Saturday, June 09, 2007

Your New Faveiort Band

Tried of a band you like when it was new
think tha band is on it last legs
is you band now going the MTV routed

why rediscover a lot of bands that need it dues and we Search on-line redio and the Myspace to scarch for your New Faveiort bands

This post shine the spotlight
on a band that is coming to town tonight

There from Phoenix, Arizona and there called
"The Love Me Nots"

The band have been around for almost a full year and made mostly from bands from the Phoenix area, The Band play surf and spy rock inspire by the spy and Surf movies From the Early 1960, But with a little extra Fuss to there sound.

They Just released there first Self Title records record back in January and it was record by Detroit rock garage produce Jim Diamond and spent ten weeks on the CMJ top 100 charts.

the four peice are a co-ed band and is made up of nicole laurenne (vocals, farfisa), michael johnny walker (vocals, guitar),christina nunez (vocals, bass), jay lien (drums)

And they also have a very good Live act what i have been told

There are playing tonight at the Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit
with the Foundas opening for them, the Show Begin a 10 PM

And for more about "the Love Me Not" you can go on there Official Sight at there my space page at

and if you want to see what they look live on video here the Video for the single off there self Title released "Move in Tight"

The Love Me Nots - "Move In Tight"

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It's 9 O'Clock

and since it was a good day in and around Culture City
and it was made even better after a Judge in LA thor the book at Paris Hilton and order her back to Jail for Violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

showing that you can out run the long arm of the Law
so video No.1 is for that old Chicago base band Verruca Salt called
Volcano Girls, now i was asking you why this video.

Well first the words to the song and the album where this song is taking from the 1997 "Eight Arms to Hold You" or could i say "Eight Long Arms to Hold You"

Veruca Salt
"Volcano Girls"
From "Eight Arms to Hold You"

And if you thing she went back to jail, we learn late today that for the weekend that she will be checkout at the medical ward to make sure she spend her 45 day in the big house as she is now in

The Monster Hospital
Ha, Ha, Ha

"Monster Hospital"
from "Live It Out"

Friday, June 08, 2007

New to the Gig Gudie

well it have been since i post brand new gig to the gig guide down the road but i have a couple of new gig added to the Gig Guide.

first According to a very good Sourced that i know and it have not been announced in any of the Major local press [Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Metrotimes, Real Detroit Weekly]it look like that Greoge Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic will played it first Detroit gig in about two and a half years, now according to my sourced that the Greoge Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic will played the Royal Oak Music Theater on September 16th now that all i have been told so i have no ticket info to give you so stay tune for more info in the week to come.

also it was released first on the majestic teahter portion of the the Matt Sharp of Weezer will goes on tour with his side project "The Rents for the First time since 1999 they will goes on tour in support of there first project, which is a EP called "The Last Little Life" which is a warm up to there Third album coming in 2008, there going on tour this summer and they have awnser the call to played Detroit.

They will played the Majestic Theater on Saturday Augest 18th now ticket will go on sale, Next Saturday Morning at 10 AM and will cost $15 bucks and you want to know why we loved the rentals Check this video out:

and one more thing before i warp this up there is the Name Changed in the Gig Gudie [and no i am not renaming the whole gig guide] one of the Detroit venue in the Outdoor gig guide have renamed there location.

Back in March concert promoter "Live Nation" which operate the State Theater in Downtown Detroit have rename the venue after the San Franscio the Fillmore, so from now on in the Gig guide the Fillmore Detroit will now be listed on the Gig Guide and it will look like this:

The Fillmore Detroit (formerly State Theatre)

Breaking "if you want to called it"Culture News

Paris Hilton Ordered Back To Jail

relax all of Culture City

Paris is going back to Jail

and even better News it will be the full 45 Days

and she go to jail Kicking and Screaming

"It's not right!" shouted the weeping Hilton.
According to the AP.
Oh yes it is Right for all the right reason

and worst she shouted for Mommy

this after she delay the inenviable delaying her court apperced by a full three hours
and mad a bad expla of both the long arms of the law and worst the American News as a hold

So here we go aging


This WeekEnd in Giging in and Around Detroit

Well, this weekend is already here and with both the red wings and pistons season over and nothing but baseball all summer long and the Endless parded of really bad summer TV [expect the shows i like] there is nothing to do until the fall when football season get going aging, there is almost nothing but surviving the summer heat.

Unless you take in a gig in or out of 313, and this weekend is no difference with a break-out of shows playing on Saturday

Now i know it is going it going to be a hot weekend in Detroit Rock City but before you go out to any of the shows you want to check out to newly expand riverwalk section on the Foot of the Detroit River which have now expand from East of downtown Detroit's.

It Opening up on Wednesday and the east portion of the riverwalk go up to Rivard Plaza where it have a concession stand, restrooms and a carousel designed with animal characters based on wildlife native to the Detroit River, it should be nice on those summer days if you can find nothing to do

But after you kill some time at the riverwalk, why not take the car up 1-75 to the town of hamtramck, michigan and Veterans Park for the first ever hamtramck hustle, it will feather Pre-1968 homebuilt Hot Rods, Kustoms and Pre-1975 Bikes, the event will take place on Saturday From noon to 6PM, you can regsher you classic for about $20 from 10 AM to noon.

And if you more info you cand go to there myspace page at:

there will also be a after party at the Near by painted lady Lounge[used to be Lilly 21 back in the day]and it will feather gigs from Dangerville, Cash O'Riley, Casket Bastards, Desolation Angels, Fondle and DJ Mugshot

But that is only the beging of a tons of Saturday night gigs and there is two CD released gigs.

The First one is at the lager House on Michigan Ave. just outside of the downtown area is the muldoons C.D. released Show to welcome there first full album which is Self-title, the band is made up of 10 year old Shane and his brother 13 years old Hunter both on vocals and guitar with there dad Brian picking up the Drum kit.

They played there raw Garde rock of old as we uesd to know there released come a year and a half since there played there first live show way back in 2005 when they open up for the white stripes at the Madsonic.

there are a very good band live i highly recomend them, and there record is coming out on cass records which is run by dirtbombs and fellow blogger ben blackwell.
[Danny Dollrod and Wooden is opening up for them]

meanwhield up the road at the magic Stick as the Ann Arbor base band Great Lakes Myth Society have there gig to celebrate the released of there Third album “Compass Rose Bouquet” [The First two was released under the old name "Original Brothers and Sisters of Love" 1999’s “The Legende of Jeb Minor” and 2001’s “H.O.M.E.S.”) and word on the street is this album is getting a lot off buzz from inside the 313 and well outside the 313, should be a good show.

also farder up the road at the Northern light Lounge in Detroit New Center Area will be the Phoenix, Arizona 60's style garage/surf/fuzz band The Love Me Nots who first album was produce by Jim Diamond.[The Fondas are opening up for them.]

also playing in the Detroit area this week is the Guitarest for the The Strokes Albert Hammond Jr. who back in March released his first solo record "Yours To Keep"
and is on tour right Now and that tour stop in detroit this Saturday at St. Andrew Hall.

Also on Saturday Night at the Belmont for Breast Fest 2!, it the Belmont’s 2nd Annual Benifit for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and it will havebands from Displays, Piel Plastica, Dutch Pink and 60-Second Crush

But there is other gig that are playing outside the Saturday night full blast gig night.

Tonight Ian Hunter is playing the magic bag in frendale tonight.

and Buckwheat Zydeco is play a rescheduled show at the bag on Sunday night

And Don't forget The 21st Detroit Festival of the Arts in the Detroit Cultural Center
it will go from Friday to Saturday, The only band of inset is the Winnipeg, Manitoba Roots band "The Wailin' Jennys" who have been on the Garrison Keillor's show A Prairie Home Companion, and there are really good.

There are playing twice once on Saturday at 5:45 PM and Aging at 6;30 PM, the only minor Drawback the playing a stage that is sponsor by our Former Faveior Radio Station WDET-FM, Yikes, But go see them any way.

so that is who is playing in town this weekend. and one more thing to warp it up, When news of Live Nation rebranding the State Theater as the Fillmore some people was sating
No they did, well Yes they did.

Have a good weekend.

Film Gudie Friday

We have a all star cast of bank thieves in Vegas, a sequel of a horried Film and a surfing penguin in the New movie out this week.

"Ocean's Thirteen"[PG-13]

Outing No. 3 sends George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and Matt Damon back to Vegas to take vengeance on a double-crossing casino boss (Al Pacino).

"Hostel: Part II"[R]

Three young Americans studying in Rome set off on a weekend trip when they run into a beautiful model from one of their art classes. The gorgeous European invites the coeds to come along, assuring them they will be able to relax and rejuvenate. But will they?

"Surf's Up"[PG]

An animated comedy with Shia LeBeouf giving voice to a teenage penguin training with an elder (Jeff Bridges) for a big surfing championship.

"Day Watch"[R]

The second chapter in the Russian sci-fi fantasy series continues the battle between the secret super-beings that live among us.


The comic-thriller sends officemates from London to Eastern Europe for a team-building weekend that turns deadly. Rated R.

and at the discount theater [A.K.A. Cinemark Movies 16 in Warren]

NEXT [PG-13]

and opening Next week everywhere in Detroit we have a Kung Fu Babes base off a Video Game, the return of the Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing with some Sliver guy on a Surf board and the 4th reincarnation of a girl detective

DOA: Dead or Alive (PG-13)
Four women, each with unique fighting styles, are invited to partake in a world fighting tournament on an exotic island.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (NR, yet)
Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing return to unravel the destructive mystery of the Silver Surfer.

Nancy Drew (PG)
The resourceful teen sleuth comes to Hollywood and gets a lead involving the long-unsolved death of a glamorous movie star.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Music Tuesday Extra

I just thought to do this New Music Tuesday Extra post

to let you know about a New music Tuesday version on Audio

just go to the brand new blog sight "Five Three Dial tone" and every Tuesday there is a weekly podcast and one of the weekly pod cast is a new Music Tuesday podcast but unlike the list i post every week with you tube video, it will be a pod cast of all the new music released this month.

this Month New Music Podcast is for may of 2007 and it will feather this song that was released this month[with date of released]:

Wheat - Hospital Bed - Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy & Made A One Inch Square(May 22nd / Empyrean)
The BirdDogs - Lose My Mind - Great Baptist Witch Hunt(May ‘07/self-released)
Shapes & Sizes - Head Movin - Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner(May 22nd / Asthmatic Kitty)
Feist - My Moon, My Man - The Reminder(May 1st / Cherrytree/Interscope)
The Bravery - Split Me Wide Open - The Sun & Moon (May 22nd / Island)
The Mary Timony Band - Killed By The Telephone - The Shapes We Make (May 8th / Kill Rock Stars)
Handsome Furs - Cannot Get Started - Plague Park (May 22nd / Sub Pop)
Maximo Park - Girls Who Play Guitars - Our Earthly Pleasure(May 8th / Warp)
Satellite Party - Insanity Rains - Ultra Payloaded (May 29th / Sony)
The Horrors - Count In Fives - Strange House (May 15th / stolen transmission)
Dolores Oriordan - When We Were Young - Are You Listening (May 15th / Sanctuary)
The High Strung - He’s Got No Soul - Get The Guests (May 15th / Park The Van)
Dinosaur Jr. - Been There All The Time - Beyond (May 1st / Fat Possum)
Dungen - Gor Det Nu - Tio Bitar(May 15th / Kemado)
Voxtrot - Kid Gloves - Voxtrot (May 22nd / Playlounder/Beggars Group)
Parts & Labor - Brighter Days - Mapmaker - (May 22nd / Jagjaguwar)

The Other weekly pod cast included:

The FTDT Play list{The First Tuesday of the Month]
The upcoming shows pod cast [The Second Tuesday of the Month, a sample of who is awserning the called to play Detroit]
The TEN [The Third Tuesday of the Month,Which take a a local artist or some one in the local music scene picking the tracks]
The New Music Tuesday Podcast will come in the last Tuesday of the month.

To listen to the podcast just go to the "FTDT Web sigh at:

to listen to the may FTDT New Music Tuesday podcast for May of 2007
Click here

And Don't for Get the podcast is Brought to you by the Number Five and Three and the Letter D and T. and don't forget to go there shows and by there music either at the show or at your local indie store.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Music Tuesday

WEEK 23[2007]
JUNE 5, 2007

It June 5th, and on this day in 1971, it was a local band do good as Flint band "Grand Funk Railroad" broke the record of selling out New York's Shea Stadium within 72 hours faster than the Beatles.

i guess local bands still do matter back then as it do now .

also in this day in 1956 Elvis Presley was the musicail guess on "The Milton Berle Show" as he played the song "Hound Dog" For the very first time, well there was nothing wonrg with it, but the press called his gig on show "vulgar" and "obscen" after he his leg began to shake and hip began to Swirle to the music, and they called hip swining obscen.

and also two thing that was releated to the computer we used now to blog about stuff.

One, in 1977 Apple II the first ever personal computer goes on sale to the public the starting price of the computer was $1298 fo 4k of RAM, My, my, my the computers got better and Chaper that broght us the internet and the Internet exploer and Linex and and the second important envent on the day in 2002 released version 1.0 of Firefox Browser so you can lister to new music and go buy them later at you local indie music stores for all of today new music for the only Music that matters, becasuse today is tuesday and it

and today there is a lot of new music today

The Most Important music that Matters:

Bonde Do Role - With Lasers (Domino)

Chris Cornell - Carry On (Suretone/Interscope)

The Ladybug Transistor - Can't Wait Another Day (Merge)
The Long Blondes - Someone to Drive You Home (enhanced; Beggars Banquet)

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full (deluxe limited edition comes with bonus CD; Hear Music)

Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me (EP; Interscope)

Carina Round - Slow Motion Addict (Interscope)

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It (EP; Merge)

Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band - Live in Dublin (two CDs; Columbia)

They Shoot Horses Don't They? - Pick Up Sticks (Kill Rock Stars)

The Other New Releases:

Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats Volume Five (two CDs; Ultra)
The Aggrolites - Reggae Hit L.A. (Hellcat)
Cowboy Troy - Black in the Saddle (Warner Bros.)

Dappled Cities - Granddance (Dangerbird)

The Dear Hunter - The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding (East West)
{YTV} Fourth of July - Fourth of July on the Plains (Range Life)
Stefano Greppi - Technologies in House (MVD Audio)
Hallelujah the Hills - Collective Psychosis Begone (Misra)
Holy Roman Empire - The Longue Durée (Hewhocorrupts)
Leyode - Fascinating Tininess (Eastern Developments)
The Loose Salute - Tuned to Love (Graveface)

W.W. Lowman - Plain Songs (Who-Hey)
The Martino Conspiracy - Hope in Isolation (Aspirion)
Glenn Mercer - Wheels in Motion (Pravda)
Moon Maan - Moon Maan (Catlick)
O.A.R. - Live From Madison Square Garden (two-CD set and two-DVD set; Everfine/Lava/Atlantic)

Oxbow - The Narcotic Story (Hydra Head)
The Phoenix Foundation - Horsepower (Young American)

Sean Na Na - Family Trees or Cope We Must (Dim Mak)
The Start - Ciao, Baby (Metropolis)
Stroke 9 - The Last of the International Playboys (Rock Ridge)
Tesla - Real to Reel (Tesla Electric Company)


Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash (Dualtone)
ArtDontSleep Presents: From L.A. With Love (Milan)
Vans Warped Tour - 2007 Tour Compilation (two CDs; Side One Dummy)
We All Love Ella: Celebrating the First Lady of Song (Verve)


"Ocean's Thirteen"
"Surf's Up"

Digital Releases:

The Blue Jackets - Shadows of the City (EP; self-release)
Surrounded - The Nautilus Years (Digital First)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Afghan Whigs - Unbreakable (A Retrospective 1990-2006) (Rhino)
David Bowie - Young Americans (special edition; with DVD; Virgin/EMI)
James Brown - Gold (two CDs; UMe/Polydor)
The Clash - The Singles (Epic/Legacy)
Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist (A&M/UMe)
Ella Fitzgerald - Love, Ella; Lullabies of Birdland; The Original Versions; and Sweet and Hot (Verve)
Tom Petty - Highway Companion (special edition; Lost Highway)
The Police - The Police (two CDs; A&M/UMe)
Elvis Presley - Elvis at the Movies (two CDs; RCA)
Pretenders - Get Close and Learning to Crawl (Rhino)
Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter & James Cotton - Breakin' It Up, Breakin' It Down (Epic/Legacy)
Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons - Jersey Beat: The Music of Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons (three CDs and one DVD; Rhino)
Various artists - Chasing the Sun: The Greatest Songs of Summer (three CDs and one DVD; Time Life)
Various artists - More Motown Classics - Gold (two CDs; Motown/UMe)
Various artists - New Wave - Gold (two CDs; Hip-O/UMe)

Music DVDs:

Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams - The Video Album" (Lightyear)
Jefferson Starship - "The Definitive Concert" (Lightyear)
The Jesus Lizard - "Live" (MVD Visual)
The Killers - "Leaving Las Vegas" (MVD Visual)
Stevie Nicks - "Live at Red Rocks" (Lightyear)
Lou Reed - "A Night With Lou Reed" (Lightyear)
U2 - "The DVD Collector's Box" (two DVDs; MVD Visual)
Various artists - "Cruisin' Hits of the 60's" (MVD Visual)
Various artists - "Moogfest 2006" (MVD Visual)

TV on DVD:

The Bill - The Complete 1st Series
Chappelle's Show - The Best of Chappelle's Show
CHiPs - The Complete 1st Season
The Cosby Show - Season 3 and Season 4
Dante's Cove - Season 2
Dark Angel - Season 1 (Thin Pack)
Dark Angel - Season 2 (Thin Pack)
The Dead Zone, The - Season 5
Doctor Who - Stories #115-117: New Beginnings
Doctor Who - Story #115: The Keeper of Traken
Doctor Who - Story #116: Logopolis
Doctor Who - Story #117: Castrovalva
The Fall Guy - Season 1 - Volume 1
The Fall Guy - Season 1 - Volume 2
The Fall Guy - The Complete 1st Season

Flight 29 Down - Volume 1
The Henry Rollins Show - Season 1 (Retail Release)
Hex - The Complete 1st Season
Hogan's Heroes - The Complete 6th & Final Season
Kenny the Shark - Vol 01 - Feeding Frenzy
Kenny the Shark - Vol 02 - Good Guys vs. Bad Guys
Mission: Impossible(1966) - The Complete 2nd Season
The Outer Limits(1963) - Volume 1
Prehistoric Park - The Complete Television Event
Rescue Me - The Complete 3rd Season
Rescue Me - The Complete 3rd Season (Blu-ray)
Robin Hood - Season 1
Seinfeld - Vol 7 - Season 8
Silverwing - Season 1
SpongeBob SquarePants - Bikini Bottom Adventures
Survivorman - Survivorman
The Sweeney - The Complete 1st Series
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - The Best of Stand-Up Comedians
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - The King of Late Night
Tutenstein - Volume 1 - The Beginning
Tutenstein - Volume 2 - A Bad Spell
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - The Complete 1st Season
What's New Scooby-Doo? - The Complete 2nd Season

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Gig Gudie

June 4th - June 10th




Lucinda Williams - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Bright Eyes - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Kings Of Leon - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Silversun Pickups - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC[From March 1]


Satelittle Party - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Los Straitjackets - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Patti Smith - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS


Chris Cornnell - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
- Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC
Peter, Bjorn and John - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC[From March 14}
Bright Eyes - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS


- Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC
Grizzly Bear - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC[From March 16]


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4 PM EST

Jo Whiley In New Music We Trust
Wednesday 4 PM EST

Zane Lowe
Weekday From 2 to 4 PM EST

Wednesday - Enter Shikari live from the BBC Radio Theatre

Huw Stephens Unsigned
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

This Week - Brigadier Ambrose in session

Annie Mac

Friday Night Web show
Friday Night Mash up from 5 to 7 PM
Sunday web Show from 4 PM

BBC 6 Music

6Music Plays It Again
Monday-Thursday 4:30 PM EST

Monday and Tuesday
The Summer of 67

Pete Drummond looks back at the San Francisco scene during 1967 - the first summer of love. This programme was first broadcast in 1977

Wednesday and thursday
Jim Morrison

6Music Plays It Again Overnight
Every Night at 10 PM EDT

This Week
The Record Producers

Live at 4(AM UK)
Every Night at 11 PM EDT

Concerts 4 [AM - UK]

Monday - Longpigs - Camden Live 1995
Tuesday - Regina Spektor - Truck Festival 2006
Wednesday - The Europeans - Gold Diggers Chippenham 1984
Thursday - Cimerons - BBC Paris Theatre 1979
Friday - Ian Dury And The Music Students - Gold Diggers Chippenham 1984

Sessions 4:30 [AM - UK}

David Bowie - 21/09/1971
747's - 16/05/2006

Dexy's Midnight Runners - 26/02/1980
Amp Fidler - 13/03/2007

Bhundu Boys - 21/12/21986
Kaiser Chiefs - 25/02/2005

Idlewild - 31/19/1999
Gene Vincent - 25/01/1971

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 07/11/2005
Happy Mondays - 21/02/1989

Gideon Coe
Weekday from 5 to 8 AM EST

Monday - Simone White
Tuesday - Malajube
Wednesday - Ryan Adams
Thursday - Andrew Bird

Queens of Noize Sonic Safari
Saturday 7 PM EST

This week
it a Sci-Fi Sonic Safari

Tom Robinson
Monday and thursday
2-4:30 PM EST

Swedish artist Tobias Froberg drops by for a chat and we've got The Gossip in session.

The Bird And The Bee will be Tom's live guests and we have another excellent session track from The Gossip.

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
Live Set beging at 2:15 PM EST
all live set are in PST, Three Hours behind EST

Thursday - Mice Parade Live Lounge

Thursday - Viva La Foxx - 4 PM

Satulitte Radio


The Spectrum [Ch. 18]

Paul McCartney Memory Almost Full Day

Today 6:00 am ET
Paul McCartney returns with his most anticipated new music in years and you can hear a new song every hour…along with some of Sir Paul’s thoughts on the songs. Memory Almost Full comes out Tuesday…but you hear the songs all day Monday on The Spectrum.

Little Steven Underground Garage (Ch.25)

Left of Center (Ch.26)

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET

This Week New Sessions - Ted Leo
This Week Old sessions - The Klaxons and Silversun Pickups

SIRIUS Disorder (Ch.32)

World Café
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
noon - 2pm ET Friday

Monday - Andrew Bird
Tuesday - The Clientele
Wednesday - The Rosebuds
Thursday - Pacha Massive
Friday - English Beat

XM Radio

Countdown To Indie-Pendence Day
Monday - Noon ET - XMU - XM 43
Thiis Week - W - Warp Records, Wichita Records, Wind Up Records

XM Live
Tuesday - XM 120 - XM Live
Memory Almost Full: Paul McCartney's New CD
Celebrate Paul McCartney's first studio album to be released on the newly formed Starbucks Hear Music label. All throughout the day, Paul sits with XM and walks us through his new adventure, Memory Almost Full. Paul describes the new album as "personal" with much retrospect of Liverpool and "summers gone."
also at 7 AM ET - Hear Music - XM 75

XMU A.I.R. Time
Tuesday - 10 PM - XMU - XM 43
Every Tuesday in June
the Artists In Residency
Torq from Stars

Offsite: Chris Cornell (Encore)
Thursday - 11 AM ET - Ethel - XM 47

Live from The Knitting Factory: Oneida
Friday - 10 PM ET - XMU - XM 43

Casey Kasem's American Top 40:Top Hits of 1978 (Part 1)
Saturday - Noon ET - The 70's - XM 7

Live featuring The Broken West
Sunday - Noon ET - XMU - XM 43

Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Wednesday - 10AM - 11AM ET - Deep Tracks - XM40
Thursday - Noon - 1PM ET - The Village - XM 15
This week's theme is Hair.



Wednesday - THE NATIONAL
Thursday - VOXTROT

Maigic Bag

Sunday - Rescheduled Date! - BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO

Lager House

Wednesday - the high violets
Thursday - measured in angles
Friday - misty lyn
Saturday - muldoons record release

Saint Andrews Hall

Saturday - Albert Hammond Jr.


Saturday - Jesse Malin


Monday - Dinosaur Jr. w/ Awesome Color
Thursday - Perpetual Dissonance, The T-Lo Effect, The Fogglines
Wednesday - Levi Weaver w/ Aaron Long, Jacets, and The Undeserving
Thursday - A Working Model w/ Ganon, Idol and the Whip, The Uncertain 5
Friday - Novada w/ Stereo Addict, Modena Vox, The Offramps
Saturday - Zuma Revolution
Sunday - Love Arcade w/ Rediscover, Kiss Kiss, and Dr. Manhattan

The Belmont

Monday - Mademoiselle Mondays with Meah! (Chicago) and more (free show) @ Belmont
Thursday - Grande Nationals, Black Tie Revue(PA), Golden Bear(Austn) & Bear Mountain Picnic
Friday - Breast Fest 2! The Belmont’s 2nd Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation


Friday - the Rockit King, If He Dies He Dies, Not for Sal, Inkvine

Monday - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Tuesday - Trina Hamlin
Thursday - Delta 88
Friday - Chris Thile
Saturday - Steppin In It and Lost World String Band
Sunday - Ari Hest and The Damnwells

Bohemian National Home - 3009 Tillman, Detroit (1 blk N. of Michigan Ave, between I-96 and Grand Blvd)

Currently confirmed to perform:

Friday, June 8th (doors at 6:30 pm)

Noah Howard/Hakim Jami/Bobby Kapp
The Raw Truth (Michael Carey, Skeeter Shelton, Ali Allen Colding, Greg Cook)
Thollem McDonas (solo)
Faruq Z. Bey Quintet with Anthony Holland, Kenny Green, Ali Colding

Saturday, June 9th (doors at 4 pm)

Engines (Dave Rempis, Nate McBride, Tim Daisy)
Hakim Jami/Salim Washington/Pamela Wyse/Sean Dobbins
Lotte Anker/Gerald Cleaver/Craig Taborn
Triochrome (Charles Waters, Andrew Barker, Nate McBride)
Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack
Spectrum 2 (Skeeter Shelton, Ali Colding)
Keenan Lawler (solo)


Friday - Foreigner
Saturday - Stevie Nicks / Chris Isaak
Sunday - Legends of Motown

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Film Gudie Top 10

We have a winner in this week box office and for the second week in a row is was "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" but it did took on water this week, seeing it weekend take drop 62% From last week not so quite big opening week of $114.7 million.

it have now took in $216.5 million in the last 10 days and now iut falling behind last summer Dead Man's Chest which gross $258.4 million after the same ten days

the other big may opener "Shrek the Third" sinish third with $26.7 million and now have made $254.6 million.

and Spiderman 3 took in $7.5 million puting the US take to $318.3 million and it world wide Gross to $844 million out pacing the 2002 origenal Spider Man

as for the New films, the the romatic comdey "Knocked Up" about a career woman who gets pregnant from a one-night stand with a slacker opened up to No,2 with 29.3 Millions, it star "Grey's Anatomy" Katherine Heigl and Freaks and Geeks Seth Rogen,

The Kevin Costner thriller "Mr. Brooks" opend up at No.2 with a OK $10 Million, the film is about a mild-mannered businessman who moonlights as a serial killer.

and the real life sports filck "Gracie" which is about a Picturehouse's sports tale "Gracie," Which is inspired by tragic events in her own life and her teenage days as the only girl on a boys soccer team of Elisabeth Shue, who star in the Film opening up with a weak Million and a half goo for No.7.

as for the rest of the top 10:

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," $43.2 million.
2. "Knocked Up," $29.3 million.
3. "Shrek the Third," $26.7 million.
4. "Mr. Brooks," $10 million.
5. "Spider-Man 3," $7.5 million.
6. "Waitress," $2 million.
7. "Gracie," $1.4 million.
8. "Bug," $1.22 million.
9. "28 Weeks Later," $1.2 million.
10. "Disturbia," $1.1 million