Saturday, April 14, 2007

God Bless You Don Ho

1930 - 2007

The Story from the AP, because i could find a clear video from you Tube.

By JAYMES SONG, Associated Press Writer

HONOLULU - Legendary crooner Don Ho, who entertained tourists for decades wearing raspberry-tinted sunglasses and singing the catchy signature tune "Tiny Bubbles," has died. He was 76.

He died Saturday morning of heart failure, publicist Donna Jung said.

Ho had suffered with heart problems for the past several years, and had a pacemaker installed last fall. In 2005, he underwent an experimental stem cell procedure on his ailing heart in Thailand.

Ho entertained Hollywood's biggest stars and thousands of tourists for four decades. For many, no trip to Hawaii was complete without seeing his Waikiki show — a mix of songs, jokes, double entendres, Hawaii history and audience participation.

Shows usually started and ended with the same song, "Tiny Bubbles." Ho mostly hummed the song's swaying melody as the audience enthusiastically took over the familiar lyrics: "Tiny bubbles/in the wine/make me happy/make me feel fine."

"I hate that song," he often joked to the crowd. He said he performed it twice because "people my age can't remember if we did it or not."

The son of bar owners, Ho broke into the Waikiki entertainment scene in the early 1960s and, except for short periods, never left. Few artists are more associated with one place.

"Hawaii is my partner," Ho told The Associated Press in 2004.

Donald Tai Loy Ho, who was Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and German, was born Aug. 13, 1930, in Honolulu and grew up in the then-rural countryside of Kaneohe.

In high school, he was a star football player and worked for a brief time in a pineapple cannery. After graduating in 1949, he attended Springfield College in Massachusetts on an athletic scholarship. He grew homesick, returned to the islands and ended up graduating from the University of Hawaii in 1953 with a degree in sociology.

Inspired by the U.S. military planes flying in and out of Hawaii during World War II, Ho joined the Air Force. As the Korean War wound down, he piloted transport planes between Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu and Tokyo.

When he returned home and took over his parents' struggling neighborhood bar, Honey's, he put together a band and started performing at his father's request.

"I had no intention of being an entertainer," Ho said. "I just played songs I liked from the radio, and pretty soon that place was jammed. Every weekend there would be lines down the street."

Honey's became a happening place on Oahu, with other Hawaiian musicians stopping in for jam sessions. Ho began to play at various spots in Hawaii, then had a breakout year in 1966, when appearances at the Coconut Grove in Hollywood helped him build a mainland following, and the release of "Tiny Bubbles" gave him his greatest recording success.

Soon he was packing places such as the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Stars such as Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra were known to be in the audience for Ho's shows.

Ho also became a television star, and hosted the "The Don Ho Show" on ABC from 1976-77. One of Ho's most memorable TV appearances was a 1972 cameo on an episode of "The Brady Bunch."

"I've had too much fun all these years," he said in the 2004 interview. "I feel real guilty about it."

Gov. Linda Lingle said Ho created a legacy that will inspire future generations of musicians in Hawaii.

"Hawaii has lost a true island treasure," she said. "He laid the foundation for the international prominence Hawaii's music industry enjoys today."

Besides "Tiny Bubbles," his other well-known songs include "I'll Remember You," "With All My Love," and the "Hawaiian Wedding Song."

In the final years of his life, Ho's heart problems couldn't keep him away from the stage. He was back performing at the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel on a limited schedule less than two months after his heart procedure in Thailand. His final performance was Thursday, Jung said.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Breaking Gig News

Lilly Allen Cancels the American tour
which include Detroit Majestic Theatre

Late Tonight i have received word that Lilly Allen have cancels her American Tour

According to Picthfork Media Late tonight that lilly Allen have cancel her America tour which do include the may 27th show at Midtown Detroit Majestic Theatre.

also beging cancel as well was Lawrence, KS, Chicago,Minneapolis, MN, Baltimore, Cleveland,Indianapolis,St. Louis,Dallas,Ft. Lauderdale,and Orlando, FL.

No reason was giving but according to club promoter that told pichtfork, they were told that the gigs was cancel because of ""scheduling conflicts," and it will be rescheduled in the fall but representatives from Lily's camp would not confirm that the entire tour would not be taking place.

also she is schedule to play at KCRW Sounds Eclectic Evening tomorrow and Cocahella in two weeks in near by Indio,CA.

this is the second cancel show so far today of bands that are playing Detroit, Early today the band Electrelane announce it would cancel there May 19th Detroit date at the magic Stick because they will opened two of the three shows in Chicago as part of the Arcade Fire America tour.

Breaking Gig News

Electrelane May 19th show at the stick Cancel
Opening up a tour with the Arcade Fire instead

According to a report in Pitchfork, the awesome band from the UK Electrelane have announced that that they will be going on tour with the arcade fire for there US Tour date which included two of the Three dates at the Chicago Theatre on May 19th and 20th.

and as a result of that the May 19th show at The Stick with the the Blow and Tender Forever have been cancelled.

the band also have to cancelled shows with Montreal, Detroit, Vancouver, and Portland.

this is a make up for the band after there Europe gig with the Arcade Fire was cancelled a few weeks ago because of Win bultue losing his singing voice, there also going to played in Portland, LA and Berkley.

There New CD No Shouts, No Calls will be released on May 8th.

Film Gudie Friday

Well if you like films this is your weekend
there is 11 films that are opening up everywhere.

there are six films that are opening at the nearest cinaplex, two each at the main Art and the Maple Art and this weekend films at the DFT at the DIA.

and with the Film Guide Friday post i put the trailer of all the Films with description for the Detroit Free Press and yahoo Movies.

"Perfect Stranger"

Halle Berry is an ambitious journalist who goes undercover to get the goods on businessman Bruce Willis and finds herself in a decidedly unethical situation.

Rated R.


A teenage version of "Rear Window" in which a kid under house arrest (Shia LaBeouf) becomes convinced his new neighbor is a killer.

Rated PG-13.


A drama about a boy left behind by a Norse expedition who is raised by American Indians and grows to be a fierce warrior in conflict when the Vikings return years later.

Rated R.

"Slow Burn"

Joanne Blaylock is an assistant D.A. who goes undercover to make a case against a mobster at the same time her boss (Ray Liotta) is mounting a mayoral campaign.

Rated R.


A group of drivers find themselves caught up competing for a large cash prize in an illegal drag race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Rating: PG-13

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake invade the big screen.

Rating: R

Playing at the Main Art theater in Roaly Oak

The Situation

When a group of American soldiers throw an Iraqi boy off a bridge in Samarra, the incident sets off a chain of events that exposes the deep rifts among the Iraqis in Samarra--and results in yet another cycle of violence between the insurgents and the corrupt Iraqi police. Anna is an American journalist who decides to write a story about the assassination of an Iraqi leader whom she admires. At the same time, she is pulling away from a relationship with Dan, an American intelligence official, who thinks the war can be won with hearts and minds; and is moving towards a courtship with Zaid, a young Iraqi photographer who shows her that there are people, rather than sides, in the conflict. As she tries to make sense of the half-truths of Iraq, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle, and in the midst of a dangerous situation, set against a thick web of alliances, agendas, and reverses.

Not Rated

Inland Empire

A blonde actress is preparing for her biggest role yet, but when she finds herself falling for her co-star, she realizes that her life is beginning to mimic the fictional film that they're shooting. Adding to her confusion is the revelation that the current film is a remake of a doomed Polish production, 47, which was never finished due to an unspeakable tragedy. And that's only the beginning. Soon, a seemingly endless onslaught of indescribably bizarre situations flashes across the screen: a sitcom featuring humans in bunny suits, a parallel story set in a wintry Poland, a houseful of dancing streetwalkers, screwdrivers in stomachs, menacing Polish carnies, and much, much more

Rating: R

Opening at the Maple Art in Bloomfield Hills

After the Wedding

Jacob has dedicated his life to helping street kids in India. When the orphanage he's in charge of is under the threat of closure, he receives an unusual offer. A Danish businessman, Jorgen, offers him a donation of $4 million dollars. But there are certain conditions attached. Jacob must come to Denmark. And he must attend the wedding of Jorgen's daughter. The wedding becomes a landmark meeting between past and future and puts Jacob in the dilemma of his life.

Rating: R

Avenue Montaigne

Jessica, a beautiful and spirited young woman from the provinces, comes to Paris to experience life in its infinite variety. She talks her way into a job waiting tables at a chic bistro on fabled Avenue Montaigne, the city’s nexus for art, music, theater and fashion. Jessica’s customers include a popular TV actress who is courting a major Hollywood director for her first serious film role; a wealthy art collector who is about to liquidate a lifetime’s worth of treasures at auction, and his estranged son, Frederic; and an illustrious classical pianist who is at odds with his manager/wife as to where his career is headed. Precisely because Jessica doesn’t know how celebrated these people are, she is not intimidated by them. Her guileless engagement in their lives has a transforming effect on them--and ultimately on her

Rating: PG-13

Could not find the tariler on you tube

And Playing this Weekend at the DFT at the DIA


In the courtyard of a communal dwelling in Mali, a remarkable tribunal is convened: The people of Africa have placed on trial the International Monetary Fund and other international institutions, alleging that their practices have contributed to the continent’s devastation. This spellbinding, thought provoking, and richly entertaining work of “what if” fiction has more relevance and immediacy than many documentaries. The vigorous, necessary debates depicted in Bamako – centering on the causes of underdevelopment and the ways in which blame for it is routinely shifted around–are sure to spark equally heated discussions among those who see it. Featuring a cameo appearance by the film’s co-producer, Danny Glover

Not Rated

51 Birch Street

Documentary filmmaker Doug Block had every reason to believe his parents' 54-year marriage was a good one. But when his mother dies unexpectedly and his father swiftly marries his former secretary, he discovers two parents who are far more complex and troubled than he ever imagined. 51 Birch Street is a riveting personal documentary that explores a universal human question: how much about your parents do you really want to know?

Not Rated.

Well i will bet you that some of this week new films will wind up three weeks later at the Cinemark Movies 16 at about a $1.50.

speaking of which New at the Cinmark Movies 16 this week


the New Films Opening up Next Week will be


Ryan Gosling is a hotshot assistant D.A. prosecuting a confessed shooter (Anthony Hopkins), but nothing is as simple as it seems.

In the Land of Women

A brokenhearted young man moves in to care for his grandmother and stumbles into the lives of the family across the street.


Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale check into a motel and discover hidden cameras watching them to be victims in a snuff film.

And if you want to know if any of this films are hit or duds check back on Sunday for this week top 10 films of the week and see who will be the latest dud like "The Lookout"[which Bomb at No.11 last week]

The List

Tuesdays 10p - 12a
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1) Dutch Pink – Harlequin Rose
2) The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog
3) Iggy & The Stooges – Search & Destroy
4) Iggy & The Stooges – My Idea Of Fun
5) The Killer Flamingos – Bang It Around
6) Blusong – Like An Ocean
7) Desolation Angels – Stuck Here With You
8) Dirty Love Bites – Please Baby Believe
9) The Cyril Lords – 1771
10) The Von Bondies – Ain’t No Chimney In The Big House
11) Electric Six – Pink Flamingos
12) Grande Nationals – Don’t Go In Alone
13) Cetan Clawson – White Heat
14) 500 Ft Of Pipe – Marshmallow
15) The Avatars – Wait
16) SSM – Fiction Rock N Roll
17) The Witches – Some Girl’s Basement
18) Malpractice – Through These Walls
19) The Black List – Don’t Need You
20) The Hotness – Somehow, Somewhere, Someday
21) Johnny Headband – Motorcycle Time Machine
22) I, Crime – Poverty Pink
23) Pas/Cal – This Ain’t For Everyone
24) Friends Of Dennis Wilson – Life’s Good Sometimes
25) Thunderbirds Are Now! – From: Skulls
26) Blackbird Suite – Three Cheers
27) Scotch Bonnet – Lickety Lim
28) The Prime Ministers – Ghostwritten
29) Grayling – Wait Til Someday Comes
30) The Go – You Go Bangin’ On
31) Iggy Pop – The Passenger

Wednesday - 2:30-4p.m. Eastern

Playlist for April 11th


Cowboys & Indies
Saturday From 9:30 PM - Midnight
Cjam-Fm Windsor (

1. will fell - flowers, a hydrant and a stain
2. the early years - brown hearts
3. the triffids - trick of the light
4. the enemy - it's not ok
5. air traffic - charlotte
6. mega city four - severe attack of the truth
7. the view - same jeans
8. the fratellis - got ma nuts from a hippy
9. mark ronson - stop me (feat. daniel meriweather)
10. jamie t - ike & tina
11. the pipettes - pull shapes
12. tori amos vs liy allen - ldn widow
13. lady sovereign - those were the days
14. manic street preachers - your love alone is not enough (w/ nina persson)
15. ballroom - take it
16. the afters - love will make you beautiful (request)
lp session maximo park "our earthly pleasures"
17. maximo park - girls who play guitars
18. maximo park - russian literature
19. maximo park - sandblasted and set free
20. maximo park - parisian skies
21. the cinematics - keep forgetting
22. the noisettes - bridge to canada
23. the klaxons - golden skans
24. rumble strips - alarm clock
26. alterkicks - good luck
27. the wombats - backfire at the disco
28. good shoes - never meant to hurt you
29. help she can't swim - hospital drama
30. union of knives - evil has never (w/ jenny reeve)
lp session the bees "octopus"
31. the bees - love in the harbour
32. the bees - (this is for the) better days
33. the bees - the ocularist
34. fields - charming the flames
35. brett anderson - love is dead
36. the honeydrips - (lack of) love will tear us apart
37. sister vanilla - can't stop the rock (request)
38. besnard lakes - cedric's war (request)
39. arcade fire - neon bible

Aural Bliss
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1. cure - charlotte sometimes
2. moby - forever
3. charlotte gainsbourg - the songs that we sing
4. finley quaye - dice
5. olive - smile
6. emiliana torrini - if you go away
7. foxtail somersault - motionland
8. readymade - the block alone
9. stone roses - sally cinnamon
10. cinnamon - maybe in the next life
11. 46bliss - the way you are
12. home video - gas tank
13. her space holiday - my girlfriend's boyfriend
14. ocean blue - vanity fair
15. blancmange - waves
16. new order - subculture
17. radiohead - thinking about you
18. pilate - the travel song
19. grant lee buffalo - mockingbirds
20. housemartins - build
21. puracane - fake plastic trees
22. lovage - to catch a thief
23. 8mm - no way back
24. streets - dry your eyes
25. peter gabriel - blood of eden

Playlist for Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
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Playlist for April 8th
Dead Air #153

1. Vanlustbäder - Communiqué (Nomadic CD)
2. Pull Tiger Tail - 100% (B-Unique CDS)
3. Help She Can’t Swim - Hospital Drama (Fantastic Plastic CDEP)
4. The Ponys - Everyday Weapon (Matador CD)
5. Havana Guns - I Want To Die (Cigarette Music CDEP)
6. Arctic Monkeys - 505 (Domino CD)
7. Handsome Furs - Handsome Furs Hate This City (Sub Pop CD)
8. Laura Veirs - Phantom Mountain (Nonesuch CD)
9. Stopstarts - Diamondless (Grace CDS)
10. The Mother Hips - Time We Had (Camera CD)
11. Cocorosie - Rainbowarriors (Touch & Go CD)
12. Jena Malone - Tested Dry (Social Registry CDEP)
13. Deerhunter - Cryptograms (kranky CD)
14. Greg Ashley - Won’t Be Long (Birdman CD)
15. The Avett Brothers - Will You Return (Ramseur CD)
16. The National - Slow Show (Beggars CD)
17. The Jaguar Club - The Sirens (self released CDEP)
18. The Icicles - La Ti Da (Microindie CD)
19. El-P in studio session...
Up All Night; Poisonville Kids No Wins
20. MIT - Goodbook (Haute Areal CDS)
21. My Brightest Diamond - Golden Star (Alias) (Asthmatic Kitty CD)
22. Calvin Harris - Colours (Columbia CD)
23. God Is An Astronaut - Radau (Revive CD)
24. Beware Of Safety - Kaura (self released CDEP)
25. Coyote Bones - Grand Eclipse (Coco Art CD)
26. Die! Die! Die! - Year Nine, Yeah! (S.A.F. CD)
27. Love Of Diagrams - Pace Or The Patience (Matador CDEP)

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1. Veruca Salt - Don't Make Me Prove It
2. The Killers - Daddy's Eyes
3. Fountains of Wayne - Someone To Love
4. Placebo - Meds
5. Erasure - I Could Fall In Love With You (Monteverde Radio Edit)
6. Patti Smith - White Rabbit
7. Suffrajett - Jesus, Driving High
8. Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse - Vampire Girls
9. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking
10. Brand New - Jesus
11. Arctic Monkeys - Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend
12. Echo and the Bunnymen - It's Alright
13. The View - Superstar Tradesman
14. Bloc Party - I Still Remember
15. Popup - Chinese Burn
16. Burning Brides - Poor House
17. Placebo - Running Up That Hill
18. Echo and the Bunnymen - I Wanna Be There When You Come
19. Noisettes - The Count of Monte Christo
20. The Dollyrots - Wreckage
21. Two Seconds - Pirates
22. The Oohlas - Small Parts (Lindbergh Palace Remix)
23. Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out
24. Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready
25. The Stooges - Weirdness
26. The Jesus and Mary Chain - AprilSkies
27. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon of Choice
28. The Dollyrots - Brand New Key
29. The Sounds - Painted By Numbers
30. Aluminum Babe - Inside
31. Megan Bennett - When You Walk In the Room
32. The Donnas - Take Me To the Backseat
33. Art Brut - Moving To L.A.
34. The Fray - How To Save A Life
35. Mika - Grace Kelly
36. The Fratellis - Flathead
37. The Good, the Bad and the Queen - Kingdom of Doom
38. Melee - Frequently Baby (She's a Teenage Maniac)
39. The Milk Teeth - Cold Climate
40. The Kooks - Sofa Song
41. Kaiser Chiefs - Heat Dies Down
42. Arctic Monkeys - What if You Were Right the First Time?
43. Mando Diao - Long Before Rock 'N' Roll
44. Fountains of Wayne - Someone To Love Top 20 Album
as of 11:34 PM -April 12th

1 - Bjork - Earth Intruders
2 - Happy Chichester - Me & My Machine
3 - The National - Fake Empire
4 - Palomar - Our Haunt
5 - Jill Cunniff - Happy Warriors
6 - The Eames Era - I Am A Thing
7 - RJD2 - Beyond The Beyond
8 - Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
9 - Land Of Talk - Death By Fire (SXSW)
10 - Mother Mother - Polynesia
11 - Andrew Bird - Scythian Empires
12 - Cornelius - Music
13 - Lab Partners - Hey Children
14 - Bright Eyes - Four Winds
15 - The Fall - Reformation
16 - LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum
17 - Vietnam - Priest, Poet & The Pig
18 - Patrick Wolf - Magpie
19 - Bright Eyes - Tourist Trap
20 - Cloud Cult - The Deaf Girl's Song Top 20 Albums
Mar 30 - Apr 6, 2007

1. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (Universal Republic)
2. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver (Capitol)
3. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (Merge)
4. Kings of Leon - Because of the Times (RCA)
5. Gabriel Teodros - Lovework (Massline)
6. Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond (Fat Possum)
7. !!! - Myth Takes (Warp)
8. Grinderman - Grinderman (Anti-)
9. The Ponys - Turn the Lights Out (Matador)
10. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (Epic)
11. Cloud Cult - The Meaning of 8 (Earthology)
12. The Twilight Sad - Fourteen Autums & Fifteen Winters (Fatcat)
13. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Living with the Living (Touch and Go)
14. The Shins - Wincing the Night Away (Sub Pop)
15. Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter - Like, Love, Lust & the Open Halls of the Soul (Barsuk)
16. El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Definitive Jux)
17. Peel - Peel (Peek-A-Boo)
18. Wax Tailor - Hope & Sorrow (Decon)
19. The Early Years - The Early Years (Beggars Banquet)
20. Bloc Party - A Weekend in the City (Vice)

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Playlist for April 9th

Fall Out Boy – ‘Thanks For The Memories’ (Mercury)
Klaxons – ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ (Polydor)

Love of Diagrams – ‘Form and Function’ (Matador)

Headline Makers – Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon - Knocked Up
Kings Of Leon - Arizona
Kings Of Leon - My Party

The Wombats – ‘Backfired At The Disco’ (Kids)

My Scene – Liverpool

Ash – ‘You Can’t Have It All’ (Infectious)

Listening Post
Kid Canaveral - ‘Smash Hits’ (Unsigned)
Likely Lads – ‘Thinking Man’ (Unsigned)
The Astro Firs – ‘Battery Power Zero’ (Unsigned)

Live from Maida Vale - Cut Off Your Hands – in Session
You and I
Oh Girl

Pete & The Pirates – ‘Come On Feet’ (Stolen)

Demo of the week
Damn Shames – ‘Last Things’ (Unsigned)

5 of the best
Los Campesionos – ‘You, Me, Dancing’ (D Style Recordings)
Xcerts – ‘My Book Laughs’ (One Records)
The Stalkers – ‘Lets Get It Together’ (Heron)
65 Days of Static – ‘Don’t Go Down To Sorrow’ (Monotreme)
Foals – ‘Hummer’ (Transgressive)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Comerica City Fest Update

more act have been confrim for Comerica CityFest [formaly Comerica Tastefest], over the last few weeks this site and others have reported Spoon will be palying, Weird Al Yankovic will be there, Nigerian musician Femi Kuti will played detroit, dooley willson will travel up 75 to played Cityfest, and Citzen Smile will be there and now the Detroit Free Press and announced more act coming to the new center area.

the Free Prees report in Last week Life edtion that rapper Lupe Fiasco will played City fest, also playing cityfest will be the legdoaer regge band "The Wailers Band" they will played at there on the July the 4th and one more band that will played at the Jazz Stage will be soul veteran Bobby (Blue) Bland.
Now the full line up will be announced later so keep tune to this sight and and other for more info.

And Just a reminder Comerica Cityfest will take place on the 4th of July weekend from Wednesday, July 4th to Sunday, July 8th

The Indie music round Up

Today is Thursday, April 12

still cold but not as wet like yesterday, as it show on my coat which is soking wet but drying out slowly.

as i type this i am watching game one of the stalney cup playoffs game one between my home town red wings v.s. the cagray flames, and let hoped this time they dont get bounce like last year vs edmonton [who did not make the playoff this year]

have not been posting for the last week because i trying to find time to do the blog sight but this was time to post some thing on the blog sight, because the line-up for Lollapalooza 2007 have been announced, it was suppost to be released this morning but it was leak on the net yesterday the line up and who playing Lolly Auguest 3rd to the 5th at Grant Park in Chicago. Just look below.

[X} - ICFCC Avprove

The Main headliners

Pearl Jam[X}
Daft Punk
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Iggy & the Stooges[X}
Modest Mouse[X}
My Morning Jacket
Satellite Party
Yeah Yeah Yeahs[X}
Snow Patrol[X}

And the other playing Lolly

the Roots
Patti Smith[X}
Kings of Leon
the Black Keys[X}
Regina Spektor[X}
Lupe Fiasco
TV on the Radio[X}
Pete Yorn
G. Love & Special Sauce[X}
Paolo Nutini
Amy Winehouse[X}
LCD Soundsystem[X}
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Femi Kuti
Yo La Tengo[X}
Slightly Stoopid
the Hold Steady
Jack's Mannequin
Stephen Marley
Sound Tribe Sector 9
Blonde Redhead[X}
Sean Lennon[X}
Blue October
Son Volt
Motion City Soundtrack
Polyphonic Spree[X}
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists[X}
Peter Bjorn & John[X}
Silversun Pickups[X}
Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS)[X}
the Rapture
the Wailers
Roky Erickson & the Explosives
Tapes 'n Tapes
Heartless Bastards
the View
the Cribs
the Fratellis[X}
Ghostland Observatory
Tokyo Police Club
Cold War Kids
Electric Six[X}
Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Sam Roberts Band
the Black Angels
Charlie Musselwhite
Juliette and the Licks
Dios Malos
Viva Voce[X}
David Vandervelde
Los Campesinos![X}
Chin Up Chin Up
Ryan Shaw
Colour Revolt
the Satin Peaches[X}
Mickey Avalon
The 1900s
Bang Bang Bang
Bound Stems
High Class Elite
Carey Ott
Matt Roan

Tickets to the big show will go on sale right now at at $195 bucks and you know there will be plently of covages on all the music sight and blog sights and i know Jasper will be there and as lolly get closer and closer you know some band will answer the called and played a gig in detroit.

so stay tune to this blog sight as band will played gig in detroit between Auguest 1st to the 7th around Lollapalooza.

Other News

three week later before Lollapalooza will be the Pitchfork music Festival and the high light of the first night will be the festival at Sonic Youth's playing the entire 'Daydream Nation' track by track live.

Now it been revied that on June 12th the band will reissuse the classic 1988 album, It will be released as both a double-CD and four-LP set, it will include the original album, remastered by the band, new liner notes, and a disc of live songs from the original Daydream Nation tour, which includes performances at the now defunct CBGB's

and speaking about new released the UK band The Long Blondes fronted by the most pertty front woman in all of music Kate Jacksion will finlay released there first album "Someone to Drive You Home" in the US on June 5th Beggars via there lable Rough Trade.

Speaking about albums, is reporting that plans are in the works for a Pixies cover to be released on November 13 via indie imprint American Laundromat.

among the band that will be on this cover album will be They Might Be Giants, the Rosebuds, Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis, Mogwai, British Sea Power, and OK Go will be on the album.

Since i have not found time to do a full post
i have not post any update from the web

in the last few weeks there have been some good live concert on All Songs Considered

here are the links of all the concert so far this year

February 17 · The Arcade Fire
March 14 · The Good, The Bad & The Queen
March 17 · Explosions in the Sky
March 27 · Nellie McKay
March 29 · Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
April 8 - Lilly Allen and the Birds and the Bee
April 10th - Low with Loney, Dear

and for thouse of you who did not get tickets to tommorrow Iggy Pop and the Stooges Concert at the fox theater the sight have a consenltion

April 5 - Iggy Pop and The Stooges

Breaking Gig News

we have a new gig to the
gig guide

and i think everybody will like this because the last time i saw her was a comerica Tastefest [Now Cityfest] got to see here live i was so cool and i told you on this site got a unexpected peck on the check after i let other fans used my Sharpe to sing some autograph.

and it may help out in the Festive 50 list as she finish no.2 behind the knife in the firis ever festive 50 list.

her name is

cat power

and she is bring her Dirty Delta Blues to the majestic theater on Friday July the 13th and tickets go on sale this upcoming Saturday at 10 AM at or at the garden bowl and i could be on of the best shows of the summer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

breaking culture news


out all day in this bad weather which stink

but with this bad weather i bring you good news

it look like every body least fave singer on america Idol is safe aging

despit singing really good last night and in a despert attemp to put him last on the show last it look all the anti Idol bloggers[this one inclueld] won out aging.

almost in the bottom two Sanjany sat down to sing next week

the repeated called work so the misstion to vote the worst singer as the america Idol
go on next and remember

and by the way for every one in the home base in Detroit if you want real singing go see Blonde Redhead at the stick this Friday

and "23" is out Today

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Indie News Round Up

It Tuesday April 10

and this a short indie news round up with story from

Radiohead Offer Video Montage

Decisive Brit five-piece leak Vapour Brothers-produced studio footage.

Thom Yorke and co., hard at work recording the follow up to 2003's Hail to the Thief in the oft-windy English countryside, seem to get a kick out of perplexing web posts. The latest example from the brainy Oxford-bred outfit is a video medley of the band in the studio recording tunes potentially set for inclusion on new album -- hopefully dropping sometime this year -- alongside other film blips, bleeps, and random mish-mash., the band's bulletin board for politico-rambles and album updates, provides a link in the form of a statement: "This is what happens when you spend too long listening to the same thing over and over again until you just can't tell anymore and you have to do something else instead." After the jump, the video -- produced by the Vapour Brothers, the same team behind Kid A video items -- pops up, providing footage of Yorke plucking a guitar, behind the organ, mixing the turntables, and beside a bonfire, while the other merry chaps operate alien-like instruments (Jonny Greenwood), toweringly sway with guitar in hand (Ed O'Brien), and kick out what many speculate to be new tunes from the forthcoming album. And if so, it appears we may be in for a treat.

They Might Be Giants Teach 'the 123s'

Geek rock duo prep release of Here Come the 123s, the band's second educational children's DVD.

John Linnell and John Flansburgh may subscribe to the moniker They Might Be Giants, but they're definitely not above a stringent work regiment. In addition to wrapping up recording for The Else, the band's latest rock effort slated for release this summer, and mapping a preceding tour, the duo have now revealed their return to the realm of youngster rock with Here Come the 123s, a DVD sequel to Disney's 2005 release Here Come the ABCs, out this August, reports. With over an hour of original music and videos dictating, you guessed it, numeric fundamentals, Here Come the 123s will have aging rockers brushing up on their numerals alongside youngsters.

"It is inspired by Sesame Street," John Flansburgh told "The attitude we took to the 'ABCs' project is the same we took with this one, which is about numbers -- kids are going to learn this stuff anyway."

In what little additional spare time afforded, TMBG have been penning material for Coraline, an animated film based on an eerie science fiction novel by Neil Gaiman. "We're having trouble being as creepy as we need to be," Flansburgh told Information regarding the release of the film or soundtrack has yet to be announced.

Pumpkins, Police, Kanye Set for Gore's Gala

AFI, Fall Out Boy, and Akon also slated for stateside installment of Live Earth, July 7 at New Jersey's Giants Stadium.

Officials for Live Earth, the seven continent, 24-hour live concert organized by former Vice President Al Gore to draw world attention to global warming, have confirmed headlining acts for the U.S. installment, citing the Smashing Pumpkins, the Police, and Fall Boy, among others, as performing acts taking the stage July 7 at New Jersey's Giants Stadium. Additional performers include: AFI, Akon, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Kayne West, Kelly Clarkson, KT Tunstall, Ludacris, Melissa Etheridge, Rihanna, and Roger Waters. Tickets for the U.S. performance -- the concluding, seventh Live Earth gig -- will go on sale Monday, April 16 at 10 A.M. EST via and Ticketmaster.

"Capping Live Earth with a blockbuster show like this will ensure we meet our challenge of building a mass audience to combat global warming," Live Earth Founder and Executive Producer Kevin Wall said in a statement. "Live Earth will be a monumental event both in terms of entertainment and in turning the tide against global warming."

In addition, earlier today Live Earth also announced the lineup for the London concert leg, naming artists like the Beastie Boys, Madonna, Bloc Party, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chill Peppers, Razorlight, and Snow Patrol as performing acts hitting the stage at Wembley Stadium.

All the Story from
i hope i can find some time to type a report

breaking culture news

We do have breaking News

but the result will come tomorrow but

let play the video


Late today, we finally learn the date of the long awaited six album from the most famous ex-detroitort now living in Nashville "the White stripes"

we know it going to be called "Icky Thump"
we know it will have "13 songs"
we know there world tour will begin at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on Sunday June 17th.

and two day later on June 19th
"Icky Thump" will be released in Detroit in Nashville and all over north America

yes you hear me Jack and Meg White six masterpiece will be released on

June 19th

it will be released in the UK and the rest of Europe a day early on June 18th

and the cover of the new album have also been reveal and just like the album not begin recorded in Detroit [First strips album not to be recorded or mix], this will be the first time that there will be no red in the album cover.

The Cover is in the look of those old school matchstick book with a picture on the front of the matchstick with jack and meg looking nice in there bedded suits with the title of the album on top of the C.D.

If you want to see the CD Cover
Click here.

It will be released on Warner Brothers here in the US,[All other released was on V2 until it shut down in early in the year, which make them free agent]XL record in the U.K.

the track listing will go like this

1 - Icky Thump
2 - You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)
3 - 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues
4 - Conquest
5 - Bone Broke
6 - Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
7 - St. Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)
8 - Little Cream Soda
9 - Rag and Bone
10 - I'm Slowly Turning Into You
11 - A Martyr for My Love for You
12 - Catch Hell Blues
13 - Effect and Cause

one more thing is remaining are they going on tour in the U.S.[they will] and will they do a tour stop in the detroit or SE Michigan Area, That is 50/50.

Let hype up beging

69 days and Counting.

New Music Tuesday

WEEK 15 [2007]
APRIL 10, 2007

Today is tuesday that mean america Idol is on but if you dont care about america idol of the campange to "VOTE FOR SANJAYA" how about the Idol spoof film "American Dreamz" which star singer actress Mandy Moore who was born on this day in 1984

speaking about singing actors it was on this day in 1977 that David Soul of TV Starsky and Hutch sang his way to a No.1 hit with the sappy song "Don't Give Up on Us", i think he mean Idol.


but it was on this day 37 years ago that the mosty shocking break up in rock histroy happend that shook the core of all rock and roll that when in London Paul McCartney announce to the world that "The Beatles" after 20 albums that sold millions and millions sold would be no more andf after the news they rush to the record story and by some more of the beatles records.

Here hoping you rush out to get your copy and to vote for SANJAYA tonight as i put the real music from the only bands that matters because today is Tuesday and it

The Most Important music that Matters:

Bang! Bang! - The Dirt That Makes You Drown (Morphius)

Blonde Redhead - 23 (4AD)

Bright Eyes - Cassadaga (Saddle Creek)

Cloud Cult - The Meaning of 8 (Rebel Group)

CocoRosie - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn (Touch and Go)
Guster - Satellite (EP; Reprise)

Lou Rhodes - Beloved One
Laura Viers - Saltbreakers (Nonesuch)

The Other New Music Released:

The Bastard Fairies - Memento Mori (Adrenaline)
The Book of Knots - Traineater (Anti-)
Chingon - Mexican Spaghetti Western (Adrenaline)
[A band that feather maverick film director Robert Rodriguez]
Chris Connelly - The Episodes (Jnana)
Dubfire - GU31: Taipei (Global Underground)
Gena Rowlands Band - Flesh and Spirits (enhanced; Lujo)
Grinderman - Grinderman (Anti-)
Jana Hunter - There's No Home (Gnomonsong
Limbeck - Limbeck (Doghouse)
Love of Diagrams - Mosaic (Matador)
The Moog - Sold for Tomorrow (MuSick)
Teleseen - War (Percepts)
The Terrible Twos - If You Ever See an Owl ... (Vagrant)
VNV Nation - Judgement (Metropolis)
Witch's Hat - Mastery of the Steel (Emergency Umbrella)
Jenny Owen Youngs - Batten the Hatches (Nettwerk)


Various artists - Xiu Xiu - Remixed & Covered (two CDs; 5 Rue Christine)

[Cover and remix of Xiu Xiu songs from Her Space Holiday, Marissa Nadler,Kid 606, and Devendra Banhart and Xiu Xiu itself.]


Various artists - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon the Soundtrack (William Street)
[with Mastodon,Andrew W.K.,and Schooly D]
Various artists - "Danielson: A Family Movie"

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Matching Tie and Handkerchief
Monty Python's Flying Circus - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Python's Flying Circus - Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
(All on Arista/Legacy)
Sly & the Family Stone - A Whole New Thing
Sly & the Family Stone - Dance to the Music
Sly & the Family Stone - Life
Sly & the Family Stone - Stand!
Sly & the Family Stone - There's a Riot Going On
Sly & the Family Stone - Fresh
Sly & the Family Stone - Small Talk
(digipaks;All on Epic/Legacy)

Music DVDs:

Fred Eaglesmith - "The Small Beers Tour" (MVD Visual)
Various artists - "Danielson: A Family Movie" (Image)

TV on DVD:

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 2: Earth, Volume 2
The Batman - The Complete 3rd Season
Murder in Suburbia - Series 2
Proof - Season 2: Prescription For Murder
Scooby All-Stars - The Complete 3rd Season
Teen Titans - The Complete 3rd Season
The Untouchables - Season 1 - Volume 1
The Streets of San Francisco - The 1st Season - Volume 1

and dont forget

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Gig Gudie

And on tuesday after 9 PM

April 9th - April 15th



Patty Griffin - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Rickie Lee Jones - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
LCD Soundsystem - The Late Show With David Letterman - CBS
Of Montreal - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - NBC
k-os - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - CBS
The Shins - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Avril Lavigne - Saturday Night Live - NBC


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4 PM EST

Jo Whiley In New Music We Trust
Wednesday 4 PM EST

Zane Lowe
Weekday From 2 to 4 PM EST

Huw Stephens Unsigned
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

This Week - George Pringle in session

Annie Mac

Friday Night Web show
Friday Night Mash up from 5 to 7 PM
Sunday web Show from 4 PM

This Week Mimi Mix -
Best of 2007 mini mixes
So Far

BBC 6 Music

Gideon Coe
Weekday from 5 to 8 AM EST

Wednesday - Midlake (Hub)
Thursday - Mark Ronson (Hub)
Friday - Electralane

Queens of Noize Sonic safari
Now on from 11 am - 1 PM EST

This Week-
fashion and music Sonic safari

Tom Robinson
Monday and thursday
2-4:30 PM EST

This Week in Session: The Shins
This Week's Guests: Wild Billy Childish & Musicians Of The British Empire on Monday and Marillion on Tuesday

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
Live Set beging at 2:15 PM EST

Monday - The Watson Twins
Tuesday - Bright Eyes
Friday - The Pinker Tones
all live set are in PST, Three Hours behind EST

Whitey - Monday - 12:00pm
Six Parts Seven - Tuesday - 12:00pm
Richard Buckner - Tuesday - 3:00pm
The Frames - Tuesday - 5:00pm
Dean & Britta - Wednesday - 4:00pm
Silversun Pickups - Friday - 5:00pm
The Twilight Sad - Saturday - 12:00pm
The Kindness Kind - Saturday - 6:00pm
Daniel G. Harmann - Saturday - 8:00pm
Lesbian - Saturday - 10:00pm

Satulitte Radio


Little Steven Underground Garage (Ch.25)

Left of Center (Ch.26)

Left of Sessions
Wednesdays 9 pm
Rebroadcast Fridays noon ET

This Week – Fountains Of Wayne

SIRIUS Disorder (Ch.32)

World Café
6 pm - 8 pm ET Monday through Thursday
noon - 2pm ET Friday

Monday - Ry Cooder(reair of 3/6 episode)
Tuesday - Nanci Griffith
Wednesday - The Smithereens
Thursday - Fountains of Wayne
Friday - Bright Eyes

XM Radio

XM Cafe Live: Blues Traveler
Monday - 9PM ET - XM Cafe -XM 45
Tuesday - 3PM ET - XM Cafe -XM 45
Wednesday - 9AM ET - XM Cafe - XM 45
Thursday - Mid. ET - XM Cafe - XM 45
Friday - 6PM ET - XM Cafe - XM 45

Subsoniq - Heavy Burn
Monday - 10PM - 10:30 PM ET - XMU - XM 43
Tuesday - 2PM - 2:30 PM ET - XMU - XM 43
Wednesday - 6AM - 6:30 AM ET - XMU - XM 43

LiVE @ The Verge - You Say Party, We Say Die! & Amy Millan (Encore)
Tuesday - Noon ET - The Verge - XM 52

Live From The Knitting Factory: The Elected
Friday - 10PM ET - XMU - XM 43
Saturday - 2PM ET - XMU - XM 43
Sunday - 6AM ET - XMU - XM 43

XMU Live: Peter Bjorn & John and The Shins Soundcheck
Sunday - Noon ET - XMU - XM 43

New Show! XMU Student Exchange Program
Sunday - 4PM ET - XMU - XM 43
This Month WERS from Emerson College

Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan
Wednesday - 10AM - 11AM ET - Deep Tracks - XM40
Thursday - Noon - 1PM ET - The Village - XM 15
This week's theme is Death & Taxes.



[4.10] CALLA
[4.12] LOW



Maigic Bag

Friday - STASH with Belikose & Deep Space Six

Lager House

Saint Andrews Hall

Friday - Flyleaf with Skillet & Fair To Midland
Saturday - Spring Break Jamz
Sunday - Joey McIntyre


Tuesday - Mason Jennings
Friday - Xiu Xiu
Saturday - Josh Kelley

The Belmont

Thursday - James & the Rainbros, Erie Choir (North Carolina) and more @ Belmont
Friday - War Between States, Bang! Bang! (Chicago) and Scarlet Oaks @ Belmont
Saturday - The Black List, Malpractice and more @ Belmont
Sunday - Black Skies (NC), Avenpitch (Minn.) and more


Friday - Masher's MS Benefit!!! @ Small's
Saturday - Studiotone, This World Fair, Exit the Ordinary

Bohemian National Home - 3009 Tillman, Detroit (1 blk N. of Michigan Ave, between I-96 and Grand Blvd)

Friday: Early Shiw - and Saturday: Gerald Cleaver with Andrew Bishop, Tim Flood and Ryan Macstaller
Late show 4/13: Interdimensional Transmissions & Dethlab present
JAKthe ripper Traxx (Nation, Kode, Creme Jak and beyond) Chicago
Cowboy Mark NYC
BMG Dethlab

Sunday - Taylor Ho Bynum, Mary Halvorson, Tomas Fujiwara plus Jason Stein and Kevin Davis

State Theatre

Thursday and Friday - The Tragically Hip
Saturday - Stephen Lynch

Michigan Theatre

Tuesday - Steve Hofstetter
Wednesday - Martin Sexton

Fox Theatre

Friday - Iggy and The Stooges
[that show is total sold Out]
Saturday - John Legend
Sunday - Legends of Hip Hop

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Monday - yes, I know friend of Culture City Japer[Web Vomit}will be there
Christina Aguilera

Emerald Theatre[Mt. Clemens, MI]

Tuesday - Sabrina Black Benefit gig with Kenny Wayne Shepherd
in surport of the Sabrina Black Foundation.

For more info about the gig and the Silent Auction at the gig
go to
for more on the Sabrina Black Foundation go to:
And for more back ground info about the above Sabrina Black and the Foundation
go to the Fox 2 web sight on the fight of the menu and click on health for a story that recenly aired on Fox 2 or Click on the link below:;jsessionid=1F0963D938F2BE8251471990516A928D?contentId=2851357&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1

and dont forget wheild at the event


Sunday, April 08, 2007


as you parable know on this blog sight that i don't cover that karaoke contest called American Idol for obesed reason [expect for last season finalist the lovely Katharine McPhee]

it look like everybody is like this can you cover this contest it making the fans who like real music puke so bad it not even funny

for the last five season it is make music every where seem lame as it make it more important then all the over hype boys bands they push in the late 90's and early 2000.

the first couple of season was O.K. but the last few season have been lame big time with there show made conserve from pick bad singer for the audition show, to contestant past arrest records to loopy judges and more problem i can go on and on and on it would take all day to type
but we may found a answer and that answer is in a kid From nearby Seattle called


now if you have not been follow in America Idol, the big story this season is a kid who auditioned for the show in Seattle, Washington with his sister to be on the show and since then he been on the show dispute his singing begin way, way off big time and since then everybody who hated the show including on radio jock name Howard Stern who don't like the show anyway, he told his listener to vote the worst singer as the American idol.

i did not follow at the beginning but since the media have nothing to talk about and since Sanjaya have gone this far to make the top eight everybody behind idol is now scared that idol credibility will be ruin if the worst singer win the show.

so we are happy to help, So "THIS IS A CALL" to all of culture city let the indie music scene no matter where you are either in my home base in Detroit or in the Midwest or anywhere who like indie music but cant stand America Idol like i do let vote Sanjaya[the worst singer in the completion] the America idol.

Just watch the show this Tuesday at 8 pm

OK you don't have to watch the show but there other thing on the dial like Detroit Tigers at Baltimore Orioles on FSN Detroit or Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC or According to Jim on ABC all you have to do is vote Sanjaya by using the toll free number next to his name or if you are out you can text message your vote for Sanjaya now i can tell you to vote one time will be O.K., but No as they say Once Is Never Enough keep on voting over and over and over during the two hour time frame to keep Sanjaya on idol and to vote the worst as America Idol and send a message the we don't like your idol crap any more.

And One more thing if you don't watch Idol i put all the info on this blog sight after Idol with Sanjaya toll free Number and text Number until i come home to pull it down.

And even one more thing


The Film Gudie Top 10

We have a Easter weekender winner

Blades of Glory take the gold for the second wee in a row with a take of 23 million with a total take of $68.4 million.

whiled the Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez double-feature feature Grindhouse finish forth with $11.6 million that is way, way short of expentaion.

the other opener was The Reaping finish forth [$10.1 million]

and Firehouse Dog is the Box office dud of the week with a 10th place finish with 4 Millions.

the rest of the top 10

1. "Blades of Glory," $23 million.
2. "Meet the Robinsons," $17 million.
3. "Are We Done Yet?", $15 million.
4. "Grindhouse," $11.6 million.
5. "The Reaping," $10.1 million.
6. "300," $8.8 million.
7. "Wild Hogs," $6.8 million.
8. "Shooter," $5.8 million.
9. "TMNT," $4.9 million.
10. "Firehouse Dog," $4 million.

Film Gudie Friday


Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino team up to re-create a double bill of 1970s-era exploitation films.

Rated R.

"The Hoax,"

A fictional recounting of author Clifford Irving's 1970s declaration that he was collaborating with recluse Howard Hughes to tell the billionaire's story and the chaos that ensued.

Rated R.

Opens Wednesday

"Firehouse Dog,"

A comedy in which Hollywood's top dog, Rexx, gets lost and ends up being adopted by the men and women in a firehouse.

Rated PG.

Opens Thursday

"The Reaping,"

Hilary Swank is a religious phenomenon debunker who investigates why a river apparently turned to blood.

Rated R.

Playing at the Main Art in Royal Oak

First Snow

Wound-tight, Jimmy Starks is a cocky, smooth-talking salesman whose certain he's on the verge of a big break. Even when his car stalls in the middle of nowhere, a roadside soothsayer assures him a windfall is on its way. But although Jimmy should be happy when his boss suddenly agrees to financially back his business venture, he starts to become paranoid instead. As his girlfriend Deirdre and his best friend/ business partner Ed watch him slowly come unwound, Jimmy wonders if a past betrayal of his old friend, the newly paroled Vince, could be catching up to him. And, as the weather turns cold, Jimmy can't help but fear the mysterious seer's other prediction--that there will be no tomorrow after the first snow.

Rated R.

Playing at the DFT at the DIA

The Earrings of Madame de

The Case of the Grinning Cat

Both Film trailer did not show up on you tube

New at the Discount Theater [AKA Cinemark Movies 16 on Dequindre in Warren]


Next Week in theaters every where.


A young man under house arrest becomes a voyeur from his window and suspects that one of his neighbors is a serial killer.


A young Norse warrior raised by Native Americans wages a personal war to stop the invading Vikings' trail of destruction.

Perfect Stranger

Halle Berry goes undercover to investigate a powerful man (Bruce Willis) who might be responsible for a friend's mysterious murder.


A group of drivers find themselves caught up competing for a large cash prize in an illegal drag race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Slow Burn

Ray Liotta is a district attorney untangling the truth between a beautiful assistant D.A., a gang lord, and a mysterious stranger.

and last week top 10

1 - Blades of Glory - $33,014,202
2 - Meet the Robinsons - $25,123,781
3 - 300 - $11,434,437
4 - TMNT - $9,232,362
5 - Wild Hogs - $8,662,893
6 - Shooter - $8,364,413
7 - Premonition - $5,213,264
8 - The Hills Have Eyes 2 - $4,186,386
9 - Reign Over Me - $3,835,022
10 - The Last Mimzy - $3,815,600