Thursday, April 12, 2007

Comerica City Fest Update

more act have been confrim for Comerica CityFest [formaly Comerica Tastefest], over the last few weeks this site and others have reported Spoon will be palying, Weird Al Yankovic will be there, Nigerian musician Femi Kuti will played detroit, dooley willson will travel up 75 to played Cityfest, and Citzen Smile will be there and now the Detroit Free Press and announced more act coming to the new center area.

the Free Prees report in Last week Life edtion that rapper Lupe Fiasco will played City fest, also playing cityfest will be the legdoaer regge band "The Wailers Band" they will played at there on the July the 4th and one more band that will played at the Jazz Stage will be soul veteran Bobby (Blue) Bland.
Now the full line up will be announced later so keep tune to this sight and and other for more info.

And Just a reminder Comerica Cityfest will take place on the 4th of July weekend from Wednesday, July 4th to Sunday, July 8th


Anonymous said...

Michael Solaka
New Center Council
Detroit, MI

RE: 2007 Comerica City Festival

Dear Ms. Solaka,

This is my last communication with you in this regard. Your attempt to "package" my proposal if not accepted as some kind of defamation campaign against the City of Detroit, ComericaCityFest, etc. is disturbing. I am simply a go-getter businessman that also works to protect, enhance and advance the standing of the African-American community. You, New Center Council, Comerica, and Motor City Casino were given a "pass" for allowing in the public streets of Detroit mid-town area acts that promoted the "bringing down" of Black youth in Detroit. But no more. It is impressive as well as amazing that you can sit in the Fisher Building and executive direct the New Center Council AND organize the event formerly known as the tastefest. You are doing double duty aren't you., and getting paid for it. But you dare try to defame me for seeking financial resources? You are "eating up" all of the opportunities that someone African American could use. I know that the overall plan in Detroit is to deny its current and Black residents anything in hopes that they will leave, and they are. But I will confront this plan.

Am I pissed that I am, with all of my experiences in that area, being denied an opportunity to not just financial advance from the ComericaCityFest, but to have a role in it? You bet I am. The so-called New Center area is one of Detroit's most vulnerable communities with its youth and young adults barely surviving Black community.

The campaign to diminish and destroy Black young males is over, and in Detroit it will begin at the Comerica CityFest.

My position is this. If Comcerica, etc. is going to take over the streets in that area, it must also work to help advance the conditions that the residents in that area fight to change daily. Bringing in rap groups that clearly are on a mission to help destroy our youth is not acceptable and only connects with the lowest base in us.

No need to get back with me because you and I are on different pages. In fact, we are from different books and schools of thought.

Roland Lawrence, Chairman
Positive African Image Institute

Anonymous said...

Great work.