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Culture City News Alter


I was going to put this story on the blog site when this story 1st bust out in the local bloggerspere on Saturday, but found out about this last Sunday afternoon on the web vomit site and the fivethree dial tone site, but i have to go to the breeders show which i hope to have a review latter in the week, but i was so busy finish up the Weekly indoor and outdoors gig guide i have no time past 4 AM and i need sleep.[only had about 3 and a half hour of sleep.]

but this local culture story is much hotter then a hot dance on "So you think you can dance" the earn two ticket on the Hot tomalta Train[sorry for the misspelling].

but her the deal, On Late Friday night/Early Saturday Morning at about 2:20 AM according to report i have read on the web, A Detroit Police SWAT team raided a the Funk Night at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on Rosa Parks Blvd, just two block west of Wayne State.

now according to reports on the some myspace site on the other blog site the DPD SWAT team screaming "search warrant" as they bust thought the doors and force the almost 200+ in down on the Ground in side and out side in the back patio which the ground was muddy from rain from the early in the night.

According to the reports there was on the ground for about 3 hours on the ground as they was searching every body who was at the party even separating the men and the women inside the gallery and each one was search as they was told to put all there possession[phone, keys,wallet, ect.] as they was Seacrh and patted down there was not let go untill all the guys was search throughout the raid office told the those in attendance up on the wall and some patron were even rough up during the whole ordeal as each one was question one by one by police.

And the worst part about this there cars was towed which accroding to few on myspace cost about $900 to get back, yes you hear me $900 to get you car back, and each one was ticket for loriting and they are going to court date some are on June 9th and the other on June 11th.

now i know it was a dance party held at a art gallery, but as you know going to bar in the this town you probable know the laws are clear all bar must called last called at about 2 AM and the bar must be clear about 2:30 expect for bar worker cleaning up or anyone waiting for a ride home.

Some body in the C.A.I.D did respond in a post on a myspace blog:

"I heard cops were also saying that they were doing this for Kwame. Nice. Anyways, anyone who was there please e-mail CAID. We are talking to lawyers and don’t want anyone to feel stranded in this. United we stand. One first step to changing an unjust law is to break it and dancing without a permit is illegal, according to one of the Lt. at the raid. That needs to change and we can’t fight for our rights to dance and make Detroit a better place without standing up together. We are going to contact the other venues that have been raided over the last few weeks including Oslo, Blue [both in Downtown] and The Works[on Michigan Ave.]. Detroit should be great. Detroit should be a creative city with people who are treated with respect and who make positive change to bring ourselves out of the ashes of 40 years of hostility, depression and neglect. We are at a critical mass but a Detroit rebirth can not happed if we allow our flickering flames to be put out by those few who prefer the broken past to a new soaring creative journey. Lets make June 9th[the court date on the ticket] a revolution for change and a stand for our freedom of expression, our right to new ideas, to positive change, our right to fight against police hostility. Keep your eyes out for some horrific video footage that is not flattering for the police."

Now i don't know if there was video from a sucrtey camera bu on the metro times Music Blag site it could hit you tube, and not only that there have been whisper around town that the DPD have been cracking down hard on any Detroit bar that goes past 2 AM rule to raise money for a city that is broke.

the big question around Culture City what will happened to the C.A.I.D., have we seen the last of the Art Fag Inc. party have that been shut down, and not only that what will be the further of the DETOUR rock City Festival day party which is schueld to take place on June 14th, and that less than two weeks away.

So i will be following up on the whole Story which is still devpleing story in Culture City, If you want to correct me about anything that i miss or something i got wrong pleases E-Mail me at the news tips line at:


you remain Anonymous we want to get it out there.

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