Friday, September 01, 2006

Film Gudie Friday

Well it time for this week Film Gudie Friday after a week off (Technally i was done with a full report but a tech bug ate up last week film Gudie Friday)

and since it the big Labor day weekend we have a total of seven, count em seven movie out today five was review but two big movie was not review and you know what that mean, It May be a Bad Movie Big Time

First up
Two friends with different goals in life team up to compete in a high-stakes underground street basketball game.
but sadly this movie went out of Bounds with both reviwers of the detroit Paper and on
The Detroit News: D
'Crossover' gives spin on basketball showdown
'Street' film delivers the right message via a clumsy script filled with unrealistic drama.
The Detroit Free Press: 1 out of 4
Lame "Crossover" fouls out early of game Early Average Grade: C-
Hollywood Reporter: D+
"None of it rises remotely above the level of bad soap opera..."
New York Times: D+
"...a movie to glance up at from time to time while you download ring tones or text-message your friends."

Other Films Makeing it Detroit Debut today

A droll comic drama starring Matt Dillon as author Charles Bukowsk
Both Paper was mix about this movie
Free Press: 3 out of 4
'Factotum is a fine piece of work
The News: C
'Factotum' is anything but a sobering film Average Grade: B B
"'s a must-see for all of us fascinated by Charles Bukowski, by his persona as much as his words."
E! Online: B+
"The film owes much of its impact to the characters' existence beyond time and place."
New York Times: B
"Like the film itself, Mr. Dillon's performance works through understatement." 76%

After being sold by the family who can no longer support her, a loyal collie travels 1,000 miles to return to her home.
The Only review are from the detroit reviews
The News: B
Newest 'Lassie' is a magical experience
You've seen this movie before, but the retelling of this classic tale is worth seeing again.
The Free Press:Old Story Still tugs at heartsteungs
'Lassie is family entertainment of the highest order

also out is
"The Quiet."
A drama about an orphaned mute (Camilla Belle) who discovers dark secrets in her foster home.
The Reviewer was quite on this one
The Free Press: 1 out of 4
Say it loud: Quite fakes being artistic
and it get wrost Average Grade: D+ D+
" tone-deaf that when it should be eliciting sympathy or empathy, it comes off as simply amateur comedy..."
New York Post: D
"...a repugnant little indie black comedy, poorly acted in hideous-looking digital video..."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: D
"...gets lost in the twilight between Gothic social drama and lurid exploitation." 24%

and the last film for review in Detroit is
"Trust the Man." A comedy about the lives of a couple (Julianne Moore and David Duchovny) and their friends.
It got mixed reviews
Free Press: 2 out of 4
Preey People, Stylish dinners and Empty Calories Average Grade: C+ A-
"...a grown-up and intelligent version of a romantic comedy, and for all that it is fluffy and simple entertainment, it's also very good."
Hollywood Reporter: A-
"...a grown-up and intelligent version of a romantic comedy, and for all that it is fluffy and simple entertainment, it's also very good."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: C-
"...the whole enterprise falls embarrassingly flat."
E! Online: C
"Yes, Maggie Gyllenhaal is in this, but we hardly even notice."
Boston Globe: D
" insufferable experience."

Now beleavi it or not two well publiced movie with the big stars and all the ads in the world was not screen for reviewers, ouch so that mean it may be a bad movies

The Two movies with Trilars

The Wicker Man
Nicolas Cage stars as a police officer looking for a missing girl on small island where a strange cult performs a dangerous ritual.


Jason Statham is a hitman who has been poisoned and the only way for him to stay alive is to keep his adrenaline level up.

and there is three new movies out today at the Movies theaher of the dammed
The Cinemark Movies 16 at unaversial Mall in Warren, Mi

Level of goodness from in ()


Already showing

CARS (76%)
CLICK (29%)

Now on to Next week Movies

The Covenant (Wide)
Four prep school students discover they possess supernatural powers and that an evil presence has been unleashed.

Hollywoodland (Wide)
A detective (Adrien Brody) in the 1950s investigates the death of George Reeves (Ben Affleck), star of TV's 'Superman.'

The Protector (Wide)
'Ong Bak' star Tony Jaa returns as a young man who stands up against a gang to recover his family's prized elephants.

Have a safe Weekend, and enjoy a filck this weekend

Gig Gudie Monday (Part Two)
The Labor Day Weekend

Welcome to Gig Gudie Monday Post No. Two
and the Big Gig this weekend or could i say gigs around the detroit Metro area in the long Four Weekend in late summer it call the labor day weekend it a day to houner the working men and woman in this proud country so it a four day off and what do is to have festival in four diffent area in the detroit Metro area so the is about almost 300 and 350 gigs in four Festival From everthing from Pop to Rock to Jazz to Indie to World Music this weekend have almost everthig this weekend,

All Festival will ogo untill Monday the times may diffence so let see what out there this weekend

Detroit Jazz Festival
Friday - 1PM to 10:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday - Noon to 11:30 PM
Monday Noon to 10:30 PM

Friday, Sept. 1
6 p.m.: Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
7 p.m.: The Funk Brothers
8:45 p.m.: The Temptations Revue starring Dennis Edwards
1 p.m.: Nathaniel Mayer
2:30 p.m.: John Brannen
4:15 p.m.: CJ Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band
Saturday, Sept. 2
12:15 p.m.: Steelheads
2:15 p.m.: Shahida Nurullah
4:30 p.m.: Brasil Brazil featuring Ana Gazzola & Sonia Santos
6:45 p.m.: Oscar Castro-Neves
9 p.m.: DJF Fireworks Display
9:30 p.m.: Sergio Mendes Brasil 2006 w/ special guests
1:15 Ernie Rodgers & Rapa House Too
2:45 Jim Dapogny
4:30 Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
6:45 Charlie Gabriel's New Orleans Traditional Jazz Band
9:45 Buckwheat Zydeco
1:15 p.m.: Urban Transport
3:15 p.m.: Lewis Nash Quartet Tribute to Tommy Flanagan featuring Lewis Nash, Peter Washington, Renee Rosnes and Steve Nelson
5:45 p.m.: "Papa" Lou Donaldson w/ Dr. Lonnie Smith
8 p.m.: Gerald Wilson Big Band
Noon: IAJE Reading Band
2:15 p.m.: Kennedy M.S. Jazz Ensemble
3:15 p.m.: Vincent York's Jazzistry
4:45 p.m.: Scholastic
6:00 p.m.: Scholastic
6:45 p.m.: Jazz Clinic
1 p.m.: Root Doctor
3:30 p.m.: James Cotton Blues Band
6:15 p.m.: Taj Mahal
Noon: Spyder Turner
2:15 p.m.: Joyce Cooling Band
5 p.m.: Hiram Bullock with Will Lee
7:45 p.m.: Rachelle Farrell
9:45 p.m.: Kirk Lightsey's Detroit Four + One featuring Kirk Lightsey, Bennie Maupin,
George Bohanon, Burt Myrick and Cecil McBee
Sunday, Sept. 3
12:15 p.m.: Paul Keller Ensemble
2:15 p.m.: Donald Walden & Free Radicals
4:30 p.m.: Sean Jones
6:45 p.m.: Moutin Reunion Band
9:30 p.m.: Ahmad Jamal
12:30 p.m.: Tumbao Bravo
2:15 p.m.: Terry Lower Sextet
4:30 p.m.: Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
6:45 p.m.: Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas
9:30 p.m.: Marcia Ball
1:15 p.m.: Sheila Landis & Brazilian Love Affair
3:15 p.m.: Ilona Knopfler
5:45 p.m.: Organissimo
8 p.m.: Jaco Pastorius Word of Mouth with Will Lee
Noon: Troy High School Jazz Ensemble
2:15 p.m.: Northview High School Jazz Ensemble
3:15 p.m.: Vincent York's Jazzistry
4:45 p.m.: Ferndale High School Jazz Ensemble
6 p.m.: Lakeshore High School Jazz Ensemble
6:45 p.m.: Jazz Clinic
12:15 p.m.: Orquesta Sensacional
2:15 p.m.: Steelheads with Andy Narell
4:45 p.m.: Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
7:15 p.m.: Richie Havens
1:15 p.m.: Sun Messengers with Thornetta Davis
3:30 p.m.: Catherine "Cat" Russell
6 p.m.: The Holmes Brothers
8:45 p.m.: Joan Osborne
Monday, Sept. 4
10 a.m.: 3-Band Gospel Extravaganza
2:00 p.m.: Ed Nuccilli & Plural Circle
4:15 p.m.: Joe Locke & Milt Jackson Tribute with Joe Locke, Mike LeDonne, Bob Cranshaw and Mickey Roker
6 p.m.: Detroit Jazz All-Stars with Curtis Fuller, Louis Hayes, Marcus Belgrave, Rodney Whitaker, Charles McPherson and Barry Harris
9 p.m.: Diane Schuur & the Wayne State University Jazz Big Band
Noon: Johnny O'Neal
2 p.m.: Buddy Budson Sextet
4:15 p.m.: Terrence Simien & Zydeco Experience
6:15 p.m.: Donald Harrison Quintet with Christian Scott
8:15 p.m.: Beau Soleil avec Michael Doucet
1 p.m.: Gerard Gibbs & Re'Organyz
3:15 p.m.: The Hot Club of Detroit
5 p.m.: Clayton Brothers Quintet w/ Terrell Stafford
7:30 p.m.: Ed Palermo Tribute to Frank Zappa with Napoleon Murphy Brock
Noon: Northville Band Club
2:15 p.m.: Henry Ford Community College
3:15 p.m.: Vincent York's Jazzistry
4:45 p.m.: Eaton Rapids High School
6 p.m.: Scholastic
6:45 p.m.: Jazz Clinic
Noon: RJ'S Rhythm Rockers Joe Weaver Tribute
2 p.m.: Lyman Woodard
4 p.m.: Mose Allison
6:45 p.m.: Dirty Dozen Brass Band
1 p.m.: John Sinclair & Motor City Blues Scholars
3 p.m.: Bon Temps Roullez
5:30 p.m.: Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
8 p.m.: Dr. John & The Lower 911

The Hamtramck Festival
Friday -6 PM to 10 PM
Saturday and Sunday - noon to 10 PM
Monday - Noon to 8 or 9 PM

friday sept 1

6:45pm shipwreck union
7:50pm skeemin' nogoods
8:50pm the muggs

saturday sept 2

3:15pm tba
3:45pm tba
4:30pm jarrod champion sleeps til dusk
5:30pm amino acids
6:20pm ghost city
7:00pm grande nationals
7:45pm grayling
8:30pm hoarse

sunday sept 3

12:00pm big daddy lackowski
2:00pm misty blues
3:30pm manna and quail
4:15pm bad faces clan
5:00pm brave rifles
5:45pm nice device
6:30pm polish muslims
8:30pm the vamps

monday sept 4

3:30pm catfish mafia
4:20pm salt miners
5:10pm the highlife
6:00pm whitey morgan
6:50pm the orbitsons
At the Belmont after 10 p.m.: Awesome stoner-ish rock group Black Skies from Chapel Hill locals T

Michigan State Fair
Friday - 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m
Saturday and Sunday - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Monday 11:00 a.m. - 9 pm

Friday, September 1st @ 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 2nd @ 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 3rd @ 7:00 p.m.
RAVEN-SYMONE and The Radio Disney D-Toun
Monday, September 4th @ 7:00 p.m.

Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats

4-11 p.m Friday
11 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday

Full Line up at

Thursday, August 31, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City with Nirvana at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1992.

The List

Please Note: The My NME Single of the Week is Now in it Separt Post begining This week.

In Sound Radio
Wednesday 2:30-4 PM

playlist for 8/30/06





Tuesdays 10p - 12a
w/ Suzy Cole & Mike Alonso aka Percussion World filling in for Melody! (She is recording with the sirens)


1) Seduce Love To Hate
2) The Paybacks Stranger In The House
3) Skeemin NoGoods I Dont Like You
4) HOARSE Tuesday Morning (live @ St. Andrews)
5) Universal Temple Of Devine Power The Man
6) Mog Stunt Team Capt. Lee/UFOs Calling
7) Pterodactyls 14
8) Left In Ruin If I Cant
9) Electric Six Rubber Rocket (new album SWITZERLAND in stores 9/12/06)
10) Na$hinal Debt For you
11) Zach Shipps Tight New Clean Ass
12) Ghost City What Were You Running From
13) Aquarius Void Mouth Of Shiva
14) The Christ Punchers Tread Of The Iron Legion
15) Fiesty Cadavers featuring Steve Krass Blast Chamber
16) Bad Faces Clan Cowboy
17) The Witches Demons All Around Her
18) Troy Gregory (with The Volebeats) Left My Mind Alone
19) Prong Hell If I Could
20) Katmandu God Part 2
21) Negative Approach Nothing
22) Grayling Traveling
23) Koffin Kats V8 Nightmare
24) Grande Nationals I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
25) Wofbait Broadsword
26) Dutch Pink Mary
27) Cactus Parchman Farm
28) Speedball Operation Get Down
29) Bantam Rooster Youre The Sun
30) **(got deleted by the computer, damn thing! It was a new Electric Six songwell play it next week, promise)**(Riff 2 words, Not mine-ED)

and last but not least the DRMC Top 10 Selling CD of the Week

1. Iron Maiden — “The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg” single
2. Obie Trice — Second Round’s on Me
3. Ani DiDranco — Reprieve
4. Slayer — Christ Illusion
5. Gnarls Barkley — St. Elsewhere
6. Mew — And the Glass Handed Kites
7. Johnny Cash — American V …
8. Pharrell — In My Mind
9. Nelly Furtado — Loose
10. Sonic Youth — Rather Ripped

I am thinking of doing one or two more playlist
New Music Tuesday
a tad Late this week

New Music Released on August 29th


BT - This Binary Universe (with DVD; DTS)

Bob Dylan - Modern Times (deluxe edition with bonus DVD also available; Columbia)

Grates - Gravity Won't Get You High (Cherry Tree)

Randies - Saw the Light (Elicit/ Majestic)
Pete Yorn - Nightcrawler (Red Ink)
M. Ward - Post-War (Merge)

Various artists - Rockabye Baby!: Lullabye Renditions of Coldplay (Baby Rock)
Various artists - Rockabye Baby!: Lullabye Renditions of Metallica (Baby Rock)
Various artists - Rockabye Baby!: Lullabye Renditions of Radiohead (Baby Rock)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

America - Struttin' Our Stuff (MVD Audio)
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds - 40th Anniversary (limited-edition fuzzy package with DVD; Capitol)
Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart in San Francisco, MTV Unplugged, Perfectly Frank, Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits of the '50s and Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits of the '60s (RPM/ Columbia/ Legacy)
Roger Daltrey - Daltrey, One of the Boys and Ride a Rock Horse (Hip-O)
Sammy Davis Jr. - Definitive Collection (Hip-O)
Steve Earle - Definitive Collection (Hip-O)
Humble Pie - Definitive Collection (Hip-O)
Julio Iglesias - 1100 Bel Air Place and Tango (Columbia/ Legacy)
Waylon Jennings - Waylon Jennings Sings Hank Williams (Hip-O)
Kingston Trio - The Essential Kingston Trio (two CDs; Shout! Factory)
Iggy Pop - 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection (A&M)
Diana Ross - Definitive Collection (Hip-O)
Stereolab - Serene Velocity: A Stereolab Anthology (Rhino)
Pete Townshend - Another Scoop, All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, Deep End Live!, Empty Glass, The Iron Man the Musical by Pete Townshend, Psychoderelict, Rough Mix, Scoop, Scoop 3, White City and Who Came First (Hip-O)
Tanya Tucker - Definitive Collection (Hip-O)

Music DVDs:

Bob Dylan - "Bob Dylan 1966 - 1978: After the Crash" (MVD Visual)
Queen - "Under Review: 1980-1991" (MVD Visual)
Barbra Streisand - "A Happening in Central Park" and "Barbra Streisand ... And Other Musical Instruments" (Rhino)
Pete Townshend - "Psychoderelict Live in New York" (Hip-0)
Various artists - "Kill Your Idols" (Palm Pictures)

TV on DVD:

Andy Griffith Show, The The Complete 7th Season buy
Arrested Development Season 3 buy
Astroboy Ultra Edition - Set 2 buy
Awful Truth, The The Best Of The Awful Truth buy
Criss Angel Mindfreak Halloween buy
Darkwing Duck Volume 1 buy
Desperate Housewives The Complete 2nd Season buy
Epitafios The Complete First Season buy
Flavor of Love The Complete 1st Season buy
Monty Python's Flying Circus The Personal Best Of Monty Python's Flying Circus buy
Mr. Bean The Best of Mr. Bean buy
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 10 buy
Nip/Tuck The Complete 3rd Season (Miami Skyline Packaging) info
The Complete 3rd Season (Operating Room Packaging) buy
South Park The Complete 8th Season buy
Survivor: Palau The Complete Season buy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 05 buy
Tick, The Season 1 buy
Will & Grace Season 5
Breaking Culture News

Still on Break this week But I cant mot let Detroit Rock City know some bad news as

Breaking Culture News

this was posted 1st on the WOXY.COM and then on Cincinnati Enquirer web sight and then on, but instead of puting ti in to a text of a full story here is the full letter that was posted on the front page on WOXY.COM

Listeners, fans and friends,

This sucks.

This is the moment all of us hoped would never come. After plugging away at this for the past two years, it’s become pretty clear that operating as a stand-alone Internet "radio station" is not going to cut it. Our operating costs are higher than you might think, and the revenue we were able to generate from advertising isn’t close to supporting what we’re doing. Even membership revenue wasn’t enough to get us there. When your business doesn’t make money, you eventually go out of business.

With this in mind, we’ve been looking for either a significant partner – someone with a larger plan into which could be plugged – or an outright buyer. That search hasn’t been fruitful. We’re still willing to entertain offers and explore possibilities (email, but our time is short. We thought it was time to share our situation with you ... to give you a heads-up.

You might be saying, "What can I do to help?" Unfortunately, unless you have significant investment capital and a way to profit from the wonderful programming we create, you can’t. As of today, we will no longer be selling or renewing memberships or accepting contributions. Please don’t send us money ... it will just mean we have to send it back to you.

Now is a good time to say THANK YOU to our incredibly patient, generous and kind angel investors. Without them ... well, we wouldn’t have had the chance to even be in the game. They’ve enabled everything we’ve accomplished over the past two years, and for that, they are saints to indie rock lovers everywhere.

We did investigate an alternative: stripping our operations to the absolute bare minimum by cutting back to one staffer, no more DJs, no more Lounge Acts, etc. We decided it wasn’t worth it. It wouldn’t have been true to what is, and it wouldn’t have honored the legacy of 97X.

While may have failed in a business sense, we’re pretty proud that we managed to put out some of the most passionate, unique and interesting programming on the Internet and elsewhere. We showered love and airplay on countless bands who otherwise would have received none, garnered national press attention and hosted nearly 200 live Lounge Act performances. Not too bad for a little, four-person Internet radio station from Cincinnati.

A radio station is only as big as its listeners make it. We’re not BS-ing when we say that you guys, our supporters, are the most amazing people on the planet. THANK YOU. The dedication and enthusiasm you’ve shown for what we do is staggering and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who stepped up to become a member, generously made a contribution, emailed (spammed) your friends, spread the gospel of and – most of all – listened.

Barring something exceptional happening in the next two weeks, we will silence our broadcasts on Friday, September 15th.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try and how special the thing you do, it simply isn’t enough to beat the odds. It’s the cold reality of business that not even we could escape. When September 15th comes, we’ll meet it proudly with heads held high and celebrate the past two years of and the spirit of 97X. For those lucky enough to have been part of it, The Future of Rock and Roll will forever be in our minds and hearts.

So enjoy these last two weeks with us. Shall we rock?

Eternally yours,

Bryan Jay, Mike, Shiv and Barb

And Just like What happen everwhere else with rock radio, A andore Radio station either Internet or regualr Radio have bit the dust.

The Sation was a raido station on 97.7 September 1983 until May 13, 2004

The Station internet station which was the FM Station began in 1998.

When the over the air staion was sold in 2004, but there internet bracating camback in two week later but was not bring in online advertisers, so in Feb 2006 it starting Charing $9.95 per month for the internet brardcast but there was stugging Day by day untill today Posting.
It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City with The Lemonheads

And it Now Thursday, August 31, 2006
and were
9 Days to go untill
The Dally In the Alley

Back From Break a little bit to let you know that the Blog will be back on Tuesday with News update thur out the day as it happed and while you are waiting for that tonight entry is to let you know The Lemonheads will be out on september 26, yes it will be self title, yes even Dando still sing and yes there will be a detroit Date
Jote this down

Sunday, December 10th at the Stick

Now this will be the band first album since 1996's Car Button Cloth
so tonight video is from Car Button Cloth

This is from one fo the better song from that album
and it called "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You"

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ed Note: Sorry for the lateness For this week gig guide
Please Note, Monday and Tuesday is out-dated bid time
so the rest of the week (Wednesday to Sunday) is still good
all the labor Day Gigs (September 1st to September 4th) are in a difference post
Gig Guide #2
Updated: Wednesday, August 30st 1:30 AM

Gig Guide Monday
Part One (The Regular Gig Guide)

August 28th - September 3rd



Wolfmother - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC(From May 4th)
Neko Case - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Starsailor - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC
And Don't look now
2006 MTV Video Music Awards - MTV - Start at 8 PM
It may be a live and local event or it may not be a live and local event i am thinking about it
Foo Fighters - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Neil Young - Saturday Night Live - NBC(From December 13th)

On Line Radio

BBC Radio

Radio 1

Lamacq Live
Monday 4 to 8 PM from now until September 18th

This Week - Highlights from this year'sReading/Leeds festival
and this week Headliner Muse

Zane Lowe
Monday to Thuresday
2 to 4 PM

Monday - live music from The Strokes, Primal Scream and the Fratellis
Wednesday - Jet Live from Maida Vale

Must i forget
Tuesday - OneMusic with Huw Stephens
6 to 8 PM

This Week
Huw has the legendary Wedding Present in session for a covers special.


Thusday - OneMusic with Rob da Bank
6 to 8 PM
This week
Rob has Bat For Lashes in session.

and if i did not for get
Lovely techno Beat Godness
Annie Mac From 4 to 6 thursday

This Week - King Unique minimix

Radio 2

up on line right Now
With contributions from some of the music world's highest profile stars as well as from those who new Freddie Mercury best, this two part programme charts Freddie's childhood in Zanzibar, his move to the UK, the formation of Queen and his rise to superstardom.

The programme covers his life long search for love, his stormy relationship with the press and his unparalleled performance abilities.

Wednesday August 30th
Self confessed fan Stuart Maconie presents a four-part assessment of the life and times of the American Soul Legend Otis Redding

6 Music
Nenmone Dream Ticket
Monday to Thursday 5 to 8 PM EDT
Tuesday: New Order
Wednesday: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Thursday: Muse

Tom Robinson Evening Sequence
Monday to THurMon 28 August - The Pet Shop Boys Live in Concert, plus a Roots & Rockers special from DJ Scratchy

This Week In session: The Fratellis & Union Of Knives

This Week's Guests: Scissor Sisters co-host on Tuesday and Lou Rhodes on Wednesdaysday 2 to 4:30 PM

Morning Becomes Eclectic
Hosted by: Nic Harcourt
Alll Live gig begin at 2:15 EDT
Parisian-Argentine collective, Gotan Project
All time PDT (-3 hours)

The Thermals Friday September 1, 12:00pm
Scott H. Biram Friday September 1, 3:00pm
Graig Markel and Zera Marvel (LIVE from the High Dive) Saturday September 2, 6:30pm
Heather Duby (LIVE from the High Dive) Saturday September 2, 8:00pm
Halou (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 12:00pm
Badly Drawn Boy (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 1:00pm
Cloud Cult (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 2:30pm
Zero 7 & Jose Gonzalez (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 3:30pm
Spoon (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 5:30pm
The Saturday Knights (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 6:30pm
Abysinnian Creole (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 7:30pm
Macklemore (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Sunday September 3, 8:30pm
Jermy Enigk (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Monday September 4, 12:00pm
Rocky Votolato (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Monday September 4, 1:00pm
Dengue Fever (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Monday September 4, 2:30pm
Mates of State (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Monday September 4, 3:30pm
Nouvelle Vague (LIVE from Bumbershoot) Monday September 4, 5:30pm

Satulitte Radio

Sirius Radio

SIRIUS Disorder (Ch.24)

World Café
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
1 pm - 3pm ET Friday

8/28 Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
8/29 Josh Ritter
8/30 Allison Moorer
8/31 Fiona Apple
9/1 Soul Asylum

Little Steven Underground Garage (Ch.25)
The Yardbirds' Jim McCarty Visits Underground After Dark
Fri 9/1 10:00 pm ET

Kick off your Labor Day weekend with Little Steven Van Zandt and the third edition of his interview program Underground After Dark. This week, Little Steven is joined in the studios by none other than The Yardbirds' drummer Jim McCarty

Left of Center (Ch. 26)

Product Shop NYC presents The Rapture on Blog Radio!
Tonight 10:00 pm ET
The Rapture is one of the funkiest bands on the indie rock scene, and their upcoming album, Pieces Of People We Love is one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year. It’s coming out soon, but you can hear a sneak preview when the guys from The Rapture stop by Monday night’s episode of Blog Radio (hosted by Product Shop NYC). Of course, PSNYC will be playing all sorts of great non-Rapture stuff as well, so don’t miss it!

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET
This Week - The Futureheads
<;b<>R>And Dont Forget on September 12th
Live From Detroit
It Jimmy Buffett "Party At the End of the World Tour
Live from Detroit
on Eadio Margaritaville (Ch.31)
It all start at 7:30

XM Radio


The King Biscuit Flower Hour Featuring Tom Petty
Deep Tracks - XM 40 <br />3PM - 4PM ET


Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Deep Tracks - XM 40 <br />10AM - 11AM ET
Also on
The Village - XM 15 <br />Noon - 1PM ET on Thursday
This Week Them is Radio


Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Labor of Love on The Village
The Village - XM 15 <br />Fri. 6PM - Mon. (9/4) Mid. ET
The First 16 Show

The XMU Student Mixer: Belle & Sebastian
XMU - XM 43 <br />9PM ET


The AP Show
Fungus - XM 53 <br />5PM ET
Produce by the Alternative Press Magizine
<;b<>R>The Wolfman Jack Show
The 60s - XM 6 R>7PM ET
Today is Monday,August 28 1006

And It Only
12 Days Untill
Dally in the alley

you Can find the full Dally in the alley line-up
It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City With TWISTED SISTER

Who Play tonight at the State Fair at 7 PM

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Culture City Special
Live and Local
The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
Live as it Happend

a Very good enving to you it you are reading this On Sunday, August 27 and this a special post which i call, It Came From Culture City - Live and Local as i take a look of what is happend at The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles

I an live at the head quarters of the Culture City News Desk with the TV on as the red Carpet is rolled out for the big prime time ememy awards wich will be air live on NBC and it will be hosted by late night host Conan O'Brien, it kind of a big night for many Networks (Expecly HBO) and many show (Expect "Grey's Anatomy" and "24") there will be peltely of action as we reach 6 PM and the e Red Carpte show is on as i update this post.

6:02 PM the first of what will be many presenter Jenniefr Love Hewitt is talking to the E host Ryanm seaceart, who know may be talking about her singing Carrer who know, I am listen to this week Music Week and watching live covage of that awful Plane Crash in Lexington (From WLEX-TV, NBC-18)so i may turn back and forth.

6:07 PM: The Music week show have endnd and now i have tune up the volumed on My TV to see the E Covage, Now i dont have Digile Cable just reg. Cable so i cant not get the TV Gudie Channel, so i wont have face the warth of Joan Rivies and her bad on line or Jokes

6:16 PM right now i am looking at a live shot of the emmy red capet they have two camera ot of the arrivals Cam as they pulled the Shrine Auditorium as they make that long walk-way also they have a Fashtion cam as they walk up the read capets an now i am seeing now the lovely Sandra Oh who just a year and a half was in the funny movie "Side way which is a real good movie and now is on the his show Grey's Anatomy and she is up for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

6:23 PM Howie Mandel from deal or No Deal have just arived looking Fab as always and the show is coming back with a week long season permiers.

6:26 PM: the host of the Cobert Report is on E, talking about the four non for His show the Cobert Report and on for his wring work on the The Daily Show as O'Rilley is Scare over Fake New that tell the turth over mis infomation.

6:29 Amy Poller looking fab and cute as always but No Who On SNL Question Please.

6:31 PM top of the list of E Best dress list
Stephen Colbert 8.09
Peter Krause 7.79
B.J. Novak 7.62
Will Arnett 7.47
Jennifer Love Hewitt 7.16

6:33: I think the host of America top Modle Trad Banks have just arrived at the emmey with her fress at $50,000 Dollars, and it will be the first new show in the CW that start on september 20th

6:34 PM: Jeff Gerland for the best show on HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm was talking to E

6:39 PM: update of the top dress list on E-online (
Stephen Colbert 8.77
Isaiah Washington 8.19
Tyra Banks 8.13
Will Arnett 7.92
Peter Krause 7.79

6:42 PM: as you know there are a lot of stars i dont know about Hugh Laure of the Fox show house have just arrived at the Shrine looking very dapper in a very night tex and just beheim him 24 Ex pres Dennis Hasebert who is now on the Unit and just behind him is Allison Janney of the west wings up for Best Drama for the last time.

6:45 PM: Oh oh oh oh Confentatio alert Kathe Giffen of of Bravo my life on the D-list have just arrived will she will talk to E!( She used to be part of E Red Capert Covage but was fired after she pick on Ryan Seracert, May be because that Idols Show)

6:49 PM: that stars are coming in Fast and quick, Seal in in the Buliding and and one fo the actress of the now dead show Arrested Development Poshsa Del Rossed is talking to the seacert

6:53 PM: Update of the E-best dress list
Stephen Colbert 8.77
Tyra Banks 8.15
Isaiah Washington 8.14
Hugh Laurie 8.11
Sandra Oh 8.06

6:57 PM Jean Smart who played the first lady on 24 have just arrived on the red carpet, She is Fave to win best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

6:59 Hidie Kulm is talking to Ryan Seacest on E with her man Seal on her side

The Full Update at 7:02 on E top dress list by viewers on E-online

Stephen Colbert 8.77
Katharine Heigl 8.69
Patrick Dempsey 8.46
Sandra Oh 8.18
Tyra Banks 8.15

7:03 PM :I am filping to The Local NBC Station (WDIV-TV, NBC 4) randy Jacksion is talking to billy bush and steven correll of the office bump in the interview and Nancy O'dell is talking to 24 first lady Jean Smart.

7:06 PM: Holy crap it jeff probet of TV Survior who is up for best reallty serire

7:07 PM: Just only 57 mintues untill Conan is Reunited with Emmy (this his second time doing the emmys)

7:09 PM: Jon Voight is talking to NBC he is up for Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie, and lisa Kurdu is up for Actress in a Comedy Series for that little watch show on HBO
The comeback.

7:11 i am going to update Now

7:16 PM: Hold the phone the man know as Shatner have arrived ( He up for Supporting Actor for Drama Series for Boston Legal)

7:18 Pm the lovely Krai segwick of the TNT show the closer is walking down the red Capret

7:23 PM: i know one of my regual reader will like this Jamie Presly of My Name Is Earl is talking to seacert she up for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
and she look very lovely must i say

the E online update
Katherine Heigl 8.55
Sandra Oh 8.18
Heidi Klum 8.18
Patrick Dempsey 8.15
Tyra Banks 8.15
Isaiah Washington 8.14
Hugh Laurie 8.11
Stephen Colbert 8.10
Lisa Kudrow 8.09
Steve Carrell 8.09

7:20ish PM: John Legnow who have a new show on NBC is walking the Red Carpet and just behim him Julia Louis-Dreyfus of The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS and she the one who bnroke the Sinfield Cused, and Kiefer is walking the red carpet and he say that he is filming the new season of 24 have just stared filming the new season which will come back on Januart of 2007

7:31 PM: Simon Cowell who is trying to beat up the indie secen with bad pop music is on E and he is talking to Debra Messing who is up for Supporting Actress for a Comedy Series for the last season for will and Gaced

7:34 PM: with less than a half a hour left untill emmys go on the air here what the E best list by the viewers
Katherine Heigl 8.55
Sandra Oh 8.18
Heidi Klum 8.18
Patrick Dempsey 8.15
Tyra Banks 8.15
Isaiah Washington 8.14
Debra Messing 8.12
Hugh Laurie 8.11
Stephen Colbert 8.10
Steve Carrell 8.09

7:37 PM her show is off the air and Jona Collins is walking the red carpet she is there because tonight she among a ton of stars who is paying trbute to Arron Spelling who died a month and a half ago, also geting the lifetime awaras is the one and only Dick Clark who making a raer public appence since he suffed a storke almost two years ago, and will be interduced by Simon Clowd.

7:42 PM: almost 18 mintues left untill emmys take the stage

and with a little Break the top 10 movie is out and the winner well it not snake on a planes it Finsh 6th almost losing half it crowd
The Winners

1. "Invincible," $17 million.
2. "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," $8 million.
3. "Little Miss Sunshine," $7.5 million.
4 (tie). "Beerfest," $6.5 million.
4 (tie). "Accepted," $6.5 million.
6. "Snakes on a Plane," $6.4 million.
7. "World Trade Center," $6.39 million.
8. "Step Up," $6.2 million.
9. "Idlewild," $5.9 million.
10. "Barnyard: The Original Party Animals," $5.4 million

7:47 PM Barry manitlow have show up he will played a song for Dick Clark, and he is looking good as always even if his song annony the S*^% out of you.

7:49 PM: E update best Dress list

Katherine Heigl 8.55
Sandra Oh 8.18
Heidi Klum 8.18
Patrick Dempsey 8.15
Tyra Banks 8.15
Isaiah Washington 8.14
Hugh Laurie 8.11
Stephen Colbert 8.10
Steve Carrell 8.09
Ellen Pompeo 8.08

and Conan date with Emmys(OK he is Married)is less than 10 mintues aways as the PA told everone please take you set and please turn off your cell phone

7:51 PM: Aahhh yes the one who was snub and who was also born on August 3rd Elvangliy Lilly have just finsh up with The Seacest and follow that up with Paual abdul who on america Idols,but the Way who in the Hell Watch that show godly.

7:54 Pm everone is taking there seat to for the big show which will be hosted by Conan o'Brian who have some cool band on the show, and the gig gudie will be late because i went to a gardge sale today one went today despite the rain or light dizzle one did not go.

7:56 PM : Did i say it only 13 days aways to dally in the alley

7:57 PM the Rush is on to get inside for the big show, so i think the red carpet show is over so what is the E omline viewer poll on who look good look at the big board:

did not get them in time here is from the last update
Katherine Heigl 8.55
Sandra Oh 8.18
Heidi Klum 8.18
Patrick Dempsey 8.15
Tyra Banks 8.15
Isaiah Washington 8.14
Hugh Laurie 8.11
Stephen Colbert 8.10
Steve Carrell 8.09
Ellen Pompeo 8.08

And it Now 8:00 PM and Emmys have begin with a spoof of LoST with conan in it and blowdried ing his hair where he met hurly from lost.

8:02 PM Where he drop in the office, where is ditaced by pam from the office

8:03 PM he called Cloed of 24

8:04 PM get advice from House M.D.

8:05 PM wher pass thuh South Park

8:06 PM Stumble on a Chris Handson in a online sting on Dateline NBC and rush out to the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to statr the show

8:08 PM Conan is telling Jokes and i am taking a break

8:12 Pm Conan break in a song and dance about NBC almost begin in almost 4th placed
oh did i tell you the Emmys are on NBC

8:15 PM The frist awards of the night for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

Up for the awards is
Cheryl Hines - Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO
Alfre Woodard - Desperate Housewives ABC
Jaime Pressly - My Name Is Earl NBC
Elizabeth Perkins - WeedsShowtime
Megan Mullally - Will & Grace NBC

8:16 PM: And the winners is
Just before she host a talk show is fall on Local 4 Megan Mullally win for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series for the final season of Will & Grace, now next year she go for Best daytime talk show host in the daytime emmys

818PM: Next awards is
Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

William Shatner - Boston Legal ABC
Oliver Platt - Huff Showtime
Michael Imperioli - The Sopranos HBO
Gregory Itzin - 24 FOX
Alan Alda - The West Wing NBC

And the winner is Alan Alda - The West Wing
No F$*& Way dude Gregory Itzin wus robb it was more better the Alan Alda turn as a GOP Candate in the last season of the west wing.

8:26 Pm After commercell break there back for

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Candice Bergen - Boston Legal ABC
Sandra Oh - Grey's Anatomy ABC
Chandra Wilson - Grey's Anatomy ABC
Blythe Danner - Huff Showtime
Jean Smart - 24 FOX

and guess what the winner is Blythe Danner of Huff on Showtime, and yes Jean Smart wus robbd for the awards as well and the awards go to a show which you have to pay from 14.95 a month

8:29 PM

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Will Arnett - Arrested Development FOX
Jeremy Piven - Entourage HBO HBO
Bryan Cranston - Malcolm in the Middle FOX FOX
Jon Cryer - Two and a Half Men CBS
Sean Hayes - Will & Grace NBC

and the winner is Jeremy Piven for Entourage on HBO, a show i have not watch yet but the techno writer of the metro Times like it, i only watch the ali G Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm

8:32 PM: A Little Break

8:33 PM: Let see what happend so far: Two Cancell show won, the Prez and first lady of 24 did not win best Supporting in a drama, and Bobn Newhart is used a gag.

8:35 PM: new awards the frist of thouse Miniseries Or A Movie awards

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Kelly Macdonald - The Girl In The Café HBO
Shirley Jones - Hidden Places Hallmark
Ellen Burstyn - Mrs. Harris HBO
Cloris Leachman - Mrs. Harris HBO
Alfre Woodard - The Water Is Wide CBS

and the winner is Kelly Macdonald for The Girl In The Café on HBO, to tell you the tuthe i dont watch mini serires or movies because there are too sappy.

8:43 PM: the next awards is

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series

The Colbert Report Comedy Central
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Comedy Central
Late Night With Conan O’Brien NBC
Late Show With David Letterman CBS
Real Time With Bill Maher HBO

with ever one is watching woth there i POd

take that O'rilley i am so samrter than you Jon Stewart win for The Daily Show watch by more Real News viewer than ever and it back up as the most important program ever

8:48 PM: best direction for a Comeny
and the emmys go to My Name Is Earl on NBC

and after that best writing for a comeny series
and the winner go to:
The Piolt show for My Name Is Earl on NBC

8:55 PM: Om huff po websight The Daily Show Beats The Colbert Report For Best Variety Show Emmy...

8:57 PM: The first soft momment of the emmys a hounns of Dick Clark, Sorry i am watching it, Simon Cowley got boo as he came out and they showed his carred on Bandstand and other work, as he was in therdeuced the crowd gave him a standing O, He was showeding siting behind a podem still having trouble speaking as he tell the crode he have a good life.

And He trown it to barry manitlow where he perfrom the theme song to american Band stade which was good Specail nut good

9:09 PM: AP Update

LOS ANGELES - Departed series were the bittersweet toast of the Emmys on Sunday as "Will & Grace," "The West Wing" and "Huff" picked up acting trophies.

"It's not supposed to work this way, is it, when you say goodbye to something?" said Blythe Danner, named best supporting actress in a drama for the canceled "Huff."

Megan Mullally was honored for her supporting actress work in the sitcom "Will & Grace," which wrapped up its long run this year.

"Oh, boy. Well, here come the waterworks," Mullally said. Speaking for her castmates, she said, "We had eight great years of happy employment and that's more than most people could ever hope for."

Alan Alda was named best supporting actor in a drama for his role as a Republican presidential candidate on "The West Wing," which ended its seven-season run this year.

He wasn't on hand to accept the award. But then, Alda might have become blase: In recent years, he also had an Oscar nomination for his role in Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator," a Tony nomination for his Broadway performance in David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross," and another Emmy bid for "West Wing" — none of which he won.

Jeremy Piven of "Entourage" was named best supporting actor in a comedy.

"My first agent, when I was 23, said, 'You're not going to work until you're in your mid-40s.' I said, 'I don't know what to do for 17 years. I have to act,'" Piven said.

Host Conan O'Brien made sure "Lost," largely left out of the Emmy awards, got noticed after all.

The ceremony opened with a filmed comedy bit in which O'Brien was seen sipping champagne aboard a jetliner. "What could possibly go wrong tonight?" he says — before the plane crashes onto an island resembling the one in ABC's drama.

After being greeted by "Lost" star Jorge Garcia, O'Brien fled through a mysterious hatch and ended up crashing through other series including "The Office," "24" and "House."

"Subject could be anemic, possibly albino," was the diagnosis of "House" star Hugh Laurie.

O'Brien was equally self-deprecating before he started a song-and-dance number.

"It's my second time hosting. And as you'll see tonight, the third time's the charm," O'Brien said.

9:10 PM Tracy Mrogin and Tina Fey Both Ex-SNL persent the Outstanding Individual Performance In A Variety Or Music Program and get what a PBS peged Break show won Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow: Music And Passion

ouch the man who write the song that make the whold world sing Grammy and now a emmys for a PBS Pegeed drive.

9:16PM: Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
24 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM FOX
the first show of Day Five

and then Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series
The Sopranos Members Only HBO

24 win there first emmys and must i say because she was born on my birthday (Aug 3rd) Elvanaline Lilly look very pretty indeed

9:24 PM: Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie

Denis Lawson - Bleak House (Masterpiece Theatre) PBS
Hugh Dancy - Elizabeth I HBO
Jeremy Irons - Elizabeth I HBO
Robert Carlyle - Human Trafficking Lifetime
Clifton Collins, Jr. - Thief FX Network

and the winner is Jeremy Irons - Elizabeth I

9:26 PM :and now howled mandell and megan mullaed are now present the next awards Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Program which go to the guy who is direct the Emmys 78th Annual Academy Awards which have a Deal or No Deal themm

9:31 PM: LOL oh my god i still LOL
The Emmys for Best Outstanding Writing For A Variety, Music Or
Comedy Program
and it was a funny take as the long list of writer was interdeuc, The Colbert Report was was wild life film, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart spoof David Balned, Late Night With Conan O’Brien was repesent by people at the call center in India, Late Show With David Letterman Was Fight on Latin Talk Show and Real Time With Bill Maher was repesent by the loser who are so wrong 99.9% of the time expext Bill Maher him self.

9:38 PM: Next Awards Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Charles Dance - Bleak House (Masterpiece Theatre) PBS
Donald Sutherland - Human Trafficking Lifetime
Ben Kingsley - Mrs. Harris HBO
Jon Voight - Pope John Paul II CBS
Andre Braugher - Thief FX Network

And the Winners is Andre Braugher - Thief FX Network
Too tell you the turth i dont watch FX But recuesd Me is on FX with The Von Bondies Cmon, Comon as it theam song

9:41 PM: Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
Larry David - Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO
Kevin James - The King Of Queens CBS
Tony Shalhoub - Monk USA
Steve Carell - The Office NBC
Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men CBS

The Winner is dame it Larry David did not win
The Emmys went to Tony Shalhoub of Monk

9:48 PM: a Little Break

9:49 PM: a now a tribute to Arron Spelling

9:53 PM: Tori is Here oh my god

10:02 PM: took a break to see a long good tribute to teh Late arron spelling which is a very good Tribute to a man who have produce more hours of TV Than Anyone

10:05 PM: The Lovly Eva Longorod and poker pro James aWoods present the HBO Film The Girl In The Café win forr some thing

10:08 PM: Fox News wrost enamys Jon Stearw and Steveph Cobert present Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

The Amazing Race CBS
American Idol FOX
Dancing With The Stars ABC
Project Runway Bravo
Survivor CBS

as Cobert copaln he lost to the Copacaband guess what get who won for Reality-Competition Program one of my fave show for the Forth time in a row

The Amazing Race
which season Debut is coming in two Weeks on CBS

10:12 PM:
AP Update

The ceremony paid tribute was paid to producer Dick Clark of "American Bandstand" fame, who has been recovering from a stroke he suffered in 2004.

"I have accomplished my childhood dream, to be in show business. Everybody should be so lucky, to have their dreams come true. I've been truly blessed," said Clark, his speech somewhat muffled. He was seated at a podium on stage when he was introduced.

Barry Manilow serenaded Clark with the show's bouncy theme song before collecting his own Emmy for the special "Barry Manilow: Music and Passion."

During the ceremony, veteran comedian and TV starBob Newhart was the focus of a running joke by O'Brien that played off magician David Blaine's life-threatening stunts.

"The show has rarely has come in on time. Why? Because there's no real consequences," O'Brien said as Newhart was wheeled onstage in what Conan warned was an airtight container — with just three hours of air, the ceremony's scheduling running time.

"Yes. It's very simple. If the Emmys run one second over, Bob Newhart dies," O'Brien said," as Newhart's famous deadpan expression showed a tinge of alarm. "So keep those speeches short, ladies and gentlemen. Bob Newhart's life in your hands."

10:17 PM: New Awards Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
and it went too Elizabeth I

Dont worrie there 16 Awards to Go

10:20 and now The Best Mini-serirs of the years a voted by Emmy voters

Elizabeth I on HBO
I Hoped HBO IS Asking to fired up the promo machine the pro-mo will hit HBO in Two Days

10:30 PM And there only a half Hour Left i hoped
new Awards: Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie goes to Helen Mirren for Elizabeth I and the HBO Pro Mo have been Extenden by two second

Aaahhh yes Carge Furitson presenting withthe lovely Cassressa Flockheart presenting Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series and guess who won tv Gudie Fave Cover Girl Mariska Hargitay For Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

dont worried i Know wating for the Show End is Like some body at the state Theater say ing When willl the Detroit Music Awards End

And Now The Big Awards
First up

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Lisa Kudrow - The Comeback HBO
Jane Kaczmarek - Malcolm in the Middle FOX
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - The New Adventures of Old Christine CBS
Stockard Channing - Out Of Practice CBS
Debra Messing - Will & Grace NBC

And The Winners is

The SinFeild Curise is Finally Dead
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - The New Adventures of Old Christine

somebody is telling them there running late

Next up

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Christopher Meloni - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit NBC
Denis Leary - Rescue Me FX
Peter Krause - Six Feet Under HBO
Kiefer Sutherland - 24 FOX
Martin Sheen - The West Wing NBC

And the Winner is
Kiefer Finaly won it
somebody at the Fox Pro Mo Department put the word Emmys Winner in the pro-mo for next season of 24

Dont worried Kids the Last two awards of the night is coming up the best Comeny and Best Drama and that is it

10:50 PM Bob Newhart present best Comeny

Outstanding Comedy Series

Arrested Development FOX
Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO
The Office NBC
Scrubs NBC
Two and a Half Men CBS

And the Winner is Best Comedy Series of 2006 is
The Office
very good show

and now just liuke the Karnck Skit the final Awards of the Night

Outstanding Drama Series

Grey's Anatomy ABC
House FOX
The Sopranos HBO
24 FOX
The West Wing NBC

and the Best Drama For 2006 is

24 my fave show won Outstanding Drama Series take that Michicai Chickless
and yes it all over tanks good

Oh By the way i will update this Later tonight around between 1 and 3 AM, I hoped

Culture City Extra

You know at this time Next weekend is the biggest Live music date of the year almost over 350 gigs between Jazz Fest, Hamtramck Festvial, The State Fair, and Pontiac Arts, Beats and Eats, there will be so many live show that sone prople will say there good, and some where down the road in about 5 year you may say wow there one of the Best live bands in the world.

in my almost eight years of going out to see good live music on a day by day, week by week,Month by Month, and year by year basic i have seen some live music and seen some OK gig to one bad show ever 60 gig, So when SPIN in there Septrmber issued (The one with Johnny Knoxville on the Cover) they look at the 25 best live bands Right Now, not all--time or in the 60"s or the 70's or the 80's or the 90's, But Right Now at this mintues as we speak.

Now to tell you the turth i have only seen four of the 25 band on the spin list so i cant not say if there any good but just looking at them on TV or there fans base or what ever but since this is a list i have to look at the bands that i like so here we go.

25 Greatest Live Bands Now

25. Comets on Fire
well their are a Nosie band From the bay area a loud and rocking and love with that heave pyschedelic sound.
I cant tell because never seen them

ON TOUR: Yes, insuportt of there 4th album "Avatar" which came out a few weeks ago, there in town on September 4th at Magic Stick in Mid-town.

24. The Mars Volta
Now what i have been told that thisa band is very good live mixing progressive rock, with heavy punk and Latin influences and they let it all go live which make a live fav.

ON TOUR: Yes, because there recording their Fourth Album, which founding member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez announced that is half way done, it do have a title, It will be called "Amputechture" will be released September 12 and they will do a big North american tour with will inclued two gig in Michigan on November 2nd at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids and November 3rd 2006 at the Palace of Auburn Hills

23. AFI
Not a big time hard rock fan Myself, but they do have the fan base for there live

ON TOUR: Yes, in the west coast in September, But no Detroit Date What so ever

22. LCD Soundsystem

The First bande to mix Dance, punk and disco to make one fast pace live show and they have a cool chick on Keyboard and Synthisizer

ON TOUR: NO, But they have released a b-sides / remixes / unreleased album called "Introns" that is available by download only

21. Against Me!

Never here the band, but i have been told there good

ON TOUR: Theren over in eurpuo right now, and there will released there major lable lable debut in 2007.

20. Gogol Bordello

there was in town at the begining of the year and i sorry to say i miss it, but there live are so amazing as they get the crowd with the Gypsy punk music NYC Style

ON TOUR: Yes, but there will be in euruop in the fall

19. Art Burt

if you have on amzing lead singer with a good looking band who tell a story about a girl name Emliy Kan" and almost made the last show of tops of the pops and have a good live show you are desent to make i, and a pretty bass player name Freddy Feedback.

ON TOUR: Oh yes, there will be in Detroit on October 13 at the stick with We are 'We Are Scientists'

18. My Morning Jacket

Well there a good band for the warped tour Crowd\

ON TOUR: Yes, but there in eurpuo too..

17. The Roots

Once aging not a big Hip-hop fan,but they have a good set

ON TOUR: Just past Detroit not just long ago

16. The Flaming Lips

Now this is the First of the band that are on this list that i have seen live, There show are a good rock show and saged show put together with video, ballons, Costemu aminlas, santa Claus, Confety, and Steamers.

It bound to make one show a amazing life exoercend, that you will enjoy.

ON TOUR: Yes, But the closest detroit location is August 28 at Lifestyle Communities Pavillion in Columbus, OH and Sep 9 for V Festival in Toronto.

15. RiverBoat Gambles

Hate to say it, never hear of this band

ON TOUR: Just about to get off tour there last three show is in there home state in Texas.

14. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Oh yes i have seen this band back in 2003, and i go9t to tell you there are a very good live band Because of there music or because of there dynamict lead singer Karen O who is the ture Chemian of Rock n Roll, and is a ture Superhero of rock and roll, so that why you have Surcured in front of the stage too keep out the evil, and she have a good fashtion sence, and having meet her after a show and showing up for a gig at the Belmont she also a nice and shy rockers.

ON TOUR: Yes, there at euroupe and back in the state for a short US tour in October, no Detroit Date, But the Clostest Date from Detroit you have to go all the way to Nashville, TN on October 16th at the War Memorial.

13. My Chemical Romance


ON TOUR: Sort off as of this typing the playing the leeds festival

12. Turbonegro

Once aging it a heave meatl band but i dont like heavy metal

ON TOUR: No, there last two show on this tour is in there Native Country Norway

11. Queens of the Stone age

It proable the best live band on this list that i have not seen yet and they play in thouse bigger venue, but if you ever ear there show on BBC radio online they have a good live set. and there lead singer is awsome.

ON TOUR: NO, In March 2006, Chris Goss said in an interview with Modern Guitars Magazine that he and Homme are again teaming up to produce the next album. In June, in an interview on the Australian radio station Triple J, Jesse Keeler, the bassist from Death from Above 1979, revealed that he would be playing bass on the album, but said that he would more than likely not be touring with the band.

In July 2006, Homme confirmed that "we're back in the studio, writing", but when asked who is in the band this time around he said "That's not a healthy question. You'll ruin the surprise. We've gotta keep our cool."

10. The Dirtbombs

Proable the hardest working band in all off detroit and they put on a fananal set evey time with two Basses, Two Drums, a good dimamic lead singers(Mick Collins) and a pretty tought Cookie (Ko Melina)

ON TOUR: NO, But there playing a show in Detroit on September, 3 2006 at Majestic Theater opening for Radio Birdman and Mudhoney!

two of the members of the birtbombs are DJ
Ko Melina do Little Steven Underground Gargad on Siuirs Ch.25 on the weekend
and Mick Collins do the Ntie Triain on WDET on Saturday Night at 7 PM

Ben Blackwell run Cass Records
Troy Gregory also play in Troy Gregory and the step sisters

9. Prince

Now i never saw him live but everone grew up with his music and could put one hell of a funk show.

ON TOUR: None what so ever

8. The Hives

it the highest band on the list that have not seen live and they have one awsome live set which is wild and fun. Howlin' Pelle Almqvist is known for his habits of stage diving, climbing amps, executing scissor kicks, nonsensical speech and being arrogant between songs.

ON TOUR: NO, The Hives are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to "Tyrannosaurus Hives" due out by autumn 2006.[1] The title of the album is rumoured to be "The World's First Perfect Album".

7. Green Day

It is andord Big venue band, but the have termented engery for there live set and sound great live.

ON TOUR: NO, The band has emerged from their half-year rest and said that they are working through demos and new songs for their next album. In an interview with MTV News on June 2, Green Day said that their next album will be "an event" when it is released. Armstrong stated, "At this point, to put a record out with like 12 songs on it and turn it in sounds a bit boring for us. So we want to definitely make something that is well thought-out and [that] all of our blood is put into

6. The White Stripes

For a band to play with no set list, and to give out a great show ever time, there live show prove the world there are working Musicican for a living.

ON TOUR: NO, Jack White is touring with the his side band "The Raconteurs" who on tour for the rest of the year, i dont know what meg is doing right now Keeping a quite life, but you will see the band aging on september 17 as they make a guest appearcend in an upcoming episode of "The Simpsons" in title "Jazzy and the Pussycats,"

5. Radiohead

if they play in you town, make this a big time event because they dont play live often when there playing in suportt of a album, and when they play a gig there great live

ON TOUR: at last Check NO, and one more thing they have not played detroit in a long,long time.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

If you ever seen them live on Leno, and go see them live there are a very good amsome live rock funk band who put it on every night.

ON TOUR: Oh Yes, On a world wide tour for there double album "Stamida Arcadia" and are playing two show in Michigan November 2nd at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids and November 3rd 2006 at the Palace of Auburn Hills

3. The Arcade Fire

Proabled the best new live band ever who put on a wild and crzy set
and there Great.

ON TOUR: NO, On July 14, Win Butler also announced on his online diary, Win's Scrapbook, that the new album would be self-produced, saying that "after trying to decide if we should work with any producers we kind of realized that we already know how we want things to sound so we should just run after that sound as fast as can and not rely on someone else to guide the good ship Arcade Fire." He also said the band was working with the engineers Scott Colburn and Marcus Dravs

2. Iggy Pop

What can i say
Amazing and Legond

ON TOUR: Sorry to say NO, But if he played a detroit show it will be a event.

And the Number 1 Best live band right Now accoring to SPIN


Say what you want from ther big arena show there are super great live

ON TOUR: I am sorry to say no, But According to Bono there are 24 songs that came out of the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album sessions, of which the band took 11 for their subsequent record. In the January 2006 edition of Q magazine, Bono said that the band were in fact working on a new album for 2006.[24] An early July email to members of's paid fan club broke the news that the band was back in the studio, although it is unknown at what point in the process the sessions are

North Star" - a song from the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb sessions that includes a guest organ appearance from Michael W. Smith. Smith has described in an interview that it is a tribute to the late Johnny Cash.

"Lead Me In The Way I Should Go" - a contender for How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb first mentioned in the February 2003 issue of Grammy Magazine.

"You Can't Give Away Your Heart" - a contender for How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb that was first mentioned in SPIN magazine.

"Mercy" - one of the last songs cut from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. It was described in Blender magazine as "a six and a half-minute outpouring of U2 at its most uninhibitedly U2-ish." A demo version of the song from the recording sessions to How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb appeared on the Internet shortly after the album was released. Although raw and a work-in-progress, it has already won over many fans, prompting them to request its completion.

"Love Is All We Have Left" - a song penned by Bono during his May 2006 excursion to Africa, of which he has said he "thought it was a Frank Sinatra song

So that it for the Best live band Right Now according to Spin magizine
there were a lot of band that was elft out so if you want to comment on the list you can go to SPIN on-line at
or leave a comment on the bottom or please E-mail the blogsight at the right of this page.

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