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Belevied it or not The lead Singer of the White Stripes and the the Raconteurs
Jack White have from a Brand New Band, yes i kid you not.

According to a story on Spin which was post at just after 9 PM tonight
the Band will be called:

"The Dead Winters"

The Band Will be made up of:

Alison Mosshart of the Kills on vocals
Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs and Blanced on bass
Dean Fertita who the touring keyboardest for the like of The Raconteurs and Queens of the Stone Age's playing guitar
And Jack White playing drums and be on vocals of course

It will be Jack Thrid actice band jack have been in Next to the The Raconteurs who wrap up toruing Consolers of the Lonely last year and the white stipes who was last see on the last Late night with Conon O'Brian show almost three weeks ago.

Oh Wait there more, According to the SPIN story they have there debut album made already and in ture Jack White Stlye he record in three weeks in the Third Man building in Jack Current home of Nashville, TN

It Will be called "Horehound" and it will be released in June on Jack Third Man record label.

Oh, Wait there even, even more to this story there 1st gig tonight in a the Third Man Records building in downtown Nashville, From What SPIN said "A limited edition 7" vinyl pressing of the Dead Weather's debut single, "Hang You From the Heavens" (including a cover of Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?"), will be available exclusively to invited guests at Wednesday night's event. The two songs are expected to hit iTunes immediately following the gig.

So How this Happend last September Alison Mosshart join the Raconteurs for a couple of songs in a Raconteurs Tour Stop in Memphis, TN and then some how a Super Group was From.

There is Video of the gig below here and Not only that, "The Kills" Will be doing a Detroit gig May 8th at the Stick.

UPDATE: There Even More
They Have a web Site:

the Raconteurs with Alison Mosshart
"Steady as She Goes"

the Raconteurs with Alison Mosshart
"Salute Your Solutions"

The Kills - Black Balloon

UPDATE #2 - 11:31 PM: the Tennessean News Paper in Nashville have more of the story:

Link to the story

Few Highlights from The tennessean:

But in downtown Nashville tonight, Jack revealed that he’s piled a few more huge endeavors on his plate. His brand-new band, The Dead Weather, played its first show at the invitation-only opening of White’s new Third Man Records building, which will serve as the headquarters for his record label and house a record store, photo studio and performance stage.

“This band is the first project to come out of this new system, which is our new studio in town and this building,” White said before playing a copy of the band’s debut album, Horehound, for guests.

“If one of the bands working here says, ‘Jack, there’s a great band that played at the End on Friday night, you should check these guys out,’ Saturday morning, they can come to Third Man Studios and we can cut a couple of songs. They can come back to the photo studio and we can take a photo of them. We can cut the acetate and run it down the block, and within three weeks, we can have a thousand copies of a 45 that they can sell at shows.”

The band performed for a room full of fans, friends and industry insiders that included Sheryl Crow and Martina McBride.

and the Third Man Records have a web site as well:

From the web site:

Third Man Records, the imprint on which Jack White releases all of his music including The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, now has a physical location in downtown Nashville. White's new Third Man Records building serves as the company HQ and houses the label's offices plus a vinyl record store, photo studio, dark room and performance stage.

In celebration of the building's opening, the label’s newest rock outfit, The Dead Weather, delivered their first public performance with a set including songs from their forthcoming album, Horehound. The band, fronted by Alison Mosshart (known to music fans as one half of The Kills) includes The Raconteurs' Jack Lawrence on bass, Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age on guitar and Jack White on drums and vocals. In addition to playing, White also served as producer on Horehound. Recording took place earlier this year in just three weeks at the newly constructed Third Man Studio, designed from the ground up by White. Third Man plans a June release for the album.

Around 150 fans, family and friends attended the Third Man Records grand opening event and exchanged their letter-pressed invitations for limited edition 7" vinyl pressings of The Dead Weather's debut single "Hang You From The Heavens" (b/w a stealth cover of Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?"). The Dead Weather hand painted each of the 150 7" records that also included a different photo booth strip of the band members. Downloads of these two songs are now available exclusively through iTunes.