Friday, June 06, 2008

Breaking Culture News

Late Breaking News Tonight:

The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit [A.K.A. CAID] just announced a full week long event that will start at midnight and will lost all week long that will feather music, art, camping, lectures, drawing and more

this as the CAID try to recover from a week of unwanted attention this last week after the air galley was busted in a crack down by Detroit police during a funk night which result in about 130 people ticket, and 44 cars towed.

it was posted on the Detroit Yes message post.

Repost tonight on the Web Vomit site

Click Here: if you want to read the full press released
on the CAID event

Also a Source have e-mail the tip line a told the three day hearing on those who got ticket will be represented by Attorneys of the Michigan ACLU and The National Lawyers Guild.

The Michigan ACLU will represent ticket party goes on Monday and attorneys for The National Lawyers Guild will be on hand for Tuesday and Wednesday, the hearing will last all day on all three days.

Also The National Lawyers Guild at their monthly board meeting tonight [June 6th]voted unanimously will take the case and also will be issuing a statement in support of those that got ticketed.

and one more thing The director of both the Michigan A.C.L.U., and a N.L.G. attorney are working together to try to get the cars back from the impounded lot and get them back to there owner before Next week hearing.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Culture CIty Atler on the Red Wings Victory parade[June 6th]

Tommorrow will be the victory parade
for our beloved Detroit Red Wings who last night
won there 4th Stanly Cup in about 11 years as we beat the
pants off the Pittsburgh Penguins 4 Game to 2

The Route
[Map and below]

The victory parade route will begin at Hockeytown Cafe on Woodward Avenue and end at Hart Plaza at the Detroit Riverfront.

the Parade will beging at about 11 AM and after the Parade there will be a rally at Hart Plaza some where between 1:30 and 2 PM

View Larger Map
and if you are planing to go just to remind you the the weather will be hot
according to the unoffical weather station of all culture city
Local 4

it will be real hot

about 92° and with the Humidity, the heat index will be almost 95°

so plan adhead.

and if you dont want to melt in this weather
you can stay home and watch on to or on the web
WJBK-TV[Fox 2]on air at 5 A.M. and
steam on
WDIV-TV[Local 4] on air at 9 A.M. and
stearm on
WXYZ-TV[7 Action News] on air at 10 AM and
stearm on

Culture City coverage of the "Raid at the C.A.I.D"

June 5th Update

and now a update on continued coverage of last week late night raid at a dance party at Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit by Detroit police.

I look like the well was dried on info in the "raid in the C.I.A.D." there is new info posted today on the Detroit Yes! bullingtion post and posted first on this blog site, and it


The Michigan chapher of American Civil Liberties Union eariad today release the following bulletin


"On May 30, the police, wearing commando uniforms and masks, raided a peaceful party at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit with their guns drawn and forced patrons to lie face down on the ground. The police charged about 130 patrons with a crime for allegedly “loitering in a place of illegal occupation” and seized the patrons’ cars. The ACLU of Michigan believes that the police action was unconstitutional.

If you were ticketed, the ACLU may be able to help. Contact the ACLU CAID Raid Hotline at 313-578-6807 and leave a voice message or email"

so after about a week as expect the A.C.L.U. of Michigan will help those who was ticket and had there car towed at the C.A.I.D. Last week.

This come on the heels of a meeting at the C.A.I.D. MassiV Gallery at Russell Industrial Center for thoused who got ticket, the Meeting was closed to the media[both the News media and the blog media as well]

also i learn that the heard for all those was at the party will take place for three days next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday [June 9th,10th,and 11th], the reason for three day of hearing is because there was almost 130 people ticket for Loitering.

Still after almost a full week of coverage this store is still marking the round in the Detroit news media with mention on Riff 2 Local rock show and also there was a mention on the "Tim Pop Live" Podcast[Show 92] where it was reviled that the 2500 Culb Bar on the north border on Downtown was also ticket and shut down on the same night as the "C.A.I.D. raid" for after hours drinking.

this is not a surprise because in the last month Detroit police have been cracking down on bars where known illegal activities have taken place. most of the bars have those shady bars around Detroit and some of the well know bars have also been raided like "The Works" on Michigan ave. and both "BLUE" and Olso in the heart of downtown.

meanwhile the debate is still going back and fort on the message board of those who where not at the CIAD so it is still burring up?

there is still a gag order not to dissic the raid on the local blogs [this one included], the message post and there myspace pages, so there would be any new info for a whiled.

and So with that i will not ask for thing new info on the night of the raid but if there any new info on the case on the Raid on the C.A.I.D. just e-mail me at:

any since there no reports on the raid on any of the Detroit TV news station [FOX 2, Local 4 and 7 Action News]but if there is pleased upload to you tube and other video site so the local blog could seard on the web site with a plead to the station not to take it down because on "Fair Used".

Today Links:

Tim PoP Live: Show 92[C.A.I.D. Raid]
Metblogs Detroit mention about the police crackdown on the seedy bars
Detroit Yes! Message Post on the "raid at the C.A.I.D."
A Detroit News Mention on the CAID raid

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Important infomation on any News Report on the "Raid at the C.A.I.D."

And this is a Called to every who been following the "Raid at the C.A.I.D." on either my site, Web Vomit, 53 dial tone, the Metro Times Music Blah site and any other Music or art blog site.

today the story on the "Raid on the CAID" in Today Detroit Free Press, the first major news outlet to give press to the "Raid at the C.A.I.D."

but the three TV station News outlet Fox 2[WJBK-TV], Local 4[WDIV-TV],and Ch. 7 Action News[WXYZ-TV]have not done any story on the "Raid at the C.A.I.D." so if any out there who upload to You Tube pleased if there any news report on any of the news station i mention pleased up loaded to and put a mention in the info to not pull down the video because it fall under the fair used guideline.

Thank you.

Culture City coverage of the "Raid at the C.A.I.D"

June 3rd Update

here is the latest update on the raid at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit "Funk Night" Dance gig Late Friday Night/ Early Saturday morning, since this story have been rung twice on this blog site no need to run it again you can read the full blow-by-blow Here and Here.

there was more detail information as the first mainstream news story on the raid at the C.A.I.D. was printed in today [June 3rd] Detroit Free Press.

The New info that there was almost 130 people ticket for what DPD spokeperson James Tate said loitering in a place of illegal alcohol after hours. [which in Michigan is 2 AM in the morning], also in the same report it was reported that 44 cars was towed to the impounded lot in which patrons have reported they have to paid almost $900 to get there car back.

most of the coverage of the "raid in the C.A.I.D." have been about the police respond to the raid itself where a SWAT team from almost the party goers on the ground and worst was rough up by DPD at gunpoint, Tate told the Free Press that there have been no official complaints came in yet and told that filing a complaint is what patrons should do if they believe their rights were violated.

on that front the American Civil Liberties Union [A.C.L.U.] had step in the case offend to represent the patrons free of charge and the trying to contact every body as possible.

There will be a meeting tomorrow at

MassiV, CAID’s gallery in the Russell Industrial Center
located at 1604 Clay Avenue on Detroit East side
The gallery is located on the Third Floor
[Map Below]

If you can't not attend pleased contact
the CAID at

if you were at the CAID on Friday night you must bring you ticket and any other documents related to the CAID RAID

View Larger Map
also my sourced have also told me that one of the people question and ticket was DJ and solo act "Carjack", my sourced told me he was there helping out his brother who go by the DJ Name "DJ R-O-Z" it been told that he and his brother held longer then any one at the CAID that night because they was the DJ on that Night, and worst yet there records was left at the C.A.I.D.

also there have been some scorn on the message broad over the CAID on them keep doing the after-hours gig after it was reviled in the same free press story that according to Aaron Timlin, CAID's executive director almost six week ago police visited the gallery about over similar after-hours issues during a Art Fag gig and told the paper that the Police were "nice and helpful."

most of the respond have been how have been non-profit like C.A.I.D. who been warn to stop those late night gig but keep doing it anyway, once aging the cut-off for Alcohol sales in the State of Michigan is 2 A.M.

also what my sourced have told me the there will be a hearing next Monday wheather or not if each will all 130 people will be hear one-by-one or the most like all 130 will be bunch together in one big case file and it will be held at 36th District Court in Downtown Detroit

and one More thing for those of you who miss this the DETOUR Rock City Fest Day Party is still on with this mention in a post on the DETOUR site:

"There’s been a lot of hoopla concerning a certain mishap that went down at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) over the weekend; yes, the same spot we’re hosting our Saturday BBQ. But fret not, blog readers and rock fans — the BBQ is still taking place as planned, SWAT free."

remember i am on the story just like everybody else so if you have anything on the "Raid at the C.A.I.D." you e-mail me Anonymous at:

The Following Story in from the Detroit Free Press on the
Story of the raid in the C.A.I.D. on Late Friday Night/ Early Saturday Morning.

This Story show up today in print in the Free Press
and on line at

Story Link:

Detroit police raid art gallery, ticket 130
Alcohol sales targeted

June 3, 2008

Officials at a west-side art gallery were consulting with attorneys Monday after a Detroit police raid Saturday morning left 130 partygoers with loitering tickets and 44 vehicles impounded.

Police said the raid targeted illegal after-hours alcohol sales.

Patrons described commando-dressed cops, some heavily armed, bursting into a popular monthly party at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit -- widely known as CAID --about 2:20 a.m. and forcing people to the floor at gunpoint. Some patrons described police as abusive, said Aaron Timlin, CAID's executive director.

"There were serious civil liberties issues here," said Timlin, who said the crowd was composed largely of young suburbanites.

One patron, identifying himself as Derrick, posted a detailed account on MySpace. It read in part:

"One man claimed he was an attorney. The man stood on his knees, asking the police what was happening, explaining his occupation as an attorney. He was promptly kicked in the back, and forced onto his hands."

Detroit police spokesman James Tate said he had not seen any official complaints, and noted that filing a complaint is what patrons should do if they believe their rights were violated.

The tickets issued were for loitering in a place of illegal alcohol after hours. "The reality is they were selling alcohol illegally," Tate said.

Timlin said police visited the gallery about six weeks ago over similar after-hours issues and were "nice and helpful."

CAID is a nonprofit that for 29 years has promoted art and art education in Detroit. The raid took place in its gallery in a 119-year-old building on Rosa Parks Boulevard north of West Warren.

The party under way Saturday morning was the monthly Funk Night, at which gallery members dance to funk music. The party usually starts at midnight and lasts until about 5 a.m.

The reported heavy-handed police presence elicited derision on some art and music Web sites. The Metro Times' music site carried a headline that read: "DETROIT POLICE BUST FUNK TERRORIST CELL."

Contact BILL McGRAW at

Monday, June 02, 2008

Culture City Coveage

The Raid at the C.A.I.D.
Evening update
June 2nd

it almost 8 PM at on the cup of the Detroit red wings winning there 11th Stanley cup in team history and i checking on latest updates on the raid on the C.A.I.D. that happened on late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

the early update is below this post, but to make a long story short a Detroit police SWAT team raid a dance party at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on Rosa Parks Blvd. just two block west of Wayne state, Police round up the almost 200 people as they search almost every one for any thing illegal, worst they was force to the ground there possession put in a bag, each one was ticket for Loitering and worst there car was tow leaving most of crowd with out there a ride home unless they paid a towing feed of $900 bucks.

and worst of all some of the male goer at the party been reporting on various blog and myspace pages that at times police rough up some of the party goer if they talk out of line.

the update since this morning:

at about 6:30 tonight [June 2nd] a post was put on message post at[] Aaron Timlin of the
Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit posted this message that goes by the following:

"We are in contact with the ACLU to see if there is a possibility of getting them involved because of the civil liberties related to this incident. A private lawyer who I just spoke with who volunteers for the ACLU has asked me to contact everyone who was there and have them write a recollection of what happened to them, others around them, what the police did and said, their contact information including name, education and any criminal history. We are asking that this notice be sent out to as many people to ensure we have reached everyone who was there. The lawyer said that if the ACLU gets involved that they will represent everyone free of charge. He wants to meet with everyone tomorrow to give them information and advice. Those who were there should contact the CAID at with their information and we will send the place and time of this meeting. Also, no one that was there should share their recollections on blogs or with anyone else who was there.

This meeting will also provide answers related to the impounding of the vehicles. Please bring your tickets and impound receipts."


Aaron Timlin
Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit

so pretty much there have been a total gag order on the details on what happen at the C.A.I.D. on Friday night, further more some of the comment on the myspace site have been remove but some of user comment about the night still remain.

and there some more the C.A.I.D. web site []was down for a time this afternoon and was put back up later in the afternoon with only three event listed, and all futher late night gig pull down, the funk night site

most of the debate have been mostly about there cars begin towed and begin charge $900 to get there car back, and most where asking why a Dance party was raided and some were suggesting that DPD was going after suburbans kids in Detroit.

but there was scored of people asking why would you sell beer past the 2 AM [which is still the law in the state of Michigan]and most are question of why would a place sell without a licence [which is also a state law].

and also one more thing according to web vomit: that a producer from WXYZ-TV [ABC-7] is looking to the "Raid at the C.A.I.D." with maybe the securdy from inside the C.A.I.D. and talking with some people who was there, remember this story have not been cover by the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press or any of the three news station [FOX 2, Local 4 and Ch. 7 Action News]and have not been touch by newsradio 950[WWJ-AM]

and one more thing if you are asking about the DETOUR Rock City Day Party at the C.I.A.D. on June 14th you be happen to know barring unforsteam happening the folks at DETOUR told me today that the day party is still going on as Schedule begin at 1 P.M. and ending at somewhere around 8 P.M. before it head to the stick complex.

will end it with the links but remember if there any thing you like to shair about what happened on Friday night please E-mail the site you name will remain Anonymous

the Address is:


Links to this story

Law about Loitering via 53 Dialtone
A Extra Update from 53 Dial tone
a Brife Update with a statement from C.A.I.D. via Web Vomit
The Stuff before and after the CAID raid from detroit yes!
a Message Board with the aftermate from the C.A.I.D. raid
A Brife mention on metblogs Detroit

Culture City News Alter


I was going to put this story on the blog site when this story 1st bust out in the local bloggerspere on Saturday, but found out about this last Sunday afternoon on the web vomit site and the fivethree dial tone site, but i have to go to the breeders show which i hope to have a review latter in the week, but i was so busy finish up the Weekly indoor and outdoors gig guide i have no time past 4 AM and i need sleep.[only had about 3 and a half hour of sleep.]

but this local culture story is much hotter then a hot dance on "So you think you can dance" the earn two ticket on the Hot tomalta Train[sorry for the misspelling].

but her the deal, On Late Friday night/Early Saturday Morning at about 2:20 AM according to report i have read on the web, A Detroit Police SWAT team raided a the Funk Night at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on Rosa Parks Blvd, just two block west of Wayne State.

now according to reports on the some myspace site on the other blog site the DPD SWAT team screaming "search warrant" as they bust thought the doors and force the almost 200+ in down on the Ground in side and out side in the back patio which the ground was muddy from rain from the early in the night.

According to the reports there was on the ground for about 3 hours on the ground as they was searching every body who was at the party even separating the men and the women inside the gallery and each one was search as they was told to put all there possession[phone, keys,wallet, ect.] as they was Seacrh and patted down there was not let go untill all the guys was search throughout the raid office told the those in attendance up on the wall and some patron were even rough up during the whole ordeal as each one was question one by one by police.

And the worst part about this there cars was towed which accroding to few on myspace cost about $900 to get back, yes you hear me $900 to get you car back, and each one was ticket for loriting and they are going to court date some are on June 9th and the other on June 11th.

now i know it was a dance party held at a art gallery, but as you know going to bar in the this town you probable know the laws are clear all bar must called last called at about 2 AM and the bar must be clear about 2:30 expect for bar worker cleaning up or anyone waiting for a ride home.

Some body in the C.A.I.D did respond in a post on a myspace blog:

"I heard cops were also saying that they were doing this for Kwame. Nice. Anyways, anyone who was there please e-mail CAID. We are talking to lawyers and don’t want anyone to feel stranded in this. United we stand. One first step to changing an unjust law is to break it and dancing without a permit is illegal, according to one of the Lt. at the raid. That needs to change and we can’t fight for our rights to dance and make Detroit a better place without standing up together. We are going to contact the other venues that have been raided over the last few weeks including Oslo, Blue [both in Downtown] and The Works[on Michigan Ave.]. Detroit should be great. Detroit should be a creative city with people who are treated with respect and who make positive change to bring ourselves out of the ashes of 40 years of hostility, depression and neglect. We are at a critical mass but a Detroit rebirth can not happed if we allow our flickering flames to be put out by those few who prefer the broken past to a new soaring creative journey. Lets make June 9th[the court date on the ticket] a revolution for change and a stand for our freedom of expression, our right to new ideas, to positive change, our right to fight against police hostility. Keep your eyes out for some horrific video footage that is not flattering for the police."

Now i don't know if there was video from a sucrtey camera bu on the metro times Music Blag site it could hit you tube, and not only that there have been whisper around town that the DPD have been cracking down hard on any Detroit bar that goes past 2 AM rule to raise money for a city that is broke.

the big question around Culture City what will happened to the C.A.I.D., have we seen the last of the Art Fag Inc. party have that been shut down, and not only that what will be the further of the DETOUR rock City Festival day party which is schueld to take place on June 14th, and that less than two weeks away.

So i will be following up on the whole Story which is still devpleing story in Culture City, If you want to correct me about anything that i miss or something i got wrong pleases E-Mail me at the news tips line at:


you remain Anonymous we want to get it out there.

Link to this story:

53dialtone stie 1st report
Metrotimes report on the music blah
Myspace user Dalton with the response from C.A.I.D.[Via Web Vomit]
Myspace user Derrick account of the CAID Raid[via Web Vomit]
A Brief mention on Metroblog Detroit

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This week: KSLU - Saint Louis
XMU has a new show where we give our satellites over to a college radio station and let them program XMU. Every Week we select another one of our favorite College Radio Stations to take over XMU and this week we have KSLU - Saint Louis.
Sunday - 4:00 PM–6:00 PM - XMU - XM 43

KSLU Live on-Line at:

Offsite with The Black Keys
We have some of the most important & influential bands in today's true alternative world stop by the Ethel studios in New York City to perform live and heard coast to coast. Hear the band and their crew talk about music, their triumphs, life on the road and, well.. anything. Hear exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews & what its like to attend a concert back stage.
Sunday - 10:00 PM–11:00 PM - Ethel - XM 47

Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Wednesday - 10AM - 11AM ET - Deep Tracks - XM40
Thursday - Noon - 1PM ET - The Village - XM 15
Sunday - 8:00 AM–9:00 AM - Deep Tracks - XM 40
This week's theme is Gun