd's most popular album, "Dark Side of the Moon" — to be replaced by Gilmour.

Barrett released two solo albums — "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett" — but soon withdrew from the music business altogether. An album of previously unreleased material, "Opel," was issued in 1988.

He reverted to his real name, Roger Barrett, and spent much of the rest of his life living quietly in his hometown of Cambridge, England. Moving into his mother's suburban house, he passed the time painting and tending the garden. His former bandmates made sure Barrett continued to receive royalties from his work with Pink Floyd.

Despite his brief career, Barrett's fragile, wistful songs influenced many musicians including David Bowie — who covered the Barrett track "See Emily Play."

Bowie said in a statement posted on his Web site that Barrett had been a "major inspiration."

"His impact on my thinking was enormous," Bowie write. "A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed."

And that will show you the Pink Floyd Classic from 1967 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

God Bless You Sid Barrett

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Long Live Syd Barrett

I Begin this post today on some sad News

Syd Barrett legenuar Member member of Pink Floyd have died at the age of 60 years old, According to various reports in the UK he died on Friday and According to the AP he died of complications from diabetes he had for years, The Suriviing Member of the band (David Gilmour,Nick Mason,Roger Waters and Richard Wright) said in a statement that they were "very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett's death."
"Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire,".

Barrett co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 with Waters, Mason and Wright, and wrote many of the band's early songs. The group's jazz-infused rock and drug-laced, multimedia "happenings" made them darlings of the London psychedelic scene. The 1967 album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" — largely written by Barrett, who also played guitar — was a commercial and critical hit.

But Barrett suffered from mental instability, exacerbated by his use of LSD. His behavior grew increasingly erratic, and he left the group in 1968 — five years before the release of Pink Floyd's most popular album, "Dark Side of the Moon" — to be replaced by Gilmour.

Barrett released two solo albums — "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett" — but soon withdrew from the music business altogether. An album of previously unreleased material, "Opel," was issued in 1988.

He Spen his later years away from the spot light living at his monther home in his hometown of Cambridge, England, he passed the time painting and tending the garden. His former bandmates made sure Barrett continued to receive royalties from his work with Pink Floyd.

Despite his brief career, Barrett's fragile, wistful songs influenced many musicians, from David Bowie — who covered the Barrett track "See Emily Play" — to the other members of Pink Floyd, who recorded the album "Wish You Were Here" as a tribute to their troubled bandmate.

It contained the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" — "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun." The band also dwelt on themes of mental illness on the albums "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall."

The band spokeswoman said a small, private funeral would be held.

The Top local music Note in Culture city came in a myspace on the bullent board and i found out it begin release today, The Fondas Long awaited follow up to there self title debut in 2003 it call "Runaway Bombshell" it have 14 tracks and accroing to the press released it have 14 songs on it Featuring nine new originals, ranging from the primitive fuzztone stomp of "Make You Mine" to the baroque/psychedelic ballad "Infatuation".

Other originals include the more punk/ rave up "Cant Live With Out Love" and "Tied Emotion". Equally rich in depth and style are the more honkey tonk originals "May as well go" and "Tell Me Love Sick Blues".All this and "Don't Come Back" written by GREG CARTWRIGHT (from the Raining Sounds) make RUNAWAY BOMBSHELL another great addition to the legacy of Motor City Rock and Roll.

The first songs "Don't Come Back" and the cover of the Bangles "In Your Room" is on the fondas myspace site at or you can find more info on the founas site and you know the news stuff will make little steven underground Gardae, that make littel steven happy.

Also a update on EX-WDET DJ and long time music director at the station who was uncemamoty dump with no warning so that would do news during the day back in December 2005, well she update the
detroit Free Press today that she have been in conversations with several metro Detroit radio stations and hope to be back on the air very soon, but she have been keeping very busy wheid she off the air. she's producing a performance-art piece, based on the paintings of Detroit artist Jon Strand, with dancers, live musicians and a flash animation film; Adams is composing and performing the score, All i say to that you stick it to the Newsman Judy.

also a alter for thouse of you on-line at home or at work tomommow The rodger sister (one fo the bands i like in cluture City, and when to there show early this year) will be on Public Radio WNYC Music Talk show sound Check tommorrow at 2 PM on the WNYC web sight at

Mean whiel check out sterogum as Jennifer Rogers as sh andserw a questionar in the model of inside the actor Studio

And speaking of bands on the radio or on myspace, got a nice invite from the Local Band who i saw a couple of weeks ago at the belmont Acoustic Indie-Pop sunshine doray who have a myspace page at they have tunes from there self title released(They dont have a web site yet) there next show will be at the Belmont on Auguest 18th at the belmont, Oh but the indie guys Both ladies from sunshine doray are alread taken by friends i know.

and now let go outside the 313 for stuff outside the indie world.

It look like a date have been set for The Killers follow up to there massit follow up to the "Hot Fuss" the yet untitled 2nd album will drop on October 3rd in the US, The 1st song is up on-line right now but it only a 40 second clip of there 1st single
"When You Were Young" which will drop on Spet.18(you can click on the song title to here a sinp of the song).

Other song on the New Album are "Read My Mind","Bones" and Uncle Johnny Did Cocaine" and a title track to the yet unname CD, and whiel that happend lead singer Brandon Flowers will beat up on more Emo band before the new alblum.

Also a date have been set for Razorlight 2nd album as well there self title second alblum will be out on August 22 Universal Motown Records Group

and also coming to a indie store near you Tori Amos will release a career-spanning box set, A Piano, September 25. The five-CD collection will feature classics, B-sides and unreleased material contained in deluxe packaging that resembles a piano's keyboard. The set will also include selections from her studio albums and her recent compilation, Tales Of A Librarian, as well as several songs that Amos remixed herself. If that wasn't enough for Amos fans (and honestly, since her fans are pretty obsessive, what is?) there will also be an extensive track-by-track commentary written by Amos, who will discus the inspiration behind the songs and why they were chosen for the set, so start saving Now.

It look like davie jones do not want to do anonder Monkeey reunion he told Scripps Howard News Service recently "I would not work with those guys again if my life depended on it," "I can't be responsible for their attitudes and the way they treat people."

he say this as Rhino record will re-released the band 1st two albums 1966's "The Monkees," and 1967 "More of the Monkees" on August 15.

And now here a link to review on our turs site
the floks at have tons of reviews
Album review from
Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche
The Divine Comedy - Victory for the Comic Muse
Kid606: Pretty Girls Make Raves EP
Thom Yorke - The Eraser
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - The River in Reverse
Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways
TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
also single review by
Hot Chip: And I Was a Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Re-Work)
Stephen Malkmus: METS to Infinity [from the PDX Pop Now! 2006 compilation]
Jarvis Cocker: Running the World [from the forthcoming Warrior on the Edge Time LP]
Tokyo Police Club: Nature of the Experiment [from the A Lesson in Crime EP]
The Divine Comedy: A Lady of a Certain Age [from the Victory for the Comic Muse LP]
Also live review from
The Constantines
Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN
and also a story
Rev. C.L. Franklin in Resonant Frequency

And Tomorrow Weather in a around the tri country area
Sky- Scattered thunderstorms, Chance of rain 60%.
New Music Tuesday

July 11, and this day in music history in 1979 Dinna Summer answer to sappy Libartion song call Bad Girl reach No.1 on the pop chart, also on this day in 1989 Simply red had a no.1 hit with "If You Don't Know Me by Now,", yea like somebofy will show up unannounce like beck did in 1996 where he made a surprise acoustic set on Lollapalooza '96's second stage in St. Louis, MO, and also on thgis day in 1969 Daivd Bowie "Space Oddity" album is released but was rereleased in 1972 and was a top 20 hit, and will see what is begin released this tuesday at your local indie store as well look new music out today from the olny band that matters.

July 11th

And oh yes there a lot of good one begin released today


CSS - Cansei de Ser Sexy (Sub Pop)
(this is the one that is being talk about on all the NYC Music Blog)

Steve Earle - Live at Montreux 2005 (Eagle)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott - I Stand Alone (Anti)
The Format - Dog Problems (Nettwerk)
(in town at st.andy Aug.17 with rainer Maria)
Greg Graffin - Cold as the Clay (Anti)
(Solo Debut by the co-founder of the punk rock band Bad Religion.)
The Hylozoists - La Fin du Monde (Boompa)
(it a new supergroupe from canada with member from Broken Social Scene, Sadies, Weakerthans get together for classic indie shoegazing)
Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (limited edition with DVD due same day; Warner Bros.)

Phish -- Live in Brooklyn (three CDs; Rhino)
Shapes and Sizes - Shapes and Sizes (Asthmatic Kitty)
(also from canada 1st her of them on the cbc radio3 podcast)
Some Girls - Crushing Love (with DVD; Koch)
This is the Juliana Hatfield Some girls not the punk band some girls)
Soul Asylum - The Silver Lining (Legacy)
(there 1st alblum in eight years will any one care this time around)
Butch Walker and the Let's Go Out Tonites - The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's Go Out Tonites (Red Ink)
(Indie Glam Crunk in town on Aug 1st at st. ande, and yes single guys there chick in the band.)
Thom Yorke - The Eraser (XL)
(Oh yes that is the same Thom Yorke from radiohead in his solo project)

From Independent Film Channel's (IFC) Henry Rollins Show airing July 15th, 10pm/1am est and 7pm/10pm pst. Encore showing July 20th, 11pm/2am est and 8pm/11pm pst.

Various artists - Hello Radio: The Songs of They Might Be Giants (Bar/ None)
(a They Might Be Giants tribute album with track by Frank Black, The Wrens, Jason Trachtenburg and other.
and soundtrack to "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Groomsmen"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Booker T. & the MG's -- The Definitive Soul Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Aretha Franklin - Live at Fillmore West (two CDs; Rhino
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic, Darklands, Honey's Dead, Psychocandy and Stoned & Dethroned (DualDiscs; Rhino)
Curtis Mayfield - The Definitive Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Otis Redding - The Definitive Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Wilson Pickett - The Definitive Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Sam & Dave - The Definitive Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Snoop Doggy Dogg - The Doggfather (enhanced; with bonus DVD; Death Row)
Spinners -- The Definitive Soul Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live in Tokyo (Masterplan)
The Who - Live From Toronto (two CDs; Immortal)

Music DVDs:

Johnny Cash - "The Man in Black: Live in Denmark 1971" (Columbia/ Legacy)
Led Zeppelin - "On the Rock Trail" (Delta)
Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath - "On the Rock Trail" (Delta)
Phish - "Live in Brooklyn" (two DVDs; Rhino)
Pink Floyd - "Pulse" (two DVDs; Columbia) and "On the Rock Trail" (Delta)

TV on DVD:

30 Days - Season 1
Weeds Season 1
A Different World - Season 2
I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete 2nd Season
Reno 911! - The Complete 3rd Season
ER - The Complete 5th Season
Bridezillas - Season 1 and 2
Perry Mason - The 1st Season - Volume 1
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 1, Vol 2
The Ellen Show - The Complete Series
McCallum Complete Series
Murder in Suburbia Series 1
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Vol 3
It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Cotinued the blog sight tibuet to the soon to end BBC Show tops of the pops afher 42 years on UK TV the show have invited coundless number new bands and singer to play the show some have been good, some have been forgetabl and some have been some bubble gum pop cover that is a rock tune and it sound bad.

But there some debut that made a impress on the biz , if you read my last week post i made Lilly allen "Smile" My NME Single of the week ( The mag made it the 2nd runner-up) that good debut single earen her a gig on TOTP as we see her on the show just this year:

Monday, July 10, 2006

Now that was a mix Week end

well i say i have a dull weekend still have Earwax in the ears so i am still stuck with muff vocies ouch that hurt, But i made the best of it, On Friday i went to Muffy(Lead singer of the Sirern) 40th B-day Party at her house i arrive at 11:40 PM and there was alot of house guest a who who of the detroit music sence like Tomy Muggs(the Mugs),Marcie of the Von Bondies, esQuire, Ryan from Thuderbirds are Now with his girl angela, Melody Licious from riff2 and about 20 other bands (also from the sirern),the late arriving Suzy Cole, Chris Capitol, Jackson Smith, Greg(and his girl jackie) and Dave(his wife Julie)from Radio fever,Chip from the fondas, Audra Kubat, Sterling, Liz from trophy wife clothing, Fred Thomas from SLGTM, Alica from Slumber Party,The Anvil from the Hard lession almost every members of the Cerloy Lords (Monther,Sean(with his girl)and the lovely Miss MAYUKO),a few member of Johnny head band, almost 3/5 of the Dirtbombs (Mick Collins saturday night Night train, pat pantano(with his girl shannon)and the one and only Prankster ben blackwell(and his grils Detroit Missisa), Ex-WDET DJ Willie Wilson, the one and only Wendy Case who gave me a ride home a 4 in the Morning after i was full, Jackie(Ex- of or still working there), Dan John and Tracee Mae Miller from Blance, the very Magicial LEANN METRO from ghost City and also from the sirens, also Ex-sirens Ruth ruth, also Ex-Sirens and come ons Double D with her man (Sorry guys she already taking, sorry to break the news guys),The Muldoons was there as well so amny people was there to wish happy 40th to a very nice lady who have a good laught next to wendy case.

If i forgot any one sorry i woke up at about 12:30 PM the next Day it remind me about the time last fall after a detroit Corbra show at the magic Stick me, Jim and sandy,Dan and Peggie Lipton, and member of the Raining Sounds(Who opend for the corbra) snunck up on to the roof of a unnamed Downtown Detroit Hotel (and no it was not the ren cen) and saw a good view of downtown, i was up there but i am affire of high placed.

If anone is read today post i know some body os thinking this will be the last time we invite steve to a house party so he could write about the monday after.

So the weekend was OK i saw PBS Great Performances which feather A Prairie Home Companion one of my fave show on the radio which you can listen to past show at and did nothing but the last two game of the World Cup (The 3rd Place game and the Finals) and doing a lot of blogging as there nothing going on for the Next three Day of and sports of any kind (MLB all star Break, Home run durby tonight on ESPN and all star game Tommorrow on FOX.)and with ever new local post there No new local from my good source but something happend i have to move it for the tale end of the post to the first story of the post.

Now Normal i would put this in the end of my report on a monday but it a record beaking story to good to pass up i am puting this story in front of the post, and Dispite some mix reviews from the reviers (Free Press like it, News Was bord by it) The follow up to "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl but this time it called "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest have a monster take that smash record big as it have THE BIGGEST OPENING DAY EVER that $55,549,000 on a friday on it way to make a whopping $132,028,000 for the entier weekend that (Friday to Sunday).

It smash a lot of record big time, The old record for biggest weekend opening ever was $114.8 million for the first Spider-man Movie in 2002(total gross was $403,706,375 US), The Biggest one day record before "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was the last Star Wars Movie just lasy year as it made $50,013,859 in May of last year (total US Gross $380,270,577), it was also the fastest to make $100 Million Dollars in 2 days, and also broke record like best July opening that is unbelivable.

And if you wonder about the rest

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," $132 million.
(we know about that movie already)
2. "Superman Returns," $21.85 million.
(Hey a pirate brought down superman)
3. "The Devil Wears Prada," $15.6 million.
(hey merlie Streep is more evel then a pirate)
4. "Click," $12 million.
(maybe they was clicking to a pirate Movie)
5. "Cars," $10.3 million.
(was Corner by a huge Pirate Ship)
6. "Nacho Libre," $3.3 million.
(at least a pirates Movie downgrade this movie into B-movie)
7. "The Lake House," $2.8 million.
(are we looking for any pirate)
8. "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," $2.5 million.
it not fast engoht with litte gas to catch a pirate ship)
9. "Waist Deep," $1.9 million.
(and taking water)
10. "The Break-Up," $1.6 million.
(but not without my ture love)

I know that bad news travel fast post have been coming early and offen this year From The WDET-FM Programing feasco, to the old UA Buluing haveing it art window Power
Wash to look nice for the Super Bowl (and tell me why nobody move in to woodward yet),BBC axing Tops of the Pops, to slearter-Kinney Breaking-up, to Steve Y retieing, To the Frow moving on to the Bulls for big money (That Debatable), And Brendan Shanahan moving on To bigger thing in NYC.(The Headline in the Free Press today:SHANAHAN SIGNS WITH RANGERS: Good-bye, Shannytown ... hello, Shanhattan, today News said it all in a colume by wojo: 'It's different now') so the bad news have been fast and furrues this year But after hearing this news on a little mention on one of my fave show and googleing it in the news section on googhle bad news countuen.

Lamacq Live the four hour Show on what going on live around the UK born out of the ashes of the Fame Evening Session which last almost 10 years and was must hear during the britpop days Is coming to a End. Ouch.

the Higher Up at the BBC is reworking the radio one schedule and i sad to say he loseing his monday Night Show (4 to 8 PM EDT) to Colin Murray at ten (or 5PM EDT)

His Last show will be on September 25, But hey look on the bright side he still host a cool show on the BBC 6 music(www, ever day from 11AM to 2 PM EDT so all hope is not lost.

So there is pleanty of News Outside the 313 let look and there is bad News if you a fan of the Broken Social Scene as the band will go on a long, Long extended Hiatus after there Fall Tour, BSS Lead singer Kevin Drew told "We've become that band that doesn't really rehearse anymore," "We just get together and go tour and play live. We've lost a bit of that thing we had at the beginning where we tried to challenge each other a lot more."

"The last few years have been hard," he continued, noting the dramatic uptick in media interest in Canadian rock bands. "Things kept getting bigger and changing. But we've had an incredible, incredible, incredible run. It's something that can't be taken for granted. If we kept going [without a break], we'd be taking it for granted. Next time, we'd be doing college tours for money. That sucks the music out of you. Next thing you know, you're trying to get teenagers to buy your albums."

Now uring this long Break the members of BSS Brendan Canning,Kevin Drew,Justin Peroff,Charles Spearin,Andrew Whiteman,Jason Collett,David Newfeld,Leslie Feist,Emily Haines,James Shaw,Evan Cranley,Amy Millan,Ohad Benchetrit,Martin Davis Kinack,Jo-ann Goldsmith,Torquil Campbell,John Crossingham will do there will release new alblum including Andrew Whiteman's Apostle Of Hustle, Feist and Dave Newfeld and Emily Haines solo debut.

The tour is planning to focus on places it hasn't often played, including Florida and other Southeastern let hope they do a detroit Date.

Speaking about A Detroit Date a few weeks ago i told you about Bob Dylan planing to release his lates CD (His 46th ever albume, Not counting thouse Greates Hits CD)Modern Times On August 29th and he will tour the Minors Leaueg Ballpark and the tour will may come to one of the local Minor league Ball park it will start in the state but not at Fifth Third Fleid Home of the Toledo Mud Hens or Oldmoblie Park home of the Lansing Lugnuts, But his tour will kick off at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park MI(about less than 10 Miles from Grand Rapids and about 166 miles from Detroit)home of the Class A West Michigan Whitecaps of the Midwest League a Affiliate of your Best record in the major League Detroit Tigers now ticket are already on sale over the phone by calling (616) 784-4131, through the Whitecaps website,, or at TicketMaster locations and the price of the ticket $49.50 and speking of priced ticket fot tom watts 1st Detroit in almost 20 years show on Aug 11. It will go on sale this Friday at 10 AM and the ticket price if you want to know is $72.00, So like say start saving Now.

well this end the post aging sorry if i name drop to much on how is my weekend was

and dont for get my LNMC is Always open

Good Night and good luck!
Live Breaking Culture News

And it CD Relased related

while search For News for my Main Post i receied this post from the Fondas and there lead singer Julie Benjmain that should make little steven Happy as the following release from SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY lable



Featuring nine new originals, ranging from the primitive fuzztone stomp of "Make You Mine" to the baroque/psychedelic ballad "Infatuation".
Other originals include the more punk/ rave up "Cant Live With Out Love" and "Tied Emotion". Equally rich in depth and style are the more honkey tonk originals "May as well go" and "Tell Me Love Sick Blues".All this and "Don't Come Back" written by GREG CARTWRIGHT make RUNAWAY BOMBSHELL another great addition to the
legacy of Motor City Rock and Roll.
Gig Gudie Monday

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Oh by the way. To pairaphase the on and only Lead Singer of the Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten:
So Michical Coleman you think sincling the Good music on the last good radio sation in detroit would help the Mainstearm Bean Counter, But Oh No old bean because the indie people who made it what is was is back with avenges:

Begin on Thursday on CJAM radio in windsor on 91.5(over the air) or (On-line)Former WDET-FM DJ and Saturday Night Music Host Jon Moshier will put in sounradio back on the air for 90 mintues from 2:30 to 4:00 PM ever tuesday on Cjam-fm and the first show playlist is online right now at and a link to the playlist if you a
myspace member right here or on my July 6th post.

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BOB SCHNEIDER show for wednesday postponed!
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And in tribute to Sterling Programing a very succful Park stage
here what going on at 313.Jac Locatie at 24 Brush St. upstair at Jacoby’s Bar in Downtown Near the St. Andrew Hall

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It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Tonight we have Two for the price of one in the LNMC

As part of tribute to the soon be ending BBC show Tops of the Pops after 42 year here a band that flew under the radar whiel Bulr and Oasis was fighting for best band in Britain, Pulp became famosu in the birt-pop sence Front by the one and only Jarvis Cocker this band reach the tops of the pops with 1994 His and Hers that put them on the map. but it was reach with the the 1995 Different Class where they release this classic Common People from tops of the pops Xmas 1995.

and but the way tonight at the fabulos Belmont in Hamtramck, Michigan one of my faveor Underrated Bands The Denver Base indie rock Band Dressy Bessy will be playing tonight, this is a real good but who is very friendly is on tour to surport there Forth CD Electrified which is good and also there Lead singer Tammy Ealom is a very colorful and pretty Dresser as this gig on the conan o brian show point that out

Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Review

The 25th and Final of the Tournmet
Sunday, July 9

it Start about a month ago 32 of the world greatest Soccer teams quaifiing from all over the world for one goal to lift a gold Torphy and clam the title World best Soccer team on the planet many fave did not get past the Group stage(Poland, Serbia and Montenegro,Czech Republic,USA,Croatia,South Korea) outher made some suprize like Australia,Ukraine,and Ghana, some of the best teams fell deep into the tourment like Argentina, the always favorite England and the defening Champs Brazil and after Portugal and Host Country Germany fell in the Semi-final we were Left with only Two.

Italy and France play to a sold out pack Crowd 69000 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin for Game 64, The Last game in the World Cup at the end of this one the winning team will have there captin to life the World Cup as the Best Soccer team in the World.

this Match is from the FIFA world Cup site from you can relive the tourament at the office web sight at

The World Cup Final:
Italy vs France

First Half:

6': This Final began with the most extraordinary of opening goals after Materazzi was adjudged to have illegally halted the progress of Malouda as he hurtled into the box. The resultant penalty saw two adidas Golden Ball candidates face off, and it was Zidane who prevailed, if only just, with an impudent chip that deceived Buffon, but rebounded off the underside of the bar and dropped down no more than a foot over the line. (0-1)

9': Materazzi, perhaps unsettled by his role in the French goal, came perilously close to doubling Les Bleus' advantage - and his own misery - when he glanced a Willy Sagnol cross into the side-netting with Buffon scrambling frantically across his line.

14': With Andrea Pirlo's set-pieces as dangerous as ever, Lilian Thuram showed admirable bravery to dive in and head one particular out-swinging free-kick behind for a corner, this from a position which could easily have seen the Juventus defender put through his own goal.

19': Italy hauled themselves level thanks to a potent combination of Pirlo’s dead-ball mastery and the aerial ability of Materazzi, as the latter gained spectacular redemption for his earlier blunder by towering above the French defence to bullet the former’s corner past Barthez. (1-1)

35': Some neat, one-touch interplay by the Azzurri on the edge of the French box gave Toni his first scent of goal, but Thuram slid in decisively to make a last-ditch saving tackle. France's defence again struggled to deal with Italy’s height and power from the resultant corner, however, and Toni headed yet another pinpoint Pirlo cross against the crossbar.

Second Half:

47': Henry started the second half in threatening mood, breaking into the Italy box but failing to trouble Buffon with his shot.

49': As in the first period, however, Italy looked threatening from a corner as Totti swung in the ball towards the head of Cannavaro but his effort was blocked by a defender and France survived.

50': Henry showed remarkable balance to carry the ball past three defenders but he could not pick out a white shirt with his low ball across goal, Zambrotta clearing the danger.

58': Despite the loss of Patrick Vieira with an apparent hamstring injury, replaced by Alou Diarra, France continued to take the game to the Azzurri. Lippi responded by sending on Daniele De Rossi and Vincenzo Iaquinta in place of Francesco Totti and Simone Perrotta.

62': France breathed a sigh of relief when Toni headed a Pirlo free-kick past Barthez only for the linesman to raise his flag for offside. Moments later at the other end, Henry, under pressure from Cannavaro, found the space to get in a shot but Buffon made the save.

72': Toni turned on the edge of the box and forced Barthez into a low save but the Italian had controlled the ball with his arm before letting fly.

78': As the clock ticked down, the game became increasingly scrappy with neither side enjoying any sustained possession. Pirlo was not far off target with a 25-yard free-kick, curling the ball narrowly wide of Barthez’s right-hand post.

90': Come the closing moments of the match, and despite the introduction of Alessandro Del Piero, it was Italy on the back foot but for all their probing, France were unable to open up the Azzurri back line.

Extra time:

100': Ribery created and then spurned the first opportunity of the extra period. He played a wall pass with Malouda on the edge of the Italy box and continued his run into the area before poking the ball just wide of the far post.

104': France were dominating and Zidane was denied a second goal only by the excellence of Buffon. The French No.10 slipped the ball out wide to Willy Sagnol and then met the ensuing cross with a firm header but Buffon tipped over.

111': Suddenly this Final took another twist as referee Horacio Elizondo brought play to a halt and marched to the other end of the field, where, after consulting with his linesman, he sent off Zidane for an off-the-ball incident in which Materazzi was butted in the chest. A sad way for the France captain to end his glorious career.


Pirlo, Materazzi, De Rossi and Del Piero all converted their spot-kicks for the Azzurri but although Sylvain Wiltord, Eric Abidal and Sagnol found the net for France, Trezeguet’s miss from France's second penalty let in Grosso to win the Trophy for Lippi’s side.

Italy are world champions for the fourth time after beating ten-man France 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in Berlin's Olympiastadion on Sunday, 9 July 2006.

Twelve years after losing to Brazil in the first shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup™ Final, Italy made up for that heartbreak as all five men in blue converted their kicks to claim world football's greatest prize for the first time since 1982. For France the pain of defeat was compounded by the sight of Zinedine Zidane, on his last appearance as a professional, leaving the field having been sent off in extra time for butting Marco Materazzi off the ball.

It was Italy's first successful shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup after previous failures in 1990, 1994 and 1998 and ironically it was a miss from France’s David Trezeguet – whose golden goal had defeated the Azzurri in the final of UEFA EURO 2000 – that opened the door for Fabio Grosso to fire the winning spot-kick past Fabien Barthez and spark celebrations all the way from Bergamo to Bari.

If penalties can resemble a lottery, there could have been no more deserving matchwinner than Grosso, such a positive influence for Italy throughout this tournament. He was one of several Italians prominent in a first period where the Italians played the more fluent football, although it was France who took an early lead.

Eight years after scoring twice in the FIFA World Cup Final in Paris, Zidane opened the scoring with a seventh-minute penalty after Materazzi’s trip on Florent Malouda. By the 19th minute, however, Materazzi had made amends, the big defender heading the equaliser from Andrea Pirlo’s corner.

Although both sides threatened to score a second – notably Italy’s Luca Toni, who headed against Fabien Barthez’s crossbar before the break - neither managed to add a second. Extra time brought a scare for Italy when Buffon had to tip over Zidane's header but soon afterwards the France captain was making the sad walk to the dressing rooms.

In conclusion:

Italy are deserved world champions after this narrowest of triumphs over France. In doing so, they buried the ghosts of USA 94 and climbed above Germany as the most successful European team in FIFA World Cup history with four wins. For France and Zidane there was no fairy-tale ending and instead they are left to reflect on a bitter ending to an unexpectedly long adventure.

France - 1-0 - Zinedine Zidane (pen 7)
Italy - 1-1 - Marco Materazzi (19)

Italy - Pirlo (pen)1-0
France - Wiltord (pen)1-1
Italy - Materazzi (pen)2-1
France - Trezeguet (miss)2-1
Italy - De Rossi (pen)3-1
France - Abidal (pen)3-2
Italy - Del Piero (pen)4-2
France - Sagnol (pen)4-3
Italy - Grosso (pen)5-3
Italy win 5-3 on penalties

Yellow Cards
Italy - Gianluca Zambrotta (5)
France - Willy Sagnol (12)
France - Alou Diarra (76)
France - Florent Malouda (111)

Red Cards
France - Zinedine Zidane (110)

Match Stats
Shots (on Goal)
Italy - 6(2) France - 14(7)
Italy - 15 France - 24
Corner Kicks
Italy - 5 France - 7
Italy - 4 France - 2
Time of Possession
Italy - 51% France - 49%
Yellow Cards
Italy - 1 France - 3
Red Cards
Italy - 0 France - 1
Italy - 6 France - 1

Now that the world cup is over let see who won the post-awards

Mastercard All Star Team

Gianluigi Buffon - Italy
Jens Lehmann - Germany
Ricardo Pereira - Portugal

Roberto Ayala - Argentina
John Terry - England
Lilian Thuram - France
Philipp Lahm - Germany
Fabio Cannavaro - Italy
Gianluca Zambrotta - Italy
Ricardo Carvalho - Portugal

Roberto - Brazil
Patrick Vieira - France
Zinédine Zidane - France
Michael Ballack - Germany
Andrea Pirlo - Italy
Gennaro Gattuso - Italy
Francesco Totti - Italy
Luís Figo - Portugal
Maniche - Portugal

Hernan Crespo - Argentina
Thierry Henry - France
Miroslav Klose - Germany
Luca Toni - Italy

Golden Shoe Winner
Miroslav Klose - Germany
He lead all scored with five Goals

Golden Ball Winner
Zinédine Zidane - France

Yashin Award - Best Goalkeeper
Gianluigi Buffon - Italy

Best Young Player
Lukas Podolski - Germany

FIFA Fair Play Trophy
Brazil & Spain

Most Entertaining Team

Now for the Next Four years Italy is the King of foot Ball will see if they defend in 2010 in South Afica.