Saturday, August 12, 2006

It Came From the Late Night Music Club From Culture City
With Sleater-Kinney and Mike Douglas

Tonight it two for the price of one post.

Now normal i do a video a day for a new video, a upcoming gig that happend tonight, or a major culture happend.

Tonight it a happending and and a passing, First the Happending tonight (as i typed this EDT) and tommorrow Night in portland, OR will be the last ever show from the all female group Sleater-Kinney, who back in June told the indie rock world the ladies in the group Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss told the world they will be going on indefinite hiatus after 11 amazing years together that spand seven album there self title Debue (1995),Call the Doctor (1996),Dig Me Out (1997),The Hot Rock (1999),All Hands on the Bad One (2000),One Beat (2002),The Woods (2005).

there songs are endless to names like "Jumpers","Rollercoaster","End of You","Modern Girl","Entertain","Little Babies","Get Up","Turn It On","Dance Song 97","Words & Guitar",and "Dig Me Out"

that all leave on good terms, it just the three girls want to do other thing guitarist Corin Tucker is rasieing a 5-years Old kid with her husband filmmaker Lance Bangs, so she will become a mother.

guitarist Carrie Brownstein is reported wanting to do other music project, but it is unknow what those project are.

And with Sleater-Kinney done Drummer Janet Weiss could foucs on her other band Quasi with her ex-husband Sam Coomes, they just released there 7th Album on touch and go records "When The Going Gets Dark".

As They get read to play there last show in Portland, Word came down this afternoon that Daytime talk show host in the 70's Mike Douglas die early this morning at his home in North Palm Beach, FL he was 81. Douglas was born in Chicago, Illinois. After serving briefly in the United States Navy near the end of World War II, he became a vocalist in the big band of Kay Kyser, with whom he was featured on two notable hits, "Ole Buttermilk Sky" in 1946 and "The Old Lamplighter" the following year. He remained part of Kyser's band until Kyser retired from show business in 1951.

He next surfaced in 1961 in Cleveland, where he was hired for $400 a week as an afternoon television talk-show host at WKYC-TV(NBC), then known as KYW-TV. The show rapidly gained popularity, and ultimately, national syndication in August 1963 on five Westinghouse-owned stations. It stopped broadcasting live in 1965 after guest Zsa Zsa Gabor used inappropriate language on the air. the program moved to Philadelphia in June 1965 with KYW itself - though WKYC in Cleveland continued to carry the program for many years afterward.

After the move to Philadelphia, Douglas also attempted to revive his own singing career, logging his lone Top 40 single as a solo artist, "The Men In My Little Girl's Life", in 1966.

By 1967, The Mike Douglas Show was broadcasting to 171 markets and 6,000,000 viewers each day, mostly women at home. It earned $10.5 million from advertisers, while its host was paid more than $500,000. In 1967, the program received the first Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Daytime Television from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Douglas became a local cultural icon in Philadelphia, His Guest rang from Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Billy Crystal, Richard M. Nixon, Even a young tiger woods even appered

but the most famous guest host was John and yoko ono who Guest host on the show for a full week, and it a classic. thouse Week of program is out on DVD.

In July 1978, the talk show's home base was transferred to Los Angeles, where it remained until finally going off the air in 1981.

Tonight i have two video

One for Sleater-Kinney
And One for Mike Douglas

Sleater-Kinney - Entertain (The Henry Rollins Show on IFC)

Mike Douglas with Johnny Cash & June Carter

Friday, August 11, 2006

Film Gudie Friday
On a Friday

After the Week off leater, it time for a fresh look from review on what new in theater in the Detroit Tri-COunty area. and to make up for the lost weekend last weekend a brife thumenail of last week films and last week Box Office

First the New Films

"World Trade Center" (released on Wednesday)
Nicolas Cage stars in this true story of a Port Authority police officer who was trapped with his partner under the rubble of Ground Zero.
This is the second movie this year about 9-11 the first was "Undite 93"
it direct by Oliver Stone, and 10% of proceed will go to the 9-11 memoral.
and a lot of reviewer like it.
Detroit News:(A) 'World Trade Center:' A movie about hope
Director Stone finds triumph in tragedy
Detroit Free Press: (3 out of 4) 9/11 film about more than 2 men in rubble
It celebrates way U.S. came together
the Average Grade on was a B
Hollywood Reporter: A-
"A heartfelt tribute to those who lived and died at the twin towers."
ReelViews: A-
"World Trade Center is Stone's most potent motion picture since Platoon, and may be the most accessible across-the-board since Wall Street."
New York Times: B+
"Mr. Stone has taken a public tragedy and turned it into something at once genuinely stirring and terribly sad."
San Francisco Chronicle: C
"'s all just a little too small and a little too Hollywood."
(Ed Note - it did well on it first day grossing $4.4 Millions in it first weekend)

Now the Movie that opened Today

"Little Miss Sunshine,"
a road movie about a dysfunctional family trying to get their daughter to a beauty pageant before registration closes.
It Star Greg Kinnear and Steve Carell.
Both Paper Like it
Free Press: (3 out of 4)
Triumph of the loser
An odd family takes a satisfying road trip
Dysfunctional delight
Dark comedy 'Little Miss Sunshine' is one twisted family trip
The Average Grade: B+
Chicago Sun-Times: A-
"You just won't see a better acted, and better cast, movie..."
Hollywood Reporter: A
"...this is one of those movies that veteran moviegoers complain they don't make anymore."
Rolling Stone: B
"...a scrappy human comedy that takes an honest path to laughs and is twice as funny and touching for it."
USA Today: A
"It has been a while since we've seen such a consistently funny and entertaining road movie."
Entertainment Weekly: C
"...these are not organic characters..."

"Step Up,"
a musical drama about a Baltimore street dancer (Channing Tatum) who finds inspiration and love with a budding ballerina.
The News: C
Only the moves can move in 'Step Up'
The dancing's a treat, but the story is a rerun you've seen in other films that did it better.
Free Press: 2 out of 4
Fun musical 'Step Up' has all the right moves Average Grade: C
Boston Globe: B
"Alive with infectious rhythm, likable characters, and slick dance moves, Step Up gives clichés a good name."
Entertainment Weekly: B
"...the pair is fused by the film's pulsing energy, which is both sincere and irresistible."
Hollywood Reporter: C-
"A wannabe Fame for the current generation."
New York Post: C-
" predictable, with every scene loudly announcing what the next one is going to show, that teens in the audience will take lots of breaks to text each other on their phones."
New York Times: C+
"Though most of the cast appears to be on its ninth repeat of 12th grade, Step Up is a likable product that's refreshingly free of vulgarity."
San Francisco Chronicle: D
" has almost nothing fresh to add."

There is two more films out today you seen there ads but belived it or not for the first time since i did this blog the film is out today but it was not screen for reviews so there was not reviews in today news or free Press or review on, and that is very bad as you know if it not review by Cirets that mean one thing: It a bad Movie by the worst of all both movie stars native Detroitors

a comedy starring Tim Allen (rasie in Detroit) as a superhero who comes out of retirement to coach a new generation of world-savers.

a thriller where today's technology becomes the pathway for evil to invade.
and it star Veronica Mars lovely Kristen Bell (who was born in Detroit)

Now Here is the Full List of films that is playing at the Village Movie theater of the Dame(AKA Cinemark Movies 16 at Unaversial Mall in Warren, MI)

New this week:
Now this is a very good movie it base off of the NPR show

Also Playing are

And Just to be fair to last week Films
Here is a tumb nails Gread from Last weeks Films

A practical joke-loving cow named Otis (voiced by Kevin James) must find the courage and confidence to be a leader.
News: C
Free Press: 1 out of 4 Avg.: C+

The Descent
Six female friends gather for their annual spelunking adventure and are attacked by monstrous underground predators.
News: A-
Free Press: 3 out of 4 avg: B+

The Night Listener
Robin Williams plays a radio host looking for the truth behind the story of a terminally ill child and his mother (Toni Collette).
News: C+
Free Press: 2 out of 4 Avg:B-

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) is a win-at-all-cost NASCAR champ who must race a snooty French driver (Sacha Baron Cohen).
News: B+
Free Press: 2 out of 4 Avg: B

and Last week Box office

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - $47,042,215
2. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals - $15,820,864
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - $11,001,686,
4. Miami Vice - $10,227,880
5. The Descent - $8,911,330
6. John Tucker Must Die - $6,150,596
7. Monster House - $6,058,649
8. The Ant Bully - $3,892,443
9. You, Me and Dupree -$3,643,430
10. The Night Listener -$3,554,134

Next week in Screen in Detroit

Justin Long plays a guy rejected from every college he applied to, so he and his friends start their own fake university.

Lower City
i thingk it at the Main

Trust the Man
Two New York couples have romantic troubles. Starring Julianne Moore, David Duchovny, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup

Material Girls
Hilary and Haylie Duff play heiress sisters whose family cosmetics company folds after a scandal and leaves them penniless.

The Illusionist
In 1900's Vienna, a magician (Edward Norton) uses his illusions to win the heart of a woman (Jessica Biel) engaged to the prince.

But Nothing will be more fun then M@^?$&-F!*k%@ Snake on a M@^?$&-F!*k%@ Plane
The most talk about film before it ever got the once over and was hype up on the interNet is out Next week.

Here a Tariler before you get the bejeuse scare out of you

Thursday, August 10, 2006

30 Days untill
Dally in the Alley

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City
With Tom Waits

Tonight Entry in Culture City, his gig is sold out Big Time tommorrow Night, a lot of people want to see him big time,but only the Luckey will get to see him.

It Tom Waits who Playing a total Sold out Gig at the Detroit Opera House now if you are going to the gig, you must remember if you got you ticket over the Phone or at you must present a valid picture ID matching the name given at time of purchase in order to receive their tickets and gain admittance to the gig.

So you are asking Why Tom Waits Matters.

Well accorring to the Second Most powerful web tool

Waits has a distinctive voice, described by the MusicHound Rock Album Guide as sounding "like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months and then taken outside and run over with a car." With this trademark growl, as well as his experimental tendencies and a love of pre-rock Americana styles such as blues, jazz, and Vaudeville, Waits has built up a distinctive musical persona.

Lyrically, Waits's songs are known for atmospheric portrayals of bizarre, seedy characters and places, although he has also shown a penchant for more conventional and touching ballads. He has a cult following and has influenced subsequent songwriters, despite having little radio or music video support. His songs are best known to the general public in the form of cover versions by more visible artists, such as Tori Amos, Spanky & Our Gang, the Eagles, Bob Seger, The Ramones, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and Rod Stewart. Possibly the most famous of the covers were Jersey Girl, performed by Bruce Springsteen, and Downtown Train, performed by Rod Stewart. Although Waits's albums have met with mixed commercial success in his native United States, they have occasionally achieved gold album sales status in other countries.

Waits has also worked as a composer for movies and musical plays and as a supporting actor in films, including Short Cuts, The Two Jakes, The Fisher King, Mystery Men, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Coffee and Cigarettes, Night on Earth, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Ironweed and Domino. He also had a starring role in the film Down By Law.

Waits was named at #90 on VH1's Top 100 Greatest Artists of Rock & Roll

if you can not go to the show or being left out, go out to you local in record store and pick up any one of his 20 albums:Closing Time(1973), Heart of Saturday Night(1974),
1975 Nighthawks at the Diner(1975),Small Change(1976),Foreign Affairs(1977),Blue Valentine(1978),Heartattack and Vine(1980),One From the Heart - Movie Soundtrack(1980),Swordfishtrombones(1983),Rain Dogs(1985)Franks Wild Years - Collaboration with partner Benoît Christie(1987),Big Time(1988),Night on Earth(1992),Bone Machine(1992),The Black Rider - Collaboration with Wm. S. Burroughs(1993),Mule Variations(1999),Blood Money(2002),Alice(2002),Real Gone(2004)and his currenr alblum Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards(2006)

but if you dont have time to do that you can see a conversation with Iggy Pop in excentlent Coffee and Cigarettes, Direct by the Jim Jarmusch

Tonight Song is a classic
I Don't Want To Grow Up from Bone Machine

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City
With "Beck"

this is one of his Mini Video for his new album
The Inforamtion out Oct. 3rd

the Video:

"We Dance Alone"

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City
With "The Broken Social Scene’s"

The Hi-light the the Whole lollapalooza 2006 came on the third and final day, and any one who know the festival sence know that some time things dont always goes as plan some time bands play late, there set goes over delay ing the other band and so on and so on.

According to all report the toronto band the Broken Social Scene’s stole the show from the main headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers They have there entier full Band (Which inclued Ohad Benchetrit,Torquil Campbell,Brendan Canning,Jason Collett,Evan Cranley,John Crossingham,Kevin Drew, Leslie Feist,Jo-ann Goldsmith,Emily Haines,Martin Davis Kinack,Lisa Lobsinger,Amy Millan,Dave Newfield,Julie Penner,Justin Peroff,Bill Priddle,James Shaw,Charles Spearin, and Andrew Whiteman) played a amazing show they did notr played the full show because they ran late.

But this when down accroding to Jasper from

BSS was given a shortened set so the Chili Peppers could have a longer headlining set. The crowd was displeased — enthusiastically chanting for an encore, one more song, give us anything…The video screens on both sides of the field projected images of the BSS members backstage, mouthing the words “Thank You” and “I’m Sorry.” Some of them did the shoulder shrug, wide-eyed look of “there’s nothing we can do,” a couple members lay on the floor, with their hands in a praying gesture, mouthing “thank you” over and over to the cameras. Some of the member’s parents came out on stage to take pictures of the crowd.
The stage manager (I’m guessing) off to the side got on his two-way radio to Perry’s people. Perry was all set across the field to blather on for five minutes and introduce RHCP. The stage manager told us an encore wasn’t going to happen. Then “Fuck the Peppers” chants started. And of course, that entire half of the field boo-ed when Perry took the stage.
Ironically, all of this hoop-la delayed RHCP’s set a good ten minutes, and then their set ended ten minutes early – so BSS could have easily played another twenty minutes. A lot of the fans stuck around the BSS stage, having no interest in hearing some middle-aged dudes play Top 40 rock, and many of the BSS members came out to sign autographs, take pictures and shake hands with the crowd.

this is the hi-light of there touring for there well recived third album which made many top 10 list and is shortlisted for the inaugural Polaris Music Prize(Canada version of Mercury Music Prize in 2006.

Tonight entry in the music Club is from that album "7/4 Shoreline"

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

31 days Untill
The Dally in the Alley

Well today is a Very light day in Detroit Rock City, since it been out i deciede to put some recent review of two big show in the last three Days one was in Ann Arbor and the other in Downtown last night.

I was not there but the two daliy paper were The free press took to Ann Arbor for Sold - out Racountures and the News was downtown for the nearly sold-out Gnarls Barkley show.

First to Ann Arobor on saturday night where almost a pack house of 1,700 at the Michigan Theater Here is part of the gig as posted on the Detroit Free Press Web Sight:

White and Benson played off one another in a wiry set that saw the White's blues-rock chops ultimately dominating the 70-minute set.

The show's opening stretch, led by a raucous "Intimate Secretary" and taut "Level," was pleasant enough if not exactly rapturous. The band, which offered minimal talk between songs, dispensed with its big single, "Steady, As She Goes," early on. It was followed by the night's big weak spot, the tepid "Together," with White and Benson swapping vocals and acoustic guitar licks.

It was during Benson's straight-ahead cover of "It Ain't Easy" -- best known in its David Bowie form -- that White's feral intensity stopped operating within the mix and began to take over the show. While the Raconteurs have clearly gelled into an accomplished four-man ensemble during a summer of touring, the band Saturday night was ultimately a platform for the magnetic intensity of the White Stripes leader, who was often a blur of motion and hair.

you can read the full review
Just by
clicking here

Last night the neo-soul group Gnarls Barkley was in town for a big time gig there and it was the second time in Four days that there was a Foot Jam in downtown with a gig at the state theater and a tigers game across the street at Comerica Park. the duo of Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo and there backing band was dress up as medical costumes for the show,

They play a mixture of tunes of there Debut Album and a lot of covers including "Who Scared You" by the Doors.

Here what Mekeisha Madden Toby of The Detroit News (Yes, she the TV Writer at the paper reviewing a live gig)say when there were playing there Summer song "Crasy"

But the fans came to hear "Crazy," Gnarls’ ubiquitous, signature summer anthem. When they finally got to this song, the screams reached an all-time high, in turn transforming Cee-Lo’s scowl into a blindingly bright grin.

To See the Full review and see Photo From the Gig
You can
Click On Here

The Big News outside the 313 if you are a heavd Beck Fan a album date have been made for a New Album for the one and only Beck, the new album is called The Information, and is out on October 3, in the U.S. on Interscope, That from the N.M.E. (That album out a day later in the UK), the disc was produced by Nigel Godrich, features the songs "Cell Phone's Dead", "Think I'm in Love", and "Nausea", comes with a blank cover and a sheet of stickers inside for you to make your own art, and is paired with a DVD of videos for each song.

Beck have no tour date in the us yet, He is playing the UK V Festvail his only US date is the download Fest on Sept. 30.

It Look the Other Lead Singer of one of Culture City fave Bands Stats will Also have a solo released Torquil Campbell will released a solo album next week it going to called.

A Little Place in the Wilderness will be the second full-length from Memphis, Campbell's collaboration with longtime friend Chris Dumont. It will also be the newly founded Good Fences label's inaugural release. The record is coming out in Canada only for now; Good Fences is working on U.S. and European releases.

The Other Lead singer for stars Amy Millan will released her solo album Honey From the Tombs in the Fall.

For all you fans of Depeche Mode and i know who you are the long time english band will released a DVD/CD on September 26, it will be called Touring the Angel: Live in Milan DVD/CD it will features performances from the band's "Touring the Angel" tour (their first in four years) at Milan's Fila Forum on February 18 and 19. The package includes two DVDs and one CD, the latter of which clocks in at just over the scant 30-minute mark.

Thus, the real "treat" of the release is the second DVD, which features five bonus performances of songs on the first DVD in addition to a 20-minute documentary with Anton Corbijn, who aided in the set design by creating the tour's six stage screens.

according to Sub Pop Record "the shins" will delay there lone awited Follow up album untill 2007. they posted this message on there newly redesing web sight.

"It gives us great pleasure to say that it is just weeks from being done! We can't leak any details, but we have never been more happy with anything that we've ever recorded before. And we can definitely say that it is due to the fact that we've been given so much time to perfect it. The record is the best we've ever done. We hope that you will agree."

And Speaking for bands this blog sight like the brother-sister electro-rock duo From Sweden "The Knife" Will do Three Show in the US, Dont hold your breath there not playing detroit yet, Accroing to there lable the three show will be in New York at Webster Hall on all staint Day (Nov.1), San Francisco(Nov.3), and Los Angeles' El Ray Theater.

There Fantastic Debut Album Silent Shout is out now.

And it know you got back From lollapalooza in Chicago so if you miss the Link from the ton of links yesterday, Guess What there is More

More Link From Lollapalooza

A Photo set From
And a Live Review
More Faces From Lollapalooza (Pt, 3)
A Short Wrap-up on who was the Hotest act of Lollapalooza From
More photo From Lolly from
and From
Day one and Day Two Photo (Some good,Some Bad, and some far away) and full review from Jasper
there is a full Canada Wrap up from
also a review from the
Toronto Star the was top by the Broken Social Scene who big time upstage Red Hot Chili Peppers near the end of the Festival

The Wheather Tommorrow
Mostly sunny skies. High 83*
New Music Tuesday

Today is August 8th,, and on this day in 1969 that one of the most famous Album cover of all time was taken it was the cover of the Beatles' "Abbey Road" LP which was taking out side there stuido in Abby Road, also on this day in 1986 David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is let go from prison after serving time for drug and weapons charges, an it was also on this day that in 1992 that Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses was Axl Rose where he pull out of a gig near a hour claming sore throat and a roit brake, maybe you need to go to your nearly indie story and get today New Music From The Only Bands that Matters.

August 8th


Comets on Fire - Avatar (Sub Pop)
Ani DiFranco - Reprieve (Righteous Babe)
Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo to Anywhere (Interscope)
Matthew Friedberger - Winter Women/ Holy Ghost Language School (two CDs; 859)
Gin Blossoms - Major Lodge Victory (Hybrid)
Nina Gordon - Bleeding Heart Graffiti (Warner Bros.)
Love Arcade - Love Arcade (Atlantic)
Meg & Dia - Something Real (Doghouse)

Jim Noir - Tower of Love (Barsuk)

Sadies - In Concert Volume One (two CDs; Yep Roc)
Bob Schneider - The Californian (Shockorama)
Sigur Rós - Saeglopur (EP with DVD; Worker's Institute/ Krunk/ Filter)
And The Soundtrack to "The Last Kiss","Step Up", and "World Trade Center"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

James Brown - Funk It!: Remixed Hits (Cleopatra)
The Cure - Head on the Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and The Top (two CDs; Rhino)
Delgados - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions (two CDs; Chemikal Underground)

Doors - The Best of the Doors (two CDs; Rhino)
Funkadelic - Motor City Madness: The Ultimate Funkadelic Compilation (two CDs; Westbound)
The Gap Band - Gold (two CDs; Hip-O)
Grandmaster Flash - The Definitive Groove Collection (two CDs; Rhino)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold (two CDs; Geffen)
Roy Orbison - Crying, In Dreams and Sings Lonely and Blue (Monument/Legacy)
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Gold (two CDs; Motown)
Bob Schneider - The Galaxy Kings, I've Seen the End of the World and It Looks Like This, Songs Sung and Played on Guitar at the Same Time and Underneath the Onion Trees (Shockorama)
Sebadoh - III (Domino)

Music DVDs:

Bloc Party - "God Bless Bloc Party" (Vice)
Deep Purple - "Total Rock Review" (Classic Rock Legends)
Kiss - "Asylum of Death: Interviews" and "Satanik Kreatures: Interviews" (Music Video Distributors)
Led Zeppelin - "The Origin of the Species: A Critical Review of the Band's Roots and Branches" (Music Video Distributors)
Pink Floyd - "The Dark Side: Interviews" (Music Video Distributors)
Queen - "Bohemian Champions: Interviews" (Music Video Distributors)
The Rolling Stones - "Under Review 1962-1966: An Independent Critical Analysis" (Music Video Distributors)
Tegan and Sara - "It's Not Fun. Don't Do It!" (Vapor)


Beautiful People The Complete 1st Season
Noah's Arc The Complete 1st Season
Prison Break Season 1
Xiaolin Showdown The Complete 1st Season
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County The Complete 2nd Season
Grounded for Life Season 3
Wire, The Season 3
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The The Complete 4th Season
Sealab 2021 Season 4
Brak Show, The Volume 2
Farscape Starburst Edition - Volume 11 (4.2)
It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City

They play the State tonight

Monday, August 07, 2006

Today Post is Linkapalooza

It was a very good weekend For music in this part of the Coutry.

First i should tell you about the Detroit Story and for me it was about the hugh Mega show with The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, And the Go Team who played a very Excenlent Show at the State Theater on Friday Night and i was lucky because ticket was sold out i think the day of the show, but it was a good show, i half was y thought writing a review of the show, and then after the show when up to the Stick Complex to see the Tale end of the Dials and SSM one year annuversier gig(there first gig was at the Garden Bowl), It was nice to Catch up with the girls from the Dials Who got away from Chicago and Lollpalzooa as far as possable, and did go to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair for a little bit on Saturday, Not a big Craft guy but Check it out.

And After that did nothing for the entire week end, did Typing and watching Lolly in the Blueroom. and doing a lot or working some post and Following the World Seriers of Poker on-line.(There olny 36 players left as of this typing)

but there was not some rock action in the Detroit area at the same time as that mega show at the state, The Detroit News did Semi-Final No.1 of the Sonic Summer: A BAttle of the bands as three Bands pefrom to the Judges Cobalt Party Revolution, Free Element, and Search Party all tried to impress the Judges which include Angelique Brown, owner of Take A Look Artistry; Maria Garcia, a promoter for Urban Organic, a Detroit soul/hip-hop music promotions company; and Ben Beverly, an artist development representative for EMI Records.

And After all three band played there was one winners and that band who is going on to the Big final gig on Sept. 1 on The Detroit News/Comcast stage at the Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats festival in Pontiac is

The Five peice Band for Detroit rock City Free Element (Andrew Perry, vocals; Brian Carney, bass; Dan Rosenberg, guitar; Jake Bayer, drums; Randy Roberts, guitar)Accroing to today detroit News they won the Crowd with there similar to the modern pop punk fashioned by nationally known band Fall Out Boy, stole the show with the high-energy melody "Next to Me."

"I think that we came out and played like we wanted," said lead singer Andy Perry, 24. "We showed everyone what Free Element is about."

Final Band No.2 will be pick on Thursday at the Magic Bag(22920 Woodward Ave., Ferndale) as Detroit Classic rock and soul band Jive, Berkley Power popster The Prime Ministers, and Dearborn Pop/rock Sunday Painters will do battle for final spot Numbers two.

And speaking about music line up for the Labor Day weekend one of the Four or five line up for the week end was listed a few week ago they will all be held at the Band Shell this year and it Free with cover to the Fair

All Show Begin at 7 PM Execpct 8-25 and 9-1 they begin at 8 PM
Thursday, August 24th - ALICE COOPER and The Dirty Americans
Friday, August 25th - GINUWINE
Sunday, August 27th - GALAXY
Monday, August 28th - TWISTED SISTER and Proper Villains
Tuesday, August 29th - BILLY CURRINGTON and Joe Meyer
Wednesday, August 30th - THREE DOG NIGHT
Thursday, August 31st - MORRIS DAY & THE TIME and The S.O.S. Band
Friday, September 1st - AVANT
Saturday, September 2nd - COLGATE COUNTRY SHOWDOWN
Sunday, September 3rd - RAVEN-SYMONE and The Radio Disney D-Tour
Monday, September 4th - MONTGOMERY GENTRY

Also last week The Detroit International Jazz Festival have there line-up here who playing that on labor day week end.

Friday, Sept. 1

6 p.m.: Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
7 p.m.: The Funk Brothers
8:45 p.m.: The Temptations Revue starring Dennis Edwards

1 p.m.: Nathaniel Mayer
2:30 p.m.: John Brannen
4:15 p.m.: CJ Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band

Saturday, Sept. 2
12:15 p.m.: Steelheads
2:15 p.m.: Shahida Nurullah
4:30 p.m.: Brasil Brazil featuring Ana Gazzola & Sonia Santos
6:45 p.m.: Oscar Castro-Neves
9 p.m.: DJF Fireworks Display
9:30 p.m.: Sergio Mendes Brasil 2006 w/ special guests

1:15 Ernie Rodgers & Rapa House Too
2:45 Jim Dapogny
4:30 Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
6:45 Charlie Gabriel's New Orleans Traditional Jazz Band
9:45 Buckwheat Zydeco

1:15 p.m.: Urban Transport
3:15 p.m.: Lewis Nash Quartet Tribute to Tommy Flanagan featuring Lewis Nash, Peter Washington, Renee Rosnes and Steve Nelson
5:45 p.m.: "Papa" Lou Donaldson w/ Dr. Lonnie Smith
8 p.m.: Gerald Wilson Big Band

Noon: IAJE Reading Band
2:15 p.m.: Kennedy M.S. Jazz Ensemble
3:15 p.m.: Vincent York's Jazzistry
4:45 p.m.: Scholastic
6:00 p.m.: Scholastic
6:45 p.m.: Jazz Clinic

1 p.m.: Root Doctor
3:30 p.m.: James Cotton Blues Band
6:15 p.m.: Taj Mahal

Noon: Spyder Turner
2:15 p.m.: Joyce Cooling Band
5 p.m.: Hiram Bullock with Will Lee
7:45 p.m.: Rachelle Farrell
9:45 p.m.: Kirk Lightsey's Detroit Four + One featuring Kirk Lightsey, Bennie Maupin,
George Bohanon, Burt Myrick and Cecil McBee

Sunday, Sept. 3
12:15 p.m.: Paul Keller Ensemble
2:15 p.m.: Donald Walden & Free Radicals
4:30 p.m.: Sean Jones
6:45 p.m.: Moutin Reunion Band
9:30 p.m.: Ahmad Jamal

12:30 p.m.: Tumbao Bravo
2:15 p.m.: Terry Lower Sextet
4:30 p.m.: Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
6:45 p.m.: Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas
9:30 p.m.: Marcia Ball

1:15 p.m.: Sheila Landis & Brazilian Love Affair
3:15 p.m.: Ilona Knopfler
5:45 p.m.: Organissimo
8 p.m.: Jaco Pastorius Word of Mouth with Will Lee

Noon: Troy High School Jazz Ensemble
2:15 p.m.: Northview High School Jazz Ensemble
3:15 p.m.: Vincent York's Jazzistry
4:45 p.m.: Ferndale High School Jazz Ensemble
6 p.m.: Lakeshore High School Jazz Ensemble
6:45 p.m.: Jazz Clinic

12:15 p.m.: Orquesta Sensacional
2:15 p.m.: Steelheads with Andy Narell
4:45 p.m.: Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
7:15 p.m.: Richie Havens

1:15 p.m.: Sun Messengers with Thornetta Davis
3:30 p.m.: Catherine "Cat" Russell
6 p.m.: The Holmes Brothers
8:45 p.m.: Joan Osborne

Monday, Sept. 4
10 a.m.: 3-Band Gospel Extravaganza
2:00 p.m.: Ed Nuccilli & Plural Circle
4:15 p.m.: Joe Locke & Milt Jackson Tribute with Joe Locke, Mike LeDonne, Bob Cranshaw and Mickey Roker
6 p.m.: Detroit Jazz All-Stars with Curtis Fuller, Louis Hayes, Marcus Belgrave, Rodney Whitaker, Charles McPherson and Barry Harris
9 p.m.: Diane Schuur & the Wayne State University Jazz Big Band

Noon: Johnny O'Neal
2 p.m.: Buddy Budson Sextet
4:15 p.m.: Terrence Simien & Zydeco Experience
6:15 p.m.: Donald Harrison Quintet with Christian Scott
8:15 p.m.: Beau Soleil avec Michael Doucet

1 p.m.: Gerard Gibbs & Re'Organyz
3:15 p.m.: The Hot Club of Detroit
5 p.m.: Clayton Brothers Quintet w/ Terrell Stafford
7:30 p.m.: Ed Palermo Tribute to Frank Zappa with Napoleon Murphy Brock

Noon: Northville Band Club
2:15 p.m.: Henry Ford Community College
3:15 p.m.: Vincent York's Jazzistry
4:45 p.m.: Eaton Rapids High School
6 p.m.: Scholastic
6:45 p.m.: Jazz Clinic

Noon: RJ'S Rhythm Rockers Joe Weaver Tribute
2 p.m.: Lyman Woodard
4 p.m.: Mose Allison
6:45 p.m.: Dirty Dozen Brass Band

1 p.m.: John Sinclair & Motor City Blues Scholars
3 p.m.: Bon Temps Roullez
5:30 p.m.: Regal Brass Band of New Orleans
8 p.m.: Dr. John & The Lower 911

dont have the Line up For the Hamtramck Festival or Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats (Which they will mak public Next week).

Or Dally in the Alley but soon.

But if you been reading or looking all the blog form this past weekend the Big gig was not in Detroit but in Chicago, IL and Grant Park where the Lollapalzooa took place, Now i did see the web cast live and unedited at the a&tt Blube room and did see thfirst few bands on the friday web cast, The Subways look very great have not hear from thyem in a long time(Billy was resting up his vioce that froce the May cancellend) they sound Great incluing Charlotte Cooper new drak hair duo (who look a little bit like Olympic Figure skating Sasha Cohen), did not mine Cursive or Panic! at the disco, before i went to the local gig at the state Theater i did Catch the Mercury nomianatie Band "The Editors which was very good.

i did not see much of saturday Incluing Wolfmother or the Dresden Dolls, but i did see the bands i want to see like Stars who was so sweet and Chicago own Poi Dog Pondering (that have solo singer Abba Mooore), Wilco, and Blues Traveler(which was Great)

If you miss any thing in a few week they will ariched all the webcast to see any time at the at&T Blub room at this address:

But there was so much covage you have to read i am going to put up a lot of links to the big weekend at Lollapalzooa From Chicago and beyond:

Chicago Tribune:
the whole Lolly from Greg Kot(Tri Music Writer)
Kanye review
The Best and Worst at lolly
Metromix (Power by the Trbune)
Photo From Lolly
Friday Review
Saturday reviews
Sunday reviews
Video from the metromix TV Show on CLTV (Chicagoland TV)
New York Times Review
Last Day
this is all i can find at the Chicago NBC Station
WMAQ (NBC - 5)
WLS-TV (ABC - 7) have tons of Lollapalooza covage of Lollapalooza
Video of Gnarls Barkley at lolla
Kanye rocks the Main Stage
The Flaming Limp fresh off there triumph Detroit gig turn Lollapalooza into
Day One Pic from Lolla
And Before they played or Ann Arbor, "the Racounturs" they play the Main Stage at lolla
Lollapalooza, It's a Hit
One Last Lollapalooza Musing
Friday pictures
Saturday Pictures
More Day two Pics
Sunday Pictures Brife reviews by Jasper
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
And from the toronto, ON, Canada base site
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

If you know about and more Music Blog that have full Lollapalooza Covage let me know E-mail the Blog sight at:


Lilly Allen who have a big time stars who start out on the internet at myspace have just been sing in the US by Capitol Records and will released her album "Alrightr Still" Early Next Year, She will tour the Country in October, So get ready for lilly Manian.


And the band Modest Mouse have a brand New Member it Ex-Smith guitarist Johnny Marr In an interview with Rolling Stone, Brock said Marr "made a cautious commitment to write and record with us, and then the tighter we got, he was like 'OK, let's tour too.'"

Modest Mouse, with newby Marr, will tour in support of their forthcoming album, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, which Marr helped write and record.

Brock told Rolling Stone that after the decision to have Marr tour with the Modest Mouse, "he was pretty much a member of the band—not pretty much. He's a full blown member of the band. It's really fuckin' nice."


It was also announce that Albert Hammond Jr of the Strokes will be releasing his First solo album, Entitled Yours to Keep and due out in the UK on October 9 on Rough Trade, the disc features bassist Josh Lattanzi (Ben Kweller) and drummer Matt Romano (Adam Green) serving as Hammond's backing band as well as guest spots from Kweller, Sean Lennon, Strokes manager Ryan Gentles, Fountains of Wayne's Jody Porter, Mikki James of Thin Lizard Dawn and Sammy James Jr. of the Mooney Suzuki. Greg Lattimer of Thin Lizard Dawn produced the album. reports the following tracklist:

01 Cartoon Music for Superheroes (Goodnight)
02 In Transit
03 Everyone Gets a Star
04 Call an Ambulance
05 Blue Skies
06 Back to the 101
07 Bright Young Thing
08 Scared
09 Holiday
10 Hard to Live in the City

It will be released in the US No date have been set.


It not been a good weekend for begin a fan of Canadian indie music, First st the begin of the weekend Death From Above 1979 thur in the towel for the last time as they announced that Bassist Jesse F. Keeler and drummer Sebastien Grainger goes there separt ways that copled with the news from that the blues-punks band the Deadly Snakes have also call it a day.

"The main reason is that it's been like 10 years's not fun like it used to be and it's not enough of a career to justify the lack of fun that we're having," Maxwell McCabe-Lokos aka Age of Danger said to the on-line Mag. "It's not excruciating by any stretch, but I think that we're all getting a little tired of going on tour and playing in Ozona, Texas for two or three people. Some people can do that until their eyes fall out.

"I think we went about as far as we could with this band...and we're all still friends and the main thing is that we were friends before, and we wanted to remain friends after, so we decided to call it a day.

There last show will be in Toronto on August 25 ay the Horseshoe Tavern, their last album, 2005's Porcella was is currently up for the Polaris Prize (Canada's version of the Mercury Prize), They may released a recording from the upcoming Horseshoe gig with some B-sides tossed in as there final released.


And spaking about Break-up Last week Sleater-Kinney did play there Final ever Washington DC gig after there 48-hour delay from there secuald show was postphone becasuse of a blon Trasfromer cause by last week East coast Heat wave in the DC and Balitmore area, But Ted Leo did one up the girls last week according to several Pitchfork reader Ted Leo was playing Wednesday night at Baltimore's Ottobar, the power went out 3/4 of the way through Leo's set. one Reader Ira wrote in E-mail to say that as soon as the lights went out, Leo led the crowd in singing "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. "Then he grabbed an acoustic guitar [and] played 2 songs by flashlight."

Another reader, says one of those songs was a Lungfish cover, and that after it was over, Leo "promptly fell off the stage."

"I've never seen anything like it at a show before. He literally fell off the stage, there was a huge crash, the crowd gasped because there were no lights on or anything, and then you heard the acoustic guitar strumming again. Incredible...

"At that point, everyone was asked to leave the club, so Ted took to the streets and gave an impromptu concert out in front of the Ottobar for his fans."

Now that is deacationt big time.

let wraped up to see what album and singlen pitchfork media is listen too

The Jesus and Mary Chain rerissueds
Luna - Lunafied
Erase Errata - Nightlife
Matthew Friedberger - Winter Women/Holy Ghost Langua...
Meg & Dia - Something Real
Spoon - Telephono / Soft Effects EP
Forward, Russia! - Give Me a Wall
SIngle Review
Justin Timberlake - "My Love"(ft. L.I.)
A Exclusive interview with with Neil Young, The anchor of CSNY talks about the solo record, the new tour and what might be next

on the Britsh Site, This is Fake DIY have tribue to Sleater Kinney in two part
Part one
And Part two

Weather Tomorrow
Mostly Sunny Hi is in the 80°
Gig Gudie Monday

July 7th - July 13th



Metric - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC(From 01/19)
The Subways - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Sonic Youth - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Editors - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
The Constantines - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC
Hank Williams Jr. - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
The Flaming Lips - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC
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Up Until 2 PM EDT Friday
'The Good Life: Tony Bennett at 80' looks at the life and work of Tony Bennett who is one of the best friends the Great American Songbook has ever had.

Suzi Quatro's Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll
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I dont know who on this week but up untill 5 on Wednesday
Suzy interview Paul Anka

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Smokey Robinson presents a six part documentary exploring the life and times of Marvin Gaye

Part 1 up untill Wednesday at 4:30 PM EDT
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Lager House

Thursday, Aug. 10th: Heads Will Roll / The Senate
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Saint Andrews Hall

Marty Casey and the Lovehammers show for Next Sunday at Saint Andrews Hall is Canceled, Refunds at the point of Purshcar

Tuesday - Jonah Matranga
Trainwreck show at Shelter for Wednesday Cancelled as well


Tuesday - Trace the Veins, Extra Large, The Veritable Prophet, Subject to Change
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Monday - Mademoiselle Monday featuring Voice of Addiction, superdot, and Pseudo Strike.
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Thursday - The Fifty/ The Hadituptoheres / Fontana
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8/13 - Masonic Temple Theatre
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Tuesday - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
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Friday - Chris Isaak wsg Tristan Prettyman
Sunday - Get Back! Cast of Beatlemania

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Friday for two Shows
Wiggledancing! The Wiggles-Live!
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And if i do two pulg for two special gig

One gig is this Saturday at the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights as the Just turn 80 - years old bee-bop Crooner Tony Bennett will take that stage to make you date night a little easy.

And the second gig on saturday Night but oin a much Bigger Scale is the In between Street Fair between the Forth Street Fair and the Dally in the Alley it the Woodbridge SummerFest Locaed on Detroit West Side at Scripps Park on the Corner of Trumbull and Grand River, It will go Noon to 11:00 PM with with music over two stages one for the Rock n roller and on for the techno people, The Rock n rool stage will have Tiny Steps, Velevet Audio, the Cyril Lords and more, On the Electronic Stage the like of Andy Toth, Norin Talley, And D.J. Surgeno and other.

The Street Fair will also have a DEQ Music Tent, Low Rideer Car Dispany, and BBQ, Drinl Tent Kids Activities and Art Gallery.

For More on the Event you can log on to there web sight at:

And that it for this week.
if any thing new pop up will updated during the week
If you have anything to add E-mail the blog sight at
It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City

This Week was a Very good week For live Music in and around town.

You have big Theater Shows like The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth and The Go! Team at the state and the Racountures at the Michigan Theater the Next all of this happend because there was on route or just coming back from Lollapazoza in Chicago, and it got ever major press in Chicago, Come back on Monday for all the Links, and if you did not go to chicago you can see it on a special webcast, The First Battle of the Band Semi-Final gig at the Majeic Theater Complex and ever one was listen to the last webcast of Sleater-Kinney Carred so what could spoil it this weekend.

if you were watching the reslut show of America's Got Talent on thursday Night or saw the reruns on Bravo this weekend(and thank god i put it on Mute because i was listen to Sleater-Kinney).

It Was David Hasselhoff Singing

The Star of biggest hit of the 80's (Knight Rider) and the 90's (Baywatch) Filled the last ten Mintues with his song that is fulling his big time comeback as the But of all jokes, "Jump into my car" which have been a major hit and some time a good joke in beteween he also sang it with KITT (The Car from Knight Rider) on stage, and impressing there fellow Judges Brandy and Piers Morgan.

So your just wondering how he became a singer in the first place

Well according to,Once having solidified his position as an actor, he attempted to cross over into the music industry and made his debut with the 1985 album Night Rocker while still working on the show. After two moderately successful albums, he recorded "Looking for Freedom" with German producer Jack White(oh no, Not that Jack White of the White Stripes, but a diffence Jack White) in the summer of 1989 and released it just as the Berlin Wall came down.

In Germany, his song became an anthem of sorts at the time, and the album went gold and triple platinum, topping the charts for three months whilst the single managed a mere eight weeks. He was later announced as the best selling artist of 1989 in Germany even prompting the newspaper headline "Hasselhoff: not since the Beatles." Since then another six of his albums have gone platinum in Europe.

So that why we always say he big in Germany

i would loved to show you the clip But it was shown on NBC

so i have the video of Hoff begin hoff with KITT
"in Jump in My car"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City

This past week, It was my birthday, I Just turn 33 years old begin born in the very glory years in 1973, aaahhhh yes the 4th year of the fab 70' The popualur Show on TV That year was The Waltons M*A*S*H,Kung Fu,Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Columbo, The Flip Wilson Show, And yes there was trhee Networks back then also poping up was Schoolhouse Rock!,Barnaby Jones,The Young and the Restless, Kojak, The $10,000 Pyramid with Dick Clark, and The Six Million Dollar Man, Whied Bonanza, Laugh-In, and The Mod Squad all fade to black. also in 73 NBC roll out a New game show called "Shopper's Bazaar" is produced for — and quickly rejected by — NBC, so the did a make over and it now know as Wheel of Fortune.

The Big TV Speacail at the time was Elvis Presley's Aloha From Hawaii television special is was seen around the world by over 1 billion viewers The first-ever such gig to be broadcast live via satellite but the US Viewers did not see it untill two day later untill Jan 14, also in 73 CBGB's in New York City open up for bizzness, Production begins for a situation comedies that is too be aired in 74 on ABC it was about the 50's and it was called Happy Days.

the big flick that year was The Exorcist, Live and Let Die, Paper Moon, Live and Let Die, Jesus Christ Superstar, American Graffiti. the best picture oscar went to The Sting staring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

The Top tunes on that year was Candle in the Wind" - Elton John, "Nadia's Theme" which was later used a the themy Song for th CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, "Piano Man" - Billy Joel, "Top Of The World" - The Carpenters,

mean whield George Harrison - The Concert for Bangla Desh won Album of the year and the best New Artiest in 73 was America.

In Sports Oakland Athletics won 4 games to 3 over the New York Mets to win the World Series, New York Knicks won 4 games to 1 over the Los Angeles Lakers to wi the NBA Final, Miami Dolphins won 14-7 over the Washington Redskins to complete the only unbeaten NFL season in Super Bowl VII, and Montreal Canadiens defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 2 to win the Staney Cup wheild that other league New England Whalers defeat the Winnipeg Jets 4 games to 1 for first and only league championship in the World Hockey Association AVCO Cup.

The Detroit Team in 73, The Wings was in a funck, The Tigers did well at 85-77, The Pistons were so-so 40-42(Did Not make the play-off) and the lions was the so-so Lions (6-7-1 that year).

And Then there was me, Born in Yugoslay in 73 and look where i am now 33 year later doing a blog sight, but hey i was not the only one born that day thur the year other famost name was also born on this day(year they were born in ()) like Lost Evangeline Lilly (79'), Tom Brady of The New England Patroits (77'), Troy Glaus of the Toronto Blue Jays (76'), DJ Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa(71'), even the sirl who sang "Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit" Was born on this day (Gina G - 70') and Ed Roland of Collective Soul (63'), as well as James Hetfield of Metallica (Also in 63'), and Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats (61'), drummer Martin Atkins of Public Image Ltd.(59'), Jay North you know the guy who play Dennis the Menace back in the old days (51').

Also born on this day was Martha Stewart (yes that Martha Stewart - 41'), and Martin Sheen (40'), and even BBC Radio 2 Terry Wogan (38'), and Marv Levy(25').

And Tonight Entry in 1926 where Anthony Dominick Benedetto was born in Astoria section of Queens in New York City, but the world would know him forever as Tony Bennett a sinder singer who found his Succed as a standards, and jazz singer who was making hit records in the 50 and 60 but when rocks push out Croonner Music in the 60 some say he was wash up.

but then the most unliky comback in the late 1990 with a new and total younger crowd as he made a appenced at the HSF Festvial as he stole the show from the likes of Ramones,Soul Asylum, PJ Harvey, Primus, Courtney Love, General Public, Bush, Mike Watt, Better Than Ezra, Juliana Hatfield, Shudder to Think on the main stage.

One of his singer tune that never get old with time is the Classic "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"