Friday, October 26, 2007

This Week In Culture City for the weekend of October 26th[The Friday before Halloween]

Well, it the weekend and it also the weekend before the night of ghost and gooblen which is know as hawlloween and and there is a few holloween gig so let get to it with the 1st gig as sort of night of the living dead.

and for thouse of you who think that the lauger house have close and have gone on to the great stage in the sky i am gald to report that rumor of the club dimise on Michigan Ave. have been greatly exsagrated.

The lauger house did not close but it to have new owners as former owner of Ann Arbor P.J.'s Used Records and bookstore owner George Kelly broght the club that have been a under ground haven for indie rock fans all over and no it is not going to be a jazz club it still going to be home to indie rock and on some occasion with have diffence music in between.

and to celearbart there are hosting what they asking this question "How dose resurrection really feels"?, they will hosttwo night of gigs on night one on Friday the first new bands under new ownership will be the ann arbor band Porchsleeper as well with the wonderfull Folk rock bands Great Lakes Myth Society and the best new band that you have never hear of the one and only Deastro.

and on saturday night there will be a Hollween show with Garage Punk bad "The Sillies", there are the only bands on the line-up but there be more just check the laguer houer web sight at or there my space site at, and if you want to know The Lager House is Still locate at 1254 Michigan Ave. Between Brooklin and the Lodge Freeway and about a couple of block from the new MGM Grand Cansino and hotel on the western edge of Downtown.

Meanwheild in Ann Arbor, Hometown Powerpop heros Saturday Looks Good to Me return for a hometown show to celeabert the released of the brand new album called "Filled the room" a lot have change since there last album the 2004 "EVERY NIGHT", 1st a couple of key members of the band have move out of detroit including front man Fred Thomas who move to the Indie hub bud of Portland, Oregan and lovely vocalist Betted marie barns move to chicago, but the majoried of the band still live in the city where the unisbeisty of Michigan.

there 4th album which on K Records[The Last two was on Polyvinyl Records]contiuned with there sweet experimental indie pop with the brilant songwriting of thomas and the great sonuding vocaical between him and Barns and wonderful music to boot, the show beging at 9 P.M. with Mason Proper and Canada opening up.

On Saturday at the magic stick it will be like Halloween it will be Zombie Dance Party 4 it detroit rock city version of night of the living dead. the event which is put on by Serenity Court Care Gulfinson and grande nationals bassist Scotty Hagan who also co-owned the BellyAche candy Shopp, the event celeabeat the spook and kooks of halloween with music, costuem, make up,candy and the sickest thing of all if you go out on a date Dinner.

Playing at this year dance party will be 3-D invisibles,The Hentchmen, Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters, Snakeout, The Deadbodies, The Dewtons, not only that it will also serve as the C.D. released party for "The Ghoul's Delight Halloween CD" which is on BellyAche Records, the 2 disc, 31 songs halloween collection feather the delights of The Muldoons, Eons, Serenity Court, The Koffin Kats, The Drinking Problem, Scarlet Oaks, Beggars, Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers, Ghost City, The Eugene Strobe, The Amano Acids, Aran Ruth, Battling Siki, Dutch Pink and The Pizazz.

and if you dont have a costume for five dollas more Get Zombified in THE ZOMBINATOR! i dont know what it is but if you pay the 5 bucks you know what it is

and yes if i did not for get candy lots of lot of candy coursty of the BellyAche candy Shopp, the doors open at 9 PM with the 1st bands beging at 9:30 PM

also down the road on woodward in downtown will be two shows with there die hard fans 1st at the Fox Theater will be the alway wonderful and always pretty preson who made paino indie pop cool and hip, the one and only Tori Amos it have been almost 18 years since her breakout debut Little Earthquakes which feather "Silent All These Years" and "Crucify" and have been a fans fave for almost 18 year and also have been a fans fave because of her live act which what i been told memmerizing.

She is on tour to surrport her newiest released her 9th album "American Doll Posse" which was released back in May, the show beging at 8 p.m.

also next door at the theater formally know as the State theater will be the Pennsylvania base rock band that still going stong with a new generating of indie kids it "Ween", the band just this week released there 11th album "La Cucaracha" the show beging at 8 PM as well

and a couple of short gig notes the Belmont Bar in Hamtramck is celeabateing there 4th birthday with a pair of shwocase gig with Grayling, Blue Song, Noman & Julie Nager playing on Friday and Cetan Clawson, Hat Madder,Suede Bros, RunRunRun playing on Saturday

The Muggs played there 1st live gig on AMerican Next rock band tonight on FOX at 8

An Wayne state is playing Northwood at Tom Adams Fields at noon and hopeing for back to back win for the 1st this season, the record if you want to know is 3-5

Also this weekend:


Saosin - Saint Andrews Hall
Superdot - Small
Tom Paxton & Joel Mabus - The Ark [Ann Arbor]
Bohemian National Home
The Vizitors - Bohemian National Home
Friday - Final Friday Funk Series special benefit for the family of Danny Harris (The Blackman)- Bohemian National Home
Nightmare on Woodward Featuring: Kenneth Thomas, DJ Dayhota & Shawn Michaels - The Fillmore Detroit


LOTUS - Crofoot Ballrom
The Annual Halloweenhavoc - Saint Andrews Hall
Lou & Peter Berryman - The Ark [Ann Arbor]
Halloween Party: Yellow Swans, BMG - Bohemian National Home
Pat Monahan of Train with I Nine - Royal Oak Music Theater


XIREN - Maigic Bag
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Saint Andrews Hall
The Bang! - Blind Pig
Issa (formerly Jane Siberry) & Adrienne Pierce - The Ark [Ann Arbor]
Kelly Clarkson with Jon McLaughlin - The Fillmore Detroit

So that is the week end have a nice weekend and what every you do dont heckle the prefromer or worst you may be escorted by Bill Maher

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