Thursday, June 05, 2008

Culture City coverage of the "Raid at the C.A.I.D"

June 5th Update

and now a update on continued coverage of last week late night raid at a dance party at Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit by Detroit police.

I look like the well was dried on info in the "raid in the C.I.A.D." there is new info posted today on the Detroit Yes! bullingtion post and posted first on this blog site, and it


The Michigan chapher of American Civil Liberties Union eariad today release the following bulletin


"On May 30, the police, wearing commando uniforms and masks, raided a peaceful party at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit with their guns drawn and forced patrons to lie face down on the ground. The police charged about 130 patrons with a crime for allegedly “loitering in a place of illegal occupation” and seized the patrons’ cars. The ACLU of Michigan believes that the police action was unconstitutional.

If you were ticketed, the ACLU may be able to help. Contact the ACLU CAID Raid Hotline at 313-578-6807 and leave a voice message or email"

so after about a week as expect the A.C.L.U. of Michigan will help those who was ticket and had there car towed at the C.A.I.D. Last week.

This come on the heels of a meeting at the C.A.I.D. MassiV Gallery at Russell Industrial Center for thoused who got ticket, the Meeting was closed to the media[both the News media and the blog media as well]

also i learn that the heard for all those was at the party will take place for three days next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday [June 9th,10th,and 11th], the reason for three day of hearing is because there was almost 130 people ticket for Loitering.

Still after almost a full week of coverage this store is still marking the round in the Detroit news media with mention on Riff 2 Local rock show and also there was a mention on the "Tim Pop Live" Podcast[Show 92] where it was reviled that the 2500 Culb Bar on the north border on Downtown was also ticket and shut down on the same night as the "C.A.I.D. raid" for after hours drinking.

this is not a surprise because in the last month Detroit police have been cracking down on bars where known illegal activities have taken place. most of the bars have those shady bars around Detroit and some of the well know bars have also been raided like "The Works" on Michigan ave. and both "BLUE" and Olso in the heart of downtown.

meanwhile the debate is still going back and fort on the message board of those who where not at the CIAD so it is still burring up?

there is still a gag order not to dissic the raid on the local blogs [this one included], the message post and there myspace pages, so there would be any new info for a whiled.

and So with that i will not ask for thing new info on the night of the raid but if there any new info on the case on the Raid on the C.A.I.D. just e-mail me at:

any since there no reports on the raid on any of the Detroit TV news station [FOX 2, Local 4 and 7 Action News]but if there is pleased upload to you tube and other video site so the local blog could seard on the web site with a plead to the station not to take it down because on "Fair Used".

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