Friday, July 14, 2006

New Movie Friday

Well it time once aging for a look at movie playing in detroit Screens this weekend the First New Film is "You, Me and Dupree," A newlywed couple (Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon) must deal with an unwanted houseguest (Owen Wilson) who won't leave but the reviewer have already left.
The Detroit News did not like this Movie at all as Tom Long said Laughs anybody? There aren't many in 'Dupree', Owen Wilson can't revive the tired genre about a guy in his 30s who never grows up.(D+)
The Detroit Free Press was some what Mix saying "Crash course in mooching, 'You, Me and Dupree' is familiar but likable" (2 out of Four)
The yahoo reviewer avg a C
E! Online: "...more of a sentimental chucklefest than a belly-laugh factory." (B)
Chicago Sun-Times: "...has the feel of a film that could have gone in any number of directions, and perhaps at one time went in all of them." (C) "...ends up being as contrived as comedies come." (D+)

"Little Man,"
A short-statured criminal (Marlon Wayans) poses as a child to recover a stolen diamond from an unsuspecting couple.
Now the Rule state say it5 must be a review from the paper But on look at the review from the news there Review did not even botther to review (they used the NY Newsday review (D), it a bad Movie
Free Press: 'Little Man' turns out better than expected (2 out of 4)
yahoo review avg: C
Hollywood Reporter: "...the picture starts to give off the funky whiff of unattended Pampers.(C)
New York Post: "...will stink up theaters like several gross of dirty diapers." (C)
Chicago Tribune: "...this is the kind of premise that should have stayed in cartoon-land." (C-)
San Francisco Chronicle: "...absolutely positive that this is not a good film..." (C) "...definitely the worst theatrical release so far this year."(D+)
New York Times:"Not that the Wayans brothers are conscious of anything more than the fortune to be had..." (D+)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...if you actually liked the movie 'White Chicks' then it's possible you also would like 'Little Man.'" (D+)
Well pradon the pun this movie Stunck up the Joint.

"Strangers with Candy," Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), a middle-aged former runaway and junkie, goes back to high school. With Stephen Colbert. it base out of the old Comedy Central show.
The News Really Like it saying'Candy' Tacky, wacky and twisted,Amy Sedaris film is refreshingly disturbing with crude jokes.(B)
The Free Press did not like as much Cable sitcom makes ho-hum film, 'Strangers' runs thin on laughs (2 out of four)
the revierew Avg: B
Entertainment Weekly: "If you loved Amy Sedaris before in a golfer-lady wig and inbred chump's grin, you'll maybe love her again here..." (B) "...only maintains its antagonistic inappropriateness long enough to fill out its first 45 minutes..." (B)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "If the slapdash script lacks bite, it has no shortage of attitude." (B-)
Hollywood Reporter: "The humor is more uneven, less subversive than you would hope." (C)
New York Times: "...does not quite rise above its spoofy, basic-cable origins." (C)

"A Scanner Darkly,"
Keanu Reeves stars in this animated adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel about an addictive drug that causes split personalities.
'A Scanner Darkly' a huge mindbender, There are scenes that go nowhere and scenes that do in offbeat film about an undercover cop" said the Detroit News (C+)
But the Free Press Beg to differ, Innovative animation drives 'A Scanner Darkly'(3 out of 4)
But over all the Reviewer:B-
Chicago Tribune: "It's one of the most faithful movie adaptations of any Dick story to date..." (A-)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...weirdly fascinating in its own maverick way." (B)
Entertainment Weekly: "...I confess I could barely make heads or tails out of anything in A Scanner Darkly." (C-) "It's rising action that rises, endlessly, to nowhere." (C-)

The Last Film out this week is "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man," A ubiquitous influence even as he remains elusively elsewhere, Leonard Cohen is back. Woven through a riveting tribute is a career-spanning interview with the man himself
The Free Press what unever about this Film Artists go flat in concert salute to Leonard Cohen (2 out of 4)
The News outsource the review to a andore paper so why botter
The reviers like the Film overall Avg: B-
New York Times: "...wonderful..." (A-)
E! Online: "For fans it'll be a treat. For newcomers, you're better off just buying a greatest hits CD." (B)
Entertainment Weekly':"I'm not generally a big fan of tribute concerts, but this is a glorious exception." (B+) "Here's a prime example of what happens when fascinating subject matter falls prey to inept filmmaking." (C-)
New York Post: "His musical absence is partly compensated for by director Lian Lunson's interviews with Cohen..." (C)

And now let what new at the Village Movie theaher of the Damm AKA Cinemark Movies 16 at the Unaverisl Mall in Warren, MI

It a well Done film, and a good indie Film
It a wheal of a tale
I dont want to know
You Guess it A Anamited Zoo Ficks

Next Week in Detroit screens

Clerks II
Director Kevin Smith's foul-mouthed slackers get behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant. With Rosario Dawson.

Lady in the Water
An apartment manager finds a mysterious young woman in the complex's swimming pool. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Monster House
An animated tale about a boy who suspects that the creepy old house in his neighborhood is really alive and dangerous.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
A guy (Luke Wilson) dumps his clingy girlfriend (Uma Thurman) only to learn she's a superhero out for payback.

And after i come back from the 4th Street on staurday Night i watch the burritos version of the Classic Doc DIG!


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