Monday, October 22, 2007

My ReVIew of The Next Great American Band with the Muggs in it

I Hoped you have a good weekend i know i did with the run to the book Store to buy the NME with Radiohead on the cover and nothing much expect fanesty Football and the lions winning over the Tampa Bay Bucs 23-16 to go to 4-2 going to next week big game against the Defending NFC Champs Chicago Bears.

But i want to talk about the Premier of "The Next Great American Band" which aired on Fox on Friday now i was going to called Small's in Hamtramck to see if there was a crowd there, but my mom was on the phone so if was fought and i have little time because i was out fo the house for a little bit.

Now this show was buzz about here in the Detroit area because our owned "the Muggs" were on the show and with the word that they were in the top 12 on the show but it was not confirm by FOX or anyone, but as you know word go around fast.

The Muggs where part of a These up in the show intro in the first few minutes and was thes up aging before the second half of the show[9 P.M.] and thanks to this clip on the you tube they appeared at 9:02 PM:

Now for any of you outside the 313 who read my blog sight want moan and groin about it, I am here to tell you it a real legit story and yes it really did happened as it said on the video back in 2001 "The Muggs" was one fo the New Bands just before the Gardge rock revial here playing the scene and in Mid 2001 there bass player Tony DeNardo [AKA Tony Muggs in the Scene] Stuffer a near Fatly Storke which paralyzed the right side of his body and left him not talking.

The Other two member of the band guitarist Dan Methric and drummer Matt Rost put the band on Hold for about two years as Tony when to intest physical therapy and support from Friend and Family and Fan Alike Tony got better in the two years since the stoke, Now the Muggs resume there career as a band in 2003 and because of the stoke Tony could not used the bass Gitars so the band start useing a Fender Rhodes keyboard so Tony Used his left hand with his Left hand.

I have got to see the Muggs in Over a Half a Dozen times in the Detroit and i got to tell you there are a great band and it was really great to see them on a national Stage on TV and i thought they play a great song that will as Jonny Resneck on the Goo Goo Dolls would wake any one up.

Now i was hoping to review the Crowd reaction at Small's Bar in Hamtramck but i was hammper but the timming issued, But According to Detroit News Local Music Writer Melody Baetens on the Entertainment Blog on
[Link Here] the Crowd at Small's was glued to the big screen, nobody even touched the jukebox until the entire episode was over, Over at there home bar Cadieux Cafe in Detroit East Side, Follow blogger Diana McNary said every time the Muggs were shown on screen the crowd the whole bar exploded in cheers, Whled back in Hamtramck at the Belmont a handful of people watch the show and told Melody Baetens
that never seen the muggs live but where the best bands in the show.

Other than "The Muggs" and two other bands, I thought the Show was a major disappointment, this show is from the same persons from that show that i will never cover "America Idols", and it take the very same format and put it to in a Diffencec Format and that is a Rock band competition.

the whole show was giving the setting was too cut and Paste and too boring giving the band they showed and honest most of the bands on that show did not excited me or got my insert to go on my space to be on there Friends list and got to tell you where did they get the bands for the show because most of the bands on the show was total crap anyway.

and one more thing for anybody programing a talent competition stop copying the the Simon,Paula, and Randy Format it is getting to bland and to overused, 1st the head Judge Ian Dickson [Who gose by Dick-o]i was wondering have he every listen to real music, Proable not, the two other Judges Sheila E.[The Kind one], Johnny Rziznik[Season pro]are so bland it just like listening to a new record and telling them there new CD stuck after 6 Monts of work putting together.

But there is on thing i can releated to when Ian Dickson was force to lister to about Five or six bad band in a row he walk out for a little wheld, now when i do New Music Tuesday [The Post about new Music that i do every Tuesday on this blog sight] i force to go on there myspace page to here the band that i have never here before and if i listen or stop at a band who music i dont follow like Jazz, R and B or Country i do get nut for a Whelid.

There was a few bands that i did like Other then the Muggs, i did like the Surband L.A. all female band ROCKET. Now to tell you the thuth before any one hear of this show i was a fan of this band via Myspace they send me a my space invited and before i join there friend list i listen to there powerpop rock and i really like them so it good they got some love.

and one other band i also like is the Chicago base Dot,Dot,Dot it sort of like Indie pop meet OK Emo, and they remind me a little bit of the LA Band 'Shiney Toys Guns" with a little midwesten Edge

Both Band Made the Final 12 bands for the live show and yes even our Muggs also made the Final 12 as well as the Detroit Rock City will vote them in beging this Friday at 8 PM i know all of Detroit will be watching but the big question will everybody be watching the rating for the 1st show was not hopeful it finish 5th in total viewers and was 4th in the 18-49 Demo so it not a good sing of the show.

But if you want to watch in On Next Friday at 8 PM on FOX[WJBK, FOX-2 - Detroit]and if i am home on Friday or out on Friday Watching the Show i post a post with a Phone Number or a link to the show.

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