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as you parable know on this blog sight that i don't cover that karaoke contest called American Idol for obesed reason [expect for last season finalist the lovely Katharine McPhee]

it look like everybody is like this can you cover this contest it making the fans who like real music puke so bad it not even funny

for the last five season it is make music every where seem lame as it make it more important then all the over hype boys bands they push in the late 90's and early 2000.

the first couple of season was O.K. but the last few season have been lame big time with there show made conserve from pick bad singer for the audition show, to contestant past arrest records to loopy judges and more problem i can go on and on and on it would take all day to type
but we may found a answer and that answer is in a kid From nearby Seattle called


now if you have not been follow in America Idol, the big story this season is a kid who auditioned for the show in Seattle, Washington with his sister to be on the show and since then he been on the show dispute his singing begin way, way off big time and since then everybody who hated the show including on radio jock name Howard Stern who don't like the show anyway, he told his listener to vote the worst singer as the American idol.

i did not follow at the beginning but since the media have nothing to talk about and since Sanjaya have gone this far to make the top eight everybody behind idol is now scared that idol credibility will be ruin if the worst singer win the show.

so we are happy to help, So "THIS IS A CALL" to all of culture city let the indie music scene no matter where you are either in my home base in Detroit or in the Midwest or anywhere who like indie music but cant stand America Idol like i do let vote Sanjaya[the worst singer in the completion] the America idol.

Just watch the show this Tuesday at 8 pm

OK you don't have to watch the show but there other thing on the dial like Detroit Tigers at Baltimore Orioles on FSN Detroit or Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC or According to Jim on ABC all you have to do is vote Sanjaya by using the toll free number next to his name or if you are out you can text message your vote for Sanjaya now i can tell you to vote one time will be O.K., but No as they say Once Is Never Enough keep on voting over and over and over during the two hour time frame to keep Sanjaya on idol and to vote the worst as America Idol and send a message the we don't like your idol crap any more.

And One more thing if you don't watch Idol i put all the info on this blog sight after Idol with Sanjaya toll free Number and text Number until i come home to pull it down.

And even one more thing


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