Friday, September 01, 2006

Film Gudie Friday

Well it time for this week Film Gudie Friday after a week off (Technally i was done with a full report but a tech bug ate up last week film Gudie Friday)

and since it the big Labor day weekend we have a total of seven, count em seven movie out today five was review but two big movie was not review and you know what that mean, It May be a Bad Movie Big Time

First up
Two friends with different goals in life team up to compete in a high-stakes underground street basketball game.
but sadly this movie went out of Bounds with both reviwers of the detroit Paper and on
The Detroit News: D
'Crossover' gives spin on basketball showdown
'Street' film delivers the right message via a clumsy script filled with unrealistic drama.
The Detroit Free Press: 1 out of 4
Lame "Crossover" fouls out early of game Early Average Grade: C-
Hollywood Reporter: D+
"None of it rises remotely above the level of bad soap opera..."
New York Times: D+
"...a movie to glance up at from time to time while you download ring tones or text-message your friends."

Other Films Makeing it Detroit Debut today

A droll comic drama starring Matt Dillon as author Charles Bukowsk
Both Paper was mix about this movie
Free Press: 3 out of 4
'Factotum is a fine piece of work
The News: C
'Factotum' is anything but a sobering film Average Grade: B B
"'s a must-see for all of us fascinated by Charles Bukowski, by his persona as much as his words."
E! Online: B+
"The film owes much of its impact to the characters' existence beyond time and place."
New York Times: B
"Like the film itself, Mr. Dillon's performance works through understatement." 76%

After being sold by the family who can no longer support her, a loyal collie travels 1,000 miles to return to her home.
The Only review are from the detroit reviews
The News: B
Newest 'Lassie' is a magical experience
You've seen this movie before, but the retelling of this classic tale is worth seeing again.
The Free Press:Old Story Still tugs at heartsteungs
'Lassie is family entertainment of the highest order

also out is
"The Quiet."
A drama about an orphaned mute (Camilla Belle) who discovers dark secrets in her foster home.
The Reviewer was quite on this one
The Free Press: 1 out of 4
Say it loud: Quite fakes being artistic
and it get wrost Average Grade: D+ D+
" tone-deaf that when it should be eliciting sympathy or empathy, it comes off as simply amateur comedy..."
New York Post: D
"...a repugnant little indie black comedy, poorly acted in hideous-looking digital video..."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: D
"...gets lost in the twilight between Gothic social drama and lurid exploitation." 24%

and the last film for review in Detroit is
"Trust the Man." A comedy about the lives of a couple (Julianne Moore and David Duchovny) and their friends.
It got mixed reviews
Free Press: 2 out of 4
Preey People, Stylish dinners and Empty Calories Average Grade: C+ A-
"...a grown-up and intelligent version of a romantic comedy, and for all that it is fluffy and simple entertainment, it's also very good."
Hollywood Reporter: A-
"...a grown-up and intelligent version of a romantic comedy, and for all that it is fluffy and simple entertainment, it's also very good."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: C-
"...the whole enterprise falls embarrassingly flat."
E! Online: C
"Yes, Maggie Gyllenhaal is in this, but we hardly even notice."
Boston Globe: D
" insufferable experience."

Now beleavi it or not two well publiced movie with the big stars and all the ads in the world was not screen for reviewers, ouch so that mean it may be a bad movies

The Two movies with Trilars

The Wicker Man
Nicolas Cage stars as a police officer looking for a missing girl on small island where a strange cult performs a dangerous ritual.


Jason Statham is a hitman who has been poisoned and the only way for him to stay alive is to keep his adrenaline level up.

and there is three new movies out today at the Movies theaher of the dammed
The Cinemark Movies 16 at unaversial Mall in Warren, Mi

Level of goodness from in ()


Already showing

CARS (76%)
CLICK (29%)

Now on to Next week Movies

The Covenant (Wide)
Four prep school students discover they possess supernatural powers and that an evil presence has been unleashed.

Hollywoodland (Wide)
A detective (Adrien Brody) in the 1950s investigates the death of George Reeves (Ben Affleck), star of TV's 'Superman.'

The Protector (Wide)
'Ong Bak' star Tony Jaa returns as a young man who stands up against a gang to recover his family's prized elephants.

Have a safe Weekend, and enjoy a filck this weekend


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