Monday, October 22, 2007

The Culture City Poll

Now here something i have been thinking for a little wheid since Blogger [Started putting this as part of there main sight] a little Culture City Poll.

And almost all day today depending if you go out or not have been Detroit Own muggs begin on the Fox Reality show "The Next Great American Band", It is mostly Battle of the band meet America Idols now all the Detroit base blog was happy to See Danny, Tony and Matt all in the National Spotlight and they move on to the live show next Friday.

If you read my early post [that took over 90 minutes to wirte today] i did some love to the LA Powerpop all Girl band ROCKET and some love to the Chicago Poperpop emo band Dot,Dot,Dot.

But From almost all the local blog i read There was giving the love to The Muggs and at the same time Ripping the Whole show over mostly over the band and the music which was total crap and worst how this show is no Americas Idols.

So i Put a Poll that will stay open Before the Next show which is on Friday at 8 PM on FOX, But before i put the question here are the Three Bands from the show 1st from the show and a song from there live set.

The Muggs

From The Show

Live Set


From The Show

Live Set


From The Show

Live Set

So taking the pulse of all Culture City
Out of the three band that i give some love

Which is the better Band

- The Muggs
- Dot,Dot,Dot
- Some Other Band on the show
- Hey Countdown is on Friday at 8 PM on MSNBC

I will Be Open until 7:30 on Friday

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