Friday, June 06, 2008

Breaking Culture News

Late Breaking News Tonight:

The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit [A.K.A. CAID] just announced a full week long event that will start at midnight and will lost all week long that will feather music, art, camping, lectures, drawing and more

this as the CAID try to recover from a week of unwanted attention this last week after the air galley was busted in a crack down by Detroit police during a funk night which result in about 130 people ticket, and 44 cars towed.

it was posted on the Detroit Yes message post.

Repost tonight on the Web Vomit site

Click Here: if you want to read the full press released
on the CAID event

Also a Source have e-mail the tip line a told the three day hearing on those who got ticket will be represented by Attorneys of the Michigan ACLU and The National Lawyers Guild.

The Michigan ACLU will represent ticket party goes on Monday and attorneys for The National Lawyers Guild will be on hand for Tuesday and Wednesday, the hearing will last all day on all three days.

Also The National Lawyers Guild at their monthly board meeting tonight [June 6th]voted unanimously will take the case and also will be issuing a statement in support of those that got ticketed.

and one more thing The director of both the Michigan A.C.L.U., and a N.L.G. attorney are working together to try to get the cars back from the impounded lot and get them back to there owner before Next week hearing.

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