Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 2008 Culture CIty Festive 50 - Part one - Unfinish business

Well Merry X-mas and Happy Holidays to all you out there
i hope you had a great X-mas i know that i did aldought it was not much
i guess

With 2008 almost over i think it was the perfit time to do the 3rd annuals Culture City Festive 50 for 2008, that is all the band that matter to you in 2008 but before i get to 2008, i have some unfinish Business to take care of.

I was at this time last year i was doing the 2007 version festive 50 until a slow moving distaster happened to this blog site on my end and yes it was a distaster,

as i was doing the 2007 version of the festive 50 my Computer which i do this blog site caught a bad computer Virus and worst my computer was showing sing of slowing down, there was pop up happing almost ever three minutes and it was slowing down a lot with every used, so in a effot to not ruin the computer so much i stop posting on this blog site on New Year Eve in 2007 with what going on New Year Eve.

I Did Not post aging until May 18th almost four and half months later and that though me a big time curve ball it was real tough to get back on track to do the blog site aging and doing on a daily bias was almost a pain in the butt.

I did try a few times to do the warp up to the Festive 50 but could not come up with the wright date, and not only that i took time off aging with some post on and off from Mid-October to late December because of family issued and not only that my dad was in the hospital for about three weeks at the same time i took a tele-communication course class at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn with the class Completion over two weeks ago.

With the New year here in almost five days as of this writing i decide to fire up the site aging to do the 2008 Culture City Festive 50 but i decide to finish the 2007 Festive 50 and it won't be long it a Top 10 from Ten to One with a recap at the start of the post to the finish.

Hope you enjoy a little bit from last year and this year Festive 50.