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Web Review From the Coachella Webcast -#6

the Fratellis

Now i been hearing about the this UK band For a Wield on the BBC on-line and they have been hype a a very good band, wellm after seeing there set today on the web cast they have the stuff to be a very goo live band going Thur there set like a Buzz saw as they play like it was there last gig [which is not]they was awesome to see live, so if they answer the called, pleased do me a favor og see them live, you wont be disappointed.

Regina Spektor

It is great to see a wonderful performer playing to the crowd in the hot Desert Sun as the Moscow born spektor is playing a Great set so far ranging from cacthy pop to her rocking style her piano playing is so good and she is Dress nice as well, she did play a few song on the Guitar as here Piano was briefly repair but she played most of the song From here two major album "Soviet Kitsch" and Begin to Hope and she was very good.

The Arcade Fire

to Quite the legdait rock band K.I.S.S, you wanted the best you go the best as the Sun was setting in the beautifully gray sky in the Clear Desert sun, one of this years indie knocker [think the Shins, think Modest Mouse, think Bright Eyes} took the stage on the main stage.

It was Montreal indie Hero's "The Arcade Fire" began what everybody in the real press and the blogging press would be a good show, and From the First song ""Keep the Car Running" to there last song which is my fave from the Neon Bible "No Cars Go" the Crowd was into the Fire and Win Bulter and Company feed off the energy as the band played a very exciting set that was to behold as win and the crowd pour there heart out as they play the set of the Night maybe the entire Festival.

Near the end of the set as the band was playing "Rebellion (Lies)" win went into the big Crowd so he can hear him singing along, they may have taking over 2007 big time and this gig in front 60,000 made put it over the top.

It's 9 O'Clock

and after seeing Bjork preformce at last night Coachella Festival i think i would be right to focus on the Country of Iceland

population - 309,699.
capital and biggest city - Reykjavík.

Number of EuroVision Wins - Zero

but they did come close in 1999 when they finnish second with the song "All Out Of Luck" by Selma Björnsdóttir, Dont ask

they finnish last twice including 1989 where it score the dreaded nul points

So what do they have for this year
how about Eiríkur Hauksson and Valentine Lost

O.K. that song is a little melow over dramatic to tn Ntn degree
Gee, is this the best they come with.

But sice this is a indie blog
the kids think coming off her perdromace off of last night
Coachella set would make a good indie sub for Eurovision

She Can do it solo
Like in this song

or Fresh off there one reunion gig back last fall
with the Sugarcube

But, if she say no
we have found the perfit band to repeset Iceland in Eruovision
Sigur Ros

Well Bjork blew them away at Coachella, but who will blow them away at Lollapalooza August 3-5 in Chicago at Grant Park.

right Now on the make shift stage is on of almost 130 gig at Lolly

is one of the ChartCrasher of 2007 [Next to the Shins, Arcade Fire, and Bright Eyes] and is the only band to debut No.1 with We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

Modest Mouse

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

A Little Sneak Perview of The Arcade Fire at Coachella[by the Way of Doc]

Well as of this time were almost less than Two Hours until the Arcade Fire take the stage via taped, and i know you are asking this question how well they will do.

Well to give you a sneak preview here is from the film Coachella the Movie, which is out on DVD
here are the Arcade Fire playing at Coachella 2005.

From Coachella the Movie out Now.

Reports From The Field at Coachella - #6

Now here are More Reports from the Field
From Coachella from the So Cal Newspaper Blog

LA Times

Hot Chip

Is there a yet whiter version of blue-eyed soul? Perpetually sunburned soul? If it exists, English techno-poppers Hot Chip have it nailed. Everything about their sound, from the three-way conga solos to self-referential boasts that "Hot Chip will break your legs," should add up to a perfect storm of aggressive tweeness. But it all works in a schizophrenic and hip-shaking way that's witty but not ironic, affecting without becoming cloying.


the New Pornographers

Raising chills on one's arms in 100-degree heat is no easy task, but that's exactly what the New Pornographers did during their Outdoor Stage set with one of the irresistably catchy tracks from their latest album "Twin Cinema." Maybe it's the power of judiciously placed "hey-la" boy-girl harmonies, but the air seemed a little cooler around the Outdoor Stage during their set, enough so there was probably more audience hand-claps per hour than anywhere else at this year's Coachella. Not that lead singer AC Newman felt any cooler.


Regina Spektor

As the only singer-songwriter type to grace Coachella's main stage, anti-folk Russian Regina Spektor knew exactly how to capture the audience's attention. She announced this was a singer's show by kicking off with an a cappella number, tapping out bare-bones percussion with her finger on the mic. "I will love him till the day I die," she sang, her rich voice cutting through the staggering heat. The crowd was rendered spellbound, or at least as spellbound as you can be while pouring Gatorade down your gullet.



A friend had a quick word when I answered his what's-your-hurry query by saying I was dashing off to see Travis. "Wimpy."

Wrong. Melodies have muscles too, and the Scottish band flexed them to an adoring, arm-waving crowd who treated gray-round-the-edges frontman Fran Healy as if he were a teen idol. Healy coaxed some beautiful chords out his guitar, practiced his American accent and told the masses assembled at the main stage they were "lovely" -- which they were, after workers dashed down the pathways tossing water bottles and dousing them with wet stuff.


Andrew Bird

Now that Patrick Wolf is apparently quitting music (or is he?), there's a void in the field of completely bonkers violin-wielding pop savants. Andrew Bird is easily the best, and probably only, man up for the job.


Plam Springs Desert Sun

Decemberists = awesome

As the Arcade Fire start their set, I have to say a few words about the Decemberists. Or at least one word. Awesome. That is all.


Celebs checking out Coachella

Nicky and Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Danny DeVito, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, to name a few of the luminaries who have poked their heads into the desert this year.


Orange Country Register

Coachella: Desert Jeff's overalls

Now that we're mid-way through the longest Coachella ever, some random, overall thoughts:

• Red Hot Chili Peppers still seem like the weakest headliner in Coachella history: if you live in Southern California and you're a fan, you've had so many chances to catch them in the past year it can't even be counted on one hand. I'm looking forward to missing them, so I can see LCD Soundsystem and Girl Talk, but still: I should at least be interested. And I'm not. At all.

• A plus: Organizer Paul Tollett said one of the reasons for the expansion was so he could space bands out so fans could see more of more artists. Guess what, Paul: it worked. This year seems far more organized than ever before so that you're not choosing between two similar artists: other than the debate between Kings of Leon and the Decemberists in 20 minutes, that point's been near moot. That said, I still haven't been to the Sahara tent, which -- come to think of it -- doesn't seem nearly as loud as it has in years past. You ask 'em to turn the volume down?

• A minus: Of course, that also means more slots filled by secondary bands -- like right now, when Travis, New Pornographers, Peter Bjorn & John, and the Nightwatchman played against each other -- all decent bands, but also all better in theory than in practice.

• This year, it also seems that each band's treating Coachella as a "special" event -- surprising, as festivals proliferate even further (I just heard about two more.) Between Bjork's indescribable band, Of Montreals costume changes, The Fratellis playing as if their lives depended on it and -- this just in -- Nightwatchman's collaboration between Tom Morello, Perry Farrell, and Boots Rilley of the Coup, there's a lot of special moments, many more of which I'm sure I've missed.

• It's hot. Could someone please turn down the heat? And while you're at it, slide over some more water, wouldja?

• Three words, coming soon: The. Arcade. Fire. I'll keep you posted in that department.


Coachella: MSTRKRFT, Peter Bjorn & John
Caught some of MSTRKRFT in the Sahara tent, which I can still here from where I'm sitting in the Blueroom. The Canadian duo operating under the vowel-challenged moniker drew a bigger crowd than David Guetta did yesterday around this time.

Transitions from track to track weren't as seamless as Guetta's, but MSTRKRFT isn't as repetitive, which is what the French deejay lacked. I listened for a few tracked, then headed over to the Mojave tent where Peter Bjorn & John were already 10 minutes into its set.

As MSTRKRFT's music faded into the background, I found that I liked the duo's sound better from tens of yards away. If anything, MSTRKRFT is great background music.

Over in PB&J land, there was an overflow so I had some trouble squeezing my way under the tent. I had come for just one song, "Young Folk," the one with that catchy whistling tune. The band saved the song for near the end of it's set, which was a smart move considering after the song was over, much of the crowd wandered elsewhere


Coachella: Hot Chip, the New Pornographers

• The exuberant fun of the Fratellis may have gotten the party started in Mojave, but the inventive electro rush of Hot Chip truly set the tent off.

Five guys from England on an unusual set up: keyboards, drum programmers, bass synths, Fender Strat, congas. Pure groove enchantment, thanks much to floaty vocals and clever intros, like the one leading into the winsome "And I Was a Boy From School," with a few lines of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

There were some absolutely zap-gun stinging grooves from this lot, including one hard hitter, "No Fit State." Each energizing track gets a steady girding from the group's team of vocalists, all working octaves apart and potently so, forming a wall of anthemic roar -- even on a new one, "Ready For a Fall."

• "That's our new album cover," A.C. Newman announced as the New Pornographers, that wonderful power-pop outfit, came on the Outdoor Stage as the last of the really intense heat of the day was about to start fading. A fine time for a Pornographic scene with Newman, Neico Case, Dan Behar and the rest of this Canadian troupe.

Anyway, "We're not gonna play anything from it," Newman added. "But there it is. Bow down before our new album cover."

Best promotion ever of the New Pornos: Play their best old stuff, and very well, too, despite the heat.

But I'm with Newman: I want to be at Peter, Bjorn & John too. Sounds great guys, but I'm outta here.


The [dont have the city]Press-Enterprise

The Watcher Is Here

Tom Morello's Nightwatchman performance was indeed a one man revolution! That is until he capped his set of angry folk-inflected protest songs with a resounding version of Woody Guthrie's "This Land I s Your Land," which featured help from Perry Farrell and The Coup's Boots Riley. Morello will be back tomorrow with Rage Against the Machine, but his solo performance was fueled with enough passion to last a week.


Night Time Is The Right Time
As the sun began to set on day two of Coachella Kings of Leon played its brand of dirty Southern rock to usher in the evening. Dusk is great at Coachella because it serves to transition the sweaty hot Southern California desert into a nocturnal wonderland of lights, sounds and people. People especially -- it's hard too navigate as the masses grow and the sunlight fades, but it turns this place into a dreamscape. More coming soon ...


Pornographers of Comedy?
We're heading down the stretch of day two at Coachella and I think we have a winner for the "best stage banter" category.

Drumroll, please.

The New Pornographers!

This Canadian supergroup with artists from other indie bands played the Outdoor Theatre at 5 p.m. and a video image of the cover of the band's forthcoming album, "Challengers," graced the screen behind the drum set.

"That's our new album cover behind us," singer Carl Newman noted. "We're not going to play anything from it."

Nearby, in the Mojave Tent, Scandinavian group Peter, Bjorn and John played. Newman asked if they could hear the band from the Outdoor Theatre.

"No? I was hoping to catch part of their set and make you wait," he joked.

The band couldn't hear Peter, Bjorn and John, but Travis, which was playing on the Coachella Stage, could be heard loud and clear as the band played the hit "Why Does It Always Rain On Me."

"Hey Travis, keep it down," Newman called into the microphone before cajoling the crowd into singing the chorus of the Travis song.

However, the New Pornographers played a number of songs from their most recent album, "Twin Cinema," layering pretty harmonies over their indie power pop, crafting a solid set that kept the sun-drenched crowd laughing.

And Now Here you what have Been all Waiting for - The all important AP wire story on Coachella

Bjork sizzles in California desert

Indio, CA

Associated Press Writer

INDIO, Calif. (AP) -- With a lineup of performers as hot as the triple-digit weather, tens of thousands of music fans descended on the California desert Saturday for the second of three days of performances by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arcade Fire, Bjork, Peaches and scores of others.

The bikini-clad women and bare-chested men who arrived early for the festival's second day battled the intense heat by guzzling water while they milled around the Empire Polo Fields, checking out the towering steel sculptures that dotted the grounds.

Hours before, during the festival's first day, they had swayed happily to stellar performances by Bjork, music's eclectic chanteuse, and raunchy rapper Peaches. On tap for Saturday were, among others, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arcade Fire.

"I went to Coachella three years ago. It's the pit of hell, but every year there's something stunning," said 18-year-old musician Jordan Deherrera, who was wearing a trucker's hat over a bandanna.

More than 50,000 concertgoers braved the scorching temperatures, traffic jams and long entrance lines to see 37 bands and DJs on Friday. There were 25 arrests, mostly for alcohol, drugs or unruly conduct, Indio Police Department spokesman Ben Guitron said.

Bjork kicked off a world tour with a colorful, headlining performance Friday night on the main stage.

Joined by an all-female brass band dressed in Day-Glo green, orange and blue, the Icelandic singer wore a multicolored headdress with floor-length cape. She soon threw it off, revealing a black and white bone bodice with green and orange hula skirt that rivaled the attention-grabbing swan outfit she wore to the 2001 Academy Awards.

Swaying, barefoot and skipping in the night breeze, facing a field of screaming fans, she launched into the bombastic "Earth Intruders," the first single from her upcoming album, "Volta."

An energetic set of old and new songs followed, from operatic '90s hit "Army of Me" to the Timbaland-produced new tune "Innocence" and politically charged "Declare Independence."

"Raise your flag!" she sang with an ironic growl, while her chorus of brass players chimed in "higher, higher!," shaking flags attached to their outfits.

"She's amazing," said singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright, who played earlier that night. "As usual, I'm jealous of Bjork. I have only one French horn player, she has many more."

Bjork's rallying cry reflected the socially conscious sentiment of other performers at the festival, where '90s politicos Rage Against the Machine will reunite on Sunday.

"There's still a war going on, no matter that there's a fest," rocker-rapper Peaches (real name Merrill Nisker) told The Associated Press before her set, adding that she didn't think enough women played the event.

"It's still pretty white, guitar rock," she said.

But to sweaty, smiling 19-year-old friends Kristina Babayans and Jenna Munoz, Peaches was a top draw.

"She's rad and she's bold," said Babayans, squished to the front of the crowd.

Appropriately, porn star Ron Jeremy introduced the black leather catsuit-clad Canadian musician, who ran onstage wearing a gold mask and carrying a light saber.

Singing the opening track of her new newest album, "Impeach My Bush," Peaches yelled out "impeach Bush, impeach Bush!" to roars from the packed audience.

Across the fairgrounds, at the smaller Gobi tent, British singer Amy Winehouse brought on a more sedate dash of steamy sassiness.

Backed by eight-piece funk band the Dap-Kings, the bouffant-haired Winehouse crooned and joked, showing off her new engagement ring and hoisting up her tank top in the heat.

"Between the shoes and the hair, I'm not that big. I just met Danny DeVito. I'm his size," she told the crowd, which spilled past the tent's confines.

Other celebrity fans in attendance included Kelly Osbourne and Cameron Diaz.

Additional highlights included L.A. indie rock troupe the Silversun Pickups, rapper Busdriver and newly reunited Scottish band the Jesus and Mary Chain, who played a flawless set of '90s hits, including the hypnotic "Just Like Honey" with guest Scarlett Johansson.

Buzz artists at the festival include pop-reggae newcomer Lily Allen and Brazil's CSS.

This Just In - Video From Coachella

Well you knew this will happened

Some video from Coachella have hit you tube

here are some of the Performer from last night at Coachella.

[Editor Note: it up now but we don't know it going to be taken Down so if you see the Message "this Video is No Longer Availed" May be the Video was taken Down and on this blog sight i will no put dead Links on the main page.]


Arctic Monkeys

Reports From The Field at Coachella - #5

All right kids here are the Latest reports
from the Fields at Cocahella From the Newspaper blogs of Sothern Califlorida

The L.A.

The ex-Ladytron bassist kicked off Day 2 of Coachella with a set of insistent, glammed-up power pop bent on returning the word "mod" to our vernacular. He can hit the high notes -- so well, in fact, he seemed particularly impressed with himself. With teeth clenched and his slender frame cavorting around the stage, he vamped for every girl in the first 20 rows, and maybe a few in the back of the packed Gobi Tent.


Woe betide most singers who try to out-weird Bjork while she's onstage. But Eugene Hutz is not most singers. While Matthew Barney's babymomma fended off Earth intruders on the main stage, Hutz and his gang of haggard gypsies in Gogol Bordello ripped through an hour of irresistably freaky folk punk late Friday night in the Mojave Tent. This nouveaux-Balkan revival may have legs after all, particularly if they come dressed in ripped fishnets and harlot's lace a la the Bordello dancing troupe.


the British quintet Fields embarked on their psychedelic journey in the Mojave Tent. It could not have been more different.

Delicately layered guitars, the boy-girl harmonies of Nick Peill and Thorunn Antonia and a familial charisma conspired to help Fields' set soar above the shimmering afternoon heat waves.


The inside joke (if you're familiar with L.A. nightlife) is that the West Yorkshire trio the Cribs were ending their set with "Hey Scenesters!" just as uber-DJ Steve Aoki was getting rumps shaking in the adjacent Sahara Tent. Not that anybody would have given up on the Cribs for Aoki's brand of mixology.


Though positioned opposite more indie cred-tastic acts like Hot Chip and Regina Spektor, Orange County's Jack's Mannequin drew a packed, energetic mob of true believers surrounding the Outdoor Stage. Armed with a full complement of arena-ready arm gestures and manic, piano-pounding enthusiasm from frontman Andrew McMann, the ex-Something Corporate frontman fought the merciless midday heat with a battery of heartfelt pop dusted with a smattering of everything's-gonna-be-all-right emo (and if such a thing doesn't exist, it does now).


The Press Enterprise

Watching Regina Spektor rock the main stage in front of thousands with just her voice, a keyboard, a drumstick and a wooden chair reminds me why I love music so much. The simplist arrangements can't deny the greatest talents. Spektor is truly a gifted songwriter and her stage presence is so alluring that you can't help but get enveloped. The best performance of the day thus far, if not the entire festival


If anyone asks you what the best song of the last five years is the answer is the Fratellis' "Flathead." You've heard the tune on the Apple iPod commercial and seeing it live and in person at Coachella under the burning sun makes it even more infectious. The energy in the Mojave tent during that tune was like Shaq when the Lakers were still winning titles. The rest of the set wasn't bad either, but didn't compare. Lets hope they don't fall in one-hit-wonder land.


Personally, I'm a fan of Fountains of Wayne's brand of quirky power pop but since their mainstream success with "Stacy's Mom" I thought they were an odd choice at Coachella.

However, the band seems to be trying to up their indie cred with hipster vintage T-shirts. Lead singer Chris Collingswood sported a green Miller High Life shirt and the bassist opted for a Huey Lewis one in black. Maybe they mugged some concertgoers before their Coachella mainstage set at 2:35 p.m. Saturday. There are a lot of shirtless people running around.


I never quite understood how Irish rockers the Frames didn't make it huge. They're anthemic, their songs have soul and they're great players. Now that I've seen them live here at the Outdoor Stage that feeling is compounded. I'm not saying they're on the level with countrymen U2, but this is a great band. Maybe one day they'll break through.


More Web Cast review From Coachella #5

Well it past 10 P.M in Detroit Rock City
and if your are Wondering

Indio, CA[7PM/The Weather Channel]92°
San Diego [7PM/KSDN}62°F
LA [7PM/KCBS}61°

Oh by the way can somebody tell why is about 30* cooler in So Cal then in the Desert
Let Me know at Culturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com

Well when the full Coachella Line Up i knew there would be some gig that was not My likeing and Seeing a long Sterch of bands Ranging from OK to so-so

the Frames

the Dublin base Band We Alright did not get there Melow pop.

Jack's Mannequin

there is a real good reason i don't like Panic at the Disco and My Chemail Romanced, Jack's Mannequin is some kind of Dramatic Like the other Emo band i presume the Hot Chip was better than this.
[Pleased Note: Regina Spektor played at the Same time as Jack's Mannequin and will be show on the Webcast at Midnight.]

Andrew Bird

He was the Better of the three, OK Music, But he a good Wisheler.

Review From the Web Cast -#4

Instance review From the Coachella

and before i do any thing if you want to know
the Pistion Sweep the Magic 4-0 by beating Orlando 97-93.
Chauncey Billups scored 25 points, Richard Hamilton added 19.

Red Wings did tie it up with San Jose by winning Game 2, 3-2
Pavel Datsyuk scored with 1:24 left to win it.

and the Lions is Keeping there First round Draft pick
it Calvin Johnson WR from Georgia Tech

Now that you in the Know here so far from the Coachella Web cast from the AT&T Buleroom.

Gogol Bordello

they began the web cast with a left over from last night because they were playing at the same time as the Electfing Bjork, and they have rock the tent during there live set which was really rock with there punk-fuse gypsy cabaret sound, I look like there have a good time up there in the set [Which was taped last night]and they show how much of a rucest they have during there live set.

Now Wonder aot of my Detroit friends who have seen them in there two gig loved this band.


This is for all the Shoegazer out there the band From Fields Warwickshire, England.

Fields played to a light but early Crowd but they build the Crowd up with Noisy brand of showgazing and the wonderful vocals by pretty Keyboard Thorunn Antonia and Guitarist Nick Peill, there sound is sort of like Sweet but Tripp Not thing much on style but much on substance, there was a good band to look at.

And if you want to know there are playing the Lager House in Corktown on Mat the 15th.

The Cribs

The Next Band on the Web Cast is the Brother Jarman[Gary, Ryan, and Ross]A.K.A. "The Cribs and they bring there A-Game to the table as they Blister out good set as the Crowd like the Engery of the band as they burn the tent with there set which they played new stuff from there album "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever'" which will be released on May 21th.

they did really rock when they played on of my fave song from the band "Hey Scenesters!".

Review of Day One and Perview of Day Two Coachella '07

It about 45 Minutes before the start of day two of the Web Cast of the Coachella festival on the AT&T Blueroom and where getting ready for from the look at the line-up it will look like a very good line up with Fields, the Fratellis, Regina Spektor, and The Arcade Fire among other.

But all of the talk on all the Blogs have been on Bjork prefomrence with a full band as she give under reason to fear the Fashion Police, also getting rave from all the bloggers was the reunion of the years so far the Jesus & Mary Chain which tyhay have a special guest the lovely Scarlett Johansson joined in for one song as she sang live for "Just Like Honey".

Also the Blogger also have been talking about Interpol set and a few have Photos of all there set.

If i found time i will put up page from the web on a diffidence post.

Now day two of Coachella the web Cast tonight will have a tape gig from last night Gogol Bordello who have played to great crowds at the Stick Complex.

also it a snank preview for fans of "the Fields" who was one of the band i like during the My NME single of the week last year, There playing the Lager House in Mid-May, also playing tonight between 11 PM [Saturday Night] to 2 AM who i have not seen in the Detroit area [They have play detroit, but i have not seen them]the Fratellis, the Beautifully Regina Spektor, and contender for the top spot for the 2007 Festival 50, The Arcade Fire. and i be posting up date thurout the night.

Coachella '07 - Saturday Web Cast

Tonight web casat From Cocahella
From the AT&T Bule Room

Saturday, April 28th

03:00 PM Gogol Bordello * Recorded From Last Night
04:00 PM Fields
04:40 PM The Cribs
05:25 PM the Frames
06:15 PM Jack's Mannequin
07:10 PM Andrew Bird
08:05 PM the Fratellis
09:00 PM Regina Spektor
09:50 PM The Arcade Fire
11:00 PM Ozomatli

*Schedule is subject to change.
All times are Pacific Standard Time.

Reports From The Field at Coachella - #4

it A new Day At Coachella
But Before we get to round two [Which the web cast (which is all taped) beging at 6 EDT)

Let Clean up Last Night

The Palm Spring Desert Sun:

Cool kids at Coachella

I can't get over how many people are here with strollers. And then, I look inside the strollers, and I can't believe these kids are dressed hipper than I am.

Why didn't my mom and dad think to buy me Chuck Taylor All-Stars when I was 2?

These kids have good taste, too.

Take Gemma Walker -- age "4 and seven-eighths" according to her adult companions -- who was dancing her tail off to Jesus and Mary Chain earlier.

That kid could boogie.

And she was barefoot.

Who needs Chuck Taylor anyway?

Jesus & Mary Chain

This was a very successful reunion for the Jesus and Mary Chain, I think.

The band actually sounds tighter than when I saw them more than a decade ago, and their new songs have a dreamy freshness. They sounded just as great as when I first heard them, on a lovey mix tape from my high school boyfriend.

Sadly, I missed their first song tonight -- I was in line for pizza.

But after that, the band offered up a one-two punch with "Head On" followed by "Far Gone and Out."

Sore to my Sole

This is how Coachella always ends up for me.

I begin the day with the best of intentions, with plans to hop around to see some old favorites while also experiencing some new music.

But by the end of the day I'm so tired, I'm content to sit and listen to anyone who's playing.

My feet ache. So I'm going to watch the rest of Interpol -- who are offering up many of the tunes from their new album -- then rest up until Bjork.

Sorry, Brazilian Girls. My feet are much more persuasive than my ears right now.

VIP Trash

It seems like this new recycling plan -- turn in 10 empty water bottles for one free full one -- is working splendedly. There's very little litter on the grounds.

Except in the VIP area, where the hipsters seem perfectly content to throw their trash everywhere. This place is a mess. You can't swing a glow stick without hitting an empty bottle or plastic cup.

And I'm sorry I had to resort to using the word "hipster," which I vowed I wouldn't do during Coachella. But what else do you call people with highlighted fauxhawks, oversized Juicy sunglasses, skinny jeans and platform shoes?

Hipsters, that's what.


There are 3-D glasses hanging from ribbons on the fence outside the VIP area, for no apparent reason at all.


Th\e art seems much more extraordinary and over-the-top this year than in the past.

I spent a good hour or two wandering in and out of misting tents, domes, tubes and other structures filled with DJs, fabric, spinning lights and so much more. Each little nook and cranny reveals more upon closer inspection. It's fantasically fun -- I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland.

This is also my boyfriend's first time experiencing Coachella, and he was blown away by all the creative work.

"I'm a little overwhelmed," he said. "I think I need some ice cream."

Night Moves

When I got here today, the temperature here at Empire Polo Grounds was reaching 102 degrees. That didn't stop gloom-rockers Interpol from gracing the stage in their trademark attire - full suits.

Winding down

The mood here is definitely turning lethargic. At the Outdoor Theatre, Sonic Youth started very late but put on a solid set. But the crowd just wasn't in it, at least not in my general vicinity. People were leaving, sitting down, laying down and heading over to the main stage to catch some Bjork. I thought maybe it could be because the speakers were about half as loud on this stage as at the main stage.

But even as Monica and I walked through the bjack of Bjork's crowd, we saw the same lack of energy. Maybe it was just too hot today. But get used to it, and rest up, 'cause it's gonna be just as hot tomorrow.


the crowd waiting for dj shadow is silent as the sounds of bjork drown
out the anticipation.

Sonic Youth of my youth

I had to be 13 or 14 when I first heard Kim Gordon's voice carry over my stereo. I was hanging out with my best friend, Amber. We were making a mix tape, and "Bull In The Heather" was an absolute must.

Gordon hasn't lost her touch -- nor have the other members of Sonic Youth. They still sound strong, commanding. And the band that Courtney Love once lauded for groundbreaking work in the 1990s appears to still be having fun.

When Sonic Youth took the stage tonight, they were without one little lady who wields a big bass guitar.

Thurston Moore made light of the delay, commenting on how it was a late hour after a long, hot day. "We're taking a breather ... and waiting for Kim," he said with a light laugh.

The VVVVIPs (very very very very important people) standing off the side of the stage began applauding wildly, signaling to the masses in front of the stage that Gordon had finally arrived and was ready to pick up that Fender.

"They wouldn't let me on the stage because I'm a girl," she told the crowd.

But Gordon's the kind of girl who knows how to play well with the boys -- still.

Sonic Youth's guitars and beats and vocals cut through just as strong and gritty as they did when I was a teenager. It's still the Sonic Youth of my youth.

Bjork rules

I've always like Bjork OK, but I wouldn't say I was a huge fan.

Well, she made a convert of me tonight.

I had been familiar mostly with her dance tunes, but tonight she presented a soulful palate of music -- much of it from her new album, Volta, due out in May.

I felt as though I was hearing Bjork for the first time. Her words felt like poetry, and I hung on every bit of it.

I had read that "Volta" is much more of a feminist work than anything the Icelandic songstress has done in the past. She has a daughter now, see, and had begun thinking about what kind of role models were surrounding this child.

I definitely felt the pro-woman vibe tonight. Bjork is a powerful female voice anyway, but tonight she was also backed by an all-female brass band, who also added some vocals. The songs were strong and complex, very much coming from a modern woman's perspective.

I felt like the crowd really respected her as an artist too. The people who surrounded me swayed together quietly in the warm desert night. When they did speak, it was in hushed tones.

I left a little bit early to avoid parking bottlenecks, so I didn't catch the last couple songs. I'd love to hear how the show ended. Tell me what I missed.

One more thing

I don't understand how it took me three hours to drive down Jefferson Street this afternoon -- but after the show, it only took 35 minutes to drive from the polo fields to my home in Palm Springs.

I could have stayed around for the end of Bjork's set!

Arrests few in 'city in a city'

Indio Police Department spokesman Ben Guitron said police arrested about 25 people today -- not bad for a crowd of 60,000, he said.

"We have 80,000 in Indio," he said, referring to the largest city in the Coachella Valley. "This is like a city in a city."

Already looking at the lineup for tomorrow

If I get to bed soon enough, I may be able to get up and out the door in time to catch Fountains of Wayne. But I definitely want to be there in time for Regina Spektor. I'll hang out at the Coachella Stage for Travis, but then it's a hike across the field to the Mojave tent, where I will catch Peter Bjorn and John. (Thank you KCRW for introducing me to them!)

It'll be a late night, as my friends and I plan on seeing the Arcade Fire -- which comes highly recommended from one Maggie Downs -- and Tiesto. Oh, yes, and we'll probably hang out for SoCal favorites Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Who do you plan to see tomorrow? What unknown bands should Bruce's son be checking out on Saturday? Spill it...


just walked into the gq afterparty at the viceroy. the bar is on the
patio of a suite and paris hilton is on a bench at the front door.
borderline by madonna has the crowd dancing. sleep? maybe monday

The L.A. Times Live Coachella Blog:
Some With Live Photos

Desert dealings, Vol. 2
Quick heads-up for Sunday: When Texas hard rockers Fair to Midland play the Mojave Tent, they will have a special guest -- System of a Down's Serj Tankian will perform with the young band. Fair to Midland is signed to Tankian's new label, Serjical Strike.

◊ ◊ ◊

Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Kate Bosworth, Vincent Gallo ... they'll give tickets to anybody around here.

◊ ◊ ◊

Not only are some of midfield attractions a bit, er, out there, some can be plain scary. In one tent, the walkway spirals and spirals and shrank and shrank until otherwise reserved hipsters were forced to crawl on their undernourished bellies to the central chamber, which doubled as a make-out pavilion. Knees, elbows and unfortunate tattoos abounded, as well as various olfactory stimulation.

Cool reception for Interpol
As somebody who heaped plaudits on Interpol from the very beginning, I very tentatively submit to you that the band's set on the main stage was as scintillating as a long walk to a remote parking lot. True, the band took some chances -- sprinkling songs from its hotly anticipated forthcoming album into its set and adding a little more ache and mystery to a catalogue that's already dark with it. The mix did them no favors, either. But little about the set from Paul Banks and the gang conveyed the urgency that made their first two albums so compelling.

The reception Interpol received was tepid compared to Jesus and Mary Chain, who preceded them. Or maybe it was just that a lot of Bjork fans were already in place for her set.

Explosive set from Sonic Youth, or 'Bwarrang!'

"To me that's what's been lacking all day," a tow-headed guy behind me said to his girlfriend during a prolonged wait for Sonic Youth's set. "The rock. Bwarrang!"

Not entirely sure where the guy's been hanging out all day, but once New York City's avant-rock institution found their way to the stage a little before 10:30 the rock was brought, set down in the grass and slapped about the head and shoulders. After Kim Gordon's initial apology for the delay ("They wouldn't let me onstage because I'm a girl") the band tore through songs from "Daydream Nation," "Dirty" and the comparatively poppy recent release "Rather Ripped." At the forefront was Gordon, flailing about in a violet babydoll dress during "Reena" and "What a Waste" with such abandon she was like a female version of Iggy Pop -- or maybe Iggy's the male version of Kim Gordon?

Once the band chugged though the early '90s staple "100%," the heads were bobbing and the 'bwarrang' was being carried on what felt like the night's first breeze.

"Excuse me, do you know the name of that song?" the kid behind me asked. "That was incredible."

Meanwhile, in Pomona, the house was crowded

"Thanks for hanging in between tours!" Neil Finn told a crowded house of Crowded House fans Friday at the Glass House in Pomona. The stalwarts who'd waited more than a decade for the New Zealand pop-rock band to come together once more sang and hummed along to several of the band's vintage songs:" "Don't Dream It's Over," "World Where You Live," "Four Seasons In One Day" among them. But they quickly found the hits were outnumbered by material from a new Crowded House album that Finn promised "will be released ... sometime!"

The raison d'etre for this reunion, which gets its full-fledged introduction on Sunday on the main stage at Coachella, leading up to the Rage Against the Machine reunion -- is more sobering than most: Finn sought out bassist Nick Seymour for emotional support after drummer Paul Hester committed suicide two years ago. Ripples of the pain of that loss seemed to surface in "Nobody Wants You" and "People Are Like Suns" among the characteristically hummable, artfully affecting new tunes.

But there'd be no point in bringing back this outfit, now rounded out by drummer Matt Sherrod (a Beck favorite) and longtime touring keyboardist and guitarist Mark Hart minus its defining sense of humor. And that was evident throughout the nearly two-hour show in some impromptu band-audience collaborations on the Beatles' "Do You Want To Know a Secret" and the Seymour-led left-field snippet of Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me."

The patience of Crowded House fans might not rival that of Police die-hards who've been waiting twice that long for that trio's incipient reunion, or those hardy souls who still cling to hope that Roger Waters and David Gilmour might take Pink Floyd out on the road again (slated for right after Barbra Streisand's concert fundraiser for President Bush).

But they showed unassailable commitment to go wherever they had to when the moment arrived: Finn at one point saluted Pomona, asking how many in the house actually live in that city. Three hands went up; Finn spotted only one, and suggested "That person was probably born somewhere else anyway."

The smart money's on Banning.

Bjork country
[Guest blogger Margaret Wappler doesn't have a swan dress like Bjork's but she does have a few of Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle movies in her Netflix cue so give her a break, will ya?]

After a day of one guitar-driven boy band after another (yeah, I'm talking to you, Arctic Monkeys), Bjork's closing set of otherworldly orchestra-industrial pop was a welcome shot of theater and that certain alien-meets-Norse-goddess element that signals you've entered Bjork country. Or more like she's invaded yours. On the Main Stage bedecked in mysterious flags, Bjork and crew launched a coup d' etat with the Timbaland-assisted track from her hotly anticipated upcoming album, jumping around in a colorful headdress and wailing over a willfully paralyzed beat.

And so the enchanted ragtag performance continued. The Icelandic princess sent chills up the spine with pitch-perfect eerie versions of several songs off of "Homogenic" and other landmark albums, supported by an all-female brass band dressed in gauzy tapestries of turquoise, chartruese and coral. The ladies, apparently representatives from the femininity as cult concept, looked like they'd washed up on some impossibly somber shore. Their guide to Coachella backcountry danced around in bare feet, her cherubic smirk genuine and delectible.

The video screens flanking the stage spent a lot of time on her ultra-techie sound equipment. We might be too heat-stroked to describe, but it involved lots of tactile hand-movements that apparently manipulated the dramatic washes of sound. But what held our attention more? Bjork's pulsating, robot-in-sluggish-heat version of "Army of Me," replete with lasers pulsating from the stage. It felt like a precursor to what might portend for Rage's set: '90s personalized rebellion, with the war in Iraq casting it as sharper and flintier as ever.


And if Anyone is Wondering

The Weather Today

From KESQ-TV Palm spring
Hot - 101

by Compairingson

Sunny and Hot - 94

SD From XETV-TV[Fox 6]
Intermittent Clouds - 70

Here in Detroit [Home Base]
From the offical Weather page
Of Culture City
The Local 4Casters [WDIV-NBC-4]
warmer. Partly sunny. A chance of showers and thunderstorms after about 2 pm. Highs 65 to 69

It's 9 O'Clock

Ok it not 9 O'Clock

But review what i saw on the Cocahella web cast keep me busy all night tonight so i did not get to a 9 PM video post tonight, but better late than never.

Now were inside two weeks until we get bug a sight to be seen but it get much worst

it the Eurovision Song Contest, where the winners get to hold the pride of Eruope For a entire year aldought the song total suck

tonight Country in the spotlight is the Country who believe it or not have won the most Eurovision Song Contest Ever

It the Country of Ireland

it won the title not once, not twice, but Seven times including four in five years from the years of 1992 to 1996, so it rules the contest in the 90's and it was the contest in 1994 the during a break from Comption the Stage show riverdance made it worldwide debut and the rest was history

it have not have a winner since 1996 when "The Voice" Sung by Eimear Quinn won the Title, they have gone into semi bad luck with there worst finish ever 24th two years ago.

there Hoping there fortune is turn around with the traditional Irish music band Dervish and there song "They Can't Stop The Spring"

Oh my god, it look like this song will put about half of the Internet crowd to sleep wield watching old shows of Hidreeland Who Who ZZZZzzzzzzz!!!!!

But if the Indie Kids where running the show
a lot of people would ask for the band Ash, But there from Northern Ireland

So we have to pick a Irish band
and No i would not be U2, good band but they don't need it

if we would ask one band from days gone by
i would ask this one band to reunite to take back
Eruovision For Ireland.
And before you ask, yes we check there From Dublin,Ireland

That band

My Bloody Valentine

hey, maybe be after they win Eruovision they could go on a world wide reunion tour
and wind up at Lollapooza at grant Park in Chicago on Aug. 3rd to the 5th and playing the make Shift Stage in the Windy City right now

Ann Arbor Own

Iggy & the Stooges

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

Coachella Webcast review -#3

I left the house for a few Hours to see a band who i miss the last two Hamtramck blow out so i miss Stephen Marley featuring Jr. Gong and yes i did Miss the one and only Arctic Monkeys, but here were some web review from the live blogs Doing Cocahella.

Arctic Monkeys

the crowd has finally grown to a large number - and they love the
arctic monkeys. Songs from the new album are getting a great

Overheard Conversation

-- So we'll go from here to Arctic Monkeys, then meet up with them at Peaches.
-- What's that?
-- Peaches.
-- Who's that?
-- Peaches. Some crazy lesbian.

[From the Live blog on the Palm Spring Desert Sun]

The four gents of Arctic Monkeys are the least likely group of cheeky chappies to have practically their whole new album on the British singles charts. Alex Turner and Co. worked their sheepish, popped-collar charm as hard as they could during their main stage set. However, they have a way to go before their charisma is as kinetic as their tunes.

But jeez, what tunes. The curmudgeons who slagged them as overrated before they were properly rated at all now have to admit that they know from herky-jerky riffs and scathing wit. Their new record "Favourite Worst Nightmare" doesn't stray far from their debut, but the songs sounded more textured and thoughtful with an outdoor stage to breathe in. "Brianstorm," a pointed kiss-off to a hanger-on, dripped with sarcasm and prickly, intertwined guitars, while crowd-pleasers "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" and the slinky "Fake Tales of San Francisco" worked the young audience into a gleeful tizzy.

Turner still doesn't seem fazed, or even mildly amused, by his Arctic Monkeys' meteoric success. His stage presence could probably benefit from an acknowledgement that people really, really like his band, be it a bit more dancing or an even blacker tongue. But for four loutish kids who seemed a safe bet for a flash in the pan, darned if they aren't as flashy as ever, at least on record.

[From the Live Blog at the LA Times Web Sight]

Sonic Youth

I did get home at about 12:55 AM [Now Saturday, April 28]
to see Sonic youth on the webcast, but they when on very late because Jarvis Cockers when on so late about a Half of Hour late[and as you know in following concert or anything for years, if the second or three to last perform goes late everybody get push back Ouch.

the Band Preform ace was good the long time Four some [who now going on some 25 years] of Steve,Lee, Kim and Thruston do what they do best Crank up the Nosie as best they Could i only saw and at best 30 minutes of thank to Jarvis Cockers so i move to the main stage for on of tonight headliners


Fresh off her apprecen on Saturday night Live last week everybody Former sugar cube a cute female name Bjork entertained the crowd that have waited all day in the hot Desert sun, she Start with the Earth Intruder and continued on play new song from her new album Volta and then she Kick it old School with jòga,bachelorette,Army of me, and hyperballad.

she was back by a good band and the weird muti-color Horns section.

and she was great to watch Live as she perform Barefooted
she put on a really good show.

So that the End of Night One, there is More tomorrow.

Reports From The Fields from Cocahella -#3

More Dispatchs From Coachella Fr0om Live Blogs
From the L.A. times and the Plam Springs Desert Sun

LAT = L.A. Times
PSDS = The Plam Spring Desert Sun

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse spoke to the packed Gobi Tent about how much it means for her to play at this festival.

"I'm so excited to be here. People always told me, 'Just wait, just you wait until you play Coachella. And, you know, it's kind of a relief, because the gig isn't totally on me. If I f$#@ up, there are all these other bands to carry it. I mean, you could try to get a refund, but you're not going to get it."

Amy Winehouse: this year's model

Amy Winehouse was this year's Gnarls Barkley, playing to a packed-to-the-gills Gobi Tent, breathlessy anticipating just her second local performance (after a Spaceland cancellation). And like Gnarls, she came out swaggering and confident, buoyed on the strength of a tight, funky backing band, elegantly clad in all white, complete with two sax men, two back-up singers/dancers, a drummer and even a flautist.

Belying her tabloid reputation, Winehouse's set was surprisingly classy and restrained. To the sound of the buzzing crowd, Winehouse belted out undeniably soulful anthems that recalled Lauryn Hill if produced by Mark Ronson. While Winehouse' music might've lacked the trail-blazing orginality of the former Fugee, her voice's astounding power shot out way out past the onlookers rubber-necking to get a peak at the British diva. Shimmying for the crowd, delivering asides about meeting Danny Devito backstage, playing her hits "Rehab" and "You Know I'm No Good," Winehouse displayed ample charisma, succeeding in getting the crowd amped for her tasteful tunes. She might not the be next Lauryn Hill, but she might be the closest approximation in the world of contemporary R&B.

Danny Everywhere

I was just thinking, "Two hours already at Coachella and no Danny DeVito? What's wrong with the world?"And then Amy Winehouse takes the stage and says, "I just saw Danny DeVito ... we're about the same size, huh?"

Gillian Welch

Bands As Fans

Gillian Welch finished her set in Gobi Tent with her bluegrass favorite "I'll Fly Away." The crowd went wild, whistling and screaming and holding their hands in the air.

In the midst of it all were members of Nickel Creek, who played earlier in the day at the Outdoor Theater.

More Silversun Pickups

The lead singer of Silversun Pickups jokingly thanked Interpol, Bjork and Jesus and Mary Chain for closing for them on the Coachella Stage.

"I know they're just starting out, but give them a chance," he said.

Jesus & Mary Chain

The sun has set as the Jesus and Mary Chain takes the main stage. The crowd has been very high energy so far. Let's see if they can hold up through all three days of the fest.

All together now: Jesus and Mary Chain
Revisiting all the past feuding between the Reid brothers as the Jesus and Mary Chain reunited made for good copy, sure, but there was no sign of that anywhere at Coachella -- after all, before the band serenaded the onset of darkness by rocking the main stage, they were spotted playing ping-pong in the artists' area.

No slams onstage, not even topspin -- only oodles of guitars that oozed with the icy detachment that made JAMC so compelling in their heyday and so influential to the myriad acts that followed them. Their set was nothing less than a tour de force, interrupted briefly when a fairly terrified looking Scarlett Johansson joined the band onstage to sing backup vocals for "Just Like Honey."

Even so, nothing was lost in translation. The acres of onlookers soaked it up -- and you don't so much listen to Jesus and Mary Chain as you do absorb it -- with a large portion of the crowd closing their eyes, singing along and then opening their eyes again to make sure it was for real.

Jarvis Cocker

Cocky Cocker

Jarvis Cocker swaggered on stage a half hour late.

"Anybody sunburnt?"

The crowd roared.

"Anybody have sunstroke?" he continued. "If so, you should seek medical attention immediately. But that would mean you would miss this concert. So we will try to heal you with our music."

Then he launched into the song, "Fat Children."

Jarvis Cocker talks and plays a good game

Capped by a titanic version of "Black Magic," Jarvis Cocker presided over the Outdoor Theatre like he had all the time in the world, not to mention the attention of every single person who walked through the gates. Preening, prancing, joking, dancing -- Cocker brought a little bit of everything to stage, overcoming problems with the keyboards to deliver a powerful, glam rock-infused set.

He was laconically apologetic for the problems. "I suppose we should be getting on with this," he said at one point, then proceeded to meander through a three-minute anecdote that demonstrated wit is among the weapons in the ex-Pulp frontman's formidable arsenal.

The exclamation point was the finishing number, the title of which we alter for this family blog: "[Bad People] Rule the World."

They don't rule Coachella.


Peaches: a different kind of throwback

As the sun set, the Outdoor Stage audience had only one thing on the brain and it wasn't the chiming guitars of Jesus and Mary Chain from the Main Stage. Nope, it was the teaches of Peaches, who worked her raunchy schtick with as much cocksure gusto as ever -- even if it's been awhile since her naughty chants have sounded anything close to shocking or relevant. Playing some gnarled chords on her flying V guitar, the Canadian priestess of high camp first delivered a rock show, then quickly switched to pumping out slick beats from some sort of blinking knobs-and-whistles machine. The audience was pretty game, especially when she climbed the rafters like some wild bobcat. They danced in their sweat-stiff clothes and rooted her on with pumping fists.

But Peaches, accompanied by three other femme rockers including JD Samson of Le Tigre, wasn't going to be outdone by '90s reunion rock. "Let's play the second stage game," Peaches said. "Let's be louder than them." The crowd obediently roared. Later, an enthusiastic few took it to a "Girls Gone Wild" level, dropping their tops when Peaches admonished the crowd to shake what their mothers gave them.

Bet that didn't happen at JAMC.

Random Stuff

Nice Guy

I was standing in a long and excruciating line at the cocktail bar, practically withering from heat.

Then the bartender tried to serve the guy BEHIND me.

"Wait a minute, you were next," said the friendly man.

It was Patton Oswald, TV star and certified nice guy, who performed early in the day with the Comedians of Comedy.


Patton Oswalt, who performed earlier with Comedians of Comedy, is doing his best to fly under the radar. I walked by him about 4 times before I recognized him.


Tall blonde in a mini-skirt turns to her friend and says their pass to get backstage relies on the friend's bikini

Never trust a guy with more piercings than you

It took 26 minutes to get from Palm Springs to Indio.
It took another 78 minutes to get to the gates at the polo grounds.

Traffic is heavy through La Quinta and Indio, and it creeps along painfully slow the closer you get to the grounds. It's worse because you can hear the visceral beat from the bands taking stage.

Enter Piercing Man.

Me: "Um, I'm looking for the media entrance, is it this way?"
PM: "Yeah, uh, I don't know. You wanna come through here?
Me: "Will that get me to the media entrance?"
PM: "I think so, dude."

Yeah, 3 miles and six blisters later, I'm here at Coachella. ... Finally.

teriyaki on a stick

I don't know what kind of meat this is, but its tasty. Yum! Come to
the thai chinese bbq near the outdoor theater for some tasty stuff on
a stick.

random observation #63

okay, I have to admit. I am what some may call a music geek. I listen to music as much as humanly possible, and an event like Coachella is exactly what a rabid fan like myself hungers for. Right now, I'm listening to Jesus and Mary Chain, a band that I am familiar with by name only - a rarity for me. I have to say I'm impressed. Great songs. Now I know why I am supposed to know that this band exists, and I understand why Coachella has given them the respect they deserve

Scarlett shows

So yeah, the rumors were true: Scarlett Johansson popped onstage for guest backing vocals on the second-to-last song of the Jesus and Mary Chain's set.

You could barely hear her though. Her mike was turned way down low. In her short dress and red high heels, I think she was meant to be seen and not heard.

Da Housecat likes Da Bulls

Felix Da Housecat, who just finished his set on the Sahara stage, headed straight for the bank of laptops in the press tent to find out whether his hometown Chicago Bulls scored a victory in the NBA playoffs.

Da Bulls were victorious, and Felix was in fine spirits as he recorded a round of radio interviews.

Vancouver virgins

Megan Sheldon and Lisa Roscoe leaned in for a quick snapshot aboard Kinetic Steam Works steam train. They came all the way from B.C. to their first Coachella, hence they shall further be referred to as the Virgins from Vancouver.

So which musicians brought them down to the desert?

"The Frames," said Sheldon, 26.

Roscoe, 25, is looking forward to seeing Rage Against the Machine reunite on Sunday.

They're making a week of it in the valley, attending three days of musical wonder and plans to recover near a hotel pool until Wednesday. They estimate they're dropping about $1,000 on this trip.

"It's totally worth it," Sheldon said. "It's awesome!"

Spoken like a true veteran.

Hey, girls, if you come back next year, you can be the Veterans from Vancouver.

Mental notes from mid-air

I was meandering around the art village and came across some young guys throwing a girl into the air with the greatest glee. I snapped a couple of photos and walked over to get their names.

One immediately asked me if I would like to be in the air, too.

I insisted, really, that I preferred to keep my feet on the ground, my notebook in hand and my camera in one piece. But Can Berk Bingol insisted, really, that I not.

With little warning, he and Askin Meric grabbed my waist and my legs and began bouncing me, preparing us all for what would be a huge hurl.

In all, I think my flight was about a foot, but it was a fun ride.

And I made some new friends -- all from Turkey.

But just as quickly as they couldn't stand to not be close to me, they were gone ... in search of beer.

I'm sure I'll see Can, Askin, Safa, Guvene and Yen (the poor woman who got me tangled with this group in the first place) later on this weekend. I mean, there are 60,000 people here, but that doesn't mean that I won't see them flying about at some point.


Vincent Gallo keeps hanging around the press tent.

I think he's looking to be interviewed by anyone for anything.

I'm not taking his bait.

Busdriver takes the Gobi tent to school.

If Coachella success was measured in words per minute, Busdriver would have been the day's undisputed champ. But fortunately for the old-guard L.A.-based MC, he dropped jaws and machine-gun metaphors alike during his astonishingly dextrous set.

Busdriver was equally compelling needling the crowd with accusations of yuppiedom as he did slaying them with fiery indignance at the ways the music industry exploits rappers. Over a loose-limbed flurry of house and jungle-inspired beats, he extolled cheeba and wryly freestyled that "in the Gobi tent is how an O.G. represents." Original gangstas are few and far between at Coachella, but unless Ghostface pulls off a miracle tomorrow, Busdriver may hit the 10 freeway home as the weekend's reigning rhyme-slinger.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Report From the Field at Cocahella -#2

Here are the Latest reports From Cocahella from the live blog from
the LA Times and from the Palm Spring Desert Sun.

the Palm Spring Desert Sun

[posted at 9:09 EST]
Satellite Party and Silversun Pickups attracted big crowds to the main stage despite the triple-digit heat. Post-set, Perry Farrell has been wandering around the press area and chatting up photographers and reporters.

Arctic Monkeys are pushing through soundcheck right now and should be on in the next 15 minutes

danny devito was once again the big man in the VIP area. The pint
sized star turned heads as he walked past food vendors through the bar
in the VIP tent. While there are many other clebrities and musicians
in the tent, Devito, who attends the festival every year, gets more
attention than any other. His presence is always jaw dropping, even
among this famous crowd.

silversun pickups

I've been a big fan of this band for a few months, and I was glad to
see that their live show does the record justice.

i just watched a woman walk by with electrical tape for a shirt. Lets
just say it was a bit see through. gotta love coachella.

The L.A. Times

Gillian Welch: banjo picker, Oberst-approved heartbreaker

"There's a small percentage of the population who finds a woman with a banjo unaccountably alluring," said Gillian Welch midway through her set in the Gobi Tent. And Lord, was she right. Decked out in a red and white Texas prom dress (read: lots of tassles and sequins), Welch spun demure folk tunes about being swept away by rivers and the trials of catching knuckleballs. "This one's guaranteed to bring you down," she said, introducing one lonely number. Compared to the ruckus of Silversun Pickups (more on them later) across the field, it wasn't party music. But for the crowd of curious Bright Eyes fans who dug her "Cassadaga" cameo, God knows Welch's tunes were anything but a downer.

Of Montreal: C'mon, get high

Maybe Kevin Barnes really is of Montreal and not Athens, Ga., because the normally flamboyant singer seemed wilted in the sunbaked 5 p.m. shift at the Outdoor Stage. During songs from the indie pop band's latest album, Barnes, with clown rouge and blue eyeshadow, frolicked about the stage, blowing kisses, and seemed to lose steam. But no matter: The five-piece's candy synths and guitars wrapped nicely around his art-weirdo-in-crisis lyrics about anti-depressants and hiding out in a friend's apartment in Scandanavia.

With several costume changes for Barnes (including black fishnets and a Spock-looking green top) and the rest of the crew in sparkly tops and feather boas, Of Montreal is really embracing a unique B-52's-meets-Burning Man aesthetic. So it was no surprise when Barnes, in what is becoming a concert tradition for the group, climbed atop a ladder and pulled a dress over the rungs and performed from the top. "How do you like me now?" he sassed at the hooting crowd.

Just fine, thank you

Just think of this as East Silver Lake

Silversun Pickups, the quartet from Silver Lake that has improbably risen from scruffy bar band to rock radio regulars and Coachella main stage act, announced its presence to festival-goers with sheets of guitar distortion and screeches from frontman Brian Aubert. And maybe coincidentally, the afternoon breeze picked up. The waves of noise seemed to signal that, yes, a rock festival had begun.

That the Pickups were even there -- playing a set not too unlike what 50 or 60 people might have heard five years ago at the Silverlake Lounge -- not only amazed longtime followers, who were present in force, but the band itself. Aubert always projects a just-happy-to-be-here demeanor and he is savvy enough to know how thin the line is between the spotlight and the shadow. "So why are we playing the main stage and not Blonde Redhead?" he asked the crowd humorously, name-checking a Coachella act with a similar musical sensibility. "I don't know. You tell me."

SSPU did all it could to prove it belonged. Aubert flitted around the stage, convening in the middle only to sing or coax more noise out of his pedals, while bassist Nikki Monninger's thick grooves got heads bobbing. Keyboardist Joe Lester and drummer Christopher Guanlao played as if this were never going to happen again.

It was the 50 minutes all bar bands dream about. And the 50 minutes that recalled all the hours they paid their dues.

Click here for the Full Post with a Couples of Pictures

- #2

More Instan review from Coachella
from the AT&T Buleroom Web Cast

Tilly and the Wall

And this is why we Check the Line - up

One of my Fave Bands of last year, since this blog sight got going almost a year ago Next week, Tilly and the Wall have made Coachella a really fun event and the girls and the boys of the band from Omaha, Nebraska came well dress for the event with the girls look very Nice and the guys ready to lead a dance party, they sound good and having a fun time in the hot sun in the Vally.

This band who i saw last fall at the Magic Stick are always one of the most enjoyable to see live With there Cool Vibes and there Free sprite preference which is really cool to see, they were awesome to see.

Way to go Guys and Guys.

of Montreal

and Now one of the most popular bands if you ask who do you want to se at Day One of the festival, it must be the band who sold out the stick and the Majestic Theater that same week, that little art band from Athens, Georgia "of Montreal".

The Band Fronted by there Lead singer Kevin Barnes, the band played on the main stage in Front of the hot Desert Sun[Might i remind you it about 101* with a 7%Relative Humidity, not much of a heat Index}as the band played thought there way 50 Minutes set they sound good and Look goo seeing the Crowd Facing the Beautifully Mountains of the Cocahella Valley.

as Mr. Barn did almost Four or Five Costume Changes and no he did not got Naked like he did a few back in February in Vegas [hey, there kids at Cocahella what do you expect]and the band sound great as they sweat it out in the warm Desert Sun.

Rufus Wainwright

The Name said it all

the Sons of Loudon III and Brother of Martha, the US born Canadian-American is playing a mellow set tonight Nothing specular expect he have two Costume changes as he played his set inside the tent as the Sun Set, he did a OK job tonight but that Rufus.

Report from the Field from Coachella #1

where at a little break of the Cochall Festival web cast the Next band will not be up untill 8:35 PM

so i check the first Instane reviews form the LA times web blog of the event which i will put up Late tonight.

The Web Cast Bands


Brother Ali delivers knockout punch

Having Brother Ali play a midafternoon set on the main stage could be construed as somebody's idea of a bad joke. The rapper, an albino Muslim from Minneapolis, turned it into genius, joking that "I'm roasting here in the sun like chicken on the rotisserie" and even shucking his sunglasses to bathe in the adulation of an adoring crowd.

Ali would have been seriously hot in any kind of weather. Playing largely material from his new album, "The Undisputed Truth," Ali railed against all manner of political and social injustice, as well as detouring to deliver a heartfelt song about having to tell his young son that his marriage was failing. "Sometimes we outgrow the roles that we play / but I'm gonna have a happy ending to my story today," he said. Another Everyman anthem acknowledged that the rapper, paunchy and in his 30s, is no pin-up -- and some of fans might not be model material either -- but it's all about loving yourself.


Noisettes: A tent does not a club make

Noisettes singer Shingai Shoniwa milked the drama for all it was worth in the steamy Mojave Tent, but the British trio's set never quite took off. Ah, the travails of being the leadoff band. Indeed, the tunes on the band's new album, "What's the Time Mr Wolf?" -- a collection of garagey blues that could go down fine with a cold beer in a cozy club -- are not exactly the kind of fodder for bright, sunny days. The tent, crowded at the beginning of the set, had thinned a bit by the end of the set, but that's no reflection on Shoniwa's pipes, or her moves, which included some monitor calisthenics and an improbable balancing act.


Non-Web Cast Bands

Satellite Party: Not exactly out of this world

August Brown takes on Satellite Party before kicking it to the West Hollywood Guitar Center to buy a sick new phaser pedal:

The administrative oversight that allowed Perry Farrell and Nuno Bettencourt to segue from speed metal fromage into a dub-reggae breakdown needs to be corrected by next year's Coachella. The weekend is full of welcome '90s reunions but Satellite Party, the new project from the former Jane's Addiction frontman and the former Extreme axe-slinger, seems seems to have never actually left the decade. Farrell's white unbuttoned blouse billowed around him as he preened and spouted chin-stroking koans like "Through love, you can never be stopped" and "Now I know why your mother loved you so much. I want to bounce you on my knee."

Bettencourt had goofball charm as he soloed to the gods without a sliver of self-awareness. But Farrell's wife and backup singer, Etty Lau Farrell, was more representative of the set. She had little to do besides adjust her top and slither down an imaginary stripper pole. There's a time and place for this behavior, and Farrell lived it more than 20 years ago.


Desert dealings, Vol. I

This year's early fashion statement: flags of the world.

Goldenvoice promoters acknowledged that there were more European and South American tickets sales than ever for this year's festival, and visitors to Indio answered their urge to represent. Draped from festival-goers shoulders were the maple leaf of Canada, the red and white cross of Sweden and the usual (for Southern California) complement of Mexican flags -- not to mention a prized relic, the flag of the former U.S.S.R.

Random quote du jour: "Look at my knuckles! Look at my knuckles! That's what happens when I don't have enough water."

Danny DeVito just walked by. He wasn't checking his knuckles.
[First Star Sighting]

This just in: Most bands have special wristbands that allow them access to the stage. Bjork and her posse have magic rings.

On Thursday night at the campground, the must-see TV was the movie "The Song Remains the Same," shown on the big screen at the mini-tent city.


the Temp in Indio 95*
Plam Spring 103*
Humity is Very, Very Low


The Next Band up i would Like
Tilly and the Wall

Coachella Webcast reviews #1

Instant reviews

right Now in the Culture city News Office, i am watching the the live web cast of Coachella 2007 while i am catching on what going on today.

Brother Ali

the first bands on the web cast was Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali is warming up the Crowd by beging the first performer at one of the stages at Coachella, and to tell you the truth begin a real non-rapper Fan this Brother is working it to the crowd already at the polo grounds, Nothing special in Far of Stage Present, But he give some good words in his Live set as he pick it up near the end of the set which was relay good.


the second band on the web cast who i have been following on BBC online a wild Crazy band from the U.K. called "The Noisettes" fronted by there over the top Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa, they played there Bluesy fuse indie punk rock as Shingai show why she could be the wildest Front woman in all of rock and roll, they mostly played songs off there first Album "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?" Which was released on Tuesday, most of the set was good there really go when they rock but on the slower song they kind of lag a little bit.

Tokyo Police Club

And Now to my first there O.K. Band of the web cast the Toronto Four piece bands Tokyo Police Club, there set was alright The sound is good but in this blogger opinion there O.K. Nothing special here.

Instant Gig Gudie

as i type this on 4:30 on April 27th
were are only a half Hours away for the Start of the Cocahella Vally Music Festival in Indio, Ca at the Polo Grounds where is Fair and Sunny and 91°[compair to Cloudy and slighty cool and 54° in Detroit]

and i am in the Culture city news Desk waiting for the start of the Webcast for the Coachella on the AT&T blue room at

and if you want up to date info on what going on right now at the Cocahella Festival go to the websight of the The Desert Sun [Plam Spring, CA] at
where they have a love blog and any picture there.

Here is the Webcast line up for all three days
Earher Live of taped and it will beging at 6 PM EST.

April 27th Lineup*

03:00 PM Brother Ali [Live]
03:55 PM Noisettes [May be tape]
04:35 PM Tokyo Police Club [May Be tape]
05:35 PM Tilly and the Wall [Tape]
06:25 PM Of Montreal [Tape]
07:15 PM Rufus Wainwright [Live]
08:10 PM Arctic Monkeys [Tape]
09:05 PM Stephen Marley featuring Jr. Gong [Tape]
09:55 PM Sonic Youth {Live]
10:45 PM Bjork {Live}

April 28th Lineup*

03:00 PM Gogol Bordello [Tape - 4/27]
04:00 PM Fields [Taped]
04:40 PM The Cribs [Taped]
05:25 PM the Frames {Taped]
06:15 PM Jack's Mannequin [Taped}
07:10 PM Andrew Bird [Taped]
08:05 PM the Fratellis [Taped]
09:00 PM Regina Spektor [Taped]
09:50 PM Arcade Fire [Taped]
11:00 PM Ozomatli [Taped]

April 29th Lineup*

03:00 PM Anathallo [Taped]
03:45 PM The Feeling [Taped]
04:40 PM Junior Boys [Live]
05:30 PM Fair to Midland [Taped]
06:05 PM Kaiser Chiefs [Live]
07:05 PM CSS [Taped]
08:05 PM Klaxons [Taped]
08:55 PM Crowded House [Taped]
09:50 PM Damien Rice [Live]
10:40 PM Amos Lee
11:10 PM The Lemonheads [Live]

*Schedule is subject to change

Film Gudie Friday


a thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a man who has the ability to see into the future.

Rated PG-13.

"The Condemned,"

wrestler Steve Austin is a death-row prisoner who finds himself the star of a televised survival game.

Rated R.

The Invisible

Attacked and left for dead, a young man's spirit finds himself trapped in limbo--not quite dead but invisible to the living.

Rated PG-13.

"Kickin' It Old Skool,"

Jamie Kennedy wakes from a 20-year coma and tries to revive break-dancing.

Rated PG-13.

Playing at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak:

"Year of the Dog,"

Molly Shannon is a single woman whose life begins to fall apart when her beloved dog dies.

Rated PG-13.

Playing at the Maple Art Theater in Bloomfield Hills:

Something to Cheer About

"Something to Cheer About is the story of the Crispus Attucks Tigers and the coach who spurred them on to become the first all-black high school basketball team to win a U.S. state championship. In 1955, Oscar Robertson and his teammates at the segregated Crispus Attucks High School rose from the segregation of the time to be the first all-black team ever to win a state championship. With their innovative style of playing, this brilliant group of athletes changed basketball forever. The documentary tells this story of the coach, school and team that inspired the nation. Coach Crowe created a team that ignited the talents of Harlem Globetrotter Hallie Bryant, All American Basketball Player Willie Merriweather, and of course NBA MVP Oscar Robertson, among others who went on to break down color barriers in professional sports by shaking-up stereotypes and racist attitudes of the 1950s.

Not Rated.

Could'nt Find the Trailer on You tube.

Playing at the DFT at the DIA:


An Italian film made in 1962 and shown here for the first time. It's about a factory worker visiting his family in Sicily, where he gets drawn into criminal activity.

Not rated.

Playing at the Cinemark Movies 16
[A.K.A. the Discount Theater]


Next Week new Films

there only one Film that is Opening Every where Next Week


Rated PG-13.

There is One More Film opening Next week

Lucky You

Eric Bana stars as a high-stakes card player who sets out to win the World Series of Poker--and the affections of Drew Barrymore.

The List

Tuesdays 10p - 12a
w/ Melody Licious & Suzy Cole

PLAYLIST FOR April 24 - “The DUTCH PINK show”

1) Dutch Pink – Good Work
2) Deadstring Brothers – I’m Not A Stealer
3) Scotch Bonnet – Lickety Lim
5) Grande Nationals – Don’t Go In Alone
6) Freer – Long Road Home
7) Ether Aura – White Brick Walls
8) Adult – Strange Mistake
9) The Dead Bodies – Shelby Twp.
11) Ghost City – Oh, Severed Head
12) Hellen – Oh Johnny!
13) Johnny Headband – Funktionslust
14) Dutch Pink – Harlequin Rose
15) Cetan Clawson – White Heat
16) The Black List – Don’t Need You
18) Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – City Slang
19) Detroit Cobras – Boss Lady
20) The Hard Lessons – Harvest Moon (featuring Eddie Baranek)
21) Electric Six – Future Is In The Future
22) Outrageous Cherry – Unless
23) Wolfbait – Broadsword
25) The Highlife – Sacraments
26) Lee Marvin Computer Arm – Spiritual Man
27) The Come Ons – Something Fool
28) Dutch Pink – Bettie Page

Wednesday - 2:30-4p.m. Eastern

Playlist for April 25th


Cowboys & Indies
Saturday From 9:30 PM - Midnight
Cjam-Fm Windsor (

Play list for April 21th

get cape wear cape fly - i spy
the twilight sad - walking for two hours
patrick wolf - the magic position
the candyskins - feed it
mcalmont & butler - speed
sugababes - i bet that you good on the dancefloor (request)
the young knives - she's attracted to (request)
the view - the don
the fratellis - flathead
air traffic - charlotte
madness feat sway & baby blue - sorry (request)
snowfight in the city centre - six seconds
electrelane - to the east
help she can't swim - hospital drama (request)
good shoes - i never meant to hurt you
lp session #1 arctic monkeys "favourite worst nightmare"
arctic monkeys - teddy picker
arctic monkeys - d is for dangerous
arctic monkeys - do me a favour
arctic monkeys - this house is a circus
pop levi - pick-me-up uppercut
the jam - pretty green (request)
idlewild - lookin' for a love
emm gryner - all-time low
voxtrot - trouble
joy division - she's lost control
the fall - white line fever
grinderman - go tell the women
lp session #2 sister vanilla "little pop rock"
sister vanilla - what goes around
sister vanilla - jamcolas
sister vanilla - k to be lost
durutti column - new order tribute
the twang - wide awake
james - who r u?
maximo park - unshockable
goldrush - goodbye cruel world

Aural Bliss
Every Sunday at 10 PM EST

radiohead - backdrifts
mandalay - beautiful
lavender diamond - open your heart
malory - endora
lush - for love
garbage - stupid girl (shoegazer mix)
sleeper - inbetweener
pulp - common people
electronic - for you
blur - the universal
doves - snowden
hooverphonic - tuna
dot allison - close your eyes
venus hum - wordless may
bird york - had a dream
apteka - if you were here
cinematics - home
inxs - by my side
climber - bug bear
harland - in the dark (acoustic)
emiliana torrini - today has been ok
sia - breathe me (live)
cure - trust
craig armstrong - stay (faraway, so close)

Playlist for Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
Sunday from 11 PM to 1 AM

Playlist for April 22
Dead Air #155

ReIssuse of the Week
"Thank God it's Available Again"
Mike & Rich “Expert Knob Twiddlers” (Rephlex)

Chow Nasty - Ungawa (Omega CD)
Arctic Monkeys - Balaclava (Domino CD)
Foals - Hummer (Transgressive CDS)
Pela - Tenement Teeth (Great Society CD)
Dungen - Gör Det Nu (Kemado CD)
Love Of Diagrams - Ms. V Export (Matador CD)
Panthers - The Trick (Vice CD)
The Duloks - (I’m Gonna Follow) Your Star Trail (Art Goes Pop EP)
Bonde Do Role - Office Boy (Domino CD)
Theoretical Girl - Red Mist (Half Machine 7”)
Dntel - Roll On (Sub Pop CD)
Listing Ship - Archaeologist (self released EP)
Casados - Panama (self released EP)
Tyvek - Needles Drop (What’s Your Rupture? CD)
Cheeseburger - Pirate (Kemado CD)
Mountain Party in studio session
Welcome; Shiny Tree; Highway
Brakes - Margarita (Rough Trade CD)
Cut Off Your Hands - You & I (I Am Sound CDS)
Holy Hail - Big Guns (Kanine 12”)
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position (Polydor CD)
Cornelius - Fit Song (Ever Loving CD)
Von Sudenfed - The Rhinohead (Domino CD)
Aa - Good Ship (Gigantic CD+DVD)
Pterodactyl - Polio (Brah CD)
Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts - Let’s Just Be (Lonely Astronaut CD)
Mike & Rich - Reg (Rephlex CD)
The Neon Plastix - Gentlemans Gold (Blow Up CD)
The Fall - Fall Sound (Narnack CD)

Rodney on ROQ
3-6 AM EST (Midnight 'til 3AM PST)

Playlist for April 23rd

Art Brut – Moving To L.A.
The Stooges – ATM
The Horrors – Gloves
This Charming Band – Hand In Glove
The Horrors – Horror’s Theme
Tokyo Police Club – Cheer It On
Arctic Monkeys – This House Is A Circus
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Happy When It Rains
Sonic Youth – Incinerate
Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent
Patti Smith – Soul Kitchen
Midnight Movies – Hide Away
The Dollyrots – Brand New Key
Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds
Bjork – Earth Intruders
Fields – You Brought This On Yourself
Travis - Closer
Fountains of Wayne – Someone To Love
Fields – If You Fail, We All Fail
Louis XIV – A Letter To Dominique
Arctic Monkeys – D Is For Dangerous
Sean Lennon – Dead Meat
Mika – Grace Kelly
Klaxons – Golden Skans
The Feeling – I Want You Now
The Breakers – Dance the Go-Go
Mando Diao – Long Before Rock ‘N’ Roll
The Sunshine – She’s Got a Fever
The Fratellis – For the Girl
Great Northern – Telling Lies
Eisley – Lost At Sea (Remix)
Noisettes – Don’t Give Up
Kariann – It’s What Matters
Great Northern – Home
Fountains of Wayne – Strapped For Cash
The Automatic Automatic – You Shout, You Shout, You Shout, You Shout
Maximo Park – Girls Who Play Guitars
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weapon of Choice
Placebo – Because I Want You
The View – Same Jeans
Arctic Monkeys – Balaclava
The Horrors - Gloves Top 20 Album
as of 3:39 PM - April 27th

1 - Kings Of Leon - Knocked Up
2 - Dntel - Roll On
3 - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Set Yourself On Fire
4 - Film School - Pitfalls
5 - Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
6 - Lab Partners - Hey Children
7 - Mussels - Cannon On A Clothesline
8 - Seafood - Little Pieces
9 - Foals - The French Open (SXSW)
10 - Battles - Atlas
11 - Apostle Of Hustle - Chances Are
12 - Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
13 - Tokyo Police Club - Cut Cut Paste
14 - The Rumble Strips - London (SXSW)
15 - The Makes Nice - California Sun
16 - Bear Colony - Sharks
17 - The Phoebus Mass - I Never Wanted
18 - The Ponys - Double Vision
19 - Tori Amos - Big Wheel
20 - The Dead Bodies - Voice From Above Top 20 Albums and Other
Apr 13 - Apr 19, 2007

1. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Living with the Living (Touch and Go)
2. Bright Eyes - Cassadaga (Saddle Creek)
3. Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond (Fat Possum)
4. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver (Capitol)
5. Ryan Shaw - This Is Ryan Shaw (Columbia/One Haven/Red Ink)
6. Kings of Leon - Because of the Times (RCA)
7. The Twilight Sad - Fourteen Autums & Fifteen Winters (Fatcat)
8. Lifesavas - Gutterfly (Quannum)
9. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (Universal Republic)
10. The Ponys - Turn the Lights Out (Matador)
11. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (Merge)
12. Cloud Cult - The Meaning of 8 (Earthology)
13. Blonde Redhead - 23 (4AD)
14. Love of Diagrams - Mosaic (Matador)
15. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (Epic)
16. Grinderman - Grinderman (Anti-)
17. The Fucking Eagles - A Million Dollars Worth of Music (Gaptooth Jukebox)
18. The Detroit Cobras - Tied and True (Bloodshot)
19. !!! - Myth Takes (Warp)
20. Peel - Peel (Peek-A-Boo)

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Live Monday 4 PM EDT
or any time at
for one week untill the following monday at 4 PM EDT

Playlist For April 23th

The View – ‘The Don’ (1965)
Noisettes – ‘Scratch Your Name’ (Vertigo)

Rock n Roll News

Cold War Kids – ‘Hospital Beds’ (V2)

Featured Artist – Jack Penate

Jakobinarina – ‘Jesus’ (Regal)

My Scene: Camden Crawl

Nine Inch Nails – ‘Survivalism’ (Halo)

Listeners Post
Reverend and the Makers – ‘Heavyweight Champion of The World’ (Wall Of Sound)
Deaddoginblackbag – ‘Tony Caesar’ (Unsigned)
Klaxons – ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ (Polydor)

KBC live in session from Maida Vale
Not Anymore
Pride Before The Fall

Figurines – ‘Yes I Remember’ (Strange Feeling)

Demo of the week
Pint Shot Riot – ‘Holes’ (Unsigned)

The Final Five!
Citizen Fish – ‘Getting Used To It’ (Fat Wreck Chords)
Shit Disco – ‘OK’ (Fierce Panda)
The Author – ‘Taxi’ (White Label)
Rolling Dog – ‘Fire Fire Fire’ (Hungry Kid)
Polytechnic – ‘Won’t You Come Around’ (Shatterproof)