Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And Michigan beat Michigan State Agian
Still recovering from from last Night Elton john Cover Night
Detroit Rock City Still confuse over two Fest going on the same time
and i got my New Cope of N.M.E.
and the Amazing Race beging all over aging tommorrow Night.

so with nothing to do
let watch some Old School Saturday Night TV
in Less then 5 Mintues

[Useing the old School TV Start time of 7 PM]
[And all From Myspace tv Minisode Channel]

TJ Hooker
TJ Hooker - Sanctuary

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Who's the Boss?
Who's the Boss? - Sorority Sister

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Diff'rent Strokes
Diff'rent Strokes - The Spanking

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Facts of Life
Facts of Life - Growing Pains

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What's Happening!!
What's Happening? - THE TICKETS

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Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island - Sitting Duck

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Culture City Follow Up on the Rating for Show No.3 of "The Next Great American Band"

this is a Update, following up last night dreadfully Sir Elton John Cover night for the Next Great American Band on Fox Last night and i wish i have some better news but to tell you the turht even with Detroit Own "The Muggs" and ROCKET [The only two band that i know on the show]on it.

This show is DOA [dead on Arrived]

Before i give week Rating let look at the 1st two weeks for comparison:

[All in the Total Viewers and 18-49 Demo]

Week 1 - 10/19[Audition show]
3.57 million viewers/1.5 rating/5 share
Week 2 - 10/26[1st live Studio show]
2.87 million viewers and a 1.2 rating/4 share

This week well you might want to called this show[And no disrespect to the muggs and ROCKET who i like}"The Next Worst Band in American.

The show Bottom out in with a grand total of

2.31 million and a Rating in the Age 18-49 Demo of 1.0/3 Share

Now that is Down by 560,000 viewers from last week show when all 12 bands cover Bob Dylan, with a rating like that it look like the viewer move on to something else earther on TV or going out to a real gig with real music.

Now the show is going to go up until it finally on December 21th, but to be on point i don't know if it will be on until the finally on Dec. 21th

As For the Muggs will they move on is also a big question mark, last night there where doing there original, "Should've Learned My Lesson.", but totally bomb with there Sir Elton Cover "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues," but the Judges were also hard on Front man Danny Methric vocals.

Even Judge Ian (Dicko) Dickson suggest that It's time for a three-piece to become a four piece. Get a singer."

Will see it 'The Muggs Survived next week, But where will it aired that the big question with rating for the show this poor i don't know if is going to be on Fox any time longer, they could move it to the FX Cable channel or some thing i did not mention on the post on Monday, they could move it to the Fox Owned "My Network TV" for the rest of the run.

What ever happened will let you know.
and come back early this evening for video from last night show with video from the song Elton sang.

The Culture City Review of Show Three of "The Next Great AMerican Band with Detroit "The Muggs"

Well, people who read this blog site i don't know what is tougher, Sitting in Front of a computer for about three or four hours listening to a lot of bands i have never ever heard before and going to there my space page to listen to a couple of songs to see if this band is worldly for NEW MUSIC TUESDAY [every Tuesday on this site] or listen to two really bad hours of really bad music with a cover song trown in for good measure.

That what i have listen to tonight on show number three of the lonely watch The Next Great American Bands on Fox, but the bigger question is did the muggs Survived last week and Take the stage to cover a song from the great songwriting team of all time Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

But from the look of thing it would be a long, Long Wait, Unlike American Idols, "So you think you can dance" and "Dancing with the stars" this show do not have a Follow up result show the day after the live show so instead of a result show the band have no idea who will get voted off the show, they get to wait in a room that look like a medium size Eurovision song contest green room

and the band Order was announced one by one meaning the Top 10 bands that made it get to play on stage and the two bands that recied the lowest amount of votes have to be told that your not going on it just like getting to the gig and learning in the man in Charge the venue is Double Book.

This week the bands did song in reverse unlike last week when they did the cover and a Oregoal song well this week it was in Reverse, they did one of there own song and the cover.

Our Own "The Muggs" was band number Eight out of the ten bands that play on this week show they played the song "Shoud've Learn my Lesson" and they did a really good job with the song as they as they preform live but when they did the cover of Sir Elton "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," from his Mult-Platinum 1983 album "Too Low For Zero" and aldought i like the muggs, the song that they cover was awful as kid growning up listen to radio back in the 80's when radio was still cool, this song was a great song but after listening to there version it was total un recognisable it was total mess up with the guitar and worst i could understand the words to the song making this cover hard to listen to.

The Three Judges of Doom: Goo Goo Dolls Johnny Rzeznik, Drummer Sheila E. and Ian "Dicko" Dickson was not feeling it,Johnny like the Original song they played but he called the band choice of the Sir Elton Song a poor Chocie of a song, Sheila E. also was disappointed with the song and question the vocals of frontman Danny Metric, Dicko keep it very short said the tune was rubbish and it sound like Bart Sampson's on helium and suggest the band hired a forth member of the band for the vocal and let Danny fouce on the Guitar work.

OK, i will agreed there Sir Elton Version of the song did stunk, but to add Fourth members to as well know and very well like Detroit Band is just plane Crazy if it work well with a very tight three piece band, adding a fourth member just for the vocals will only mess up the dynamic of the band and worst would be just plane bad, come on Dick-o do you know any three pieces band that are good in both singing and playing a guitar at the same time and if you do pleased e-mail to this blog site at the right side of the Menu.

The Other bands i Digg, the only All Female band in the completion "ROCKET" did a really good song original song but they too did a bad cover Sir Elton song they did what else "Rocket Man" and to tell you the thurt is was not that good, and after the two song set the Judges was compiling big time on the vocal control of there lead singer Lauren who all three did not like, telling her she need work on the vocal.

Now after last week cover of Bob Dylan they have to cut off two band from the show and i am sorry to say it was not "dot,dot,dot" sad to say they they live to play this week, they was a little better and a little bit better looking but they sound too poppy and they look like a hybrey of "My Chemical Romance" and "Panic at the Disco'

this week the two un lucky bands that was let go was NYC indie band "The Hatch" and LA soul pop band "the Likes of You" where sent home goning back to the indie scene where they be long.

And one more thing i think all of the bands Elton Johns cover tonight totally sucks to tell you the thurh they where totally bad, it would worst if the same band preform all the song in a karaoke bar ouch!, and worst it Sir Elton was watching this he would puck big time.

Will know if the Muggs Survived Next week show Next Friday, but the big question is where will it be on after the 1st two show have avg. over 3 millions viewers and have rank lower then the CW Network "WWE Friday Night Smackdown", but some say the show will complete it run and who know it will be on because of the pending writer strike that go into effect on Monday.

so check back on Saturday for the Full result.

And For those who was dis a poited with all those Sir Elton cover

he is a classic video of the most Famost Sir Elton Cover all all time and was introduce by Bernie Taupin, you know what song it is and the man who sing it.

Rocket Man
words by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
Sung by Captin Kurt
A.K.A. William Shatner at 1978 Sci-Fi Awards show

Friday, November 02, 2007

This Weekend in Culture City For

It the weekend in Detroit Rock City and this weekend is a real quite week in the Culture City Calneder begen the weekend after Halloweens, Maybe all are focus on East Lansing as the big Michigan/Michigan State game where they will be a full house at Spartan Stadium as the Maze and blue go in emeny turf as the steal a victory vs the Green and white or if you are reading this blog From East Lansing you may say the Green and white defending the home shed vs the Maze and blue.

this is the one week of the year the Friendship,Married, co-workers are torn of who have the better team Michigan or Michigan State, begging a sports fans growning up i always side to Michigan sometime because Ann Arbor is close to Detroit, and yes there is good news the game will be on regular Free Over the air TV, It will be on ABC at 3:30 PM [WXYZ-TV in Detroit/Ann Arbor or WLAJ-TV in Lansing/East Lansing].

Since there few gig this weekend, a Friendly reminder that show three of "The Next Great American Band" will be on tonight, i Know it is not watch after two weeks and it is a total rating bomb big time, it this was a Boston blog site or a Portland blog site or a Miami Blog site, i would not be talking about it, but there is a Detroit band on the show, i Have to talk about it as "The Muggs" play aging this week after surving this week. [According to a Source from a tapeing of the show on Wednesday]

You can Watch the show at Home at 8 PM on Fox [WJBK-TV in Detroit]or you can go to there home bar at the Cadieux Cafe at 4300 Cadieux Rd on Detroit East Side, i put a link to the map here.

And remember you read my review after the show on show Between 10 PM or Midnight or After Midnight or you can come back to see the numbers for the Muggs between 10 and Midnight for the Numbers.

as for gigs in Detroit the Onyl Good gig on Friday "Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers" at the Crofoot in Pontiaic, the Punk, Country, Blues band have been around for almost ten years and released there 5th album called Swampblood back in September, From the press relesed: Led by their wildly charismatic rail thin frontman, the blues-harpist J.D. Wilkes, th' Shack*Shakers are a four-man wrecking crew from the South whose explosive interpretations of the blues, punk, rock and country have made fans, critics and legions of potential converts into true believers.

The show beging at 9 PM at the Pike room

and on saturday, not much to talk about unless you talk about the live gig of the TV Gulty summer plesure "So You Think You Can Dance" they will bring there live gig to the Joe Louis Arena on Saturday Night you can see you Fave top 10 finalists Danny Dominic, Jaimie, Kameron, Lacey[my fave this season],Lauren, Neil, Pasha, Sara and this year winner Sabra, now just a reminder the Ticket are over the $20 Dollar Limit,[$37.50, $47.50 and $54.50] but if you like the show pleased show this year finianist, the show beging at 8 PM

And if i have a sunday show it will be at the former home of Lilly 21's which is now home of the painted Lady in the south side of Hamtramck, The Pizazz will headline the show with Demons Claws and Johnny Ill and also playing the show will The Coat Hangers a Brand new experimental punk pop From Atlandta, GA These women are real deal feminists, armed with a brash and irreverent sense of humor. They?re more likely to be caught cracking jokes with Andrew W.K. than sharing tea and vegan cookies with Kathleen Hanna?s crew. Simply put the Coathangers get the party started. They say what they want to say, do what they want to do, and they write songs because they want to have fun.

The show beging at 8 PM

as for the Rest of the gig in Detroit

Friday -

SAVOY BROWN featuring Kim Simmonds - Maigic Bag
Comedians of Comedy w/ Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman - BLIND PIG[Early Show]
Ann Arbor Soul Club - Blind Pig [Late Show]
Evil Queens, None More Black and more Krakatoa - Belmont
Willy Porter - The Ark
Gaida Hinnawi (Arabic ensemble) - Bohemian National Home


My Dear Disco w/ Bump - Blind Pig
Duende CD Release w/ Wildcatting, Oscillating Fan Club and Woodman - The Belmont
California Guitar Trio w/Tony Levin - The Ark
New Found Glory with Senses Fail, The Receiving End of Sirens & Dr. Manhattan - The Fillmore Detroit
Keith Urban wsg Gary Allan - The Palace of Auburn Hills


Back of the Moon - The Ark

Wayne State is riding out the string on the road v.s. Ashland Saturday at 1 PM [Game on]and let hope the end of the Michigan/ Michigan State game dont wind up like the this game last week.

If you want to know it was seven players and 15 laterals with no time left on the clock Trinity University beat Millsaps College in a Divison III Football game last saturday 28-24

Film Gudie Friday For the Weekend of November 2nd

The Two Months holiday Movie season have begin as Jarry Seinfeld is a funny bee, Russell Crowe is chasing down Denzel Washington in 1970 Harlem and John Cusack think his son is from Mars, thouse are the films beging released this weekend.

"Bee Movie"[PG]

Jerry Seinfeld provides the voice of a college-educated bee who feels unchallenged working in the hometown hive. Looking for better opportunities in New York, he is rescued from a swatting by a florist (Renée Zellweger) and is shocked to discover that the honey he produces is consumed by humans.

"American Gangster"[R]

Ridley Scott directs a crime drama based on the true story of 1970s Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington), who built his empire by smuggling heroin into the United States in the coffins of Vietnam casualties. Russell Crowe plays a cop who is determined to bring Lucas down.

"The Martian Child"[PG]

John Cusack is having trouble regaining his equilibrium after the death of his wife. He finds a focus, and mystery, in the person of a 6-year-old boy (Bobby Coleman) who is convinced he comes from Mars.

Playing at the Birmingham 8 Theater

"Wristcutters: A Love Story"[R]

A young man, distraught over a breakup with his girlfriend, decides to end it all. He slashes his wrists and discovers an afterlife that is not so different from his previous life, just a bit worse. Rated R for language and disturbing content involving suicide.

Playing at Maple Art in Bloomfield Hills


A remake of the movie adaptation of Anthony Shaffer's play, with Michael Caine as the cuckolded senior playwright who invites young actor Jude Law to tea and confronts him about sleeping with his wife.

Playing at the Detroit Film Theater at the D.I.A. This Weekend

"My Kid Could Paint That"[PG-13]

At 4, Marla Olmstead won national attention as a painting prodigy whose canvases sold for as much as $25,000. Documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev examines what happened to her and her family.

Showing this weekend at 7 PM with a 4 PM showing on Sunday.

And Playing at the Cinemark Movies 16 in Warren [A.K.A. the discount theater]


Play Next week in Detroit

Fred Claus (PG)

Vince Vaughn stars as Old St. Nick's fast-talking slacker brother, who wreaks havoc when he comes to stay at the North Pole.

Lions for Lambs (R)

Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise star in a story of disparate lives tightly intertwined by the consequences of war.

P2 (R)

A businesswoman finds herself trapped and alone, pursued by a psycho security guard inside a parking garage on Christmas Eve.

and For this Week only on Film Guide Friday, list of all the Movies begin released from now to the end of the year as the Holiday Films season beging

November 16th

Southland Tales
Margot at the Wedding
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Love in the Time of Cholera

November 21st [Thanksgiving]

August Rush
I'm Not There
Stephen King's The Mist
This Christmas

November 30th

The Savages
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

December 7th

The Golden Compass
Grace is Gone

December 14th

The Perfect Holiday
The Kite Runner
Alvin and the Chipmunks
I Am Legend
Youth Without Youth

December 21st

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
P.S. I Love You
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

December 25th

Charlie Wilson's War
Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem
The Bucket List
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
There Will Be Blood

December 28th

Cassandra's Dream
The Orphanage

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Indie New Round Up

Now you talk about a day this is it.

Yes there was big news around the Detroit Music Secen today i dont know where to being, But if you are not in the know or just not insert, this is Big News, first let start off with the big news of the day.

De-tour the Locially Base pop culture Blog which start in May of this year and had there Launch party this September at the Stick compelx and at the CAID to a huge respond will do it aging, Next spring there are putting on the De-Tour Rock City Music Fessival that will be held next spring at the Majestic Theatre Center[Magic Stick, Majestic Theater, and Garden Bowl] . in what the press released put out today that the msuic Festival will echoing the music and mayhem of Detour’s now-infamous September ‘07 launch party.

The Detour Rock City Music festival will have over 60 local acts are scheduled to perform, and it will indie rock as alway but it will inclued other music gender as well and that inclued pop, hip-hop, noise music, metal, and more.

The Line up will not be announced untill December, but this part of the story is very, inserting as well, the dates for De-tour Rock City, it will be held on Wednesday, March 5th to Saturday, March 8th, now you are asking why is that insering if any one who know the Detroit Music as well that is the same exctic time as the Metrotimes Hamtramck Blowout which as you already know start on a wednesday and end on a Saturday and the Pre Party before the blow out in Hantramck is at guess where Majestic Theatre Center.

The Moment the PR came down to the Reguarl Press and the blogging Press [This One Included]many of the readers was posting commet began calling it the end of the Hamtramck blow out with Post like this:

"Taking one look at this and one can infer that the annual Hamtramck Metro Times Blowout has celebrated it’s final year."

Either that, or it’s going to be a head-to-head battle royal.

From the De-Tour Site

“Let’s ruin the other guy’s party by having ours on the same night. That way we can see who gets more people to come and who is the better magazine.”

From the Web Vomit Site

that leave a big question: and that is Will there be a Hamtramck Blowout this year? now i have Been reading the this on the Detroit Base Blog all day and that is a big question and one other factor to think off the publisher and co-founder De-tour is Anthony Morrow who was the Ad Market Dirctor for the Metro Times for a number of years, but after this year Blowout Morrow and Other MT staffer that include Ex-music Editor Johnny Loftus either Left, Quit, or Got Fired.

So one have to wonder have to wonder is this payback to the metrotimes?, I dont know because i did not contact either the Metrotimes or Detour For commet, but for one thing i know for sure they will not be going Head to Head on the same weekend because they made spilt the fans down the Middle.

One Possable that maybee the metrotimes may move the Blow out for a week later to March 12th to the 15th, but the bigger problum is would fan goes to the festival a week later, the Blowout have always been on the First weekend of March, would the music fans would go to two festival back to back.

I was wipeout back in Septmeber by going to Four Music Festival as yes they where all back[Hamtramck Festival] to back[Dally in the Alley] to back[The People Art Festival at the Russell insteral Center] to back[The Detour Launce Party].

Or have the last Note have been played at the Blowout, now just to let you know where only Four Months away untill the the event, so between Now and Early March keep up date as if we know anything on who playing the Rock City Music Festival, But for now you can check on the De-Tour web sight at

In Other News:

There is Sad News:

Ex-Ramones manager found Murdered

The Ex-manager of the Ramones during the early days fo the punk rock era and Ex-wife of Seymour Stein, Linda Stein was found dead in Her New York City Atpartment on Wednesday Morning by her Daugher, the NYC Police are treating it as a Homcied there was no force entry, and pocilc have no suspect as of yet.

Stain co-manage the Ramones during the early days of the punk rock movment from 1977 to 1980 and after the ramones she when into Real Eastate where she sold house to the stars including Madonna, Sting and other big-name celebs, SHe was 62.

"In Rainbow" CD From will come out on XL Records"

After Shocking the world when the Band Radiohead told fans to name you own price for the down load version of raduohead News Album "In Rainbows" The band have announce a Deal with XL records to released the CD Versions of the album outside the US, there still looking for a US Lable to release it in the US, The "In RainBows was Download over 1.2 millions times with fans paying anywhere from $4 to $8 for the Download.

you can Name you Own Price for a CD, Why Not a Music Magitine.

The Montly Music Print Magitzine call Paste which have a Free CD have taking a page out of the "Radiohead" Playbook, For a limited time only when you got Paste Websight you can Name your Own Price for a 11 Months subscription of the Music magazine, hey you can pay a Dollar for the Subscription which also include Gift Subscrition or rewnel for the magzine.

AnD Dont forget the Muggs on Friday.

And one more thing you let you know this Friday well see weaher or Not the Muggs Move on to Show three of show so bad, but Detroit own Muggs are on it were covering it agisint our one will, The Next Great American Band will aired as Schchel at 8 PM on Friday on FOX [FOX 2 in Detroit]as The Muggs will compet, Now since there No Follow up result show the day after so we dont know.

But According to a Blog post from Detroit News Melody Baetens on someone attending the taping of the show posted a post on[yes the same web sight that ride Sayjay to victory, well almost] that the Mugg survied the round and will go on to do two more songs and the cover song for the night will be the one and Only Elton John wow this will be fun.

Remember i will be home on Friday so i will review the wohle show from start to finish and post my review after the show {beging less the 3 millions who watch Dylan beging mess up last week]and i will post the Muggs Numbers after the show on this site From 10 PM to midnight on this sight.

Or if you want to root them on in a bar, you can go to there own home bar at the Cadieux Cafe on Detroit East Side at 4300 Cadieux Rd.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WEEK 44[2007]
OCTOBER 30TH, 2007

Tuesday, October 30th, the day before Halloween and on this Day in 1938 the Late great Actor Orson Wells made a name for himself and at the same scare the country sentless at the same time, yes it was this day that the Nortoris radio play off the E.G. Wells Novels "War of the Worlds" was broadcast and leted scard the pants off America big think there was a Martians invaded, which happend in the mind.

Also on this day back in 1995 something almost scared happend, Canada almost loss Quebec as they almost Broke away From Canada But a slim marjing voteed to stay in canada, but it have been good as Montreal which is in Quebec gave the world the Arcade Fire, That almost was srcew Job.

but on this day three years later in 1998 Jello Biafra was going to be screw, he was sue by Three ex-members of the Dead Kennedys claiming he diverted money owed to his bandmates for his own use, he lost the trail an the remaining Dead Kennedys have been Lagey Forgotin by thouse who remember the band with Jello in it in the early Days.

and since thing are slowing down with the end of the 2007 comming up, Happy Birthday to American gymnast hopful for 2008 Nastia Liukin [18],Argentine Soccer Icon Diego Maradona[47], Actor Kevin Pollak [50] Front Man for UK Band "Bush" and Gwen Stefian Husband Gavin Rossdale[42].

and it would not be a NEW MUSIC TUESDAY if we mention the that it is the Birthday of Henry Winkler who is 62 today and best remember as the man, the Myth, the Legon of that is
Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli from that Classic TV from the 70's Happy Days, where that tape so i can see Fonz vs the candy man on my VCR "Aaay!"

You willl say "Aaay!" to today new released from the only music the only bands that matter Because it no time to check out the Scary New Relased like Brittey because ti now time For some real music because it time for

The Most Important Music that Matters:

- Nicole Atkins - Neptune City (Red Ink)

- Blues Traveler - Cover Yourself (C3)
- Buck 65 - Situation (Strange Famous)
- Sally Shapiro - Disco Romance (Paper Bag)

The Other New Releases:

- Steve Aoki - Pillowface And His Airplane (Chronicles Thrive)
- Carrie Akre - Last the Evening (Loveless)
- Ian Ball - Who Goes There (Dispensary)
- The Caribbean - Populations (Hometapes)
- Charalambides - Likeness (Kranky)
- Club 8 - The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming (Labrador)

- The Color Fred - Bend to Break (Equal Vision)
- Efterklang - Parades (Leaf)

- The Gunshy - There's No Love in This War (Latest Flame)
- Shooting Spires - Shooting Spires (Cardboard)
- Sightings - Through the Panama (Load)
- Anna Ternheim - Anna Ternheim (EP; Decca)

- Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden - Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden (Red Valise)

- The Wonder Years - Get Stoked on It! (No Sleep)

Local Released:

- Ghoul's Delight!: A Monster Party Record(Bellyache Records)
- Insane Clown Posse - Jugganauts: The Best of ICP (Island)


- "30 Days of Night"(digipak; Ipecac)
- "Bee Movie"(RCA)
- "Control"(Rhino)

- "I'm Not There"(two CDs; Columbia)

- "Wristcutters: A Love Story"(Lakeshore)
- "At Last the 1948 Show" - UK TV Show (El)


- Tribute to Prince (Cleopatra)
- Unplugged Tribute to Amy Winehouse(Tribute Sounds)

Christmas Released:

- Various artists - A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas (two-CD digipak; Immortal)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

- Arrested Development - Since the Last Time (Vagabond)
- John Coltrane - The Impulse! Albums: Volume One (Verve)
- Nick Drake - Fruit Tree (box set with four CDs and one DVD; Fontana/UMe)
- Joy Division - Closer; Still; and Unknown Pleasures (deluxe editions; each comes with an extra CD; Rhino)
- Damian Marley - Mr. Marley (Universal Republic)
- The Moody Blues - The Magnificent Moodies (Great American Music Co.)
- Pillbugs - Monclovia (Rainbow Quartz)
- Queen - Queen Rock Montreal (two CDs; Hollywood)
- Frank Sinatra - The Cole Porter Songbook (Acrobatic)
- Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (with DVD; Reprise)
- Barry White - An Evening With Barry White (live; Eagle)
- World Party - Best in Show (Seaview)

Music DVDs:

- The Beatles - "Help!" (available as a two-DVD digipak or deluxe box set with 60-page booklet; Apple Corps Ltd/ EMI)
- The Beatles - "Impact! Songs That Changed the World - The Beatles: I Want to Hold Your Hand" (SRO Entertainment)
- Ray Charles - "Live at Montreux 1997" (Eagle Vision)
- Bob Dylan - "The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan Live at the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965" (Columbia)
- Patty Griffin - "Live From the Artists Den" (ATO)
- Tom Jones - "This Is Tom Jones Christmas" (Time Life)
- Bob Marley - "Impact! Songs That Changed the World - Bob Marley: I Shot the Sheriff" (SRO Entertainment)
- Elvis Presley - "Destination Vegas" (Video Music)
- Elvis Presley - "Impact! Songs That Changed the World - Elvis Presley: Heartbreak Hotel" (SRO Entertainment)
- Queen - "Queen Rock Montreal" (Eagle Vision)
- Queen - "Queen Rock Montreal + Live Aid" (two DVDs; Eagle Vision)
- Neil Young - "Under Review 1976-2006" (Chrome Dreams)
- Various artists - "20 to Life: The Life and Times of John Sinclair" (Steve Gebhardt)

Digital Releases:

- Inanna - Butterfly Remixes (Jook)
- North Elementary - Lovesday Dead Down: Remixed Recordings and Extras (available on iTunes only)
- Tim Fite - Untitled Halloween EP (available for free on starting Wednesday)
- Various artists - Big Change: Songs for FINCA (available on iTunes only)


- Angel - Collector's Set
- Arrest and Trial - The Best Of
- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 3: Fire, Volume 1
- The Benny Hill Show - The Thames Years 1969-1989: The Complete Megaset
- Biography - Saturday Night Live
- The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour - The Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 5 and The Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume 5
- C.S.I.: Miami - The Complete 5th Season
- Checkmate - The Best of Season 1
- Cimarron City - The Best Of
- Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Vol. 2: Episodes 36 - 70
- Everybody Loves Raymond - The Complete Series
- Family Affair - Season 4
- Family Guy - Freakin' Party Pack
- Laredo - The Best of Season 1
- Magnum, P.I. - The Complete 7th Season
- Miami Ink - Season 1
- The Mickey Rooney Show - Hey Mulligan
- My So-Called Life - The Complete Series (2007 Shout! Factory)
- Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Collection: Volume 12
- October Road - The Complete 1st Season
- The Outer Limits - Volume 3
- The Real McCoys - The Complete Season 2
- The Restless Gun - The Best Of
- Riptide - The Complete 2nd Season
- Riverboat - The Best Of
- Scrubs - The Complete 6th Season
- Sergeant Preston of the Yukon - The Complete Collection
- Shaggy & Scooby-Doo: Get a Clue! - Volume 1
- Suspense - The Lost Episodes - Collection 2
- The Tall Man - The Best Of
- Tate - The Complete Series
- Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Edition

Sourceds For New Music Tuesday: MTV NEWS, CMJ.COM, All Music Guide at

Monday, October 29, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And it was over a week ago that "Blanche" have there CD released party For there Brand New Album which was released Last week every where which is called "Little Amber Bottles" on the Original Signal Records out of New York

Now almost three weeks ago i was going to play the 1st video off the New record "What This Town Needs", But i was saveing post for this blog site 1,000 post, so i was seacrhing this video, i found a second video off "Little Amber Bottles" and it was Just released and it called No Matter Where You Go.

So i persent both Video to you

"What This Town Needs"

"No Matter Where You Go"

and if you want more "Blanche" Madness they recently played the BBC Elecrict Proms last week in the UK and better yet it was recorded for the BBC Web sight so you can see the whole set no the BBC Electic Proms Web Sight at there gig is only up there untill Sunday.

Video From Friday Night The Next Great American Band on Fox with Detroit own Muggs.

And now here some Video from show two of the show that even if "the Muggs" were not would not even watch the show, But Since the Muggs played well on Friday Night i am covering it against my own will.

it a few bands from Show Two of "The Next Great American Band" on Fox, now if this show was really, really good i would put every band on it but if you have been reading my blog sight i have not been likeing the show even with "The Muggs" was on the show.

so i will be putting video from the bands i like, did like but have back away and did some what enjoy.

The Muggs
[which included a report from the Friday night FOX 2 News at 10 PM and pleased forgive the crapped video during the report.]

Verdict: Great


Dylan song: Bad
Original: very Good

Dot,Dot, Dot

Verdict: Yuck!

Light of Doom

Verdict: hey they was really good

The Rest: Don't even Ask i be bored to sleep, Big time that make me want to change the channel to a red wings game.

Culture City Follow up a look at the Rating with "The Next Great American Band" with the Muggs on it

Well, it was a good weekend it the Detroit metro area i went to the Wayne state game and worst i came to the game late aging i show up near the 2nd quarter and the bad news the Wayne State Warriors loss there 6th game of the season losing to Northwood 45-25 making there record a disappointing 3-6 with two game left.

at least the team did a little bit better than "The Next Great American Band" on FOX, if you read my post on Saturday Morning i did a brake down of show two "The Next Great American Band" on FOX, now if you want the full review that including detroit own "The Muggs" you can Scrool down or you can
link here.

But for those of you who don't follow ratings and i know a lot of you don't follow them, the first live studio show of the "America Idols" like show with rock bands [If you want to call the rest rock bands] went on Friday Night at and for thouse of you think the live studio show would boost up the show rating a little bit, think aging.

Show 2 Lost almost 20% of there viewer from the opening show last week, the show lost almost 740,000 viewers and the show Sunk to a total rating of 1.2 in the 18 to 49 demo and finish dead last for the night, It even drew barley over half of what the network finish 4th place finisher the CW which program wrestling also from 8-10 pm and it drew 4.61 millions viewers and a 1.4 and drew a Quarter less then CBS which top the network for the night[Show aired on that night on that time Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight]

What i think happened why this show flop the way it did you have to get out of the 313 and Beyond the 313[Wayne],248[Macomb],810[Oakland], and 734[Washtenaw]where "The Muggs" have big time support, may be the aveage Viewers did watch this show last week or a Indie fan was looking for some new fans and watch this show and saw some horrible crappy music or did not like the music at all did not came back, Ok some made Fans with "The Muggs"[ or "ROCKET" [] on my space, but did not come back.

and also you can see that the public is getting tried of all the show that have a American Idols spin on it, i am tried of it too myself, and also it was on a Friday Night which is the second worst night of the week next to Saturday night Because a lot of them are going out meeting there friend or going to a gig for some real music.

So despite "The Muggs" begin on the show [and i hoped you voted for them last Friday over and over aging.] The Show is not a big hit it is a big time dud, and with November sweep coming up [used by network and station to set ads rates base on viewers]the show is on shakey ground and my not survived on the network during the full run [which run until the Finally on December 21th].

So you are asking what will happened with the show if the show sink any lower let say under 2 millions viewers or worst a rating under 1.0, well hear are some Secnardio that could Happened.

Secnardo No.1: Despite the Low viewership, Fox keep it on the Scheduled, it 50-50 it could happened they just keep it on Friday and viewer will just let it alone and just disappeared.

Secnardo No.2: It get pulled for the FOX line-up and move it to there own Cable Channel FX, Now this is more likely to happens when show like this total bomb total bomb it move to a cable network to run out it run.

It have happened once before back in 2004 when FOX put Boxer Oscar Dela Hoya boxing reality show The Next Great Champ it came out months before NBC own boxing reality show "The Contender" after only four show of bad rating the show was cancelled and the rest of the run was on Fox Sports Net.

Secnardo No.3: FOX pulled the show and move it on-line to there website [], well this is highly unlikely, yes a lot of you are watching TV online these days, but it since watching at a set time is imposable in the watch what every you watch world, SO this is unlikely.

Secnardo No.4: it is also highly unlikely, that Fox pulled the Plug on the show all together, now if the Other Network saw the rating like that it would be pulled ASAP, but it on FOX and the production company [19 Entertainment] put a lot of money to be the next big thing so to pulled it from the line-up is not a good Idea, But it happened once before.

Last Summer about two month after i began the blog sight[and thanks god i did not blog about this] ABC aired a idols meet Big Brothers reality singing series called The One: Making a Music Star, it also aired on CBC in Canada because it was hosted by a Canadian George Stroumboulopoulos[Which you can see on his show called "The Hour" which you can see on Ch.9 - CBET-TV]it even permed the CBC National Newscast Call "The National" in Eastern Canada, The Show was a big time flop and it was pulled after two least watch show and all the show never compete it run.

So that what i think what will happened to the show, and since i am a Detroiter and where all behind "The Muggs" i will be watching the show aging on Friday night at the H.Q.[Because i was watching the show at Small's on Friday and only 11 people show up which make a boring night with the red wings game flip flop in between. so after the show [if the Muggs survived round One of the Voting] i will put up the the 1-888 Number so you can vote over and over aging.

And yes it will aired at 8 PM on FOX [WJBK-TV, FOX 2]

The Weekly Gig Gudie For October 29th to November 4th




Justice - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC[From Oct 9th]


Sex Pistols - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Nocole Atkins - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Dweezil Zappa - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC


The Go! Team - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Manchester Orchestra - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
Sex Pistols - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
Regina Spektor - Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC


Ryan Adams - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Thurston Moore - Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC


Fiest - Saturday Night Live - NBC [And yes friends it the show guest hosted by NBC Nightly News Ancorr Brian Williams]

Also on TV This Week

Wilco - Austin City Limits - PBS [Seen in Detroit on WFUM TV-28 Flint, Saturday at 11 PM, WTVS-TV Late Saturday/Early Sunday, 2:30 AM and thurout the week on WTVS Digatial Channel 56.1]


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4 PM EST

Huw Stephens In New Music We Trust
The Best of BBC Introducing [Best New UK Bands}
Wednesday 4 PM EST

This Week
Found in session

Zane Lowe
Weekday From 2 to 4 PM EST

Wednesday - The Young Knives in session

BBC Introducing in the Nations
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

This Week
More Found In Session

Annie Mac

Friday Night Web show
Friday Night Mash up from 5 to 7 PM
Sunday web Show from 4 PM

Radio 2

Radcliffe and Maconie
Monday and Tuesday - 3 to 5 PM EDT

Monday - Simon Armitage / Ray Davies
Tuesday - Lou Rhodes in session
Thursday - Noddy Holder


Suzi Quatro’s Heroes Of Rock’n’Roll
Wednesday 6 PM EDT

[Final Show]
Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon

BBC 6 Music

6Music Plays It Again
Monday-Thursday 4:30 PM EST

6Music Plays It Again Overnight
Every Night at 10 PM EDT

Live at 4(AM UK)
Every Night at 11 PM EDT


Monday - Adem
Tuesday - Bees
Wednesday - Teenage Fanclub
Thursday - Traffic
Friday - James Brown



Maxi Priest


Tori Amos


Graham Coxon





Gideon Coe
Weekday from 5 to 8 PM EST

Queens of Noize Sonic Safari
Saturday 11 AM EST

This Week
BBC Electric Proms show

Tom Robinson
Monday and thursday
2-4:30 PM EST

Monday - The Ting Tings
Tuesday - David E Sugar

This Week Seesion - Willy Mason

Introducing with Tom Robinson
Saturday at 7 PM EDT

XFM - London

Music: Response
Monday to Thursday
From 2 PM to 5 PM EST

Thursday - The Young Knives

Monday to Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM

Monday - Sons & Daughters
Tuesday - Spoon
Wednesday - Iron & Wine
Thursday - The Ting Tings/Ungdomskulen

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
Live Set beging at 2:15 PM EST

Monday - Federico Aubele
Wednesday - Thurston Moore
Thursday - West Indian Girl
Friday - Harvey
all live set are in PST, Three Hours behind EST


Gregory Alan Isakov - 3:00pm
The Valley (LIVE from High Dive) - 9:30pm
New Faces (LIVE from High Dive) - 11:00pm


Georgie James - 5:00pm Live Lounge

Monday - Arizona - 3:30pm
Tuesday - The Broken West - 4:30pm

World Café
WeekDay From 2 to 4 PM EDT

Monday - Sea Wolf
Tuesday - Jose Gonzalez

On Last Week and on line Now at

Wednesday, October 24th - Bill Medley
Thursday, October 25th - Metric
Friday, October 26th - John Fogerty

Satulitte Radio


Little Steven Underground Garage (Ch.25)

Halloween Tricks & Treats
Wednesday - 8:00 am ET

What insidious creatures are crouching in those dark corners of the Underground Garage? Do you dare enter? If you do…you will be assaulted by “monster-ous” rock’n’roll and attacked with the vicious bytes of Hollywood horror. The scariest thing is that Andrew Loog Oldham, The Mighty Manfred and Kid Leo are lurking about all day…and all night.

Left of Center (Ch.26)

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET

This Week – Iron & Wine (with older sessions from Ted Leo, Yo La Tengo)

XM Radio

Build Your Own Show with Gomez
Monday - 9AM ET - Starbucks XM Café - XM 45

Artist Confidential: Don Henley
Monday - 7PM ET - The Blend - XM 25

Mixed Bag Radio: Ben Folds (Encore)
Tuesday - 3PM ET - The Loft - XM 50

Wolfman Jack's Make Believe Graveyard Ball
Wednesday - Noon-2PM ET - XM Live - XM 120

Direct from the Fang Room of the Hemoglobin Hotel in downtown Transylvania it's a two hour Halloween spectacular with the legendary Wolfman Jack! He's joined by The Mummy, Dracula, The Hunchback and more as he spins the greatest Halloween music of all time.

Offsite: Arctic Monkeys (Encore)
Thursday - 10PM ET - Ethel - XM 47
Sunday - 10 PM ET - Ethel - XM 47

Live From The Knitting Factory: Le Loup from CMJ 2007
Friday - 10PM ET - XMU - XM 43

Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Wednesday - 10AM - 11AM ET - Deep Tracks - XM40
Thursday - Noon - 1PM ET - The Village - XM 15
This week's theme is Halloween



Thursday - MELT BANANA


Holloween Night - Friday and Saturday

The Crofoot[1 South Saginaw, Pontiac, MI]

Monday - THE HOLD STEADY and ART BRUT [The Crofoot Ballroom]
Tuesday - FILM SCHOOL[The Pike Room]

Maigic Bag

Friday - SAVOY BROWN featuring Kim Simmonds

Saint Andrews Hall

Wednesday - Hallowicked Afterparty with Jamie Madrox of Twiztid


Monday - Josh Rouse w/ Maria Taylor
Tuesday - Danny Freeman, Against the Fire, 7 Flames
Wednesday - Counter Cosby w/ Astro Zombies, Gepetto Files, Anal Fang Boner
Thursday[Early Show]Jenny Owen Youngs & Sean Hayes
Thursday[Late Show] - Now On w/ Buff 1, and Othello
Friday[Early Show] - Comedians of Comedy w/ Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman
Friday[Late Show] - Ann Arbor Soul Club
Saturday - My Dear Disco w/ Bump

The Belmont

Monday - Sputnik Monroe (L.A.), God Hates Ugly and more @ Belmont
Thursday - Free Showcase w/ Indian Guides, Eric Zarycki and more
Friday - Evil Queens, None More Black and more Krakatoa
Saturday - Duende CD Release w/ Wildcatting, Oscillating Fan Club and Woodman


The Ark [Ann Arbor]

Monday Lost Gonzo Band
Wednesday - Santa Cruz River
Thursday - Bluehouse
Friday - Willy Porter
Saturday - California Guitar Trio w/Tony Levin
Sunday - Back of the Moon

Bohemian National Home - 3009 Tillman, Detroit (1 blk N. of Michigan Ave, between I-96 and Grand Blvd)

Monday - Mammal, Sic Alps, Cadaver in Drag, Apple Circus
Friday - Gaida Hinnawi (Arabic ensemble)

The Fillmore Detroit (formerly State Theatre)

Tuesday - Hellyeah with Otep & Blood Simple
Wednesday - Insane Clown Posse with Necro & Motown Rage
Thursday - Coheed and Cambria with Clutch & Fall of Troy
Saturday - New Found Glory with Senses Fail, The Receiving End of Sirens & Dr. Manhattan

Royal Oak Music Theater

Wednesday - Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk, Quixotic, Grommet, The 2nd Guess, Busted Puppets
Sunday - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fox Theatre

Thursday - Cabo Wabo Presents Sammy Hagar & The Wabos

Joe Lousi Arena -

Saturday - So You Think You Can Dance Live Show Tour

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Saturday - Keith Urban wsg Gary Allan

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The List For the week ending October 28th

Tuesdays 10p - 12a
w/ Melody Licious & Suzy Cole

PLAYLIST FOR WEEK #91 (10/23/07)

1) Critical Bill – The Ride
2) The Hard Lessons – Milk And Sugar
3) The Beggars – I’m Not Sure
4) Vertical Pillows – Born To Love
5) Freer – I Think You Know
6) The Singles – He Can Go, You Can’t Stay
7) Citizen Smile – You Like That Song About Seasons
8) Porchsleeper – The Little Things
9) Great Lakes Myth Society – Love Story
10) Bluesong – Like An Ocean
11) Noman – Finale In D
12) Grayling – Sentencing
13) Mason Proper – Mr. Charm
14) Saturday Looks Good To Me – Learn To Live With Your Heartbreaks
15) Electric Six – Rip It!
16) Shipwreck Union – Out Of The Woods
17) Seduce – Viper’s Bite
18) The Christ Punchers – Tread Of The Iron Legion
19) Cetan Clawson – White Heat
20) Scott Morgan’s Powertrane – Ain’t No Time
21) His Name Is Alive – Shine For Me
22) The Hadituptoheres – Interesting X-Rays
23) Suicide Machines – I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
24) Negative Approach – Dead Stop
25) Dangerous Pursuit – Run Into The Nite
26) Chiodos – There’s No Penguins In Alaska
27) The Hentchmen – Ghost Of John
28) The Dewtons – Trick Or Treat (The Joke Is On You)
29) Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters – Sister Halloween
30) The Dead Bodies – Organ Grinders
31) Serenity Court – Spider Bite

Wednesday - 2:30-4p.m. Eastern

[Remember this was pleage week on CJAM-FM so the show was pack into three segment, If you want to plege to C-JAM you can at (519) 971-3630 in Windsor or
(313) 963-6112 x3630 in Detroit, it runs thur Today.]




Cowboys & Indies
Saturday From 9:30 PM - Midnight
Cjam-Fm Windsor (

Show track listing for October 20th

1. richard hawley - i'm looking for someone to find me
2. emma pollock - you'll come around
3. sondre lerche - airport taxi reception (request)
4. the rifles - talking
5. the holloways - two left feet
6. hard fi - we need love
7. santogold - shove it
8. radar - first to last
9. the undertones - dig yourself deep
10. generation - x jet boy (live) (request)
11. plastiscines - loser
12. fire engines - sympathetic anaesthetic (version)
13. delays - love made visible
14. maximo park - like i love you
15. robots in disguise - the sex has made me stupid
16. calvin harris - stillness in time
17. lp session 1 - working for a nuclear free city - "businessmen & ghosts"
- sarah dreams of summer
- asleep at the wheel
- apron strings
- donkey
18. the lodger - getting special
19. young galaxy - no matter how hard you try
20. stars - midnight coward
21. the dragons - lonely tonight
22. the duke spirit - dog roses
23. british sea power - atom (request)
24. besnard lakes - ride the rails
25. lp session 2 - puressence - "don't forget to remember"
- don't know any better
- life comes down hard
- brainwaves
- acrylic
26. the view - don't look back into the sun
27. reverend and the makers - he said he loved me
28. milburn - wolves at bay
29. paperbacks - all available light
30. midway state - met a man on top of the hill

Aural Bliss
Every Sunday at 10 PM EST

Playlist for October 21st

1. julee cruise - falling
2. m83 - sister (part 2)
3. hammock - raising your voice...trying to stop an echo
4. ian brown - illegal attacks (ft. sinead o'conner)
5. blur - beetlebum
6. new order - i told you so
7. nada surf - your legs grow
8. radiohead - all i need
9. notwist - one with the freaks
10. erlend oye - the athlete
11. beth orton - central reservation
12. hooverphonic - 50 watt
13. gus gus - starlovers
14. kate havnevik - new day
15. highspire - skies you climb
16. editors - dust in the sunlight
17. starring me - goodbye
18. blonde redhead - 23
19. lush - for love
20. taken by trees - lost and found
21. jaymay - gray or blue
22. mazzy star - flowers in december
23. ether aura - i wasn't her
24. harland - in the dark (acoustic)
25. rob dickinson - hush little baby

Playlist for Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
Sunday from 11 PM to 1 AM

Playlist for October 21th
Dead Air #178

Reissue of the Week!! White Shoes & The Couples Company “Self Titlted” (Minty Fresh)

Ween - Spirit Walker (Chocodog CD)
White Shoes & The Couples Company - Windu & Defrina (Minty Fresh CD)
New Buffalo - Emotional Champ (Arts & Crafts CD)
Jens Lekman - Into Eternity (Secretly Canadian CD)
Ken Andrews/Charlotte Martin in studio sets - Nurse Who Loved Me; Cherry Colored Funk; Dirty Blue Balloons
Chicago Afrobeat Project - Fix & Release (CAbP CD)
Konono No 1 - Nsimba & Nzuzi (Crammed CD)
The Sugarettes - Bounce (Subroutine CD)
Teddy’s Cheer Club - Follow The Sun (self released CDEP)
The Fiery Furnaces - Japanese Slippers (Thrill Jockey CD)
Mezzanine Owls in studio session - Moving Ground; Graceless; Lightbulb
Beirut - A Sunday Smile (Ba Da Bing! CD)
Sunset Rubdown - Winged/Wicked Things (Jagjaguwar CD)
14 .
Art In Manila - Set The Woods On Fire (Saddle Creek CD)
Maritime - For Science Fiction (Flameshovel CD)
The Underground Road To Candyland - Livin’ In A Straw (Recess CD)
LR Rockets - Personality (Art Goes Pop CDS)
MGMT - The Handshake (Columbia CD)
Late Of The Pier - Space & The Woods (Moshi Moshi CDS)
Prefuse 73 - Smoking Red (Warp 2xCD)
Soulsavers - Paper Money (Red Ink CD)

Rodney on ROQ
3-6 AM EST (Midnight 'til 3AM PST)

Playlist for October 21st

1. Silversun Pickups – Well Thought Out Twinkles
2. Channel 3 – Catholic Boy
3. The Duke Spirit – Lassoo
4. The Donnas – Take Me To the Backseat
5. The Donnas – Don’t Wait Up For Me
6. The Duke Spirit – Masca
7. Mark Ronson f/ Amy Winehouse – Valerie
8. Mika – Happy Ending
9. Scouting For Girls – She’s So Lovely
10. Kate Nash – Foundations
11. The Last Post – The News
12. The Star 69 – So What’s the News
13. Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down
14. The Last Post – The Magic Suitcase
15. Inflatable Boy Clams – Skeletons
16. Louis XIV – Guilt By Association
17. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Berlin
18. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Happy When It Rains
19. Tokyo Police Club – Your English
20. The Bastard Fairies – A Venomous Tale
21. Smoosh – Find A Way
22. Sonya Mendez – Luau Cha Cha Cha
23. Annette – Jamaica Ska
24. The High Strung – What A Meddler
25. Starsailor – Silence Is Easy
26. Athlete – Hurricane
27. Zolar X – Saucers On Sunset
28. The Cramps – Sheena’s In A Goth Gang
29. The Pipettes – Judy
30. The Donnas – Girl Talk
31. Annette – Pajama Party
32. Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do?
33. Pleasant Gehman – Season Of the Witch
34. Donovan – Season Of the Witch
35. The Horrors – Gloves
36. Buck Brothers – Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes
37. Liars – Plaster Casts of Everything
38. Teddy and the Patches – Suzi Cream Cheese
39. The Thrills – This Year
40. The Duke Spirit - Lassoo Top 20 Album
as of October 27th

1 - Iron And Wine - Boy With A Coin
2 - His Name Is Alive - Go To Hell Mountain
3 - Beirut - A Sunday Smile
4 - Prinzhorn Dance School - Don't Talk To Strangers
5 - Imperial Teen - Shim Sham
6 - Animal Collective - Fireworks
7 - Rilo Kiley - The Angels Hung Around
8 - PJ Harvey - When Under Ether
9 - Bloc Party - Flux
10 - Figurines - Drunkard's Dream
11 - Cass McCombs - That's That
12 - Athlete - Airport Disco
13 - Jimmy Eat World - Lucky Denver Mint
14 - DJ Harry - All My Life
15 - Georgie James - Henry and Hanzy
16 - Pinback - Barnes
17 - Frightened Rabbit - Be Less Rude
18 - Enon - Sabina
19 - Yo La Tengo - The Race Is On Again
20 - A Place To Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You The Full Top 90

1. Radiohead - In Rainbows (self-released)
2. (Various) - Live at KEXP Volume Three (KEXP)
3. M.I.A. - Kala (Interscope)
4. Beirut - The Flying Club Cup (Ba Da Bing)
5. The Valley - The Valley (self-released)
6. The Cave Singers - Invitation Songs (Matador)
7. Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends (Frenchkiss)
8. Band of Horses - Cease to Begin (Sub Pop)
9. Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release (Interscope)
10. Feral Children - Second to the Last Frontier (Buffalo Shoe)
11. Grayskul - Bloody Radio (Rhymesayers)
12. Bettye LaVette - The Scene of the Crime (Anti-)
13. PJ Harvey - White Chalk (Island)
14. Iron and Wine - The Shepherd's Dog (Sub Pop)
15. Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala (Secretly Canadian)
16. Imperial Teen - The Hair the TV the Baby the Band (Merge)
17. The Go! Team - Proof of Youth (Sub Pop)
18. Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs (Touch and Go)
19. The New Pornographers - Challengers (Matador)
20. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights (Daptone)
21. Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (Definitive Jux)
22. Black Francis - Bluefinger (Cooking Vinyl)
23. Funky C - Joya (Sonic360)
24. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam (Domino)
25. Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War (Arts & Crafts)
26. Richard Hawley - Lady's Bridge (Mute)
27. Kinski - Down Below It's Chaos (Sub Pop)
28. Jose Gonzalez - In Our Nature (Mute)
29. The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir(Bloodshot)
30. Film School - Hideout (Beggars Banquet)
31. Matt Pond PA - Last Light (Altitude)
32. Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil (Vice)
33. Modeselektor - Happy Birthday! (Bpitch Control)
34. Coconut Coolouts - Party Time Machine (Haunted Horse)
35. Siberian - With Me (Sonic Boom)
36. Ha Ha Tonka - Buckle in the Bible Belt (Bloodshot)
37. The Fiery Furnaces - Widow City (Drag City)
38. Celebration - The Modern Tribe (4AD)
39. Two Gallants - Two Gallants (Saddle Creek)
40. Los Mono - Somos Los Que Estamos (Sonic360)
41. Devendra Banhart - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon (XL)
42. Edit - Certified Air Raid Material (Alpha Pup)
43. Thurston Moore - Trees Outside the Academy (Ecstatic Peace!)
44. The Voom Blooms - Nine Ships EP (self-released)
45. Rob Sonic - Sabotage Gigante (Definitive Jux)
46. Kinky - Rarities (Sonic360)
47. UNKLE - War Stories (Surrender All)
48. The Blakes - The Blakes (Light in the Attic)
49. Red Collar - The Hands Up EP (Power Team)
50. Kevin Drew - Spirit If (Arts & Crafts)
51. The Pipettes - We Are the Pipettes (Cherrytree/Interscope)
52. Georgie James - Places (Saddle Creek)
53. Junius - Junius (Radar/SAF)
54. Galactic - From the Corner to the Block (Anti-)
55. Federico Aubele - Panamericana (Eighteenth Street Lounge)
56. Jamie T. - Panic Prevention (Caroline)
57. Numbers - Now You Are This (Kill Rock Stars)
58. Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover (Jagjaguwar)
59. Gravenhurst - The Western Lands (Warp)
60. Steve Earle - Washington Square Serenade (New West)
61. Okkervil River - The Stage Names (Jagjaguwar)
62. Sea Wolf - Leaves in the River (Dangerbird)
63. Underworld - Crocodile (Side One)
64. Editors - An End Has a Start (Fader)
65. pleasureboaters - gross (Don't Stop Believin')
66. Whalebones - Morning Man EP (self-released)
67. Dolour - The Years in the Wilderness (Quince)
68. Police Teeth - Jazz Records for Sale (Blood City)
69. Smile Brigade - Take the Precious Edge Off This Treacherous Ledge(Beep Repaired)
70. Daniel G. Harmann - Anthems from the Gentle War (Hello Tower Media)
71. Liars - Liars (Mute)
72. Heavy Trash - Going Way Out With Heavy Trash (Yep Roc)
73. Othello - Alive at the Assembly Line (Hiphop is Music)
74. Kanye West - Graduation (Roc-A-Fella)
75. Enon - Grass GeysersCarbon Clouds (Touch and Go)
76. Oakley Hall - I'll Follow You (Merge)
77. Talib Kweli - Eardrum (Blacksmith/Warner Bros)
78. (Various) - Cinematic: Classic Film Music Remixed (Six Degrees)
79. Ohmega Watts - Watts Happening (Ubiquity)
80. Prefuse 73 - Preparations (Warp)
81. Wooden Shjips - Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain)
82. Trentemoller - The Trentemoller Chronicles (Audiomatique)
83. Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills (Merge)
84. Mary Gauthier - Between Daylight and Dark (Lost Highway)
85. The Octopus Project - Hello, Avalanche (Peek-A-Boo)
86. M83 - Digital Shades Vol. 1 (Mute)
87. Le Loup - The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' MillenniumGeneral Assembly (Hardly Art)
88. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour (Anti-)
89. Rogue Wave - Asleep at Heaven's Gate (Brushfire)
90. The Poison Control Center - A Collage of Impressions (Afternoon)

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Live Monday 4 PM EDT
or any time at
for one week untill the following monday at 4 PM EDT.

Playlist for October 22nd

Reverend & The Makers - 'Open Your Window' (Wall Of Sound)
Metros - 'Education' (1965)

Blood Red Shoes - 'I Wish I Was Someone Better' (V2)

Headline Makers - The Wombats

Video Nasties - 'Karl Blau' (WayOutWest Records)

Myscene - Jersey

One Night Only - 'You & Me' (Vertigo Records)

Les Savy Fav In Session

Los Campesinos! - 'International Tweexcore Underground' (Wichita)
Flash Gun

Final Five

The Radio 1 Punk Show's Mike Davies
NoFX - 'Lori Meyers' (Fat Wreck Chords)

Alternative Single Of The Week
The Departure - '7 Years' (Parlophone)

Alternative Single Of The Week
The Courteeners - 'Acrylic' (A&M Records)

Alternative Album Of The Week
The Fallout Theory - 'Don't Show Up Perfect' (Unsigned)

We Start Fires - 'Let's Get Our Hands Dirty' (Hot Noise)

The Steve Lamacq Show
Live Wednesday 6:30 PM EDT
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for one week untill the following wednesday at 6:30 PM EDT.

Playlist for October 24th

1. Oasis - 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down'
Album – Digital download only

2. Lightspeed Champion - 'Midnight Surprise'
Album - Falling Off The Lavender Bridge (2008 Release)

3. Adele - 'Hometown Glory'

4. The Barker Band - 'Anna Lee'
Album - 'The Night Ain't Over'

5. Pigeon Detectives - 'I Found Out'
Album - Wait For Me

6. William Campbell & Kevin McNeil – ‘The Local Man Ruins Everything’
Album - Now That's What We Call Music Vol. 1

7. Make Model - 'The Was'

8. Josh Ritter - 'Right Moves'
Album – 'The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter'

9. Kings Of Leon - 'Charmer'
Album - ‘Because Of The Times

10. Lizzy – ‘Faultline'

11. Kid Harpoon - 'Milkmaid'
The First E.P.

12. Le Bienheureux - 'And The Living Is Easy' (The Dynamics Mix)

13. Band Of Horses - 'No One's Gonna Love You'
Album - 'Cease To Begin

14. New Cassettes - 'Recover/Retreat'