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The Culture City Review - "The Next Great American Band" - Show 2

Friday night was show No. 2 of the very So-So "The Next Great American Band" now noranlly i would not review such like this if it have any good band but as a local blogger i am blogging about becau one of the hardest working band in all of Detroit "The Muggs" are on the show.

Now if you read my review of the audition show i did not like 80% of the show which is mostly a rehase of the American Idols formal but with rock band, the big buzz all over the Detroit rock scene was the muggs begin on this show, but now in the muggs wolud say if they made it.

Well last week they made the National TV debut to show the country that Detroit rock and roll still alive and well as they torn up the additions and impress the judges with there gritty grimmy rock as they went thur to the live show as part of the final 12.

Well, here we are almost a week later and the mega live show to willow down to the top band in this completion, now the setting is a combination of show on fox like 'Don't forget the lyrics" and the only show i can stand 'SO you can think you can dance"[Which the top 10 live show stop by the Joe Louis Arena next Saturday]with the crowd look like a mid-size gig at the magic stick at mid-week.

the Live show round is made up with two song, one song is a song from a theme of the show and a original song of there own, and for this week show all 12 bands cover the music of the one and only "Bob Dylan"

Now the Muggs was the 7th band on the show as they start the 2nd hour of the show, the Dylan cover they did was "Meet Me in the Morning" from the 1975 album "Blood on the Tracks" and they did a good job in hitting a home run with that song and they hammer it and hammer it well.

The Next song they did was one of there own song "Slow Curve" which they also did a fine job rocking out in playing on TV and i was wonderful to see, two of the three Judges on the show Goo Goo Dolls Johnny Rzeznik and Drummer Shelia E. love the band and here what they say.

[From the web blog from Detroit News Melody Baetens on]

Johnny Rzeznik: (to Danny) You are my guitar hero. Man, you guys are tight. You can really feel the bond between you guys. God bless you guys.

Sheila E.: You guys are one of my favorite bands. I've been waiting to hear you guys since the first time I saw you. I love you guys.

But Australian record producer Ian "Dicko" Dickson was sort of impress sort off: I love you guys but this competition is all about improving and I have to say you're a great guitarist. You're not a great singer. Some of these bands have singers that aren't great singers, but they attack it. You approach the mic like it has something nasty on it. Get over it.

Now in Defence of Danny who i have seen the band sixth times in my lifetime Danny Muggs do the best he can with the music he crank out it is not the best in all Detroit but with this style of the music it is good as it can be.

as for the rest of the bands that i can stand on the show that i did give some love to last week the LA all-girls rock band "ROCKET" was OK there original was very good [dont ask me what song was playing because i was at a live show after the show at 10 PM] but i did not like there cover of the classic Dylan tune "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" now Guns and rose did a great cover of the song [and belived or not it is the most cover Dylan song ever record with version from The Grateful Dead, Aerosmith, Mark Knopfler, Wyclef Jean, Eric Clapton, Warren Zevon, U2, Television, Guided By Voices,Avril Lavigne,and Bon Jovi], But "ROCKET" cover of that song was not good it look like it was mangle and to tell you the turth was not very good.

The Other band on the show i did give some love last week was the chicago band Dot, Dot,Dot and to tell you the thurt they was not that good this week and the Judge were not felling it they did not like this too, When you look at it there beging to remind me of a Less Dramaict Co-Ed Version [3 guys and 2 Girls] of a band that i can not stand "My Chemical Romance" and one who know me know i can not stand it so the band is off my radar for a little whiel.

as for the other bands on the show, well to tell you the turth i did like the kids metal band "Light of Doom" now they was great as they rock out to there songs, but i do aggre on one point to couple of member of the band, Put your shirts on.

as for the rest of the bands on the show to tell the turth just like last week none of the other eight band extict me because mostly they played stuff that sound like the boring pop music i have heard already and a bunch of catitgory that i dont care about and a few bands either make me go to sleep or worst hoping the bartender at Small Nat change the channel to the Red Wings game that was going on at the same time.

Now i was hopeding to put the numbers for the muggs but i saw tonight show at small in hamtramck where only 11 people show up and not only that the bar opend at the same time as the show so i did not post the phone No. but we wont know if the muggs survied because unlike america Idols,so you think you can dance and Danceing with the stars, there is no follow up show the next day so we have to wait if the muggs survied at the start of the next show Next Friday

the big question with this show was any one watching this show last week show finish dead last in total viewer and next to last with taget demo 18-49, so will any one care will know as soon as the Fast market station come up.

one more thing before i go FOX 2 news have a report on "the Muggs" on there news cast last night it was on 17 mintues in there news cast and it was reported in at there home bar the Cadieux Cafe, to see the report you can
click on here.

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