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Culture City coverage of the "Raid at the C.A.I.D"

June 3rd Update

here is the latest update on the raid at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit "Funk Night" Dance gig Late Friday Night/ Early Saturday morning, since this story have been rung twice on this blog site no need to run it again you can read the full blow-by-blow Here and Here.

there was more detail information as the first mainstream news story on the raid at the C.A.I.D. was printed in today [June 3rd] Detroit Free Press.

The New info that there was almost 130 people ticket for what DPD spokeperson James Tate said loitering in a place of illegal alcohol after hours. [which in Michigan is 2 AM in the morning], also in the same report it was reported that 44 cars was towed to the impounded lot in which patrons have reported they have to paid almost $900 to get there car back.

most of the coverage of the "raid in the C.A.I.D." have been about the police respond to the raid itself where a SWAT team from almost the party goers on the ground and worst was rough up by DPD at gunpoint, Tate told the Free Press that there have been no official complaints came in yet and told that filing a complaint is what patrons should do if they believe their rights were violated.

on that front the American Civil Liberties Union [A.C.L.U.] had step in the case offend to represent the patrons free of charge and the trying to contact every body as possible.

There will be a meeting tomorrow at

MassiV, CAID’s gallery in the Russell Industrial Center
located at 1604 Clay Avenue on Detroit East side
The gallery is located on the Third Floor
[Map Below]

If you can't not attend pleased contact
the CAID at info@thecaid.org

if you were at the CAID on Friday night you must bring you ticket and any other documents related to the CAID RAID

View Larger Map
also my sourced have also told me that one of the people question and ticket was DJ and solo act "Carjack", my sourced told me he was there helping out his brother who go by the DJ Name "DJ R-O-Z" it been told that he and his brother held longer then any one at the CAID that night because they was the DJ on that Night, and worst yet there records was left at the C.A.I.D.

also there have been some scorn on the message broad over the CAID on them keep doing the after-hours gig after it was reviled in the same free press story that according to Aaron Timlin, CAID's executive director almost six week ago police visited the gallery about over similar after-hours issues during a Art Fag gig and told the paper that the Police were "nice and helpful."

most of the respond have been how have been non-profit like C.A.I.D. who been warn to stop those late night gig but keep doing it anyway, once aging the cut-off for Alcohol sales in the State of Michigan is 2 A.M.

also what my sourced have told me the there will be a hearing next Monday wheather or not if each will all 130 people will be hear one-by-one or the most like all 130 will be bunch together in one big case file and it will be held at 36th District Court in Downtown Detroit

and one More thing for those of you who miss this the DETOUR Rock City Fest Day Party is still on with this mention in a post on the DETOUR site:

"There’s been a lot of hoopla concerning a certain mishap that went down at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) over the weekend; yes, the same spot we’re hosting our Saturday BBQ. But fret not, blog readers and rock fans — the BBQ is still taking place as planned, SWAT free."

remember i am on the story just like everybody else so if you have anything on the "Raid at the C.A.I.D." you e-mail me Anonymous at:


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