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The Raid at the C.A.I.D.
Evening update
June 2nd

it almost 8 PM at on the cup of the Detroit red wings winning there 11th Stanley cup in team history and i checking on latest updates on the raid on the C.A.I.D. that happened on late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

the early update is below this post, but to make a long story short a Detroit police SWAT team raid a dance party at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on Rosa Parks Blvd. just two block west of Wayne state, Police round up the almost 200 people as they search almost every one for any thing illegal, worst they was force to the ground there possession put in a bag, each one was ticket for Loitering and worst there car was tow leaving most of crowd with out there a ride home unless they paid a towing feed of $900 bucks.

and worst of all some of the male goer at the party been reporting on various blog and myspace pages that at times police rough up some of the party goer if they talk out of line.

the update since this morning:

at about 6:30 tonight [June 2nd] a post was put on message post at[] Aaron Timlin of the
Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit posted this message that goes by the following:

"We are in contact with the ACLU to see if there is a possibility of getting them involved because of the civil liberties related to this incident. A private lawyer who I just spoke with who volunteers for the ACLU has asked me to contact everyone who was there and have them write a recollection of what happened to them, others around them, what the police did and said, their contact information including name, education and any criminal history. We are asking that this notice be sent out to as many people to ensure we have reached everyone who was there. The lawyer said that if the ACLU gets involved that they will represent everyone free of charge. He wants to meet with everyone tomorrow to give them information and advice. Those who were there should contact the CAID at with their information and we will send the place and time of this meeting. Also, no one that was there should share their recollections on blogs or with anyone else who was there.

This meeting will also provide answers related to the impounding of the vehicles. Please bring your tickets and impound receipts."


Aaron Timlin
Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit

so pretty much there have been a total gag order on the details on what happen at the C.A.I.D. on Friday night, further more some of the comment on the myspace site have been remove but some of user comment about the night still remain.

and there some more the C.A.I.D. web site []was down for a time this afternoon and was put back up later in the afternoon with only three event listed, and all futher late night gig pull down, the funk night site

most of the debate have been mostly about there cars begin towed and begin charge $900 to get there car back, and most where asking why a Dance party was raided and some were suggesting that DPD was going after suburbans kids in Detroit.

but there was scored of people asking why would you sell beer past the 2 AM [which is still the law in the state of Michigan]and most are question of why would a place sell without a licence [which is also a state law].

and also one more thing according to web vomit: that a producer from WXYZ-TV [ABC-7] is looking to the "Raid at the C.A.I.D." with maybe the securdy from inside the C.A.I.D. and talking with some people who was there, remember this story have not been cover by the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press or any of the three news station [FOX 2, Local 4 and Ch. 7 Action News]and have not been touch by newsradio 950[WWJ-AM]

and one more thing if you are asking about the DETOUR Rock City Day Party at the C.I.A.D. on June 14th you be happen to know barring unforsteam happening the folks at DETOUR told me today that the day party is still going on as Schedule begin at 1 P.M. and ending at somewhere around 8 P.M. before it head to the stick complex.

will end it with the links but remember if there any thing you like to shair about what happened on Friday night please E-mail the site you name will remain Anonymous

the Address is:


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